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| imr
jjHerchants Say That This
Season Will Be Record
/A flurry nnd bluster of the wintry j
. ^QUall which Htnn k l-'airnioni Sntur-'
ph'.fiijr sent tardy ChriHtnuts shoppers
^''jjlUrrjrlng and scurrying to tin- shops
so provide for the Christmas needs and
Memands of their friends.
'( The unusual weather condition* of
ithe entire fall have not fostered the
'shop early" spirit, neither has it been'
yzf; la incentive for the "home mmlu" giv-;
j' pre to atop by their firesides long)
jpnough to provide for the gifi giving |
Pfv^Snt call to the open and has ruadc the'
-holiday season a remote prolialdlity.
But Saturday was an uwakener In eartieat
and by nflernnnu tin- simps were
aeeing the biggest crowds of shoppers
of the season and will continue lo do
SO until the shopping days are over.
i|V-"'v Local merchants have noted a tendency
on the part of the buyer to insist.
On first class goods, atul also state thai
Such a condition was anticipated by
Merchants and that the goods ary to !>,.
and. There seems to he little incentive
!i : Mr the out of town shoppers lids seaton,
so many of the mine and company
btorss having installed departments
Which encourage the men out of town
to spend their money with the companies.
i In every store In Fairmont there is a |
:L fcubstantlal incrcuse in the hristmas;
itrade this y?*ir ovur what it was last. I
*he factorios and shops of Urn city arei
i.Working regularly and In many Instances
the men are getting more mon-1
ey for what tlioy do. The better times'
are reflectod In the chnrueter of the
j- ' presents being selected. When times
Pi are had and working Irregular the buy-!
ing is almost entirely of the practical
nature. This season tho little knickknacks
and more elaborate practical
gifts seem to be the most in demand.
"Our business has shown a consist- j
nt increase over last years Ilgures. j
day by day, since the first of last September,"
said E. C. .Jones, speaking
of what his store is doing. "We did
nearly double tho business last Satur-!
day that we did the same Saturday a i
year ago. Our increase for the month i
Of December so far 1 should say. approximately
33 1-3 per cent and the]
outlook is that wc will breuk every rec-1
. ord of the store."
"We are entirely satisfied." said Har-1
ry Hartley, speaking for Hartley's de- i
partment store, "with the Christmas*
trade so far, all hough it has been slow-1
er in starting than it was last year, j
We are preparing for a tremenous
t Chopping rush next week and have as I
usual completed arrangements for[
having lunch served at the store for ]
.- ' the employees on the rush days" 1
All other stores in Fairmont are re.
porting tho same good business. While 1
the season has slarleil rather late. |
the total or sales is still exceeding
those of last year, when the season j
was much nearer its height. It is the t
K' conconcus of opinion among the merchants
of the city that liiltl will fur-;
nlsh as the banner year in their his-;
A charter has been granted the Old
Dominion Coal company, incorporated j
by Fairmont men. but to have offices i
*. ; in Pittsburgh, to operate mines in j
fife Harrison county. The company is in-1
i-;;.. corporated for $120,110(1 by the following:
John A Clark. Charles (I llobl).
13. B. Howe. T. A. liutisaker, and A.
8. Murphy, all of Fairmont.
TO?" |
jjjj A stimulation in the building trades
this fall and winter has kept the men !
and plant ol' the Dickcrson Ituilding I
V und Supply company unusually busy, j
s" The company is filling orders in terri- j
vf tory which has never before been ban }
died by the concern and was forced ''
fee" recently to add another big Packard
truck to their delivery and hauling 1
jt. The gasoline plant of the Motion !
J gahela Valley Traction company was I
- started at Dunkards Mill Itun this i
ii tnorning.
y R. S. Hopkins, a local num. has been j
i' granted a patent oil a new type of
K|p electric insulator. The different ways
! Jn which electricity is carried now and I
7 a few years ago lias created a consld-1
erabie demand for special type insu- J
- Jators and Hopkins' patent is expected
10 prove very valuable.
; Pedestrians on Main street today
i/'i frequently heard a (treat buzzing sound
V coming from the air and on looking
up discovered It to lie a M. V. T. work- i
man on top of one of the new steel I
!y lighting poles using an electric drill. I
j' . Holes are being drilled near the top J
S4-. of each pole for the placing of wires.!
if fThe Insulators for the high tension \
wires that must, he tarried through the
, city are In place and in a few days the
||V ' Work of wiring will he started,
it/:. That Christmas in Fairmont this
fy year Is to be the happiest one yet for
^ w the kiddies, is assured by the fact that ,
S Jlrooks and Lake wholesale candy jobp.'
- bors, are absolutely swamped with or?era.
Earlier in the year the concern
,}i figured that there would bo a twenty
per cent, increase In their trade this
gate poliday season. Now they find that
Hair r pven with the 20 per cent, increase
ft - they had provided for. they are having
ifi' 1 the greatest difficulty in getting
5/ Bnough stock to satisfy customers.
Meeting Postponed.
|sf-: The December meeting of tho Hobt. j
|hv; p Lee chapter of United Daughters ofi
r#S:..; the Confederacy lias been postponed |
.jU' or.".;i Kjnearv at which time u snccial I
gtai program celebrating ihe hirthduy ofj
pjfr.'--.Robert S. Lee and Stonewall Jacksoni
wilt ho observed.
r-' \ >;r "'--1' ".-*>* ' " i* iVAjfl
| Town Talk I
Attend Instltutei?Prof. J. Francis j
Shreve, of the department of educu- j
tlon of the Fairmont State Normal
school. attended a teachers' institute
at Smithtleld, Wetzel county, Saturday.
President Joseph nosier, of the
Normal, attended the Barbour county
teachers' Institute at Phlltppl Satur
day. Both Mr. Rosier and Mr. Shreve j
addressed the Institutes.
New Rector Preaches?Ilev. Charles
Hnird Mitchell, the new rector of ] I
Christ Kplscopul church, was greeted 1
yesterday by an unusually large eon- 1
gregotion, the occasion being the sec-1 i
ond Sunday in advent and a splendid
sermon featured the service. Under 1
the leadership of Itev. Mitchell great '
things are planned for this congrega-11
tiou which hus been inactive during '
the past few months having had no '
regular services since Rev. A. H. Bea- j'
vln left tltis charge to accept n charge '
at Cutnljerland. Mil. During the time'"
the church has lieou without a pastor, 1
the Sunday school was kept up and > 1
other work progressed as usual. In- '
spiring music featured the services <
yesterday and i'rof. Claude Jones pre-11
sided at the pipe orgau
Woman Winemakcr Arrested?Mrs. '
Chenda Fonda, an Italian woman who '
lias five small children at licr liotnc '
on Water street, is in the county jail '
for alleged manufacture of Inloxlcaf- j
iiiK liquors. Slur wus arrested by Dep- 1
uty Marshal Moore and Revenue Col- 1
lector Blorlicr and two barrels of a J J
raisin mush were found and eonfiscat-! 1
ed. At a preliminary hearing before j
Commissioner Kirby the woman 1
claimed that sin was making wine fori
her own use. She was held under $2.- j '
000 bund.
Sheriff's Sale Today?Much of the!'
property advertised lay the sheriff on j1
which taxes wore long past due was '1
sold today at the court house. The
bidding was not very enthusiastic at
any time on ...e real estate and In most;
casns the parcels sold for but little j
more than the taxes which arc agu...-.. I
them. The sale was hold inside the
court house and the corridor near the
front entrance wan well filled with
bidders, it being too chilly outside to t
hold the sale from tile steps as is ordinarily
Pyle Is President?Prof. C. E. Pyle,
of Morganlown. was elected president
of the Monongahela Valley Principals'
Association which met in this city Saturday.
He succeeds Prof. 0. A. Watson.
of this city to the position. The
next meeting of the organization will
be held in Morgantown durlgn April,
Speedy Sale of Seals?Kroiu present
indications tho present sale of Red
Cross Christmas seals in this city will ,
exceed the sale of former years. The
seals, which were placed on sale Saturday
in the postoffice, department
stores, etc.. have met with a ready sale
and it Is thought before Christmas day
the 25.(10(1 consignment received by
tlic local association will have been
sold in its entirety.
Ex Govsmor Fl^minn R.rnv.rinn? ,
Hon. A. D. Fleming who has been seriously
ill at his homo in this city suffering
with a severe rolrl, is considerably
Improved at this time and attend-i
ng physicians believe he will he able to |
to out within a few days.
Operator to Meet?Coal operators'
of the Fairmont district will meet to-1
morrow afternoon in the Chamber of
Commerce rooms and go over plans
for procuring a more efficient distribution
of cars to the mines in this region
fContinued from page t.l
was never the case, he would not under
present conditions act upon it
now. The political reasons are oh-1
vious. and the personal reasons are
that Senator Coil's health is greatly
improved and his long and distinguished
career as soldier, statesman and
jurist contains nothing to indicate that
he would retire under fire or budge
an inch in response to partisan Democratic
opposition. The political reasons
are that if it were known that he
had it in mind to retire from the Senate.
It would he stoutly opposed by Republican
leaders in both the national
anil state organizations. They appreciate
the situation too clearly and would |
vigorously oppose running the risk of
a special election in West Virginia
al litis time, especially when there is
no necessity for taking that risk.
Senator Goff would undoubtedly listen
to that advice and abide by it. Hut,
as his friends know .them is -1 ti'l -- ill
- J
bo no occasion for that service to be (
Kiven. Senator Goff is not going to ,
resign ami lias never bail any such o
Intention of doing so at any time since i
bis unanimins election by bis party a
in 1919. There ivill bo no Senatorship j
luing up in West Virginia to be bat- r
lied over Ibis year due to Senator Goff
resigning. The political situation is i]
such that bo could hardly place Ills j J
party in such an undesirable predica-1
ment if lie really wanted to retire from |
public oftlce, which isn't now the case i
nor has it ever been.
Aside from the few Democratic leu'>
its presumed in be interested, it is, 1
exceedingly doubtful if the voters of I
the state, no matter to which party j t
they belong, would welcome another' i
state-wide campaign unnecessarily 11
precipitated. It is assumed that the i
people of the stato desire a rest from 1
campaigns until ono comes around in c
its regular order. It Is absolutely a I
certainty that there isn't a man con- f
ncclod with the party organization of I
the Kopiihlicans in West Virginia who I
would wont to see Senator Goff hand c
in his resignation. They would be ac- \
lively and audibly opposed to any such
action on bis part. Plainly stated, i a
and bluntly, tlicy feel that their party i i
is in no condition to frivol with that t
extra hazard when there is no rea- \
son why it should. ?
So far as a resignation from him is t
concerned. Nathan Goff will continue t
a 1Ttilted Stato Senator until his term a
expires March 4. 1919- It
Interment in Woodlawn
Cemetery in Charge of
I 0. 0. F. Lodge.
Funeral services over the body 01'
Kllas S. Amos whose death occurred
Friday, were hold yesterday afternoon
roni his late residence on Locust avenue
at half after two o'clock. Rev W.
I. Eddy, of the First Baptist church,
pastor of the deceased, conducted the
ervlces which were attended by a
large number of people. The house
ivas filled with friends aud the porch
ind yard were also occupied by those
a'ho wero unable to gain admittance.
A quartette from the first Baptist
diureh composed of Mrs C. 11. Nelll.
Mrs. II. M. Abbott. E. II. Ktnkead and
Br. f. II. Nelll. sang two selections,
"Abide With Me" and "Beautiful lslu
:.f Somhewherc" and Mrs. Nelll sang a
tolo. "Face to Face."
At the conclusion of the services
it the residence the bodv was ronvov.
><1 to Wuodlawn cemetery where fit
orraent. was made. The interment
.vas nmile under the a duplets of the
. O. O. ] '. lodge and active pgllhenrrs
were chosen from their ranks. The
tonnrury pallhenrers were S. Itay Hoi>ert.
Tusea Morris, A. L. Lehman. E,
k". VanOllder, S. E. Mlllor and Jas. A.
Among relatives and friends here |
'roni out of the city were Prof, and
Mrs. T. J. Humphrey and daughter, of
tVheoliug; Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Hall, of
'alrview; Mrs. Ed McKtnley, of Penna-;
toro; Thomas Humphrey Allen
Srooks and Albert Blerheller, stuffenta
>f the West Virginia University, Mortan
(Continued from page 1.)
nada after the bill had been passed.
That the forthcoming session qf the
'olons will bo an important one for
nany outsiders, is indicated by the adranee
reservations at the local hotols
vhtch have been made by those other i
Lhan members. Prospects are that
his session will he more largely atended
than any held in years. The
latronage that will be distributed at
his time will he somewhat divided,
ind both the major parties will try lo
;et the lion's share. Several imporant
lobbies will be maintained, not
inly those which have been incident
:o former sessions for the last do- j
?ade but numerous others as well.
The coal interests will he largely rep esented,
as will the oil and gas in"
:erests. the railroads, the book con:erns.
the anti-saloon people, the suff agist
leaders, and the anti-suffrage
ulvoratcs. Those who wish to see
he prohibitory laws changed will represent.
both the liquor and the antl-1
iquor interests, and it is promised
hRt many changes in the prohibitory .
itatutcs will he made looking toward J
i moans of making the state morel
irid than ever while there are those;
vho declare that instead of making j
hose laws stronger, the changes pro-1
)osed will weaken them.
Governor Hat field will still be at the.
telm during the period of the regular
session of the legislature and it is a
Inch that nothing will hi; done by
iim to lessen the chances of many
resent appointive officials holding on
intil the expiration of their respecIve
terms. But soon after the reguar
session adjourns, it will he possi>le
for Governor Com well, who will
le inaugurated March 5. to call the
olons together in extraordinary sea*
don for the purpose of undoing what
,vas done by the Hut Held cxtruordln*
irv session, although it is a fact prety
generally discussed that three extraordinary
sessions in less than two
ears are about as many as the tax*
rnvers wish to pay for.
The appointive officials holding of*
Ice for the same term as the gover*
lor. include the state librarian, state!
oad engineer, state historian and j
irehivist. capitol Janitor, state hotel I
nspector and heads of various state'
The term of the state tax commis-j
doner expires March 1. 1017. That of
he labor commissioner ends June 1.1
[017. and that of state mine inspeeor
June JO. 1017. Two members of I
he hoard of regents have been serv*
ng some time after their terms expi **
d. without having been re-appointed, j
t is not known how their commission's
will he made to road before Gov?rnor
Hntlield retires. These mem '
>ers in question are George S. Laidey.
of Charleston, and A. G. Swigcr. j
>f Sistersville.
The Democrats will gain ^mtrol of
ho state hoard of control June 30,
017. when the term of A. Bliss Mc>um
expires. J. .M. Williamson, one.
?f the present members is a Demo
rat. and when the Mct'rum term ends
t will be up to Governor Cnrnwcll to
ippoint another Democrat, leaving
lames S. Lakfu the only Republican
nembor. FRK1) (I. KIXG.
Plans Completed
For Art Exhibit
Preparations for the art exhibit to
>e given by the High seliool ami the
iuteher school at Hie High school
luilding on Thursilay, Friday and Sattrday
of this week are progressing
ticely. The collection consists of
nolo than 200 large reproductions of
he greatest works of art. consisting of
arbon photographs, photogravures,
irlnts in full color and engravings
rom the Elson Art Publishing coin any.
Those pictures will be the very
iest reproductions of master pieces
if various art galleries alt over the
A small admission fee of 15 cenjs
ind 25 cents will be charged and the
itthlic is cordially invited to visit the
ixhiblt. Each evening good programs
fill bu given by the pupils of tho two
chools. One admission will pay for
10th tho entertainment and the picures.
The exhibit will he open each
flnruoon front 2 to 5 o'clock and each
veiling from 7:30 to 10,
j ti
War Council of Five Mem- ?
bcrs to Have Curzon ,V
As President. j '<
LONDON. Dec. It.?Official announce I
rnent lias been made that the govern- ?
mcnt had been const itutod, wi111 a war
cabinet, comprising the following:
Premier, David I.loyd George. ,
Lord president of the council. Karl;
Curzon. who also will be government'
leader in the Mouse of Lords. I 1
Arthur Henderson, minister without
Lord Milncr. minister without portfolio.
and Andrew Honur Lar. chancellor
of the exchequer, who has been
asked by the I'urnifor to act as leader
?n the House of Commons and also
as member of the war cabinet without
being expected to attend regulariy
The other members 01 the ministry.,
who are not in the war cabinet, arc:
Lord high chancellor Sir Hubert
Bannatyno Kinlay
Secretary of stale for the Home I)'
partmeiit, Sir George Cave.
Secretary of state, for foreign affairs.
Arthur ,1. Balfour.
Secretary of state for the colonies.;
Walter Hume Lone. :
Secretary of state for war. the Earl!
of Derby . 1
Secretary of state for India, Austen
President of the local government i
board, Baron Rhonda. il
President of tlm I ion id of Trade, jl
Sir Albert Stanley. C
Minister of Labor. John Hodge. ?
First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir'
Edward t'iirsott.
Minister of Munitions, Dr. Chris-'
lopltor Addison.
Minister of Blockade. Lord Itobert I
Food Controller. Sir Joseph Baton |
President of the Board of Agriculture,
I tow in ml E. I'rothcro.
President of the Hoard of Education.
Herbert A. L. Fisher.
First Commissioner of Works, Sir
Alfred M. Mond.
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lun-1
caster. Sir Fredericy Caw-ley.
Postmaster General. Albert lllingworth.
Minister of Pensions, George X.j
Attorney General. Sir Frederick E.
Solicitor General. Gordon How-art,
K. C.
Secretary of Scotland, Thomas B.
Morison, K. C.
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Baron |
Chief Secretary for Ireland, Honry
E. Duke.
Lord Chancellor for Ireland, lgnatills
J. O'Brien, K. C.
Sir Robert Bannatyno Ftnlay. in accepting
the office of lord high chancellor.
stipulated that his right to a pon-|
-don bo waived.
. ;' '.,
?: '!;) ' V .-'ma I !
r ' - J
f I >/U :
'II - i i I jff
). G. Shome Dies
From Mine Injuries
Oplia CI. Shome. aged '1 years. died
undav morning at throe o'clock at
airniotu Hospital No. where he was
iken following injuries received in
n accident at the plant of the Gape
'oal and Coke company at Junior,
f. Va.. on Saturday. Mr. Sliomc was
reman at the mine and while inspectik
some property was caught between
ivo cars and so badly mangled that
is death occurred a few hours afteraid.
His wife, her father. Albert Shome, a
\ !
219 Madison Street.
Due to the high cost
of living and the small
increases in wages, we
are serving high class
meals in our Restaurant
Dining Room in rear of
our office for
We pse pure cream
and country eggs,
creamery butter, etc.,
home baked pies, etc.
Will be glad to see you.
We have a lunch room
. vj v. v/'iij.?
WvV; ' i ,
- 'J '
;,.. >,# 'it |pV
he Clarion (
Dunding a Friendly N
conomical Xmas Sho
Thursday, Dece
14th, at 8 A. N
most important mone
event of the year, tf:
le of Manufactt
Surplus Stocl
tomorrow s West Virg:
full page particulars
W. Va. _
I brother of the deacetisod, accompanied '
him. to tlu- hospital. .Mr. Shoino was a
man of splendid character and was f
; hold in high esteem in the community I r
i where he resided, lie leaves twoi'j
children. The hody was prepared for} (.
! burial at the .Musgrave I'ndertaking i ?
! establishment and was taken to Jun j
ior Sunday evening where interment !,
j will he made tomorrow. I r
| CUT INCRKASIXC. coal bills. Use ' f
; Koaline. Banish clinkers, cinders. \
soot. Sells on sigh?. Semi .Si for s
! trial and prove it. Big profits to eoun- /
ty agents. "Koaline," Bradley Beach, j (
jX. J. 12-lMiXo.1iw.il]
"\7"0U are cordially invitee
1 we have on display a
pictures. We have a corny
ings in the newest pattern
work is neatly done at reas
Jacobs Building
' oaoxp5cfc??o?:o:cic^o:o.:.'oowo'oitcta)?so
| $25.00 R1
o A reward of $25.00 will 1
g uicu win leau to me arrest
'? passenger Ford automobile
g entrance of the First M. E.
? between the hours of 7:30 I
2 left it near the corner of Jac
g in front of the Catholic chui
; O
1 fc
In order to make more rc
rapidly growing meat trac
.entire grocery stock, begii
The selection of canned
relishes is especially good,
shop will help solve the qi
of living.
The Nixon M
Jefferson Street.
t. . .
NG, DECEMBER 11,1916. i
rr"L~" ~ r ''.
m i
ctt MI ^
tiWWi6 t-1
"as- 1
Call HI
oteto S'jj ^
ppers | f jjj ^
III &i ^
y-saving J? *
10 i I
irers' ! | "1
inian for ||
t jSff!
i |y
co. f 1 1
ore^ 1^1 v|
I'ARKKIlSBrnCi, \V. Vh.. Dec. 11.'lir
program for the twelfth annual
iieotfng of rlic West Virginia, Hoard ol
'ratio, to he hold Huntington Do ^
ember II. wuh announced today by
Secretary H. II. Archer. C. C. LcwIk,
r.. of Charleston- will respond to tin?
ddress of welcome whicii will be
nadc hv the mayor of Huntington.
^montr others Willi will nnnnli nro nv.
iovcrnor \V. 11 MacOorkle. Dr. ( . .1.
ViiiBprlt-r. Wheeling; Dr. I. C. WJhlto,
lute Koolncist: Dr. J. I.. Coulter, Jean J
iKrirulturnl college. Morgantown; W
'. MoConaughoy. I'arkcrslmrg. and Bj
Inn. \V. 15. Chilton.
1 to visit our stove where
beautiful line of framed
ilele line of frame moldis
for Xmas trade. Our
onahle prices.
Monroe Street ?
_________________ "\
De given for information |
of party who took a five |
from the Fourth street | ^
Church Sunday evening S
\ M. and 8:30 P. M., and |
kson and Madison streets |
ch. Call Bell Phone 720. 1
At Cost I j
iom to accommodate our ?
le, we will close out our
ining this morning?
and package goods and
and an early call at our
lestion of the high cost >
eat Market
Opposite Court House
jfisT'S ' w

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