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The Missing Letter.
Copyright 1916 liy tho MeClure Newspaper
THINGS happened very rapidly In!
tho slow old village of Columbus.
First thing that happened
to rouse the people was the fact that
Miss Ruth White's aunt died In a faroff
state and left her a legacy of |5.000.
Miss Ruth w*t? the belle of the
village, notwlthsatnding that her father
was a carpenter.
Then It became widely known that
n-.... T ... Cl_..l T-l?
vKHiinoii, nua "l ni|unn MIUIl1
hod, had made new proposal!! of marriage
to Miss Ruth?making threo in
all In one year.
Then Abner Taylor's widow who
had been postmistress lor several
years went suddenly blind. She had
the legal right to name an 'assistant
; and she nijtned Miss Ruth White. The
* . two had been good friends for a long
time und the girl took the place of
assistant that the widow tnight hold
her place and not l unte to poverty.
These incidents were gossip for a
week or two. and then sleepy old ColHindus
v.enl to sleep again. The fact
that Mis:; Ruth was at the general delivery
window gvae Dave Johnson'opportunities
to sc.i her and speak with
her which he had not before and (here
was scarcely a day in the week that
he was not a caller at the postoffice.
His father, as justice of th0 peace, received
more mall than any other five
persona iu the village put together,
and his son's excuse every time he
came In was to get his father's mall
or mall letters for liim.
Ab for Ruth, the gm had little to
gay to him. for glie hud refused hlra
absolutely, but -aa a public official she
bad to treat him with courteBy. She
suspected that lie was not satisfied
with her three answers to his good
proposals, but If a fourth answer was
required she had determined to make
It so decided that the young man
would not reopen the question again.
One day when there was no one lu
the office but the two he said to her:
"Hiss Ruth, I love you and am go-l
lag to have you for a wife. If you I
keep on refusing me I shall play you
some trick to make you wish you had
accepted me."
His sneech aneercn thn elrl and
she gave him back such hot words'
that he slunk away while she was still
talking. He went direct to his father's
office <and told his parent that
the assistant postmistress had vilified
the whole family. He told lie after
lie to get the old man excited and revengeful.
and the squire was rcqdy to
enter into any plan.
"The Idea that you are not good
Li enough for her and her family!" he
gf shouted. "Davq, you have not the
best of reputations; but we must go)
to work to take some of the conceit
, out of that slip of a girl. She seems,
to think she runs the whole town hut
Bhe won't even run the postofflce when
we get through with her. If she
thinks of you as she says she does.
Why do you want to marry her?"
"Hasn't she got J5.000 in cold
cash?" answered Da?e. "And don't I
want that money to s\rt rac In some
sort of business? I don't care two
cents whether she loves me or hates
me, but I want to get married to her
and get hold of that money."
There was scheming and planning
for the next month. The first thing
Alter Miss Dayton's success, lite
| > soon settled down Into average monotony,"
continued Paula. "Sometimes,
Margie, I think monotony is one ol
the greatest of tempters. We are always
fighting or running away from
It Every woman who is married and
has no work outside of her home Is always
talking of the deadly monotony
of her life. She seems to think she is
the only woman on earth who cannot
get away from the humdrum of existence.
"I know I should have the same
Idea if I had not tried many, many
ways of earning my living and found
that In every walk of life there are
great stretches ot monotony Inter persed
and broken by sorrow, Joy,
love, hate, turmoil.
'We poor mortals never learn that
. the human mlnil could not stand any
4.T one ot these without the lotift stretch
es of monotony, where not only one's
physical self but one's mind and spirit
lies fallow.
"Most girls think the stage Is one
long revel, consisting ot late suppers,
. ' flirtations, applause and admiration
It Is nothing of tho kind. So woman
ever reached success behind the footlights
without the hardest kind of
^^"You see. Margie, we forget when
^Be see the results of any art that allv
^Psr the beautiful idea has been bom it
\W must be brought to maturity, and that
i means nothing but the most arduous,
grinding labor
Ana ncre is me uuierence oetween
art and business The. business man
may leave the details to some one
slBe, but no one can write the story
or act the pnrt. paint the picture or
compose the music except the artist
who conceived it.
"He must be artis end worker and
tf he fails as a workman the world
will turn Its thumbs down on his art.
"I have rehearsed a part all night
long the night before the opening of
a play. I have had one little insignificant
speech nearly drive mo mad bocause
1 could not make it understood
In Its most subtle meaning?in other
> words, get It over.
"But after the part is rounded out
and mado absolutely perfect then
comes the stretch of monotony which,
while it sometimes Is maddening, Is
necessary to gather Impetus for the
\ next great endoavor.
V "For the most part I have found
actors lead tltelr 'irregular* lives In
. gn unusually regular manner. Mine
ft j .Woo a fair sample of the life lived by
,16c ycung mCdu on average salary at
; . f -? r'-'if:-' >' - Ti-J': .i->S"
^^1^ I
Pardon me, dear lady, for mentioning
again that (ur trimming?heaps or
fur trimming?Is very, very fashionable
this fall. But the (ur is applied
to this frock in so simple and Interesting
a way, I could not forebear
duuwiub uuo uiurta iui-u immea muutJi. j
to be done, as father and son looked
at It was to cause the girl to lose her
position?and under a cloud of suspicion
at that. But no opening presented
Itself for a month of two. Dave
kept away from the postotflce and the
squire got his mall himself.
One day he entered the ofTice In hlB
pompous way and said to Ruth:
"l wisn 10 enter a complaint to the
postal authorities and it may turn
out very serious for you."
"Very well." was the reply. "I will
take your complaint and forwtard it.
i Has there been anything wrong with
your mail?"
"Yes. ina'iam, there has. A letter
containing money addressed to me.
and which 1 believe reached this post-j
j office all right, has not come to me,
and 1 want to know where the trouble'
"I have Mirely put all your mail In j
' i
f-10. I
"I arose at ten in the morning. A
cup of coffee, a little fruit ant) a roll
was my breakfast. Then I read the
papers, looked over my wardrobe,
darned my stockings and did (hose oth|
er little things that a woman finds to j
do when she must bo her own maid, i
r i uui :u iu ~ u^uany wiimtu or m?up- >
pe<l. and from 2 to 4 I was to be found t
having myself beautified in some way.
for an actress' good looks are a part of:
her stock in trade.
"At five, a cup of tea, some sand-1
wichcs. a salad, sometimes even toast
and a chop. From six to seven was
my social hour. Sometimes 1 spent it
1 with Earnest and sometimes with oth!
er friends I lingered over the tea table
in some hotel or restaurant. Seven
I o'clock found me at the theatre and
. then two hours and a half of hard
nervous strain and work.
"After dressing was my play time.
It was dinner with Earnest, then, or a
little dance, perhaps a long ride
through the park or up the drive, and
then home and to bed. Nothing very
! exciting about this, is there?
"But 1 was happy. Margie, for I was j
nasslnnatelv in love with Earnest i
jm\ ?
''OR W'
: \ \
I 1 1
Crepe meteor In deep, rich purple
le used In the gown. The "stirrupstrap"
drapery at the sides Is seal,
and the gauntlet cuffs are topped with
seal. The novelty buttons from black
to purple. A tiny edge of seal trims
the sailor hat of purple silk and black
your box," protested Ruth, "and am
ready for any inquiries by the inspector."
"We shall see about that," was the
squire's parting shot, as he walked
In about a week the inspector on
that route arrived. He was a young
and good looking man. and his impression
of the postmistress was very
favorable. She had probably made
Home mistake in boxing the mall.
The squire was sent for and the story
tout was tuat a man named Hurltness
over at the village of Mllford had
bought a horse of him and had paid
all but J10 of the price. He was to
pay that on a certain date. He said
he would Bend a $10 bill over in a
letter, and he was a man whose word
was as good as his bond. He surely
had mailed the letter and it ought to
have reached the squire next day, but
weeks had elapsed and tlie letter
had not yet arrived. He was asked
by the inspector if he had telephoned
Harkness and he replied that, he had
not. Ho had felt so sure ttiat the
trouble had occurred at the Columbus
Otfice til lit. llf hflrl r1r?rifl#il tn wait
Ruth quietly and calmly protested,
and 'she could do no more. The Inspector
was about to go across the
street, and telephone to llarkness himself
when old Uncle Doremus came In
with a letter in his hand and exclaimed.
"I am getting to be a darned old
fool. I got a letter in my box some
days ago and put it in my pocket to
take home. Dog my cats if I didn't
forget all about that letter till Just
this morning! It wasn't for me anyhow.
It was for Sqire Johnson hero,
and it wTas put in the wrong box."
The squire received and opened the
letter. There was no ten-dollar bill In
it. nstead of sending him the money,
air. Harkness called him a liar, a
cheat and a swindler, and said he
might sue and be hanged to him. The
'squire walked out of the postofflce
Bumstead's Worm Syrup
A safe and sore Hemady for Worms.
Stood tbe taat for 60 years. IT SST11
FAILS. To oblldren it ta an angel of
bottlo baa killed 132 worms. All druggists
and dealers, or by mall?88c a bot.
Eat. C. A. TOORHEEB, M. - Pblle-. Pa.
||j YleLL,VlHAT^
Not jo] matter wr
BAD [ DR\vm?
without a word. The Inspector said]
such mistakes often happened but|
could be overlooked. Dave Johnson did i
not appear to renew his proposal but
si* mourns iiicr miss rtuin reccivea
one tbat she accepted and the lnspec- I
tor-husband still permits her to act as '
assistant postmistress.
While some persons suffer from excessive
(at production, others are trou
bled because they are underweight In :
proportion to their height. This may
depend upon one of several conditions. 1
There may be an inherited prediaposl
tion to spareness ot noay. it may be
due to excessive mental or physical
exertion. Or It may be caused by i
some obscure disease such as tuber- i
Persons of slender build are often
stronger, more enduring and more
reslBtant to disease than those who
are Inclined to stoutness, yet though
slenderness may mean physical
strength and resistance, leanness may
mean physical weakness and susceptibility
to diseasp.
The cause which produces the leanness
must be the guide in treatment. ,
If the condition is due to worry or '
lack of sleep these causes should boi
ii iu ovetworR, uie worn snoum ne
lessened In quantity or changed to
some other kind. If the appetite is ]
defective a tonic may be necessary. 1
Meals must not be eaten when the
body Is tired out. Foods should be appetizing
served and varied In character.
preceded and followed by a
short rest, if possible, and the meals '
should not be more than four or five <
hours apart.
Some thin persons have an aversion
to fat This should be overcome,
if possible and the diet made to Include
a liberal amount of fatty food,
such as cream, butter fried crisp bacon
and olive oil.
In fat building the carbohydrates
or starches and sugars are especially
valuable. Thick soups, such as puree
U1 UAIIOJ, |nwi A11U liVOt AUU HUUpa
thickened with flour should be included
in the daily diet
Creamed vegetables are an aid to
fat building. Desserts should include
puddings containing milk, butter and
sugar. Milk, cocoa and chocolate
should be drunk with meals.
Miss H. G.?"I noticed lately that
there are several bald spots on my
head. They are round and about the
size of a quarter. What could cause
It may be due to nervous trouble
or to ringworm. It the latter see a
skin specialist.
Invalid For Three Years Walks
SISTERSVILLE, W. Va., Nov. 21.?
Physicians and nurses In the General
hospital here were astonished when
Mrs. W. D. Morrison, an Invalid for
three years, who asserted several days
ago that prayers offered for her recovery
would be answered, arose from
hor bed and walked through the building.
Physicians examined the woman.
whoso left side had been paralyzed
for two years, ami said today
that she was entirely well. Other
organs which had refused to act arc
normal. Mrs. Morrison said that she
"knew her prayers would be answered."
Mildredina Hair Remedy
It never fails to produce the desired
results, it enlivens and invigorates
the hair glands and tissues of the
scalp, resulting in a continuous and
increasing growth of the hair. Letters
of praise are continually coming in
from nearly all parts of the country
???<(?>. tl.I_ n j..
mauub liiul iiiiiuicuina iitin nvmeujr
has renewed the growth of hair in
cases that were considered absolutely
hopeless. A lady from Chicago writes:
"After a short trial my hair stopped
falling and 1 now have a lovely head of
hair, vory heavy, and over one and a
halt yards long."
Mildredina Hair Remedy stimulates
the sculp, makes it healthy and keeps
it so. It is the greatoBt scalp invlgorutor
known. It is a wholesome medicine
for both the hair and the scalp.
Even a small bottle of It will put more
genuine life in your hair than a dozen
bottles of any other hair tonic ever
made. It shows results from the very
Now on sale at Holt Drug Co., Prescription
Pharmacy, Mannlngton, 50c
and 51.00.
Mildredina Hair" Remedy is the only
certain destroyer of the dandruff microbe
which is the cause of 9S per
cent, of hair troubles. These pernicious,
persistent and destructive little
devils thrive on the ordinary hair tonics.
Is THE. )ppReTT>/ FAtTi^ f
mTW] ?bH? pretty r
. , ; - ;-. ' -
rtlfr"- ... .. -ki.%2?!.' iisjfi'iv?
' 'if "V'* :1* .V';**!
jl u iiy x
Servlcct at the Baptist Church
The evangelistic services are still in
progress at the Baptist church. There
was a large audience on Sunday evening
completely filling the large auditorium.
The subject of the sermon
was "There is Room For All." Luke
14:22. Mrs. Luster Merrlfleld and L.
Yv'ctkb sang a duet.
Located In Worthington
C. W. Vance who has been n res'.lent
of Hutchinson for the lart wemy
j cars, removed to Worthingtjn last
week, i i-upylng ihe Z. F. IJav it* prop |
Cti; uu * v akCI DlltCl.
Low G? PrcMure
There Is considerable complaint during
the recent cold snap of a shortage
of gas. We understand the company
reduced the pressure recently.
W. XV. Lemley, of Morgantown. who
Is connected with the Tax Commissioner's
office, was here on ofllclBl
business Saturday.
Mrs. Jacob Millar, of Haywood, Harrison
county, is spending the week
with friends here and attending the
meetings at the Baptist church.
Mrs. XX. R. Talklngton and son. Harvey.
ot Akron. Ohio, are visiting relatives
here at present.
Mrs. (1. L. Howell, of Clarksburg,
was a week-end visitor with relatives
J. Lane Parrish will leave for Webster
county Tuesday morning on a
business trip.
Dr. J. M. Trach, of Karmingtou, was
calling on friends hero Monday.
Perfect health Is
Parkersburg, West Va.?"I have had
benefit from 'Favorite Prescription.* I
had trouble with my back and limbs.
The pains were constant, especially iiT
my back. I saw 'Favorite Prescription*
advertised and I used one bottle. I
gained and felt easier and better every
way."?Mrs. Lina a scone, 642# 6th
St., Parkersburg, West Va.
Richmond, Va.?"I have given birth
to eight children, and as a precaution
to guard against
many of the unWf.
pleasant features
...... and the many dis S
*w jBT. .- comforts, X took
' bcSasr Wm'.uM it all through my
iffrlrli del*cate state with
" EpJSfOT four of my children,
and could not
\ I tR? have had an easier
'3?5S&. \ 1 yi^3%?: or more comfortai/df/''
ble time. For a
iff catarrhal condition
I never found anything to equal your
'Lotion Tablets,' which entirely cured
me of this disagreeable feature."?Mas.
M. Eastman, 1703 W. Carry St.,
llichmond, Va.
If you are a sufferer, if your dough'er,
mother, sister need help, get Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription in liquid
or tablet form from any medicine
dealer to-day. Then address Doctor
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,
and get confidential medical advice
entirely free, or a book on woman's
diseases or " Mother and Babe" sent
Doctor Pierce's Pellets are nnequaled
a ^ivcr rui. omaiiesr, fastest to
take. One liny. Sugar-coated Pellet
a Dose. Cures Sick Headache, Bilious
Headache, Dizziness, Constipation,
Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and
all derangements of the Liver, Stomach '
and bowe''
Don't Sufi
and allow yourself to becor
and depressed. These condi
ordered digestive system, \
hard to remedy. Remove thi
your digestive organs in goo
I They gently stimulate the lit
? W.V..4MW44 ywuu/ IUC U1VA
These benefits are particula
such times when nature ms
their vitality. They act pron
The next time you feel low-s
Beecham's Pills. Their sure
Give Qui(
Special Direction* of Value to
Sold by drufciita throughout ti
Beu&vt ME j-otf, 3
rWp 601F Tmn EAT ^
rev s. what Do
TJi? un
Diue, DiacK,
$24.75, $2
s= -in:
No Sleepless Nights if jj
Vaii Hop Krpur Dino i
iuu uou muvrnna;
! J
Snow, rain and cold, changeable J
weather are sure to bring colds, j
coughs and croup to hundreds ot chil- <
dren. You oligh to be prepared for J
any emergency by keeping Krew-1'lna j
In your own home a" tlla time. Just 1
before putting the children to bed, J
rub the throat and chest with Krew- <
rina, ana iuck me Den clotlios clOBe J
about so that they can breathe the J
ufmes and son the tightness leaves, <
the breathing becomes easy and they j
sleep easily ana naturally. No losing <
sleep, no worry. The gentlest, yet >
the most powerful remedy of the kind {
yet prepared. Get it in 25c or 50c <
Jars at any good drug store. j
/ nnrr/if I
ArfVf Kg VI
ne grouchy, upset, nervous
tions usually indicate a dis?hich,
if neglected, may be
; disturbing element and put
d working order by taking
rer, act on the bowels, tone I
>d and regulate the system. I
rly marked by women at I )
ikes special demands upon I
intlv and safrlv
pirited and out of sorts, take
!, mild, thorough action will
zk Relief
Women in with Every Box
to world. In boxes, 10c, 25c.
UTwflrMf * ^nc is i\n*n
"i?^h COOK' f~
' ^ ,y>;;
>ocl3 - : ;|B
iby j?
esses! M
, - r ijjSjMB
irent as here-t<>fore||
decidedly beautiful!
Georgette Crepe
4.75, $29.75. - . ""M
" n
jp this morning seV-^
/ eiour
ind Broadcloth
Drown, green, navyj?
beige-burgundy andr|
9.75, $35.00. m
i> If you are too tut and want to H&fl
5 reduce your weight 15 or S9
S liounds, don't 8tarve and weaken j igfl
3 your system, or think you must; 4g
5 always be laughed at on account; *9
o ot your fat, but go to Martln'a ajjB
3 Drug Store. 325 Main Street) jSB
3 and get a box of Oil ot Korelnf .
5 capsules, take one after each
? meal and one before retiring at '/J
3 Weigh yourself once a week
3 and note what a pleasant kiM*- J
5 reliable method this is for re-.;
3 moving superiluous fat trom any
5 part of the body.
>; It costs little, is absolutely sll^H
i harmless and a week's trial -M
5 should oonvlnco anyone that it .yii
: it unnecessary to be burdened i vJH
i with even a single pound of un- . Jj
ji sightly fat. Martin's Clttg :>
| Store, "25 Main street can s&P*' ;.J|
>K^?:ca-^attomc8M3t?sM3ecd^g|ji ||
i Now is the 19
i Time to Think 19
1 of your winter clothinf needs' U
I and have them cleaned aad'H
freshened by our superior aetfr fl %
} ~Am -
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render better and more eStekg! -as
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i BH
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Entirely dife
shown and
Made of C
several new *
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eral shipmenl
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11 111

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