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v cisely what Congret
pirTHK PAPER THAT Q0E3 HOME." Moreover, unless
f"*? '**? s Msmber Associated Press I 1 abetted by the "pre
published daily except Sunday make a muss of the
fcy theWalrmunt Printing and Publishing Company. '
W. J. WI EG EL, General Manager. ACRICUL
JAMES C. HERBERT. Acting Editor. w y
A. RAY MAPEL. Adverting Manage* A virgin
C. V. REOIC, Circulation Janager. i \ program tor I
. ? courses which
Bp1 Publication Olfice. Monroe Street. , aU<;nlion arresling
Advertising Dept. I Circulation Dept. I Editorial Dept. n? i.n?
Bell tea Cons. 250 I Bell 153 Coos. 250 I Bell 63 Cons. 57 Virginia Stiffi
Foreign Advertising Kepreticn'ntiee, ROBERT K. WARD. which if putsii
Brunswick Bids . n.? York, i.'i Mwll-oi. St.. ouc-m l,|p profits am
Daily (by earrlcu 4ic r<- tnontli. I'.iy .t.ic monthly.
BV mail It is a fact that t
Dally, one month ...? A.) Dally. s.x montha ...$200 cxiMed at the linivf
Dally, three months. 100 .Daily, one year 4.00 , . i r
, . ? ., . , thai not enough tar
BuHl gubacrlptions payable In advance. t j 7 t
, when asking for chanCo it. addict give old ns well as he persuaded to takl
new address. Fit,I tome progrei
' Enteral at thr rontofflc*! at Fa rr..<mt, A't.-i \ liar ;it. .?s Week attendance ir
SMRMfid cUu* mattrr . , ,,
Bjiljr ur % agricultural college
1 .1 L . .1
HI IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR PAPER CALL uirougnuui tne stale
-WESTERN UNION." being given at Mors
Subscribers on our currier routes (ail.ng to got The |Ljv'" '',c possible to
Ll West Virginian any evening should call "WESTERN Wc<t Virginia in so
H UNION,'' state tbe fact and give name anil residence. nor. The dale for 1
H IoHK * IBMS6n8er deliver a paper to your door at .
fl tmea. There is no charge to the subm riber fur this ..
ll service. Tbe West Virginian plans to render to its 1
H.'l stttacrlbers the host tie,v>p iper urliveiy service pes- llieotin i ride agai
I llble and Ibis is part of the plan. niua tor the dought
''MONDAY EVEN INC. iJl'.t KM ItElt II. iftifi. th J Allan" ? which
them go again mui
_ BUSY YEAR AHEAD. | poses only.
I TV EPORTS from City hall, where preparations for the j
f\ sale of the bonds authorized at (lie recent special ' I-ast night's (list
election and work on lite plans for the public im- | lord president of
provements which will be provided with the money are no mention of Cai
I already under way; the visit of high officials of ihe Mo- j important body. \
I nongahela railway, who came to get first hand information I an Irish peer by a
I as to how the improvements will affect their interests; the shire. It scarcely
I .growing list of conventions of state wide importance that any element in the
I are to be held here during 1917: progress upon the Greater j to the top. The tn
Fairmont campaign and many other things all indicate ' career occurred ill
that 1917 is going to be a notable and a busy cycle here- General of India wl
Hjbpats. military branch of
p.. People who are thinking of extending their business, re- i at the time was th
fallen making plans for the coming year, the public service t the struggle and re
| corporations and others will save themselves and the citizens I a more militaristic
I with whom they deal a great deal of trouble if they will ed of. Americans
I keep these things in mind. Fairmont is coming out of the American gill, the
I dumps, and the fellows who are not prepared to come out
H Iwith her are going to be badly left. One of the shrewdest The Federation (
|. 'observers of local commericial conditions said the other pay of all govern
J'day that business has been standing still in this town for down. As this inci
ihe past five years. Well, it may be that it will make five of Congress, the F<
I Veen' progress in one during the next twelve months if the brings Ihe matter f
; business men of the city are alert enough to prove to the and act favorably u
I (consuming public that they deserve success.
o A Wheeling man
A MATTER FOR EXPERTS. "U8e " cou,d n? Ic
i ?. , ,, . ^ , , , , 'ts product. A Pen
.npHE New York World takes Major General Hugh itself in the same 1
1 L Scott, Chief of Staff of the United Stales Army, for damages and g<
to task for failing to present a system for general the United States st
| (Compulsory military service after his sweeping condcmna
tion of the federalized National Guard system of second 1 j3UV crosa
1 line defense, which is now in effect. I he point is well Christmas Fund,
pi .taken. If we must make radical changes in the policy '
I; which this government has pursued lor many years, the
| 'way should be pointed by experts. It was lo solve such i SHOE
problems, among others, that the Staff was created. j,0ts 0f men who
The principal trouble with the existing system is that it been owned body a
I' is a thing of shreds and patches lobbied through Congress 8''ice they east tliei
by butchers, bakers, candlestick makers?anything but mil- 1 PosllioD- Cameron
E itary experts?and scarcely a single feature of it meets j Appropriate advii
f, with the approval of trained soldiers. Most of the 1 receiving abnormal I
? schemes that are offered as substitutes are open to the ' Pare lor peace.?CI
I", lime objection. We will never make any headway while > Perhaps one of tl
I such a situation continues to exist. will be given the li
., The public mind is in such a state with regard to the electoral college. 1
f question of national defense just now that if a plan that ?Clarksburg Expo
I Commanded the support both of professional military men T)l(i proBraln js s(
> and authorities upon constitutional law whom the people gross may fee/'tenfji
trust were submitted there is not much doubt that it would own benefit.? Wliee
be possible to put it through substantially as it was outlined,
ft It is highly desirable, therefore, that the Staff evolve a plan ballot'norTh "con'ii
I and submit it for the consideration of the people as soon purifying elections.
J as possible. It would be the highth of folly to defedcralize have made matters
(BY CONDO.) fi
j ^ ^ ' ^ 'I
?| WITH TOO /INDj ' I _ Z
I ? . -? ?A
I. for instance, without first providing
Yet there is a prospect that mis is prei
purposes to do.
there is skilled guidance. Congress,
paredness" lobbies, is certain to again
whole military problem.
a University bulletin advertising the
Farmers' Week and the winter short j
has just come to hand contains this
w that there now exists In West
eient agricultural Information
ato practice would at least iloil1
yields and would main- for a
nt system of agriculture?
!,;< f?..J -f I i-J?
3 unu VI aglll-UllUiai MlunlCU^C 1135
rsily for a long lime. 1 he trouble is
mcrs know about it or. knowing, can j
: advantage of it in a piactical way.
is is made each year. The Farmers'
icreascs rapidly and the classes in the
grow. Better farming is spreading
as the result of the teaching which is
tantown. and it will not be long before
talk about the agricultural interests of j
mething more than an academic man- ;
"armors' Week is from January I to 6.'
and tin' Deutschland are safely on ;
n. It indeed will he a uierry Christ- j
y captain and his crew.
rman cruiser on the broad linsom of j
stops- Hritish merchantmen but lots'
st he cruising for stock market purlatclics
say that Earl Curzon will be
the British War Council and make
-son in connection with that highly
Vhat a whirligig time is. Curzon is
ppointment; he was born in Derbycan
be said that he is popular with
Empire. Sheer efficiency took him
ost spectacular Incident of his public
-iring his second term as Governor
ic-n he sought to put a check upon the
the government at the head of which
e late Lord Kitchener. Curzon lost!
signed. Now he is to be the head of
machine than "Kitchener ever dreamwill
wish him luck. He married an
beautiful Mary Loiter, now dead.
>f Labor Is in favor of Increasing the
ment employes from the President
ludes the members of both branches
ideration ought to be careful how it
orward. Congress may take the hint
pon it.
ufacturing plant has closed down beinger
get cars In which to ship away
nsylvanla coal company which found
ix some years ago sued the railroad
)t a verdict. The Supreme Court of
istained the verdict last Monday. |
Seals and subscribe to The Times
are opposed to equal suffrage have
ad soul by some political crook ever
r first vote. This explains their opStar-Tribune.
~e to American workingmen who arc
y high wages: In time of war premrleston
lie co-eds from Kansas or California
onorury post of cheer leader of the
fliey deserve some such recognition,
0 long for the short session that eoniled
to pass an eight-hour law for its
ling Register.
re observed, neither the Australian I
pt practice act have helped much in!
And as for the primaries, they
much worse.?St. Mary's Oracle.
"bits of"~1
1 state news
In an effort to reduce the higli cost
f living the Bluelield Housewives
'rotective league has been organized
ifficers have been elected and eomalttees
appointed to help solve the
uestion. The league has allied itself
flth the national organization. At a
uicciuiK, uieiuuers ot the local \
ague adopted a resolution fixing the i j,
rice which will he paid tor certain j t
ornmodoties. Hotel, restaurant and
oarding house proprietors have heen i
ivitetl to meet with the league. ' t
i s
Officials of the local water company j
stimate that a hath in Huntington |
tsts three-tenths of a cent. They say ; p
tat the average person uses ahout 15 | c
allons while the preset! water rate c
25 cents for 1,000 gallotis.
Eight harges are being completed
t the docks at l'arkersburg for sor- b
li e as oil tankers in the Gulf of Mex o.
Other modern steel barges will
b brought down the Ohio river from t
ittsburgh shortly to he converted in- If
i tankers. The old cabins are being
moved, bulkheads built in the holds
id the decks matin water tight. The r
acket Joe Fowler will take the tun- b
3rs to New Orleans where they will _
e turned over to a seagoing vessel i
he towed across the gulf to the
ampico oil fields.
Though the price of river labor has
Ivanced several hundred per cent, y
Ithln the past few years, rivermen rent
that it is difficult to obtain rousttouts
and other help on the river
icktts. The explanation lies, they g
ly, in the increased activity of the B
eel mills and munition factories m
liich are offering higher wages than gi
e boat owners are able to pay. Roust- oi
outs a few years ago were paid from lo
ii to $30 a month. Steamboatmen tl
iw have difficulty in obtaining that st
ass of labor at wages of $50 to $60
month and are predicting that they lu
111 be compelled to offer more. fa
During the first six days in January, b(
indreds of West Virginia farmers cl
will gather in Morgantown for the an
nual "Farmers' Week" of the Col
lege of Agriculture. University of Wen
Virginia. The activities of the wee!
will include among other things thi
state fruit show, state exhibits o
boys' and girls' agricultural clubs, sea
slons of the State Horticultural As
aoctatlou, sessions of the live-stocl
association, meetings o f delegate!
from women's clubs and conference!
of county agricultural agents.
Legislation providing for censorshit
of motion pictures will bo submlttet
to the legislature at its uext .sessiot
and If provision Is not made for th<
state to have supervision a bill wil
be presented amending the chartei
of the City of Wheeling, giving citj
officials the authority to designate t
board of censorship which shall pas:
upon films exhibited here. Kollowiiii
the censoring of a picture shown hert
recently, the matter has been discuss
eil by police and other officials an<
the conclusion reached was that I:
the state does not assume sponsorshii
for films the city should. It haB beer
suggested that a commission of fiv<
composed of an attorney, a city of
ficlal. business man. a minister ami ;
farmer have jurisdiction.
According to the Martinsburg Jour
nil! me spring-use weatner WI11CII pro
ceedvd the present seasonable cole
snaps fooled even Mother Nature. Koi
instance the other day Funeral Dlrec
tor John H. Wllen stoppud for a mo
ment at the M. A. Snodgrass drug es
tablishment and informed Mr. Snort
grass and Attorney A. C. Nadenbouscli
that he had gathered a bunch ol' beau
tiful pinsies from his flower garder
a day or two ago. and that he ant
Superintendent Rhodes, of St. Josepli
cemetery, had killed a big snake thai
was cavorting around that cemetery
The new Wellsburg government am
postoffice building was opened lasi
Saturday evening under the most au
spicious circumstances. A receptior
and address by Hon. J. B. Sommervilli
of Wheeling, were the features of the
dedication. The Wellsbu/g postofflct
is different In architecture from an*
other public building in West Virgin
la. In design it is of old Dutch col
onlal style. The building Is two stor
ies and is of Flak tapestry brick.
The supreme court has held tha
John White is the legally appointei
sheriff of Monongalia county and is
entitled to serve out the remainder o
the term and make collection otj tht
tax tickets now in his possession. The
court refused the petition of William
Snee, recently electee to fill out the
unexpired term of John B. Wallace
deceased, for a writ of mandamus tc
compel White to turn over the taj
tickets to him. It was held that White
could only he required to turn ov.er the
tax tickets of the county on the de
mand of the countv court, and since
this had not been done. Snee couid
not secure possession of the office
even county court had appointed
White soon after the death of Wallace.
Ruff stuff
Say what you please about the British
navy, it has sense enough not to
try to catch Koenig.
The old old story again?Greece will
ioon be part of Germany.
Even as Rumania. I'oland. Serbia.
Belgium and Northern France.
* *
And we now read that the German
anks are greater than the much toutid
British ones.
All Germans we know have greater
.anks than the John Bulls.
? ?
Eight hundred newspapers in Unicd
States have quit on account of the
tigh cost of paper and yet
it is only the natural order of things
hat aflcr the Thanksgiving turkey is
jonc Greece should be cleaned up.
A little nation with a big idea wakes
tp to find Itself missing every once in
to often.
If ever one Ford thief is caught he'll
je blamed with all thefts and will vtal
a la Mott Osborne fur life.
* * *
In two trips the Deutschland has
tarried cargoes valuable etiough to
>uy IX boats like her.
* *
Dear Santa C'laus:?Please bring us
lie scalp of the duck who is respondble
for the h. c. of vegetables and
neat.?Olive Consumer.
* * ?
Olive, old stuffiu', you've got your
etter in the wrong sanctum. Send
tour Christinas letters to the Contressman
and President who said
ionic time ago that they were going to
vuuvt- me niHH uuiu Ul living.
* *
Starve America to feed Ktiropc is
he right dope ? from an European
And while the war council is lieing
latched up in England the war counlis
on the other countries are being
ongratulated 011 victories.
* ? *
"Bluo Goose" is captured.?Times.
Wonder if that Is one of Clem's
We haven't read that story about
he swallowing of hippopotamus for so
jug we enjoyed it this morning.
As Ring Lardner might say (had ho
ead it in the World) it was a horrt
ly good tale.
(ill The Cold Germ
Colds and grippe are caused by a
errn. One of the ingredients in Old
lack Joe Cough Syrup is an oil that
icdlcal science says will destroy tills
Brm. Another valuable ingredient is
tie that oifcus the air passages and
osens the phlegm bo that the oils in i
te syrup can reach the germ and
lot lie the irritation.
Old Black Joe Cough Syrup is abso-!
itely safe for every member pf the I
imlly. It. is free from all opiates,!
tloroform aud narcotic drugs. A big i
jttlo costs only 25c at any store in !
ty or country.
"" l;l!
11 ^
The Shopping
'I List
t ? 17x54 inch Axmlnster rugs $2.25
'Cl Doll beds 20 inches long. $1.25.
i. g Men's 0 piece Ivory toilet sets.
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? 2 quart round Casseroles, $2.00.
-g ilottio I'eriu Toilet Water in
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j c> 5 pound box I'help's assorted
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>|8 Tied i.catlier bound book of
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light. $1.75.
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' <y Children's Daniel Greene Sllp
g pers. 50c and $1.00.
? Boys' Giant Soldier games. $1.
t g Moorman
! | Chiropodist *
g Tuesday ^
I | oawooooiyo wcrao'crocOTO csaaaew
III r J.v _ i r* Tl
i^aiconai v,ommeni
on Current Subjects
I From the American Economist,
i The Protection which for a time resulted
from European war conditions
seems to have entirely disappeared. As
a matter of fact we are now buying
more from foreign countries than at
, any previous period in our history. For
| the ten months ending with October,
11)10. our imports reacheit the unprej
red en ted total of $2,007.598,5115, this
I being an increase of $55(1.330.050 over
j the imports for the same ten months
j in 1915. Of this more than two bit|
lions of imports, more than two-thirds
| came in free of Tariff duties; dutiable,
$661,631,110; noil-dutiable. $1,345,967.;
455. For the twelve months ending
; with October. 191(1. the imports reach!
ed a total of $2,334,927,745, an increase
( of $042,530.(120 over the amount for [
twelve months ending with October.!
; 1915.
Surely the rich American market,
i made rich by long years of Protection.
| is proving a bonanza to the outside
| world, thanks to the low Tariff and no
j Tariff of the Underwood Free-Trade
law. The enormous growth of imports
is apt to be overlook d in the glaring
blaze of huge war exports, but it can
not be overlooked when the war cx1
ports stop. When that times comes j
I we shall be buying far more than we
| sell, and shall more fully realize the t
j value of Protection and the disastrous
I folly of Free-Trade.
I From the Now York World.
I There is Justice In the plea of Mrs.
Carrie Chapman Catt that the public
make a distinction between the great t
j body of active Woman Suffragists and
I the small faction of unruly agitators
who gained notoriety tor themselves
! by their conduct in the House of l'.rp
resentatives last Tuesday vvhlle Pre.
I dent Wilson was addressing Congr
Speaking with authority for the N
tional Woman-Suffrage Associatio
Mrs. Catt emphatically disavows sy..
i pathy with their antics. It is unfortn
nate tor the Suffrage cause that .1
[ few individuals more conspicuous for
French plate bevel
hand mirrors. Always i
acceptable and always
appreciated by the woman
of refinement and
taste. No perfect toilet
can be made without
one, so give a mirror
and you are sure to be
on the safe side. 50c j
and up. fe.
Drug Store
How Many Pec
Happy Oi
Happiness li the greatest g
I 10 easy to carry happiness ti
f Often the simplest and most
message of good will and die
Send as little as you will, bi
Our store Is filled with atti
gift you seek may cost you as
The beautiful and elaborate
viceablo and practical gifts.
Here also are the toys and
of the little folks.
But there Is not a day to be
for you and happy for your h
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Furs Are
m v ?* ? ? ?
weeded. Now
We will have fur weather neaxl
cry day now, this Is the very li
nlng of the fur season. Our fur
all perfectly fresh, made for
season, of soft, pliable, beaut!
finished pelts 111 the newest s
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Sets or separate pieces at
orate prices.
If One Can't <
a very good substitute is one
Velour with great cape-like <
ran be rolled up closely to th
throughout with guaranteed ss
_ Other Stylish and Com
i a*M&rrr% w. v/w
bad manners than for brains should
mako themselves the means of casting
discredit upon Millions of sane,
sensible women. But certainly the
women who through the National Association
are carrying on a rational
campaign of education should not bo
held to blame, the more so that they
openly condemn the methods of the
Congressional I'nlon.
Christmas S
Hundreds of checks v
bank this week to the n
year. To the hundreds
Christmas will be one o
Costs nothing to beco
regular payments?no J
We can arrange the p
son desiring to take a m
cents per week to sever;
Get everyone in the fa
to your friends and get
Everybody welcome.
Call and let us tell yoi
plans and enter you as a
The Peoples I
- UW,... W
fc 12.wnaraB.>:riigwwi??B|0M^
pie wm Yon Make
t Christmas?
lft which Christina* brtnss. and tt th ! 1
d everybody thai knows us.
1 inexpensive sift carries a deUsfetttf j
lit send spmethlns to all. !
T.rtlve and desirable thins* and th*. '
little as you desire. i
thlnss ere here, a* well a* the s**> i
trinkets that brtns Joy to the heart* ^
lost If Christinas is to be comfortable 3
ousehold and friend* [
today before the last rush and huny
Have a fur Coat |
of these warm, rich looking mats of g
-ollars richly trimmed. The collara g 4f
o throat and the coats arc lined 5
itin. Extra values at $25 to $35.
fortable Coats at $15 to $20. | ^
> Dr> I "
<*** |f Moorman g
Chiropodist S
mW Here %
Tuesday g
Mr. and Mrs. 1'. F. Fleming, of Cam ?
crnn. passed through the city Satur
duy evening en route to St. Peters
burg, Flu., to spend the winter.
Miss Dora Wiles, of Morgantown
: was the guest yesterday of Mrs. II. M
I Abbott at the home of the lutter's els1
ter, Mrs Edgar Davis.
Sporty-Dressy | <
Jvery 0110 of these seasoning f;c? c
to make our women's booty perfect ? w
lie style shown Is one of I ho bite O
lho Reason. g
k low heel hoot for dress or street
lr Made in dark rich tan. nlso ?
wn. grey and black?wing and &
light tips. o
.$3.00 to $6.50. 2 A
?o:ooo^oooooi'ooov<?oooox>iaea:o "
avings Club
nil be mailed out by this M
members of the club this *
1 receiving these checks
f gladness.
me a member only your *
fees, no fines, nohing to
ayments to suit the perlembership?from
a few
al dollars.
.milytojoin. Show this
them to join.
i about our different
member of one or more.
National Bank

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