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Seventy Five Capitalists in;
Owens Bottle Machine 1
Co. Party.
Bankers and Manufacturers
Much Interested by
Operation of Machines, j
tlepresentatlves of more than $150,000,000
arrived In Falmont this morning
when the Owens Bottle Machine j
company special. train arrived carrying
aeventy-flve of the leading capitalists
and glass manufacturers of the
country. The party was tnhen to the
Owens plant on the East side In automobiles
and started immediately
their inspection of the largest machine
glass bottle works in the world.
Alter coming all the way from Toledo,
Ohio, for the purpose of seeing
the big pluut In operation, the party
was very nearly disappointed altogether,
and as it was. saw only four
machines In operation. At the time
for starting the big machines this
morning there was hut a buro ounce
af pressure In the gas mains.
Later In the day the pressure Improved
a little and at ten o'clock,
when the majority of the glass men
and capitalists began to arrive, there
was a scant two ounces pressure, i uu
four machines operated, were compelled
to run very slow because the
tas was so low that the glass could not
tie kept melted sufficiently.
The inspecting party. In groups of
[ Tour and five and six. entered the plant
1 oy the main entrance and were at once
k- attracted to one of the big machines.
It happened that the first machine was
malting whiskey bottles and much
comment was heard.
The machines which whirled their
arms from out the great pot of molten
glass and in a few operations
dumped a completed bottle into a
chute; were the chief objects of interest
to the visitors. Many of litem
were capitalists, hankers, railroad officials
and representatives of many
ather industries and this was the first
lime thev hail ever seen the manufailure
of bottles on such a large scale.
Following the slowly moving Ichrs
the tmrtv unsscd through the sorting.
packing and shipping departments. In
the store rooms they saw immense
stacks of boxes, tilled with bottles
ind hearing on their sides the names
and trade marks of many of America's
moHi famous products. Welch.
Royal Blue and other varieties of
grape juice which many of the men
probably never heard of before; ketchup?Wagners,
Table Talk and a
number of others; Tanlae and many
other medicines. Itottles for every
trade and purpose are made in the local
From the storage rooms the party
passed through the plant of the I.ango
(trlst Box company where the boxes
ased In parking the bottles nre made.
Nailing machines which could whirl
out a box every fifteen seconds were
the main objects of interest here.
**4-* '?onlr 1 n Uinir annclnl
1 111} jirti (y v.auii; ua\,iv w
train betwen It and 12. and at noon
promptly, the all steel train made tip
of three steel compartment sleepers,
ono steel standard sleeper, two steel
dining cars and a steel club car. pullefl
out tor Clarksburg. In Clarksburg
thiB afternoon the party lnsperted the
s Owens factory and Hazel-Atlas Glass
' company plant.
From Clarksburg the special goes
to Huntington where the Charles
Roldt company's plant will be visited.
Then to Charleston where the I.ibbeyOwens
Sheet Glass company will bo
looked at.
Leaving West Virginia the party
goes to Muneie. Indiana, and visits the
Hall Brothers Glass Manufacturing
company there. At Evansvlllc. 111.,
tho Gralium Glass comnnnv nlant will
be look's over ami at Alton the Illinois
Class company. Tn Stroator,
. 111., the Thatcher Manufacturing company
will he Hie last factory to lie
visited, the party returning from
Htrcator to Toledo via Chicago.
The guests of the Owens company
5n the trip an-: The American Bottle;
Company; E. 11. Everett, M. \\". Jack,
J. 8. Stochr. W. .1 Crane, and K. (5.
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad?\V.
W. Williams, A. W. Thompson, Hanlolph
Stalnaker and ,1. A. Williams.
Ball Brothers Manufacturing Company?K.
B. Ball. G. A. Ball and \V. C.
Ball. The Charles Boldt Company?
CharleR Boldt and F. W. Schwcnrk.
The Dominion Glass Company?Ralph
King. Graham Glass Company?Z. F.
Graham. R. A. Graham. It. Graham.
Hazel Atlas Glass Company?C. N.
Brady. G. G. Oliver. A. B. Paxton. A.
V. Brady, II. H. Dawson. T. F. Prlckctt.
Illinois Glass company -John M.
Lewis, E. M. Ashcraft. Jr.. R. 11. Levla.
The Kent Owens Machine Company?H.
C. Ross and E. L. Walhridgo.
The Llbbey Glass Company?S. O.
Richardson. Jr.. and .1. I>. Robinson.
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T 1 T?T vs
injured women Jctest
Well at Hospital
Th<"! condition of MIbk Janie Talking
ton. who was severely injured on Sat-1
urday afternoon when she was caught!
in the shafting of the machinery at the
I'arker Dye Works and who is now a
patient at Cook hospital, remains prac
finally unchanged today. Miss Talklugton
has had a high temperature
since the accident and lier condition is j
considered critical.
Mra. Julina Fleming. who was badly
burned on Saturday night at her
apartments on Jefferson street, when
she fell on a stove, rested well at Took
hospital lust night. Owing to her advanced
age her condition Is considered i
Will Support Trolley Wires,
Do Away With Old
Wood Poles.
Work on the Great White Way Is
progressing rapidly. As soon as the
new poles are erected, the light will
be put on them and work commenced
to take down the old wooden poles.
The poles are to be 32 feet high.
iwunty two reel irom tnc ground will]
bo a hrarket supporting a luminous,
area light. The?o arcs arc In the
shape of a torch and will throw light
with equal strength in all directions.
The poles will he 60 feet apart alternating
on opposite sides of mo street.
As soon as the old trolley poles are
gotten rid of. the telephone and telegraph
companies will take down their
wires and run them under the city
In conduits which have already been
Atop the new luminous arc poles j
will he provision to take oare of the |
trolley wires Those will in no way
affect the beauty of the Great White!
Way system inasmuch as other large I
cities have the same plan and are not]
unsightly. Fairmont, will ho thoi
smallest city In the knowledge of;
those who arc in couch with the
lighting systems to use the luminous j
art; method of lightiug Its strceis.
T% n "i i
iiecount ol tfaliots
is Started Today
Thp recount of the vote in Marion |
t-ounty was started this morning by |
the county court and at late hour this |
rftarnoon one precinct in Winlkld dis-1
trlet had been coinplctod. This was ,
the precinct at Montana where the I
vote was changed very little.
Hollo J. Conlcy and \V" 11. Veach,
telephoned Dominiek to shut off the
water at the plug from which the leak-1
ing section received Its Bupply. Dominiek
was half asleep and hurried to the I
top of Tank Hill and shut the water]
off at the tanks. Soon after the mis- j
take was noticed and Dominiek had to ]
get out of bed and go turn the water]
on on the top of Tark Hill and rhut It j
off at Rhea Terrace. Dominiek lives 1
in Kast I'ark. Repairs were made to ]
me uuraiuu pipe yesieraay ami iuis j
The city jail, seemingly, is an instl-j
tution for tlip care of Falrmonters who :
are permanently three sails to the leo- j
ward. It seems to be a rendezvous for
those who are just cracked enough to!
lir? ounrl nnlnml *???! ..i t
0wV. ...... UUl liU ill I
times are not responsible tor what they
aro doing. On account of this condition
the city officials arc beginning fo
get disgusted and only today were tig
uring on some manner to take care of
the mentally deficient who have been
rushing Into the city jail In an almost
continuous stream since it has been
opened. 'I'ltc board will consider this
matter probably at Its next meeting.
U:-. if i...ili' f IV. : -ii-a.-i.
Republican candidates for prosecuting
attornej and sheriff, respectively,
each gained two votes by the recount.
The other vote in this precinct remains
.he same.
The recounting of the Mt. Harmon}
precinct ballots was begun this after-1
noon. Atorney Allison S. Kletnl'ig represents
the Republican committee in
.he recount while Tusra Morris appeared
for the Democrats. The work
of recounting is very slow and will not |
likely be finished for nnotner week or
more because of the frequent arguments
by the attorneys over every disputed
FOR MRS. SlMi ci.
Mrs. William J. Wiegel entertained
today at noon luncheon in honor of:
Mrs. Margaret Paul Smith who leaves!
tomorrow for Pittsburgh to spend the
winter. Covers were laid for live. I
li -c
City Hall Notes
Dominlck. the faithful water department
employee sometimes makes mislakes.
A water pipe which burstcd on
Rhea Terrace Sunday night was the
cause of calling all water department I
workers out of bed at three o'clock In
the morning. Water Commissioner
Smith was called and told of the trou-,
hie. He got his gangs working and i
FOB FOIL ill |
strike room
? a '
Cabinet Discussed the Situation
at Meeting Held
He Will Be in Position to]
Defend the Adamson
Law Suit.
(l'.y Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Nov 21.? j
President Wilson's recommendation j
lor railroad legislation in his address |
to Congress will he practically the]
tame as those embodied in his special i
address when a nationwide railroad ,
strike was pending. The President I
discussed some of the details today [
villi lllf (llUltlCl.
In Ills special address the President.
made three specific recommendations.'
Two providing for eight-hour day us I
legal basis of work of wages on rail-1
roads and for a commission to observe
ihe operation of the law wore embodied
in the Adamst n act. The other, which
remained unacted upon and which
will he renewed by the President is: |
"Immediate provisions for the en-,
lurgement and administrative reorganization
of the interstate Commerce
"Explicit approval of an increase of
neigm ruith 10 meet siicu aauutonul
expenditures by railroads as may have j
been rendered necessary by the adop J
tion of the eight-hour day.
"An amendment of the existing fed- i
oral siatiite which provides for the'
mediation, eoneiltaiion and arbitration'
of such controversies as the present. I
."The lodgement In the hands of the 1
executive of tl e power in ease of mili- [
lary necessity to lake control of such
onrtfnnR nf Rlioli rnlllllp- ulr..-lr of tlio'
railroads of the country an may be j
tcquired for military use.''
Attorney General Grocery sr Hi atI
today's cabinet meeting that the gov-1
< rninent was fully prepared to defend ;
the suit to test constitutionality of the
law and he supposed railroad brotherhoods
officials would be represented j
by counsel.
Community Meeting j
at Fleming School;
President George M. Alexander of
the Hoard of Munition and Superintendent
Otis G. Wilso not thc city
scnoois win no me principal speakers,
lit a community meeting to lie held:
tomorrow evening at 7:110 o'clock.!
In the auditorium of the Fleming;
school on Virginia avenue.
Special musical numbers will be a
solo by Miss Bertha Dilgardo anil it|
a piano solo by Miss Fthel llollrseman j
head of the music department of the j
High school. Following the programi
a social hour will be enjoyed. The j
meeting has been arranged by Prin-|
cipal W. A. C rowel of the Fleming!
Alaskan Islands
Get Shaking Up
(p.y Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. D. Nov. 21. j
A pronounced earthnuake lasting
from t:S0 to 2: IS a. m. with the maxi
mum at i: !4 a. m. was reported today
by the Georgetown University. The
center of disturbance was estimated
at from 2.1(0 to 2.20U miles from Washington.
probably To the neighborhood
of the Aleutian island.
Mrs. Guy Holt of Itlverview street
Kasl Side underwent an operation to-,
tiny at ook Hospital for a large tu-{
nior. Mrs. Hull was resting tvell thlsj
afternoon ami is exported to rccovv
or quic kly.
Mrs. Alexander Kobb and children,
Miss Helen end Alexander have relumed
from Wheeling where they had
spent several clays with relatives.
Makes New Start
(By Associated Pr<;ss^
NEW l.ONUON. Nov. 21.?The Ileatschland
Iiub started on the return voyage
to Bremen.
The Weather
West Virginia?All partly over east
tonight and Wednesday.
F. P. Hall, Observer.
Temperature at 8 a. nt. today 32.
Yesterday's weather clear; temperature.
maximum 68; minimum 33;
precipitation none,
r,- \ .?
rs do
Railroad Brotherhoods Will,
Affiliate With the American
Gompers Indicates That Any
Challenge Will Be Accepted.
(T?v Associated Puss)
BALTJMORB, Nov. 21.?Afliltation I
of the members of the American Ked j
oration of Labor and th? four l?itr mil-1
road brotherhoods lor effecting thei
general betermcnt of labor was urg-]
ed today before the federation conven |
tion here by brotherhood heads and
('resident Samuel A. Gompers. The |
delegates who crowded the hall cheer-]
eil the speakers enthusiastically.
"We must hang together or wo will;
hang separately." W. CI. Lee spokes-1
matt for the brotherhoods and head of]
the railroad trainmen declared. "It is]
a great comfort to know." President
(iompers said, "that the time is not;
far distant when the great brother-;
hoods will be a part of the American'
Federation of Labor."
President ftnmners in the .-nncso of
his remarks said: "We expect that
the railroad brotherhoods will on January
1. next, inaugurate the eight-hour
work day and I think I can truly say
to you that whatever arises, whatever
hetides you have the undivided support
of organised workingmen and women
as represented by the American
federation or Labor.
"When the money power of the Unit-1
ed States fails in the attempt to cor-J
rnpt the electorate and when their
plans were upset by the votes yf thej
citizenship of the United Status the!
capitalist showed their colors. They I
met and gave out a declaration that!
they were going to antagonize every
effort put forth by organized labor, j
"But men of wealth I say to you. ]
bp careful how far you go. There is a j
limit even to human endurance. You i
throw down gauntlet and we accept j
the challenge. When the lline conies'
it will he another case of 'bay off MeDuff
and damned he he who lirst cries'
At Ihe conclusion of his address i
President (tampers was overcome by|
his emotions and was obliged to re-:
the to the anti-room where he lay!
down for ll> minutes, lie afterward
returned to the platform.
The coroner's Jury impaneled to in- j
vuaiigiiiu nun i ne cause or me deatli
of Russell Snndftrass. aged so. a min-j
er of Barrackvllle who died in the city i
jail here last Sunday at :i p. m.. after
full probe determined that death was
caused by "opium or narcotic poisoning."
Cnmlnsoou l...?lo.l ~
uiiuM^innD mm uiuii-ii imiiij m Hit'
Onklawn cemetery at Rivesville. funeral
services taking place from the
home of Mrs. Chaunccy Russell of
the Ogden apartments Rev. H. II.
Morgan conducted the services.
The relatives of Snodgrass are un-l
ahle to say where Snodgrass obtained
the death dealing poison.
Coroner I.oyd reported that Jacob
Curling the S year old hoy of Mannington
who was killed hy a Baltl-!
more and Ohio freight train thero Sat-;
urday camo to his death by falling'
front a car. The Carling boy and a
small Italian lad were hopping tlic:
freight acording to eye witnesses
when the Carling boy fell under.
Many Fairmonters
at Charity Conference
PairmonJ nton!o Imi'it oltotf"
tl interest in the second annual con- j
ferenee 011 charities and Corrections '
whleh wis lpenel yesterday in Clurks-1
liui'K and continued through toduy.
Several men and women Interested in
this character of work have attended
the sessions, several going there yesterday
and others went today.
Miss Marguerite Walker Jordon,
welfare worker for the Consolidation
Coal company, yesterday gave a splendid
address before the conference concerning
her .work among the foreign- j
era in the various mines of this section j
Among those who have attended the I
Sessions are Mrs. J. O. Watson. Mrs.!
J. A. Meredith. Mrs. O. 'J. Wilson. Miss
Jordon. her assistant, Miss ilogen.
Miss Margaret Melvinney. Miss No'.a
McKinttey, Miss Flossie Fleming and
President Joseph Hosier, of the Nor -ual
White Way Workmen
Damage Water Valve
Monroe street was flooded and the
supply of \vater cut off front the t'oinuntzi
store when a water cock on
fhn uf Pnnf vnlvti n-qo iti>lu<iul ?.ff tltiu
morning by employes of the Motionpahela
Valley Traetion company who
wanted water for the concrete mixer
which Is engaged In reinforcing the
holes into which the Great White Way
poles are to be placed.
Pavmnnt fnr dpRfrnvlnir thn v-nlvn
anil for the service of the city cm-'
plovces In making repairs will he,
asketl by the city . Also the loss suffered
by the water in his store being
shut off since 7 o'clock this morning
will he asked for by Cumuntzi. A,
warrant was Issued this morning for
E. I'ostletliwaite who is directing
the work o" i charge of destroying the
,ty property.
Boat.1i asked Jim what it was that the
lady friend did that made him mad.
"She called me a black and yellow,"
aid Jim.
"Then what did you say?" interrogated
the burgomaster.
"I told her I was not to blame tor
the hig cost of living."
Mildred suffered no injuries.
Mrs. Emma L. Fast
Is Buried Today
Funeral services over tlie body of!
Mrs. Emma I.. East whose death oc-|
curred on Saturday in Cleveland. O..
were held this afternoon from the
resident- eof her son Henry East on I
Murray avenue. Bellpview. Rev. W.I
J. Eddy of the First Baptist church
conducted the services and the hotly j
was interred in Wootllawn Cemetery'
by Cndortaker Cunningham.
Trickett Funeral
Will Be Wednesday;
Funeral services over (he body of
Ezekicl Trickett whose death occur-l
red yesterday morning will bo hold [
on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock j
from the residence. Rev. C. B. Good-!
win. of the First M. E. church, pastor!
of the decreased, will conduct the services
and interment will be made in;
Wnodlawn Cemetery. Cndertaker j
Musgrave and sons In charge.
nnrvnrnnrn hi
BUUILtbbtll in
Ladesky Shemanski Confess
es and Gets Fine and
Jail Sentence.
Ludeskv Shemanski was brought I
before Judge lluymond today audi
confessed to two charges of bootleg-'
glng against him. He was lined $100 j
ian<i given a jail sentence of GO days;
in each case, ntnklng a total of $1*00
and 120 days.
Kzru Gill and llercltel Snodgrass, t
both young men of Mnnnlngton, con-;
r?eufl.l o J....* M m?. "
ivaovu IU u tiimgi; n^Ulil?l IIICU1 Uir I
disturbing religious worship. Fines i
of $25 and sentences of 10 days In |
the county jail were Riven.
judge Ha.vmond's sentencing of1
Mrs. Yasco and John Totan, confess- j
cd murderers, is being awaited with
considerable interest, 110 sentence having
been pronounced today. The 1
eighty members of the petit Jury were!
dismissed yesterday afternoon until 1
tomorrow morning, since there were
uo cases docketed for trial today.
V ?
ATHENS. Nov. 21?Th0 steamship
Stetzaes was torpedoed by submarines
this morning At least otft life
was lost
Democrats Making Threats
at the Regular Sess
Go Too I
n il it'll begins ill January by refusing t o j
support appropi lalions for the salaries j
of such officers as niignt retain their
position under the proposed law.
Willie in many quarters, especially!
in lintel ami state house lubbles there j
was talk of a compromise on Governor :
Hatfleld's legislative program. Repub-1
liean and Democrat le leaders declared
that the issue had been flatly put and |
that every one of the measures intro j
duced yesterday would be pressed to a I
final vote.
Both House and Senate waited for I
more than an hour for a report from
the committee to which the bills had i
been referred. Two reports were fi-1
nall.v received, one fron. a majority re- (
port favoring the passage of the bills. |
and the minority report objecting.
The majority rt port war adopted. 51
to 2S in the House. An attempt was
made to have the report go over until
tomorrow as printed copies had not
been furnished members, but it was
voted down, while another resolution
substituting the minority report for!
majority and making It the special or-j
der of business for tomorrow at ton j
o'clock was opposed by Chairman M. i
K. Duty of the committee, who de j
dared the minority was trying to de-1
lay the procedings and that the regu
car order would give them printed i
bills quicker than the plan it proposed
Tho Republican caucus held vesterday
afternoon is reported to have developed
a spirit of complete barmen;
and some of the loading lights on tile
Republican side In the Legislature who
came to Charleston not at all in rympathy
with tho plans of the Governor
at the end of his speech tendered hint
their hearty support in all that he is
planning to undertake.
Minority members declared that only
three of their committee had seen
the bills and not many more of the majority
and that none of the comittee
had given the proper consideration
to the. The report of the majority
wuh finally adopted all efforts to reconsider
it being defeated.
Among the bills of which the minority
asked for copies is one having to
do with the removal of elective state
offices during a legislative recess, for
the remocal of appointive offlccB, for
deckling election contests when
brought hv state officers and for contesting
the election of state officers.
The matter of certain members be
inK inquiiiiiieu irom serving 011 inc
ground tlieyliad removed from the
county from which they were elected
or had taken other employment under
state went over until tomorrow.
The session of the Senate was
short, a recess being taken up until
bills offered yesterday could be repo.fied
by committee. The matter
of certain Senators being disqualified
was referred to special committee.
Iloth House and Senate recessed
to 5 p. m.
Preparations for simplyfying the
work of thc'sesslnn were completed by
n resolution adopted at the second ses
sion yesterday, which provided for the \
appointment in the Senate of a com
mlttee of 11 who will be In charge of i
business Tills special committee will |
take the place of all regular commit- |
tees except the Committee of Prlvll-1
eges and Election? and the Committee j
of Enrolled Bills. President E. T. Eng. i
land appointed on this committee Sen- J
ators U. A.* Blessing. Fred L. Fox. M. V. i
Gndbcy, Joseph Gray, W. P. Hawley, i
N. G. Helm. G. K. Kump, Oliver S.
Marshall. E. H. Morton. James Mc-i
Clung and R. E. Talbott. Four of the |
committeemen are Democrats.
The committee in the House consists i
of Delegates Wertz, Slnsel, Hinerntan
and Hall, the last named helng the
only Democrat.
When the Introduction of bills wan
reached on the Senate calendar eight
Majority Report of the Steer
By the House This
of 31
CHARLESTON. \V. Va. Nov St.?,
Efforts to enact into law the legislative
program outlined by Clovernor llatncM ,
in liis message to the spec ial session
of the Legislature yesterday were continued
today when the House unci Senate
assembled at 10 o'clock. The com
tniltee of 11 appointed in the Senate
to handle the business of the session
- - * ? 1
.. . . .. invi nuiin ui IIMIlTIIUlti UUlll
ii U'to hour last nigh' without reaching
a conclusion autl finally adourncd until
!i this morning.
Democratic loaders declared lltoy j
I ad found in one jf flic Itills introduoe.d
;estcrda.v a "joker" tvhlch wnile inno 1
cent enough on the surlncc really took
front Governor-elect John J. Cornwell
the pntvor to name any officers or
agents of the state government. They i
said they; would contest the passage
of this measure to the hist and if heati-n
in special session would carry the
lllllKIKition ll1?A ?llo fO(T?1oo oooolnll
I nil HI11DUUI I
? J
Jim Conawav Attacked 11Year-Old
Child While
Jim Conaway Is in Jail Alas, pnorj
Jim. lie gels so angry at limes that he
coulil cat u raw pigeon. He says so,
v.... *..? 1 I?
iiiuiocit. i un >i?m r? in jail, in* ii uu i
there for ten days anil after he gets J
out he will have to vamoose to the
land of refreshing liquids else go to
jail again.
Jim and a lady friend had a talk,
last night about nine o'rlork.
"She made me so mad. I ran front
the lious,. and when I gits mad 1 lot
Well, he ran from the house and
once outside a little It year old girl
named Mildred Crites happened to lie
passing and Jim immediately started
lambasting the child berause, when "I;
gits mad I gotta hit somebody."
The usual male assistance wasi
soon forthcoming and Jim was held
tor the police. The cops took care of:
die g*nl who whoa he ' gits tiiail 'i
must hit somebody.
Tr? nnlirn cftltrt llilc mm>n{n<r I
to Withhold Appropriations
don if Republicans
"ar Now. j ,
wnRKiNR mmm a
ing Committee Was Adopted f ]
; Morning by Vote
to 28.
luousuror, all embodying Iho GOTOT
nor'.s progrniu. were quickly Introduced.
They were punned to the 08c- ,;
em! reudinc. The t'irnt hill \fhieh nrn. J!
vitfod lor tin* amendment of the regis- y\&
initio.! lawb, was introduced by Mr, TV.
It embodied the chauges desired by'
the Governor in his proclamation In ,V\M
Unit no citizen will be allowed to casta
ballot unless bis name lias been placed ' y?i|
011 the registration roll at the regular- ly
appnlnted times for registration, and ,.,3^
no certificates to register can be URiteil
latir than the Friday preceding
election day. The second bill, Intro- 'V-.-JSS
tluccd by .Mr. Gray, proposes change! Uw
in the primary election law. 'y'3-?jl
Mr. Coulter introduced the third blU,.
wild ii jiiuviuc-p iur mo removal 01
pointivc state officers, but chances the y^Sji
existing law so lluit the accused mCJ, .nSa
appeal to tlie Supreme court. It alS0:3"'J?
contains a provision by which the profeedings
may be expedited.
Bill No. 4. introduced by Mr.Keltn,
provides tor the manner of remorin'R - *$8
state elective offlcors when chnrfM;' .-^S
are filed, and follows closely the law iitSjj
already in force except that it takes ' ja
from a special tribunal the right ot fl?,
nal judgment and places It in the 'V.'/iSjj
Ufltl/lu ?if (lw, CimainaMx * ? ?t-llli'-OdC-HB
ui m?i ?u|iivuiu vuun to wjuwjwivSBB
the contestant or contests*)-may
peal. It also provides that the proflfgSj
dure shall be hastened.
The fifth 1)111, also introduced by, Mr. >v
Keini. has to do with contests for Of-. >??
flees following an election, and dlffe^'./jam
from the existing law in that the oon-.
testant must give notice of his action
within BO days after election day.'tn- - M|
stead of within BO days after the elOfr
tlon has been declared by the Leglike 's-;jS?S
turc following Its meeting the second
Wednesday In January. Judicial positions
are covered by the meastufc tar -ft?
which contests must be filed within 46
Itcmoval of elective officers ls.pro:' .^$?8
vlded for in the sixth bill, presented,
by Mr. llawley. and gives the Supreme
Court the final jurisdiction, while'thftfcjHM
seventh made for changes in the prt. .\'fg
niary election laws so as to restore' r-7s?&
to tlieir former place the mlnoritw',>tigB
parties. The eigh'.li hill created a Civil
Service Commission to regulate th^^|||H
employment, promotion and removaljs 'Wt
of persons engaged in the civil service
of the state, and appropriating fundi
to carry on the commission's work. :
In the House only four of the bllli r HiiS
had been introduced when adjournment
was taken until 10 o'clock today
Another matter which attracted,
wide attention yesterdav was the move' '-'-'SS
by the minority to unseat a number of f
rtepubllrans who, the resolution,
elared. had taken other lucrative
ployment under the atato. or bad chant'
ed their residence, and, according'
the Constitution, wcro no longer eligi
hie for seats in the law-making body. .
Tito resolutions went over for action
until tomorrow.
NOTICE TO M. W. of A.f8|
f (i MRn
The regular meeting of the Mod:,
ern Wooilraen of America will ;b%!
held Friday night iti the lpdgd i :
room at 7:110. All members are tai tirSH
quested to be present for the trans- .'ifjS
action of important business. ~/SagM
The l'JlG tux hooks are now con- ''?$?1
plcted and ready for collection. The: *|s||S
hooks for all Districts will be foond ' j'y&m
at the Sheriff's Office daily tibUT |||9
Nov. 30th. the close of the discontfc.. ?'&.
period except Mannlngton district'' vSm
which will he found at the Bank '
of Mannlngton. Please pay. toQif- '*'M
as I have moro timo to wait on yon' f]
now than later. ,'jil ,;-i
C. D. CONAWAY, Sheriff||
City taxes are now dub< m
and payable at Treasji^j?
er's office, Monroe street; 'IJgj
Discount period end|; |S
November 29th, as 30th"
is holiday. PAY NOW- m
AND SAVE 21/2%. 'M 9
J. R. MILLER, Treasuro| |9

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