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' Northern West Virginia's Greatest Newspaper %" ~
t, ESTABLISHED 1868. "today's news today FAIRMONT ^WEST"viRGIN:rA WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 13, 1916. price twcTcents ASSOCIATED PRESS
Believed There That Entente
Will Ask For
J Holds Conference With Col.
p. House Who Made Peace
r. T pin
* I ly.
'By As*ocir.tc*l Prcs?* I
AWSHINGTON. D. C., Dec. 13.? |
Germany's note proposing peace negotiation*
to the onotny powers was ex
pocted to reach here today In official J
textual form from Charge Grew at Bot- j
Un for transmission to each of the
Entente belligerents to whom It Is ad- i
dressed. I
\ After studying It President IVllson
will decide whether It sahll bo for-!
warded without comment or accompa-1
nted by some expression by the United i
States government.
The extrome delicacy of the situation,
it Is pointed out, would prevent (
the slightest publicity being given to
any possible action by this government
other than the perfunctory transmission
of the note through the American
r rassador In each of tho countries
It Is regarded here as almost certain
however that the President will take
some step to ascertain definitely the c
>' Entente allies' attitude toward the
:f t peace movement. r
V-1 The probability of the Entente allies i *
' themselves making some announce-1 t
J fent of the terms on which they would ] t(
make peace is regarded here as liav- j c
lug tremendous possibilities tor effect; w
upon the German people themselves, j a
^.n The President cancelled ail outside j (j
engagements today aud remained in
w ihn VVhitrt \vhr?rr? hp cnnl'prrnd
witli Col. E. M. House, his friend and \ )(
adviser, who made one trip to Europe !
to sound out peace sentiments several
months ago. Col. liouse may go again
if the President makes a move to ac- n'
company Germany's proposals with e
suggestions of any character.
In quarters close 10 the Entente a!lies,
an opinion prevailed thai if the
*' Entente allies make reply their first j (,
course might he to inquire what guar-! ?
anteeB would be given by Germany 1 n
that the terms of a peace treaty would n
>f he fulfilled and that a treaty would not ?
be violated as In the case of Belgium.
By making suclt a reply. Entente diplo-! 0
mats see Ihe responsibility for con- j,
tinuing the war thrown back to the (
Central powers. ri
mirsiri '
I ti
Two Judgements Handed 0
Down Today and Other j
Argument Started.
\ After a week's vacation the petit
jury reported litis morning at nine j
o'clock before .lodge Hayntond ai l ?
for practically tlte remainder of the g
day was engaged in hearing evidence. ?
A judgment for $403.33 against the es- jj
tate of Howard X. Ogden represented 0
S-by administratrix Olive M. Ogden, was ?
V awarded to J. Turner Cohen on a
A judgment for $403.33 against the
same estate was awarded to J. S. Furbee
on the same note. Litigation over
the note had been in the local court
before and part of the evidence consid- p
ered by the Jury was read from the y
record books of the circuit clerk's of- y
fice. J,
The case of the American Cast Iron j,
Pipe and Foundry company, of Scottdale,
Pa., against .1. L. Nicholieh.
\ which is a suit for damages incurred
J|1S by the defendants breaking a contrui > jj
with the plaintiff, which involves a n
great number of complev legal points (
was started tliis morning but will j
probably not be decided by the Jury uit- j,
til late this afternoon. s
a Shortly before noon the Jurors wot.
dismissed for the noon recess and
intll nearly 12.30 the opposing connse'
argued a point of law involved. Attorney
for the plaintiff are Arthur S
"{?. Dayton, of Phllippi. and Brooks Hutchinson,
and for the defence attorneys
Meredith and Shaw. Witnesses
have oeen summoned from Pittsbutgi,
and Clarksburg to testify in the case.
Which .livoives in all about $2,.">00
WASHINGTON. Dec. 13.?Establishment
of infantry units of the reserve
officers' training corps was authorbc
f-i by the War department In severe1 ingtitutions
throughout the country, including
the Wool Virginia university
ity ; MorgantowBw
Dispatches from London. Pai
there i - no very pronounced hope on
will result from the action taken
Britain is awaiting developments a|
Paris the speech made by the Gert
plainly resented and the proffer of
papers of Paris as a confession of
gunte hope is that the cause of the
what the outcome of the tender whic
i he most encouring thing to hi
intimation from London that the B
that President Wilson will make s
German offci to die British foreign
that the mission which has been ent
such extreme delicacy that there is i
will be made to obtrude the opinion
Ente.nte governments.
I hat is the official view. It is
however, lh-'.l for months President
some step that would have a tendenc
It may be that he will he able to di:
tmgcncy by which he can induce lb
friend'y reception to the tender of pi
Government's Attitude Will
Be Made Known Tomorrow.
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, Dec. 13.?Although little
onfidence Is shown in London that
nv result will come from the peace
roposal of the Centra.) fowcrs and
he opinion revailetl quite generally
hut the time ia not opportune even
o discuss terms, there is an unucr
urreut of feeling that something j
ould he gained by making the world j
squalnt definitely with the object of
te belligerents.
The attitude of th?? British governlent
toward the offer will be made
nown in the house of Commons tolorrow.
provided nfflcient lime shall
lapsed to permit consultation with
'real Britain's allies, and <his state- ]
lent is awaited with greatest inter* i
If the press which would support the ;
dministration correctly interprets the:
tibial opinion little time will he tak-1
n up by consideration of the move
f German and her allies although the I
lodernto opinion of the country does j
ot favor too hasty rejection of the j
It is believed the German people.!
nee thev are acquainted with the oh- j
jet of the Kntente m.ght he more in* |
lined toward peace and that for tlliat.
ptisnn if for no other the. terms of the j
Intenie allies should he made known j
flieially to the Central powers.
Tin. imuvihil it v thnf I O'.-xiidiMil Wil- I
on will ninko some suggestion wlior,I
a warding the offer also is much ilis-j
It is intimated he might at least
xpross a willingness to convey terms
F the Entente to the Central powers.
The report is eurcnt here that Kmeror
William is about to announce
he granting of a parlimontary form
f government to Germany.
tore Child Dies
in Baltimore
The week old infant daughter of j
lr. and Mrs. E. II. Moore, died this
lorning at three o'clock in tli IC.lieyj
anitarium ai Baltimore. Jam".* Men i
ott. father of Mrs. Moore, armor! n i
laltimorc today ami will take the body j
f the infant to Greensburg tonignt
here interment will be made.
Mr Moore, who had been in Mhariston
wns called to Baltimore by the
hi id's illness.
Miss Pearl Dcbolt of Hundred has
een tho guest for several days of
rrs. J. F. Blackwood at her home in
lannington. George Blackwood who
as been ill of tonsilitis ut his homo
i Mannington is recovering.
? ?
Here For Holidays.
Mrs. Ernest Hutton of Wayland, Kv
as arrived here to spend the Christ
ins nomiayv with n??.* nioiner. airs.
A. Sipe at Fairmont Farms. Mr.
lutton who hart boon in this section
ir several days on business will also
pond Christmas here.
- ?
15 and Berlin today indicate that
that side of the Atlantic that peace
by the Central powers yesterday,
pparently with an open mind. In
nan Chancellor to the Reichstag is
peace is interpreted by the newsweakness.
In Berlin the most sanAllics
will be benefitted no matter
:h has been made.
: found in the whole situation is the
ritish arc discussing the probability
omc suggestions in transmitting the
office- At Washington it is said
rusted to this government is one of
lot much prospect that any attempt
s of the American people upon the
the conventional view. It is known.
Wilson has been anxious to take
:y to hasten the end of the struggle,
cover some way in (he present con- i
e Entente governments to extend a
ace which the Central powers have '
Kin UK it
nmjL muvi 10
German Government Has
Two Objects in View,
They Declare.
(l?v Associated Press)
PARIS, Dec. 13.?"A clumsy trap"
is the caption under which a morning i
paper comments on Prince Chancellor |
von Bothraann-Hollweg's speech In the j
"Time for feints i? over." says the |
Petit Journal. "Wo aro no longer in
the presnrp of the tribiul efforts of
those persistent appeals to interviewers
and newspaper articles. Chancellor
von Hethmrnitr-Hollweg summoned
the Reichstag not to hear his speech
hut to be confronted with ail axe. Wo
do not .now if at Berlin there are
people so ualve as to imagine thai the
allies are likely to swallow this clumsy
bait i von on the morrow of the events
in Rumania. In any case Field Marshal
von Hinrtonburg's statement!
shows that the military cherish no such
delusions. What is still more t-rtaiu
is that I lie treacherous Carman move
aims at something else than genuine
peace. It seeks internal and external
effect. In Germany it is intended to
convince the people that the government
is not resnonsilile for the sswri
liees imposed and that it advertised
alone are responsible for the continua-l
tion of the stru; gle. Abroad it desire.-;
to persuade neutrals that the allies
are pursuing a policy of ambition. That
is the explanation of the pretended i
moderation in the tone of the speech."
"The speech merely emphasized es-|
sontial weakness which temporary I
success cannot hide." the Petit Journal |
continues. ' It is because Germany |
knows site cannot win that she de-j
sires to end the war. Her plan how- j
ever is doomed, it will fail before the J
immovable resolution c?f the allies.
"The Matin characterized the peace,
proposals as 'mere talk.' "
WASHINGTON -The House yesterday
voted into the annual legislative. J
executive and judicial appropriation
bill an increase of the salaries of secretaries
to members from $1,500 to
$2,000 and gave each representative
an additional employee at $75 per
LONDON?Sir 1*7(1 ward Carson has ;
resigned the leadership of the I'nion-!
isr party War committee because of hi* I
acceptance of a post in the new cabi-<
WASHINGTON ? It Is announced
that there will In- no resignations in I
tlie cabinet prior to March 4.
IND1CI ENDICNOE. Kus. ? An in- |
crease ol ten cents in the price of1
crude il has been announced here be j
tlie l'rairie Oil and Gas company. The
new figure iB $1.1(1 per barrel.
NIC WYOItK- llis children. George
C.. Jr.. and Mrs. Oliver Itlodt Miles,
were given the entire estate of the late
George (' Holdt. The fortune is estimated
at SluOOO.OUO.
Kb PASO?A report here Is to the
effect that when the Carranzistas reoccupied
Chihuahua General Arnulfo
Gonzales, the provisional governor,
announced that he would soon be ready \
t- join the Rirst Chief in forcing the :
retirement from Mexico of the Amcri-!
i a: punitive expedition.
CiiAltl.Ef- TOWN, W Va. Dec. 13.!
-?Tie- ilt'ty-scveuth anniversary of the |
hanging ot John Brown, famous aboil-1
lionise will be observed bore next Sat-1
urday The old jail, where Brown '
wm- tried and executed, has been pur- j
cljr.se ; by the government as a post !
office site and wilt soot be razed A! i
Harpers Kerry, whero Brown was captured.
a simple tablet marks the spot. |
Holly grows in abundance in Mar
boys who climb high and get scrat
ness of it.
Result to be Advantageous
Lt> Germany No Matter j
What Happens.
< i'V Associate*! l'rws->
BERLIN, Doc. i3.?Although Chan-'
cellor von Bethinann-Iiollwej; did not]
disclose the* definite proposals on |
which Germany and her allies are prepared
to make peace in his speech be-!
lore the Reichstag, such proposals are |
ready and will be communicated to the
Entente powers it the Chancellor's offer
should fall upon responsive ears.
In the corridors of the Reichstag
where, after the historic 30 minute
session, the members y.nthcivd in keen
discission of the C'h-.i'u eilor's speech,
the general opinion expressed was j
that tin wmild he advantageous 1
to Germany v bother o. not the Chan-i
cellors oiler wn a vepied by the E?i-!
Some <?f the opponents of Chancellor
aMe oppo ed mi any move in the
directionof peace except on a basis of
"woe to the conquered." Most members
of the Reichstag, however, expressed
the opinion that the Empe- i
ror's decision was wise and timely and
shoved pleasure at the formal step
tak/n toward ending t ho war.
IS Hill
Rf>rl \lon nnd Odft Fellows
Will Assist in Services.
The funeral of Fred Sliavor of Mo
noiigah, who while alive was known as
"Buckeye." will take place tomorrow
afternoon at one o'clock p. m. from the
homo of the deceased in Brookilale.
Rev. Robinson of Burton, will hold the
funeral services.
The funeral is in charge of the Retl
Men. ami assisted by tite Odd Fellows
both ot which lodges Shaver was a
Shaver was shot and killed Monday
afternoon by Hoy Christner while at !
tempting to take a shot, gun away
from him. t'hristner is i? jail.
Shaver leave to survive him a wife
and three children and one younger
brother. The brother works and lives
at Annabelle. the w ife and children at
Bible study tills evening at 7:30 and
meeting of J.ndicr' Aid and church
council at S:30 Grace Lutheran I
church, I
viand and Virginia and is gathered by I
ebcd up. Iiut make a profitable Inisi- *
Numerous Recoveries From
Yesterday's Slump in *
Wall Street. t
! c
I ;v .A<>Orl;tO <1 ri K"' )
XKW YORK. Dec. l:;.?-Numerous j f
hubsfuntial i eooverios from yfester-' p
lay's extreme depression were regis- v
tcrod at. today's opening in Die stock
market although here and there evi- e
deuce of further liquidation was seen. ^
Bethlehem Steel added 14 points to 11
yesterday's loss of 27 hilt this was the 1
most striking :o option to the gen* j v
oral improvement. v
CHICAGO, Dec. Id.? Wheat traders
seemed to have largely adopted a c
waiting attitude today pending any
decided fresh development regarding '1
peace. The market opened unchung- 1
od to 2% cents higher, reflecting to '11
some extent the outlook against any j11
immediate cessation of hostilities. Is
May wheat in which ost oi the trading
was done started at to | '
vi.t?7 the same as yesterday's finish to j ^
1 '4 cents up. 'T
i v
Local Men Form I"
New Coal Company ?
, /
charter for the Battolle coal com- "
pan.v incorporated for $120,<>00 was 0
granted yesterday by the secretary of
state at Charleston to a group of lo- {'
cal financiers The new company
has no immediate intention of oper- _
ating a mine, although owning doo
acres of desirable Pittsburgh coal
vein in Monongalia county.
The present valuation put upon the
property in tin? articles of incorporation
is over $100 per acre and the new;
company is more in the nature of a 0
holding company than an active oper- p
ating concern. The incornorators nroi..
us follows: M. Lough, John W. j h
Fleming. <'. II. Nidi. ('. F. Crone and tl
\v \. l.awler, all of Fairmont. ; d
MUNTlNCiTON. W. Va.. Dec. IS.? !1'
Plans for the establishment of co oper-'''
olive stores in an effort to reduce the n
prices of foodstull's, have been made j
by the Huntington Trades and Labor j
Assembly. This body represents every j a
union worker in the city, ana It is pro- "
posed that the allied craftsmen take ja
stock in the community stores and |e'
confine their purchases to these estab-; a
lishments. e
. it
The Weather
- >> y-n West Virginia? j v
O < now and colder j f
////, onlght. Thursday ;e
O'l. air and continu-: e
11(1 cold. u
2 "Tested/ $/> Local Readings c
F. P. Hall, Ob. vt
Temperature at 8 n
%^/if a- m- l?da>' 24. o
Yesterday's wea- w
'hor snow; temperaturo,
31; minimum 21{
precipitation .ui r
High Lights
European War
PETROGUAD. D*c. 13. ? Russian j
roops yesterday captured a line ot
euion trenches on the heights to the
outh of Agusuuliu in the region of the
'totus valley of Rumania. according
i) an official statement issued today
y t!? Rum Ian war department. Teii*
ail counter attacks in an effort *t?? re*
ain lost positions were repulsed with
rent los>e< the statement adds.
Rumanian forces took the oiiensive
uuth of the Mi/ilRuLn u high road yes*
crdny and ruptured a row of villages,
he Russian announcement says, but
n being ounier attacked liie Rumau* ,
1!?: Were forced to retire.
The Rumanian arm> at pit s-'tit orupfes
31 front along a line rrotn iitizuti.
laritica and L'rzftchenl.
I5ICR1 IX. Dec. J.' Russian attack*
i the Gyereyo mountains on the east,
rn Trnna>lvani:m from, wore repula
ii vi sterd;?y by the Teutonic forces,
he war office announce-.
In Walkuhia. Rniuanian tropos
hfch reinforced hy Russian cavalry,
t tempted to make a stand are now
tu'e inert? in I'til retreat. More than
.Out- prisoners were taken yesterday, j
RONDuN. Dec. Id. The total tier*
mn casualties including those in the
uva and coonia services rnnnrtod in
he German official list for November, ,
ays a British official stateuicut Issued
odav. was 166.176 officers and men.
inking the total German losses In
lied, wounded and missing since the
.*ar broke out 3.921,869.
OTTAWA. Dec. IS.?The Canadian
orpedo boat. Grlse commanded by
dent. W. Wingate, has been lost at
ea with all hands it is feared. This |
nnnunceniont was made today by .
he minister of the naval service.
Committee Meets in Balti-i
more Friday to Discuss
Car Shortage.
As a result of the meeting of the
lentral West Virginia Coal Operators' i
Lssociation liere yesterday, a commit- j
ee will bo appointed probably tomoro\v,
to confer with Baltimore and
)hio railroad officials relative to the
luctuuling car supnv locally. The
icrsomiel anil object of tlie committee
fill bo different Irom that of any othr
committee which has recently waitil
on the transportation officers, it
i hoped to have the con Terence artinged
for Friday, in Ualtimore. which
fill allow the changed conditions
fhich it is believed will result, to be
djusted belorc the holiday season.
C. 11. Jenkins, president of the assoiatiou.
is in New York attending a
neeting there of die Splint tins 1...1
issocialiou and the \Y< si Virginia
'o.d Association. It is likely he will
sake known the selection of the com
niltce by telegraph to Secretary Law
on tomorrow.
Correspondence between Secretary I
.awson's office and the Baltimore and I
ihlo. reveals that the railroad is still
ague as to what the operators are
ranting. It is for the absolute clear
ng up of these conditions that the
neeting to he held, has been arranged.
lit New York with Mr. jBenkins. is
I. L. Hutchinson, who Is attending
he sessions of the West Virginia Coal
issoeiation The meeting in Haititore
will not consider the percentage
f car supply, which is believed to he
quitnblc, but will ask for a more tieendablo
anil efficient distribution of
hut percentage.
City Hall Notes
Samples of sand, stone and cement
f Marion county will be sent to
Ittsburgh to be tested as concrete
t the testing station there by City
Ingincer Shrewsbury Miller. When
;te reports are returned it will bo
ecided whether or not the city will
pecify to bridge building bidders
lis class of materials. It will great
reduce the cost of the articles menoneil
and will permit the bidders to
take more accurate lignrcs.
Residents of Washington street
bove Qulncy are complaining about
to water standing in the street there
ncl state that it is caused by a burst-j
li lviluti i ms nils oeen uemea >
t the city hall and will be investlgat- j
d by a gang of men to be put to work
t the morning near the stagnant wa-i
With the snow flurries and cold
dnds keeping outside work In the city;
rom being done, the street and wntr
commissioners as well as the city;
nglneer have been trying to catch
p with their work in the office. Upon'
old and rainy days there is more j
rork done about the offices of these
ten than upon days when they are
utside watching the progress of the
You can't drown, a goldfish and
on can't gtra him too much water? I
Half of Bell Company City J
Traffic is Now Under- I
l'olrs and Overhead Lines , |
Will Be Removed by I
New Year.
Hair or the telephone convsrea
ti nts held in the fit ytoday were 0>cr 'IB
tin new underground cables of the I
Bell company which have been put In- I
to service quietly and successfully
with but very few of the hundreds Of ||
subscribers affected knowing any- \ 'J8
thing about It. Two of the' cables C '
were cut into service yesterday avail- I
lug and one was connected today. >
There are yet thre of the large
trunk cables that serve a whole ?ectinn
of the city to be connected and
then nil nf the Hell service jn the city
will he using the underground wires sjjfl
Instead of the overhead lines. These * .'1
remaining lines will likely be Connected
this week and then will begin
the removal of all the overhead cables
and lines in the city and the company 1
hopes tn even have the poles pulled I
out and the sodewalks cemented over
by the New Year day.
A crew of telephone linemen from
Wheeling nnd one from Pittsburgh Is -'I
assisting the local crew in the work. ' ;?S
tniikin ga total of nearly fifty men
employed on the job. The new underground
cnliles are all run into the pres- 1
ent exchange of the c ompany on Mutt'
street jn the Skinnee bwWdtnw atMpsmrtr N' ' "
wire of the hundreds that are in each &'
cable is connected and the line care-.,
fully tested beforo the old connection ;
is torn out and tlius the individual sub
scribor rarely knows when the new
service began and the old left off.
Cable connections are In place from r<?Us|H|
the present exchange to tho new telephone
building and who nit is com-'/S?
pleted in February the service will
again he transferred to the new ex- :
change without the slightest infnrrnp- jjs
tiou in the traffic. To make thjg pos- ./f/tjSj
sihle the Hell company has been woTk- ' .c
ing since early In the spring when the :
excavation for the conduits which tar- fp'.
ry the cables and protect the mfrom 3
the elements was started.
Kueh one of tin- hundreds of pairs
''ire. tl ! arc mi each nubia ?m
numbered and labelled so that the '.r
ori. :>i cc' M'.g 'hem can be OX- ' 'f
I dited. : it." traffic from the ' 'jag
si'.- i ... . d over tho tut- a
Conclude Argument
in the Fox Suit M
iSprolnl Oisjuiff*U i?> Virginian) i
CHAHLKSTON. W. Va., Dec. 13.?
Arguments were c oncluded shortly
after noon today in the Supreme Court
m Appeals on the petition of State
Senator Fred L. Fox for a peremptory !
writ of mandamus to prohibit the
clerk- of the legislature from allowing
alleged forged inserts in the registra- ?
tion bill passed by the recent extraor- '""38
dinury session to remain a part of theacts
of the legislature. Permission/'
was given counsel to file additions af- j
l'idavits and no decision will be torthcomitig
before tomorrow if then.
Our ad in this morning's Times .. 0M
was slightly mixed, owing proba- .
bly to the Christmas rush and our
desire to do things quickly. : ;
Women's dresses were adverting . i';
cd at a Third Less when it should/ jjl
have read a Fourth. *' "&laH
Women's Suits were advertised
at a FULL Fourth Less that are .'FwflB
really marked at a Third and Lesa. [^j[i
As we insist always that HONESTY
be the foundation of our ads
we make this correction that there / 9
will be no misunderstanding when
Watches?Keep Time and
The kind that make lasting
Christmas presents.
$10.00 to $125.00.

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