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Learning to Speculate.
Copynrtt. ISli. by -fa.- McClttre
Newspaper Syndics:*
father spe-trUted :r. stocks and
bonds and shares aud notes an
almost always ma !- nn ney at ; Erer
since Edtth was slat*e: years 1 d
and she had rone to he twentv -ow
she had heard her fat talk -
business tint-' ?h? fairly r r<-?:
to take an inter?*- :a ! Finally ?fc<became
;o tnt*rr-ted t .at ah* rea : o;
finance 'he Is!', papers ?h? of:?thought
she real oppor.ur.ltl- which
she pitg'r* Save :nv*.*ed a 'e?
hnndrei dciiars and have _sde grea
i Miss Edith cc: a liberal - ;pp <
pin-money frcn. er fat - whet
he had made a . - - presented
h -r '
dec!<{? ; ' v
she could and tr> > r in .< in the sto- k
market H?- fvb - dd laugh -
her if he w h.-r pi.- .- p'
it % fe-.T-'t ' - ' - '\r. -an a*
las', and . j: -i, duller*
iaid by - .a .u e-'- .1 .
office to mak- ta : fc
broker *? a father"> looking ra.-t
and. being toll that it was her ftrst
speculation he said he w uld pick her
out something that would V sure to
win out As a rule, he said, he did
cot cars for female customers as they
always kicked *her. they lost but ic
her case?he would make ar. eiception.
The wild Gocse Silver Mice had
beec plcddtcj along with its stock at
65. hut thare ?u something comic*.
He was cot at liberty to tell Just what,
but he was sure the stock would take
a loc* lump acd she would get the
benefit of it. She would cot make a
hartal of mocey by ccly investing her
I50O, bat sbe would be learning tow
to l pec date. For 1500 he would sell
her a bond, and she could take it home
and hide it safely away acd say nothing
to any one until the lump had taken
place. Then she could bring it
down to him and sell It back at the
increased price.
It looked very simple and very good
to Miss Edith, and she put down her
money and went away w-.th the bond
Two weeks thereafter sbe heard two
men !n a subway train talking about
the Wild Goose Silver Mine. They
said it was one of the biggest swindles
w-yr u.i on m*- puor.c. ana that
It wis on the point of a collapse that
would be know- through th.- papers In.
a few days. They said plenty to Inform
th-3 girl that she had been ?wlr.died
by the broker He had lied to her
Knowing tha* sh-- was a nov: <- aspeculation,
he ha I deliberately sold
her a wcrthles-Ji-.r. d and swindled her
oat of her m-.ne;
The girl's firs; impulse was to go to
her father about .* but her se- end wi
not to do so. He would he sarcastic
over her speculation for the next year
r She had r.o big brother and did not
want to call in another o-.rl = brother
If anything was dcr.e she must do It
herself Her first move wa- to buy a
horsewhip and her .-.ex- -a to cah
on the broker again If he refused to
return her money, she wou'.-l lay the
lash or. him. and. as th-3 meeting would
take place in his offices, the newspaper
would not find out about it she
The rr.o-s human r.aturj is revealed
t- - 1 - .: the m::e astonished
I am
I eip - i am the average woman except
*nat th-3 average woman dees not
not always ste-p to analyze her motives
of her feelings?and I don't think I
would do so if my dear mother had not
started me a: this habit of talking
to you. little book without reserve
You remember 1 recorded what she
said to m? .'us: before she died Mar
gle. my child. I wish you would always
keep a diary I know it is an old-fashisned
habit, but l be! eve It .= great
help "o ar.v v. -.mar. who wants to know
the reason why she -ices things and
to keep her frcm doing "he wring
things twice "
Little book?or rather cne o; my
lle.l- 1 ? - - - '
uutic uwx?i uA'".' uo. aar?rn . ">
any o' you for ; ear5 IBut it has a!-'
ways seemed to 2:0 that locked wlthla
your cover? is the r?a! me. the roe
that no other know? not ev'en myself.
I c??; this. paradoxical as It may
souad. for some*imes no one. even the
one who who knew we best could he
more surprised at the actions I have
recorded here and the thougats t have
made plain to y:u "ran I
For instance. this rooming at 11
o'clock i was aearinc that broken rail
lag step by step ar.watching with
fascinated eye# the incoming glittertag
greea aic#s which was to t-vi'.los
me np. I ?a! so unhappy I w^s most
willing to give up thl? world, w hi'
it seemed to me had been only a term
of agonizing doubt and fruitless .r.
deavor. and som.ethlag '. know
not of.
Tonight I am sitting here in my
prettiest and new?#; evening gown
waiting r Malcolm Stuart to come;
and dine with me 1 have even powdered
my nose in anticipation of that
eTent and would yc i?odd you believe
It if I did tell ycu my owtAeli?
I smiled a; the face in the mirror while
j I did so.
j Eight hours ago I thGagh: the In- 'i
' scrutable #mlle cf death would be im- j
pressed on my stiffening
And here, little b.c... is tae queerest
part of it all I don 1 know just what
has changed my outlook on life I am
sure Dick is jus; the #ame a# he was
this morning. The nought - : him does .
not in any way change my ideas on
the subject of living
Neither docs Mai.-.lm Stuart in the
flesh give n: the warm feeling c'. I
comradeship that I gc" from his let-1
tars. He. too. I am sure, was disap- j
pointed in me and I doubt wnether he I
H wQl ever think of me ns his Little '
Lady Sylria tga.n.
It is so easy to be heroic?oa paper. !
** *e so easy to talk big. Why, ilv1
Hnha. . ..... ...
'i h>m?
Box?? ar* amo:.g ihe r*:qu;rea;?i;?4
of every dressing 'a' . N-* N-x*> :
follow the rir??vai:fnff 'arf ' - ' o!
slery es><t- ::t fancy m r.
with r'iticnc... and a glue pot the i
perto t very lOTelj boxes of u? cu i
sue. The box ; .< one of a
wen: over tula plan again and ira:n
and finally decided tat it va? tit-.
pr?p-r thing to d
V.'r n Miss ildtth made her ail it
was about the noon hour and she en- ,
terei the broker's office to fir. i hist
busy with Sautes at a table which
brought his back to the doer Sh?
opened the door without knocking At
sight of the individual who had raided
her into paring with her savings.
a sadden wave of indignation
swept over her. and she drew the
horsewhip frost under her clcak and
began to lay it over his batk. Of
coarse the victim was surprised, and
after he had felt the lash five or six
times, the girl was also surprised. Ke
rose to his feet and faced around and.
behold, it was not the broker. I: was
a young man. a young stan who had
also bought a bond of the Wild Goose
Silver Company. Ke had also discovered
that he had been swindled, and ;
was there to raise a fuss about it. Ke
had found no one in the office, and had
sat dowtt to wait. Of course there
were apologies, ar.d the two were
talking very amicably together when
the broker arrived from his lunch. He
greeted them with smiles and walookins
(juite the father, when the
young man began to -alk
Young Mr Henderson talked
straight from the shoulder. 3".: when
he paused for breath. Miss Edith did
some talking tha- was almost a- emphat'.c
The broker *aw the horsewhip.
and he saw \hc yocng mar re
move hi* roat and *pi: on his hanis
an i he quietly said
Very a-:;, say children? vtry veil
I w :.l giv.; i both cheek- for your
money I assure you that you are en- ,
tire'.y mistaken in me. and are doing .> ;
ver> foolish thing, but we win let a!'
that go "
H- sat down and wrote -wo checks
and handed them over and was so r.:ce
abv-.t : felt ,.-gr
they left the office The-.- had *.
changed names ar.d addressee of ;
course but so far a- Miss Edith was .
concerned, she r.ever eipccted to see '
the young mar. again.
tie book I believe no one in this who!-:
world has any loftier thoughts th-r.
Margie Waveriy. and you only, deir
little conddan-. know how far my actions
have fallen below my ideal.
Here I am at the bend of the roa 1
and I am fast as undecided about wh,
way my path shall lie as [ was bacin
the time when I thought life cctild
hold nothing more to be desire i than
"to belong" to Dick.
T wonder what it would have meant
if my "rust in Dick had rot been be
traved 1 want to think. little book
that 1 would have settled down a
heme full cf children and a happy mar
ried life that would have had no history.
Honestly, little book. I have come
to know that the childless married woman
Is cf no coed to herself or anyone
else Children to a woman mean
hope of the future and constant infest
in the present Even when children
are a care?even a disappointment?they
are b-'tter than no children
at ai!
Nature does not allow any of her
laws to he disobeyed, and "he fruit
ful and multiply'' is her first command.
So. little book. I think whatever mav
be mr personal inclination I shall return
to Dick a: the end oi the summer
and ' star the kindergarten" that
he wrote me about.
j To*. IM ALU M ? j N
? Ct.??)Sr,MAi SWO?W6 j "
IS MRT) WoRkl r?rL^
'OR W<
f thrr* the others being a square!
box r ' and a y>ng box
Moire striped blue satin is used for
inexpensive but most ac eptable sift.-.
; . -a- veeks later wheti Mr
Hender^cr. la ivi and his call was
made .'as: after the girl's father had
been asked:
:-"a*b*r what stock would you adany
en? to Invest l- ;ust now'
Why, tie Wild Goose Silver Mis-;
:ng Company seems to be a good thins
;a*f so* tj< hia reply
How much of a good thirg,~
Ycu cruld have seen by the papers
this tucrniug that it had lamped to 105
and was still soaring. I think I ?i?!t
go dc*n and bay a big block of it."
Mr Henderson had called to break
the news to Mtss Edith. They condoled
and consoled each other, bat it was
too late. The young tnan had been '
horsewhipped and both together had
-=er. depr.ved cf making a smart lit-1
tie profit.
Mr. Henderson made a third call
soor. It was partly to tell M:ss Edith
that the Wild Gcrcse was flying higher
and higher and partly to get better
acquainted with her It seemed a
good time t. teil her father all about
it and ;ha story was told. He laughed
uproariously and then said.
' Why the broker you weht to is one .
of the most honest of the lot. You
couldn't get iini to cheat any of his
customers "
Tu-n after som-'1 more talk the
peculator went cr. to say:
"Young ma-.. 1 suppose t shall have
to be a father-in-law some day. but I
want to -ay - you. right here now.
that my -oner. law must be one of the
sort cf keep himself away from Wall
street and ' keep his wife away as
Ar.-l when Mr. Henderson and Miss
Edith Manchester ?"rs wed a year later
r.i-:y '..id given up speculation altcreth-r.
Christmas Su=eest;ors.
sties. " t: - would make ar. apir
priate gift for your friend in the
If it Catches YouT]
Simpty to reaiire N.
th* importance t.ne \ A/yT
oncoming ?:ir.ev \-J;
trocble, by its tirst
iymptoms. cacfcacfce or throbs V'"V?
til rough the kidney region. is
nor.*- tn one s pocket as weli //
u years of sickness forestalled. J
So organ of the body is if
more easilv deranged than the [p
Sidneys. bay in ird day oat pv
their "action d constant, in l-'
separating poisonous ntatter
front the tfood. Host cases OH!
of kidney trouble stay ?asiiy
be overcome By merely f.-t'tr a little
da'y voice '-heir pra xes cf the merits
Doe'or P-?!ce. ?f * Favorite Pcwcriptic
fame. Hers's a letter from Mr. Wilt
" l ?u?ered 'or tour years with pain
as but they ail failed to help ret.
cot cure my backache ? ?a:d it was fi
advised me to try a b-.tt of I'r Pierc s
' r- arc my pains were gone. I
ba t was something terrtble a? oon i
from tb* door I though: my whole bad
*1 would advise sunV.ers'to try two c
Note : ? Erperrmeats at Dr. Pierct
that "Ar.urte* is 37 times more pote:
from. 're ? v.? -? h-t t?-?- ? ? -
Just <3j'c for - A nunc * a; drwjcutu, or j
:o c* it ido sou I6jov
3r ms - wuere ^ jb yo obtjcme
K6MV 5UPPHRS? || MRS. Bffovw
Where rou lire, in what >ou liYe
and how you live. a:ca3 sickness or
health oss or gam. to ycu.
Wh n do you want'
VixT < T'*.'T's ?'05t'.v :n the long
run Plan's ?*?nnot crow in dark
n> :r- and neither . an" children. In
rder < keep we'.', live in clean, welllighted
airy rooms
Do ::ot rah your w .udo*? down.
:n winter true Windows are
trade *o let Iic t an ! fresh i!r into
wise. Keep vottr windi ws open
from the top end free: :h? bottom ali
r:? :i.m??day and r.ie-.:. Ycu will
ele?p wo and 'akirc roiria
Lb* a house where there i? a
bathtub If the** t* no tub where you
: v live ? * tha* T.n?- next pia. e you
mov* info ha* one Hath* ev*ry day
The mar who bathe* e'.ery da> f--*ls
better and *an hold a job looker than
rh* man who does not
r.'nk* and water ?!n>?r? should be
kept -ar Four hot water and plenty
* Ash;:.* sc-ii. :ato them every week I'
the wa''.? and floor? around and be
neath 'hem are of wood. patnt the
all? i". ' floor* with a i'gh'colored
paint This make? the wood waterf
and he.p* to k**p it clear.
Do t t throw srarbaz? into the yard
Corns Loosen,
Lift Right Off
Kothiig But "GITS-ir Will Do I
Tty to Cony lid Calluies.
If **cut# *rer hid <"?rr.i. veuve
tried *c:? cf thlryi to f?t rid of them
?tabes that eat your toe and lea*#
the ccrt remmri cottor. rings that
cake your ccraa tulg? cut like pop*
loo Caa't Corn MtKfr. Sloe Fecial
vim uti>n i on riftS 4cd
Se? the Corn Vin-.th.
yes. scissor? ar.d knives that males 5
:ons bleed and sore. harness's and
: ireanes that f.Li up your shoe. press J
:n the corn and makeyour foot feel
.ike a ravin? block, what's the use?
tt*hy not do wait millions are.d0ir.3n I
:a:<e 3 s--cr.ds eff and apply "GrlTfIT.~
It drl's. yon put your stocking 1
5U risk: away, and wear your regular
shoes. Your corn loosens from I
'.he toe. it lifts rieht oft. It's painless.
It's the common-sense way. the
mplest. easiest, most effective way
in the world. It's the national corn- 1
cure N>v-?r fai'.a
- IT" i? sold and r'cnrT.l?d
by crusreists everywhere. -3c a
bottle, cr s-r.: on reciot of price, by
E Lawrence & Co . Chicago. III.
< -Id :n Fairmont and recommended
a? the world's best corn remedy by j
rt M Closkey and Co.. and Holt Drag
"Amine" the nea!?. Cftrrena
c: " Anaric,' tee recent discovery of
r.7 and "Golden Medical Discovery*
B3 Cablsos. who says:
in ay back. I tried everything there
I ev?n wen: to a doctor and he could
r a the kidney*. A frier.d o: mine
Annric Tabl ts, and 5 1 I did: I need
nm no; tel. ng any lie. tht pain in ay
ie I would bend over to get soaethag
c woaid barer.
it three botes of ' Anonc ' Tablets.*
i's Hospital for several yeare proved
a: than iithia in removing arc acid
lend Dr. Puree ZOe K- riva poeicjt,
4 WE F<?P?OT^ GU.LET IT GOthwg
fokl ! i thought you
??X OL! the oirrs,
KG, DECEMBER 8, 1916.
or courtway Do no! sweep the garI
base filth or floor sweepings through
: a hole in the floor to fa!! underneath
! the house. Garbage draws rats. mice.
vermin and f!i? . and these earn- and
spread sickness and disease Put the
garbage in metal cans
K"ep the can covered with a tight
over all the time ?o that the flies cannot
get in. Put the garbage can on
the <idewaik or alley and the city wag
or. will call and take the garbage away
Miss S G ' Aa a waitress and am
bothered wits swollen ankles What
car. be the cause of this?"
Probably from being on your fee'
tor too long pert?d 0; time. ,
Bumstead's Worm Syrnp
A. u.'? aad rar* AcaMdy for WcraA
??o<d tht :h*. fer 50 jm.i. IT XXTSJI
rArLS. To cfcildrta i*. 11 u *&??! ?s
mercy 7Z*Z ASA2TT TO TAX2. ITO
bo v. I* ha* killed 132 rarat- All dr*cr-*
? cr by nifl-15< a br*.
En. C. A. TOO!ilHS.*.R.n!lA.n.
J \A ^ i!
Beautiful Waists
a tood lcokins cotton waist
packed in a Christinas box tor Jl.iK'.
Better and more gorgeous waists
in silk and Georgette, a!' new styles
and colors, packed indiridually.
priced from $2.? to Sin GO.
Suits, E
Make handsome a
most wanted articl
than the regular p
should make selecl
Coats! S\
Winter coats hold Usei
first place in selling .
one can always find
what they want VV00'
here because we re- ers
plenish our stock ?3 5(
almost daily with "
new arrivals al- t0 ^
ways priced low.
S10 to S75.
VE A5E- i dohY ure. her/wot?~
SHE likes M? much less, eur WELL
ftjliiiiV '''Viiif' ~r:"'~Tii'"'i''n^f f"" '-'ft
CHARLESTON. W. Va . Dec j ?
A conference will be hold in ""barl"
ton next Satardar by PreMrfen* Frank
B Trotter. of We*; Virginia I'nuor
flty. rv>an John Loo Coulter of tho
College of Ajrriculture and tbo member*
of the State Board of Control and
Board of Reger.ta. to deri*e recotr.
ntondatlons to bo made to the forth
rotntiit !*gi*!ature on behalf of the
unirersily The I*' board* will a'.*o
Croup Relieved in
Fifteen Minutes
So nerd to do?* delicate little stotsechs
with qaomoqa drag* or alcoholic *rr:p*.
Simple rub * little Viek't Vep-O-P.nb*
Selee over the throet ead cb-*5t. * The T*rv--R
itfKa ?o??> .
phlegm and the dif5rr.lt br?a:h:ns.
One application at bedtime a?aw a sound
m?h.:'? "sleep. 25c, 50c, or fl.OO.
The Shop of
Useful Gifts
The best article c
apparel, the most af
predated gift is a s<
of good furs. Ever
new style in the mo;
wanted pelts are hen
We guarantee ever
piece you buy an
exchange it afte
Christmas if not sati:
Priced from S5.00 t
Presses and M
nd appropriate gifts a
es can be had at frorr
rices. This is good
dons early.
veaters Hand"
M as" well as| ker"
itiful is our j chiefs
I and silk sweat A large
priced $2.98, ^ m
). ?5.00, S7.50 _
of snowv
white kerHosiery
chiefs all
always an accepta- pr e t t i 1 V
bie gift. Ne* ho?e
in effective checks, boxed at
and stripes in ail
shades as well as ! 0"c
black and vhite a*. I
Si .SO, S',25, Si fO. | 39c
D, * "A.
i ui aca ouc
and pouch bags. 79c
Many styles to select
from, made of leath- $1.00
er. -ilk and velvet.
St.00. S1.32. J2.98. ,, ,
sj.50. J5.00, sio-oc. the box
?? I "THAT 5O1X06 ilKE
. "mew, H 3066ESTlobl,TOM, C
Hfrt A fB potiTEPoOS kip. |V? A
r will fl break:tkepromber
mill L uerc virrU rr r^
PAGE 5 lil
)ME :-l
take up questions cf business and *4u
national policir* of tie uniyerstty. ' *dS$M
C.e-gymen. Lawyers. Brokers. Mecaries
and Merchants Stricken.
Our old friend R heumatia Is feaTing 1
ti* inning this year, and a tew worts 1
raut:or from one who knows all ^
about it may not b?- amiss.
keep your for- dry; drink plenty of
'."tnonade and avoid strong alcoholic
drinks if
rheumatism gets you. or sciatka.
Ut.d ? u have sharp twinges, gnawing
!*?:. -w;<>ints or mttsctaa. yea
art ge? r;,i 0! a:i agony in Just a f?w
fats by taking one half -aspooilful of
Kheuma once a day.
A druse St- know about Rhenaa;^
: - harmless yet powerful; cheap, yet %
; e and a JO-cent bottle will last a
.j an.- Ask Mountain City Drug
or way druggist.
?./ Men
o S75.00 the Set
nd right now these
1 10^ to 25 % less
reason why one
11' - L I
t m fli
)& I I
w fl
' I
V\ >,SS|
.. v

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