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smw mil bf i
Stolarship to Be Awarded
i - to Boy and Girl Contestants.
'"Exhibits Will Be Large and
Decidedly Interest
Jwrtdng the culmination of Hip oragricultural
work in .Marion
,< county for the year litis tin- animal
agricultural nhow will ho held in the
" farmers' room at the court house Sut / urday,
At that lime prizes will he
j awarded to the members of the vari
. OtUI clubs?the Potato club, the IMg
, club, t|ie Poultry club, Pumpkin club,
; Canning cluba ami so on according to
the merits of their exhibits,
c'* rn,a a.hiko ,,-m i.? i,.
I CotUXty Agricultural Agent II. I,.
Smith, who will be usslstad by Miss
Cora Price, homo economics demonstration
agent, antl the presidents of
the various clubs.
- The prlnclpat prizes as tar as tho
members of the vartemt boys and girls
dubs are concerned will be the scholarships
to the farmers' sidiool which is
held each year at the university at
Morgantown during the first week in
January. At least six girls will be
sent to this school and the winners
from the various boys' clubs may run
the Marlon county representation up
to 1*.
Three of the girls alrca iy have been
named. They are Lena lluey and
Xtancle Curry, ot Benton's Kerry, and
Hazel Bowman, of Hoult. These girls
were prize winners at the home ceo
jg- nomics show held at the Kairniout
riJf; fair. Three other girls will be award-iSfeed
scholarships at the show Saturday,
j V The Baxter club will pay the expenses
E|?p*i':dlS-tWO of the girls while they are at
fSMorgantown. It is expected that the
^K'\":Home Economics Central committee.
.which will meet at the home of Mrs.
V,John Boor at Farington Thursday of
week, will agree to meet the expenflea
of one, tiie Woman's club of
pPf' this city of otto and Fairmont and Man
K-: ntagton school distric ts ot the remainyj"
ing two. This at least has been the ar
-..y rangement in former years and there
Is no indication that there will Is- a
M , change.
ii-- - One of the features of the show Sat ,
; urday will be the display of fruit and l
yy, canned stuff which the members of]
j;tte various girls' clubs will have for I
ffity-Vside. Jellies and relishes will p'-edomK^-i
Snate among these wares. Practically
S- " all Of the tomatoes canned by the girls
8El Of Marion county were sold to grocers.
The list of prizes which will be
; awarded at the show Saturday is as fol
lows: '
Sgff" Boys' and Girls' Division,
jiv Class 1?County -weepstabes prize ,
Jj; for best all around showing in eiuo
|B& work Including acre corn contest. Fret
Vi trip to club winners course at West
BBs Virginia University and cottntv lion-;
v ors:
ffigs uiasB ii?Acre production conical,
booklet on how crop was grown and
, record book must be shown. First anil
second?Trip to prize winners course.
Third 260 lbs. acid phos. and 100 lbs.
nitrate of soda given by the Nitrate
SI"; Agencies Fertilizer Co. Fourth, $2.00.
EE',* Fifth. $1.00.
hViA ;Cla8S III?Potatoes. I S acre pruritic-.
Htefettm. Including record and booklet.
fjjSclWMt'Mid second prize, trip to prize
Sjrife winners course. Tliird. 25u lbs. aciu
phosphate and 100 lbs. nitrate of soda
BS$ given by Nitrate Agencies t o. Fourth,
:; >2.00. Fifth, $1.0u.
vyj'Class IV?I'oultry. 44 ogK setting.
Byji record of work included with exhibit
Sf..i of .trio of birds, 1 cockerel and - putgs'.
lets. First and second trip to prize
I'i- .winners course. Third, >2.50. Fourth.
>2.00. Fifth. $1.00.
? Class V?Pig growing contest, pig
'to be not more than one year old Octoler
1, 1016. Record of work and
?& > booklet to be shown. First and secr/
. flit trip to prizo winners course. Third
>2.60. Fourth. $2.00. Fifth. $1.00. Xot
necessary to exhibit pig at this late
a date.
Class VII?Best showing of any
y? boys and girls cluh in Marion county
SJfS in club work. Must include 111 exhibit
SSri- the minute book of club meetings. Tie
[showing of each member in club work
will as scored by judges at. county
show will bo added together to determine
winner. Trice $"..00 lu cash to
the best club by Superintendent of
Schools II. C. Toothmau.
Girls' Canning Club Contest.
Class I?Tomato exhibit. One 'it.
square glass jar of tomatoes, two No.
3tin cans of tomatoes, one No. 2 tin
can of tomato puree. One 12 oz. jur
oC tomato preserves. First prize,
double boiler. Second prize, spice set.
[Third prize, club pin.
' Class II?Rollsb exhibit. One 12 oz.
Jar each of Dixie relish. Chill Sauce.
Com relish, tomato pickle and tomato
mince meat. First prize, rug. Second
prize, aluminum pan. Third prlzo,
club pin.
Class in?One quart jar each of
peaches, rapberries or blackberries.
f s' One Jar each of poach and pear pickle.
On# 12 oz. jar each of plum marmalade
and watermelon rind preserves.
rast prize, order for ono pair of
HmjV' IflOTea. Second prize, one dozen rolWESh^jars.
Third prize, club pin.
HK-1 Class IV?One dress, apron and cap.
St First prize, sewing chair. Second prize,
IS basket. Third prlzo, embroidery]
8$?..sclseora. Fourth prize, silver thimble,
jgjt- .Three KlrU to be sent to Morgantown
>?":/ Whose work scores highest for the
Fanners' Division.
JR Class I?Beet ten ears yellow corn. I
?Pr! - First 260 lbs. Boughs Double Eagle
s-J t Fertilizer given by Arch Fleming. Sec-1
>'. "? ' end, 860 lbs. acid phosphate, given by .
> Nitrate Agencies Co, Third. 1 sack j
Atlas Flour by Arch Fleming, fourth1
D. Light Lanter by Marion Hard- ware
Co. Fifth. 1 flash light by Marlon
Hardware Co.
Class II?Best 10 ears white corn.
First, 250 lbs. Boughs Double Kagle
Fertilizer given by Areh Fleming. So.
owl. 250 lbs. acid phosphate by the
Vltratr? Aiynii/-li.u f'n Tltlrri 1 ua<-lr
Atlas Flour by Arch FlrminR. Fourth,
1 pocket knife by .Marion Hardware
'lass III?Best perk potatoes First
prize 500 lbs. acid phosphate by the
Nitrate Agencies Co. Second prize, i
five tooth cultivator Riven by Arch.
Flemine. Third. 370 lbs. nc.d phosphate
by the Nitrate Agencies Co. Fourth.
135 lbs. acid phosphate by the same
Apple*. Farmers' Divisior.
Class IV?Best exhibit of five or,
morn standard varieties, five of each
kind. First prize, one aluminum preserving
kettle aud one aluminum sauce
pan by the J. M. Hartley it bona Co.
Second, ono food chopper by Z. \V.
Morgan & Hrothor. Hardware. Third,
aluminum preserving kettle by the J
M. Hartley & Sons Co. .
Pumpkin Contest.
Cor first, second and third largest
and best. Merchandise prizes will buj
given. Con I eat open to all.
Another interesting thing about the
now Fairmont hotel Is that when rone
pleotd it will look nothing at all like
till; pituura ill II unit are IU Hi; [Il't'll
on postcards iiboul the city. Instead
of the; handsome white brick which it
is pictured as being built, of. the finished
building will lie of a roll Kb finish
red brick, trimmed in white stone.
The color effect secured wll be identical
with thai of the new Christian
church on Third street.
A brilliant mercury tube, giving oit j
a bluish white light, is hung over the!
heads of the sorters at the plant ol tho I
KOR SALE?llrali, 2 safes anil 2 wall j
eases. See 1\ P. Upson. 3in Martison
street. 11 20-:St No 1055 j
VES. AN' t
Owens Bottle Machine company. This'
is done because ;i mercury tube is the I
next best thing to daylight- and in!
sorting the glass u light free from color
rays is necessary that the flaws
may be discovered.
The now automatic machine install-!
ed recently at the Monotigah Glass j
plant, is onw in operation and adding
a third to the .f;arhiii?? capacity of the
plant. A fourth machine is ordered |
and will be on hand and erected in the i
next few weeks.
Announcement is made todav that!
steel (or tin; new An ado building was ;
shipped last Thursday and should be |
on tlio site of the building by Hie latter
part of this week Hrick for the walls
is now being placed and with the arri
val of the 100 tons of structural steel,
Hie building will mount very rapidly.
(Continued from page l'.l
The Libber-Owens Sheet Glass Company?A.
K. I'owlo. Maryland Glass
Corporation?I'arker Cook. Thatcher
Manufacturing ( otnpatiy?K. K
Baldwin and II. W. Niver. Whitney
Glass Works?S. A. Whitney, C. .1.
Yost and C. W. Schwenzfoircr. Lew
is !,. Clarke. president.
American Exchange National Hank.I
Now York city. Charles A. Ilinsch.
president. Fifth Third National Hank.!
Cincinnati. Ohio. F. H. Huntington.'
president Huntington National Hank.
Columbus, Ohio. William Ford. Aetna
Lite insurance Company. Cincinnati,
.(. O. Watson, president Fairmont
(las Company and Mononcahela Valley
Traction Company. Fairmont.
11. 11. Ilrowne. Michigan Alkali Com j
patty. Wyandotte. Mich. W. 11. Brown-1
Ice. Buckeye Clav Cot Company. Tol
eilo. Ohio. J 11. Mathews. J. li. Mat I
hews and Company. Wellsburg. W.:
Va. 1.. N. DeVore, DeVorc and Me i
Oonnely Company. Toledo, Ohio.
S. It. Dorlty. Citizens Safe Deposit j
and Trust Company. Toledo, Ohio. It |
iv. * (Mini. ( iwzcns Mommies Company. [
Toledo. Ohio. Paul CI ('tides. Toledo. J
Ohio. .1. II Owens. Toledo, Ohio. ]
Representatives of the Owens Hot ]
tie Machine Company?E. D'. ldhhcv. i
president; Clareneo Brown, vice president;
M. .1. Owens, vice president, and |
general manager; P. I,. tleddes. secretary;
S. S. Cochrane, director and j
factories manager; .latnes Morrison, I
director and assistant sales manager; I
W. S. Wnlhrldge. vice president; W.
H. Rosliart. vice, president and sales
manager; J. 1). Riggers, treasurer and
assistant general manager; T. II. Miller.
director and auditor: Klisha Walker.
director; James Whitmorc. patent
( Oiinsol; C. A. Schmeltau, counsel; j
II. II Raker. E. 11. Farmer. Elbert E. j
Fisher. Thomas W. ttowe. L. T. Wil l
llatus. W. 0. Berginn, Thomas Bragg,1
It. I.al'rance, c. .1. Wilcox and Herbert'
I." gnvsthscsnr
nnriiin TnumiiT
Famous Writer and Social
Worker Will Open Normal
Lecture Course.
Ida M Tarbell. one of the world's
most famous women, will appear at
the First Methodist Episcopal church
tr night In the first number of the Nort
al school lecture course for the season
191B-17. \.
Miss Tarbetl needs no recommendations
as there are few people residing
In the United States today, who
have not hraTd of this remarkable
woman and her study and work of social
and economic lines. Shp Is also
a writer of ability and her writings
frequently appear In the best magazines
The lecture will begin promptly at
egiht o'clock ami a single admission
will cost a dollar. Holders of season
tickets will be admitted on the regular
season ticket rate.
Iiiwiik IIIUIIVUlll
Federation Executive Board
Will Take Luncheon at
Country Club.
A meeting of the executive board t
of the West Virginia Federation of Wo-;
men's clubs will bo held in this city j
on Thursday ufternoon and prominent I
club women from various parts of the'
state will be here for the conference. |
Tlie session will open with ti luncheon
to be served at. the Country club .
which will be followed by the business I
session at which matters of import-1
ance to the state federation will be
Ten or twelve women of the state
will he present, at litis conference. Mrs.
J. G. Cochran, of I'arkcrsburgh. state
president, will preside at the conference.
Mrs. George DcBolt. of this
city, is vice president of the state
federation and Mrs. t". A. Clayton is
chairman of Hie Art committee of the
state federation.
The executive hoard of the federation
consists of the officers and heads
of standing committees nuinhering approximately
::o members. Mrs. J. M.
Bernhardt, of Mannington. is also a'
mini in i ??i inu fM-Tiiiive uunrii nuuiing
of tho ofilce of District president
of first congressional district.
Miss liffic Sturm, of the Fairmont '
Normal, was a week-end guest of Miss :
Madeline Fleming.
The Pythian Sisters' box supper Fri- j
day night given in the K. of P. hall ,
was largely attended and very much |
enjoyed by all present.
Wm. Knode. Jr.. Frank llogue. I.yle j
Mcliee. of \V. V. t"., Morgantown, were ;
week-end guests at home.
The ehiekon supper Saturday nlgln.
given by (he Fairvlew High school in
the M. K. ehureh was well patronized.
Mrs. Jesse 1). Wilson motored to
Fairmont Saturday afternoon.
Miss Irene Gillihan, of Fairmont
Normal, was a week-end guest at her
home on High street.
Km Tennaut and family, of Barrack- j
villc. was I lie guest of his brother, I
J. 1,. Tennunt. Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Lambert, of Monongah. I
was a week-end guest of her mother,!
Mrs. Ullen Powell.
Miss Mary Powell, of Fairmont, was
a Fairvlew visitor Saturday.
. . :
\\ a.n 1 r.l>?steady young man. writing
good hand lo assist in roust ruction
office. Salary Still per month. Address
liny 1801, West Virginian.
UHl-lt No lGGt :
Normal Lee
Single admission $1.00. Tickets o
the entire course of eight numbers
Drug store or Normal school.
ES'M! rag
DOOQv w^w?!
Uwooit curt
j&feV irii'Ss.. : ^ , VvJ '.. ...Aiivi?:
Donley S. Jonct, Correspondent, 79
Entertained I
Mr*. John X. Kuhn entertained at j
a surprlso party at her home in th?j j
Brookside addition Monday evening In i t
honor of her sister, Miss Gladys Crlm's
seventeenth birthday. About forty
young folks attended and had a very ,
enjoyable time until a late hour.
I.uni heon was served.
i !ii:i i:? <lii r?|?ki litn.y K<#ihi pvr^uiu j
year says Mr. Dunn.
New Metz Agent?Harry K. Kir.e. of j
Carolina mine, lias rccentlv seen red
the distributing agency for the Met*
automobile. The Metz is a popular ear
and economical to run. King expects
to sell a number of the new models in
this community.
Retail Account System ? A system
of keeping accounts for retail merchants
has been recently worked out
by the United States Department of
Commerco and is displayed in this
city al the local Chamber of Commerco
rooms. Tr.e new and sia-Dlified
system is open to the inspection of any
retail merchant and has lieen brought
to the local office fcr that purpose.
Train 55 Delayed?Train No. .">, Baltimore
and Ohio, New York to St.
Louis, was delayed on the Cumberland
division yesterday by a derailment
at Altamont, Md. Traffic was
hold up for four hours. No one was
hurt. Train 5.1. Grafton to Wheeling. |
passed through Fairmont on schedule
without the I'ullman ear which is daily
attached at Grafton.
A. J. Gasklll III?Word has horn received
here of the critical illness of
A. J. Gasklll. a former resident of Man
nlngton. at his home at Wilkinshurg.
ra. Information received front his
For Sale
Ford Roadster, good
$60.00 Cash i
Address P. O. Box '
551, city.
ture Course !
ii sale at Martin's Drug Store. For
, $-.00. Season tickets at Martin's |
_ _ _ _ ;i
[ A B>6- MILK AM'
) cream business l
everybody must be
Iter. H. 11. Clark of the St. E. church
has returned front Cameron whero he
has been t he past week as instructor
at the county Sunday School conven- ;
Born Saturday, November IS, to
Mr. anil Mrs. Spray Sturm, nf the
Clayton addition, a son.
Water Good
A report from the State university
..V, ...... tl,.,, , 1, n ...In. ..... ,1.1. ..I,..
is absolutely safe for domestic pur- 1
The many friends of A. A J. das-]
kill will regret to learn of his very !
serious illness at his home in Wilkins-1
burg; I'a. ?
Miss Km ma itartletr has returned j
from Ml. Morris. Pa., where she spent !
a month visiting with Mrs. William
Pomroy. Mra. I'ommy and her daughter
accompanied in r liome for a visit, i;
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Clancy and'
Town Talk
Catches Big O'Possum ? A twenty-1
five pound 'possum was recently j
cnuKht In the hills of t'nion district j
by States Dunn. Dunn is a famous |
hunter and trapper of the i-hist Side '
and according lo the reports h-ts caught j
twenty of these animals thits season..
West Main St, Bell Phone 93 M
daughter. Elizabeth, have returned
from a visit to Fairmont.
J. C. Clelland. of Ilellaire. Ohio,
'pent Sunday in this city visiting with i
Ills family.
Mr. and Mrs. Donley Jones have re-j
turned from a visit to Wheeling.
Mrs. Zana Blackshere of Main street,
has returned from a visit with relu-j
lives in Morgantown.
Mrs. A. C. Terry am! daughter have
returned irnm a visit won trnnus m
Clyde Pish, of Jamestown. X. Y.. is!
a visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
D. S. Kerry In the ilomcvood addition
Mrs. Clover Benrdsley and children, j
and Miss Antes Johns, of N'e.v York, j
are here for a visit with the former's j
Mrs A. \Y. Pilchard and Mrs. Cites-5
ter Priehard Have returned from a
visit to WheelinK.
O. X". Kot-n has roiio for a visit
lo his ranch at Lamar. Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Matklln. of
ParkersliurK. are guests of the hitter's
parents Dr. and Mrs. C. II. Ice
Walter Black. Prank Leech ami Ed.
uituKimn nave icmrneu irom rillsburfih
whore they attended the TechPitt
football paniP.
I. M. Hupp has returned from
Moundsville where was visiting
with his family. *
Dr. 1*. II. Pcbcndarfor has returned "
front a professional visit to Wheeling. i
Mrs. t\ ! : White and Mrs. J. It.
Shirley. of Tidioute. Pa . are here for
a visit with th" lattcr's brother. Prank
W. Shaw.
bedside Is to the effect that he will >
be taken to a .Pittsburgh hospital for ?
treatment. i
Will Discuss Night School?A meet I
ins of ilir.se interested in the organi-1 '
ration of an evening school to he con-1'
ducted for those who are unable to]'
attend school during the day. will he
held on Friday evening at 7: UO o'clock i
at the High school building when thai
promoters of the night school will he ,
present and a conference will lake' ,
place. All thoso Interested in the i ,
project are asked to he present.
Suffrage Meeting Postponed?The t
meeting of the Political Equality club ,
scheduled to take place this evening j
at the clnh rooms In the Court house. I
has been postponed until next Tuesday I
evening. November lis. 011 account of I '
conllicting dates. 1
Lady Owls To Meet?The Lady Owls
of this city will hold a session Thursday
night at in their roonts in '
t lie K. of P. hall. Very important hitsiness
is to be discussed and a full attendance
of members has been urged, t
Wrong Dan in Story?In an account .
of the manner in which the colored i
Democratic voters were brought to the t
polls In this city and voted despite ,
the challenge of the Republican work- t
ers on election day, Dan Harris, col I
ored. was reported to have assisted. '
Tilts name was an error and should
Full o? interesting situations tl
nearly every city or town.
Everyone who lias llio least, ei
ress ami tile freedom to advance
Every local business itu
Women's Club Members
Members of all trade b<
Board of Affairs,
Police and Firemen,
Church people and mini:
Newspaper men, politic
Doctors and Lawyers,
Wives, Mothers and Da
Each will fiml much of special
of this story as portrayed on tli
|gfelii/r VSM! MY MAW ^
gpfp^f B0V6HT IT HERE Y
When You Find Prices Els
Too High for You?K<
That Alway!
Regardless of prevailing
"Underselling" prices ena
goods for less money here
Ladies' Winter Suil
of all-wool serge, in black, navy i
brown, fur trimmed or plain tailor
This season's newest models, ft
worth $15.00 and more, our unders
ing price is
lavo lipen Dan Anderson. colored. in-1
tend 01' Dan Harris.
Night School at Rivesville?Tumor-j
o\v ui^lit the Uivesvillc Hiuh school,
ivill hold a special night session t??I
vhich all tin- patrons of the school ami I
iti/.ons of iho commtinity ravo been!
uvited. This is the lirst night scs :
ion to he held this year at Uivesvillc
iticl the regular routine work ui the
High school day will he given. This ,
eeital of classes is to give tlic patrons
ivho 8tt?>in1 an idea of how tin* llikn
.chool i? being conducted.
School Fair at Joetown?Friday
light of this woi'k the first school i
air will be held al tlrungoviiie, which 1
is commonly known as Joetown. in
Mannington district. A splendid pronam
has been arranged and the pro
do. of the community are much inter
Woodmen Meet Friday?A mooting
d tho Modern Woodmen of America
las boon culled for Friday night of i
his week and will he held in the lodge
(joins in the Skinner building at 7:30.
important, business is scheduled and |
i good attendance is expected.
Moose To Initiate?Thirty-iive canlidates
are to he initiated into the lo?al
lodge of .Moose tomorrow night.
\ special meeting has boon called
'or 7:30 Wednesday evening and all j
he members are planning to attend, j
\rrnngemonts will also be made at
bis time for the smoker and luncheon
o be held November 2i?. Col. it. S.
Fucker will address the members to
Morrow nignt.
lat parallel local conditions of
vie pride and believes in progshould
see it.
s. Ask
9dlCs' Someone
Who Has
fans,' Read the
, . | JJUUK
lighters |
interest in the various phases
ic screen.
riMpES 10c
7 " ~ iw
- ? mw V y
Tturest. V
W? "3? A r
~'1" fufW^ _
NG, NOVEMBER 21, 1016L |
ewhere a Little (or Much)
?ep in Mind this Fact:
> Undersells
retail prices elsewhere,
ble you to buy the same
ipsai <
Tin* Kighth Ward Uible clans will
hold a ba/nar ami ? \change In the
('iti/.ens Dollar Snvines mini* i%nilfl(ti>*
Thursday. November Hi*. Arivt.
; Found At Last. Shows Results In
Three Days Says Local Druggist
If your nre rii|ililly losing your hair
and fear baldness Mountain city drug
store invites you lo make a tliroo days'
tnsl of i'urislun tinge. It' ii dons not
stop ilio txrnsslvi' loss of bulr and
make your imir and scalp look and
1 feel at letist 100 per cent, better, they
will return your money.
Hundreds of men ami women have
written telling of the phenomenal results
obtained by using I'urislun Sage,
l'eoplc who were bnlil shy they now
Blory In their beautiful lialr. Others
who have had dandruff for years Httv
they But a clean, healthy scalp after
just a few applications of this splendid
No matter whether you are bothered
with fallhiB hair, prematurely gray
hair. dry. dull anil brittle hair. oily,
f greasy, stringy hair, dandruff or ltchi
ing scalp, this well-known local firm
| invites you to try I'arislau Sage at
' their risk. It' It succeeds the cost is
trillling. and should it fail the cost Is
j nothing. No string or red tape to this ?
money back offer. If your hair Is J
worth saving. Parisian Sage is worth
trying, and a large bottle is lnoxpen- . )m
sive at your favorite drug or toilut
Referring: to Nerv-Worth
N. M. Kcssor Tells How
It Helped His Wife.
This superlative family tonic bi>
tlnno so much for so many suiTorlni.
j people that it now finds n permanent
! place in thousands of family medicine
closets where it is as much of a staple
as camphor. Hero's proof of the statement:
"My wife is Oft years old and has
been in poor health a number of years.
Stomach trouble, indigestion, rheumatism
and nervousness. Appetite was
not good. Was not very stout. Felt
drowsy and 110 ambition. Would get
up mornings with a tired feeling.
"Mllu Ititu tl-l.,,1 inimhoi, ?
cut kinds or medicine but did not do
any good. I Ins taken (our bottles of
Nerv-Worth anil it has done her morn
good titan anything she lias ever taken.
She has better health than she
has bad for years. Going to continue
taking Xorv-tVorth (or a while (or we
think it In n good medicine to have J|
in the house, both myself and wifo '
most rhcerfttlly recommend NervWorth."
South Parkcrsburg, \V. Va.
Your dollar buck at Crane's Drug
Store. Fairmont, if Nerv-Worth does
not benelit YOU.
i wvwnm OC^
3oD- | UAFTA

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