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i s. ? -r=r- ";"tnlv p atttmont"westvmgiyiicthur^dayyvening7december 7. 1910. pmce two cekts associated press 'j
k. established 1868. today's news today h aikmajini, wxl/ji virvvjn , __
' 10 LIBERALS 10
: ME PEACE 110
Unionists Too, It Is Believed
Will Hold
\nd Sir Edward Carson is
Expected to be in New
I Government.
LONDON. Dec 7.?It having been
decided definitely that David-Lloyd
I Oeorgc will undertake the formation
Iof a ministry political circles today
were interested chiefly In the personnel
of tho new cabinet and the prospect
of the new premier for getting
together a combination that will have
the support of a majority in the House
of Commons.
Few if any of the Liberal members
of Mr. Asquith's cabinet arc likely to
accept office under l.loyd-George and
some of the Cnionist members like J
Austin Chamberlain and Lord Robert
Cecil are likely to stand aside. How.
ever it is assumed tliat at a conference
rit Jiucklngham palace they asMired
the new premier of their benevolent
neutrality thus making bis task
much simpler.
Am fur as the cabinet is concerned
L ilie new nremier has a nucleus in A.
I Donar Law, Lord Durby, Lord Curzon,
Sir Frederick I- Smith and Sir Edward
Carson, while Ciscount Reading,
the Lord Chief Justice, is likely to
join the ministry. Ollu r Liberal members
may be drawn from men sin,., as
Sir Frederick Cawley, member of the
House of Commons from the Perst\
wlch division of Lancashire and Sir
George Pollard, member from the Ecclos
division of Lancashire, who al
though the public have heard little 01
them have done efficient work in committees.
Dr. Cristopher Addison, parliamen!
tary under secretary for munitions, is
Vialmost certain to have a place in the
cabinet and Col. Winston Spenser
Churchill, former First Lord of the
Admiralty, is slated for high office.
Under the circumstances It is believed
the construction of a cabinet
will be put a matter of a day or so and
that bv Monday the new government
will meet.
The new government will meet the
House of Commons to lcHrn what
manner of reception will be accorded
... A test of its strength can be mado
on vote of credit which must bo moved
Today's session of the House of
Commons was expected to lie a formal
one. it being doubtful whether any of
the ministers would put in an appearRncp.
The House of Commons adjourned
till Tuesday. A meeting of the Liberal
party over which Mr. Asquith will
preside' will lie held Friday.
II According lo the Central News
I, fioclation the labor party has decided
Kto accept an invitation to l)e represented
in the new government.
PITTSBURGH?Edward Manning
Bigelow, former state highway commissioner
of Pennsylvania who had
lust been reappointed Director of
Public Works of Pittsburgh, a position
in -which tie served with much
distinction in former years, died in
f a hospital as the result of an operation.
Mr Bigelow hud born ill for
several years.
CONNEU.SVIU.E ? Fire which
started in the residence of Mrs. Ann
savior on Barrett street. Ohiopyle. a
summer resort near here practic ally
wiped onl the business section. The
uiss is estimated at $4?.QOO.
WASHINGTON'- There Is little
Jiopo that the Eighteenth regiment of
Pennsylvania infantry now on drtty
on the Mexican border will he relieved
in the immediate future. A deie,
gation from Pittsburgh including the
' mayor which called upon the President
was giien very little encouragemcnt.
NEW YOHK?According to Joseph
Hartlgan, commissioner of weights
nnd measures. 12 men lu this city are
responsible for manipulating food
prices for the entire country, lie
recommends the calling of a special
fedenal grand jury to investigate the
I.OXDOX?Twenty-six women were
killed 111 an explosion In a British
munitions plant it is announced.
1 The Campagna.
The (.'ninpiignn is the great plain surrounding
the city of Koine, rolling gently
down, like a quiet sen. over the
hones of dead cities from the moiinlailis
to the Mediterranean. It is a low.
desert level tufted with rusty grass and
haloed by a inlst of romance nnd malaria.
It Is one of tlie most historic
And most ualiealthful bits of country in
die world. A slow, subtle bcuuly belongs
to it. which tins taken powerful
hold of some and which others never
Parental Opposi
Keep This Be
! A talc of (icniun courage, pluck and
persistence was unfolded today in the
county superintendent of school's of!
fire when Mrs. Simon Kricger came in
;inil asked Superintendent Toothmati
I to grnnt her daughter a permit to at'tend
the High school at liivesville.
.Mrs. Krieger has two children,
Frank a tut Caroline liouptnian. her
second liUHhand being Simon Krieger.
Frank is a bright and ambitious lad of
IK. speaking German fluently, yet desiring
with all his heart to acquire a
good education in this country. His
stepfather, however, thought that the
hoy. being above the school age. and
should go to work.
After his stepl a titer's refusal to allow
him to attend school Frank used
to work all day and when Ids chores
were completed would steal down to:
the school house near his home at
___ i
|Fale of Visiting Armies is
Not Learned From the
Tlio brief dispatches in which the'
fall of Bucharest was announced left [
in doubt the fate of the armies which
were resisting the advance of the Teu- j
tonic invaders. It is assumed in most
entente quarters, however, that there j
i was no "last stand" by the Rumanians I
j before their capital ami such news as |
had trickled through from German
sources indicates that Hueliareat was!
virtually deserted when the Teutonic
forces entered. The city is said to have
been found uninjured.
Military commentators in the en-'
tente capitals point to the probabilityi
that the action just prior to the cap-'
j tare of Bucharest were fought merely!
I with a view to delaying the advance I
of held marshal Von Mackensens forc-l
es and aiding in the escape of the!
main body of the Rumanians. The j
capture of I'loeehti. the railway jtine-i
tion its miles north of Bucharest how-!
ever, may have blocked the retreat i
of a part of the Rumanian forces.
German opinion is expressed to the
effect that the Rumanians have decided
to abandon all of Wallaehia, the
main portion of Ire Rumanian kingdom
and retire to Moldavie their nortli
eastern province where their fronts
would he materially shortened
and where they would he in cfciso j
touch with the Russians.
Emperor William has sent following
telegrams to Field Marshal von Mackonsen
in command of Teutonic forces
on southern Rumanian front: "It Is
your Excellency's birthday today and
the ever memorial capture of Bucharest
the eapital of tiie treacherous enemy
who was the last io appear in arms
against us. gives me the occasion my
| dear Field Marshall, to express my im
j perlal thanks and fullest recognition
i to you and to the glorious troops of
i the Danube anil the armies under your
' leadership who by the greatest exer!
tion have achieved extraordinary ex!
ploits. All Germany regards with
I pride iter own son and those of ho*.
: n||lr.u ...Ii,,... , 1.... 1...I'l, C!n,fa Sftla t.-tll
. bo a Iniifl mark on the road to a complete
Field Marshall von MacUenscn was
. born on December 0. 1SF.?.
| "Tito tall of Bucharest is wothont
, military significance but 1 have no do
! aire to underrate the fact that its surrender
has a considerable morale and
political effect." said (leneral F. 13.
i Maurice, chief director of o^-rations
j at the British War office, discussing
; with the Associated Press today tho
latest military operation of the entente
The War office said today that there
was nothing to report front Franco!
Belgium front.
I Came to Fairmont
For $50 Change
' There must not. be chance for fifty
i dollars in Clarksburg for a young man
Hoar! Martin 1(1 years old of that city
| was sent, out from the Commercial
. Hotel this morning to gel change,
i ITo rame to Riirmont for it. When
! lie got liore iio was picked up as lie
I was leaving a hank by officer S.
Pltzor and taken to llic city jail. He!
managed to get to the jail in time'
for dinner for when the $">" or r;tt!i-;
or what was left of il was tttketi from j
him he was given his "slum."
He told the police Hint lie was on |
his way home itt Detroit hut that lie i
wanted to go in style. He therefore i
visited a local store and paid down]!
$10 on a suit which hail to lie altered j
for liim. The chief of police at I'
Clarksburg is sending an officer here
to tako Hearl and the elmnge buck to
the Commercial Hotel. Martin was
employed at the hotel, his mother be,
ing housekeeper there
sffi'V i;
tion Fails to
>y From School
Hoult and there after four o'clock the
teuchT. Sa.n Harris gave iiim private I
i list not ion. 'I'll is Happened last year
and once or twice each week Frank
would come to the superintendent's
i ffiro here and borrow books which he
would r??ad and study at. night.
His stepfather. Simon Krieger. died
'Ills spring, so this fall when Frank
wanted to enter the High school at
Hivesvillc he had no reciuired diploma
from the graded school. He came to
the superintendent and was given a
special permit to enter.
His sister. Caroline, aged 18. never I
completed her grade school work, but
she also studied at nights ajul is now
ready to enter High school. Her moth
or came to town today to get another
uf the mastic permits from Mr. Toothmiin.
Moth the mother ant! the ehil
ilren arc of German hlrtlt and have
lived In this country but a few years.
Paris Newspapers Refer in
Gloomy Terms to Rumanian
(By Associated Press!
PARIS. Dec. 7?News of the fall of
Bucharest was received here with sorrow
and mortification although it had
been regarded as Inevitable since the j
battle of the Argechu was lost.
"We understand perfectly" stays thci
Petit Journal "what the Rumanians1
are suffering, for we too have suffer-,
ed the sorrows of invasion. We associate
ourselves sll Hie more with
their grief since we realize with bitterness
of spirit that we are partly responsible
for lite ratastroplie which
was not tine entirely to the military
ability of the enemy's lenders."
All newspapers say that events must j
ho a lesson to I he allies which ought
to spur them on to more rapid and energetic
action and nhovo all to the organized
and effective use of their common
The commentators while generally
gloomy make the point that the Rumanians
having abandoned Bucharest
have now a much shorter linp from
which their armies having emerged Intact
from the claws of Germans enveloping
movement have a good
rhance of holding until allies como to
relief. But It is agreed that with the
fall of Plooehti there appears no probability
of saving the oil fields which
is considered the worst feature of the
???. ?.
Want Check Laws
Changed Again
The quarterly mee'ing of the Fairmont
Business Men association will
take place tonight at 7:30 o'clock at
the Y. M. ('. A. building. At this meeting
the association will take steps to
protect it's members by rearranging
the credit system and by Inspecting
and passing upon tentative hills which
are to ho presented to the next legislature
for enactment.
These hills call for change in the
state laws regarding checks, exemption
from judgments, etc. The bills
were drawn up by Secretary Trevy
Nutter at the request of the members
of the State Business Men's association
at the meeting hold here several
weeks ago.
Plan to Rush
R. R. Legislation
WASHINGTON*, Der. 7 - Administration
ofl'ioials planned today to harry
president Wilson's railroad logisln
nun program through Congress as
amendments to the pending hill increase
membership of the Inter State
Commerce Commission which already
have passed house and now is awaiting
action in Senate.
Adoption of such a plan they believe
would save several weeks of work
that could he required if an entirely
new sot. of bills were introduced. Not
all leaders have agreed to tin- plan
hut the strongest pressure is being
brought to hear for it.
Island Ruined by Goats.
St. Helena, fatuous as the Island
prison of Napoleon, was at one Unto
covered with thick forest. Cattle did
not do there, and ports were imported
to give meat nnd milk for the settlers.
They soon ran wild, nnd betook themselves
to the hills, where tliey multi- j
plied hy thousands, and browsed on
the young trees and shrubs. Today
the island is little hotter than a des- !
Rack Rents.
A "rack rent" is a "rent that Is ;
quivaler.t to the full not annual value
:>f the real property out of which it is- j
atec. or approximately so." Ity statute
n Kngland today rack rent is defined j
is "not less than two-thirds of the full |
let animal value of the lands out of |
fl'hlch it arises."
At Last! Illuminated Keyholes. j
Announcement was made at Harris- |
nirg. Pa., of the format ion of the Violet
Pay Thinmel company, which will
manufacture an enamel which will
?'ivc a clear violet ray at night nnd be
useful in enameling door fastenings,
locks, keyholes, house numbers and
fioorplntes. ? Pittsburgh GazetteI'liiies
Says Amendment Thrusts
Li-- C U_J
i'laiiciiise un oiaies
Against Will
(!iy Appointed I-'rcss)
WASHINGTON. Dec. 7. ? Former
Senator Root in a paper reail here to-!
! day at the opening session of the Anti-,
Suffrage convention outlined his rea- j
son for opposition to the proposed con-1
stitutional amendment to enfranchise j
"I atn against having the Constltu j
tion of the United States ameuded so !
! as to impose woman's suffrage on the
states which do not wish for it, not
(merely, hut chiefly because my judgment
does not approve of* woman's
suffrage but for a much more vital reason."
said Mr. Root's paper. "It is a j
destruction of the right of self govern- j
ment anil a subjection of the people ;
of New York to the government of others.
"Having failed to secure the assent i
to woman's suffrage of such states as
South Dakota and West Virginia aud
New York and Pennsylvania and Ohio,
tlie advocates of woman's suffrage
now seek to compel such states to accept
it against their will and to compel
litem to carry on their local government
and select their representatives
in national government In conformity
to the opinion of the people of
other states who are in favor of woman's
suffrage. I think such an attetnpt
is contrary to the principles of 1
) liberty upon which the American titi!
ion was established and without which
it can not endure."
Villa Hangs An
Amer. Mining Man
? .. 5 i
< I .y AI'MICI.IK (I IVi ; - '
101 j I'ASO. Dee. 7.- Howard Gray, i
i an American mining man at f'arral. |
| Chihuahua, was killed by Villa bandits
when they entered the town No-!
vcmbcr according to telegram re-j
ceivod today b> the Aivarado mining
and milling company.
A messenger who arrived from Par-,
ral shortly after the telegram was!
made public said Gray vv.> hanged by
order of Villa.
Democrats Had I
$1,808,348 to Spend
i I -y \ssocia?o,l Press
WASHINGTON. Dee. 7.?Final report
of the Democratic National com- \
mitt.ee on its campaign receipts and
expenditures filed today shows total
receipts of $1,808,348 and total dishursemeiits
of $l.GS4.r?90. In addition
there are ascertained liabilities of
$97.0(1.*.. claims subject to audit of $99,470
and loan* to be repaid $32,000.
14 . jws
IK ABcu\ Two /
>ANGEt^. S
Youfe-* i
New Milling Company Takes
Over Old Miller Clark
1*1 ?
Present Plant to be Enlarged
and Operated by
Electric Power.
The Fairmont Grain and Milling:
company.incorporated for $00,000 anil j
composed of entirely of Fairmont bus-]
iness men. has taken over the plant]
of the Miller-Clark Grain company and
will operate the grain and milling bus
iness formerly handled by that company.
The plant has been completely
] overhauled, new machinery put in and
the tirst. of the year the Hour mill,
which for some time has not been]
operated, will he started. As soon as
practicable the entire plant will be
elet" riealizod and more thoroughly i
The restarting of the Hour mill will
mean that several additional employees
will he taken on. making a total
of about 25 to he employed at. the I
plant. The brands of Hour to be made
by the company has not been announced
as yet. other than they will manufacture
both a spring and winter wheat.
The company expects to compete!
with other grain and milling companies
in the state; in the east as far
as Haltinuire and west and south Into 1
Ohio and Kentucky. The Miller-Olnrk
properiy is an excellent one for the
i business planed by the new company
and will permit of the enlargement;
thov have in mind.
Daily Newspaper
Men Meet Here
Representatives of most of tho daily
newspapers in West Virginia met at
tlie Country tali tin's afternoon for
the purpose of considering tlio business
situation brought about hy the
abnormal increase in the price of
white paper and the other tilings that
go into the production of newspapers.
One of the things that will he discussed.
it is understood, is tho possibility
of organizing a co-operative purchasing
association. Subscription and ad
vertising rates will also come in for
some consideration. Luncheon was
served at the club prior to the opening
of the business session.
Bryan Opposes the
Railroad Program
fBv A?soclntod
WASHINGTON. Dec. 7.?William J. j
iirynn appeared today before the joint:
congressional committee investigating
transportation problems and opposed
the centralization of power In the federal
government in connection with
the railroads suggestion for federal incorporation
and proposals to lessen
the power of state railroad commissions
by vesting powers in the Inter
State Commerce Commission.
A > ~~ T
^ \ * !
! ?
New German Note Contends
That Sinking Was Within
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. Dec. 7.?Germany
| in a note made public by the State de|
part ment today contends that (\? Brit-;
i ish steamer, Arabia, sunk in the Modi'
terranean on November f?. was in real ,
t ity a transport ship lor troops in the1
service of the British government,,
which is to be considered as an auxiliary
war ship according to international
law and can therefore be treated
like a warship. The Herman government's
attitude, however, like that in
the .Marina case is expressed to lie one
of readiness to make amends if it he
shown that the submarine commander
violated Germany's pledges to the
1'nited States.
What action the State department
will take is problematical. Should it
I l?e shown that the Arabia was. us Germany
contends, a transport, this gov
I ernment probably would admit the
sinking was justified. If. however, it. is
shown that the submarine commander i
was mistaken in holding her to be a!
transport a most serious situation will j
confront the State department.. At !
the time the Sussex was sunk Ger- J
many was told that this government
could not tolerate "regrettable mitakes."
? ?
Last evening at the loeul lodge
rooms n large class of candidates were
taken into the local Moose lodge. This |
makes n total of 100 new members
initiated into the Moose the past four:
weeks. The charter will close Decern- j
ber 20 and the lodge hopes to have a '
membership of at least SCO.
Next Wednesday evening at TioOj
! p. in. a class of 2."? will be initiated and :
all members will be present. C'ol. it.
] S. Tucker is still with the lodge and :
j is giving it his loyal support.
PlTTSUl'ltGH. Dec. ".?Harry M. |
l.aiuiis, treasurer of Pittsburgh, and J
i onn oi me dori Known winners in trie ;
I city, died at. his residence horo of!
| heart disease aged fifty-two years. I
I lie was well known in the Masonic Ira-1
ternity throughout the country.
High Cost of Living
Caused by Dogs
(I'y AssocImtod Pr?ss)
DKS MOINES. Iowa. Dee. 7?Tak-J
tng cognisance of a councilmans as-,
I sertlon that the number of dogs in!
the city boosted (he cost of living the;
city council today voted to appoint an j
official dog catcher. The political |
equality club devoted to woman suf-!:
frago voted today to formulate a boycott
against butter and eggs.
The Weather
Wost vlre'nia? I
.. . Cloudy tonight and
L Friday. Probably
| rain and warmer :
: tonlKht'
WWo](ir>t .1 I Local Readings
F. P. Hall, Ob.
Temperature al
S a. m. today 25.
Wf I Yesterday's weai
ther olonr! tompJ
erature, maximum
' * rr^ar? 52; minimum 24;
nrecloltatlon none.
or w w uw j
Long List of Indictments }
Road in Circuit Court .'Jj
NO Elffiii FRAUDS 1
Judge Haymond Dismisses
Jurors for Remainder M
of Term. *
Forty indictments for violation ol '9
tho Yost law were returned today by
tlie grand Jury which began their ?tc- .?
ond session of this term yesterday. J
Tho prosecuting attorney also desired |
mo cuurc record 10 contain tno ust of I
Indictments on which he had submitted
evidence but which were found,
to not be true bills. A long lUt oi 1
these were read by Clerk W. S. Black.
The foreman of the grand Jury also 1
certified that Clerk Black had 5resented
the tally sheets and poll hooka a
of the recent election as required by
law, but since there had been no artdence
submitted to show that corrupt 4
practices had been Indulged In, th? >J
documents had been turned onrsr to
the prosecuting attornoy,
Judge Haymond dismissed tho Jurors
for the term following tho return |B
of the indictments.
Following is tho list of Indict- w
ments: t, _ ;
Robert Adams, alias Orey Byea,"'-;? I
Irene Baker, alias Irene Williams, Bob
Bradley. Charles Brown, James Casto,
T. C. Clark (five counts), Grace
Crawford (two counts), Urvil Crawford,
Ida ('lemmens. Sam Clemens.
Ollie Davis. Mike Delligattl, John Deli-ware.
Buck Albert. A. C. Glass, Boberl
Glass. Holiert Glass and Melissa > 9
w a I KIT. ynieid I i alio way, Robert Hill 1
itwo counts), James Harris, Alfred
Jolt limit). Onirics Jolmson, Ella Jen- ijj
kins (three oouuts), lMilllip Jones, Phil 1
Jcfuisoii lthree counts), Frank KUflGi/5M[3B
Karl Kline, lijg Lcfllo, Daisy' &JtJg I
(three eountst, Mliinlo Leo (throe Gfl
eouult'l. Maggie Lewis, Sophia Mar- 1
tin, i'aiil Mason, Florence Main, alias M\
Florence Adkiu, Oscar Montgomery
(two counts), Nora McClain (two
counts), Tony O'Duy, Paul Petty, Bet)
Rogers (two counts), C. T. Ruloy, Maggie
Smith (two counts), Andy
(I'otir countsi. Andrew Smith (two ' i
counts), Fred Temple. Berkley Wii- 'Jj
liams, James Williams.
Jamison Inquest J
Begins Today J
Tlic inquisition into the Jamison
mine disaster is in progress this afteriioon
boiore Coroner Frank Lloyd.
The investigation is being held at Bar
rac.kvUio on Hie scene ot the explo- -. >'*. (j*
s ion. Earl Cooper, a mining ?ng(i-;F}S*MM
liccr, was the iiist witness, being ex- 9
nmiiieil at press iiinc. Attorney Frank J
linyiuoud it- ;n'|u-;iring for the Jami- M
sou Coal company.
Bandits Whereabouts 1
is Not Known \
WASHINGTON, Doc. 7. ? Doubt*
that Villa himself was in Chihuabuft(|?OT|^B
when too city was taken from Car- ]
rnnza forces as was reported have, %f!
been raised by the story of a deserter "'&&
trom his hand who says the Duu?t; .'iSjii
chief dirc-c-lcd (lie fighting by telegraph
from litistillos ranch near Chi- . This
story was lorwarded to the 3
War ileparlment today by American . (ffsB
military authorities at EI Paso. '-3
Where Blacking Gets Odor. *aB
Rhnelihieking, snys ilie SdwHflt v
Amerlenn. owes lis peculiar aromatic aj
odor, faintly suggestive of the deep .j
woods, where spruce and hemlock ' ?3
needles pud the ground, to an oil which 1
is manufactured from this same kind : ,'S
of needles. The greater part of this MsS
oil Is distilled in New England durinir
till* win tor
Religion and Water.
The mayor of a tough border town
was about to engage a preacher for '
the new church. "Parson, you aren't
by any chance a Raptlst, are yooT' .3
"Why. no. ant necessarily. Why?"
"Well, I was .lust n-goln' to say we
have to haul our water 12 utiles."
Fairmont Building nnd Loan
Association lias money to lend
on good, improved real estate, jt joa
Information may bo had from
First Floor, Jacobs Bldg. 'j
Girls, boys and labor- figi
ers at 6th Street plant
Monongah Glass Co.

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