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^3STABLISHED 1868. ^ ^ todav-s news today ^ ^ FAIRMONT, WEST mGINL^SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 11^19ia " price two cents ^ P^S& |
nin nrn nnr
Dlb tltll Tint
ULuni i nunuL
Hp' 7 '
Tour Hired Bands and Long
Line of Straggling
? Marchers
Signs Carried in Procession
Show Primitive Ideas
of Wit
A long struggling liny ul Uewocrats
And petty political winners joined in
the red lire glout parade last night and
delighted ilie large crowd of spectators
who lined the street*. In the line of
enthusiastic followers of Wilson. Cornwell
unci Neely were nearly four hundred
persons, including the four hired
hands which blared forth music of all
kinds to suit most any taste.
The affair was more in the nature of
u serenade lor uio K''|iiiuiii.'iin party
mid the West Virginian than ? was a
celebration of triumph lor the Democratic
county victory.
Interspersed between the hands were
the marchers carrying red lire and
banners with Imp.ting legends painted
on them. The procession formed at
J-'irst street and Fairmont avenue and
marched up Walnut avenue to Sixth
and then back down Fairmont avenue
ina up Main street.
Not satisfied with tlie first trip
through Malu street the parade went
'to Qutncy street, down Jackson and up
Lj' . Clevelaud und through Alain street
p-% *gaiu to the court house corner where
Bpky't disbanded. At this place short talks
>MI i'cregiven by Governor-elect Com welt
JB tdPMujor Ncely.
The crowd was an enthusiastic one
jv* and the well trained Ncely club and
s the Wilson club which have been faith..
.til audiences throughout the campaigii
led tin* cheering and howled ntadiy
every time the patriotic principles of
the Democratic party were mentioned
I ;>r the sterling character of their successful
candidates referred to.
One of the must amusing leutures of
iho parade, to the crowd assembled
llong the sidewalks, was tile float ear
fled 4?ii :i v.ngon. This was a boat ill
which sat thai sterling Democrat of
Marion county, licit I lug lies, alias
Dirty Neck." Uort was enjoying the
jvation he was receiving immensely.
The float, carried a banner with the
legend "Hughes goes up the river."
Mori was adorned with more than his
lMital growth of whiskers and wore a
high silk liai and lung black coat.
After the crowd had listened to the
speeches from the court house steps,
many of thorn came to .Monroe street
and gloated before the West Virginian
-i office. Finding no one at home to receive
them they were rather disappointed.
Liut wishing every one to
? know that they had called they paint2d
on the sidewulk a sign in large white
letters which told the news that "Wilson
is elected."
Many of those who had turned out
: to sec the puradu thought that it was
?oi complete without the negroes who
Were the vital tueuus of success in this
county. Thu negroes however had not
been allowed to march although many
of them desired to.
Among the crude primitive ideas or
wit which were displayed on the cards
and signs carried were the following
gems: "The llest .Men Won." "And
We Did Not Need New York to Do It."
"Gone But Not Forgotten. Ira." "Wontier
If the West Virginian Knows It
cLYot," "One J'atient Doe. II at Held Did
Kwot Cure." "Cornwell Will Clean
? House at Cliarlrston." "Will Sweeney
Call Another Strike?" "llul Held ism
; Crushed Forever."
Ufi Y ?
Suffragists Prepare
For New Campaign
WHEELING. W. Va . Nov. 11?A!
. though many of the leading suffragists
ot the state wore disappointed when
5a they learnod the suffrage amendment
|i had been overwhelmingly defeated at
jt the polls, the women leaders in the
campaign in this state are not daunted
gild already plans are underway fot
a new campaign (or sllfrrage.
A fight will be made for the amend
mont two years hence, when it will
I be necessary for the women 'of this
state to tlnanee their own campaign
as the national organization furnish. _
funds for campaigns only iu preside:!
B l la 1 elections.
Meetings arc being held all ?vci
B the state and the liadly routed force
of the suffragists are being rcorgunla
Bed. Here plans are being made foe
B opening a "Suffrage Tea Itoom" as a
B means of securing tunds for the next
T. N. T." POISON !1
Mrs. Ciihson. wife? of an Kngllsh corporal
.is one m many women who have
given their lives to their country.
Working in I.om.on munitions factorJess,
they suffered ' T. T." poisoning
and died.
'!' N. T. or trinitrotoluol. Is a p. .s
! ouous element in explosives whieii ;
[cuuses the liver to shrink in size and
iirv up. Women working in munitions ,
shops inhale the poison.
Every Yard and Side Track
On Lines West lo Be i
fI'y A.*sovla1'"l p;'y1
T'lTTSrsnuill. Nov. 11?".very yardi
ami side tra?k of the Penn.-vlvania
line between IMttsliurgh and Chi??i-'
go ami Pittsburgh and St Louis
bo viaitH i:i ili? next few days hv an
{army of investigators in an '."Tori to
j establish tlio eauso of the ear shortage
and to return foroit,!! tars to
1 hnm.-t 'i.c
Thov will tii Up I In4 nam- si ml numIipj.
of Piirh car that is bciti? detained,
ami why. report iim the result of their
Invest ipat ion at Iroquonl intervals to
J. \\\ Huberts. Hiiperin'PiHicnt of.
transportation. under whosi direrI
ti'.c iuvpsi'u'o' n is hein.^ ?nadc.
The plan wa i worked out :?t a meet;
tug of the operator an 1 free-'lst oi;i
?fills held at lompany genei i' oh*ices!
bore ll is o* .c?ted lo }*!-o*. i*i' such
[ information :.s will pmp?*1 c?l'v lirfr.p
; hout a bet;i n-nt in car stippiv since
i* will bro *. nack into tno s? -vice
sot only tii4 ts of the lYnnsy'vnttiii
lino hut t:?osp of foreb'ti railfiailb j
as well.
Mine Workers Ask State and
Federal Governments
to Act.
. <1*3 As^iiitfl 1'ivf)
rOM MIJUS. O.. Nov. 11.?The executive
hoard of the Pulled Mine
Workers of Ohio representing ">0,000 :
wage earners in the mining industry
today addressed to President Wilson
i and Governor Willis, of Ohio, a copy of:
i a resolution adopted by miners' of.?-1
; rials demanding that the various
i branches of the state and federal gov*
i eminent conduct an investigation of
! the high cost of living.
The miners' official declare that the
earnings of the wage earners are uoi
i sufficient to purchase the necessities
of life for even a small family
' Mine worekrs are hard hit by lug!'
cost of living, their official declat. s
because the mines are not working
more than half time due to coal car
? . . .?
Gnynemer's Score
New 21 Planes
'1'.} .\s-*M-i:itiMl I'rcss*
PARIS. Nov. 11.?Second Lioutmi
ant George Guynemer. the famous
aeronaut, who recently brought down
three German aeroplanes in two mitt
utes and U0 seconds- by ? stop watch
i is credited bv the War office in today'.*
| official statement with having destroy*
! ed two German machines yesterday.
| This increases to 21 the number
brought down by this aviator. Three
other Germs* ? aeroplanes were de.
ijstroyed yesterday by the French in
fighting 011 the western front*.
The Weather
j West Vlrj*lnltt Fair tonight and
'I Sunday; increasing; cloudiness.
\ local weather headings.
F. p. Hall. Obccrvcr.
I Temperature at S a. m. today.
i Yesterday's weather. clear; temper:
ature. maximum, 5S; minimum, lil;
precipitation, iioao.^
uriii n i ii in at/
ntn nAiLHAi
j i
Monongahela Railroad Will
Be Run Into Pleasant
Six Engineers Working to
Complete Job Before
Winter Begins.
A staff of surveyors under Kngineer!
K. B. Clemmer. of Brownsville, Pa.,
have started a survey of the proposed
location of the railroad branch to be
run from the freight yards of the Mononpahola
railway to the industrial
centre which is soon to he built in
Pleasant Valley.
The road will run from the present
terminus of til nmv milium.1 running 1
into Fairmont ami will be extended
from time to time as necessity may
require to allow the engines of that
road access to the factories in Pleas*?
ant Valley.
The staff of engineers consists at
present of six men to be increas nl
as the weather gets bad so that it will
he completed before very cold weather
sets in. It is rumored that as soon *
as the survey of the Pleasant Valley j
project is completed the engineers will
bo put to work on the plans for extend- j
ing the Pennsylvania and the New!
York Central to Grafton or Clarksburg.
thence to Gellington. This rumor
is unconfirmed. Major Samuel I). .
Urndv. engineer in charge of the ex-1
tension of the Alonongahela railway i
being out of town tiiis morning.
The branch line will of course be
single tracked with probably several \
spurs sticking out from it to accoin- i
module each factory as It is built.
Many State Cases on Docket
?Grand Jury Next
November term of the circuit court
convenes .Monthly and the grand jurors !
for the term will report at that time, j
Just how much business is to come he- i
fore this hotly is not known but the j
hearings will likely consume the great-'
er portion of t lie week.
The petit jury tloes not report until i
.Monday week. Judge llnymoud is now ,
in excellent health and will preside at j
the sessions of the court litis term. A i
vast amount of business lias accttmu-1
lated on the docket which has been eartied
over from the June term and the i
majority of the state eases now on the i
doeket will likely be heard before the ;
new indictments which will be returned
next week will be taken up.
Much of the accumulated chancery
and law bushiest- was disposed of at
the special term of this court held in (
September at which Judge 10. M. Show-'
alter presided. There are now J4'.?
chancery cases on the docket and 150 |
law and appeal cases, with JO new additional
appeal cases.
On the criminal docket are 1SG indictments
for felony that have not yet j
been tried and one indictment for a
misdemeanor. Ten bastardy cases are I
also on this docket. Some of the indictments
on the criminal docket are
dated as far hack as December. 1905.'
and have been carried for one reason '
or another up until this tcrui without :
Kicked Down Court
House Steps on Bet
Paying off election bets started this'
afternoon at two o'clock when T. C.
. Tiro, dork at tlio Watson hotel, kick- j
ed llarry Hart ami Surdie Welch down j
j the court house steps.
| The hot was made that if Hughes i
won Welch and Hart were to kick Tico I
down the stops and vice versa. Tier1
; won and putting on his heaviest shoes
i went to work on both losers at two
; o'clock this afternoon. There was u
good crowd to witness the fun.
Small Chance for Split
Tvi T7a4tv
JLU vamuiuia vuuc
ir.y Aoao.i.iiv.) !' ,?si
' SA.V FRANCISCO. No,-. II.?Analysis
I-/ L-unoerat k lenders to.lay of tl.t> |
po,,.tlur presidential vote 111 Sa.i Ft/n
"i3:;u tailed to ftivo mu<!; nmrourats.-!incut
to the claim of tile Republican
Statu Ccntrol committc that a split
electoral vote would result from I
"WftT-'H F electors, t
... I
IB run
Startling Story Alarms Republican
Leaders at
in hit nnmn nr uinni/n
vvAni Duttnu ur wuni\o
Would Have to Oust All Republican
Officers to Get
tSpcrlnl liLpulch to Wr-yt Virginian'
CHARLESTON. \V. Va.. Nov. 11.?
That the Democracy of West Virginia
now has III view resort to notorious
tactics such as characterized the theft
of the governorship from Judge Nathan
B. Ooff in IXSS became known here
today in connection with plans lieing
made by tlieni lo gain control of the
State Hoard of I'ubiic Works, by the
removal of all the Itonuhlirnn stale of.
l'icials ill thi! next administration.
The interests are desperate anxious
to guin control of the State liourd of
l'nhlie Works, made up ot nil the state
elective officers, and to this end they
expect to institute contest proceedings ,
to deprive tlie successful Itepuhlican
candidates for auditor, state treasurer,
commissioner of agriculture, attorney!
general, superintendent of tree schools
and secretary of slate from tile offices
to which they have been elected.
The manner uf doing tills, it is declared,
will be through the institution
of contest proceedings against all
these officials. Section I'll of the
(.'ode of West Virginia provides thai in
case of contest of any of these offices
that It shall be heard and decided ov a .
special court to be instituted as fol-1
lows: The Ttcraou declared, clectdll I
shall select one, the contestant nnoth- j
cr. and the governor a third person
who shall preside in said court; and
the three, or any two of thein. shall;
meet at a time and place to be appointed
by the governor, and being.
first duly sworn impartially to decide
according to Inw and the truth upon;
the petition- returns and evidence sub- i
milled them shall proceed to henrandj
determine the case and certify llieir
.lew.ioirvn liinson., In ill.. TI.a
iiui iniun uiiyiciiii n? in?: ^uiuiiiwi . ? iiti ,
decision uf this tribunal has been de- j
( lured by the supreme court to be I
The Democratic candidates for the'
various state ofliees could delay the I
filing of contests until such tiine as1
would rentier it the duly of the next j
governor. John J. Cornwall, to appoint i
the third person to sit as a member I
ut this tribunal to hear these contests,
and it is anticipated that there I
would be little delay in ousting alt:
the Republican state officials who are |
elected on the fare of the returns. I
Republican leaders here today learn-!
ed of this witlt a good deal of concern |
and it is likely that steps will be taken !
immediately to protect the interests'
of the Republican officials and to prevent
the Democrats front carrying j
lltclr plan into effect.
Republicans Lead in
National House!
illy Associated l'ressi
XKW YORK, Nov. II.?Tito urobtt-j
lilo complexion of the Sixty-fifth Con-'
Kress was further complicated today \
by late returns from one close district
and a reclassification of the politics of!
three members of the California dele- j
The count in the one doubtful district.
that in New Mexico, is nut yet'
complete bill the election of Wallop.
Dent., is probable according to latest:
an ii ii-auii in i iifH1 t ii.umo I lit*
Republicans from present indications
will have a small plurality in the 1
House, latest figures Riving them -l'J
Democrats 2111. and other parties, sly
Wilson Had 63 in
New Hampshire
CONCORD, X. If.. Nov. 11.?I'res-I
ident Wilson received a plurality of.
tilt votes over Charles E. Hughes in
New Hampshire according to certified
returns from all except small one precinct
made public by Secretary of
State Beau today.
In arriving at this figure Bean announced
he Included in Wilson total
S ilt votes cast for hint in Ward" 2 Dover.
hut omitted through error front the j
certified returns and by accepting as
probably correct the newspaper re-'
turned from Dorchester, the missing [
precinct which has not reported of-1
Hughes Lead Less
Now in Minnesota ;
ST. PAUL. Nov I I ? Tlir official j
count of Ramsey county Riven out today
shows an error In first reports by
which Preuldeut V.'-Isi.m Rains 349
votes. Tit total now now hi precincts
3,019 out of 3,048 gives Wilson 178.007;
Ungues 178,305. Hughes plurality
OuE-d^ of v
Queen Marie of Kuinania. ha? tu r
\vI.muled soldiers and arts as nurse
of Kdinlmrch, second son of Queen V l<
Chairman Wilcox Has Not
Yet Acknowledged
(P?v Associated Pre.?o
XKW YORK. Nov. 11.?With Itepuh
lican National Chairman Willeox still |
awaiting the official count in close j
stntes before conceding the defeat of \
Charles K. Hughes in the national elec-!
lion, the latest returns today in the
rlost! states of California. Minnesota.
New Mexico and New llump-diire stilt
presented on their face no change aflecting
the President's majority in the
electoral college.
Mr. Wilson still leads in California, .
New Mexico and apparently in New
Hampshire and Mr. Hughes in Minne- J
sota with only few districts yet to be
accounted for in each state. . 1
The President's plurality over Mr.1
Hughes in the total popular vote, uc- :
cording to latest estimate based upon '
incomplete returns is 10:5.31-. His to '
tal vote was S.f?G3,713 anil that of Mr.
Hughes 8,100.101.
IHfc rUrULAK VUlt.
NEW YOKK. Nov. 11. ?The lolal'
popular vote received in each ?>t" tlie j
Mutes by President Wilson and !
Charles 10. Hughes, but bused on incomplete
reports and estimates, itidi*;!
rate that the President received 403,:tl2
more votes than Mr. Hughes. The
table fobows:
State. Wilson. Hughes.
Alabama Nb.ooo :io.00<?
Arizona H'MM! 19,30:: I
\rkansas 85.000 37,000 ;
('alilnrnin 4fiG.2fi? 4G2.S:iS :
Colorado 158.257 !?5,71?!
Conned !cul 99.GS7 100.273 ,
Delaware 1HIHI 27.900
norma .. .? ii'i.'ivu n.ouu
Georgia 109.200 2S.OOO 1
Idaho 0S.000 54,5001
Illinois 809,152 1 044.608
Indiana |.|i; 359.1;;:
Iowa 2I5.II1S 279.085 ?
Kansas 315.000 277,000 !
Menur .v 219.000 193.350 i
(.inii.-Kina H8.U00 ' 11.000 !
Mr.itie 114.148 (19.491
iarylnnd 1113.211 1111.778
Massachusetts .... 247.1127 21)8.3(11
Michigan 237.114 308,122
Minnesota 17(1.577 177,285
Mississippi 91.000 5.000
Missouri 37I1.00U 315.000
Montana 80.927 51,(105
Nebraska 98.323 75.0S1 i
Nevada .. 12.148 9.842 !
New Hampshire.... 42.905 42.721,
New Jersey 209.332 204,320
,\C.- Mexico 5-i,i>4a 03.2J.1
K - York 750.010 S63.9S7 >
North "a vilina ir>S,000 110.000
North Da!.ola 54.499 52.831
Ohio 578.000 .496.720
Oklahoma 140.000 110.000 !
Oregon 110.550 123.570 ;
Pennsylvania 510.747 055.734 :
Rhode Island 39.353 44.159
South < jrtillna 08,000 1,500 i
Sou h Dakota 45.449 50.892
Teuiiessef 13S.047 97.552
Toxa 228.000 58.00''
Ut!i' 77.581 48.254
Vornunt 21.852 38 254
Vll'ci' ia 00.107 21.132 |
Washington 197.000 183.000 1
> : est Virginia 139.013 111,432:
! Wisconsin 194.000 220.000!
I V'yoining 25,017 19.9113 i
! Tidal 8,563,713 8.160,401 j
I wilmm ?Tnr. Ungheg?ioajJUl '
n?*?l her palace into a hospital for
She is a daughter of the late Duke j
rtoria of Knglaml.
l)e Facto Troops Moving
North in Effort to Cut
Villa Off.
n?y Associated Prcss^
EE PASO. Nov. 11?Many wagon'
loadH of funilturc belonging to Chiliim
hua refugees are standing at International
bridge today waiting the custom
inspection. The inspector states
that within the last two weeks more
household goods and trunks belonging
to refugees have crossed the International
bridge into ElPaso tluin during
any period within the last tw? years.
Many Mexican famines have moved
from Juarez to El Paso.
miiltm'A PITV. Nov. 11?The
division of troops under General Margin.
it is officially announced here today.
has begun to advance northward
from Kscalon in two columns. One column
is said to he proceeding up 1 he
line of the Mexican Central railway,
repairing the track, while the other,
consisting of li.U'W cavalrymen is paralleling
the track on a hunt for bandits.
Military authorities here state that
Villa is near the Durnngo border so
that this move will cut him off from
the north or in the event of his cs
<-upi* northward place hint between
forces of Murgln and the cavalry that
General Trevino would dispatch from
City Hall Notes
City Clerk Allien Kern today complnti'il
arrangements for llie meeting
next Monday of tlie illy commission
ers to discuss finally the cabinets to
lie purchased by the c ity, llhls are till
in, .1. M. Hartley Son Company, of
Knlrnionl. being the lowest hhlilers,
the amounts however not being given
out yet. The cabinets are to he all
steel ami >o lie aihlcil to from lime to
time as the files of lite city clerk's of.....
anil the treasurer's office eon
tilltle lo grow.
Firemen and policemen have received
their new winter uniforms. The
overcoats it: many instances being the
wrong ones ordered. These were returned
and others will he sent hero as
soon as they can be made. The uniforms
have increased in price about S3
per cent, due to tho high cost of dyes.
A message received here today from
Charleston announced the death of
v..II II.. ;.. si.. .
1 His slate anil well known In Masonic
circles. Funeral" services were announced
to be held on Monday at HSiO
o'clock. Interment to be made by the
(Jrand I.odge of Masons.
"notice to
The 11110 tax books are now completed
and ready for collection. The
books for all Districts will be found
at the Sheriffs Office daily until
Nov llOlli. the close of the discount
period except Mannlngton district,
whlcli will be found at the Bank
of Manuiuglon. Please pay today
as 1 have more lime to wait on you
now than later
C. D. CON A WAY, Sheriff
Hamanm WTKm'trvk^
... v?v iriuugui "7 / 3
the Russian Black Sea ^|j9
mackensen" falls backI
Gorman War Office Reported'-JH
Severe Fighting With '^^9
fr.y .\i>oclatcil Ptes*>
LONDON Nov 11.?The EailUt
bombardment of the Rumanian BlacV ' j
Sen port of ronntnnza I* ttald bjpltotf'f-]
let's Potrocrad correspondent to hav?.
In ill. ted srenl damupv j?3g8
Rssorvnlrc "f ' ~?iiPiwwN
........ ... uvnbiiit! UIIU HUgUll , -Jj4
were exploded and I lie resultant flresi'^XiMB
fanned by (he wind spread rapldlj*
and burned for two days.
There were no means of controlUscr.^^^H
(be flames ns the Uutnnnlans had removed
the lire nparatus when
The dispatch says Ilulgarian shore
batteries were silenced and that hoaTy,
losses were inflicted on the garrison. ; &i|
A fiermap aeroplane which attemptM jJSs
to bombard tbe Itussian squadron As
brought down. Tlie pilot and an Ob*' ififl
server were captured.
LONDON. Nov. n.?A Bucharest
dispatch forwarded from Rome to tlMa'i}:iS9HH
Wireless Press reported that EHeltt
Marshal von Mackensen's retreat Ifl
Dobrudja is continuing and. that the L.&SiM
i Ilulgarian population is fleeing. from VaB
I Uobrudja to tlulgarla.
| inc dispatch says great firenlili&tBM
been observed in the direction of Tfch- SmM
ernavndn and f'onstnnzn the termfiufyS
nf t lie railroad hot ween the Black
and Danuve and that it la pos?th!? '*
these towns have been net aflre prff.lag
peratory to evacuation by the Tett'.c|
ltKltl.IN". Nov. 11.?itiiRRlan forceiS^
yesterday tried In vain by the use oiy;?.
sttony new forces to recaptdre pwiyifojj
lions taken by us the day previously
at Skrobows near Baranovichi. ..'Alfefla
j uttnt ks broke down under heavy
lis. says today's stnlenicnt of the Qer;||t
German troops penetrated the tnaldc^X
ltussian position soutiiweRt of Foil . ?*[
Ktasnolesie the statement adds..
repulsed live violent counter attsikt^y^
German and Auntro-Hungarlail ||
troops on the nortbeast front in Trans-^'tfcJjaflB
svlvania. says the statement, yes^..^S
tiny made successful advances. Sey/ jf^a
'oral entrenched Itiiinunliin lines
taken at the point of the bayonet tc ..t'lsSi
the west of I he Tredcal-Slnaya road.Jfg
Northeast of Courcclettc on the
Sontme from the British last nigh I
entered an advance German position,
1,0NDON. Nov. 1!?Tlte war offleiiiifttSfflH
nounc i-s that (ierman trenches OTOL'ili^Sj
front of 1000 yariiH on tho %Sommt..>n|j
front wore stormed last night by th?Jj?
l'Altl.S. Nov. 11?(Ierman forces Or.jvk
tai ltod last iiisht at Dcniccourt on the
Komme front and wore repulsed. byVeS
' the French who inU'c'ed heavy losifeg
os on tlient, the way office announood.Si
UKttl.IV Nov. 11?Berlin papeijfM|
publish a statement from competent'
military iiuthoritleK savins that th?CT
Anslo-Kremlt tlrlve on the Sommt
front has Iteen halted by the exhstis/?$j
lion of tite Kntentc troops and thsitrSS
heavy losses and by unfavorthltt^a
SOFIA, Nov. 11?There Is no chsnjfjsj
of importance in Dohrudja says ahjo4/!i.j
licial statement front the war
today. Near the Tchcrnavoda britfg^f^
our artillery compelleil enemy, units "IdHM
which had liuahetl forward to the
I bank or tho Danube to return towardgjg
Dunareav. .
* MB
Woman Elected to "M
Seat in Congresi^B
(l.ly Associated Press) l
HELENE. Mont.. Nov. 11?UtmSj
returns today assured the election to
Congress or Miss Ilankin who
;i Hepublienn.
City taxes are now du? y
Treasurer's Office, Mon-| M
i roe street. A discount^aCi M
2i/o% will be allowed, ||^H
^ "rLru""

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