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KStSfe'? *Jl *
tut PAPER THAT aoia
BEpatafcltabad IMA Member
1 to UH Palrmont Pristine and Fubllal
V,j iV, J. WIEQEL, General Man]
jl . JAMES C. HERBERT, Act/ill
IH I? C. V^e'diC, cTrculVtToD jiani
& f Publication Office, Monroe
S MeasBstM Dept- I Circulation Dept. I
fc gSn m Com, ao | e?n m con?. asa I
foreign Advertlalnc Ilepresentatlve, ROl
$ frmtawlck Bide.. Nnav York. 123 w. Mm
li subscrTption rate
Jr DaOr (by earrler) 45c per month, pa;
by mail
CBflr. ena month ...I .40. Dally, alz
Daily', three months. l.OO | Dally, one
AH subscriptions payable In advance.
J When askfas for chane* In address (1
new address.
i Bntersd at tbe Postofflce at Fa'rmonL
K? eseand class matter.
???? i
^Subscribers on our carrier routes t
West Virginian any evening should
ONION,** state the fact snd give nan
sad a messenger will deliver a papei
toe. There Is no charge to the su
aervloe. The West Virginian plans
subscribers the best newspaper delli
little and this Is part of the plan.
"" '^ESTERDAY'S dispatches fr<
; X carried the intelligence that
of State had been informed
fjfcrown off tho Turkish yoke and dt
<0 be regarded as an active mcmb
r ft nations with Mecca as the capitE
I This may and may not be a per
Mtthe great war. But it is a nat
existing conditions. The political
taken place will not make much d
ountry as our most important in
' is the missionary activities that
: than, but when the pioua Mahonn
1. pean Turkey are permitted to find
OUTred they are quite likely to cur
- in which Turkey became involved
: . of the Teutonic allies.
For it was in Arabia that Mali
von properly speaking, Islamist!
and it was from Mecca that the p
| . fan the conquest of the world,
i after consolidating the political po'
If **jr9 uui< ma Duccvsauis ill Hie ctuipil
|' l horse tail standard over a large i
'Africa and Europe before the tid<
, ' in the opposite direction. The sept
| from Constantinople marks anoth
the political importance of Islam.
' If Constantinople falls to the Rus
oral readjustment after the coming
ish power will be confined to a com
| tract in Asia Minor and Islamism 1
: to hold its own against sects that 1
! turies for vengeance, just as they d
<; ;V"SNB of the most interesting res
; i ;VJ tion is the large amount of ec
all shades of opinion can ge
1-that the sharp edge has been worn
pointment of those who lost. For in
& | some rather clever observers of pol
are inclined to ascribe the success
to the way the women voters in th
States cast their ballots the unti fn
i'j t .The two mines of the Consolidation
Ooal company at Interstate, in Harrison
county, have been leased to the
I,. Okhorn company which has begun the |
T work of putting the properties in shape
? -. tor operation. These, two mines have
>. feoen closed down lor the past two
> peart and the postofflcc at Interstate!
WM abandoned because nearly all of!
the population of the town left when
fc' the mines closed. All of the other |
wc^ rqauw tu luc wii. L iut L* region are now
SjRju to foil operation sad muny of them ore
h:' to be fitted with mine scales at the tipfc"V
els. so that the miners can Lie paid by
Bja8$ (be weight of the coal they have mined
Instead of by the car.
SJf- ' ~ All the opaque and semi-opaque
Kci'-' toassas, bottles and jars used by the
| laaltol company, manufacturing phnr. v
Maoists, In the packing of their prodnote
to be shipped to all parts of the !
BjS : world, are made by the Columbia Glass
I factory. In the First ward. The glass
K to- biggest use by the company in a
p' ttorty white, semi-opaque wore used
^^^vto^nmhlhg jars for cold cream and
y "We are making progress here as
^Krr. topldly as are any other of the Fuller
K^- toOgany'a construction jobs, constd
i ertng the alia of the cltr." said Fred
Isd up because of the defeat of suft'r
. in "West Virginia and South Dako
i /' burgh Association Opposed to Worn
Saturday and passed a series of
t ;'!*rhich the following paragraphs ari
"The recent Presidential elec
itrates that the favorite candidal
fragtsts not only failed to carry j
the suffrage states, but the men
y- ' states controlled the women's
IWa reaffirm our conviction th
v ence of women is most effective
and family. The men have vlncl
eomely our Btand."
That is too silly to be funny, bti
?bsurd than a lot of other stuff th)
ten and said about equal suffrage si
It is known that there were more 1
' Hughes than for Wilson in Illinois
L den, an experienced Washington
'v especially well posted regarding
*, movement, thinks the result in C
" have been worse but for the worn
' w^'' why.^tl
""" a. suffrage state* tl
A?*oci?t?d Pr??. aot expect them I
sunday the surface it is i
line compM*. they will show tl
iter. en ere just like
Editor. sonal likes and di
Mowaaa* l
iy any attempts t
l,er- cr" them in blocl
Street. But while we
garding the w
Editorial sept is one thing tli
""" c<""- w irrespective of w
SESi Cfl^al suffrage mt
? vote at presidec
r!b). monttur. stattes D0Z ??d *
states will be m
montha ...$100 suffrage states ol
i year * ?? possible to take
lv. old a. well a. thes? 1
which the proble:
weat Virginia, u extension of equa
no longer contr
equal suffrage st
per call important factor
are going to in
Wtm foundly and the,
ie and residence, ca* politicians ai
r to your door at mating their Stre
bscriber tor tlila These remarks
to render to Its ment of fact.
rery service pos
:r 13,1916. /~vne result of
===== vy ing conduc
ATTfiN ky Interns
Chord, who has
im Washington plan whereby e\
the Department begin the return
that Arabia has roads at once ev
jsired henceforth home empty.
op nf thf? Thic niirrlit ?
I~ *" **"" vugiit iu J
'* markets where ci
manent outcome ert0 unheard of, i
ural outcome of ditions in the m
change that has been having trou
ifference in this the wolf from tl
terest in Arabia $G per ton at the
are maintained fhe cars will b
nedans in Euro- the roads on whi
out what has oc- they get back iut
se anew the day Cautious doubtle
iu the quarrels fr?ni again warn
to make for a wo
ommedanism, or ^cirmont district
i, had its birth, nh,?
: c j v. Ohio miners wai
IUUB jiuuuuer ue- t0 conduct an inqii
He died shortly They have no mom
iver of the coun
ate did push the The Gang banni
mount of Asia, he very instructs
e began to turn exact number of v
iration of Mecca Democratic count;
er reduction in m0rc worth while i
the Democrats in I
sians in the gen- ?
; of fieace Turk- I Judging by dlsp;
paratively small ton to Republican
t**? 11 l?rt ln??*/l "*"* I * " "
..? ? uv iiuiu |/ui pusL iwo or mice
lave waited cen- seething stage.
id iu the Balkan
Mayor James M
asking him to com
QT? ting an embargo c
L ' that do if the sclu
ults of the elec- unchecked? It mi
imfort people of that the problem c
t out of it now .
uc Bucccssiuiiy an
from the disap- an actual scarcity I
stance, although
itical tendencies veteran membei
i of Ml1. Wilson |ng what is going t
e e<|ual suffrage olls when the worn;
rces arc all puff- her seat. Miss Ra
age amendments neighbors about si
ita. The Pitts- put through. Pou
lau Suffrage met an,i disuppoiutmei
resolutions, of congress,
e a part:
tlon demon- SHCh
e of the suf- xhe western exi
i majority of clal prove(l the b
of the these palgn.?Wheeling
vote against y b
Burbank might
? iS? n?w by ?rafting a
in the noma bears his name, o:
Icated hand- We don't want tc
it it is not more We have heard
it is being writ- law placed upon
nee the election, ^fn a man is onci
.vomen votes for ?ouSht.-Phillppi
and Gilson Gor- Suffrage lost In
i correspondent come back strong i
the Progressive ?
i ... . ,, Mr. Wilson now
aliform a would partyi t0 atand hy
an vote. It is will just stand stll
McKenna, of the Puller Construction
company, building tbe new Hotel Fairmont.
"Everything has moved like
clock work, material getting here on
time and everything else coming along
at u remarkably fine rate."
Aged Farmer Killed
at Railway Crossing j
Ishniacl F. Robinson, aged 69 years,
of Wiclilvire, W. Va., died at Fairmont
Hospital No. 3 Saturday night
as tho result of injuries received earlier
in the day near Felterman, Taylor
county. Mr. Robinson was driving
in a buggy and failed to hear a train
approaching as ho reached the railway
Tho buggy was struck and its occupant
was hurled violently to the
ground, the body being badly mangled. |i
I.T /-? ??.?.. * * * 1
tu "ua uiuudiii lu aiiuiuill riuspi'
tal No. 3 on Train 71 and was made
as comfortable as possible though it
was at once seen that his recovery :
was impossible.
The wife and four sons of the deceased
arrived here on a later train in
the evening and were with him whon
ho died. Mr. Robinson was a well to '
do and hlghlv respected farmer of
e women Voted, oreven about the
le men Voted in aome of the noniat
did things the politicians did
to do. *When the facts do come to
iltogether probable that the thing
le most plainly is that women votmen
voters in that they have perislikcs.
and that they resent fierce
:o trade upon their sex or "deliv%s.
are waiting for the real facts Teoman
vote to come to light
at the politicians of all parties
hat their personal opinions about
iv be, should think about: Women
itial elections in an even dozen
'hile this situation continues these
lore important factors than non:
equal population. It will be imaway
the rights women have actwclve
states, so the only way in
m may be attacked is through the
I suffrage. New York and Illinois
ol the national situation. The
ates have become one of the most
s in our national politics. They
.fluence nolitical tendencies Dro
' are going to destroy such practi3
make the mistake of underestingth.
arc not prophesies; they are state
the car shortage investigation beted
at Louisville is the approval
ite Commerce Commissioner Mcbeen
conducting the probe, of a
rcry railroad in the country will
of empty coal cars to the owner
en if it is necessary to send them
elieve conditions materially in the
sal has been selling at prices hith
ind also make for much better conining
regions, where miners have
ble to make enough money to keep
ic door although coal is selling at
e put to work as fast as tlicy reach
eh coal traffic originates and once
o the control of the coal roads press
will be taken to prevent them
Jering away too far. This ought
uderfullv nrosnerous winter in the I
it the state and national governments
dry Into the cause of the high prices,
opoly upon that desire.
iT has come down at last. It would
o it It were possible to find out the
otes that piece of insolence cost the
r ticket. But perhaps it would be
to know how much it is going to hurt ]
the next municipal campaign. i
itches that hare come out of Charlesand
Democratic newspapers In the
days, politics there has reached the
t. Curley has written the President
rene Congress for the purpose of putin
food products. What good would
eming middleman is permitted to go
ght as well be recognized first as last
if high prices in this country can not
tacked unless the fact that there is
is taken into consideration.
s of the National House are wondero
happen to their free anil easy nicthxn
representative from Montana takes
nkla on her part has been telling her
jnie of the legislation she Intends to
btlcss there will be mutual surprises!
its before the end of the Sixty-fifth
:urs!on of the Hughes Butterfly Speiggest
flivver of Wall Street's cam- >
gain the gratitude of the nation right
reasonable price onto the potato that
r any other variety, for that matter,
i bo too particular.?Bluefleld Telereports
that there should be another
our statute books, and that is that
} bought In an election he should stay
West Virginia, but the women will
next time.?Wellsburg Herald.
may ask the neonle. irresneetivn of -
him. The people will do bo?If ho d
11.?Parkersburg News. i
Taylor county and his death is greatly t
The body was prepared for burial by ,
the undertaking linn of Ell Musgrave v
& Son and was taken to his former d
home on the early train Sunday morning
where interment will be made
Tuesday. t
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Nov. 13.?
Chamber of Commerce and rotary E
clubs of Charleston and Huntington t
will further a plan suggested by these' c
organizations jointly looking toward g
the construction of about 14 miles of D
permanent road between the two cities B
part of which is in Cabell and tho re- i
mnlnder in Kanawha county. The
good roads committees of these or- ?
ganlzatlons have been called together s
for a meeting to be held hern tim at.
tcrnoon of Wednesday, November 15. p
Good roads advocates for the tojvns 0
and rural communities between the t
cities will also bo in attendance. <;
CHARLESTON, IV. Va.. Nov. 13.? 1;
After being In a Huntington hospital c
for almost one month, whero he un- t
lerwont a surgical operation, Attorney o
Uoncra! A. A. Lilly has been brought o
to his home In Charleston. He Is 11
slowly regaining his health, but will tl
not be ablo to resume his official work
for another week or more, bis physicians
said today.
One car of apples Just received by o
Wholesale Supply Co. Come ar.d a<w? :<
them.?Adv. -i
j |
!-m^-i 1 WHAT DID 1=^0^
?-*P He. say to rcu fi^os
^=W?| N HS R*N OP ~H OOf
___b TO TH6 WINDOW ffegB)
i niinnn tiiiii n
Government Protects Consumer
From Greedy
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 13.? '
3read Is cheaper today in London
han in New i ork, or any oilier .urge
nty in the LuiifeJ States! !
The retail price of liread in London <
s 9 pence (19 centsi tor the standard !
1-pound ldaf, or 4 - cents a ,,ound.
n the majority of cities in the 1'i.ito,,
Itates loaves weighing 12 or Id < u: ceo
vhen baLed are selling at a cents, t .
Thus the predominant price of a poena .
if bread in American cities ranges
rom 7.4 to 8 cents, or from to i
'7 per cent, higher titan in on,ion.
Even before lite recent inc. case o. t
tread prices from 6 to 6 cents pet 1
oaf, the price per pound in the cnttud 1
States was from ?U to 48 per cent. '
tigher than in London. 1
These statements are based upon i1
lUthoritative re port es of the British (
ood commission and the t. niled
States bureau of labor statistics. '
The big question?WU?.s uoi
inswered by either of tiic-e autltori
Ives, but some light is ata.lau.e worn 1
ither sources.
dil'uu mi: always occn cncaper Hi
^ondon than In the United States, ev 1
sn with the higher price ot imported
vile."it with its added charges tor u-eu..
reights and commissions. Mil.lng auu
baking, like every class ot pruduc 1
Lion and distribution, are done 011 1
tarrower margins in England. The '
arilY board found that all kinds 01' '
extlles, which had the same produc
ion cost on both sides of the Allan- 1
:1c, regularly retailed considerably 1
ower in England. The manufacturer, 1
he jobber, and the retailer all took '
mailer margins.
This smaller margin-taking was
nade easier because of the use of
he large four-pound loaf in England,
vith its consequent lower labor cost
.nd less frequent distribution, and byhe
fact that all English bread is uu
This accounts for the difference beore
the war. The maintenance of 1
n even more favorable English price <
luring war times in the face of enor- <
aously increased ocean freights cun (
miy be attributed to one fact:
i Every European nation, neutral and
ielligerent. has taken steps to pro- ,
ect the price of the people's food, <
vhile the United States has left the t
fliole question to the private and tenler
mercies of the producers and the
aiddlemen! ]
At the very beginning of the war ?
he British parliament passed a bill,
me clause of which provided that?
If the board of trade are of the opin- i
on that any foodstuff is being unrcalonably
withheld from the market
hey may ? take possession ]
if any supplies and pay to the owner ?
uch prices as may, In default of agreetent,
be decided to be reasonablo by
, Judge of the high court selected by t
he lord chief Justice of England."
At the same time lists of prices
rere issued by the committee on food I
upplics, which, while not compulsory j
erved as a warning to dealers and g
laced a powerful weapon in the hands ;
f British consumers. The popple had I
he gun. and the dealers, like Davy
Irockett's coon, came down.
This year, with tho problem of a t
rorld crop shortage to meet, the Brit- t
sh government has taken complete
ontrol of the purchase anil di8trib-.iIon
of wheat ami will oversee not t
nly the distribution in the interests t
f economical consumption, but also i
ts price until the bread Is safely In s
he hands of the consumor.
Too funeral of Steve, the live-weekId
ron of Stcvo Bosch, whose death
ocuived on Sunday was held this h
lornlcg with burial In Holy Cross (1
aaeUry by Undertaker R. C. Jones.
<OQ.) , '
g I
we ?a iT> He'D~i-,
h?n me to spit 1 ,
nr%j^ . |
Editorial Comment
on Current Subjects
Prom the Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Wholly regardless of the personal or ]
lartisan outcome of the national cloc-'
ion. tlio American people, as Ameri- [
tans and believers in popular govern-!
uent. can find cause tor congratula-!
[ion In the renewed evidence of the I
stability and strength of our InBtitu-'
ions. With the result unexpectedly 1
a doubt for nearly four days, with 17,soO.OOn
votes almos. balanced, control
af Congress hanging on a hair, fob
owing a canipai-.il. in some instances
if cxccn ionai bitterness, there was
either charge of fraud nor threat of
inntest, the country waiting patiently
i ! with admirable calmness or tlio
i u 1 count, lei it give the victory to I
shorn n would.
llo all urd now must appear those
iireiul Jeremiads about 'he dislntegra- i
ion of Hie American Republic, those '
loleful lamentnliuns about divide:! citzenshlp.
l.o-.v Insigniticant they seem
n lite light of 17,000.000 Amerimns
otiiig as Americans for an Ante? a 1
['resident. The analyst will have a
rain quest seeking any trace of by henizat'on
in the vote. Our foreign- ;
lorn citizens have proven again '.hat
vhen it comes to a question of Ameria
thc> are Americans first, last and
til iltc time. Lot us hope we have
tcard the last of those lniml iating
land : i which l ave gi en the worll
"e nip. s n-that ;he American lte ublic
was but a hctcrogcneions age
ation of hyphen: tes. a sort of incmational
boarding house, without a
rational soul. The vote of Tuesday
-lid the example of dignified repression
and national confidence in our
nstttutlons exhibited during four days
of palpitating doulit. is an irrefutable
demonstration of our national unity
intl purpose of which the world must ,
ake notice.
I'ndcr what other form of government.
under what institutions, can
there ho found a similar example of
national calmness and confidence unler
a stress so trying?
Ruff stuff i
If we had one penny for everytime 1
he brakeman stuck his head In the 1
loor and yelled "Not a Station Stop"
in tho 6 a. m. train from Grafton to- 1
Inv Wb'/I ltiit? chnrnc of Wtrd cfnelr 1
? *
And why, oh why, does the Baltinore
and Ohio allow passenger trains
>n the road when they seriously In- j
:onvenlence the freights? .
Xothing on our mind now but the
'Itt game, so we'll write an editorial .
ibout It.
* * * I
Which our courso Is a good editor- j
al subject.
* * * 1
Or was It run In after the sport
>ago was discovered to ba full of j
* ?
IIow nbout editorials about West
'irginia and Fairmont games.
* *
This mornlng'B Times says that a
'Ittsburgh man told the editor of that
taper that Hatfield was not a good
;overnor. Coming from Pennsylvania
vhere all governors are rotten that
Mttsburgher ought to know.
reside" the Plttsburgher referred
o was able November 7 last Tuesday
o cast his first vote.
It's a hum newspaperman wjio can't
ake abuse and when the child edlor
keeps wcoping because some candllate
did not kiss him It up sets our
It probably would have upset the
andidato'a stomach, too.
"J. J. TIcc, clerk at the Watson
lotel. was confined to his room all
lay yesterday."?Times.
That kicking match down tho court
? . . jijj
1 :
1 Women98 Suits
I $22.50 to $35
| The^
ln s,>'le
/ Ideas cc
t / / '-Tserrtf^u groups i
S if connect!
C II ' a"j"' ble st>'le
5 7\. , I \ fie?. and
5 I )v ' / \\ large an
1 [ I I In Rorr
1 % one Ran
: A^~ ^ fTrr^ tb? '?we
III and suit
S Im \ strictly
black, ai
I this aeai
It would be a pleasure to si
New Arrivals
' Georgette ai
? Bewitching new waists of cropo d
8 white, flesh and maize; also suits c
? Trimmed with fancy braid, cmbroldei
0 Bieeves. *o.io.
g Remember the Glassware
| the Thanksgiving 1
| DR. MOORMAN, Chirop<
% ^W&fvTi
house steps must have resulted fatal 1
ly to J. J.
* * * ?f
He was supposed to do the kicking
but sotuc one evidently beat him to al
hTe early moraine "free ropy to
all to raise circulation" paper lUrks! '
sbout a rumor that Ilatllcld Is going to ;
call a special session, but prints a I ?
story that all the legislation favor-1
able to the Democrats will be push JC
ad through the next Congress. '
? *
Before the Republican House takes
mnltfipo in lmnri
Teddy In 1920. Hack to the mines.
... Kit
We'll hnvc a Republican president 'rlr
next time 11 we have to ran Suihor- uC
and. or
... ?
"I've won."?Chilton. _
The Chairman of the "Senses" committee
ouKht to have more sense than
to pull that stud. '
* * * i
Tom Deveny is very sore this week.
He won $10,000 on Cornwell.
Dr. Schollz's Views
On Internal Baths
Herbert Schollz, M. D? of Oakland,>
Cel., writes CUas. A. Tyrrell, M. I}., of
New York, as follows:
"Please send me a 'J. B. L. Cascade'
for my wife and one for myBelf.
"I would not be without tbe Cascade,
as It has done more for me than all the
pills; in fact, It has made a young man
Df me.
"For a long time I was so bilious
is to be Auto-intoxlcated, but I now
use the Cascade twice a week, and feel
like a different man."
You will be astonished at your feelings
the morning after taking an Internal
Bath by means of the "J. B.
Li. Cascade." You will feel bright, brisk
:onfldent and as though everything
Is "working right"?and 1b.
It absolutely removes Constipation
tnd prevents Auto-Intoxication.
The "J. B. L. Cascade" Is now being
shown and explained at South Side
Pharmacy. They will gladly give you,
tree, a booklot on Internal Bathing,
by Dr. Tyrrell, called "Why Man of
Today Is Only 50 Per Cent Efficient"
Phone and ask them for It today.
Woman Who h : |
irching for the
Imost for Her
and quality, la likely to find her p
mipletcly met In one o( theae
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rices are unusually attractive. In
on with such beautiful, seasonas
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tailoring. The assortment la 8 \
d the variety Interesting.
le fen- cases there arc more than 1
ocnt of a style, but these are in ' i
>r priced garments. .Both coats '< i
a in the higher priced lines are | '*
individual and arp shown in |
od in rich, deep colors in. favor 5 .
ion. ' |
how our splendid stock,
in Beautiful
nd CrepeWaists
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if plum, taupe, navy and preen, d
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able. See Ours.
>dist, Here Tomorrow. ?
JoTl&dr* I
3S8ES3Q35Z3I^^ i
KiC'<:'OO.oo:ooo^oo:o:oxaii??K8?M3 .
Our Dippy Dictionary.
BONEHEAD ? Ono who docra't^
;roo with you.
SOrilOMOKE ? He that knowttjTv
id knowclh that he kuo welli nut .
flo'f tnal bo a hirh brow but *
?'ll bet a golfer can go a rullroftdfflj
e better when it coir.cs to swcarlrji* i
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we're ehowlnf. If
In tans, browns, blacks and H
two^ton? effects. Priced || jj
Picture shews i sgpeh B
new one of brown carte crtt H
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HOB* THAT ?ATiei%- lj
ment is a day of peace . ,
and Thanksgiving, i
There might be bad after-effects
if you don't
look out. "Inside information"
will quickly tell
you that the plum pudding
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swallow one of our Dyspepsia
Tablets Better )
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