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gfi?n V IMIfc fcllWWWIII IWkV
||p: Easy Bethany Victory Kaises
Hope of Defeating W.
p$". V. U. Thanksgiving.
ill*rial).?Wesleyan's football stock j
J'v which ever since the serious reverses |
.. st the hands of Pennsylvania State.
Wgf, Marietta and Georgetown has tieen
very much below par took a derided
\i- lump upwards Saturday afternoon here
V i when Bethany was soundly and eftlci-1
sntly walloped by the very satisfac ;
Sr lory score of 66-6
Wealeyan played her entire nrst
string only through the first half and
g: } during the period no less than 45
points were rolled up. or eight points I
. more than \V. & .1. could muster In
- sixty minutes, or 13 points more than
Marietta could muster in an entire
game though both Marietta and W.
vf': ":,t 3. beat Wealeyan. Wealeyan'* of
tense with Beck, t'alac. Kiaher and
f?: - ) .<? Ii,? K.ii Lfldld :i)ir! Mnrri.
W-J BUIU/ lit ?.!?? .............. V
' son and Blake at end? receiving passe?
. - was the llncst ever seen on the local
2. Held and the entire contest abounded
' In long and brilliant end runs behind
i' auperb Interference.
The work of Fisher at quarterback |
stamps his easily as the logical selec'
itop for starting the big championship |
! ' game with W. V. 1". He ran the team
:'i> HU. art nlri timer and his own Indi-J
I vidua! work was brilliant nn the defame
as well as In throwing passes
and in advancing the hall around the
ends. Bradley, who for tho lirst time
was tried at halfhai k proved himself
jj a star without doubt He was never
, stopped for a gain of less than six
yards and three of his smashes were
lood for touchdowns from respectable
fS?' distances from the goal line.
nr.*-!-..-- '-"-l?'l i-?rr iL-nsk nil two :
4wvi*wi? .. . _ .
occasions when Bethany tried for word
- passes. The passes were not lntri-:
c&te and the Wesleyan's secondary i
defense always had the men covered |
they In some manner got the hall, and ;
two of the flings went for the distance .
necessary to give Bethany her touchdown.
.Forward passes lost Bethany morel
V than she gained by this method of
Wesleyan intercepting five or six and
; Fleher running for a touchdown after
grabbing one of her attempts.
' As a result of Saturday's game, local
Interest In the Thanksgiving game begins
to "perk tip" Still local fans
practically concede a victory to W. V.
ft fhnnc-h at the same time thev can
I not see why a team with the slashing I
_ 1.'? offense of a brilliant running attack I
and s flue system of fonvarri passing!
|r cannot gain against W. V. It. should I
It go Into the game determined and |
keyed up to the top ootch.
This week's work will not be directed
toward the Penn gnme on Satur-|
day but probably will be devotod eng,
ttrely to the W". V. IT. contest which
< comes in just ten days.
The advance sale of seats for the
y. TV. V. U. game continues unabated I
though it hfts boon going forward rap-1
Idly for more than a week, l.arge |
mail orders for big bunches of the |
pasteboards have been received from i
Ml sections of the state and out-of(own
crowd promises to bo fully twice:
large as that which attended the I
game in 1915.
\ Red Sox and
S| . Dingbats Leading;
<t K. of C. League
'^V Standing of the teams:
W i. Pet |
m fted Sox 12 :t .soo j
Dodgers ? ? .nooi
Slants T S .i>?7
: ? v flgers 2 10 .1071
A High Records
High team score, three games. Red!
High team score, one game. Red'
High Individual score, three games.!
Flaherty, 464.
1 High Individual score, one game,)
. FWherty. 188.
Z ' Schedule?Tuesday, Red Sox vs. Tig-)
?iti; i nurBaay, uoagers ve. omnia.
m ' ;
Monongah Glass League
Standing of the teams:
ifngbats S t .822
i rooters s 4 .bb6|
Cosy Marks ' r, .583 t
.V ' Birds fi ? .500
wind Jammers o 9 .000 j
" ^ High Records
' High team scores, three games.
Dingbats, 1.172.
?ugh team score, one game, Footers.
High individual score, one game, Sox
High, Individual score, three games.
, Bdx, 478.
High Individual of league. Sox. 144. i
i Schedule?Monday. Easy Marks vs.;
Birds; Wednesday, Dingbats vs. Foot-!
y, irs; Friday, No Hopes vs. Wind Jam=
Mere. _ '
* fttfc 14; Carnegie Tech, 6.
TXf AY. 1A TTT A. r e
Id . '? W *? 1 I ?T. W V.
Wesley* n, 68; Bethany, 6
Kepeer Preps, 26; Terra Alta H . 0
West Virginia, 7; Dartmouth, 7.
' Davls-Blklns, 26; Marshall, 0. ?
Ohio State, 28; Case, 0.
Marietta, 20; ottefbeia, 6.
Iwnjroa, 87; TInl. of Cincinnati, o 1
Miami, 86; Western Reserve, n.
Vale, ID; Princeton, o.
Brown, ?J: Harvart. 0.
Cornell, 87; Mats. Aggies, 0. ?
" vSmmo to n? y
f wJSSat, JO: Auburn', t. .
Con?f>, i?i rnt: of Louie
? g;
-7- T
! jy
SAN FltANCISCO. Cal.. Nov 10.?
"Bill" l.angi-. former marvelous Chicago
Cub center flebler. is running
tliu bases of finance and covering the
social gardens hereabouts in much the
same fashion as when rated great
among the mighty in baseball.
Manager of four estates and rated
as wealthy. William l.ange dwells in
u handsome apartment at the St. Francis
hotel, ultra fashionable hostelry
of the I'acific coast It necessitates
a lot of money to abide at the St. Francis
for more than a couple of hours.
Forty-five years of age. Lange is a
remarkable specimen physically. Well
over six feet in heighth. broad of
shoulder, with a waist like a dancing
master, the former famous Cub In a
"perfect lit" in the most exclusive
cloth and cut of lite hour. Speaking
of dancing, that's where Lange shines.
Question Bill as to how he retains the
urn minv njuiiiiviry anil no answers:
"Dancing. I like to dance a lot. It's
groat exercise "
In lltOO Lange quit tlie Cubs He
had Joined that club in the year of
the Chicago World's Fair. Before lie]
severed his baseball relations lie had
acquired as probably the best allaround
outfielder, baaerunner and batter
in the business.
Lange cut baseball because of his
marriage. Himself a native of San
Francisco. Lange's wife also was a
California!) from a family socially and
financially prominent here. A Sepam!inn
nrriirrnH o faw * *??>??d ! i
? ?v? ?t?i a agu auu I
Langc lias not remarried.
Entering business with his father
in-law when he left the diamond.
I.ango has become engaged in handling
estates. Insurance enters into
his business
The Lance office on .Montgomery
street is a prosperous appearing place.!
On the walls are a few- pictures reminiscent
of baseball days. Great, i
easy chairs bespeak of patronage with
a itesire and time to be leisurely.
work hard and enjoy recreation."
says l.ange. "Horseback riding always
has appealed to me and I get out
as often as 1 can."
As a side issue Lunge looks after
iffaira ftit flio r>??uui ?*/? tl?.?
Baseball commission. Ho was appointed
by Ban Joiinson.
Lunge is a member of the Olympic
I mniTAiivr a I _ riTt i
Liunuimiai*; ruu
Just the kind of a
ible man?is the
Chalmers. Even
that anyone could
car from axle to <
$1280 lasts unti
A U iL.t #19CA
m ' luiu uuti <f ijjv/.
Independent Gai
(W'KMow/ 6eo?GC-N
) cmiu t:
\ coin -r ee im a Pi
V DO 50MF. 5t(C
1 and Bohemian clubs of San Francisco.
Also he Is associated in an urgani!
zation called "The Family." Membership
is limited to 200.
This famous former star of the diamond
evidently knew what he was do-'
' iiiK when he refused an offer of $S.-,
| Sou aseason to return to the game,
j At a glance be appears the shrewd.'
I up to date and typically American}
: business man
The energy anil skill he displayed .
nir iu?* v mis iiivve oern mjccieu iniu
ioth*T lines, and vc have:
1 "Bill" Lange. peer among great een
|ter fielders, wealthy business, society':
| and club man of the Western Metropolis.
Monongah Glass
Defeats Bull Dogs:
H> signing tour new players and'
j practicing very well. the Mononaah
! Glass football team played the ligh'
Bulldog second team and liiled tip a
total of 1!) points after twenty-three !
minutes of play.
As there was a largcl crowd present
at South Side park yesterday and
all wanted to see n pood game. Man- <
ager Bill Byers and Coach Krrnick
asked permission of the Glass boys to
be allowed to replace the second team I
j by the first team. Captain Ketnpiej
t replied by saying "his team don't barj
] anybody."
.iiauagrr ujvia ivaiu iuti? nit; nnu
thou allowing the (llass hoys the 1!?
points which the latter team had sror!
t'd on tlie light Bulldog team. Playing
under this handicap the heavy
Bulldogs put the bal over the line
! for a touch down after a tough hat[tie.
Captain Bus Aldridgc scoring the
I touchdown. Kight. th estar Bulldog
drop kicker, penetrated the opposite
line at will.
Forgot to Remember.
The teacher had Impressed on her
little pupils a point In the lesson which
| she wanted them to hoar in mind. !
Questioned about It the next day. a
; little girl in the class squirmed uneasily
in her sent. "1 guess." she j
hi'sitntpil. "I forgot to remember." 1
, OF ACTION; $1280. |
i car for the sens- 11
7 passenger 6-30
rthing in the car
1 want A quality
isle. The price
1 NnvamKoi* 1? i?
M AIVIWIUWVI l/U* j ; 1 |
(All tffilM L?.k DrtnAt) I I
rage. First Street
mmmm , ? n. ^
\ ! /"'azAzo'VVex
> J I -suppose Me'uu
see J ^ . TH* AOPIEiJCE i?
\ csmc5l
twjbi --A.W..-J. . -. '-??*& .vi*:**
'"! ' _'. .V ' IRMOXT.
:-: BQ3
high school game j
was easy viciory:
_ i
Fairmont Team Joy Rides!
Over the Field Scoring
at Will.
A soi l 01 Rule Around Kosie" affair
>va.? tlie HiRh school game Saturday,
with i cark.-hurg playing Uosie. After
Fairmont had taken the ball in steady
rushes down the field for a touchdown
in the first five minutes of play, j
Clarksburg lay down and the rest of
Lin game was a joy ride for the borne
loam. Although the ground was a lit-j
lie damp, the disturbance raised by
Fairmont's racing feet created considerable
dust. j
From this point on the chief amusontent
of the C larksburg boys was in
trying to keep within twenty feet of
Jimmy Knight or lluss Meredith as
they went down the field for touchdowns.
Bight times the leather was
carried beneath Clarksburg's goal
posts while Clarksburg did uot get
close enough to Fairmont's posts to
see the color of their wood, 61-0 was
me score at guttling time.
For Fairmont there was not a man
on the team but couhl carry the ball
for from five to twenty yards whenever
the notion took hint. Those whom
the notion took the oftenest were
.Meredith. Hawkins. Wilson and
Knight. While the mystery of Clarksburg's
ii-0 score against Fairmont at
the start of the season, is still unci-!
plained, it has at least been overshadowed
by the overwhelming avalanche
The lineup:
Fairmont. 51. Clarksburg. 0.
Hutchinson I.K I.ewis
Hamilton I.T Brown
.tut i -*?
Meredith McXary
Raker RG Hess
Brad> RT Itoschella
Small wood HE Arnett
Wilson QB Cooper
It. .Meredith I.H ilarrison
Hawkins KB Erwin
Knight it I i Warren j
Substitutions?Fairmont: Sturm for
Brady. Turkovieh for Wilson. Horsch-1
ler for Knight. Knight for Horsehlcr. I
Clarksburg: Bowers for Lewis, Gaylord
for Bowers. Workman for Stealer'.
Stone for Ilarrison. Kretwell foi l
Erwin. Erwin for Fretwell.
Touchdowns Fairmont: Hawkins:
(31. Knight 13). Meredith 13). Wilson
(1). Goals from touchdowns? |
Knight 3 out of S. Referee, fir. fnrr.
1'mpire. Savage. Field judge. Bell-!
Time of periods. 13 minutes. \
^ ^' Sixty Yeai
(or Sixteen
it makes no difference ti
_i - ? ? j i *
uo is 10 snow you tne
Suit or <
which we have ready to
and to harmonize with y<
Whether you're sixty or
suit, in your fabric?han
Stern way. $15 to $30.
Trousers, all \\ ,1
k'n,is ffVAJT
$1.00 to S6.00 LiSrii
N /rt6 ouferi-f ~ib \
( ee-fs kiuleoin! ]
r<\j V^-rh' Eiftyf J
*) Ml
. ... , '
ING, NOVEMBER 20, 19lg.
tuns i "niiffi
Lutherans Have Perfect
Score in S Team Church
In a week of the best bowling ever,
jdone on the "Y" alleys. M. Mills;
i last week rolled high Individual seore j
; of 152 for one game and a thrce ganio
I total of 372. The Consolidation Coal:
I five hold team honors with 556 for|
! one game and 1604 for three games, i
j standing of the teams:
W 1, Pot'
Monongah Glass 15 6 .714
Consol. Coal Co 11 7 .611 i
Traction Co i? 6 .6001
West Virginian 7 11 .388 j
Mining Mach. Co S 13 .381
I Hartleys 7 14 .333
W I. Pot
! Lutheran 6 0 1 ftOO
Diamond St. M. E. ... 4 2 .666
First Baptist 2 1 .660
Palatine Baptist 2 4 .335
M. E. South 2 4 .333
First M. E I 2 .333
Presbyterians i 2 .333
I tairisuan u .. .vuv :
I Schedules, Commercial league:
Monday. 7:110?Traction Co. vs. F. i
| M. M. Co. Wednesday. 7:7.0?West
| Virginian vs. Monongaii Class. Kri l
ida.v. 7:30?Consol. vs. Hartleys.
I church, league. Tuesday. 7: 15? j
First Baptist vs. Palatine Baptist,
j Tuesday, 8:45?First M. K. vs. Diamond
St. M. E. Thursday. 7:15?1
Christian vs. Lutheran. Thursday,;
V 1 Prnctivlorinn M L' Cmtllt
The best bowling in its history has |
marked the last week in the Temple
i league Scores of 400 in the match j
I games were the rule rather than the
l exception. Sanding of the teams: I
Temple League
\V l. p.-t
Owens lit i' .s".3 ;
Cyclones 7 r> ,5S.i!
Monongah Class 7 .iiSS I
| K. of C.'s <1 f! .5001
Backups 7. 7 .4171
! - 14
I r ivnujm ' ' .till
Temple 4 s :.m I
Barbers 4 8 .333j
High Records
liigli individual average. Davis, ltio.l
Second high individual averageMills.
High individual score, three games.j
| Davis, 544.
Years Old)
) us. For all we have to
fit your individual figure j
our years.
sixteen?you'll find your ,
d tailored in the Michaels
a> Good Warm
PVj ...L Underwear
NyM) 50c to 33 00
[/rte^ A FUHNY K\D oeoR&e 1 5
|) ALWAYS GOT A o?pfeReMr /1
\ KIND A 3b0--rn'uA"jr-fv>o \
High team score, one game. Owens.
High team score, lliree games. Owens
Temple schedule?Monday. Backups
vs. Owens: Tuesday. Cyclones vs K.
of C; Thursday. Temple vs. Pickup; '
Friday, Harbors vs. Mononsali.
Nature Will Cure
All she needs is a vert* JUL* help.
Constipation is caused or n<vuniu
Iated waste in the Colon U.tf?0 Intestine*.
which, under our pn??oat mode
of living, nature cannot entirely re
move without a litie b-up.
The rank poisons in this waste get
into the blood circulation, too. and
make us feel depressed, blue, bilious
and incompetent?really sick?If allowed
to go a little too far and causing
All the help nature asst. howeier.
Internal Bathing with War Water, np
plied by the "J. B. L. Cascade." This,
in n perfpetly natural and rational wav.
cleans out all the waste and poisons
from the Colon and koeps ii as sweet,
' lean and pure by occasional use as
Nature demands for a perfectly healthy
So invariably successful his this
new and improved method of Internal
Bathing proved to be that over 500.000
.Ultwi ivnua niu iiv? rillilUC>lunilCltil>
using it to curt- Auto-Intoxication, war.!
oft disease. and keep Ih.-lll bright, vig
orous and efficient.
The "J l>. I.. Cascade" is now being
shown in irotith Side rhurinaoy. Call
and let us explain liow simply it accomplishes
these great results.
Also ask for free booklet. "Why Man
of Today Is Only au I'or cent. Efficient."
\ llir:lluigly draiuiKic visualizatioi
greed and fraud are defeated by a
love. A succession of rapid fire sr
infuriated mob. and the dynamiting
film version of the great American
so powerful that it stirred the entir#
islatures of several states to pass 1
seated, t'arlyle Black well is the sti
Marion Detiller, Howard Hall, Hose
Sydney and Mrs. Drew i
1 to 11 P. M. MATINEE 5c. EV
Return of the Lau
The Play You All
Cohan & Ha
NVV0a fcVV) VVVf 0 VI
Seats at Marti]
ALU /He"
F/U.L - WHATDip ) I N'
HE DO lis) TH' /
summcr* n
C u?
By Roi Cooper Megruc
Cover'') and Walter Had
Contains the very
American Spirit American H
'Do yoi
OA I/I &?
All I I 1 about*
IT 1 when s
I darn fi
It's a Cohan & Harris I
PriitM1 9Cm 5fl#? 7C?
Laughter and Teara. j
Laughter an?l tears, according to a ]
recent booh, ar?' two forms of the
same mechnnism?n human safety
valve to prevent the result of emotion
from injuring the N*ij#
II uiDDnnDAurll
Monday. Tuesday and
Matinee Today
Farewell Meek of the
Lewis-Oliver Players
The beautiful rural
Tomorrow night is
"Pay Night"
Thursday?"It's a Long
Way to Tipperary.
? _ rrrrrrrrrrrI
( ruusuAi
ii of how the evil fort es of money,
strong nitins will and it woman's
eues ending in the mntl riot of an
of a big building. A remarkable
i novel of the same name, a novel
> reading public and moved the log
I'Kisimion on ine prowems It pronr
with such players supporting as
nuiry Dean and Charles Mason.
n a good comedy reel.
ENING: Adults 10c; Children 5c.
Ose Jolly Night
ghing Sensation
Know and Like
rris Know
! (author of "Under
essence of the
umor American Character
i eat duck eggs? No,
rse not. YVell, then
jtY When a hen lays
she makes a noise
it, doesn't she? But
i duck lays an egg the
ool keeps quiet.
Cast and Production
>, $1.00 and $1.50
n's Monday. |J||
we^t oou/iJ
yava/k a hi' utVeo )
oa)I'M' SOUNO!/

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