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pnSS$Effi' 1
; '.Declares That Their Operation
Should Not Be Stopped
or Interrupted hy the Concerted
Action of Organized
Bodies of Men Until a Public
Investigation Shall Have
Been Instituted.
, , one of the shortest messages
ever sent to congress President
KR JL Wilson urges that early action
ft it be taken to complete his prof
(trnm of "settlement and regulation"
v' recommended at the Inst session. The
j>> Uossage In full Is aa follows:
' Gentlemen of the Congress:
' In fttlSlllug at this time the duty
t utu uyuu me ny me ronftirutton or
Bjftj wtnmnnlcatlng to you from timo to
am* information of tho Mute ??f the
?' Villon and recommending to your mnalderat.lon
gueh legislative measures an
^n.jlDBy be judged noressnry and ex peril.
. . ,ent I shall continue tho prnctlce. which
&V'5Xhope has been acceptable to you. of
I; '-leaving to the reports of the several
iheads of the executive departments
r' |jthe elaboration of the detailed needs
t the public service and confine inytelf
to those matters of more general
public policy with which it seems nee
f<(ssary and feasible to deal at the pres
bnt session of the congress.
{ I realise the limitations of time tin
lifler Which you will noeessnrlly act at
!thls session and shall make my stig
;'k :]gestlons as few as possible, fttit there
j?ywere some tilings left undone at the
K'.'-flast session which there will now he
"time to complete and which It seems
necessary In the Interest of the public
to do at once.
Tha Railroad Problem.
In the first place, It seems to me lm
perstlvely necessary that the earliest
possible consideration and action
should be accorded tho remaining
'measures of the program of settlement
hDd regulation which 1 had occasion to
recommend to you at the close of your
last session in rlew of tho public danders
disclosed by tbe unaccommodated
oimcumes xvntcn men exisreii and
which still unhappily continue to ex
1st between the railroads of the mum
try and their locomotive engineers,
- Conductors and trainmen.
I then recommended:
First, Immediate provision for the
. enlargement and administrative reor:.
ganlzatlon of the interstate commerce
. commission along the lines embodied
In the bill recently passed by the house
Of representatives and now awaiting
X action by the senate In order that the
' commission may ho enabled to deal
with the many groat nnd various dn'
ties now devolving upon It. with n
promptness and thoroughness which
are, with Its present constitution and
Ineans of action, practically Impossible,
j Second, the establishment of an eight
hour day aa the legal basis alike of
' Work and of wages In ihe employment
;Ot all railway employees who are a>
tually engaged In the work of opera t1
Ing trains In Interstate transportation.
Third, the authorization of. the ap|
polntment by the president of a small
- body of men to observe the actual re i
suits in experience of the adoption of
| the eight hour day In railway trnnspor fr?.
tatlon alike for the men and for the
r* Fourth, explicit approval by I lie conmi'j
gross of the consideration by the Interstate
commerce commission of ho
Increase of freight rates to meet stteh
additional expenditures hv lite ruil
roads as may have been rendered necessary
by the adoption of the eight
; hour day and whleh have not been offI
set by administrative readjustments
J and economies, should the facts tils'0
closed Justify the Increase.
.'i Fifth, an amendment of the existing
federal statute which provides for the
, mediation, conciliation nnd arbitration
a;--v wx guv.u tunuwiri^ii ^ i?.- i iiu [irt'.M'lIT UV
> adding to it a provision llint. In east*
the methods of accommodation now
provided for should fall, n full public
; Investigation of tho mollis of every
aueh dispute shall be lustiiuted and
,y. completed before a slrike or lookout
knay lawfully be attempted.
Control by the Executive.
And, Sixth, the lodgment In the
Hands of the executive of the power,
In case of military necessity, to take
control of such portions nnd si: 'h roll!:
Ing stock of the railways of the country
as may be required for military
use and to operate them for military
V' purposes, with authority to draft into
the military service of the VniteJ
States such train crews and ndminisfyi
trative officials as the circumstnuees
S, require for their safe and efficient use.
Jy The second and third of these recis,:
ommendatlons the congress immediately
acted on: It established the eight
[ hour day as tho legal basis of work
rf and wages in train service and It nu"...thorlxed
the appointment of a eomtnisBu'
alon to observe and report upon the
S : practical results, deeming these the
- measures most immediately needed, but
0 it postponed action upon the other sugj|.
/gestious until an oppurttuiity sliould lie
offered for a more deliberate consider^
y atlon of them.
The fourth recommendation I tlo not
deem it necessary to renew. The now>1
g - CHARLESTON', W. Va., Dec. o.?
Tor the next 75 weeks R. C. Smith of
.; Logan, will receive from the worki;
men's compensation fund $5.15 a week.
. Smith was injured while loading coal
E Over one year ago. John Phillips, a
glass blower ot Huntington, was
f awarded $8 a week for 60 weeks, and
B. L. George, of tVhiteeville, was al1
lowed $5i71 a week for about three
I years because of the accidental death
ft ot his son. a minor.
i o- c] j
To past a law which forbadt or
prevented the individual work- i
man to leave hie work before receiving
the approval of society
in doing so would be to adopt a
n*u< n?i noinln intn mii> l.iriaxx..
!? . ?>)<>? ww. jw. ..p. wdenco
which I take it for granted
we ore not prepared to introduce.
But the proposal that the
operation of the railways of the
country shall not be stopped or
interrupted by tho concerted action
of organized bodies of men j
* until a public investigation shall (
have been instituted which shall I
make tho whole question at is- .
sue plain for the judgment of the
opinion of the nation is not to >
proposo any such principle. It is ^
bnsed upon the very different 1
principle that the concerted ac- t
tion of powerful bodiea of men <
shall not be permitted to stop the f
industrial processes of the na- <
tion. :
|. 0 ;
or of I ho Interstate commerce connnls : ]
slon to grant :iti increase of rates on ,
t' ground referred to Is iml, ,
clear, ami a recommendation by the'
congress witli regard to such a matter ,
(might scent t?> drnxv in question the j ,
rcojh' of the commission's authority or. ,
its inclination to do Justice when there ,
Is no reason to doubt either.
; The other suggestions?the increase |
In the interstate commerce com mis- (
slon's membership and in its facilities (
: for performing Its manifold duties, the . j
provision for full public investigation j ,
and assessment of industrial disputes, j
and tho grant t<? the executive of the ; 1
i power to control and operate the railways
when necessary in time of war or
other like public necessity?I now very
earnestly renew. J
New Legislation Necessary. ,
The necessity for such legislation 1* ,
manifest and pressing. Those who have ,
intrusted us with the responsibility , ,
and duty of serving and safeguarding; }
1 them in such matters would ttnd it ,
, hard. I believe, to excuse a failure to1 1
i act upon these grave matters or any
i unnecessary postponement of action.
Not only does the interstate com
mere* commission now find it practical- j
Iv impossible, with its present member-j '
,?hip and organization, to perform its j 1
great functions promptlv and thorough-j *
ij, nill 11 is nor uniiKciy runf it may i *
presently be found advisable to add to f
Its duties still others equally heavy and I I
exacting. It must first he perfected as ! t
an administrative Instrument.
The country enimot and should not
j consent to remain any longer exposed
to profound industrial disturbances
for lack of additional menus of arbl- ,
tratlou and conciliation which the con
I greas can easily and promptly supply.
I And all will agree that there must be j
no doubt, as to the power of the oiecu | j
five to make Immediate and uninter
rupted use of tlie railroads for the con- i i
centration of the military forces of the !
nation wherever they are needed and I
whenever they are needed.
! Tills is a program ??f regulation, pre ;
rent Ion and administrative efficiency ,
which argues Its own case in the mere
statement of !r. With regard to one of
Its items, the increase in the efficiency
of the interstate commerce commission.; j
' the house of representatives has a I- !
ready acted. Irs action needs only the
. concurrence of the senate. <
To Safeguard Industrial Processes. I
I would hesitate to recommend, ami , t
I dare say the congress would hesitate ^
to net upon the suggestion should I t
moke it. I lint any man in any oecupn- f
tlon should he obliged by law to con- | |
tlnue in itn employment which he do- j ,
sired to leave. t
To pass a law which forbade or pre- j
vented the individual workman to leave i ,
his work before receiving the approval x
of society In doing so would he to 1 j
adopt a new principle Into our Juris- J j
prudence which I take it for granted t
. we arc not prepared to Introduce. But
the proposal that the operation of the
railways of the country shall not he
stopped or Interrupted by the concerted
action of organized bodies of men 1
, until a public investigation shall have r
been instituted which shall make the '
whole question at Issue plain for the f
Judgment of the opinion of the nation j J
is not to propose any such principle. j
It is based upon the very different [
principle that the concerted action of (
powerful bodies of men shall not he (
permitted to stop the industrial pro- (
esses of the nation, at any rate before T
i the nation shall have had an opportu- i
nity to acquaint Itself with the merits 1
1 of the case us between employee and
j employer, time to form Its opinion upon
' an impartial statement of the merits. ! i
it nil nimnrl unit v In emi<iih*r nil m-aoti. ?
: cable menus of conciliation or arbitra1
tint). j
; I can roc nothing in that proportion j
hut the justifiable safeguarding by society
of the necessary processes of Its
very life. There is nothing arbitrary
: or unjust In It unites it be arbitrarily ,
and unjustly ilone. It can and should
: bo (lone with a full and scrupulous re- !
gard for the interests and liberties of
all concerned as well or for the permanent
interests of society it self.
Three matters of capital importance
j await the action of the senate which
I have already been n?*tod upon by the
j houaeof representatives (he hill which
. seeks to extend greater freedom of ,
' combination to those engaged in pro?i
: ^
Urges the Passage of the
Corrupt Practices Act Regulating
the Expenditure of
Money In Elections and Favors
More Freedom of Combination
to Those Engaged
In Foreign Commerce.
urn lug the foreign enmmerre of the,
tountrjr thnn 19 now thought hv some i
:o lie legal unilor the terms of the|
nws against monopoly, the hill amend- >
tig tlio present organic law of Porto!
Rico ?nd the bill proposing a more j
thorough and systematic regulation c?f
ho expenditure <?f money in elections,
ommouly called the corrupt practices'
lot. I need not labor my advice that
these measures he enacted Into law.
Their urgency lies in the manifest clrmmstntires
whb h render tbelr adopion
nt this time not only opportune
but necessary. Kven delay would sedoualy
jeopard the interests of the
country and of the government.
Immediate passage of the l?i>! to regulate
the expenditure ?-f money It:
elections may seem to lie less neces 1
*nry than t'e immediate enactment of
the other measures to which I refer,
because at least two years will elapse I
before another election in which federal
offices are to be tilled, hut it would 1
greatly relieve the public mind If this
Important matter were dealt with
while the circumstances and the dangers
to the public morals of the present
method of obtaining and spending
campaign funds stand dear under rerent
observation ami the methods of
expenditure can be frankly studied in
the light of present experience. And a
ilelny would have the further serious j
lisadvantage of postponing action un-1
til another election whs nt hand and
<ome special object connected with It
might be thought t?? |>o in the mind of.
those who urged It Action can he!
taken now whh facts for guidance and I
without suspicion of partisan purpose.)
Enlarging Our Export Trade.
I shall nor argue at length the de- '
rtrablllty of giving a freer hand in the
natter of combined and concerted effort
to those who shall undertake the!
ssontinl enterprise of building up our!
export trade. Thar enterprise will
presently, will immediately assume.
3 C
Immodiate passage of the bill
to regulate the expenditure of
money in elections may seem to
be less necessary than the immediate
enactment of the other
meastirss to which I refer, be- !
cause at least two years will
elapse before another election in
which federal offices are to be
filled, but it would greatly relievo
the public mind if this important
matter were dealt with whilo the
circumstances and the dangers to
the public morals of the present
method of obtaining and spending
campaign funds stand cloar
under ' ecent observation and the
methods of expenditure con be
frankly studied in the light of
present experience
y :
iRs indeed already assumed. n masxilude
unprecedented in our experience.
IVe ba \ c imt the necessary Instrmncn4\llt1es
for its prosecution. It is tfromvl
rn doubtful whether they could
ip created upon nn adequate sen 1c tin-1
ler our present laws. Wo should clear '
iway nil legal obstacles and create a
nsU of undoubted law for It which
prill give freedom without permitting
inregulatod license. The thing must
ie done now. because the opportunity
s hero and may escape us If wo liesl*
ate or delay. {
The argument for the proposed'
intendments of the organic law of
dor to Rico Is brief and conclusive. Thej
iresent laws governing the island and i
egulntlng the rights and privileges of'
ts people are not. Just. We have ere
ited expectations of extended prtvlege
which we have nor satisticil.'
There Is uneasiness among the people i
>f the Island and even a suspicious
loubt with regard to our intentions,
oncernlug them which the adoption
>f the pending measure would happily
tmnve. We do not doubt what we
vish to do In any essential particular.
IVe ought to do It at once.
Lnaislativa Annolt Enrir.hart.
There are other matters already nil J
ranrert to the ulnae of conference he
ween the two houses of which It Is |
lot necessary that I shoultl spenti 1
Some practicable basis of agreement
onCernlng them will no ilonbt hcj
on nil and aetlnn taken upon tliein.
Inasmuch as this Is, gentlemen, prnh
thly the last oeeaslnn I shall have to'
iddress the Sixty-fourth congress. I
tope that yon will permit me to sai ;
clth what genuine pleasure and satis '
action I hare co-operated with you In
ho tunny measures of constructive:
lolley with which you have enriched
he legislative annals of the country.!
t has been a privilege to labor In sneh
ompany. 1 take the liberty of eon-;
tratnlntlng you upon the completion!
if a record of rare servicenbleness and
% ?
- , \
??<???? **.
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of birth ot' the $50,000 Yorkshire es
tatc left by the late Rev. Charles
Rehire "Teddy" was born, in 1910
Rev. Slingshv willed his princely es
tatc to the "first male heir" born to any
of his children.
The llritish court of probate and dl
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' heir as the son of C. II. I?. Slingsbv,
s j the boy's full name being llharles Kuj
gene Edward Slingshy. But appeal was ;
f; taken lo the higher court hy r. M. It. j
-1 Slitigsby's two younger brothers who
i | claimed "Teddy" was the son of Lillian
Anderson of San Francisco, and
- had been adopted by the Slingsbys
i ' Ihrotich nn nrlvnrt ic/i???r??if
! The court of appeals reversed the !
! decision, and the Sliugsby's took the j
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- ..-a., M , , J V V' ?
MORGANTOWN, W. Va., Dec. 5 ?
Rear Admiral French E. Chad wick.
P. S. Is"., retired, and Mrs. Chadwlck.
at Newport, R. I., arrived yesterday I
?t Morgantown for a visit of several
lays In that city, the Admiral's btr'hSlace.
He Is to deliver the annual address
to the Alpha of Phi Kappa fraternity
of West Virginia university tonight
in Commencement hall of the
Publisher to M'et In Charleston
CHARLESTON, W. Va.. Dec. 5.?
Col. Joe J. Stvope, McDowell county
newspaper editor and president of the
West Virginia Publishers' Association,
lias called a meeting of all the publishers
of newspapers in the state to
be held in Charleston, January S and
3. in making the call. Col. Swope says,
"there never has been a time In the
history of our state that was fraught
with as many dangers and onceriainI
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