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8tock Productions
om?~The Girl from Out Yonder
I Desert of Lost Souls
The Senator
Lass of the Lumtierland
....Love Never Dies
Little Lady Eileen
3 patti Mckinley as "notam"
in "The Girl Front Out
ondor" at the Hippodrome
delightful portrayal of a charhat
is full of heart interest,
ly is a pleasing melodrama In
Adelaide Thurston achieved
mown in a two-year tour of the
. ft is doubtful whether the
as ever had a better Interpre;han
that given by the Hippo
ii arome Flayers the first hair of tills
week. Last night's audience was held
almost spell-bound by the, beautiful
sentiment of tlio story, the excellent
Work ot the players and the elaborate
scenery. This latter feature far sur
passes anything ever witnessed on the
Hippodrome stage. The broad expanse
of green ocean with u magnificent villa
on a distant island and n towering
light bouse close by furnished a vista
; of romantic grandeur. In every act
there 1b a surprising amount of this
sort of stage craft and it is a lilting
, ground work for the masterful drama
tic qualities displayed by every mem
bor of the east. Walter King as "Kd
r ward Elmer" is the big. heroic lover
who wins the hearts of the audience.
Charles Montgomery as "Hen Cook
Is a typical fisherman whose kindness
of heart radiates through his "oil
slrins" unit hitlrw 1.. L-. ?1.- ?
I ;" .Interest element of the piny always
to the front. Miss Leltoy as "Cousin
Slmonson" has ono of tliose parts in
which she excells. IJoris Kurloft is
"Daddy," the heaviest and outwardly
> the most difficult cliuractur of the lot.
? His rendition calls for tho highest
praise. Earl Suffrain's "Joey Clark."
the barefoot fislierhoy. whose" love,
born of childhood association. for
. "Flotsam" Is unrequltted. is a characterization
entirely different and new
f to Hipp patrons. He delivers some very
e- clever lines in the second act which
work up ono the best of the many stiry
S ring climaxes of the story. "The Girl
i From Out Yonder" is the "big sticcuss"
t of the Hippodrome Players to date.
K :t; At the performance tonight a mintc
ber of live turkeys will be given away,
f The last performance of this splendid
story of the Maine coast will be given
Wednesday night, proceeded by a tnati-nee
the same afternoon.
The sixth episode of tho Liberty
series, "The Desert of Lost Stalls," Is
A : at the Princess today, featuring Marie
Walcamp nnd Jack Holt. This series
. has proven itself a strong drawing
" card and tho interest created in the
first chapter seems to lie gaining in
A attractive power as there is a constantly
increasing a I tends nee nt this
; Tuesday feature. There are twenty
chapters to the complete set and each
episode is so arranged that it is not
icA necessary to begin with tho first to
get the full enjoyment. Mr. Prince
stated yesterday that he regards tho
f Liberty series one of the best possible
? to obtain.
5-. . Douglas Fairbanks, who conies to
K- . the Dixie Thursday in "Manhattan
ggkVj Madness," was introduced to Mary
jA Miles Minter recently and the twain
,, immediately established a sort of Mu5fr.
. tnal admiration society. Miss Minler
A - testified that Douglass was her greatest
film favorite, and "Doug ' responded
with a similar compliment. Ott
comparing notes, however, the sad
thruth came out?that neither one had
pSi seen the other perform on the screen.
' The lady laughed merrily over the
\ embarrassing coincidence, hut the galiant
Fairbanks was completely taken
f aback, and walked away, quoting in
hollow tones: "Alt. what a tangled web
> ' we weave, when fire we practice to
A.': deceive!"
A The story of "The Senator." which
is at the Nelson today, is a wonderful
presentation of official and social life
i tn Washington, filmed from Sydney
8 Roaenfeld's play of the same name.
' i with Charles J. Ross in the star part
: ' 1 of'Senator Rivers, tlte character made
r " famous on the legitimate stage by Willi
liam H. Crane. The pictured story
, far exceeds the stage version in roai,
Ism and strength, and Is full of strik:
; Ing situations and beautiful as well as
? stirring scenes. Intrigue, ambition.
love, revenge, romance and the hidden
but none the less powerful motive s
:;7. ? which move the currents of life in
the Nation's capital, are interwoven
In a screen drama in which the appeal
to the heart's emotions is as potent
, as the desire to see justice triumphant
, and the manoeuvering of scheming
' , plotters frustrated.
Helen Holmes, who is at the Ideal
; today, could have figured as heroine
of a Fennimore Cooper romance in real
life recently if she so desired While
; j 'he Mutual star and her company wi re
> filming "A Lass of the l.untberiands.'
. several scenes were taken on the Hupa
Indian reservation in Northern t ali!
fornia. While there. C'razy Moon. tali,
stalwart, of any age between sixty and
B|| ninety, a genuine llupa chief, cast
amorous eyes upon Helen and entreat,
ed her to become Ills squaw. The of,
fer was refused. But the fact that il
J was made would appear to indicate
' ; that Crazy Moon is not quite so top
V ; foolish as his cognomen might Itidi
; cate. Whatever he his failings, a lack
> of appreciation for the beautiful in
v ? feminine types is not among them.
Thursday the Hippodrome Players
,V will begin on a series of plays that
1 for variety and ateriing qualities aro
; 1 rarely attempted by stock organizei
ttons. The iirst is "Capital vs. I.aI
bor," followed by "The Lure." "The
"7 , House of Mystery." "The Travelling
'/ ' ; talesman," and "Polly Primrose."
s?-' Once upon a tyme a woman went
7 Into a butcher shoppo and asked ye
7 ' butcher for 25 cents worth of round
, steak and he cut off ye exact amount
7- 7; of ye steak that she asked for instead
' of ye usual 28 cents worth.
Children Cry
' 'VfrW;'nf*
"(*aniflO" is the name of this prize i
| show in Xf v\ York. He has ;i tenor mm
1 gossip!
WASHINGTON. I). O . P-r. 12.- u
i Twenty-three towns and cities arc i
I named in a report made public by.;
I Senator Daniels as suitable iocat-ij
j ions for the estblishtnent of the 11.!:
1000,000 armor-plate, plant which the .
1 national government is to build and <
I two of them are in West Virginia -|j
I Charlestion and Huntington. The re-j i
| port is that of a special board appoint J
i tMi u? rucouiuienu Huu;uii?' sires, wmcn
arc considered comparatively wife in i
timc of war. Another hoard is to visit
these places and study the economic'
details offered by each locality, such j
as transportation facilities and rates.',
labor conditions and matters of that.
| kind. Front the findings of that
| boaril Secretary Daniels selects the;'
! site.
As soon as thp report was made
public. Congressman Wood yard got
busy, getting into touch with influen- ]
ces which might if utilized shape the
; filial decision favorable to locating;
the great plant at Huntington, which;
is both the metropolis of West Virgin
ia and tho congressional district he
represent**. He got into rommunlcat-j
ion a? once with representatives of the
commercial bodies nt Huntington,
and that city will begin to orcpnrc at j
once to receive the visting hoard J1
which is vet to he appointed, and try
to make a favorable impression with
the presentation of the facilities it
has to offer. Huntington will have a
strong and energetic champion here
in the person of Mr. Woodyiird. It I
is likely that he will he able to en-!
list the support, of Senator-elect Sutherland
and Bowers for Huntington'
Congressman Cooper, whose district
Huntington was before the recent redistricting
of the state, will join
Woodyard in making a fight to get
the big government plant located at
Huntington. Cliarlestion will have
the bricking of Senator Chilton and
Representative l.ittlepage. .
Congressman Oeorgo M. Bowers. of!
the Second district, has been assigned
to two important working com-,
tnittees of the House, filling a vacancy j (
on each of the committees. It is the
first time that committee places haven
i been found for him since be came to
congress Vast May. Tie is now a mom- !
her of Merchant Marine and Fisher-' \
leg. and on the committee of expend- *
j itures in the Treasury department, i
Having for sixteen years served as <
T'nited States Fish Commissioner his J
appointment to the first roomed com > <
niitteo is regarded by the leaders of j
the House as adding a most valuable J
member to that committee. Col. Bow-,ers
is dccidelv well pleased with both j
of these assignments. <
Equally, as well pleaseff I?* Con- J
gressman Woodyard. of the Fourth *
district who goes on the committee on {t
roads to lake a place vacant on that v
committee. It was tho appointment .<
he wanted. In his successful primary J
and regular campaigns, good roads t
and Federal aid in the const ruction j
of them, was the loading issue put <
forward by him. f <
, c
Representattvo Walsh, of Mossa- <
chusetts. takes tho place on the )
House judiciary committee created <
by tho death of the Into ncpresenative <
! Hunter H Moss, of West Virginia. J
j The point of vital concern to the worn <
| en suffragists in this assignment is.;
that Walsh is opposed to what. they <
want. Judge Moss was one of their <
notable champions. His last official \
act was to get up from his sick bed :
?^=|f5 RE^dy FO?
'J j .11 r i /
iranfU*r. betas shown at th?; poultry
afk and his carols attract spectators.
)N NEWS -:-1
mil attend a meeting of the committee,
voting and speaking in favor of!
i favorable report on the Anthony I
amendment. The margin in favor of;
suffrage in the committee, with Judge
Moss voting, was never more than
one This eommittoe ehaugo makes
it, seem improbable that a favorable
report on the Anthony amendment
ran be secured in the judiciary com1
mittee of the lower braneh of congress
ai this session.
The overwhelming vote east in
West Virginia against women's suffrage
it is believed lias iost the suffragists
some eongressional votes from
that state which they had good reason
to believe that they would have
gotten had there been no votes 011 the
question there. Indeed, the opinion
here is that if the issue reaches the
House from the committee on the
Judiciary, the solid vote of the dele
gntion will lie against, it. Personally
some of the members of lite delegation
were known 10 be half-heartodlv
in favor of giving the suffragists
a rhanre by the constitutional
amendment route, but since the voters
in West Virginia have so recently
and so overwhelmingly voted in
opposition to votes tor women, they1
take th,. ground that id a sufficient
mandate front their constituents as to
how they shall vote on the issue in
congress. The only member of the
Judiciary committer from West Virgin
ia now is Major Xeelv of the Second
district. Me is expected to vote
against the submission of the amendment
when it comes tip in committee.
if it ever does.
rongrc esman Woodyarrt is the first
member to firmly but politely tell a
visiting delegation of votes for women
lobbyists that called at his office that
he will east his vote against the Anthony
amendment should it come hefore
the House for a vote. He plainly
I old the visitors that the overwhelming
vote in his district and his state
constituted orders from his constituents
how ho should vote 10 represent
I heir views on this issue, and tnose
.inters he intended to obey to tho lot OBOftgGLOS&c^
I Newsbcy
$ Hippodrome Players in '
^ Reservations have been donated
J riors and newsies in the unrvice of
this plav free are requested to not
of the West Virginian as early as p
freckles and his fri
p>: ":' >' < : ..v2" {? %&&.' H$ii&i-.:;,;#'',t,.";!.v1-' ;>'* ''
1 . '' " ' 1 ??-??;
hate had that hit election might be
contested have vanished In the "receipt
of a very welcome lette'r of congratulation
from Hon. Samnel V.1
-woods, of Phillppl, who was the Dem
| ocratic candidate. The letter was
! brief and customarily formal, but for!
mally cordial at that. There were rei
ports of a contest in that district, but
it seems now that there was no founI
dation for them. Mr. Woods was the
ter. "If a referendum rote means anything,",
he told his calleTs," that taken
in my state means that oar people are
overwhelmingly opposed to votes for
women In their state at least."
The only West Virginians present
at the second and final Gridiron dinner
of the year were Senator-elect
Howard Sutherland and William P.
Wilson, of Wheeling. It is the first
time that the former has attended one
of these dinners since coming to Congress
and to say he enjoyed it is stating
the fact mildly. To receive an
invitation to a Gridiron dinner is on a
par with receiving an invitation to
dine with the President at the White
House. Meaning no disrespect, but
just a matter of personal predilection,
there are many people who would
trade off a White House meal for a
Gridiron dinner and throw in a bonus
lu close the deal.
To provide a monthly pension of $50
for William C. Leonard, of Ravenswood.
is the text of a bill introduced
In the House today by Congressman
H. C. Woodyard. It is the first bill
I htit the new member from West Virginia
has dropped into the hopper.
Similar bills by Congressman Sutherland
have been introduced in behalf
of the following persons: W. P. Robinson.
Miami. Fla., formerly of West
Virginia. $50; James W. Toothman, of
Hig Chimney, $50: Enoch Roberts, of
Adam. $50; Oscar N. Greer. Point
Pleasant, $50; Jacob P. Marling, of
Clay, .<10; B. N. Satterficld, of Grafton.
$4?; Lee J. Cochran, $30; Mrs.
Ann Hates, of ilavenswood. $20; Ben.'.
Taylor, of Aycrs. $40; J. C. Ogden, of
Gaines. $tft; Kenj. Kniffin, of Princeton.
?:!0: Isaac lloyco, Fairmont. $30;
to corrctc tlii: military record of John
W. Ma . of BarlioiitsviUe. Notices of
pension increases from the Pension
liureau for the following: Hczekiah
Robinson. Ilnsemont; P. P. Stroup.
Wolf Summit: Henry M. Smith. Burnt
ilousi ; Henj. Kniffin, Princeton; Isaac
iloyce, Fairmont.
Any fears that Congressman Geo. M.
Bowers, of the Second district may
Clarksburg, West Va.?"I was won;
out, tired and nervous. A friend told
mc about Doctor Pierce's Favorite Tre*
scription and T used a dozen bottles.
My female weakness was cured and I
became strong and comparatively well.
I have been i:. good health ever since.'
? Mrs. U. 1'nnis, 103 Poplar Street,
Clarksburg, \\\ Va.
Clark .burg, West Va.?"I w?r. feeling
miserable and in a delicate way. I
used one l>ottle and was so pleased
: that I used five more. It built me up;
was a flesh producer; helped me
in "very war. 1 war. another woman."
?Mrs." 1. H. McCokmick, 114 Chapel
m CM.11 ' .Ic-rcr V.* V:.
Pr. Pierce's FavorKc Prescription is
a true fric::<! to women in times of
trinl ran I at times ot* prtin when the
organs arc not performing tlieir functions.
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Doctor Pierce's relicts nre unequaled
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ill (icramrcmerits of the Liver, Stomach
and r.ov *
ys9 Night j
F. THE ?
'The House of Mystery." ?
by Manager Heflvnan and all car- <3
the Weft. Virginian who wiali foaee $
ify Mr. Rodic, circulation manager #
osaiblo. g
TTA complaint Jr ^
vi v.vii uuncis u v HIL" ?hjv
j cial election last May occasioned b>
' _1
jg ?>
Tonight, tomorrow matinee
and night?
The Biggest Hit of the
Starting Thursday
Watch for THE LURE
! '
I y
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II should notlctitsyouth
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, j music."?
"TV/TUSIC is the urth
great essential ot
human nature?first food,
j: then raiment, then shelter,
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(. \
l! !
II ] Will
|| ;: j in youi
|! j |M A talking machine gives b
! 11 of music. The New Edit
| 1 j' machine. The New Ediso
ral Re-Creation of music.
a few exat
You i
the tx
I ! j Fun
I -
T-~^T je*' TAsTE AkT
{the necessity of filling a vacancy
caused by the death of "Junior" Brown
An episode of "Grant the Police
swings from a broken telephone '
building, and later Jumps from tin
life net. The film is full of thrills.
A goo.l comedy Esstnay In two
tions. George Beano. Florence Obi
A spirit of romatico marks the i
Frisco." A tribe of Kavabo lndiani
life, diversity of well chosen locatii
Sais, True lloardtnan and a strong
ONLY and V\
The Illinois Vigil
World's Traffic
with J. Hillary Martin, n<
Special matinee for lad
noon. Two shows differ
uperb Gi1
our Fami]
ON this page you see the photoi
great Italian dramatic tenot
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Edison's Re-Creation of his marvi
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this manner that Edison's new
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astonishing test. The music criti-.
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there be real r
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niture Worth Living \
;sert~ ~ ~~?~
bib a?t
i i?ld mah wipe
L\we| I S"E s*Ys IT?
| as won an the opponent of Col. Bowara
i In the regular election last month.
;e's pawn
Reporter" in which Ueorg0 l.arkln
?iro Into the window of a burning %
i tourili door of the building into a >
ioLdiek I
parts abounding in humorous situa- ^
>rle arc oust in the lending parte.
re of cibola
sixth instalment of "The Cilrl From
> add color to the picture which has
ins and is spiritedly acted l>> Marin
supporting cast.
5ayn#*r> 19th
red. &20
? 4 * !
Hiiri' \ssnnn unit
in Young Girls
Dtcd lecturer and social (
ies only Wednesday afterent
each day. M
ft to I i
ly HI
jraph of Zenatello, the
recently knighted by
direct comparison with
elous voice. Zenatello
s who have proved in
invention Re-creates
ic with such literal peririson
with the origins^
from the other,
mitted to the acid test
rtists before more than
r failed to sustain this
:s of mere than 200 of j|!
r testimony to this fact
rs. Vv'e shall be glad
nusic |
istmas? 1 '
nesaid: "Edison has snared !|j
The New York Globe called ;|i
with a soul." We want you
onderful new invention. !
I | i
! ! I
il New Art
i to be
.e co. ; ,

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