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ifc: || Pay NOT what the HAT i
Whatever it is, here it
pick it out because?
m Christmas I
It Millinery Ii
Every trimmed and untri
Our 3rd floor garment
Such Values In
that it is
Many a coa
/SbI^HRIbA "'" be *?''
You have
f/l ? ? i \ large show
1lirnr youcOME
y * m w,Thhethoa."
IH. I lllr add con8lde
//) ) l MEW FA
- UJ L\ AT $15 wltl
*ntl noveltj
And at $16.50, $18.75 and $19.75
darK fancy plaids and SALTS plu<
styles at any price.
Those large cuffs, collars that ar
Bfects. The belted in, flare or full 1
*h? bottom.
At $22.50 to $29.50 the coa
dozen models?trimmed with chns
The real full flare, the belted, belted
urely they're priced way below acti
Silk (50 yard spools) will be 6i
f. ~ ~
| :
Donley S. Jones, Correspondent, 7
Harold Coffman, designated by Con*
: gressman Ncely some time ago to take
the examination tor entrance to the
f United States Naval Academy at ?\nr,
napolis, has declined to accept the
? appointment.
Christmas Bazaar,
S The Queen Esther Circle of the M.
$ E. church will hold a Christmas bazaar
? on Saturday afternoon starting at one
o'clock at the Furbee Furniture Co.
jv' store. A complete line of hand made
j? articles will be on sale.
Revival Services.
A line audience greeted Evangelist
S W. H. Boden. of Ohio, at the Christian
church last night. The sermon was
of special interest to christians, emphasizing
as it did the need of diligence
in winning souls for Jesus. The
song service was in charge of the pas>
tor. B. F. Smith, with a fine choir as.
slating. There will be special scrvices
each evening except Saturday
and the public is cordially invited.
EU * Born. Wednesday, December Gth, to
tMr. and Mrs. Karl Belch, a son.
T. H. Morgan, of Baltimore, Sid.,
I Charles H. Wax and his second wife,
who stands by him, pictures exclusive
to The West Virginian.
Wax is under arrest as the "sweetf"
heart." ot 300-women, swindled and deserted,
and the man expected to solve
mystery of the $50,000 breach of promise
suit ot Miss Rae Tanzer, pretty
factory glr?
is worth, but Vj and less. j!
is ready for you?
la 3 Pushed
n a Corner
mmed hat must be sold!
dept. is now offering
Women's Coats
i hard for us to pick out a
iut here are mentioned a
we know most women are
d in.
lood corduroyB, fancy mixtures, no- |
i and astrachans?belted In, flare I
ill from the shoulder*. Cnlom ... I
, blue, navy, eopen, Mack and
'ed'here"at $12.50 to $29.50 j
only to glance at our wonderfully .
Ing?and you'll see why we urge
all manner of charming coats here j'
distinctive touches that ordinarily (
rably to the cos'. ; 'j
rt their large collars, fur trimmings I
' pockets, collars, etc. They're ex- c
those fancy velvets, mat lambs, t
!h. Several of the most charming '
e fur trimmed In various large ef- f
From the shoulder or yards around
i c
ts here are truly exquisite j li
w very like the real seal it Is?a "
es beaver, Black Wolf, Muffalon. '
I in at side. The large cape collars,
jal worth
r December 11th, Beldlng Spool
:. Main Floor.
9 West Main St., Bell Phone 93 M
i representing the Atlantic Refining Co.. 1
is register* il at the Dartlelt.
T. C. Dickson, of Sistersville, is a '
| business visitor iu town.
A. M. Hunter and Mr. ilitner, of the i
I l ure Oil Co.. with hoinlquart'. rs in r?i
j ternville ere business visitors In town. :
S A daughter was born to Mr. anil |
, Mrs. it. il. Howard at their home on '
1 Clarksburg street Friday, December |
\ the ist.
F. It. Dunning, district superintend-1
ent of the C. D. Tel. Co.. was looking |
; after business interests here IVediies- j
S. Maupiii and Mr. Shemwell. of the |
I Shemwoll oil Co.. who have holdings |
| in the Dents run oil field, arc here'
I troni Washington. D. C.
Miss I'lmiua Bartlett and Mrs. Wni i
Poniroy have returned from a visit to;
Fairmont. |
C'has. Miller, of the Hope Gas Co., in |
spending a few days in Clarksburg. I
Michael O'Grady. of Glencoe, Ohio. I
has arrived in town for a visit with j
friends. !
11. r. Beer, of Mount..-alio, is in
town looking after business interests.,
A. L. Harnett, of Moundsville, was u
recent visitor in tills city.
Miss Jennie Petros has relumed
from Wheeling where she was visitinc
with her sister I i
? "15 J" |
)LVE $50,000 MYSTERY!
nBI^HI^RP^w^' 4,(N^EnH
'" K^H
Bj^aSBBpBB^^^^s^Bl^RL., jBHaW
Wax is said to liavo confessed he Is :
I I ho "Oliver .Osborne" who promised to I
' marry MIbs Tanzer. |
Federal officials charge Wax lived ! i
i by proposing to women and taking j
1 their money. Wax told officials the |
t jingle of dollars wins woman's hearts.
DETROIT, Mich., Dec. 6.?Mrs. Hail-,
lah Hess, maid at the Statler hotel
md heiress to $400,000 by the death of ;
in uncle, Herman Waketleld, of Johnsown,
Pa., says she will use her riches
o give her son n real home and a start
n life.
"It's all for my boy. who is with my
ather near Pittsburgh," she says.
'He's the brightest hoy in all the world
md I am going to give him the advanages
lie deserves."
Of course. Mrs. I less Intends to
pond some of her legacy for herself.
Tntil now she has dressed according
o her income as hotel maid. But she
aved $200 and when notified of the
egacy she went shopping.
When she returned to the hotel her
o-workers could hardly recognize her
n her new clothes. She had discard
d the neat, blue and white suit of the
lotel service for attire of the latest
"1 am a high school graduate and
ny husband is a college man." she
ays. "When lie could not find workj
or a time 1 decided to support myself. j
"Of course 1 will want to liny a great
tiany more pretty gowns and all tlie
itlier pretty tilings wealthy women ;
iave. 1 also want a nice homo.
"I will keep the friends who were
lino when I was a humble hotel maid,
loney can never change tnc in that repoet."
A farmer not lone since referred to
i flock of Barred Rock pullets which
tie possessed as Ills "Dairy Shorthorns."
The metaphor was apt. As the dulry
ihorthorn Is perhaps the best dual
purpose cow which we have, so Is the
Barred Rock the best dual purpose
She Is a heavy layer, lias a hardy
tonstltution, and Is an excellent table
ilril. True she cannot compete with
Ihe best Individuals of the heavy meat
ureeds such as the Brahma or the1
Snchins, lint it takes n Rood specimen
5f tlie special egg producers to rival
ler even la their owa special department.
Origin of Breed.
The Barred Plymouth Rock breed
nrnhabl.v originated in Massachusetts
ibout the middle of the lust century,
it Is said to linve sprung from the
cross of a Dominique cock with a
Black Cochin hen. The Barred Rocks
combine Ihc qualities of both of these
ireeds. They more nearly nppronch !
Ihe Cochin In size hut in other rc-1
qiects closely resemlile the Dominique.'
Since then, other strains hnve been
added. II. B. May of Nntlck, Mass.,
iound tlie stock to lack stamina. He
:rlod n light Bralimn cross on It with
unsatisfactory results. Then he
chanced on n cock which he described
is n grade game and which promised
o give the desired result. The cross
iroved satisfactory. In three years
ill undesirable fentures lmd been bred
Hit. From this May stock of the orignnl
strain has appeared the modern
Barred Rock.
In his work with this stock May
Jevlsed the double system of mating
accessary to produce birds for the
ihow pen. The Ideal In color of this
Vital Statistics
Eleven births registered by Dr. I,.
[). Howard; one death recorded by D.
C. Coplln, undertaker.
Deeds Filed
R. A. Satterflohl et u* to W. R. SatLerlleid,
real estate on the waters of
V '
Mrs. Hess, whose life changes from
that cf a hotel maid to a rich woman.;
as she looked aftor shopping trip as '
an heiress.
Mrs. Hess says she some years ago
a fortune teller told her husband ho i
would he concerned in a legacy in J91G. i
but her husband laughed at the idea.
tWMOwffWW* uu?W>iur??.i<niwt
brood is bluish-gray barred evenly nil
over?both sexes of the same shade
and murking. It was found impossible
to produce this with regularity by mating
males and females of the desired
shade. Consequently the double mating
system was introduced.
These are really two sultvnrietles
of the exhibition Barred Plymouth
Itock. These are usually described as
the male line and the female line. The
exhibition innle la produced by ranting
exhibition males to females of tlio
same line of breeding, these being
much dnrker and less distinctly barred
than the males. The exhibition female
Is produced by mating exhibition
femnles to males of the same line of
breeding, these being much lighter In
shade and usually less distinctly
The color of the Barred Bock la
difficult to describe. It varies In varying
lights and the effect depends much
alao on the width and regularity of
the bars. An now described In the
American Standard the ground la
grayish-white, the dark bars just stopping
short of positive black.
Resemblance to Dorking.
It Is maintained by many breeders
that the quality of the flesh of the
Plymouth Rock approaches to that of
the Dorking. The flesh Is certainly of
good texture and flavor. Considering
their size they mature early. They
are also hardy both as little chicks
and as mature birds.
Their laying capacity Is much above
the average of fowls. Authentic records
are reported of more than two
hundred and thirty eggs per year from
a single hen. They are good winter
layers but for best production they
should not be kept longer than two
the Valley river, Union district. $1500.
C. A. Snodgrass et al to Cinda Ann
Miwe ot al. tract of land on waters of
Joo's run, Mannlngton district, $1450.
J. W. Ross et ux to Harvey F. Summers,
real estate in Wlnfleld district.
? 7i?r
New British Premier Has
Accomplished Big Things
5n Hie rorpor
ill AAIO V/ Ui VV1
LONDON, Dec. 7. ? David Lloyd
George, who was born January 17,
1SG3, is an idol of British democracy.
His extreme radicalism has made htm
at times "one of the most hated men
in England," particularly among the
aristocracy, but on numerous occa-1
sions hp loomed up as "the man of the
hour." He is prominently tho British]
government's man of "push and go," |
energetic, determined and fearless.'
Though a little man, almost frail in j
physique, he is such a powerful fight- ]
er that he scarcely knows the meaning ;
of the word defeat.
As Chancellor of the Exchequer,
he was the author of budget reform j
which opened a new era in the fiscal;
history of the United Kingdom, and
which, by putting uew levies of taxation
on the propertied classes, led to
the great constitutional conflict between
the Commons and the Lords and
tlie curbing of the legislative veto j
power of the peers. Tills political revolution,
aud othor great causes in
which he figured as the popular leader,
notably his successful fight for the
insurance act for protecting the work'"<
/ilooono (iirulnuf flloocn on si nnom. I
111 ? VlUOOUiJ Ugutiiiib ?"U UHVUJ ployiucnt,
and his old age pension
scheme, made him a dominant figure
in the Liberal government.
When, with the sudden outbreak of
the European war In 1914, internal politics
were eclipsed by England's entrance
into the war, Chancellor Lloyn
George was shouldered with the chief
responsibility of financing tue Empire's
part in the great conflict. Though
lie had been one of the chief obstructionists
to great military expenditures
on the part of Great Britain in peace
times, face to face with the war he
tackled the problem of raising money
! with his whole strongth, and set in
motion the first of the great loans
which were floated to meet Britain's
| war cost?estimated at $10,UUU,UUO,uou
a year.
In the midst of these financial problems,
Lloyd George was called to assume
a new role, as Minister of Munitions,
when In May, 1915, a Coalition
Cabinet was formed, and when it was
charged that Lord Kitchener, ilie Secretary
of State for War, had failed to
i supply Hie army with sufficient guns
: and ammunition. It was agreed that
! lie occasion called for one of the
i strongest men in England to awaken
: the country to the paramount neccsi
sity of providing war materials on a
j huge scale. ' The battle of Neuvo
Chapelie," as Lloyd George said, "had
consumed more ammunition than was
used in the whole Boer War."
Safe Bet.
A woman in I'ollsville, Pa., laughed
herself to death, but we are willing
to wager that It wasn't over one of
her husband's jokes.?Detroit Times.
Mother! Your child isn't naturally
j cross and peevish. Sec it tongue is
| coated; this is u sure sign its little
| stonmch, liver and bowels need a
| cleansing at once.
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
I cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't
cut, sleep or act naturally, has Btomach-achc,
diarrhoea, remember, a gentle
liver and bowel cleansing should
I always be the firsi treatment given.
Nothing equals "California Syrup of
j Figs" for children's ills; give a teaj
spoonful, and in a few hours all the
) foul waste, sour bile and fermenting
j food which is clogged in the bowels
| passes out of the system, and you
have a well and playful child again.
All children love thlB harmless, dellclous
"fruit laxative," and it never
fails to effect a good "inside" cleansing.
Directions for babies, children
of all ages and grown-ups are plainly
on tlio bottle.
Keep it handy in your home. A little
given today saves a sick child tomorrow,
but get the genuine. Ask your
druggist for a 60-cent bottle of "California
Syrup of Figs" then look and
see that it is made by the "California
Fig Syrup Company "
The Popular Specialty Store toi
^ Two Days \
? ' Special Kur TyCVW
| Come Here For
I (M
P The Gift She Lih
w No gift is more accept
?3 by the women folk than
?! they when purchased at t
in style. A fur purchase
S?K in style. TODAY and T<
^ special display and sale
^ gift giving. Be here sur
The newest Fur Neck
The newest Fur Muffs
25 styles in Hudson SeJ
Mrs. \V. J. Wiegel returned last
night from Pittsburgh where she had j
oj/uui a wci'A nuu i t'iantua,
Mrs. E. W. Hill, of Morgantown,
spent yesterday here with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Nelll. She was
accompanied home by her daughter
who had spent several days here.
Mrs. Harry Jackson is the guest of
her sister, Mrs. E. G. Donley, in Morgantown.
She accompanied her mother,
Mrs. Louisa Tucker, there, the latter
having been a visitor here for a
Mrs. E. J. Eddy, of Bula, Monongalia
county, who had been the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Jesse LeMasters, has
gone to Morgantown to visit her daughter,
Mrs. Leroy Taylor.
How to Be Rid of
Disgusting Dandruff
The only way to be permanently
rid of disgusting, untidy dandruff is
to correct its oause. Shampooing
merely cleanses the scalp for a few
days, then the scales form again as
thick as ever.
To destroy the dandruff germ and
get rid of dandruff to rgood, part the
i hair and apply a little of the genuine ]
Parisian Stige directly to the bare
scalp and rub it in with the finger
tips for a few minutes until absorbed
| by the scalp. You will surely be
j amazed at the result of even one api
plication, for your hair and scalp will
look and feel 100 per cent bettor.
Only a few days' massage with Parisian
Sage are needed to destroy the
germs that cause the dandruff to form
The scalp becomes healthy, tlio hair
will grow better and show more life
and vitality and you need never be
troubled by dandruff again. Faded,
dull or lifeless hair is quickly restored
to beauty by this simple proressi
which is absolutely harmless,
and will not stain the hair or make it
! Parisian Sago nan bo obtained from
druggists everywhere. It is not expensive.
YOU are cordially invit<
we have on display s
pictures. We have a coir
ings in the newest patter
work is neatly done at rea
Jacobs Building
Purity I ce
Accuracy f
Safety J
Mountain Ci
opposite o
Women'* and Ml**e*' Apcertl
~ I j
f Thursday
mm ?>
ani'rfJ I '
a Woman's Gift | '
'0k |
rA? DAA4> "ITI.M*" fl
iCduoi rui o g ^
able or more appreciated |
furs, doubly welcome are N
;his store, that specializes
d here is guaranteed new S&
DMORROW we will have 88
of fine furs for holiday W
Pieces, S2.50 up to $175.
at $4.50 up to $200.00. ^
il Coats, $59.00 up to $375jS
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepaclcagc
proves it 25c at all druggists.!
a -
* I
Drying Wet Feet I
will not protect you from the
danger of a cold. Don't take I
a chance, get a bottle of Dr. King's \
New Discovery when you feel chilly |
| or choked up. The antiseptic quali- I
| ties of Dr. King's New Discovery I
, kill the cold germs. Its soothing I
balsams and glycerine heals the I
cough strained throat, the gentle . , I
laxative carries off the waste and j I
I your cold is quickly relieved. I I
I For that persistent cough, croup I
and grippe, nave a bottle handy. I
Druggists have sold it for years. '
jr??11?1 AsLyour 1> mart at for /\ fl
' r}f\ V\&M. iMaraond llmnd/Vt
I , Ills in lud ar.rl Oold n>euilic\?y/
sgrn isi ::!hr D'a^y, 1
ft >"?known**Best.Ssfest.AlwsysReiUbla I
3d to visit our store where 11
l beautiful line of framed f 1
lpiete line of frame mold ns
for Xmas trade. Our 1
sonable prices.
Monroe Street
The four elements of sucssful
medicines guaraned
by our label on your /}'
ity Drug Co. J

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