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^S^5,4851 ' I
A Quality Newapap.r far th. Hon,. | V %W /? V VF # +> BRINGS TRADE
^ Northern West Virginia's Greatest Newspaper '1 j $W
r'' ??
mmmn arf
-Bootleggers and Election
Law Violators Not in
List Given Out.
Hint! rn nrrnnii nrn n
join lu ntiutin ulu. D
Capias Writs Will He Issued
for Delinquent Witnesses.
A few Indictments were returned to
lay by the Grand Jury anil when
Judge llaynioiiil had been informed b>
Ihn foreman. Jacob Greaser. and by
Pitwecutltus Attorney Ifaggerty that
all of the witness en who had appeared
had been examined the Jurors were
excused and ordered to return again
on December 6.
Clerk W. S. Block was ordered to
issued capias writs for tlio witnesses
summoned who hail failed to appear
and they will lie brought before the
Jury at that time.
Very few Yost law violations ami
tio indict meats for violations of the
election laws were in th elist of indictments
given out today by the clrcut
' clerk. This afternoon a number of
those who stand indicted for misdemeanor
and felony charges were expected
to come Into court and confess.
Argument In the cusc of one man who
was charged with pistol toting was
begun at a lute hour this afternoon.
Chancery business will likely occupy
the circuit court the renminbi
I'l IUO WTCR Willi ? 111*11 "111" I '"111 JUl?
report* Monday tli? criminal dock* I
lyMdU be taken up.
A. The partial list of the indictments
L 'turned a? given out today by tlio elri
?' clerk is as follmvs: Louis Beton.
iKeault; Harold (Inllnli. assault: WllFflam
Daniels, assault; William Dent,
assault: Wllllah .Inrksou. theft; William
Johnson. :c#.nili; J. O. lllhhs.
Burglary: Eltnur Johnson, assault;
Worthy l.anhatu. theft; Phillip Mamo.
assault; George I'liillips. assault:
John Radesky. theft; John Roll, lirtng
on street car; Henry Rudolph,
theft; Hugh Snodgrass, assault; Joe
The liiltj tax hooks ar? now com|
pleted anil ready for collection. The
books for all Districts will be found
' at the Sheriff's Office daily until
If Nov. kOth. the close of the discount
; period except Munnlnyton district,
which will, lie found at the Bunk
of Mnnnlngton. Please pay today
as I have more time to wait on you
now than later.
C. D. CONAWAY, Sheriff
j City taxes are now due
j and payable at TreasurJf
>_ _ CCi - - *? ?
?r s ouice, Monroe sireet.
Discount period ends
November 29th, as 30th
is holiday. PAY NOW
AND SAVE 21/2%
J. R. MILLER. Treasurer
I .
sincKiey. uavo i lemens ana wuiihiii
Pyles, burglary.
California Count
Proceeds Slowly
iny Associated Press)
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. Ifi. [Twenty-one
counties in California re'mained
to he heard from today in
the official canvass of lite Presidential
election of November 7. the 21 including
the most populace or the state.
Loa Atteeles. Alameda. San Francis
co. San Diego anil Saerenienlo.
When the count was resumed today
the highest Repnhllran elector was
credited with 118.22S votes while tlie
lowest Democrat had 1S2.0?S. a plural
tty for the lowest Democratic elertor
Of 13.S40.
? ?
LONDON. Nov. Ill?KitiB George
today telegrapheil coiiRratulatlons to
General HiiIb. Ilrltlsh comniamler in
Charge upon the great success of the
g lost few days reflecting credit upon
Sell ranks General Ilaig replied with
Dueasage of thanks.
mil mm i
Politicians Satisfied When It
Became Known Nothing
Radical is Coming.
I I ?pcr|al liiMiatcli 10 West Vlralnlun) l"
CHARLESTON, \V. Va . Nov. Hi.?I
Both Democrats and Republicans of
Kanawha, us well us the party leaders
from elsewhere who are in Charleston
to take part in conferences, have accepted
the call Issued last nlKht by
Governor llatflcld for an extraordinary .
session of the Legislature in a most |
matter of fact way.
Considerable opposition from Re
publicans from different purts of the'
state developed earlier in the week
when It was the assumption that the J
soions u-oiltd he asked to curtail the
annoinfivn ih.vv.m- i?f tlu> irwi??ilm? ??r?v.
j ernor. hut when it was decided to not
take such it radical st ep tlio opnosi'
lion lias dwindled and thorn Is appar
! ently only little dissatisfaction among j
I the Republicans.
Reading Democrats declare that the; .
j Republican parly is ruined In West i
j Virginia by the call and what Will i
| probably be done hv the legislature. '
' but are accepting the situation with J
the belief that no revolutionary ncts|.
will lie recorded at the session.
1 II
I D : \jv linn * -i- * a
islalurc for Three New !
Acts. 'i
At a sucliouul coiilerulift ot Ihc West i s
Virginia Business Men's Association |
hold this morn ins In the law offif.es of ( v
Trevey Nutter in the Jacobs building 8
. it was decided that three bills be draft-! ?
| cd and prcsunted to the next legwia- 11
I tnre for action. These hills arc to be ]
: framed for the purpose. of stopping n
losses which business men in the state c
j claim they ar?' subject to and have no ?t
i iecoursc to law. ^
I The bad check law which provides '
! that any one who goes and purchases i's
! to'Mls ard pays for it with a bad check | b
may be punished if caught does not | 8
apply to any one paying off his ac ' 0
count with had olive**. ? he business 0
! men claim this works a hardship on 8
them and wish a hill to be passed t?y
which all passers of bad checks can
be handled tl
A second droit will call for a cupula ii
tiou of the itinerant venders, buck- o
' slors. nnrllllTM- ?IK'linnni>ru r?t?. Ci._ 1 r?
'third and four lit ''ongrfssionnl dis- J J
tricts of West Virginia. n
S Hughes Now Has
429 in Minnesota ?,
(By A?'ocintfil Prrsi; (
ST. PAUL. Nov. Ifi. ? Mr. Hughe.. il
made a net gain or 42 votes In Minnesota
today through a corrected unotti- : ir
clal vote on Houston county and tuo p
auditors sheet from Lesseur. Morrison, r
Mower and Waseca county. The total a
at noon atooil. Wlieon. 177.7?<: Hughe*.
I7s,;v:; Hughes plurality. 429. v.
j law will not apply, II passed, lo farm-1 ti
: era selling tu??? own goods. The as 1 c
! sembly slated that each and every ; b
one 01 lhem have tutu occasion time J
! after time to complain about the man j a
j tier in wnich aoiiic auctions are held; o
I of the way hucksters enter into fields s
: covered liv members of the associa- w
! tion and do business while not subject li
to the laws; and of persons in general
who do business throughout the state. going
from town to town without II-, I
! censes. . I
i A third hill w ill deal with the oxemp I
j tion ot personal property clause
1 There will be some consideration giv]
cn tiiis but it will be tnore in the form
of regulating the process than to make i
any material change in the law
At present persons owing bills arc I
; exempt from executions should they
; swear they have but $1'00 personal
property. The law soi,ms unsatisfue:
lory at the present stage and the asso j
elation desires a change. All threo
bills will be framed and passed upon
within the next few days and then sett; '
to Charleston where attorneys will be ^
retained to hilie m;?l?ei- luketi ??* i
before the next legislature.
Those present at the meeting were;
L. P. Soutlcrs. president, Clarksburg; !
Robert Poland. vf.'e president. Martinsburg;
C. A. Sehulte. vice president. Sa I
lent; J. C. Veuger. vire president,!
Ptirkersburg; It. I-'. .Murphy, treasurer,,
Parkcrsburg; Charles Orr. Morgnr-;
town, ami J. \V. Garvin Moundsvlllo. w
Members executive eoinmittee: (>. \V. g
Gregg, Wheeling; H. J. Iloss. and A. i S1
H. Scott. Kairmvllt. Members ad vis |(
ory committee, and G. \V. Outlerar,! e,
' Clarksburg, state nonrotary. t
I The meeting was called lor It | j
I o'clock this morning and adjourned at!
I 1 p. m.. all out of tow 11 members Icav- j ^
ing for their homes in -oe afternoon J
I These men renresent tile first, second ' .
jiint m nnniK
amison Officials and iMine,
Inspectors Decide to
Seal Shaft..
Inspector Henry Says Precautions
Were Taken
and Danger Known. i
Tin; recurcry ut the bodies nt Fugue,
allure and Allison. who arc iliu three
icn who arc yet In Jamison mine No.
has now been temporarily abandon,
d by the olfh lalb and the mine Inspec
urs since, the attempt to bring out the
todies yesterday resulted in the two
nore explosions which have now al
lost completely wrecked ilie plant.
A conference was held today by |
tanager Cowan of the Jamiaou comany.
with State Mine Inspector Karl
lenry and District Inspectors Samuel
.tcMann. .if Wollsburg: \V. B. Illggic:ian.
of Fairmont. and Richard Cobb,
f Charleston, and It was decided to
cat up the openings to the shaft and ]
ry to smother or flood out the lire be- j
arc another attempt is made to enter !
lie workings.
Ill order to do this successfully Mr. j
'Oivan said today that they would like- j
I" be compelled tc bore a hole Into the '
tine from Duttulo creek and thus let I
In. wator floor) Ihn mlnn Thtu urltl f
ractically ruin all uf the machinery j
nd equipment that In now inside but i
I is the only feasible manner in which !
be fire can be pm out and avoid the |
anger incident to utuer exploring par-;
ics attempting to brattice off the burling
Stale Mine ~ Inspector Karl Henry
peaking of the explosions yesterday
aid today:
"We who wore in charge of the. work
fere prepared for another explosion
nd had decided before the explosion
eenrred not to send another shift of
leu Into the workings. Wo worn worksg
in advance of the morning shift of
ten and trying to locate the fire. Wis,
onld sec that It was becoming danger- j
us and ordered the men to come out. j
Vc hid come out and liad stopped the 1
ins and decided that it would be fool-1
>h to attempt to search longer for the 1
oiiics. We were ureoarine then lo'
oal up the mine and entirely smother
m the fire before we would make an- j
thcr attempt. Hut too much air had 1
Iready been blown into the aline and
lie explosions occurred "
Inspector llenry further stated that)
Ills attempt to rescue the bodies yet
iside was made because of the clamor
f the public and the relatives of the I
ntonihed men and that both the dis
riot inspectors and the Jamison nffi-1
lals had done everything possible lo
ring out the bodies.
Manager Timothy rowan of the
aiuison company, slated that the proprty
loss at the mine from the expln-!
Ions of yesterday and October til j
ronld likely reach nearly half a mil-;
on dollars.
Lay Ship Was Not Fired
Upon After She Stopped
Running: Away.
< My AshorlnUvl Pres."*
BBllUN. Woths-.'rtay. Nov. 15. by
ireloss to the 'Associated Press via i
ayvtlle.?Assertions that the Herman j
ibmarino wlilcli sank the British ship !
owunmnrc. oil which there were sev-,
ral Amcrleiins. fired upon life boats I
onfaininK members of the ercw. arc
Ismlssed as utterly false in the re-'
ort of the commander of the Hubma- j
Ines. further details of which be-'
itue known today. In f/.-t it is said 1
te men on the Itowanmore owe their I
ves to precautions taken by the Got- j
tans and the skill with which their
Iterations were carried out.
The submarine itult firing, the re-1
ort continues. Immediately it was oh- |
rved the Howanmore hud decreased j
er speed and abandoned tile effort j
t escape. .
No shots wore tired at the tnen In I
to boots.
.lusi before' she sunk tho Ttowanio-o
hoisted a signal "out it wits imo.ribln
t -i reed it from the submaIne
at that time, about ".000 yards
I n'er it was ssawi: that the signal
oj "1 sj.TUEdor."
ion 35 lose1
vbniv hit l WI1U
Arc Expected to be Very|
Scarce Even at That
% j
Price of Other Thanksgiving
Food Stuff is About
Normal. -I
That Thanksgiving bird, the turkey,!
will be a real royal dish this year since
from 35 to 38 cents a pouml will be
charged for Ilia carcass dressed, or 2 a
lo ISO cents on foot. Last year prime
gobblers were selling for :!0 and :S2
cents dressed anil 22 and 25 on foot.
Local meat men are dccluriug that
even at the ndvunee prices, turkey"
will be very.' very scarce.
"Turkeys will be the scarcest in the
history of the city, and consequently
higher." said a local butcher today.
"The only wuy we could place orders
was to guarantee a cent above
the market price on the day of delivery."
said another.
"Turkeys will be unusually scarce.,
but ducks, geese, chickens, and other i
holiday fowls will be about the same
as usual." said one. Generally
the opinion is that with .
the exception of turkeys, the supply of j |
other food stuffs ordinarily looked on .
as particularly belonging to Thanks-11
giving, will be plentiful. Cranberrier ;
are. if anything, tnore plentiful un.l
of a higher grade tban usnal. Fifteen
cents a quart will probably be their
price. The celery crop is good and of
a very high quality- Three bunches
for a quarter, lv the present quotation.
Many of the turkeys which will grace j j
Fairmont tables, will have been ship-'
pod all the way from Texas. Texas is j
now the turkey raising center of the I
l ulled States, the vast plains that j
once grazed long horn steers being utll-1
ized now to graze immense licrdn of I
Pecos county. Texas, is the renter of'
tho Texas turkey industry, and will on ' ?|
Xoveber 18 observe "Turkey Day." A , \
prize will he offered for the finest t
birds and the object is to get the farm- i i
ers to produce finer quality turkeys |
for the tables of the United States.
The bones of more than a thousand j
turkeys will he picked in Fairmont on i <
Thanksgiving day. which amount J
seems trifling however when it Is r? r
ported that more than a thousand car. (
loads will be eaten by New York and I C
Boston alone. I i
Columbia Cumbridge is t
Found Dead in Chair ]
Before His Fire. 1
Sitfini; liiiclrllofl in u nhair hafnrn u ?
cheerful blazing lire in his home ai
Monongah. Columbia f'uuibriilgo. aged
;ir, and married. was found by a I
neighbor woman Willi his liead almost I
blown off shortly nicer II o'clock I
tills morning. Ilo had drawn,-the;
shades half down, sat in front of !:*?
hearth and with his foot discharged
a shotgun into his brain. Absolutely
no motive is known for the action
and no trace of explanation was to
be found for his action.
Cambridge was an American and ! r
was employed as a miner at Monon-1 c
gah. Two weeks ago Mrs. Cumbridgc'
and their six year old daughter went J
to visit Mrs. Cumbridge's sister in'
Hundred. After visiting there last
Sunday Cumbridgc decided to move to
Hundred and their household efTecis
were to .have been packed for tlici
journey today. I
Last night Cumhridge stayed at the (
home of * Mr. Snodgrass, a neigh- ir
bor. This morning ho asked Mrs. c
Snodgrass if she would pack the
dishes for him. as he was afraid that ?
bis clumsy bands might not gel them ,
packed properly for shipping. Mrs. J
Cnn/1 or-icc r\rAmiand In Vinln nnil l?l ll
uwuB>H?n ciwuiw'.u ?w iv?|f nnu n?*??
she would come over as soon as Bhe "
was finished with her own work. c
When she and her little girl entered a B
few minutes past eleven they found c
Curr.brldge huddled before the fire *
find for a few minutes went about r
theip work, not noticing that ho was v
dead. ?
The body is in the Cunningham
morgue and until lite arrival ot Mrs.
Cambridge from Hundred, no funeral'
arrangement i will he made.
NORFOLK. Va.. Nov. IB?Fire
which, early today threatened a square
in the busines (section of Norfolk
was subdued with the loes of about
150,000. The firemen fought in t 30 I
mile galfe ^tnd freeling cold.
This map shows the old and new 1
the Somme; and. in the upper part of
territory gained by tlie British lit the
They took the district including the
inontlfnmcl. extending their gains tu
black line is the present allied front:
lure me numnic and Ancrc drives.
Armies on Eastern Front
Are Fighting in Intense
Cold Weather.
'By Associated Breast
LONDON. Nov. IK.?A Bucharest
lispatrh forwarded from Itotiip to I lie
vlrcloss press says snow is fnlliuc in
ho Carpathians where the raid I
ittcnse. In Uobruitja torrent'#! rains
lave fallen.
PETROGKAD. Nov. IK.- The War
tfflt'B SAW Ihnt Mnrahal v#?i?
dncl.onscn's arm via In retreat in Dob
uilja. burning village!! as it falls buck.
In Transylvania front In region ot
'ampulung. numania. flerer fighting is
n progress. An artillery bombardment
s proceeding all along Russian front
he War office reports.
l.ONDON. Nov. lfi.?Another norial
it taek on Bueharest was made Tueslav
morning by eight German aerodanes.
Reuters' Bucharest eorresponlent
reports. Twenty-flve bombs were
trapped. killing four civilians and
rounding 20. ,
BUCHAREST. Nov. lfi.?Rumaniann
orccs operating in southern Transylania
yesterday retired to Areful and
tadaeinesti in the Alt valley and in
he direction of Cataeloasa in Jlul valev.
according to an official statencnl
issued today by the Rumanian
Yar department.
ri rnrinu nr*nni?AJ
tltlillUN HhlUHNli
Speaker of House of Delegates
Only Has Authority
to Open Them.
(Uy Associate J Pr?5s*
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Nov. 16.?
r the envelopes containing the offliat
election returns from various
ountios of the state bear upon their
ace the fact that, they contained the
ount tor state officers, they will not
e opened by the secretary of state,
nstcad they will be held until the leg-'
stature convenes in regular session
.cat January as ine law provides mat j
nly the speaker of the House of Dele-,
ates can open such envelopes.
Should the official figures on United '
itatea Senator and United States Rep
esentatlves be rontained In these enelopes
the real result of the election
an not he known until that tintc.
The Weather
West Virginia fair tonight and friar.
Somewhat warmer tonight.
F. P. Hall, Observer.
Temperature at S a. m. today 18.
Yesterday'H weather cloudy; temlerature.
maximum 2S; minimum 16;
-tciidtatlQo,. traca. ,
*. a n \ -if m * f
tumourt i * \1
aj^Hsvv /Zu
Jj*? /Sk I \
Itirs of the British and French along
the map I where arrow points) the :
ir suddent drive along the Anrru.
towns of St. Pierre Divion and Horturther
north than Serre. The heavy
the dotted line shows the front beWmm
Bulgarians Have Been Meet
ing With Reverses in
, That Section. j
>n? i i-i?i -? *
PAIUS: Nov! f(i.?The' French last
night recaptured the portion of the
village of I'rcssoire on the SoniDie
iront which the Germans occupieil yes
tcrdnv, tlio war office announces.
French antl Itussinn troops on the
Maceiloniun front are now within four
miles of Munastlr. it was .imtouneed officially.
The war office says the pursuit
of defeated Bulgarians continues
Ou the eastern end of the line British
troops have again assumed the olfonslvc
defeating the Bulgarians in the 1
region of the river Struma and eaptur- j
ing the village of Knrakaska. During I
the night Bulgarians advaneed their,
prlnelpal positions west of the t'erna
The French and Serbians took 400 j
prisoners nnu mane progress inward J
Yarashok III the Cenia liend west of j
Monastir. South of Monastir flu j
French and Russians arc reported to
be making substantial progress. It is
in this region to the north of Kcnnll
thai they have advanced to within
four miles of Monustir.
Department of Justice Plans j
Will Work to That
i Uy Associated l'remt>
WASHINGTON. Nov. 16.?Early do
i imuu i>> hi*t nuprrmo court or 0I1C
of the railroad suits attacking the constitutionality
of the eight-hour law
probably will bo sought by the Department
of Justice.
An appeal probably will be tutide in
the first case derided in tho hope that
the Supreme court may be able to pass
Judgment as near as possible to January
1 when the law becomes effer.tlv'c
If not suspended by injunctions.
A decision in the highest court
would be binding on all lower federal
courts and might dispose of all other
The department's policy has not
been finally settled hot it wn? ??iil
today that thia cour?e is bHng ronsidend
and probably would be followed.
Deveney Buys Steel
For New Building
Contract wan let yesterday by Tom
Deveny for :<lfi Ions of ateol to he used
In the erection of the Deveny building
In course of construction at the corner
of Main and Monroe streets.
The contract was given to the Moss
Iron Works of Wheeling. West Va.
Shipments will be made in lime to
start the skeleton work early next
Primary and Reglstratm^
Laws to Ik
uiiniuiunn Ui ui 11 lli ? '!&
Two io One Election Cono>J|
lest Court Act Will Be
i ii.uu.KsTos: >. jv 1 ;-t;uvernor
JIsijin?*l<l last iiiglu issued a proclamft- .^^
tion for tut* von veiling ot the \Veit\Vir? /.
ginia legislature in extraordinary Mti*
sion Moinl'ij, November 20, for the tfgS
l?tir|?' sf. lie ".Tl'l. of amending cert*lo- I u
laws alferiiiip on; tenure ot elecUv<r<r~3|
ami appointive olflcog, taking from the' ?!
K<iveinur the arbitrary power Of te?; JeS
novhiK elective ami appointive
rers without appeal or resort ta.'^JM
murt-: to aniiMiil ilie iirtmari and mc.
istnitinn laws. lu iiiiidh Socialists and ..SSI
i ilu r iiiiiiui it} p; iti -s ami to make the ^
public service commission and tuOtS^
slut bimrti of control non-partisan SBj
hy-partiaun, It tbo legislature so sees',?jS
Tlx- proclamation 's issued, tbe goriinor
snvs. because a large majority '.'(SB
cl Hie legislators requested It : "I
am strongly opposed to tbe gOTernor
hctng denied any power Of au- ygqj
thort v over appointments, .._,cn -e
hn under tnc tonr'.Uullon of West Vlr-ji
uinin or which inherently or rightlybelongs
to bis off ire, and I advocatethe
retention of bis authority to flli
these offil" s by appoluUpe;jLit?ca^\?
of varaueics caused by the cxpiramsJB^^|
ot term i or otherwise. 1 do not_iMj$B?j]
the legislature doing anything revOltViWB
I lonury to deprive the governor ot his . y;
.lulliorliy. Ilowover. I earnestly'ttflSli
Hint no elective or appointive officer^
should lie removed summarily or atbl- 2
frarfiv because of Ills position. I do
not believe that the power should Ifd.jT
left in any one man to namo the eufyCj
trolling <ote of n tribunal of three.tO/iT^S
ir> clrr I ion contests Involving the elec*5^-?sM
olfh?rs of the state."
In on- oi the preambles the proctt* s3
mm Ion .tales that the Democratic .'t&kH
aiididat* for governor-John J. Corn-'^
well, statwl in spueeuea "LIrlllg the - J
campaign that lie would remove eer' -gS^f
lain appointive olflcers tor neglect Of;
duly in thai they participated In be-"V.>sS
naif of the Itepublirar. party In the
recent campaign.
The legislature will consider chang ' t
lug the statute so that the board of v.'lSfflB
public works instead of the governor'
will name the third member of-,.?u.?$i
tribtinnl to hear contests Involving-* ^
election officers; and In that case
ponitive onicers lentoval can not' be;-3Sj
made without the approval of tho'" ,tia
board of public works.
The present statute gives the governor
in the case of elective offlcera-fj^i
contests the right to nante the .uirtl;
ncnilior of the trial tribunal, the con-. ^
tcstcc end contestant each naming
one. In case of appointive officers '
l ho governor may now remove wlth-i*
out trial on grounds named hi
Business to Be Considered -'"ps
In calling the session the Gover? VSg
nor states that it is to consider and -rp
act upon the following subjects 'oifj-raj
legislative business:
First?To enter upon the busineeii'^ra
of coilsiflerInc nnicmllnc on#i
- -I o ?? Ing.
and to nmcnrl and re-enact, ch?{c%?H
ter twenty-six of the Acts of the legll^H
lature of West Virginia (regular sea-'-HSa
slon) A. n. 1915, commonly caUed toe. >
primary election law.
Second?To enter upon the bugiMM^fS^H
of- considering, amending and re-enicti^
ing. and to amend and re-dct, the
laws of West Virginia relating to ther' "i
registration of voters.
Third?To enter upon the bu?tnes*?A
of considering, amending and rn-enV^S
acting and to amenrd and re-act, seolion
fifteen of chapter six of the
of West Virginia (serial section iUs-jsj
Code of West Virginia, edition of.jja
Fourth?To enter upon the busln^ai^S
of. considering, amending and re-?niS
acting, and to umend and re-enact; set-??
lion thirteen of chapter six of- toji.jSj
Code of West Virginia (serial sectio^&Jafll
210. Code of West Virginia, edition
Fifth?To enter upon the bustnesg^si
or considering. amending and rnofi(3B
acting, mid to amend and re-enact}M
section nine of chapter seven of the
Code of West Virginia (serial secttonfaB^H
224. Code of West Virginia, edition' otySj
Sixth?To enter upon the businesses!
of considering, amending, and., rt??*
enacting and to amend and rt-eMSftajfi
section ten of cliapter seven of thiijJ
Codo of West Virginia (serial sectSro?
225. Code of West Virginia, edition
Seventh?To enter upon the boat^j
ness of. considering, amending and
ro-enactlng, and to amend, if danth-raS
ed advisable by the legislators, to '*
West Virginia (regnlar session),
(Continued on Pasn ElghO.A ^M

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