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I Nation Cannot Long Endure
: if the Prodigality Con
.What a Hindu Observed
About Our Lack of
Safe'-'. (By Asfmclatc.il 1'in i
I' NEW YORK. Dec 14?0|M>nlng the
tenth annual convention of the Association
of Life Insurance 1'residents
here tod^y, President W. A. Day of
the Equitable Life ItiKiirance Society i
ounded a warning against tit" ex-i
traordinary wastefullness of the Ante.lean
"We rojoiec that our people may
now hare many of the good tilings of
' life that ere denied litem years ago"
he said, "but this nation cannot long 1
wallow in luxuries and prodigality and j
endure. It is now a patriotic duty to,
. Join, so far as we consistently may. I
In an effort to assist in checking this
E destructive tendency."
f .' /"Life Insurance officers are public
[ ^servants in the highest sense of tlici
| , term," said Mr. Dry, "and their trust
Includes both the management of the
S . Insurance business and the savings of',
*' a vast army of people."
i if,'I believe the time Tias come." he
continued, "when we should lie more,
fcS'""nV*y*y*?f'o ?u uicv iuifi iii?: lllMU illli'f
Interests and that wc should give a
greater heed to the factors, public and !
5jPfivate that tend to Jeopardize or in-'
j Jure these interests.
"As I ee it. we cannot longer view!
with Indifference the great modern
Americanism of extravagance. A well:
traveled Hindu is said to have said
In recounting his impressions that of
; all the lands he had visited, the United
States is the only one where the
Inside of a slice of bread is eaten and
the crust thrown away. You know it j
used to be said that the average Amer- >
, lean home had an atmosphere of tin- j
complaining frugality in which the
Uinental and moral attributes of our
people were firmly knit and invigorated.
It s not enough that we. teach
: habits of thrift and saving by solicit-!
tag and selling life insurance protec-;
tion, but an extra and permanent of-1
* Sfort might, profitably he made to;
check the extraordinary wastefulness
of our people individually and eollectf,
n.The prosperity of our patrons nec-j
essarily interests us for with extravk
aganco comes poverty and increases in !
policy, borrowings and ctash sttrren- j
* Sots ;and the-loss of insurance protee-,
tion to numberless families KxtravU->-;?j}aijce
not infrequently leads to exjM^sds
that result in ill health which
contributes to the physical deterioration
of the race.
> ; . ; "Should we not be more keenly concorned
in the remedy for excessive
life waste that is going on in this
j country? Does not otir mission anil
: place in tho nation's lite justify in undertaking
to conserve the. lives of
i'uthe insured and in searching for some
w|?bnslBtent way to forward the t>-'
health movement? This is not only j
|?f|m:altruistle. and Patriotic wn?i? - te-t
;r: It la directly related to Hi the reduction
of the cost of insurance The
I.,- health onservation ideal is gaining
StSi'vhuPPOlterB, but not as fast a? it
should. The preservation of human
Ute is the primary duty of civilization
and we should do our part."
Republican Sheriff Elected
Im CHARLESTON*. W. Va . I)ec. 11.?
' The lerk of Wyoming county litis is?
i ?ued a certificate of election lo tin- of
ggfice of Sheriff for W. If. Belcher. liev";
publican. According to a recount!
* made after a mandamus order had
been awarded by the Supreme Court
typif Appeals at the instance of Hembert
! W. Banders, Belcher's Democratic op.
ponent, the court hoard evidence con
corning the votes cast in one precinct, j
^ballots from which were stolen. At I
f(4$lte conclusion of the hearing it was j
'j found that Bolchcr had a majority of'
f^ieyon votes.
' =ji
. . ?, . . .. .
To New York.
Mrs. Milton Bejack. who has been
flivhrftins her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A
. 'A. Honaker for the pa-st. few weeks,
has gone to New York where her litistransacting
business. After
^ ft visit of about one week they will return
to Monongah and later to their
home in Alliance, 0.
Monongah Wins.
' A number of the captains of the van-1
OUB teams in the Motionguli duck pin j
Sjbtague Journeyed to Fairmont last
evening where they met and defeated
p; a team from the Pastime alleys by M
fc pins. h. Satterilcld was high man for
Monongah. Among those who wero in
the game are L. Sattcrfleld, J. Wolfe, II.
Fleming, H.Fortney and C. McDonnell.
?; :( Mrs. L. M. Kuhn was a shopper
In Fairmont yesterday aftornoon.
I . Miss Dana Miller was among the
B; Syfeitora in Fairmont tills morning.
f Miss Davinna Watklns is visiting
E ; Mips Wilma Wallace, of Edgemont.
i,r; Miss Blanche Killeen, a nurse in the
, Bt. Marys hospital of Clarksburg, was
fV "Visiting her mother here during the
fedj' H. B. Rose, of Pittsburgh, was in
! ' Monongah this morning as a business
Congressman Neely Also
Active in Interests of
Mannington Man.
< Si i.. ! -r .?t-h West Virginian"* !
WASHINGTON, D. C. Dec. 14.?
l ines approximating $1,000 assessed
liy (lie Cnited States Commissioner of
Internal Revenue against the Chicago
Dairy Company, of Fairmont, which
concern was penalized lor selling oleomargarine
without a license, have
been rescinded bv that official. This
action was brought about by the intervert
Ion in behalf of the dairy concern
by Congressman M. M Nr.ely. The institution
of the case for the remission
ol the fine was made five months ago.
-Mi Neely had the influence of a ret
ommcnrlation by S. A. Hays, collector
of internal revenue for West Virginia
to luck hint up in lii.s plea that the
penalty bee withdrawn.
The committee on military affairs
of the House has been requested by
Congressman Neoiy to accord hint an
engagement so that he may appear be
(ore that body and speak In behalf of
a favorable report on his bill 10 restore
t apt. ("reedy Sheppnrd. formerly of
Monnington. W. Va? to the ordnance
division of the army with full rank as
of date when lie resigned ills con.misslon.
Sim e quitting the service Cap:
Shepparn lias been with the Itemington
Arms Co.. and has been advanced
to general superintendent of the plant
of that corporation located at Bridgeport.
Conn. Although he draws a salary
in that position greater than any
salary drawn by any office in the army
no matter how high his rank. Capt.
Sheppnrd is not only willing, but anxious
to make the monetary sacrifice to
again enter the service of Crude Sam.
Although only twenty-nine years of
age this young West Virginian Is an
ordnance expert of great reputation,
and because, of his acknowledged ability
this bill of Major Neety to restore
him to rank in the army lias the backing
of the chief of ordnance at tho War
Iiepartment. The date for the bearing
011 this hiii has not yet been set.
City Hall Notes
I' '1
It has come to the notice of the city
officiate that there is less danger of
pedestrians slipping oil the down hill
side streets where enterprising merchants
have strewn the street with
cork than 011 the Main street of tnc
city. The same was true last year.
The Main street merchants claim that
should the city spread sawdust or eorlt
on the sidewalks it would he tracked
into the stores. The city is considering
asking the merchants to put up
with this little inconvenience until
the Christmas shopping days are over
after which another system will he devised.
The city bonds, to be Issued lor the
t urn of 1760 000. will he printed by the
purchaser as he sues fit to have them
lithographed. The bonds as is well
known, will be in certificates of it.000
each and there art! many purchasers
who have their own lithographing designs
it will be left to them to do with
the bonds as they please.
Knginers from all over the country
seem to have heard that Fairmont is
going to build a few new bridges. At
least they have written here concerning
the jobs. The selection of the en
gitteer will take place during the noxfour
weeks which time it will lake to
advertise the sale of the bonds.
(Continued from page 1.)
!y established in the United States
as 't lias been in some countries."
Tile source of the infection, which
lirst showed itself near Miles. Michigan.
in IP14. is still a mystery.
The taste tor chocolate drops is
growing in the I'ltitei] States by leaps
and jumps. Last year it took SO million
more pounds than the year before,
to fill the lottal appetite. A total of
2-I3.S32.000 pounds was imported.
There, -were the usual importations of
the manufactured product and no increase
in exported chocolate It was
just the accentuated sweet tooth of
the great American Consumer.
The Navy League of the. United
States has ioinrd the Clifford Pitir-Pnt
Consorvationists in trying to lioad off
tho I'helan raid on the Navy's oil re*
servos in California. Tills is a new
line of patriotism for the Navy League
one which if persisted in will help
restore that, organization to public
Save your sharks and cray fish.
Their hides arc valuable. Owing to
tho high price of leather the government's
Department of Commerce is
experiencing in tanning the skins of
these and other tlsh in the confidence
that, they will help make sister's shoes
and father's wallet, not to mention
martingales for artillery horses.
Tho one thing which the government
Civil Service is always short is
male stenographers and typists. In
order to remedy this shortage the Civil
Servico has recommended with the
approval of all government departments
that tho entrance salary for
such workers bo raised to f 1,000.
Clyde Tavonncr of the 14th Illinois
District failed of re-elertfon by tho
narrow margin of 450 votes. A recount
may show him elected. A special fight
was made on Tavonncr by oil the warprofit
Interests. He had led tho fight
for a government armor plate plant
and government manufacture of munitions
generally; but in spite of tho
money dumped into his district Tavonncr
led the President by 5,000 votes,
received 0.000 more votes than he ever
received before. In a district which
is normally Republican by from eight
to twelve thousand rotoa.
p; '" 1 1
Busy Rig
Sale of
from head-to-foot of
Join the til
Army tLMi
A-Going PJl
Town Talk
Has Second Operation?Frank Hirk.
who was operated on at Cook hospital,
II >o WDDMJ OfeVJ 1UI a)j)'i;iiuiv.i(.io uuI
derwent a second operation this mornI
ins and Is in a serious condition. The I
young man is employed by the Weidc-'
1 buseli Plumbing company in this city. |
Art Exhibit Today?The art exhibition
being given under the auspices
of the High and the Butcher schools at
the High school building opened today
and a large number of people viewed ;
the iiOO or more excellent reproductions
of master pieces on exhibition. I
Tonight in connection with the exhibit j
1 a splendid program will be given by t
' the pupils of the two schools and the
price of admission will admit the hold- |
er of the ticket to the entertainment
'as well as to the exhibit. The pic !
j tures will be shown today, tomorrow j
and Saturday in the afternoons and |
! evenings.
In West Penn Hospital ? Edward ]
Jones, eldest, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. I
Jones, who has been ill for several
i wc-eks at his home here yesterday un- j
! convent an operation in tho West Penn ;
j hospital in 1'ittslmrgh for an abscess !
| in his side. The abscess which had
caused his illness, resulted from a car j
' buncle on his neck several months ago. |
! The operation was performed by Dr. j
I Aeheson Stewart and was successful. |
! Mr. Jones and Dr. W. II San Is necom- j
1 panied him there the latter returning |
last evening. Mr. Jones will return 1
tomorrow anil it is thought that Edward
will get home for Christmas. |
Mining Institute Vice President?j
Geo. T. Wjitson was re-elected vice (
I president of the West Virginia Coal !
Mining Institute at the sixth annua! j
meeting which ended in Huntington
j yesterday. <\ II. Tarloton, also of this
i city, read a paper at the meeting 011
! the means of fighting mine fires. Oth(r
officers elected at the institute were
las follows: President. Jotdah li. Kelly.
of Kenova; vice president. E. X.
, Zern. of M organ to wu: J. W. Blschoff,
Elkins; C. A f'ahell. Charleston, anu
.1. It. Cameron, niueficbl. Secretary*
j treasurer, Karl P. Schoew. of limit:
Tombstones for Veterans ? F.leven
tombstones for use in marking the
graves of their departed members
have been received by I'ierpnnt Post of
the fj. A. It., and were sent here from
Washington with the engraving com
pletod. TI10 stones will he erected
over the graven In .Maple Grove com-1
Will Pav? Corner ? The corner of
.Main and Monroe streets, the mud '-ortier,
will soon he donned and the side 1
walk paved. Work will probably oe- ?
gin on this in 'ho monnng. The work
will likely bo iosir* hv the city and tin* ,
costs assessed against Tom Devony
who owns the property along whieli 1
j the muddy sidewalk runs.
Select Windows for Church?There |
will be a meeting uf the building com
mil tee of the Presbyterian church tomorrow
afternoon at I o'clock in the
office of Finance Commissioner J. j
I Walter Games at the municipal building.
The committee will select from 1
specimens submitted the windows for j
the new church. The work of five or
1 tlx famous artists will be on hand. 1
Jailed for Selling?Slim Yaquiuto. of j
Binamon. will spend the next 340 days I
i of his life in the Marlon county jail. \
i He will do this for selling whiskey, j
nip convicted o: mm cnnrpi" ny .instiro
of the Peace H. Leipli Fleming
i yesterday.
Jewelry Ai
Do not miss this opportunity of
own price. Select any article in si
j Hon, or you may buy privately and
We do our own engraving with
deposit will reservo your bargains
ed when you call for them. Our ate
jewelry, musical instruments and
articles and novelties.
Federbusch J
? ^ g I I A^aE. ' A aa
' W ~ '.4
;ht Off the
man, woman or child.
Popular Man Killed Near
Place Brother Died 3 'f'
Years Ago.
The funeral of Fred Shaver, the ^
idolized giant of Monongah. commonly
known as "Buckeye," who was shot 1
and killed in that town Monday after-1 0
noon, took place at the Coliseum opera j ?
house this afternoon at one o'clock, t
Because of his popularity among his ! companions
almost the whole town j
turned out to pay tribute by attonuing j
the funeral. i 1
The funeral services were conduct-' j
ed by the Rev. Robinson, a Russellite J
front Burton. W. Va. After the ser j
vices at. the opera house, the hotly was
taken to the Shaver cemetery noar
Monongah, where the interment was j
conducted by the Monongah order of ,
Red Men. Members of the Monongah i]
branch No. lol Independent order of
Odd Fellows, of tho German Benefi- ;
tin! Union, and Degree of Pocahontas ;
noelt nf wlii/ilv Clho enr wvte nuimltnw
attended the services in a body.
The deceased was an employee of |
the Consolidation Coal company. He I
is survived by one brother known as I
"Young Buckeye." who is now located .[
nt Antiabelle, one sister. Mrs. Charles lj
Leivmg, of Monongah. lie also leaves lj
a wife and three children. fl
Otis Shaver, the brother of the doceased,
was shot and killed by an lj
Italian three years ago while perform lj
ing his duties as a Monongah police-;*
man. This tragedy occurred only two t
hundred yards from the spot where tie- .
secoiil brother was killed.
Relatives from Parkers burg attend- <
rd th" funeral. Vndertaker Cunningliaut
was in charge. /
| ?
Williamson Hospital Chartered
CHARLESTON'. W. Ya., Dec. J t.? i <
A certificate of incorporation has been ?
issued by the Secretary of state to the 5
Williamson Hospital Association of <
Williamson. Mingo county. It will op i'r
orate a hospital and training school.*
for nurses. The author* capital j!
is $50,000. and the incorporators are it
Tunis Nutieniacker. \V. H. Burgess, r, ^
T. Conlev. II R. Parker and it- A. Sal-; C
ton, all .of Williamson. :
Q o
S Notice to Physicians, g
?, School Teachers and ?
S Parents. ?
9 An epidemic of measles has O
r, uinde its appearance Measles ^
O caused seven deaths in Fair o
V niont last year. ?
y. 1. Physicians must report v
?j their eases of measles promptly. J?
C> 2. Teachers must, report to # ?
5 the Medical Inspector any child g
$ which appears to have inflamed ?:>
k eyes or excessive cold in the.
6 head or any breaking out on the #
% skin. o
g 3. 1'aronts or guardians must g
? report a'l cases of measles in a. ]
y their homes when a physician fi
O' bus not. been called. 0 V
Oj Every one should exort. every i !f
0 vare t0 keep children with the ? 'z
i> measles from coming in contact 6
t with others ? C
9 g o
o hoard or health ? c
n f o
60Os>D?'ai?c?oo?o:o?o?:o:oo'o?j:oo g
==T &
action Sale |1
i 0
street 8j
2 P. M. AND 7 P.M. c
buying your Xmas Gifts at your 0
lock and we will put it up at auc- ?
secure a discount of 20 per cent. ?
no extra charge to you. A ftunll 8
and they will be already engrav- 8
ick consists of diamonds, watches, S
a complete line of ivory toilet g
ewelry Store
I , * '
5 Reel. 1
Just think what this
lonnellsville Man Dies From Injuries
ohn Mollonar. blinded by the glare
f a flashlight, carried by a companion
tas run down by a coal car on the
'lttsburgb and Lake Erie railroad at
'an Meter, near here, last night, suaainlng
Injuries t'roru which he died
arly this morning.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Hoc. 14.?
t became known here that the nianuacturers
of the state are consider
lg a plan for the establishment of an
ttsurance corporation which will inemnity
employes in the various Indusrial
plants of West Virginia in the
ame manner as does the workmen's
ompetisatlon department of tho state,
"lie proposed concern will he operatrl
under the direction of the West Virinia
Manufacturer' Association, which
.'ill finance the proposition and pro "
Hotel Manley
Remember the meals
we are serving for
Forty Cents
This includes Sunday dinner.
You cannot buy tho food for '
this amount.
Wc have a lunch room also?
open Sundays.
Hotel Manley
loss Furni
I Mineature Fur
' that wil lmake kiddies ha
ers, dressing tables, dc
i chairs, chiffoniers in fac
furniture store, not exact
niture, some of it large
; practical use. Finishes, \
; and oak.
; ?
Ross I
Masonic Temple
fhe Big Si
[INGS, ETC. For the
sale means to you in d
IPS, c
vide the executive talent to operate it
The business is to be conducted on a
co-operative basis. It. has been sugRested
that more liberal compensation
can be afforded at a less cost than
that given by the state.
Rev. Chapman is holding a series
of meetings at Hageus which has been
: In progress about three weeks with
! fourteen converts.
Rev. G. \V. White who wont to fill
Tomorrow ffvf
Friday 1 11 f
December 15.
is forced by circumstanc
A man is expected to "S
Will society let a woma
You will sympathize wi
cession of scenes compri.z
a wamai
n nmnm
No children under 1(1.
iter? Co. I pc
niture J
ppy. Dress- Splendi
;sks, table in period
t a kiddie Queen Ar
:ly toy fur- These sui
enough for trade but
chile, ivory We will r
three Wil
i1' f=X
- -
k'c; rfsr;
' * '_ ' m?mmmmmmmrni
lie Is On I
complete out-fitting
ollars & cents. Save
0 Warning!
? Don't wait
B until too
late. We
advise you
to shop early |
Hurrv Un! II
' 1 )
his appointment at Behler last Saturday
while at Mr. Wright's fell
through a screen door Into the cellar
breaking Borne ribs. Rev. White Is
In very bad shape and we hope for
his speedy recovery.
Huotng Groves will organize a literary
society next Friday week at
Osgood. i
The entertainment was well attend
ded at Georgetown last Saturday night.
Gllbort Thorne. of Morgantown,
spent Sunday with Miss Kate Snider.
Mildred Barker, of Morgantown.
spent Sunday with Mrs. Will Snider.
A. ? ^ Part
* /\ H j Pathe
es to become an enemy of
ow his wild oats."
n live down a mistake? ?
th her in the powerful sucing
Admission 15c.
LCtlCal Furniture ?
Worth Living g v
?itS With g j
ust Arrived f
d designs, best construction '%
dining room suits including io
me, William and Mary.
ts were bought for our fall |
were late in reaching us. g
nake special concessions on g
lia mand Mary designs. | '
a i i
Wonderful f
Display i 1
of those things that add <>
to the comfort and the g
beauty of the home |
make appropriate gifts, jg
f ireside chairs, Morris $
chairs, including the | f
Royal push button chair g
and rockers in great %
gn numbers, lamps, stools, g;
etc- I i?
re Co.!
iture Worth |

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