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A 1
The Solicitor.
Copyright 1910 by the Mr CI are Newspaper
Ferdinand woigei put down
the rlop pails and turned
Carrie, breathless and Hushed from
running, put her hand to I.?-r throat.
'Say, dod, you're awful deaf. I've
seen rnllin' and eallln.' "
"Hey? Well, what is it' Crihhses
want to borrow the inure again? Tell
ihem to walk to town. They lamed
I / ae.- 'ast time."
[ ./ "No. dad. it nir't Crihhscs nfter the
mare. it's sani Karns. He's Dark rrom
he cltv and he's soliritin*."
I "Ho'fl soliritin'."
1 "What's that? Mter nomethinY' |
"Well, sort of. Yott rome on down
:o the house, won't you. and talk to
3am? It's about, a new huildln' in
town. He's all dressed up and sin In*
'jn the (r ' porh. Hurry up. and
iomp on. Did."
"All rich*. I'll he down. Darn those
hogs. they m ko enough noire to brine
an rain. Half the time I -an' tell
whether its yon or then yeliin."'
Carrie larghed. "Well, feed 'em.
' Jod. and thev'li keen oulot. vow you
be nice to Sam. won't you?"
"Just like como folks, j should say.
Tell Snm to wait. I'll be down."
So San waited and was very well
jontem Onrrle broach' out doughnuts
anl rider that rrn'rhod the r'h
deep brown" of the woods across the
valley. Winter wa just over the bill,
but was making h!? last pause beforej
bis triumphal entry. It wds Indian
tummor. i
"When did rot? rome hark to town.
Sam?" f'nrrie in her gingham dress |
tvlth white roller and ruffs and n
iress-up apron, was very pretty. Her
.lair, corn colored and wavy, touched
'jff a complexion of roses and cream
:hat reminded Snm of th(> big bisque
lolls in the city windows. Her eves
with their lone dark lashes, were big
ind very deep gray. She breathed
quickly and hnd n habit of putting h'?r
hand to her throat. Kvider.tly the of.
!ort of overtaking her father had been
7crv upsetting. ,
"I came hack la d Tuesday. I'm;
unning the campaign." \
"Campaign! Ob are you trying to
)e elected?"
Sam laughed. "Xo. not politics '
I'm an orgnnir.-r Tail's a man
vho takes rhnrsr* of filings and makes
hings come that nobody rise will both
;r with. When a town wants a now
tbrary or hospital or clinmho'* of
:ommrrm building they send for nnv
Then f roll tip my sleeves and go to
york. I get a f.?r<> o?* people who j
? fy around and takp subscriptions, di '
. ride 'oni up Into teams .and captains
J>. iml give bar nor to the ones who
.jet the most And wo have dinners'
avery day whore wo met and report.
Thr old town hove wants a librarv. so
1 that's why came hark, to them1
what they wanted. Oh. I'm the man
that put the 'g* In get. nil right We
are after fifty thousand dollars."
Carrie's eyes were big "is that what
you're sollcltin' dad for?"
"He won't give much."
"Why do you think that?"
"Oh. because."
"You just wait and see. I'm after
a hundred dollars."
[ Just as I finished recording my de-1
cislon of returning to I licit 10 "start
a kindergarten." Malcolm Stuart was
announced and I went down to dine
with him.
Al! at once I found I was very hungry
and I remembered 1 had eaten
nothing since yesterday at noon he
fore I mot Pat and Alice at the station.
Little hook, I have lived years since
then?so many, many years since yesterday
that I rather expected to see
myself wrinkled and gray. When 1
looked into my dressing table mirror
I was very much surprised that 1
' could still smile.
"Here comes tho Little Lady Salvia
again." said Malcolm stuart as I
stepped out of the elevator. "Do you
know. Margie, you are a constant surprise
to me. This morning out there
on the pier you were like a pale wreath
of unhappiness. your eyes the somber
pools of agony, your mouth the stiffened
line of despair.
"Tonight you come with all the glorious
color that 1 love in your eyes
ind on your upturn smiling lips. Surely,
fair lady, you must have been acting
then or you are simulating that
which you are not now."
"Think what you will, gentle sir,"
I returned, drooping n faint curtsey,
"but a woman is very apt to act when
she imagines she is about to solve the
great secret?to ctnbark on the great
"Then II was premediated and not,
a sudden Impulse. Shame 011 you. Margie.
Where Is your courage?"
"This morning it had gone flying
away where I could not reach it, but
I think tonight it has come back to
nestle in my heart. I was acting neither
then nor now. This morning the
world seemed something to lose at
any cost; tonight it seems something
to hold at whatever price."
"Marglo." he said, as I began to
eat my melon with splendid and appreciative
appetite, "1 think It Is harder
to hold our possessions than It is
to compass our desires. Most of us
do not realize we must hoard with
olosest care everything we wish to
keop. Sometimes I think that Is the
reason why some of us tlnil anticipation
grealer than realization. Vpe taring
every gift of Imagination to enhance
our anticipations. We overturn our
lives, our world, to make them come
true! and then we ait back and accept
the realization in a kind of apathetic
^ll the-joy.out ot IV ,
iff". '
: 1 ' ; -rSSlf
I y
Kaster style prophecies have arrived!
Here are two advanc. models for
spring as worn by Bessie iiarrisca'.o.
iho Triangle movie star.
Miss Barriscale's street suit is of
palest gray chiffon velvet bordered
with monkey fur. Oh, yes. fur will
i "Goodness!" Her eyes widened.
"Why, he won't give tr.v and ma money
euough for a new hat."
"But won't it he iine to Uivo a li
brary in town!"
I wouldn't know what h, uo with
"Why. get the book.-: and read them.
.Magazines too. and all sorts of things.
A pretty girl like you wants 10 know
a lot, Carrie."
"1 know enough. 1 iian bake the
best angel food cake of any girl In
Clark county."
"All right! Maybe you can. but I'll
bet you don't know who Shake.-penre's
contemporaries were."
"What did you say?" she asked bewildered.
Oh. here's dad now."
Sam began instantly. "1 came to get
your subscription to the new library,
Mr. Weigel. You've heard about it. I
suppose. Let me see. we've put you
down for a hundred dollars."
"WlTit?" cried the oh! farmer, putting
his hand behind his ear. lie
would not be deceived next time.
"A hundred dollars!" yelled Sam.
"I'll he?I'll be ham juggled if 1 w?ll."
- 1 i
| "Bui you, my dear little lady, in the
unexpectedness of your welcome make
anticipation very cold and strange. I
feel tonight as I sit here and look
at you across this softly lighted. dower-bedecked
table as though I had been
having a had dream, that no woman
could possibly want to die at II n'cluein
the morning anu in the evening enJoy
antichoke Mollanduise with the
gusto you are now."
"You hare not realized the full capacity
of human motive yet. Mr. Stu!
"Is that an intimation that I must
call you Mrs. Waverly?" he interrupter.
"No, all my friends call mo Margie
' and I can hardly refuse the savior of
my life the privilege of calling me by
any name he wishes, can I?"
"Thank you. dear Little Lady Sal
via," he said fervently. "What would
you think of me. I wonder, If I told
you the name I wish to call you I have
never voiced even to myself?"
"Goodness, is it as terrible as that?"
I asked.
"Quite," was his laconic and most
enigmatic reply.
a * kim we M
^l| I WAI
L <S*e
he wes?t virginian?fa
:e tips on spring styl
fur is till to rem^
rrmn in f"vr?vitp fHmmitm fur utill
another ; uwmcr. The coat is hip
length anil t'.c skirt is longer than the
iiVtwiig'j or the winter.
Mis iiarri-ca'e's stunning silver
and black restaurant frock ought to
prc\ c any giil with a dozen new 110-!
, tions for a spring wardrobe.
He pushed hack his chair, crossed his
knees and tumbled awkwardly for his
pipe. Wirt's the ddrned thing for?"
y for thy county. Books,
you knov. Books." And then Sam
a < >! .;: >n on the blessings
! ; ! in ;i lone calculated to
v.. ' !'. i!" p.-mimics in Fgypt.
A;-'.; 11;' got the hundred. '
' ;rn you!" Ferdinand hand-!
yd over the ink i:< ; .tf we I check with!
! poor grace. "Yer'e like them hogs out
;liei . Kc. p at it till you get it."
CJood hy Sum." said Carrie, putting
her rand to Iter smooth, snowy throat.
"Condby. Carrie." said Sam. and
'lira in n toon ..-tiieh Kgvptian miinil.ii
' oitld n v<* have heard lie leand
:* r .ard and ail. "I've learned to
know what beauty is since I've been
s?v. ay. ' arrie. and you'ry the lovliest
fg I've seen in that line over." He
pressed her hand gently and was
gone. , ,
A .ear passed. The trees across
the valley Inid put on yellow bonnets
and r< d and brown shawls against the
nip'-ing night air. But the afternoons!
i were warm .and mellow. Ferdinand j
Wcigel was going for the rows one
i day when Carrie called. "Had. oh dad!"
The old man turned. "Hey? Well,!
| what is U? Crlbines want to "
"So. it isn't tiie Cribbses. Dad. It's
Sam Karns. He wants to see you."
"Sam. Sam Kerns."
j "Wants 'o hidhi another library,
! does be. Wei! tell bim tn go and talk
: to the chickens. I'm busy Wliut's
| lie want ?"
"I don't know." Carrie smiled and
dimpled. "Hy said to tell you he's
; soliciting." Carrie had picked up on
j her Ci's since reading books from the
I library and she had found out what
| 'Shakespeare's contemporaries' meant,
j She had also read most of his plays.
| as well as a great many other classics.
I She had also discovered on her triI
weekly trips that nothing is as beeomj
itig to a girl as white tai'orcd waists
! and a dark blue serge suit.
At the head of the hill Carrie and
ll A I* fit Ml AM .A A 4 On t?l ...I... "A - - -
I ut-1 1411itci IIICI oaiii. mm ruiuu up Oil|
ergotfc, irresponsible, smiling. The
| old man had to acknowledge that his
visitor was splendid looking but nevertheless
he retained his scowl.
"How do you do. Mr. Weigel?" said
Sain, pleasantly holding out his hand
"How do?" responded Ferdinand,
suspiciously. "What do you want now?
Solicitin* again. Carrie says."
"Yes, I am, Mr. Weigel!"
"What fer. now?"
"For Carrie. I want her this time,
d .some of His momeV- Are Yoo
, i'd jdst Li we to ' ?v
im His Boors fora P I
?^ while r~??1 ^ j
The Itel Ridinghood cape Is made
of black chiffon banded with silver
tulle. It extends to the foot of the skirt
and fastens shawl fashion. The gown |
is also of black chiffon over silver
gauze. The skirt is bawled with black |
velvet to give it weight. The verybroad
girdle is embroidered with jet 1
'end she seems to think it's all right."
The old man stroked his whiskers 1
an instant or two with shaking lilt-1
gers. but he looked his relief.
' Ob." he said, turning away, "is
that all? Well, take her and God j
idess both of you. 1 thought you was j
; uucr money.'
Mrs. H. W. Drngoo was at Fairmont
shopping Thursday.
Mrs. Josephine Maymond. of Fairi
mont, was at the National House
1 Thursday afternoon to teach vocal and
instrumental i ??
.Mr and Mrs. W. Yost. N. B. Yost.
Mrs. Charlie Engle and sister. Miss;
?'enha Whetzel, motored to Fairmont i
Prof. Marashleiau's first sermon in
! songs was very much enjoyed by all
who hoard him in the. Methodist Episcopal
church. Thursday night.
Claude S. Jarvis is a business visitor
at Wheeling.
Glen Hawkins has gone to McWhor?"r.
above Clarksburg, where he has
j located.
Mrs. Harris, missionary who gave a
I 'Cure in the M. E church. South.
Thursday night, was the guest of Mrs,
I c. X. Coffman at the parsonage while
she was here.
i John Phillips, of Fairmont, was a
! business visitor here Friday.
Miss Virginia Morris is a week-end
uuest of Miss Grace Ott at Fairmont.
The annual meeting the stockholders
of tlie First National Bank
of Fairview. will be held at its hanking
room January ft. 1917. between
"the hours of 2 and 4 p m., for the election
of directors for the ensuing year
and for transaction of other business.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Toothman ex"X
>rct to leave soon for Jacksonville.
Fioridu. and other eastern cltf/s on a
Mrs. Florence ClaHolier was in Fairmont
shopping Friday afternoon.
A. L. B. Dudley wus a business visi-'
tor here Friday.
Mrs. Columbia Lowe has returned;
from Morgantown where she was visit-j
; chichesieh s pills
i ma A
, ir wry* r " ? n'' mctmicW/
ITk 'i?*"' ^ale<' *"'? Blue Ribbon.-V/
1?1 Wj r?Uo no other. Iluy of your ^
I / "" W Ask forClli.rifng.TER'g
tlx *r ??aH?ND 2tICANi> frlLsL fS ft*
A~ A* y cm k nown a? Best, Safest, A1 way* Reliable
VOI) T>0 V,ELL' 1 3EE ^ ARE
ToW? CWI&TM/WS presets
llV - "L ,i . .t-ii , isA'.i j'^ti'r'it^jVySfl
ing h" daughter. Mrs. Lenna Lowe
Misses Mary Lavell and Eleanor ,
Miller were in Fairmont shopping Mon *'
Miss Mary Murphy has returned .
from Wellsburg where she spent several
weeks with her uncle. Lewie McBee.
I *
Miss Gus3io Straight, of Fairmont. s
was visiting here a few days this ^
week. j
' * 1
Is the "movie" show house in your ..
city furnishing you with ample <inautity
of pure air? a
There are many poorly ventilated ''
show houses and occasionally one ''
hears the remark. "1 would like to ace v
that picture but the theatre is too hot n
and stuffy." S
I'rof. Whipple, of the .Massachusetts _
Institute of Technology, has the fob "
lowing to say 011 "movie" ventilation: /
A moving picture theatre should i \
first be provide ! with a good air in- 1
take That is, if possible, the air j '
should not bo sucked in directly from |
the street. Sometimes It is impossible
to pet very clean air. In such a
case what ij obtained should be purl-,
lied, presumably, by passing through
u wall of water. It can, however, he
tairly well done by passing it through j
cotton bags*.
Air which is to cold cannot be taki
n in advantageously. If you take it
in much below HO degrees it is almost
certain to offend some person's bald j I
head. Tills may be overcome how-)
over, by wanning ilie air with the
proper machinery.
Ah air is passed into the theatre
it must he. made sure that the temperature
of the clean air is below that al-' "
ready in the theatre In order that the a
warmer and less clean air may be nat i *
urally forced toward the top and exit, n
In dealing with llie nir the proper a
relative degree of humidity, or qual- j ?
ity of moisture, should be considered, t
The air ought not to come into the c
theatre at a speed of more than five K
feet per second, and nt least 30 cubic
feet per person should bo provided t
every minute. b
The question of outlets- for used air i
is important. The outlets should be d
so regulated as actually to get a good ii
displacement of any and all parts r
wnere there are persons. Most im- r
portant is the question of keeping the s
air moving in order to get rid of the K
hont nut nut liv flip human hndv. ii
M ? y ? HEALTH
G. H. P.: "What caur.es offensive j
breath 1 am bothered in thiR way "
quite frequently and yet seem in good c
health." ! t
It may he chronic rhinitis. Have ^
your nose and throat examined. v
! ?
TKMPl.KTON. Mass.?Have an np- ^
pie sauce egg? Ari llawkes feeds his J:
hens apple sauce and sells their eggs <;
at J1 a dozen. This places on the mar- d
kct the first genuine lieu fruit ever ?
ever concoted.
The "sick season" is here. Colds, g
coughs, croup, bronchial troubles and i C
neuralgia make winter a season to be ?
dreaded unless one is prepared for the g
quick but dangerous attacks of these *1
diseases that follow exposure to rough 1 *
weather, draughts and ever changing J temperature.
You can't prevent these I '
attacks, hut if you have Krew-Pina in !
the house, you can get speedy relief;
from them. Prepare yourself in ad- j
vnncc by having a 25-cent jar of this i
wonderful household remedy in your
medicine chest, and use it on the first
symptoms of the attack. Krew-Pina Is
a preparation combining the best of
the old standard ingredients in such i
a manner as to obtain the most effi-1
cient results, and yet which does not i
have the dlsagreeablo and sometimes 1
CYCU UUllftVIUUO atlCf'CllCClS inttl ire- !
quently follow the use of strong mus- j
tard poultices and liniments that blister.
leaving the skin tender and making
the patient catch cold easier than j
before. Krew-Plna cannot blister the i
tenderest skin of an infant, and there '
is no more efficient remedy known. '
Martin's Drug Store and the Mountain
City Drug Store sell this remedy
in 2f> cent jars, and are authorised by
the manufacturers to give your money
back if the remedy does not give complete
f i gave /wsbodv achri;
jftEStHT rVE60T MV MOfJEV ,4N[>
- w
New Newspaper for Bcckley.
CHARLESTON. \V Va. Pr. 9? |
l certificate of incorporation was is- *
tietl by the Secretary of State to th'o-operative
Publishing Comrany of
leckley, Raleigh county. The concern
ill publish a newspaper and It has
n authorized capital of Jo.OOO. The
^-corporators are Clark Wiley. S. H.
lover and others of Hockley; A 11.
IcClung and J. Muncey of Spmgue,
larence lVrsons of Page and \V. A.
iughes of Pemberton. ^
Newspaper Man Dies.
WHEELXG \V. Va. Per. 9?Charles
V. Voitle, aged t'9. former editor of'
he Washington (Pn.i News, died in
local hosidtal tliis morning follow- d
ng an operation performed several j
ays ago. lip recently sutfored a w?r- j
ous breakdown. Mr. Voitlp wiia for- (
lerly political writer for tlio various
Ioundsvillo ami Wheeling newspapers v
i _
Mothers can rest easy after giving
California Svrup of Kins." because in
few hours all the dogged-up waste,
our bile and fermenting iood gently
jovok out of the bowels, and you have
well, playful child again. Children
imply will not take time front play ;
o empty their bowels, and tltey be
ome tightly packed, liver gets slug-1
;ish and stomach disordered.
When cross, feverish, restless, see If
ongue is coated, then give this delic- ;
_?uo nun lUAanve. i_nuaren iovo
t. and it can not cause injury. No |
lifforcnce what alls your little one? j
t full of cold, or a sore throat ,dlarhoea.
stomachache, bad breath, re-,
nember. a gentle "inside cleansing" i
hould always be the first treatment
;ivon. Full directions for babies, chil-1
Iren of all ages and grown-ups are I
irinted 011 each bottle.
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups. Ask J
our druggist for a fiO-cent bottle of
California Syrup of Figs." then look
:arefitlly and see that it ia made by
he "California Fig Syrup Company."
Ve malte no smaller size. Hand back I
."ith contempt any other fig syrup. j
^[email protected]$C6C8C8I
| Flowers Foi
Quality "1
Purity I J
A At/O1 -rw ^?? f t.PP
Safety J
Mountain Ci
A Prfl' 60S - HE MOST B?
poo \ ft ABoor A3 HAPPS
* ? L. A VAULT M A cfeA
'ME 1
? _I '-j
W*IH i
iV. M. Delaney Writes Ap- I
preeiatively to Craned
Drug Store.
This Is an entirely new local an- I
lorseinent of the superlative family
isrve tonic whlrh is being sold fn
iliennmenally large quantities at
"Hail trouble with indigestion and
,iili bowels fnr many years. Took I
11 kinds of medicine, which gave temmrary
relief. Had urinary trouble for
wo years.
"Have laken Xerv-Worth tor tlx
nontlis and am fooling line Worktag
very day. J am C.4 vearR old.
Xerv-Wnrih wheis the appetite, aide .
Ilgpstlon. adds tlesh. restores restful
lcep. rouses the liver, regulates the
towels, banishes sick pind nervous
oauarnoR ami otiier arnes ana pains
ml builds tip run down system*. If
i dops not do this for you your dollar
iack at Crane's Drug Store.
TTT7 L.J..
Now is the 1
Time to Think j
of your whiter clothing needs,
and have them cleaned still I
freshened by uur superior msthFooter's
Service Is always
safest and best for Ladles' and
gentlemen's garmentsFelt
or other hats, slipper*. I
shoes, sweaters, light wraps.
Just now we are preparing to
render better and more sflliaast
service than ever before. f
Footer's 'J
Dye Works
Cumberland, Maryland.
Fairmont and Vicinity.
the Home I I
War lias not raised the price ]
of flowers at Lcaman and Tlth- -as
erington's. \'or has It affected f v:
their beauty. Our ChristmM l
flowers are just grand. A choice
variety of blooming plants pot- 3 I
ted or in boxes. They make a 5
pretty gift. Christmas treee, a j I
Holly, Holly Wreaths, Myrtle j
and Laurel roping. Order early,
Leaman & I
Titherington 1
Meredith Street Opp. Postoffloe
The four elements of sue- ja
sful medicines guarand
by our label on your
ty Drug Co. I

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