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headlinebs tonight
Stock Productions
yHiJflJodrome . .Olil Sweetheart of Mine ,
BS&rN WATCHING the "Ham s?t..l Bud"
t"J comedy at the Nelson yesterday we
* nearly fell In with a popular potion
; among picture fans, tliat because o!
SjJlW rapidity of their sictiou they must !
jS&jteceasarily be turned out in rapid fin
nrder. Such is not the case, however.
Bj1* Charlie Chaplin, the popular weekly
f screen visitor at the Ideal, directs all
t hla own productions* and probably
Wtd:;"comedy than any director doing sinii
i _ lar work. He takes from four to s -v
- en weeks on every two reel pirturc he
gi-'jJ- appears in. His views on the subject
jft\|;''are enlightening.
"The only way I can obtain the do
Kt i,1' fired results." sahl the greatest of
makers, "is to take ample time
* on every picture. 1 can't * : ., )Mit ? w
situations without long planning ami
fij considerable thoughi lvopio do not
^fl.vjealize this when they see them on
the screen."
.. . *
;; e. Dave Heilmau is dickering with his
Si" New York play brokers lor the script ;
and right to "The l.uro." for prodtio
;^ tion by the Hippodrome Players, dttr-j
'lng the week before Christmas.
(j; ; Mabel Taliaferro, who is the star in
"The Dawn of Dove" at the 1'rlncess
- 5 today and tomorrow, lias a sister I
s'-.X Ethel. They resemble each other so1
[ " ~ much that a Baltimore movie fan was ;
I prompted to write to the Metro studio
to inquire If they were twins. The reply
was "no, one is older than the oth(fei>?
er but we will let you guess whit it
7 one." Fine ? Hie heightli of diplos
-f macy and the ess encc of neutrality;
"The Hazards of Helen" picture, starring
Helen Gibson is a big Saturday
p feature at the Nelson. The series is
'i now in its third year anil the Kalern i
Kit; ' studio Is celebrating the second birthday
of "Hazards of Helen." Miss Gib- j
Ur; - son's part in the celebration, which |
p will last almost a mouth, she herself
ife declares will consist of as many thrills
' ' as Is possible to crowd into that space
?; j of time. "I started with 'The Done
I Point Mystery, she sa\s. lor in;
| (hat episode there is not one Inn thrill;
rr but three. The first ioiim'k when I am I
1 run down by a runaway box ear anil,
grabbing the brake beam, swing un |
der the car as it drags me along. The
: second finds ine helpless before an [
* "oncoming express train. 1 fall intoi
n culvert between llie railroad tier j
1 Just in the nick of lime, and then have
to stay there while the director takes
. close-ups of the train whizzing along
above me. And then for good mens'y.'
ure I have to Jump from the pilot of
I a speeding train to an automobile. If
that isn't celebrating I'd like to know,
what is."
; "The Chorus Ctrl and the Kid" is I
: d a good three-reel drama at the Nelson
: today, with Marie Empress in lite role;
j|v? of the Sir1'
' The Hipprodromo I'alyers started
V yesterday on the big production ol
f "The Girl From Out Yonder" which i
will be staged for public approval tor i
* the first time at the nuitinee next
p.; Monday. This play was to have been
I presented this week but the script
t> became lost in transit ami it required
the making tip of a now foi which
arrived yesterday. The lost packagej
has not yet been located despite the
v . searching effort being made by ex.
press company detectives working
r: from both ends.
VP Mr. Heilman feels that this slip up
has been an expensive one to him. as
a/ he has probably lost the value to a
' great extent of tlu? advertising previ
&? tiusly done. At any rate he will luiv
feiv to do it all over again. The little
H ~ note of pessimism that we discovered
in his conversation about the matter
soon fled when he remarked. "Well, it's
Ejy/ all in the business, and I believe we'll
^ show it to packed houses as soon as
the people got to know tin- character
&T and quality of the play."
Bg;'. "September Morn" comes to the
?i. V Grand tomorrow proceeded by a lot of
?>p L Rood press notices and there is e\fer;.
- ary indication that it will he a big pro
1/ auction of musical comedy rhc res-1
; ter bears a number 01 good names.
Billio Burke, the famous star of.
4 "Gloria's Romance." which is a fra- J
ture attraction at the liixie today, lias
been provided with an automobile of
special design. Its color Is "Hangarjs
ian blue" and its interior is lined with
j soft grey. A solid silver figure, lout
Tonight, tomorrow matinee
and night?
The Beautiful Play Well Told
| | "An Old
Sweetheart of
H Mine"
The Big
1 ] Country Store
More than $35.00 given away
fc. efe. In prizes. Lots of fun and presenls
for ail.
; Starting Monday Mat.
i "The Girl From Out
: Yonder."
' ?. ; \'"v ?" !
*jt y
> WjMmBafmmn4 I mHBI
f. homhhm
"Fannie," Moultrie, Ga.. 'lot; is ?
spectacles! Fannin's owner noticed t
fences and trees. 11* r head was bruisi
dog suffering astigmatism and titled in
or live inches in height, stands as an
emblem on the hood, the trimming of
the radiator is all of the best German i
silver, and cantilever springs are found
in tiic center of the chassis and at* i
tai hed to the rear axle. Matrons of
the Dixie will behold this famous car
in several of the scenes of "Gloria's
Romance," for, Miss Burke uses it
time and again during the production;
lining shown in serial form each Friday.
The first performance of "An Old'
Sweetheart of Mine" was well staged
and splendidly acted by the Hippodrome
Players last night. It. will he i
repeated at each performance the remainder
of the week. Tonight is the'
"Big Country Store" and from the]
exhibition of mehehandise in the Hip-;
podronio lobby one gets the idea that,
there will he "everything from a thimIde
to a horse collar" given away to- j
night. |
The Hipp "orchestra" was rehears-!
ing yesterday afternoon, lint on ac-!
count of the singing that, accompanied 1
the manipulations of the ivories wo j
failed to notice how it. sounded.
Work on the Arcade building is at a
i imi? Ml-.iinluiill tuii.'inc.i i1n> ?<? ?
arrival of structural sieel needed to'
continue the work. The bricklayers;
have finished the walls iu a height of
several feet, hut can go tio further un-'
lil the steel arrives and is in place. A
crane is already cruet erf to handle the
steel immediately ii arrives. Tin?,
steel was made several weeks ago but
because of the Impossibility to get1;
cars to ship it in. it lias been held up
at the factor;.. It is now on the way,'
however, and is expected any day. ;
A permit has been granted by the
city to the Fairmont Window Class
Company to drill a well on their prop
erty Tenth street. While the well
will ostensibly be drilled for water,
it is possible that gas or j^une other
valuable mineral may be secured.
General prosperity is usually pretty J
well reflected in the building trades '
and construction work and the volume
ol* business going to the architects is
a good measuring unit. II. Snider
designer of the new Christian church,
has just concluded the busiest year of |
his residence here. Moreover. Ids1
time for next year is already almost j
entire!? optioned, he having more
than SIOO.OUO ol work already contract
d for.
Did you ever notice that every time
a section of plate glass window is being
placed in position, there are always
great rings and markings made
on it with soap? Von possibly thong..*,
that mischievous boys were rcsponsiTry
a Cup of
Coffee for Headache
With a Little "Celery-Mist"?Relief
Is Almost Instant.
Do you suffer from headache? Then i
try this: Take sonic "Celery-Mist" j
and follow wiih a cup of coffee. You'll
ho surprised how <juk k your head will i
stop aching. Thousands of people find
this method gives instant and pleasing
results. It will eost you only 5
cents to get a package of "CeleryMist"
at. any good store. Superior
to remedies that cost twice as much.
Also good for neuralgia, cold in head
and aches and pains of grij>pe. Contains
no opiates or narcotic drugs.
The undersigned will off<
on Goose Creek, on
commencing at 1 o'cock p.
property, to-\vit:
Cows, Calves, Harness,1
in Shock, Household goods
dious to mention.
Terms made known on d
P. B. SWEARINOEN, Auctioneer.
>'. -h
&?&&&.. *%'
li*"* only dog in the country wearing
-In fell into ditches and walked into
II iiKint inner. \ 11 u|ii iv mil luuim nil'
r Willi "specs."
blc. and for a very good reason. A
workman employed in remodeling tlic
obi Colonial theatre linilding explained
it this morning.
"You see when the glass is placed
before the interior of the building is
finished, sometimes a workman along
about (tusk, or if the light is not good,
will go crashing through the glass or
possibly throw a tool against it. With
the soap markings the glass is plainly
visible in any light."
The Srhaffer and Wallace wells of
the traction company's were turned
into the city mains this morning. Several
million feel of gas were added to
the rityV supply hv the act. delayed a
few days because of tile inability to
get shipments of pipe for connections.
I'ipe for connections for the Dawson
well is expected soon, and immediately
on its arrival connections will he made
which will add another large producing
well to the city's pressure
' ~ V
AM)KKSOX. Lid.- On farm SOU til
of hero, n straw stack toppled over
on cow and the animal is living after
eight days without water.
l?!n iov litV Itnmnvo llwi Hvap ??*/! i
howel poison which is keeping your I
head dizzy, your tongue coated, breath j
offensive, and stomach sour. Don't !
stay bilious, sick, headachy,'const I-;
pated and full of cold. Why don't you !
get a box of t'ascarets from the drug j
store and eat one or two tonight and i
enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and j
bowel cleansing you ever experienced
You will wake up feeling fit and fine,
f'asearots never gripe or sicken like
salts, pills and calomel. They act so
gently that you hardly realize you
have taken a cathartic. Mothers
should give cross, sick, bilious or feverish
children a whole Cascarcl anytime?tney
act thoroughly aud are
3r for sale at his residence !
m., the following personal
tVagon, Buggy, Hay, Corn
; and other articles too tej
ay of sale. j j
T. A. S. Club
The all-day meeting of the T. A. S.
lull at Mrs. Charles Meredith's yesterday
was well attended and much
work accomplished. This club holds
nne all-day meeting in December ot
ach year to sew for poor children
Seventeen garments were completed
at yesterday's meeting and will be
given to the Associated Charities to
he used for needy children. The diuner
which was contributed by the
members was a bountiful one and was
one of the enjoyable features of the
day. During the afternoon refreshments
were served by Mrs. Marshall
of Jayenne.
Here From Wheeling
.Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Weber, of
Wheeling, are guests this week of
Mr. and Mrs. Blatt on Elklns street.
Former Residents Visit the City
airs naso arm (lauKnier, airs. urace
l.uplnskl, who hnve been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Ncuff since Sunday,
left for their home today, the former to
Richwood and .Mrs. Luplnskl to New
j jll| I
^1 w
Our store rooms are f
We are displaying the n
Steinway, Chickering, I
no comment as to qualit;
world, and we have arra
world renowned instrum
There should he a piar
home building spirit.
Come in Today,
We will deliver the ins
small monthly payments
One upright piano in
ease of the very latest d
sweet and the action is
touch. This piano is jus
a bargain at the above j
We have several othe
first selection. These ba
414 Main Street
Castle, Pa. The ladles were residents
of this city for a number of years.
The ladles of the Palatine Baptist
church will hold a bazaar on Tuesday
and Wednesday of next week.
Itufus Satterfleld and family moved
yesterday from Colfax to the Gasklns'
property on Columbia street.
Mrs. Lydia Roberts, of Farmington.
Is the guest of relatives on the East
Dr. Bryan, of Wendell, accompanied
a patient to the Miners' hospital here
yesterday. While here he was the
guest of Mrs. t'ora Rager and family.
Mrs. J. P. Turkelson. of Buckhatmon.
arrived here Wednesday and is visiting
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Bishop on Columbia
Mrs. Pearl Moran. of Grafton, is
I spending this week with her parents.
! Mr. and Mrs. Orville Holland on State
Lot Salesman Also .
Deals in Philosophy
The big auction sale of lots held at
Buy ^
Chr istma
||t No1
r \ u
iny Beautiful St;
ull of beautiful instruments t
lost elegant designs of the wc
vnabe. Hardman, Krakauer,
jr. Our prices are as low as tl
nged a speciaKoffer so that e\
10 in every home. The home
Make Your Selectic
Pay a Few I
strument to your home now 01
to begin after the holidays.
is in High-C
They have been e?
our factory and guar
beautiful figured mahogany
esign. The tone is soft and
light and responsive to the
it slightly shop worn and is
r good bargains in these higl
rgains will not last long at the
>, Burkha:
Open E
Edgway and Edgmont Terrace by tb
Butler Lindsay Co., land auctioneer
of Atlantic City, N. J., Is far exceed
Ing expectation. The auctioneers hav
taken over the entire tracts from th
owners 0. J. and Arch Fleming am
are selling the lost without rcserv
to the highest bidders. The sales fo
the past three days have attractei
the host citizens of Fairmont, an
the bidding has been spiHted and live
! iyPowell,
the auctioneer, never let
his audience become weary, larg
crowds have attended the sale dail
In order to listen to his won/ rfn
talks. One of his famous talks whirl
always receives commendation befor
any crowd is on the subject of payin
YOU are cordially iiivi
we have on display
pictures. We have a co
ings in the newest pattt
work is neatly done at re
Jacobs Building
s Piano c
yles to Select Fi
;hat have been selected speci
?rld's best makes. Our line
Ludwig and Matchless Milt
lese instruments can be pro
'en the man of moderate me;
without a piano loses the n
m of Either a Pian
)ollars Down
: at Christmas time. The b
irade Use<
irefully overhauled in
anteed to be in perfect
Player Pi
Special 5
One 88 note player piar
ments. Beautiful mahogi
design. This player is in
a real bargain at the pric
and bench free.
1 grade pianos and players.
; prices we are offering. Pi
m & TyL
e rent. The avenge citiabn never reel
s izes the fallacy of always paying rent
1-. and never getting anywhere until they
e are shown the big mistake they made,
e Tliev never think of the futu/ ifivl
d the probability of being away by the
e grlpt reaper anil the results. Ttu
r amount o ftnoney theyhave expended
d for rent would have built a fine com
d fortable home and when the day did
' mine their fumilywould have had some
thing besides rent receipts to show rot
,a the breadwinner's efforts. Mr. Vow
ell said yesterday that a rented hone
is always built for the sucker The
>' owner would not build if he did not
il | see a protli on his investment so why
I, let th eland lord make that profit.
,, i Today's sale premises tft he the big
p i gest of the week
ted to visit our store where
a beautiful line of framed
mplete line of frame mold;rns
for Xmas trade. Our
rciovjiauit; ivcc.
Monroe Street
' V
1 i
ally for this holiday trade,
consists of the celebrated
on. These makes demand
cured for anywhere in the
ins can afford one of these i
lost refining influence, the
r> or Player Piano
alance can be arranged in
3 Pianos
5288 Wl 1
10, alt the latest attach- (
any case of the very latest
first class condition and is
e. Large selection of rolls
Come in today and get
ly the easy way.
er Co.
W. G. Kelley, Mgr. j

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