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{^sj'< y'' y ^ liml
? Stunning
H In Wome
I Trimmed with sinuated Beaver, W
' : facte?large cape collara. Belted or
8tock Productions
Hippodrome Tees of ~ihe Storm
. Nelson Small Town Stuff
Princess Peg O' tho lting
Dixie The Patriot
Amh<I nimrn 1 T anile
I. WIDUU ?<-i v: IJII V V n I
. Ideal Nancy's birthright
*V7ILLIAM s- "AIT. who will bo
\A/ be seen at the Dixie today In
tv..V " * a pulsating story of the Mexican
border, called "The 1'atriot" Is
i a big asset to the Triangle Film company.
Exhibitors overywhere crowd
? the exchanges with requests and ap'
peals every time a new Hart picture i
la about to be released. His drawing j
IHgr yvncr ID UUD lU Ills gl ettl uutliiy US
an actor. When ha waB on the speakIns
stage he rose to the eminence of
leading man to Madame Modjeskn on
Broadway. As a screen star he lias
produced a series of portrayals so i
vivid that almost without exception
tjhey are ranked as classics of their
kind. His earliest pictures, made sev;
eral years ago. arc still going the
rounds. "The Patriot" is one of the
late releases and. as the title suggests.
Is full of devotion to the Stars and
that was required to convince Jack
An absence of just one week was all
Lewis that he and his company have
made for themselves a permanent
Iyuuai in run mull I lutnliricni circles. 1.
The company is back again and start- '
ed off at the matinee today in one 01! |
the most appealing plays (hey have j
i'. yet produced. Miss Grandin is back j
In the cast and playing the title rolo
In "Tess ot the Storm Country." Mr. j
Ji . Lewis Is here, too, after an absence I
4y > of three weeks and tils first appearance |
this afternoon was a signal lor an out- :
burst that amounted to an ovation |
With few exceptions the personnel j
of the troupe remains the same. The ij
story which is from the pen of itupert!
Hughes, is sure to receive a lirst-class jj
Interpretation by the Lewis-Oliver |
Players. It has cost the management ;
a neat sunt in royalties, lithographs j
and special scenery and Mr. Levis i
la determined to give a high class!
ff; production regardless of the fact that j
It 1? being shown at popular prices.!
. Tomorrow night will he "Pay Night" !
A at the Hipp, and the other weekly j
3ni side show stunts that had been a Tea- j
ture at this house, but skipped last \
v week, will be reinstated.
Oliver Morosco's production of J. j
Hartley's Manners' delightful comctly
of youth, "Peg O' My Heart," will he ;
BSgjs,.. the attraction at the Grand theatre I
: ' on next Friday night. The enormous
^.y.; success of this play is undoubtedly j
due to Its cleanliness, and absence |
a ?- from all discussion of social sins, and '
jp?tV the arguments of capital and labor.1
gst' .. . "Peg" is a selfish little human be :
BjSS-": mg, with a child's naive ways and a
Kg. child's Innocent outlook on life. She
- la brought up. after the death of her j
^4, mother, by her father, and Is transh/:
planted turn a humble home, to the
Bu-"palatial residence of her aristocratic
BRit-relatives In Englund. Her simple appearance
shocks her British cousins
Hum, auu uor uiunmumriiy with :
ways of the aristocratic family, leads j
fffgy to numerous comical situations. The i
it brimful of clever tvlt and hu I
nor, interwoven with an exquisite.
Kl- thread of love and affection.
. "The Retribution," the fifteenth and
KSpV- last episode of "Peg 0' the King" la
at the Princess today. Undoubtedly
E? ;thls has been one of the best serials
HKeof its charactor that has ever boon
Etc. shown here. Both Grace Cunard and
g;' i-ancls Ford hare added to their popyBl
. . lartty by their very clever worlc. Joan
Hathaway, too, has had an lntroducIfff
Hon to Fairmont audiences tbat will
Kk make her a drawing card in nny
5 screen production In wblch alio may
g appear here in tbo futuro. Tiio clr|gg
"ff1"* tluoaadtaiu Ul? nlaoa fp?.
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styles have guaranteed satin
riished amusement to all ages, and tho
rough and tumble fights of "nr. i.nmi
Jr." and "Peg" with "Marcus, the Hindu"
and his gang were all fraught
with the most Intense excitement.
"Flip," the clown, will always be romemhored
for his love and devotion
to his charge, "Peg." "Old Dr. Lund,"
who died in a previous episode, was
a surprising character, and his exit
from the piece was Just one of the
many unexpected developments.
There's a great picture of New
York's underground railway system
bolng shown at the Nelson today, together
with "The Frame Up." a Pokes
and Jabs comedy. The headline Is
full of funny incidents and has keen
very appropriately named "Small
Town Stuff." It is In three reels and
1b the first photoplay showing of Maibel
Holkes' story of the same name. |
Jack Go rand's "Record Breakers"
will be in Iveyser this week and Cumberland.
Md., the following. Two members
of the chorus quit the show at the
close of the engagement at the Hipp
Saturday night. Bert Morris, one of
the comedians, will have a week's layoff.
but the company will not be crippied
as Jimmy Elliott wired Manager
Uerand that he would.Join him at Keyser.
aiorris is suffering from a so-1
vorc attack of rheumatism and his up-;
pearance on the stage Saturday night,!
leaning heavily on a cane and an
Impediment In his locomotion, was not
assumod. Ho had to be assisted from
his bed to the theatre, but gamely,
worked through his part, saying some
things the audience didn't hear everytime
he moved a muscle.
SJrifc- LIKE
A SK any housewi
changed the f<
drink from harmful
helpful INSTANT
whether the change
a success.
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heart after a trial, c
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from coffee to POS
wise move for the w!
"There's a R<
m '^1
m* - 1
Minnesota (Rep.)
Congrcssionally the Republican party
in WcbI Virginia made a net gain of
one, the same lieing represented in the
vote-getting individuality of the Hon.
Howard Sutherland, who moves over
from the House side of the Capitol into
the seat warmed for the past six years
by Senator William E. Chilton. In the
House, the state's delegation remains
precisely where it was. That is, in tho
new House the state will line up with
four Republicans and two Democrats.
It is an interesting and significant
result of the recent setto that four
members of the House from West Virginia
were candidates to succeed themselves,
two from each party, and that
all four came through, when all is considered.
with a handsome vindication.
It is interesting as a statement of a
mere fact, and It is significant for the
reason that the efficient record of
each appears to have been remembered
by their respective constituents, or
the bulk of them, despite the many
other distracting issues and diversions
of a red hot campaign, and accordingly
approved by a majority of the voters
of their districts.
The success of Neely and Littlepage
(Democrats) and Bowers and Cooper
(Republicans) iu their efforts to retain
their membership of the lower
branch of the Congress is attributed
largely not what they did outside of
Congress, but what they have shown
that they could do as members of Congress.
in all fairness, these four men
worked hard and worked seriously at
their jobs. They were industrious and
attentive, and whatever thev did thov
dlil conscientiously. In short, they
were efficient men, and because they
were I hat It is claimed by the post
mortem examiners of election results
they may look forward to enjoying the
honors and emoluments, the hard work
and annoyances, the bickerings and the
faultfindings, the tedium and the excitements
which go to make a congressman's
life in Washington an exhilirating
chapter in his earthly existence.
Efficiency in the public service has
become about as strong a requirement
there as it lias in every other line of
human effort. It is the fellow who is
"on the Job every minute." as Howard
Sutherland's campaign slogan so truth
fully said of him. and who shows an
aptituue and efficiency and industry
when he is on the job. who gets there.
It Is decidedly true when it is applied
to the congressman of contemporary
times, lie is a busy man. He has to
be busy if he attends to his duties, for
they a e n.any, varied -ind continuous.
And if he isn't that the folks back
home soon know it. and if he is they
know it and reward him by giving him
fe who has
imily table
coffee to
has been mi
/ well inthe
letter temexion,
im- c
id steadier
lemonstrate ^
le change
:T"i th/i
11 oivi is a
hole family.
I^e ' hVI
I-A?'-. **&tr
West Virginia (Rep.)
DN NEWS -:- |l
a chance to make a congressional career
tor himself.
It was this consideration, more than
any other, it is the opinion among the
politicians here, v.-iiicli enabled Itowcrs
and Cooper, Neely and Littlepage to
retain their seats in the House, and it
v.aB this consideration, too. which
weighed heavily in favor of Harry C.
Woodyard. There was no more industrious.
alert and successful congressman
ever sent from West Virginia to
Washington than Wcooyard. and. when
it came to gettiug toe things that his
district wanted, there never was as >
successful a member as he. He made |
the high record there and has held It
ever siace. It was mat which was the '
substantial basis of bis this year's can-!
dldacy and which enabled him to j
'onirwi hanb " T *1. - D/.?...l?li<.o?~ ??
vwuik H?vn. ft mi; uc^uuiitaiia uiganlze
'he House, which ii now seems
likely that they will, Woodyard will
have at once an Influence In the new
CongresB which no other West Virginia
member can hope to start out
with for the very simple reason that
the new Congress will be filled with
his friends, men with whom he worked
and played the game of congressional
politics for eight very full llepublican
What a figure this reputation for being
efficiently and unceasingly on the
job cut in the career of the Hon. 11.
Sutherland is a story so well worn In
West Virginia that it need not be dwelt
upon. On the strength of that reputation
the Randolph county political efficiency
expert first laid Prof. Hodges
on the shelf and now haB done the
same thing to Senator Chilton. "On
the Job every minute" and not keeping
his constituents in Ignorance of it
has made the public career of Sutherland
from start to finish. Ho is the
TSHWX&stt, ^
most striking example In contemporaneous
political history of the success
whl<jh attends efficiency and Industry.
The shifting signs seem to indicate
strongly that the Republicans will organize
the House. It is close as between
the parties and is. like the pres-;
ldential winds still are. inclined to I
shift from day to day. But right now
it looks as If the Republicans have a
short lead and will be able to elect a
speaker and organize it. In that event
the Republican members from West
Virginia will cut a figure. They will.
It Is decidedly probable, land desiraDTo
committee appointments. This is especially
true as affecting Woodyard,
Cooper and Bowers. Th? first named
with his long experience and Intimate !
acquaintance should have no trouble j
landing on the committees he desires.
While Cooper with one term to Ills i
credit, and highly esteemed by his col- ]
leagues, will probably not be dlsap- j
Mr A.
New Jersey (Hep.)
pointed In having his demands complied
with. Ho will likely prefer to remain
on mines and mining committee,
but will be advanced considerably. It
is not improbable that ho might secure
the chairmanship of that important
committee. Bowers, who has had more
experience than either of the other
two in official service in Washington,
though not as a congressman, will, it
is a safe bet. get what he wants. It
will bo something new to him If he
doesn't. Stuart Hood, being a now
member, will be helped by tne others
and. Just as soon as he gets acclimated.
and makes the House sit up some
fine day to recognize that it has a new
orator In It who is some pumpkins j
when It comes to putting over the log-1
ic and argument in eloquent and flu-;
ished fashion, he will he aide to go it
alone without the help of his col-j
leagues. But in the beginning. Heed
will gladly accept the experienced as- j
slstance of Woodyard, Bowers and |
Cooper to land on tho committees
which ho is best fitted to belong to j
and which he has picked out as his
choice. Xeely and Littlepage will no
' * -- ? 1
UUUUL ovaj rniric IUCJ arc, out as nilnority
members, the former on the Judiciary
anil the latter on military, two
of the most important committees
that there are.
In maneuvering for control of the
House between the parties, there is
likely to be a number of election contests
filed. The talk now is that there
will be a larger number of such contests
than have pestered tbo House
since the Fifty-first Congress. The
margin between the parties being so
close, which ever can. organize the
House is likely to Invite contests for
no other purpose thau increasing that
margin. In the event the Republicans
control the Housn. it is already talked
ny west Virginians liere, that Col. j
Thomas W. Fleming may Institute a
suit to contest the right ot Mujor Neely
to a scat, basing said contest on alleged
flagrant frauds perpetrated by the
Democratic organization In Marlon
county. It is common talk here, and
is said to be common talk in Fairmont,
that Mingo in Its palmiest days of election
corruption had nothing on what
was pulled off by the Democratic or-i
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Ionization In Marion county last week. I
A newspaper there made some ugly
and specific charges, which would seem
to indicate that there is a basis for
some of the charges made hy the He-;
publicans of what was done to them j
there on olection day.
Cn faw n u Ilia Wool t'iririllin no) ill. .
uw i oI uo lite ?? vai >i ?i?- i
cians here have any knowledge. Ma
rion la (he only county against which
the charge has been made that the;
election was far from fair or honest. I
All tlio rest of the counties seemed to!
have come through decently and be- j
| baved Ihemsclvos. Vet, that Is ono of |
| the counties which the Intimidating
1 squads of Democratic deputy marshals ;
! kept clear of strictly. They couldn't i
hear a word about Marion county I
frauds. They were as blind as bats
concerning what was being put over i
there. Everywhere the Republicans |
had control tlicy were suspicious and
I officious. That was their orders from I
the Department of Justice hero. It |
was the greatest wholesale intlmhla- i
tion of voters ever attempted by the I
police officers of tho federal government,
according to the Washington
view of it.
So. it may come about that It there
is anything in this persistent talk of
frauds in Marion county, and the j
House is controlled by Hepublicans j
and therefore he can get a fair hearing
of his rase, providing also that he
deems he has a just otto, that Col.
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Tom Parks Fleming may knock at the
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admission on the grounds that he ?u
honestly elected had there been honesty
In the conduct of the election In
Marlon county. There is lots of talk
of that coming to pass by the polltl
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