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Stock Productions.
:igr Jllppodrouoe..The Girl from Out Yonile
Princess The Stone Go
Nelson Broken Live
Ideal A Mother Sac-i tic
Dixie Plain Jan
fa Grand The Ragged Princes
rn ODAY the Hippodrome Player
I are staging for the first time a
A popular prices "The Girl Kror
,N k Out Yonder"?the big Adelaide Thun
/' ton success, and Mr. llellman is en
phatic in his remarks regarding th
merits of the play and the manner ii
which it will he Interpreted, llu say
this will be the greatest triumph o
his cast of capable players. It ha
been carefully rehearsed under th
direction of Mr. Karlolt, who adds tha
everything is in smooth working ot
Tho usual "paynlgbt" feature wil
Ik be repeated tomorrow night, when liv
turkey will be given away.
MisMcKinley says she Is gettini
kg accust.nred to working in suiall ipiar
7 tnrs, 1 nt laments llu fact that th'
Hippodrome ,tage is undersizu lor th
big pr iductlons being staged by lh<
An Inquisitive Interviewer askei
I Helen Holmes, star in "A Lass ot lb
Lumberlatids." which is featured a
the meal tomorrow, whv sho neve
looked twice the same In a photc
graph. "Well, now, that's ati interest
Ing ouostlon," Miss Holmes shot bar]
k- nt him. "I've wondered about tha
* ' myself, and the only solution 1 eai
f got is that the same woman is neve
twice the same. Figure that out Co
yourself. If you weren't a man mayb<
y ' you wouldn't have to."
Mabel Taliaferro, who was feature"
In "The Dawn of hove" at tile i riu
ceS3 last week, claims New York as he
birthplace, but she was born on i
train b' id fur the metropolis iron
In the anin/.iiig history of the mo
tlon picture industry thus far. then
Is probably no more conspicuous ex
k uniple of the sudden rise to lame of i
motion picture star, than Bessie Bar
rlseale who is at the Dixie today will
. t'harlcs Itay in a late Triangle pro
" duct Ion, "l'lain Jane. ' she is not uev
to local movie talis and her previou:
/' appearance in pictures here met will
such evidence of approval tHat tin
Dixie management teels the headline;
today Is an exceptionally strong one
Tilts capable young actress, who piny
oil Jiiunita in "The ltosc of thi
Knnchu" under direction of David Be
lasco, and later, i.uvey Mary in tlta
perennial comedy, ' Jlrs. Wiggs of tht
?. < abbage l atch," is also enuenrcd ti
patrons oi me speaking stage 111 ilit
cities in v.liicli she has appeared.
"The Lure" will he presented at tin
J ilippodroniu on Monday, Tuesday am
Wednesday of next week. The arrange
menu for the rights and script wen
concluded last week and notwnnstaud
ing the unusual lealures oi the pmci
Mr. lTcilninn is sure tliat its prostata
tion here by his company will bo i
revolution, lie lias uie greatest con
lidenco in his players and they in tun
have the self assurance el being aim
to present in a first class manner any
Hung the management chooses to ae
lect. They will, however, tunc a ful
week at rehearsal insltan . i tin u. ua
three uays put in on other plays.
* .!
/ Ftonnltl Rosebruugh has "caught on'
with Hippodrome patrons. i nat ii?
has become a lavnrite is noticeable
. Jus comedy gets them going evorj
time. Mr. Ko.-through is consciou:
t t its fact and is jneased to know
? its are appreciated. "The wort
is ? < > much easier, and so much more
I tsant when a fellow can see it tak
ing hold." is. however, all that it was
po ib!;- to gel him lo say on the *>ub
f: icct.
"The Senator." which is coming L
tile Nelson u.eatre tomorrow, is a pic
lurizaiion of Sydney ico.t.acid's piaj
Ul the same name, but I'harles J. Ros:
Is tile star of the screened story, ii
the character made famous by Wil
/' liani II. Crane on the legitimate stage
V' Mr. Ross has his own share of stag*
lame, which is added to by his remark
tbly effective work before the canien
In this picturization of political auc
fecial life in Washington. There i:
u remarkable revolution of the uia
vhinations and intrigues nttendlni
even the most, praise worthy efforts o
legislators of the higher class, of tin
plots and counterplots, of the socia
ambitions of leaders and would-b<
Iliuucin iiiuvilh llir I'lir till IM-I, it 111
K aeries of pictures which will provt
uf thrilling interest.
? ^ We sauntered into the Hipp Satur
clay afternoon to see the last acts o
"An Old Sweetheart of Mine" and airbed
just as the "on nestru" was play
Ing the last bar of "There's u Heart it
the Heart of Maryland." Knowing tha
iii; tt wa.:, not a score from the Hipp rep
the Children Cough, Rub
N T.lu jterole on Throats
and Chests
Xo telling how soon the symptoms maj
Irvelop into croup, or worse. And then's
vhen you're glad you have a jar ot Music
role at hand to give prompt, sure ro
^ acf. it docs net blister.
As first aid and a certain remedy
Ifustcrolc is excellent. Thousands oi
^ Mothers know it. You should keep i
|ar in the house, ready tor instant use
It is the remedy for adults, too. Relieves
sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis
:roup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, head
ache, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism
lumbago, pains and aches of hack o
loints, sprains, sore muscles, chilblains
frosted feet and colds of the chest (i
& aftey nrcvents pneumonia)
_???. ,
t n i
i i
I. ** /
j; ^
Q j ' t
t ; \.i$$-'.
.'" ' .;'y t>*
I v .
1 ! ? r> l/ . ?>
2 ; .$$>/ }.
i ; ,#f v"
?' ^
L: ->' "MD3.
B <?.>v XtlOl-lAi
New York and Philadelphia societ;j
has just discovered that the "Michael
- i wuMiift' , n mini; |iuvuin lid ? C juni IICCU
b ! published, is Mrs. Thomas, society
t ; leader, whom Paul Mi lieu, the artist,
r tas pronounced the most beautiful wo
i-1 man In America.
r ertoire we took advanatgc of the first
i opportunity to inquire the whyfore 01
r i tho innovation. We learned?
' Chas. Hopkirk is hack in lingers|
town. Md? at his old job playing a
| piano. lie has quit vaiidevitling
' j If "Hoppy" only would keep travel~'r
. ing. we'd probably be delighted with a
lot of good old timers like: "McetiMc
j In St. I.ouis," "Under the Annheuser
j Bush." and so on. Or, maybe. "Where's
i My Wandering Boy Tonight?"
; =j
v , Mrs. Mnson Wood loft last night for
s : Wo r rent on. Va . where she is the guest
1 for a few day* of her son. Mason Wood,
^: u student at Stuyvesant school.
l* The Misses Beatrice Courtney and
Pearl Jacobs have returned front Mor"
gantown where they had been the
2 guests of relatives.
"j Walter Augustus has returned from
i an extended visit with friends in
C harleston, W. Va.. and Ironton, O.
\ Miss Mary Davis, of Cliarlo ton. for'
; nterly of tills city, is the guest of
friends here.
Mrs. Nina Miller Tliuin and niece.
2 Miss Helen Miller. left last night for
1 Washington, D. C., to spend several
j da>s.
Miss Fuo K. Hall loft yesterday for
I Twin Brunch. W. Va.. where she will
' spend the winter witli her niece. Mrs.
-: C. Mortis.
1 M. Mc'Tillir. of N'-nv York, is a bust*i
noss visitor in the city.
1 1 Miss .?iudrey Corrothers. of C russ
*' Heads, 'Mono.igalia county, is a vist
tor in the city.
I W. T. Menear is out after a several
J l weeks* severe illness.
Birthday Party.
I Mrs. Joe Minor Fleming, more fa'
j miliurly known as "Aunt Flossy" was
31 the honor guest yesterday at a birth
. u?> MUjii ?11 ii u'' r m U'i miiiii: uii
Fightli street. A large birthday cake
s with seventy candles ornamented ilie
dinner table and the candies were
; I lighted by little Miss .Mary Fleming
2 daughter of Forrest Fleming and the
-I youngest grandchild of the honor
i I guest. Members ut the family pros
I cut included Mrs. Lexiaa Evcrhurt and
daughter, Fretlda; Mr. Joint TT. Fleming,
Mr. and Mrs. Arch Fleming, Mr.
and Mrs. .Forrest Fleming, Mr. ami
Mrs. Thomas \V. Fleming, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Fleming. Mr. and Mrs.
| Brooks Fleming and Mrs. Buiory Snider.
The grandchildren were Mr. and
. Mrs. Mark ltollins. Joe. Franklin, Ed|
ward. Paul and Madeline and Mary
' Fleming. Other guests were J. 11.
. Browntlcld. Messrs. Jacob llaydcn.
i Will M. Fleming. Sam It. Xuzum. J.
! Coleman Fleming. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
; Fleming. Mr. and Mra. C. S. Billingslea.
Mrs. (Jail Davis ami daughter,
t'liarlana; Mr. and Mrs. Luther FJcn.
ing. Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Cunningham,
Mrs. .S. L. Watson. Mrs. John B. Crane.
Mrs. Martha Davis, Dr. and Mrs. J. c.
Broomfield and Josephine and Irene
By Being Constantly Supplied With
ThedforiJ's Black-Draujau
McDuff, Va.?"I suffered for several
vears." savs Mrs. 1. B. Whittaker ni
[his place," "with s'lck headache, and
stomach trouble.
[ Ten years ago a friend told me to try
' Thedlord's Black-Draught, which I did,
" and 1 found it to be the best family medicine
for young and old.
I keep Black-Draught on hand all the
1 time now, and when my children feel a
little bad, they ask me for a dose, and it
does them more good than any medicine
they ever tried.
We never have a long spell of sick;
aess in our family, since we commenced
using Black-Draught."
r Thedford's Black-Draught is purely
vegetable, and has been found to reguj
ate weak stomachs, aid digestion, relieve
indigestion, colic, wind, nausea,
aeadache, sick stomach, and similar
J It has been in constant use for more
ban 70 years, and has benefited more
than a million people.
Your druggist sells and recommends
Black-Draught. Price only 25c. Get a
gackage to-day, N. C ua
Mrs. ^V. A. Small, director of the
| choir at St. Petera Catholic church,
: has composed an arrangement o! "Ava
j Maria." which was sung here lor the
first time on Sunday at' the morning
I service by Frank Jordon. tenor. Itv
J request It was repeated at the evenj
jug service. The selection won the
commendation of both uuillenccs It
' will he put in the hands ol the publishers
at once.
Church Social.
! The Men's Agoga Bible class, of the
First Baptist Sunday school will entertain
at a social at the church Tuesday
night the guests to include members
of the Senior Bible class taught
by Fred Mclntire, the Helpful class,
1 taught by Dr. C. O. Henry, and the
i Keystone-class taught by M. C. I.ough.
The Agoga class Is taught by ltev. W.
I J. Eddy.
Music Department.
f The following program will lie reni
tiered tonight at the regular meeting
i of the Music Department of the Wol
man's Club at the home of Mr L. N.
Yost at 7:30 o'clock: "Music at the
Bienulel." Mrs. Jus. A. Meredith;
piano duct, "A Country- Dance " Kevin,
.Misses Helen Stevenson and Olive
McNeely: Current Events. Miss Mary
1 houise Nichols. Rehearsal ol "UnI
dine" will follow.
* * ? ?
Entertains High School Boys.
) The Fairmont High football squad.
. tocnthnr with ? niinilior nf votintr In.
j (lies, were entertained yesterday at
j the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. I). Merei
uith 011 Morgantown avenue. The
1 party convened immediately alter
1 < hurch and enjoyed a dinner and a jolI
ly afternoon. The following members
; of the team were present: ! '. Knight,
i J. Knight, M. Turkovitch, II. Buckley.
: S. Dean, J. Aulnililer, Ritchie, A
i Horshlcr, P. Hutchinson, II. Hamil'
ton, D. Smallwood, Baker, D. Brady.
Wilson, Hill, It. Hawkins, A. Meredith,
II. MeTedith. The other invited guests
were: Misses Grace Hill, Ruby Hess.
I.uciile Fisher. Marie Krum. Kdna Hill,
I'aulino Graham. Barbara Berry, Clyde
Hill. Hugh Meredith and iierschel
* * *
Judge and Mrs. William Stanley
Haymond announce the engagement of
their daughter. Genevieve, to John
Magruder Wolfe, which will culminate
in a wedding in January. Miss IlayI
monil is the third daughter of Judge
and Mrs. W. S. Haymond and is a
young woman of t harming personality.
She has attended school at Mt.
Do Chantal Academy in Wheeling and
at Georgetown. Maryland. Mr Wolfe
j is general superintendent of the Jarai
ison Coal and Coke Co. mines in this
Miss McKinley BIG FA
who plays the
part of "FrotaoW Sorting
V .=
America's Most Famous C
Sydney Roscnfeld's Striking Story
trigue In the h
Five Acts of Wondcrfu
Admission?Mat. 5c to all
$10,000 ]
Soon to be !
The Sequel of "The Diamond 1
rare Interest.
A Smashing
| Plots and counter plots, wreck
Bcenes Oil this screen drama wit
new piny will be exhibited on
ami thereafter one chapter in twt
At the
:ial events]
i section. He formerly resided In PhilI
adelphla. Miss Haymond Is a member
of one of the oldest lamhllies in
northern West Virginia while Mr.
Wolfe's family is prominently connected
in Philadelphia.
With Mrs. Fleming.
The Young Ladies' Aid Society of
the M. P. Temple will meet tonight at
the home of Mrs. Fled Fleming on
Main street Officers for the ensuing
year will be elected and otner business
transacted. A social hour will
Two Marriages.
Walter Guthrie, of Pennsylvania, and
Miss Edith Hall, of Grant Town, were
united in marriage on -..lurday anernoon
at the home of the ofticiating
clergyman, Rev. C. E. Goodwin, of tho
T.',..,.. -Vf V
I Saturday afternoon Rev. Goodwin
also united in marriage Samuel L.
( Thomas, of Morgantowu, and Miss
Lea Hughes, of tills city, the man la go
being performed at the parsonage.
* *
To Leave for South.
Mr. and Mrs. Larney P. Carr leave
the latter pui^ v. ... j week for Atlanta,
Ca.. to spend the Christmas holidays
with their daughters, Mrs. Hurt Martin
and Miss Ahblo Carr. They '
I spend the remainder of the winter in
| the south.
I Look! Resinol has
cleared that awful
skin-eruption away
The moment that Resinol Ointment
touches itching skin the itching
usually stops and healing begins.
That is why d? -ctors have prescribed
it so successfully for over 20 years
in even the severest cases of eczema.
ringworm. rashes, and many
other tormenting, disfiguring skin
diseases. Aided by wa rm baths with
Resinol Soap, Resin-.! Ointment
inakei' a sick skin or smln lirnltliv.
quickly, easily and at little cost.
Res:n?l Ointment am! Re?inrl Soap also
greatly help tt? clear away pimple* atid dandruff.
Soli! by all dn:t;tri?ts Mm with trncter
(aces welcome Resin. 1 Shaving S- tick.
de Thurston's Greatest Success
irl From Out Yonder
nts for the ladies today matinee
T TURKEYS Given Away
: Thursday "Capital vs.
" Watch for "The Lure."
J. Ross
'haracter and Vaudeville
>r in
of Political and Social Life and Inlations
I Realism and Beauty.
ft rrin it
. Ev. Adults 10c. Chii. 5c.
trnmrnmaammnrnm i 11 hi i
Prize Film
Shown Here
From the Sky" brings a picture ot
Action Story
s, fights. terrible leaps and wierd
li thrills. The first chapter of the
> reels will 1)0 released each week.
r. .
; / '! -
! \"iA^>\ ?
The "Merry Ch
Shines in
Broad Radiant i
and happy preparations are well un<
around Fairmont.
The Christmas dinner in humble
thought of because less frequent th;
Everywhere and for almost ever
The Cost of the Thii
In past Christmases the forgotten
Even a 25e gift or a postal card, mi
ly man, woman or child.
This store stands out before you,
supplies of all sorts of little and inexj
Christmas time in every home.
? every one
i u :
Gift Suggest
Houseware S
Basket Goods Hani
.Japanese fancy fruit and sand- Chinaw
wich baskets, fine variety to se- ....
Iect from, due t0 $250. AI*a>S al
pccially if
Japanese sewing or work haskcts
$1.00 to $2.00. beautiful co
Japanese shopping baskets 4oc hand-painted
to $1.25. There are
Japanese fancy waste has- trays, flowe
kets. 50c to $4.00. saucers, sag
Japanese flower baskets, some tea sets, be
for flower or fern pots, some .
with high handles for bouquets. mor p
40c to $1.50. complete, co
Japanese trays, very "classy" hi Fairmont
40c to So.00. I
Wood Trays, finished in white
enamel, mahogany, clroassian
walnut, fumed and wea.the.-ed Elect: 1c '
oak, with a variety of fancy in- $4.50.
lay centers. 65c to $2.50.
Basement. Electric 'I
o-, .. T Percolate
Reading Lamps $2.75 to $10.
Electric or Gas Lamps, beautl- Casserole,
ful designs, rich trimmings.
Prices range from $2.50 to $25.00 Aluminum
Basement. Pots, $1.50 l
Silks Make Beautiful Gil
The beautiful f'liristrans silks arc anions the
women. A length sufficient for a dross would
Striped Silks, 36 inches wide in a beautiful
$1.75 and $2.00 a yard.
Tlaid Silks, 3(1 inches wide, fashionable color
Silk Poplin, 40 inches wide, fashionable cob
Coleaen Poplin. 42 inches wide, all colors, $2
Crepe de chine. 40 inches wide, all colors. $1
Taffeta Silks in all shades, $1.75 and $2.')0 a
Kimono Silks, beautiful patterns, 75c to $1.25
First Floor.
New Shoes Just in Time for Christm
One is a high cut white glazed kid lace shoe, t
plain toe and Louis heels at $10.
The other a high cut lace shoe with black
vamp and white kid top, high Louis heels, $7.5
Beautiful evening slippers of gold, silver, white
black satin and beaded black kid, $3 to $7.50.
Felt slippers in beautiful colors, 75c to $1.76.
Children's felt slippers, red and blue, 65c to $1
Men's felt and leather slippers, $1.25 to $2.50.
First Floor.
irisltmas" Gladness I
Every Face I
Smiles Everywhere
der way in hundreds of homes in and
homes is more important and even more I
ui the big dinner in stately mansions. $j|| I
,*body there will be some kind of a little gift I
lg is Not the Real Thing I
one has been heartbroken over disap- j
ight liave saved the sob or sorrow of a lone- I
between you and your friends with great
tensive things for the making of happy
'.very Woman Know I
ting Thursday morning we shall have
iristmas Sale of Coats I I
units and Dresses j J
i and young women which will include
.11 the Winter Suits in Stock
.11 the Winter Coats in Stock
ertain Good Lots of Dresses
going at a price reduction of yt to moi*e W
ler present prices.
ee Wednesday's Paper for Full Details. IIS
tions From the I
Store, Basement j
1 Painted Cut Glass
'arc for Gifts For a Sparkling Gift
i acceptable gift, os- Salt an(1 Pepper Sets 50c to 51.50
Crcum and Sugar sets $1.25 to $2 I! |
it comes from the Celery Trays $1.25 to $6.00 ,|l
llection of Japanese 1,01> B?'is 50c to $1.00 I I
,, , . Comports $2.00 to $6.00 II;
1 pieces at Hartley s Frult Bowis $1.50 to $9.00 119
travs. plates, cake Punch Bowls .... $6.00 to $25 'ASm
Flower Baskets .... 50c to $3.50 ll
r vases, cups and nowcr Vases .... 50c to $4.00 l|j|
;ar and cream sets. Trays $1.75 to $7.60
,n bons and many Community Plate
|, making tho most Silver Ware.
llection ever shown _ ,, . 1
Teaspoons, for % doz., $2.15. II .
!-rices - to $i.j0 Tablespoons, for % doz. $4.30. HI
lasem int. Soup Spoons, for % doz., $5. *
g. Individual Salad Forks, for % 1
Toaster. 54.00 and Bullion Spoons, for % do*.,
Knives and Forks, % dozen of
'able Grill. $5.00. ctn-li in set, $10.30. I
ir. some electric. Jitter Knife and Sugar spoon
50' Olive Fork, each $1.00$ I
51 00 to $5.00. Gravy Ladle. $1.50.
Soup Ladle. $4.00.
Tea and Coffee Duller Knife, $1.0\
o $2.50. Basement.
???? ??
| Gifts of Furniture Irtiff' II
Rugs, or draper!*. j j I
v are the most lasting I
/\ gifts of nil. Wonder\
I ful varieties of all . : '%
f J that is new and use- 1
x ful for the home is ,
tioxv ready. WRJ
i 1
I:. I
A Fi*antz Premier Electric Vacuum i*
2S. Carpet Cleaner will make a splendid ' ii
gift for mother. Price special $25.00. 4-si
vith Third Floor. 43 !$||
J!'" Furniture Department Specials
This solid mahogany electric lamp, felt coyered
base 8-inch silk shade in colors rose, yeland
low, green or blue, 6 feet of electric cord. Regularly
$3.75, only a limited number, special at
L.25. Smoker Stands of mahogany with glass tray
and all fixtures, $1.50 valuo, special 98fe -;4
Fifth Floor.
! ji
( i
ii ifPffmB

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