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| r?ieTOestBir.
R&. Katablla'-ad 1S68. Membe
6* the Fairmont Println( and Publli
Eg. W. J. WIEGEL, General Mar
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
C. V. REDIC, Circulation .'.lai
Publication Office, Monroe
I-' Advertlaln* Dept' I Circulation Dept. |
. Sell U8 Corn. 250 I Bell 158 Cone. 850 I
Forelfn Advertising Rcpreacn'ntlve. H(
Eg; Brunewlek Hide.. N-? York, 1 r: W. Mt
Dally (by crrrteir f' per in..utli, pi
f[ Dally, one month ...$ .40 Daily, el:
Dally, three months. 100'Dally, or
All subscriptions payable In advance.
When asking for chimp,, It. address
WBR&i. ,"?* address.
Entered at the Postofflce at Fa rmont
Wtafi reeond class matter.
' '
Subscribers on our carrier routes
West Virginian any evening should
f. ' UNION,"' state the fact and give nu
fand a messenger will deliver a papi
' snce. There is no chargo to tlio a
service, 'l'ho West Virginian plum
subscriber? ibe lir.u i-. , utl
mf?" tlble and this is part of the plan.
T"% ISPATCHES sent out born C
I J say that statements filed by the t
publican and Democratic ibatc
that the Republican organization spent
expenditures of the Democrats were but
[. The figures submitted by the Deinoi
k at to suggest the thought that some misl
- but assuming that they are true as far
the Democratic state executive commit)
big political question of the day is, wb
spent the slush fund that the Democrat
If the corporation machine which d<
cratie party in this state is bent upon n
1 of die corrupt practices law the soonc
jout die better it will be for their interes
I ITwm announced the other day that
jX and Ohio Coal company was mak
ship coal by the river route from its
Jroi. An incline is being built and a ti
'.over the Monongahela, but has not bet
tbeing reconstructed.
At about the same time a report wet
, ton to the effect that the shipments by
1 the Kanawha valley this fall were hcav
I and that the importance of the Kanawh
l..u,L ,i l r ii
I*, tviiii uic curt i muuairy was not iuuy a
of the operators until there was a shorl
the railroads.
Like men interested in many other v
a great deal to make coal operators c]
in which they have been traveling, b
seems to have made some of them do
about the advantages of water transpo
son has been well learned the car' sho
all that it has cost.
Military experts declare that a com]
inland waterways is essential to any w<
gram. The only way to have such a s;
waterways a part of the business fabric
O IXTY indictments for Yost law \
is eloquent proof of the extent t<
ft' , was carried on in Marion county
Kjfe.- just passed. But that is by no means
, a lot more cases were returned by thi
jo.,- , true bills.
It is not too much to say that mo
p - cases could have been made out if th
r? . had been as zealous at .the lime of th
jir . charge of their sworn duties as they
Virgil Highland Was Most
Generous Contributor
to Democratic Fund.
CHARLESTON. \V. Va . Hoc v.?
Kv' The West Virginia ilcimblicau K.v
Hfev: ecutive committee. try Have Cel.-on.
HEc.', treasurer, lias li lei I an after election
SpiY. statement wtlli the secretary of slate
. , suwniuh nini tin IVI1HI i'\ll'MllMUr''M
Hfr1''. ' through headquarters at Clarksburg
HL In the recent campaign wee stiT.JS.V
Wylic W. Bcall, treasurer of the DemoSjgvr.
erotic State Executive roinmltlcc, g?ported
to the secretary of state that
the total expenditures of that organifoi'
. nation were $S.22u, or about $7u more
?e?' than the total contributions received.
Tho Republicans' report showed
fe. that there were 372 contributors, the
Ct, Republican National committee hav
fee Ing given J25.0UU, and V. I.. Highland
|g? ./ of Clarksburg, $2200. The National
Congressional committee eontrihnti d
fV (5,000, and United States Senator Na
> than Goff gave $1,000.
Sw5 - United States Senator AV. K. ChilRE*
, ton today filed Ills post-election statef
ment. showing that lie had expeudeo
p- ; . (3,643 in his campaign.
Sgc A Louisville mechanic lias perfected
$>. * machine for boring holes in butter.
/It is thought by master mochanli s this
K|;- machine solves the lnttter boring prole
Our Own Travelogues.
By Prof. M. T. Cranium.
; i Weeweebloo is or.o of the queerest
Bps-' provinces of Ashtray. The roads aft
1; run sideways and tltc mountains are.
& 10 low It is hard to detect them from
jSL* the rest of the hind.
ps'J On account of the meadow,; being
?n uarrow and running itt one iirco
. * ..! c*** what they, believed
1|ll| (ITl? to which they own a
t hqmk - Nothing is to be g
- alleged offenders whi
r At.QCl.ttd Pr...- a, a5 the pre!ent
St'NTJAT jt agajnj 0f course, i
Con,sao7- fare so well at that
lager. of the grand jury s
K Editor. \ wf,0 during the can
'l'""ager- the law was being >
fact that the grand j
Street. I charged during the (
I conditions.
| Editorial nipt. |
I Bel. 61 Cen.. ?
JKKKT E. \V.\R7>.
idi.-on St.. r:iit"w<? ?pi HE reopening
E8 j. it is announced
ryabie monthly. ' new year, is a
?? ; improvement of indi
it months ...J2.00 ,
10 year 4.00 ; 1
According to the
Bive old as well as j?g tompany, which
: erty. 25 men will I
. Aral Virginia. as t|lc ncw company
' be expected to be in<
APER CALL ! Local consumers
| the product of this li
falling to got Tho ,/\s a matter of fact,
call iVfcolEKN i i , i
m? and residence, industrial community
ir to your door at f' ainnont should mo
ubscrlber for this to use local products
' t0 rendcr 10 Us ll.is is possible. I I,
ivery bei'.iee poa- , ,, ,
city that attains succ
Dispatches from
IKK S, J'Jlll. Nortlii'litTr jiupers
; | the office ol loreii
LLH? midship. That \vi
harlcston last night, J he l<loydreasurcrs
of the Re- thut is needed to
committees indicate | c'uns behave, but i
$07,265 while the trouble. It taxed
i $8,220. 0re>' tn limit "
.rats are so amazing great Knglish speuli
lake has been made, P'"bably could not
as the treasurer of , ice
is concerned, the ! Crlulu bavins
o provided and who ' lb*1 lher,# wll! Uo
s had? *acM 10 Petrograd
ominates the Demo- wlnUr lot lbe Ce'
asking a dead letter *rmi"' the lMt wo
ir the people find it d0 lbe Politician,
t,, Shakespeare who 11
, circumvent God."ON.
v ,. , Fifteen hundred
the Youghiogheny maB savlng fund
ing arrangements to 0U6ht t0 put tho s
mines near Charle- th|a baseba? wcath
ipple which juts out
?n frtr vr*?arc it
twi j ? Notices of the an
are beginning to a
it out from Charles- the newspapers at
water from mines in j.ja|n street gets a
ier than ever before, that a j-mc 0ld dis
a river in connection sh0uld be crowded
pprcciatcd by many yinciallsm like Mai
tagc of coal cars on
Pennsylvania ba
valks of life it takes state association ag
limb out of the ruts action is taken in
ul the car shortage but it is characteri
a little real thinking ing j? tlitB country,
rlation. If the les- tag0 0f excuses to 1
rtagc will be worth j,ear 0? the things
come down,
irehensive system of '
irkablc defense pro- 1 SHOI
astern is to make the ,
in time of peace. 1 A Hindu play w
I successfully produc
,r-M-rc ' gram. We though
fc,/\ 1 o. those Hindu plays s
notations in one lot , tinel.
. which bootlegging jf ^
duiing the summer | an(j pUroila!ie
the whole story, for | Christmas.?L'nlou
: grand jury as not '
1 The Suffragists t
st of these rejected ? ? ,lu"stlon ir
c county authorities ,j-he way to get a
c arrests in the dis- 1 angry and resign,
were in promoting 1 Bryan can testify.tion
the cows are so thin ihey area l
even lenn.
When the cream from these cows is
churned it produces drawn butter.
I Once upon a tyme a woman baa?? I
cake and found no fault with ye cake.!
I There was nothing wrong with ye!
oven or ye frosting.
Olde Stuff.
"Inspector Uafferty characterized
the case as the most remarkable he
had ever dealt with."
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Dec. S.? ,
Life imprisonment was the sentence!,
imposed in Intermediate court liercij
on Robert Darrali. alias "Big East."',
after lie bad entered a plea of guilty
to .in indictment charging him with j
killing Henry Viors. a Kanawha noun*;'
tv deputy sheriff, at Sharon, Cabin '
1 Creek, last summer. Darrah was cap* if
tuntil in Erie, Pa.
Let Us Hope So.
No one la equally wise or guarded j
it nil points and it is seldom that any- j
me is quite n fool.?William Ilazlitt. (
. i
QcJl&JlM "[
i p wuUiof-I j;
(xiimh a '
k I;
^ (kaM. | 5
j No. You should know better thanil
,to solid expensive giftB ro iHdy friends |i
was the interest of the political party i
ained by crying over spilled milk. The
o went scott free are out of their scrape
is concerned. Many of them will do
and the chances are that they will not |
time. Mention is made of the work |
imply to call attention of those folks j
ipaign declined to credit charges that;
iolated in a wholesale manner to the
ury report shows that nothing that was
lampaign did full justice to the actual.
of the Miller-Clark flour mill which
I, will take place about the first of the |
mother, and an important, step in the
ustrial conditions in the Fairmont displans
of the Fairmont Grain and Mill- ^
has taken over the Miller-Clark prop-.
>c employed at the beginning, and as'
ill have ample capital, this force may j
of Hour should make it a point to use!
ocal industry as extensively as possible, j
now that a movement to make this an!
' has actually taken form the people of I
I . _ . * I t . i ? f ?
he u an arucic or their personal tailh I
to the exclusion of all others whenever
lis is the policy ol the people of every
ess as a manufacturing center.
London say The Times and the other,
are urging I.loyd-Gnorge to assume!
:n secretary in addition to the pre-1
II not Ire seconded on this side of the
George lmis'iuencss is the very thing j
make the thick hilled British politi- 1
f it were tried on us there would be,
the abilities of the suave Viscount'
i keep tin1 relations between the two
ting powers lovely. The new premier;
do it at all.
the fashion, it is now prohibit
governmental and military disturband
Paris. It promises to be a fine
ntral powers. What the Teutonic
rd In military organization, could not
at home will do for them. It was
kencd a politician to "one who would
Fairmont people will draw Christ
,uctno uuv iroui toaay. mat
pirit ot Christinas in the air even if
er should persist.
nual meetings of the big corporations
ppear in the advertising columns of
id through them the real name of
little publicity. What a pity it is
tinctivo American name like Adams
tu the side by a commonplace pron.
kcrs at the annual meeting of their
reed to raise the price of bread. This
the face of a falling wheat market,
stir of the whole tendency of retailDealers
are prompt to take advan>oost
prices, but somehow they never
which indicate that prices ought to
ritten 1500 years ago has just been
:ed in l.ondon, according to a cablet
that the movies had cabbaged all
several years ago.?I'arkersburg Sencontinues
parents may make a mislire
crackers for their youngsters for
town livening Genius.
ind the last word in the election and
i Congress.?Connellsville Courier.
, promotion in Great Britain is to get
It won't work on this side, as Mr.
? i'arkersburg State Journal.
Was Weil Trained.
Many a man who permits himself to
be led forth to musical entertainments
lie does not care for will appreciate
the following: "What made you start
clapping your hands when that woman
stepped on your foot In the trnmeur?"
"1 was dozing." answered Mr. Cumrev.
"I thought mother and the girls
were having :i musicale at home, and
one of tliein was sigunling that it wus
time to applaud."
* *
Frank Explanation.
it was at n prlvnto entertainment,
ind u lady had just risen from the
riliino. "Would you like to be able to
sine nntl play ns I ilo, dear?" she
pteried of n llttlo tive-yenr-old miss.
'No, tim'aui." ?as the unexpected roily.
"And why not?" nskod tho lady.
' 'Cause," explained the small observer,
I wouldn't like to have people say
moll horrid things about mo."
Habit of Health.
To acquire the habit of health It la
accessary to cultivate the.ltaldt of ox- |
[tooling it. Cultivate, too, the habit j
if cheerfulness in your daily oceupa- I
don. of optimism in your daily reflec- |
dons, of urbanity toward others, and j
onsidoration for their rights as welt
us extenuation for their failures. 1 1
lelieve we should he healthy in body,
glad in heart, and usplring in spirit.? ,
Mining Marble.
In the mining of huge blocks o? i
nnrble at tho Carrara quarries, exiloslves
nre still used largely. The
lectric s?es are used only occasionilly.
One of the most enjoyable Blrtli-!
lay dinners of this season was bivn
l?y Mrs. Corn Jackson. Miss Nettie
Martin and Mrs. Harrison Martin, I
Dee. 5 in honor of Mrs. Sarah Martin I
if near Monongah who was 72 years i
if age. The dinning room was beauti-i
ally decorated in Xmns colorings |
ind at 12,30 o'clock refreshments j
sere served. Mrs. Martin received J
t number of beautiful presents. There!
icing thirty-one of her friends audi
-elatlvcs presented.
Ruff stuff | ]
Well, ibout ever}- guy In town must !
be a Yo?t law violator from the nutn- j
ber of Indictments returned.
* * * }
The list of killed in Mexico eachij
morning and the llet of bootleggors are 11
about the same size. :'
But why does a guy make whiskey i j
on Water street?
Life In Chihuahua Is just one De-j'
trolt hold-up after another.
* * *
Good way to practice up for next i:
football season or for war should it be i
declared Is to roller skate twice?or i
* *
The city bondB will be sold In noth-1
ing less than tl.000 shares. We hate j
this beeauso we don't carry such small
bills and we might want a few hundred I
of them.
And keep on wanting perhaps until
we are separated?the sheep from the j:
West Virginia football team Is rank-j
ed twelfth In the country and there iare
about 2,000 teams.
. . .
Not bad. hub?
* * *
But twelfth is not good enough ?
ought to be first.
* *
Kirk in for the Time fund.
You are certain where that goes'
but you don't know what happens in .
the money you send to Kiklapoupgit
for tlie Missionaries.
. . .
On the Shiunston basketball team I
there is a Forward Smell.
. . .
Since the fooil price investigation,
started the prices have increased!
II. C- of investigation.
? i
W? believe that Dr. Kulejr will come
out on top in the trial because he it
willing to dobate and the others refute.
The men on the border are yelping
to get back, the men at home are yelping
to get down?and It seems
? ?
Woodrow is going to please them all ;
no matter what it costs the people.
That car that advertises itself by i
running 1.000 miles a week for 20 ;
weeks, will go up like the one hoss
Do your Christmas postcard mailing ;
F.rlif-nrial Comment
on Current Subjects
From the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.
This Is a tree advertisement for rice
Rice is one of the few food products
that has not advanced in price. You
can get about four pounds of rice for
a quarter. A quarter's worth of rice
will carry you further than SO cents'
worth of beef. A quarter's worth of
rice will carry you as far as 50 cents'
worth of flour.
Rice is a wholesome food. Fashion
caused a reduction of the greatest food
value in rice requiring it to be polished.
There ought to be a law forbidding
the whitening of flour and polishing
of rice. The law should be so
that the whole grain should be ground
into flour. People would have better
teeth and better digestion.
But this article is about cheap food
and not about the business of keeping
Rice is the chief diet of about a third
of the population of the world. The j
rice eating Jap whipped the filling!
out of the tallow and flour eating llus- j
i? Yes, spades is ti
Try to
r 1 LiAx/r T/v r> *=? a t>i j i
i s/ i r\jv>.
t== niNure.' sp^PE:
-., ...
rly shopper catches the best:
?se from. Not only that, but
le presents she will give, inst
he last minute.
Boy Need a
r every Boys' Suit, Ovcroff.
f strong, serviceable blue
ures. All seams are doure
Norfolk or pinch back
rbocker style. Just the
) 17 years.
$7.95 Suits .... $6.36
$4.95 Suits .... S3.96
I CHOP EARLY, the ea
I ^ assortments to choc
g urely and comfortably tli
? are those who wait until t
| Does Your
New Suit,.
I or Oot
| T? Reduce Stocks wc offe
g coat of Mackinaw at 20fc
g These suits are made o:
g serges, cheviots and mixti
g hie stitched. The coats a:
g styles; pants are Knicke
g suits boys like. Sizes 6 U
% $3.95 Suits $3.16
? $5.95 Suits $4.76
cj $6.95 Suits
% Mackinaws and Overcoa
I How Many Chi
Make Happy e
Happiness is the greati
brings and it is easy to c
children. Often the simp
g expensive carries a world
Give as little as you wil
| Our Toy Store is filled \
g able playthings, games an
g seek may cost as little as
o: a day to be lost if Christ]
| for you and happy for yo'
g ing your selections tomoi
g gins.
rt ... .
| 25c
sian. A man can go further on a rice!
iliet than on any other single article
of food that is grown.
So. if you do not want to spend all
your money for food, buy rice.
If yon want to have a variety in your
diet, and that cheaply, buy sweet potatoes.
And if you want a dessert buy
some molasses. Hice, sweet potatoes
and molasses are the only food prod
ucts we know of that are not high.
Eat rice, it is healthful; and eat rice,
it is cheap.
MART1NSBUUG. W. Va? Dec. S.?
TJie great transfer sheds of the Baltimore
& Ohio railroad at Brunswick,
Mil., cast of Martinsburg, were destroyed
by fire causing damage amounting
WMPs f Ut"~T __
^ . . .
: :
Tr*^ m *
* . ?
9?*# ? ...,
# rf -f '
. /
v v j . -
.... $5.56
its reduced accordingly.
Idren Will You
n Christmas?
;st gift which Christmas ti
arry happiness to all the tl
lest toy and the most in- J
I of joy to the little ones. a
II but give something.
vith attractive and desir- s
id books and the gift you ti
you desire. There is not b
mas is to be comfortable ?
ur household. Start mak- e
row before the rush be- b
! to almost $200,000. Many valuable ' I
; papers, records anil books were de!
stroyeil, with the office building. Four- 1
j teen box cars, heavily laden with merchandise.
including one carload of ltigh I
priced whiskey and one carload of cotton,
were destroyed.
* ?
Oh, don't you remember tlio sweet
days of yore.
Away back in that motorless age
When a meal was two hits, and you
wouldn't nil v mnrn
j And they used to wear hose on the
J Yes, those were the days when a beau '
said goodby
When the clock un the mantel
struck ten,
' And the boy with a buggy stood more
than arc high
In the world o? invincible men.
Sometimes at a wedding they rode in
a back.
The bride and extravagant groom;
in a funeral, too. to the graveyard an I 1
Why. a bus stood for prodigal gloom!
Before they invented the kitchenette
| ' flat. ,
Or the musical comedy show,
When even the poor could afford to,
be fat,?
Those were jolly old times, long
CHARLESTON. W. Va., Dec. S.?;
On motion of the district attorney.1
Judge B. F. Keller of the'United States i
t'ourl. In session here, has called Ella
Workman, of Boone county, to appear
in court Friday, December 15,
and receive sentence for misappropriating
postal funds wliile acting as
postmistress over ono year ago in n
I small Boone county office. At the
IThe matter of accumulating fun<
Ing capacity begins to wane and flti
ter for serious consideration to i
The sure and sane way to pro1
lug a part of your income and dc
The Peoples National Bank offer;
for your funds.
On the Corner Nei
alues and gets the finest
she is able to choose leis- ;
ead of being hurried ai ?
| jj^Un o
t i
Fine Boots for j
It is not possible to prouce
finer and more beau- ij
iful boots at the prices s
han those now in the |
ones store. Their lines ?
re perfect; the fashions ?
xtremely smart. Worn- jg
11 will find complete as- ?
ortments of black, two- ?
jned or light-topped ?
oots. Also beautiful slip- |
ers for evening wear? i?
xquisite effects, some are 8
eaded, some strapped. %
'rices $4 to $9. | '
Y 4 mr-* Books I
for g
Boys S
19c and 25c. s
3 j>
ooaoo:aoc>oooor>icK-oo<???ow^.c I
Inie of lier conviction sentence was J
suspended so that she could care lot
ier three children.
For Infants and Children < I
In Use For Over 30 Years ,
Always bears
ftgnaturc of
g Folks Come |
Home \
C What a happy time that will S
2 he. especially when thB time 2
g arrives to sit around the ta- ?
icf hie and enjoy the Christmas 8
? feast and the many good S
g things that fire splood and ff
e> flavored with our pure 8
| Spices and |
Flavoring 1
o Extracts |j
?lle prepared for all your g|
tyiristuiias cooking by getting 3? I
? your cooking helps from us. Si
ri I no* * " ? ?* "
... mj uui uAiraci ui va- g
^ n ilia, "J5c a 2-oz. bottlo.
| Drug Store |
. i
ipostting it In bank on Interest. 9
3 you Its tacllltles and safety j

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