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pAa- a Result Prices for Coal
Ifklf--' Have Dropped
Ififfost of That Going Out of
'This District is on
i Bbtter prospects mr supply or coal
ujrs lias hail tlie effort of \ .ias oft
the tenseness of the situation In the
coal markets anil even at the mines:
within the past few ilays. miring the'
paat week prices on spot bilinnlnotis
coal have dropped from ::o to per.
bant to the following rirriimstanriv:
About three weeks ago when some'
of the coal carrying railroads began
to feel apprehensive of their ear sup
Ply getting down to a point where tliev
JpPould not supply enough cars in take;
Gaspare of the business on their own lim a 1
c : they placed embargoes prohibiting the
RW.ahlpmont of their coal cars lo points!
8$.off their line; this action caused con
IsBlntaeres on non-coal carrying railroads |
g|.i to'ruBh into the open market and hid i
Bwiwtfthe price of spot coal. Those coil
feWuttiers have secured a Rood supply
ffiSjj.Of coal and are now out of the margujipbet
In addition, the railroad situaKij^jbn
With regard to empty coal cars
ggfeiias,eased up consiilerahly. and'the ill!-*
dications are that the coal carriers
* will gradually augment their supply
of open top cars and thus prevent a
" repetition of high prices for spot coal
gv.- that prevailed two and three weeks
: Tb' officials In charge of the dieAttribution
of empty coal cars on the
!"t. various coal carrying railroads have
e'ter the connecting lines who
' have abused their equipment and the
gty nxanner In which they have handled
. ?the situation has inspired the coal
.shippers on the Baltimore ami Ohio I
jJV railroad with the belief that they will.
* from now on, rcrelvo sufficient equip
. nient to take caro of their contract
J&y'business without further trouble. I)ur?;'
lag the extremo ear shortage which i
prevailed two and three weeks ago
Ki: practically every coal shipper In this
region fell behind In the shipment oi
gggbi* contract coal and now that cars
Kware more plentiful lie will he compolled
to make up this shortage to his
gv?; contract consumers,
iv The general pubMc scents In have
ghlned the impression that these high j
I;>v\ p'rlcea were obtained for till the coal
Jy';'shipped from this region Inn a careful
analysis shows that only about two
gS per cent, of tho coal shipped iluriiiK
. ?te past month has boon applied on ,
S&i lBPt sales. Tho balance, as slated in |
tfie foregoing, lias gone forward 011;
'ji'. contracts entered into last spring.
fc' when the price was what Is consider- j
ed normal and current spot prices have 1
'if-v ho effect whatever 011 these conlracis.! 1
j- All Of the large coal shippers in tins
j%" region annually contract from tin to ji
Kjs 76 per cent, of their normal output j
p. When the supply of coal cars falls lie-1
g.-- low this percentage figure it can p ad
V; lly be aeen they arc failing behind
V In supplying their contract consumer. 1
C and this detflciency is generally made
g :up when cars arc more plentiful.
y Mfivo/Moolo i
.. |l -? x womicuo [
Hov. W. D. nou.l, pastor of the Iliap,v
mohd Street At. E. church. ha* gone
" to New York lo attend a meeting of
the Foreign Missionary Hoard of the
W denomination of whirli hoard he is a
gi 'Mrs. J- !' Sapper returned front
Cleveland, O.. where she attended the
-v. marriage of Iter hrothor. Myron l-'injjf|
burg to Miss Hilda Levee at the Olive
' Academy.
r;Ji Austin Stealev has returned front
j, Pittsburgh where he attendeil the \V
v & J.-Pitt game Saturday, lie will
leave again tonight for Pittsburgh ami
y Baltimore and will be gone until I lie
|H middle of tho week on a business mis
-a. James Warding assistant mail fore
man of engines for the It. A: o from
^J" ConnellaTille is in Fairmont today on
a business trip,
r James Grimes who hail been the
jSPguest of his son. F. \v Grimes. ami |
Mrs. Grimes, at their home on Maple
pi]'arenue, has returned to his home is
Red Cross Meets
Thursday Afternoon
ife- ,The Fairmont chapter of the Ited
|?;y Cross will hold its regular meeting on
Thursday afternoon ai the. Parish 1
house on Fairmont avenue, ltanriages I
?V will be rolled and other hospital sup j
piles will be made by those present. '
|g;*?TSie.jKSOpe of the organization is Urge
Rj:"dltkd the local Chapter desires its mcn?< ,
5-^h#T? to turn ouvin large number.- nn?
h*lP to furnish the materials so badly j
&8K?WMffajt hv t ho noflnn?l 1 '
^Srlli Its noble work ot caring for the sick
ivv;end wounded.
KEt~ .The organization not only cares for !
SSffthe sick and wounded on tho battle i
V held. but everywhere help is noedeil
the call Is answered by representatives
KScjit'Jthe Red Cross society. The proMrinOtera
of the Fled Cross horn urge
h that all the members possible will turn
jfcout for this meeting on Thursday nfS|-)i
ternoon at the Parish house.
To Horse Show
?V'\\ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Koontz have
jSfi.iODe to Maw York to attend the
gjfehoris show at Madison Square Garden.
liv's-Charleston Poet. < '
Town Talk
i1 U
Necly Will Discuas Movlei ? Con
gresaman M. M Noelv will address the
Woman'* Club on Friday afternoon at
the regular general meeting. bis sub
Ject being "The Motion Pic ture Play."
In which hr will toll of the report of
the rongrnssional committee* on t'/e
subject. Music by Miss Hazel Bock
and Miss Amy Rogers Rice will feature
the program and the hostcsse*
will be members of the local motion
picture play committee composed of
Mrs. Frank Haas. K. C. Jones. Tusca
Morris, Morton Blac k, George M Alexander.
The meeting will begin at
Farmers' Sons Sing?The Fanner's
Sons chorus, a popular musical organization
of the city, took part in
the services at the First Baptist
church last evening. The church.
-in' ii 10 .?iii|>wncu ??? PUlUt! tnvill
men. sartg effectively several gospel
coups ami assisted in the usual song
service of the choir. Mrs. It. M Ah
hott. of Kingwood. sajtp in her usual
-harming manner a solo at tin* Baptist
church yesterday morning.
Work on White Way Started?The
"Great While Way" began to assume
ronepve evidences this morning when
workmen for the ? ity started digging
the holes for tie- new posts. The lirs* i
holes are on .Main street near Quiiny
and as rapid I.\ as possible they will he
sent down Main till in a week or ten
days everything v-'iH 1>0 re?d\ for erei
tion <>f the new lighting fixtures.
Pittsburgh Guests?.Mrs. William
Pratt and son. .lames Martin, of Pitts j
htimll. ore t!i? curs!.; nl fh?? i'nrmni''4
Past Grand master XeiJl Robinson
whose death accurred .Saturday at
Fincinnuti and whose funeral takes
place today.
Mr. llennen will go to Huntington
tomorrow whore he will attend the annual
meeting of the Grand Lodge A. F.
and A. M. of the state which opens
there Wednesday. Other Masons who
will attend the Grand Lodge meeting
from this city are Iv M. Showalter. K.
P. Frame. F. K. Nichols. \V. J. Tiovdston
and Lawrence Mennen.
Miss Eliza Eock Wins
Suffrage Victrola
Miss Eliza Watson of Ninth street
and Gaston avenue, holding ticket No.
s:u; drew the one hundred dollar victrola
which was given away Saturday
night hv the Political Equality Club, j
Chances sold for ten cents nil this!
phonograph and on Saturday night.I
iho tickets were placed in a large box
in the center of one of the Parlors ofi
the Women's Building and little Miss I
Mary Moore Miller, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. M. E. Miller and grauddaugh-'
ter of Mrs. Mary Heed of this city.'
drew the lucky numbcr 8.16.
Tonight at the women's building a
meeting will he held when the suffrage
organization will he reorganized
and plans made for raising money
for a campaign to he waged in the future.
The building which the women have
occupied for the past few months will
h|. turned over to the owners on Wednesday
iind the suffrage organization
will seek less comtnodius quarters.!
The lower floor of the building will he
occupied by Mr. Nixon, proprietor of
lie Jefferson street meat market.
??A ct/s 1of
: 5 i :>.; ,y .- j . ..;
mother. .Mrs. f. T. Jeffrey. in this I
city. Mr. ITatt is located at darks-;
burg ami they will remain here for!
some time.
Comiivj Home?Mrs. \V. T. Mcnear
who had spent the past two months
as the snest of her daughter. Mrs.
Thomas father, at Winchester, Vn .
and at various places in the southern
part of West Virginia, will arrive
imme on Wednesday. Mrs. Monear
is now the gue*l of friends in Hancock.
On Auto Trip?Mrs. Gordon Downs
miu l*>u - 11.lu11*;.. ,*ira. v r.. cmroyer
and son. L. W. Shrover, motored to
Morgantown yesterday.
Broomfield Speaks at Normal?Dr.
.1. 0. Broomfield. pastor of the M. P.
Temple, addresseil the Young Men's
nnd the Young Woman's Christian association
at the Normal school this
morning. A large number of the students
heard the address which was
much appreciated.
Grand Lodge Masons
Meet at Huntington
T Wilbur Ilenneti. Grand Master of
the Grand Lodge A. F. and A. M. of
West Virginia, attended the funeral
of Fast Grand Master William G. Dennett
at Weston Saturday, having oiTi j
dated at the Masonic ceremonies held
at the grave. From Weston Mr. Honnen
went to Charleston where he will
act in like capacity at the funeral of
K&' j 7'' ' '<?*? * ??
Chas. R. Drum Says "I Don't
Think Much of Fairmont.
Mai <es Stirring Speech to a
Big Mass Meeting at
M. P. Temple.
A spirited, sincere, energetic attack
on local i onriirions rospectinc the pro
tected lii|iior traffic here; an earnest
and inspiring appeal to the men and
young men mr cleaner lives morally,
and a thrilling call to local people to
correct these evils and attain a higher
degree of morality; characterized the
tour addresses made in the city yesterday
by Charles It. Drum, national
V. M. c A. worker, which completed y
| series of fifteen addresses made by
iiim in tlie schools, theatres and
churches of the city in the past two
Yesterday afternoon to an audience
of men which packed the lower floor
I of the Grand theatre he talked on "The
Otln r Fellow's Sister.'*
'"The most wonderful address of
the kind 1 ever heard, and one so far
superior to the usual talk that is made
011 such a topic that there is no comparison."
said a gentleman last evening
whose appreciation was sincere
and based on intelligence.
Since social evils was his subject,
he naturally made reference to local
conditions respecting the liquor traffic.
"Has this town the courage to rise
up and crush the demon that still lurks
In your streets and hyways," he cried
"No," several persons shouted.
"Then I don't think as much of you
as I did," he said.
Before leaving town last night he
outlined to a West Virginian reporter
his idea of how the city should go
nhoul fighting the traffic.
"Organize real live committees." he
said, "who shall employ the services
of an honest detective who will collect
evidence. Then with incontrovertuble
evidence let the matter be placed
in the hands of the proper officials and
prosecution started."
Asked what action might he taken
in the event the proper officials refused
to take action, or so conducted
the cases as to make a farce of the
uiriK over iu years old to worn
in Stogie Kaotory. Steady work,
pood wages. Also pood strippers
wanted. Apply
112 Merchant St.
N f?\ %\u <
1 s?**'A w* 1 -,, \
jj Kya
prosecution, ne sain:
"In that ease it is the duty or every
christian, God rearing, decency loving
American, to change officers. And let
it be done without regard for party ties
or affiliations. Such n condition would
be intolerable to humanity and justice."
His final address in the city was to
an audience which last night puckcd
the M. I*. Temple to the doors. A
great mass meeting of all the churches
was held ill the Temple to hear Mr.
Drum speak on "An Honest Man." This
Inst was more of an evangelical sermon
than any of the others preached
by hint in Fairmont, but for fifty-five
minutes lie held his hearers spellbound.
At the conclusion of the servifii
.cf'iirru i\f nnrunno rrnnl /lnu<n tin*
aisle sine] shook Mr. Drum's hand and
promised to have a talk with their pas-j
After the service last night, it was'
announced privately that Mr. Drum
would be brought back to I'airmont before
the winter is over for a four!
weeks' evangelical slay and that possibly
a tabernacle would be built for
him then.
t'DARKSIJl'RG. W. Va.. Nov. 1!!.?
Central West Virginia sportsmen have
hung out the championship bear killing
sign for Jacob Mullens and Joint
l.eslie of Cranberry Ridge. N'ieholas
county, who have just bagged their
eighth bear in the mountains of that
section, all having been slain this season.
The meat of the animal just
killed was dressed and sold at fancy
prices, the hams being sold in Richwood
at cents a pound.
Denley S. Jones, Correspondent, 7
Daughter Born.
Horn. I'nday, November 1?th. a
daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Jones,
of Clarksburg street.
Won Another Game.
Saturday at Hough's l'ark the Man
ningion High football team defeated
the Buckhuunon football team by a
score of 17*0. The game was feature I
throughout by the clean playing of
both teams. Next Saturday the local
loam goes to .Morgantown where it expect*
to win anotner game.
Friday evening at their home on
Pleasunt street. Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
I'richard entertained a party of vounc
men at a six o'clock dinner in honor ot
their son, Hugh, who is visiting at his
home here after several years* absent**
in ( olorado.
Miss Fa> Mead entertain* d a p irtv j
(if voting ladies at her nonte in the
| (layion addition autuiday afternoon
I complimentary to Mrs. Nat Leigh.
Evangelistic Meetings.
Revival meetings nr<> h iny he'd
every night in the Home wood Baptist
t hnrrh Itcv Il.ilufl F.r:?aa cf BritU'*
port, is preaching. Tlio meetings will
continue throughout this week.
Attend Wedding.
Mr atul .Mrs. A. (I. oil loft Sun
day for Maryland where thov will at
1 ?
T. A. S. Club
I Mrs. T. R. Henderson, of Guffey
street, will entertain the 'I'. A. S. club
on Thursday afternoon.
Here From Kingwood
Mrs. Edna Dunn, of Klugwood, Is
spending a week here the guest of
her sister. Miss Gertrude Waters. Miss
Waters and her guest spent Sunday j
with their brother, Herbert Waters. [
at Mannlngton.
Child III i
! The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Chcs-'
Mrs. H. ! '. Woody and son. Delniar,
and Mrs. Klennor Hawkins and son. j
Virgil, sponl Friday in Wheeling antl
Delia ire. Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Doss Mnsgroye and j
family are moving from Ouffcy street'
to their handsome new residence 011
Morgantown avenue.
lltllfrV&S.TW&SE ESSS you]
thing y - ;3?^
ter P. lllgby, of N'cwton street, lias |
been seriously 111 for several weeks.;
A trained nurse is In attcndanec.
Y. M. W. Club
Mrs. Guy Cochrane and Mrs. Inez;
Amos will be hostesses to the Y. M.j
W. club Wednesday afternoon at thoj
home of the former.
' III of Pneumonia
Eugene, the little son of Mr. and
Mrs. Andy Vandergrlft. of Market,
street, is alarmingly ill of pneumonia.
Former Falrmonter Here
| Hoy Hoggess. of California, a former
resident of the East side, is visiting
friends and relatives here.
The ladies of the Diamond Street
M. E. church are invited to attend the
ail-day nullting which will ho held
(uincnunj in mv atuuwi nmin ;
by tho Aid society. The ladles will
each take their dinner ami supper and
spend the day.
Business Meeting
A business meeting of the \V. C.
T. l\ will he held tomorrow afternoon
in tho Diamond Street M. E. church, j
Union Service
A union service was held last evening
at the Diamond Street M. E. church
| Dr. Charles 11. Drum of New York.
[ who is interested in Y. M. C. A. work
j gave an interesting address. The service
was well attended at tho l-'irsl
I M. I', church and i'alatine Baptist
l church.
Motored Here
| Mr. and Mrs. Slewart t'ordray and
I two children, of .Morguntown. motored
here yesterday anil spent tite day with
i Mr. and Mrs. George Sliumaker ami
| Mrs. Sclby.
Mrs. I.utc Ill-own and children. Esther
and Elliott, returned yesterday i
from a week's visit itt Harrison coun-1
and Mrs. I.. C. Minor and son.
Ilalplt. returned last night from a con-'
pie of days visit with the former's
parents near i'niontown.
Miss Sara Jacobs has returned from
a week-end visit at Morenninwu
m a. y P i.-vLV
9 We?t Main St., Bell Phone 93 M
tend the wedding of Miss Florence
___ I
Team Entertained.
Saturday evening in the High school
building the Mannington High football
team entertained the Buckhannon
High school team at a party.
Bible Class.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Adult Bible class of the Second M. 11 I
Sunday school was held at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. I.. Snyder, in Homewood
Thursday evening. Owing to
the rainy weather the attendance was
poor The secretary reported that the
attendance on Rally day had brought
the average for the class to twentyfour.
This was regarded as encouraging
and plans were made to Increase
this by steady team work.
Weva Pawena.
The Weva I'ouena Camp Fire Girls
wor.i pntf*rinltiml .? !.?
? <11 IIIU IMHIIV '.M .?I !!*'"
Maze! Kowl in the Jvrico addition Friday
Uoy H. Stewart, of the Urookside ad
lition. has returned from a business,
visit to llarrisville.
Russell Weekly has returned to Ills
home in Farmiiiptoti after a visit with
relatives in town.
Mr and Mrs. John X. Kuhn. Mrs
Geo. Atkins and Gladys Crim have returned
from a motor trip to Hyatt
where tliey visited with relatives.
i'apt. and Mrs. Sheppard. of
Bridgeport. t*01111.. are ln*rp for a visit
A*ith the lattrr's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Thad Hardesty.
Miss Myrtle Mcrri field has returned
to her home in Fairmont alter spending
several months here visiting with
friends and relatives.
Miss X'ell llolben, of Jane Lew. for
nieri.v <:i mis city. is a patient ill Cook
hospital !n Fairm-ait.
Miss Maude Graff lias gone to Krie.
I'a. for a visit with her parents, Mr.
ami Mrs. t . I* Faulkner.
Mr. and Miss Sheppard who are stu ;
J Let thet
1 Cabinet c
V Kitchen A
3^ T _ J
in two -
Wn No more steps to pantry
lip; No more steps to cupboard
^1*"" Less steps to cellar w
What the Ho
?Places for 400 ?
?40 labor saving
?The Hoosier wil
?Will save you m
?Will save you 1
?Will make it a ]:
?Will save you em
>?Will help you g(
?Will help you tic
A Hoosier Club is
for $1.00, have c
The following pri<
Masonic Temple
Ov^7 A.IWT!! - WUY \ _>
^v\ Me you wanted ) JKk
"6 E S6fX/ ^
1 nnn i mo ai
Now Go
These are the Aftermath c
Articles of one or two of
throughout the entire stor
Dixie Theatre Tickets Fr<
or 0
r>i i THinrr*/^
dents at W*. V. U.. are hero for a visit
villi their brother. (.'apt. 1\ t\ Shep
Itev 10. ('. Young, of Cleveland, <)..
filled the pulpit of tlu Presbyterian
ehurrh Sunday.
Mrs. Bob Burt ami Mrs It. M. Ilite
have returned from a visit to Fair
Miss Hose Kennedy ha- rrt*'irneil to
lier bottle in Fairmont after .1 \ ;' it in
ton with Miss Adeline Downs.
Will Singleton has returned to IHtek-j
hnnnej) aft.?r a visit !u town wsth his
par- nt? Mr. and V ; IJert Singletmi
K. (\ Small wood. ?>f Washington Ta..
loosier rail
utYour jry/iF^
airmont W
loosier Ca
osier Will Do F<
irticles and all within arms r
features, each like a helping
1 cut your kitchen work in hi
iles of steps,
lours of weary toil,
ileasure to cook and hake.
?rgy and beauty, and keep you
;t good meals quickly.
1 "
:iy up in just a tew minutes a
i being formed this w<
>ne delivered and pay
:es $20.85, $26.00, $28.00, $32..:
S ALE 11
in rkrAiiiiiiTA R
in# On. ^
if Our Most Successful
a kind and remnants
e will l)e disposed of at
:c With Purchases of 25c
i BROS. CO.. j
had arrived here for a visit with r?la
lives in the I'laytiMi addition.
Thomas Vnnlirunk, of SistorsviH#
lias arrived in loan for a visit wilt
Maynard This! lowait. of Ilrowns
ville. i'a. spout tho week-ond iu towi
l ulling on frionils.
? .
The hoily of Lawrence I'attl Archer
son of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Archer
whoso death occurred Saturday night
was Interred yesterday afternoon it
Maple Grove cemetery hy rndcrtakci
Fred I,. Jenkins.
or You
feeling young & strong,
fter the meal is over.
eek, you can join
r $1.00 per week.
10, $35.00, $39.50,
IE CO. ,
re Worth Living With."
/ 1?S
rr. __ns*^"<n>rsGoJe&

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