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. _
SI Silk Dressi
We think they are th
HI'/ dresses shown anywheri
Bl*-' OVER 300 DRESSES i
^ \ You'll think first of all the moat c
|S s rafleet fashion's late*t trend.
8 f. You'll think with surprise and sal
W the prloes marked
' Interesting Talks Heard by
225 Men and Boys at
y. M. C. A.
I a ueuciuua ciuckvii uiniiur, u jium.
Mr of Interesting talks and 225 enthu...
elastic fathers and sons, were the t'ca |
tores of the Fathers' and Sons' ban- j
(net at the Y. M. C. A. last night. At j
seven o'clock when Secretary Klght J
caned the banqueters upstairs to the'
' . auditorium, the lobby was filled with I
one of the most representative crowds !
V.lltat has been in the association build- j
* Ins thh year.
The menu of chicken, noodles, chick
en gravy, baked sweet potatucB. salad,
J?" celery, bread and butter, coffee, ice :
cream and npple pie, was served by a '
group of ladles under the direction of |
Mrs. C, E. Hutchinson, Mrs. G. C.
?. Jones, and Mrs. Fred Hclmlck. Secre- I
tary Klght took charge of the banquet!
[<: / after the dessert had been cleurca I
gg-W away and briefly explained that the i
ft? " meeting was for the purpose of bring- I
BK>. tag about a better understanding and !
?i: greater mutual appreciation between
? ' the father and son.
The following toasts were respond!?..
ed to: "Wliat a Father Owes a Son," I
by Harry Watkins; "What a Son Owes j
I? ? Father," by E. C. Jones. Jr.: "What j
They Both Owe Each OtJier," by lion. I
S* B. M. Showalter: "What Thev Itoth I
I Owe the Church." by the lteverenct i
ff;' . Herry Brown; "What They Both Owo I
X the Community." by It. T. Cunning-1
SV ham.
The address of the evening. "The
FjV Power of Influence," was then delivered
by Mr. Drum anil was a forceful
g.'r expression of the principal that no!
p. . matter what our sphere In life we are 1
Influencing some one. unil for that <
i-v, reason should bo very careful to set :
iVb .'pood examples.
What Is America?
What is America? It is not a terrl.
tory, it is not a set of institutions. It
Is a body of ideals anil ideas. It Is
Dot a geographic boundary. It is u
thought, a concept.
WASHINGTON. D. t\. Nov. 11.? |
r^vtlla XT Hoot ncalub.nl flt.v.l Clnint .
m}7f !#? ? ? a wowi uomuiu> i v ??vu umvvo
secretary of labor today, discussing
the rapidly increasing prices of all
Ego elements of the cost of living, said:
"Until there has been opportunity j
???>'- for complete investigation of the reint
sharp increase in prices, it would
ugh, ae rash for one to hazard any opinion
li/ either as to its causes or remedies,
jgfc "However, there are two primary
K ceases which operate constantly on
p >nces and which should lie carefully
Bf* and thoroughly investigated. These
B two causes 1 may call 'individual corf
. abrlng' and 'social cornering.'
Kf. "By Individual cornering I ntenn the
r. ooosclous action of one individual or
[f. \ group of individuals to monopolize
EP y, tome of the products upon which the
' people are dependent. This occurs!
fcfi : when a gtcup of dealers restrict the
Htla of eggi or whtsti a great trust
Rfc indertauc. to control sonte primary
product. There is much evidence that
I this has betn operating in the pres-1
HRr'1 sat crisis. The department of Jus-1
E \ :lce Is now directing Its investigations
^ along this tine.
"Of even greater importance as u
SOOSe of b.gli prices is social corner
gSR ror Py *uxu me uao or the land noil
/ natural re?o..ices in no restricted that
t- there in a i laladJuMment of national
?" opportuaii.ca. The holding out or
J-- Mee of and which any humau being
(?*' can Utilize la equivalent to a corr.or,
K not only in the land Itself, hut aim
, in all the prcductn which might he
obtained from that land!
2, - "TUo great problem of tlie nation
}& l? to secure the maximum untilicatlon
of ita land and natural resource a by
ita people. If all the available farm
fc>' i?nd in the United States Bhould be
?s?A Sale
Low Prices
ie best and handsomest
e this season at
to $23.50
ill on display including
Iressy and prettiest styles that they
trsfaetion that they are bargains at
54.50 and $5.00 newly
rimmed Hats at
198 and $3.50
t doesn't sound consistent
;.s it? But the intended
ces of these hats were
50 and $5.00.
I TODAY?About 50 very stylish
i just received from our own mlllii.
Just one of a kind. New ideas.
styles and shapes, becomingly
Tho steel workers who have been
employed on the new Hotel Fairmont
will leave here some time next week,
the steel work on the hotel being now
praeticallv complete. The workmen
will go from here to Baltimore where
they will place 1.000 tons of steel in
a building for the Canton Copper company.
The brick being ttsetl in the orec
Hon of the now hotol Fairmont is being
manufactured by the Hammond
Fire Brick company at Colfax. A handsome
rough finish red brick is being
used for the face of the building while
the rear and sido walls arc of a conventional
red. Stone for the trim Is
coming from Bedford, Indiana, and is
a handsome, white, fine grained mate
A fifth 1.900 iiorsepower gas engine
I unit for the Hutchinson power plant
I of the Monongnhela Valley Traction
company, was ordered yesterday and
will arrive and be erected early next
spring. It lias been known for some
time that an additional unit would be
necessary to keep stop with the "fifty
in five" movement and little surprise
was occasioned when the traction company
announced the order. The now
engine, ordered from the Bethlehem
Steel company, and the new genera
tor, rrom \\ esllngliouse Electric, will
be placed in a position uniform with
that of the four units already belongItik
to the traction company, which,
however, will necessitate the enlarging
of the building along lines provided
for when it was originally built. The
fourth unit of the company, now being
installed, will be ready for operation
about the first of December.
Large contracts held by Eisner
Brothers, contractors, for the building
of company houses in many of the
mining towns of the county, are being
rapidly finished and probably before
extreme cold weather makes carpenter
work impracticable, will bo completed.
A force of 12.1 men is employed
in different parts of the section, by
the Kisi.nr company.
Another View.
pop. what do we mean by econo
my?" "Spending money in such u wnj
as not fo get nay fun out of it, mj
son."?London Tit-Bits.
put to eliHiel.t use. lliere would be
no -urh pricef!
"It Is of the fastest Importance that
the wago standard of all classes of
labor be, r.djjr.t: <1 to meet the rapid
Ir.croaso In the cost of living. A nation
is burning the candle at liot'i
ends when it fails at their (ton lard V
"llut where the w?lf?rs of tss satire
business fabric of the nxtion is do
I ? ?
producers but at consumer? or lis
products, he most oicrr.oat.il bu.iniHs
policv would Hoora to dictate th;t rhli
problem should take precedcuoc ever
all othere."
Above is shown Hie open draw |
bridge at Fort Point cliannet, Boston, i
' where a trolley car plunged over cari
rying 40 persons to death. Witnesses
1 say there was no chance for escape
I - v?
Donley S. Jones, Correspondent, 79
Miss Barrack Dead
Miss Ruby Barrack, daughter of Mr. I
1 Frank Barrack, of this city, died at
! the home of her aunt. Mrs. Hess, in
Kansas, where she hail renvenily gone
to live. The deceased was horn and
raised here.' Her aunt. Mrs. Kate liar-'
; rack, of this city, was with her at
| lite lime of death.
Football Today
The local High learn Is battling with
{the Burkhannon High team at Hough
park this afternoon, results will he .
announced in Monday's West Virgini
rfiulHlitil |
To New York
; Charles It. Phillips and sons, Cbas.'
j and Kenneth, have gone to Bolivar,
i N. Y., where they will visit with rela
lives for a few days. Mrs. Phillips
! Is already there called by the illness '
| of her mother, whose condition is still
: critical.
~ ~~ ?????????? |
1 ' ?
Northvlew, IT. Va..?"I used 'Fc- j
vorite IYoserlptiotl to build up on and t
to carry me through when in u delicate !
way. It was just what I needed and
1 .was well satlslicd. It put me in
good shape and overcame the unpleasant
features. I have given It to my
laughter. She is weakly and lias
I rouble tieculinr to women. It has
bceu very good in this ease. It helped
her to pet strengcr after fever. It
.verenme the weakness and built her
up wonderfully. I am plad to recommend
this remedy."?Mrs. Frances
Talkinctox, Ilnniil Avenue.
Lynchburg, Vn.?-I am familiar
with I'r. Pierce's remedies as we have
used Favorite Prescription.' Sly wife
lias found it a most valuable medicine i
for women. She liad been benefited |
and was well satisfied with it, so we;
cheerfully recommend it."?Mr. 12. E.:
Hack wort it, loul Oaiieli Street
Tile miplity restorative power of i
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription |
speedily causes ail Womanly trouble.; 1
to disap|icnr?compels the orpnus to
nro[>erly perform I heir natural functions,
corrects dlsplnceuieuts, overcomes
irregularities, removes pain and
misery at certain times and briny!
back keallli and strength to nervous.!
Irrltidile and exhaususl women.
What 1 loci or Pierce's Favorite Prescription
litis done for thousands it
will do for you. He: it this very day
from any medicine dealer, in either |
liquid or tablet form or send CO cents I
to It. Pierce, invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
X. V., ior trial bos of tablets.
Q Ileal iom of Sex?? Are fully and j
pro|>eri.v answered iu The l'ooplo's 1
Coinmnn .Sense Medical Adviser, by!
R. V. Pierce, M. 1). It contains the I
knowledge a young man or woman, wife j
i or daughter should have. 1008 pages
I with color plates, and bound in cloth.
' By mail, prepaid?cu receipt of o dimes
; or etair.r (.
When your clillil suffers from a colli'
don't wail: give the little stomach, llv-1
er and howels a gentle, thorough ,
cleansing at once. When cross, peevish.
listless, pale, doesn't sleep, eat or
act naturally; if breath is had, stomach
sour, give a teaspoonful of "California
Syrup of Kiss." and in a fow
hours all the clogged-up. constipated i
I waste, sour hlle and undigested food
will gently movo out of the bowels,;
and you have u well, palyful child ]
I .IVnltl
It your child coughs, snuffles uml!
| liar, caught cold or is feverish or has j
u soro throat give n good dose of j
I ' California Syrup of Figs." to evac-1
r ato tha bowels no difference what
other treatment is given.
S'.ck children needn't be coaxed to
take thin harmless "fruit laxative."
Mlilictte cf mothers Keep It handy be:s,i3e
they know its action on the
stomach, liver ,?nd bowels is prompt
and euro. Th-y also know a little
givon today saves a sick child tumor
Aih ymtr d.-uggist for a 50-cent bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which contultis direct ions for babies,
cnili'-tnn of all cecs and for growu-ups
plainly n the boitle. Bewaro of counterfeits
sold ltorc. Get tbe genuine,
mad* by "California Fig Cyrup Compear
5J2*1 ^gg^..'?icr, iy:'?*.. <
ffltPftl^BSr TPraMIWB'rS.''
W/> YA
Next WeekThe
This marvel of c<
a centralized store
each like a helping ban
can't be found in all ot
ing work that the leadi:
The picture above s
cabinet that is most imj:
es it a real helper. Sto
low; the articles most c
they are easiest reach*
hampered room and arc
celain) work table.
There are no useless
the space and leave no
inet must have big tal
Hoosier gives it.
Six exclusive Hoosier I
1?The all-metal glas
2?The gear driven
makes flour light and f
3?Scientific arrange
mion+ltr pqsiIv vpqptanrl
VMklllJ A VUViiUVtt
4?Revolving casternience.
5?The ingenious, liij
more than twice as mui
6?Finally, the doors
of the cabinet, entirely
Hoosier We
$1 Down PL
Masonic Temple,
for occupants of thn car. Gerald j
Walsh, motorman, Is said to have
Jumped Just before the ea{ made its!
death leap. He declares he saw noj
light showing that the draw was open.
I West Main St., Bell Phone 93 M
For Visit
Mrs. James S. Furbee has gone tol
Ilrldgeton. X. J., where she will visit I
with her sister. She will visit rcla-1
tives in S.vrna. Del., before returning
Mrs. Altie Atlia has returned from a j
visit to Fairmont.
Dr. Ben Conaway has returned to
his home in lllacksville after a visit
WHn menus nere.
Hon. Charles Barlow, of Blacksvillc. {
ING 40! |
vlsittcd with relatives in town this I
The management of the Idle Hour
theatre entertained th einembers of]
the High school football team at the'
World Series basebal pictures shown j
Thursday night.
K. W. Jones has returned to his |
home In Moumlsville n ft1 -r a business
visit to this city.
Thomas Downs of the II. & O. has
returned fro nia visit to Fairmont.
Karl Talmun. of Noff. Ohio, is here
for a visit with relatives.
?Hoosier Club ^
oosier K
Cuts Wo*
mvenienee has places for 400
house. The Hoosier is an ai
d. Some cabinets have eopiei
her cabinets combined. Into
ng Domestic Science Experts
shows the section of your
>ortant?the part that makrage
space is above and be?ften
used are placed where
?d. There is plenty of un\unrl
fliii Qlnminnni < av nni?_
' Vti>V4 V??\, 1U1 J7V1 ~
little partitions to chop up
room for work. Your cab)le
space to work on. The
features you must have:
;s front flour bin.
shaker flour sifter which
ment?articles needed fre
?the final touch of convej-capaoity
sugar bin?holds
ch as most other bins.
; that roll back at the sides
out of the way.
ek Begins Mon
aces a Hoosier i
IjSr Tha Popular Specialty Store far
W New Bungalow J^tf ?V*
Aprons, the very '
best styles.
I New Serge and Wo
I ;? ^
Dresses at choi
| $ 9.75 c"S
| $12.50 ?
S> <&1 ZL7C nric
x | see
Select Your Ne&
Coats for Women and
| $14.75, $17.75, $19.75. $21.7
Exceptional values in S
^ $21.75, $23.75, $26.75, up t
Mrs. M. J. Hough has returned front ]
a visit in Fairmont.
I.. J. Wilson lias returned from a i
visit to liroomtieid. i
Thomas Haggerty, of Farmington, '
was here Friday looking after business t
Interests. I
i\7 A/\lr (t 1 r^/\ViU
itchen C
k in Half
articles, all within arm's reac
utomatic servant with 40 labo
:1 a few of them, but 17 of the
the Hoosier are built the picl
have discovered.
And regardless of the roo
there's a special Hoosier moc
can easily afford.
Prices and
n\rni? 1 nnn HAH urnmnM nei
V ?Vi XjVVVjVVU nuiucu
mous output makes possible
now range from $20.85 to $ :
Have the Hoosier deliverer
Then pay for it a little at
without extra cost or intere
Learn How to Save
Come in and see the Hoosi
miles of steps, hours of toil,
sit down at the Hoosier and
fortably, how it helps you to
ly, helps tidy up in just a few
The Hoosier saves countle
to the sink, pantry and cupb(
you already have a convenie
lion other women know bett
your mind when you see the
day, Nov. 13
n Your Home
are Worth Living With." L_
Women'* and Mlaaaa' Apparel^^k
-?* ( | Stylish New H
XlMAlb B10U,M
n SUC8 3410 44 i
ol Poplin Dresses i
re have just received a g
ce assortment of new .8
je Frocks, in Navy Blue, |
en Blue, Green & Black, 8
ight line effects, cut in Zg
newest styles and the ?
es are very low. Come, &
thorn ?
w Winter Coat
Misses at $7.95, $12.50, I
fa, up to $39.75.
uits at $16.75, $19.75; j
o $31.75. M 1
Alarm Clock v?. Twin*.
Bachelor (sadly)?"I dreamed Blst
light that I wna married. The alarm
lurk woke me." Benedict (more andy)?"I
dreamed last night that I was
Ingle. The twins woke inc."?Buffalo
i; $1 Week
h. But it's more than
r saving inventions?
se Hoosier features
< of the ways for savm
in your kitchen,
lei to fit,' at a price you
; the Hoosier. Enor- J|
our low prices, which
d b_N paying only 31.00
a time if you wish,
Miles of Steps
er?learn how to save
how delightful it is to
do your cooking com- *
get good meals quickmoments
after meals
iss trips to the cellar,
Dard. You may think
nf K11+ n vrtil
XV UUb a 1&1U"
er. You may change
The New Edison
Phonograph demonstrated
here or
at your home.

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