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I "THt PAPER THAT goes tl
M mber J
published daily kxceit~bi
bp the Fairmont Printing and Publlahlil
W. J. WIEGEL, General Managl
A. RAY MAPEL, Adverting M
C. V, REDIC, Circulation ..lanaJ
Publication Office, Monroe sj
I , Advertising Dept- I Circulation Dcpt |
all Wi Cont. 250 | Bell 153 Cone. 283 I q
K'L Foreign Advertising Iteprmcnutlve. ROB1
BY Brunswick Bldg.. .Ww York, in:; V'. M idij
Dally (by curler) 4C.r per month, payal
Dally, one month ...$ .40 Uaily, tlx i
Dally, three months. 1.001 Dally, onu
All subscriptions payable In advance.
When asking for chance in address gtv
rew address.
Entered at the Postofflce at l?'a'rrnurit, /
gjftv: yecond class matter.
Subscribers on our carrier routes fal
Went Virginian any evening should ci
ittuL uuu give name
snd a messenger will deliver a paper
snce. There la no charge to the subi
service. The West Virginian plans t
subscribers the beat newspaper (lelive
ilble and this is part of the plan.
J T has come to the knowledge of The
J, that some Fairmont merchants arc com)
ness is bad. When this complaint first
bot make much impression upon us. It
to tell the truth, and wc dismissed it fe
Started by some of those peculiar individ
Want more no matter how much they havi
Dow that this was a natural view to take <
begin with it is completely at variance wil
lions throughout the country as reflected
Commercial reports. It is also at varianci
of business being done in other West Vir
With the fact that the open season which
Was one of the busiest ever experienced he
man and every woman who wanted to \\
Could do at wages greater than ever we
this district, a fact that is reflected in th
banks, which are about $600,000 large
bt this time last year. By all the rule
Wught to produce an increase in busine
tradesmen. But it has not done that fc
"according to their own statements. Will
business really is bad.
Yet the crowd on the street is well c
h vn. clothes, and well shod in the expensiv
mh to oaic iu aasumc uiai omcr ordinary <
been made on the same scale by these p
people. Where do these new tilings cc
believe that the answer to that question wi
business is bad in some Fairmont stores.
Fairmont money is going out of town. (
tens of thousands of dollars, not for luxi
things such as under ordinary circumstanc
Chased in one of the larger cities, but for c
taillinery, boots and other necessities?tl
toost towns are bought right at home.
Why this is so this newspaper will no
Perhaps there are a variety of reasons.
Said about it is mere statement of obvio
Fairmont merchants have not been able tc
jHt. trade and every day this trade is getting fi
tall of them except in a few instances where
log a gratifying increase.
To a certain extent this is a situation
tme except the individual merchants who t
[When merchant loses his grip and trad
the trouble usually is found in a lack of
Br some shortcoming peculiar to that par
It is a personal affair. But when such i
Into the highways and whine about the
Which they have fallen it becomes a con
the extent that it is perfectly proper to say
business is here, and that if they do not gc
the trouble lies in the fact that they do i
keep up with the procession,
t In some of its aspects the situation real
Hvhole city. If the men who arc now n
mitted financially do not want retailing in
I Editorial Comment
on Current Subjects !?
.;? ? - - a
HK: ATTACK ON TUf Bcr.uTBiTinw .1
fLAW ?
From the Charleston Tost. c
The efforts of Democratic politic- ^
lans to bring about the failure of
the registration act passed at the re |
J" cent special session are not the result
of any anxiety on tlicir part for
f better registration law. The points,
on which the attack on the validity !
of the new law are based in no way j,
concern the efficiency of the statute |,
for the purpose of protecting the bal-, n
lot against corrupt practices. They ,
have to do only with alleged imperI
factions in the cor-ordlnation of certain
provisions of the act prescribing a
the duties of officials and the dates on ,v
which those duties are to he perform- "
pd. They relate to nothing more cssen- tt
tlal than a possible failure, or overBight,
or irregularity in making cow- i j,
sequential and formal changes in a j,
certain section of the bill necessitated
by amendments adopted in the process j j.
of enactment. | ^
The Democratic purpose in altaclt- i,
Ing the act in tho courts on the ] M
grounds specilicd is plain enough. Itlj,
ts an effort to leave the old law uu- L,
distrubed on the statulu hook, unless j
the Democratic leaders can get the ' J.,
kind of registration act they want. ,f
With the old disfranchisement features J .j
Of the original French bill incorporat !
ed therein. The feature of the 191">|f
law which permitted registration by of- i.,
rv.; Sdavit on election day worked well, j '
f from the Democratic point of view in j
E j - Marion and Logan and several other .
counties, and lite party leaders are
in no wise reluctant to have the old j
law retained, if that outcome can be j ol
Ed ; secured by an appeal to the courts ' n:
over an alleged technical defect 01 j pi
R ' the new act. ic
It is not for the purpose of per- p:
fecting tha new registration measure, ol
I;' but for the purpose of den-sting it it
fe; In the interest of the defective law it
Kj Of 1915, thai the proceeding! looking si
I . t dergo a complete i
? iigru and new fact
take radical steps U
<Q and goods coming i
kwcuttd press should have been 1
jndat them are too old to
it Company. ^ a chance for fa
er. \ to club together at
Editor. ] chandising come he
^nager. then te|| them the h
editions and the pro
treet. I children love casto
I good.
Editorial Dept. 1
lei I 68 Cons. 97 ]\fG
2RT E. WARD. ??r
on St.. Chicago J ENSORSHII
i of the moving
tie monthly. j producing COI
! theatres tucked aw.
uontha ...J2 00 [ whcn they are left
year 4.00 1 , , . '
do tneir utmost, ap
e old aa well as 1 These reflections
; tures being shown i
. rsi Virginia, aa the face of agitatic
on the eve of a ses
being flooded with
' sors of all the neigl
ling to got The ; The effect cannc
ill "WESTERN i mand for some sor
and residence, tertainment in this
to your door at , ... , .,i
scriber tor this P<;?Ple d?ubtl
o reader to Us will meet with sm<
ry service poa- not have the sense t
alism and prurienc
to control from tin
;|, ii/ipi,;. ! Public policy d
' . ' ' - ' j popular movie the
) BAD I barm anc' 'r
West Virginian j Eirst Chief Car
jlaining that busi- arranged at the
was heard it did to be insisting u
sounded absurd, suggested by his
eling that it was position to enfon
uals who always possible to tindei
Wc feel even i entitled to the sui
>f such talk- To But with conditio
h business condi- irritating In the i
in the standard be the cause of hi
: with the volume
ginia towns, and As was cxpecti
closed this week deal has started s
reabouts. Every tcrday 422 acres
rork had all they $700 an acre. V
is paid before in which found favc
c deposits of the j back in the days i
r than they were j
c (lirK rnnrlitmnc I ^
ss for the retail
ir some of them, _ ??
l i . Two witnesses
i such merchants , , ...
York yesterday tn
... increases recently
Iresscd in modish jjuE E)iere Was a c
e shoes of 1916. with it and that
ixpenditures have big town like Nev
rosperous looking
ime from> We The ready writ
Duld explain why wrote an aueged
To put it bluntly, George Harvey, e
joing out by the ma}. gct b). as a s,
tries and unusual oE the hisl0ry 0t j
es would be purlothing.
groceries, In a hllly town
ic things that in ^ie streets in weal
out having its sh<
t attempt to say. tbc jinln Eor cruel
What we have
us fact. Some president Wilsc
i hold their home tente powers to es
'rther away from proffers of the Cei
business is show- however, as if thi
this time is the fu
that concerns no Teutons and Turk
ire slipping back. agree t0 umitatto
e passes his door
business acumen
ticular merchant. . SH.U.
merchants go out Women's stock:
evil ways upon prices from going
inutility affair to place will have to
to them that the Pura(-'--^ hL'eliu?
t their share of it Uniontown, not
lot know how to feel better, thank
i i 1 t ,i In Pennsylvania
!y is bad for the feet In another |
lost deeply com- brought to an abi
this town to un- Bluelield Telcgrap
a the throwing out of the act by
lie supreme court have been initial*
d. The hunch of politicians back of
liuse proceeding believe that the poideal
dead lock between the two
oases of the legislature will prevent
le enactment of any registration law
t the regular session, and the prosed
of the retention of the 1915 act
namended gives them no kind of conem.
That act served their purposes
roll this year, and they are quite
rilling to chance it for another try-1
Monongalia Musings
And now tlicy are talking of makig
Washington City dry. If they are
iiccessful it will greatly diminish the
umber of statesmen who desire to
k\.uui<j vnbivoniucii,
The German army is sweeping
gross Rumania and we presume it
ill give lineli a rest. It appears thai
le Allies are guilty of bate ingratitude
ward Rumania.
" From an authentic source we
Mini that teachers, like poets, are j
nrn not made. To attain the great-'
st success, they must have not only
nowlcdgo, hut the power to imparl
Having a knowledge of the sublet
to be taught, they must make
sine estimate of the pupils to whom i
is their business to give that knowllge
and devise ways of commanding
ad holding their interest, if the
aily dose is simply one of dry. hard
icts and ligures, tne same for all and
10 samo all the time, the treatment is |
Dt likely to be universally success-1
il. Some may thrive on that sort of j
ling, but the majority, we may lie i
ire. will be listless learners, congrat-'
luting themselves if they gel a pass- J
ig grade.
" On the suffrage question, ninny I
: us endorse the sentiment that wo-1
an suffrage might be tolerable If the '
rol'cssional suffragettes and the i
brih- feminists could be barred from i
inicipation. We invite tho attention j
the suftragetles of West Virginia!
i the following glittering gem of loftv i
g'f from Cardinal Gibbons: "The In-1
sleiiec on a right of participation hi I
T ^1
revolution that will bring a lot of new
a along Main street they will have to
> put a stop to money going out of town
n through the mails and by express that
landled over their counters. Some of
leam many new tricks, but there would
most fossilized among them if they were
id have some big expert in retail merre
to make a s^idy of the situation and
onest to goodness truth about local con- j
per remedies. They would love it like |
r oil, but it would do them a heap of
3 in any form arouses the antagonism
picture interests from the million dollar
ncern down to the managers of nickle
ay in odd corners of small towns. Yet
to their own devices these same interests
parently, to make censorship inevitable,
are induced by the character of the picn
the theatres throughout this state. In
in for municipal or state censorship and
sion of the legislature. West Virginia is
films that have been banned by the cenlboring
it be other than to lend force to the de- J
t of control over this kind of public en- j
fitltA Anel mknn 11 tlta mat'ia I
ess attempt to pose as martyrs. They
ill success along that line. If they do
o keep down the objectionable sensationy
themselves, they will have to submit
: outside.
lemands that the cheap and immensely
atre be divested of its tendency to do
ito channels where it will do good.
ranza has refused to sign'tlic protocol
Atlantic City conference and ts said
pnn the substitution of some scheme
absurd vanity. If Carranza was in
o his own police powers it would be
stand his assumption that Mexico is
tuu consideration as the United States,
ns as they are the position he takes is
sxtreme, and in the end it is going to
s downfall.
id the big Thompson-Frick coal land
lomething over in Pennsylvania. Yesof
Greene county coal land sold at
t'hich reminds us of that great poem
ir in the office of the New York Sun
of the great Dana,
Ve'll all be happy yet,
foil bet.
told the Federal grand jury in New
at there was no necessity for the sharp
made in the prices of coal and eggs,
hance that the dealers could get away
is all the provocation they need in a
: Yoi*k.
:er of the Clarksburg Exponent who
editorial one day this week about
ditor of the North American Review,
nail town humorist, but his ignorance
American journalism is colossal.
a horse owner who sends a horse onto
:her like this we are now having wilh>e8
sharpened deserves to be fined to
ty to animals.
in, it is intimated, will urge the Enitend
a friendly welcome to the peace
ltral powers. It is beginning to look,
e only thing that can bring peace at
rther intimation from Berlin that the
;s are willing to pay indemnities and
ms of armaments.
ings are to he shortened to prevent
; up. That means that some other
be provided for carrying the feminine
to mention all of Fayette and Greene,
jon i?Connellsville Courier.
. the legal length of a film kiss is eight
kind of real life the act is sometimes
rupt close with one paternal foot.?
active political life is undoubtedly calculated
to rob woman of all that is
| amiable and gentle, tender and attractive;
to rob her of her grace of character
and give her nothing in return but
masculine boldness and effrontery."
Boldness and effrontery are two words
that accurately describe the principal
characteristics of many of the suffragette
leaders in this country, and wc
are willing to wager a strictly fresh,
country egg against a contaminateu
cold storage, Chicago counterfeit, that
the above logic from the Cardinal, or
any other argument, will not receive,
from the noisy leaders of this movement
a moment's consideration.
In the forum and the field, by the
fireside and in the shops, on the street
.comers and in the byways,
"All men you meet?and you meet a
All those you chance to see;
Now halt to tell you winters are not
Just like they used to be."
*"*30 311 has discovered a new paramount
which is almost as remarkablo
as finding a river of Doubt.
***Thc following sublime sample of
immortal imagery accurately describes
the saatinienis of thousands of meandering
"Two souls with but a slnglo thought.
Doth with the same thing haunted;
Each wondering it the other's bought
The Christmas gift most wanted."
LEW1SBURG, W. Va.. Dec. 14 ?
Lawrenco Perin, son of the late Nelson
Perin of the United Railways company
of Baltimore, was granted an appeal
by Judge Dice in Circuit Court
here from the decision of the Greenbrier
county lunacy commission. Perin
was declared insane by the commission.
A hearing will be held December
The Ladies' Aid of the Highland
Avenue M. E. church will hold an oyster
supper and Ima-ar Friday evening.
December 15, from > io S o'clock. The
following menu will he served: Fried
and stewed oysters, salad, celery', pickies.
bread, butter, coffee, icc cream
and cuku.
* - ?
Mies Gilbert of California, has given
up her work as export interior decorator.
to devote her time urcinc con
greFsmen at Washington to pass the [
suffrage amendment.
i Ruff Stuff il
Edit Rutfa Stoff:?Don't you beleev
anting about war not fight anymor
auu next come peace. No peace lot ol
time yet.?Greek Shoo Shine.
Much obliged old Greek S. S.. I'l:
keep your secret and wont believe a I
thing the newspapers say.
That's hard luck, as soon as we get1
out of bed In the morning we find this :
letter that "lotsa war no peace come
yet" is the first opened.
Can you imagine a duck saying that
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad ran
trains election day to keop crews from
voting? Thought the Harrison bill
put an end to self torture and futuristic
Besides there is a big chance of the
B. & O. running trains out of Keyser
where the freight congestion is always !
bad just to keep la men trom voting. I
. ?
Yep we hit the ground last night and
now it's going to be difficult to keep
us on the street when there Is ice
* *
It's a lie that lightning never strikes
twice in the same place, hecauue when
we hit the curb we lelt two distinct
shocks aud there wus 110 wire uruunu.
* ?
That we could see.
At last we've nailed the report that ]
Irv Duunington is married, lie is t
not?because we saw her at the rink!
with another duck.
. . .
"She was a little girl, barely teu !
years old."?Times.
Weeps, weeps and buckets of tears
* ? ?
Carranza refusos lo have peace.
Kaiser wants peace and yet it's the
Kaiser that half the world is trying to
run off the earth.
Viva la Carranza! as long as he lives !
there's no danger of the south being
Denver's woman cop says that the
public dance hall is the cause of young
girl's downfall.
"We don't know about that but we
know it might be the cause of ours
should we dance with the skirts the j
young goils wear these days.
? *
And we figure that said downfall
would give sufficient bump to make
us try skiing instead.
* *
John Reed's dope on Bayonne in the
PUR?, FRSSH 411? 4ND Toufe?
-NG, DECEMBER 14, 1916.
? 1 jf*
I Christmas Only 10
S How Nearly Pre
| Big First Floor of
Pretty Christm
and Chrisi
o Wherever you turn on this busy
? hand, you feel It In the atmosphere,
g goods themselves breathe the Christi
g Jones" Is a gift to be remembered, fo
c- are a few suggestions that may help
Any Housewife
Welcome Table J
d You have on your gift list some wo
g be delighted to receive a handsom
8 Cloth and Napkins to match. If the
g quality they can be depended upon,
g Pine Linen Table Cloths (pure Iri
g to *8.50.
g Pure Irish Linen Table Napkins, 5
g Mother do you remember the
g little rag doll you had years ago
0 that you loved and cherished?
g for some reason or other more
q uiuii an \uv uuifi iujs in juur
g playroom or perhaps It was a
g big, golden haired modest doll
<3 that you were proud to show to
g every visitor who came to your
g home
% The twentieth century has not
? changed the desires ot the little
g ones a bit?they all want dolls
<3 to lavish their affections on.
? We have a doll to please every
ijj liltlo girl priced fifty cents to
p six dollars.
pj flag Dolls, Hoc. Jointed Dolls
g 75c to $12.75. Kid Body Dolls,
p; $1.75 to $11.73. Unbreakable
? Dolls 50c to $6.00.
.. _ ^ |h
g Evenings
i Next _jig*1
| Week
.Metropolitan Magazine reminds us of ' i
Fairmont a little.
* * * I
Or rather of sor.ie people hereabouts, '
Two Pittsburgh negroes died of t
drinking insect poison which they
thought was whiskey.
* ?
And we bet four dollars any two insects
would die if they drank what is l
called whiskey in this village.
"German raider near Florida."
Perhaps the captain and the crew
wish to see the new Palm beach bathing
After which they will renounce Germany
and become citizens of Jacksonville.
Mrs. Charles C. Itobb and Mrs. A.
R. Itobb will attend the funeral of
William Lango Robb whose death occurred
in Wheeling yesterday morning.
which will take place tomorrow t
afternoon at 2:110 o'clock front the .
family residence with interment in "
Wheeling. Mr. C. C. Robb a son of
the deceased, has been in Wheeling
since Monday. On account of the death
of Mr. Robb the Robb meat market
will remain closed after one o'clock
on Friday afternoon.
' Days From Toda\
pared Are You?
Jones9 Filled Witl
as Gift Things?
'mas Cheer
floor, Christmas greets you at evei
you see It on every counter?and tl
naa spirit of good cheer. A gift fro:
r its quality, its dependability. Belo
you these busy days.
Linpfl/i lB always In i
pieces that are i
man who would Bowls, 7 inchi
le Linen Table gu inch Bon
!y 810 of JOBes 8-Inch Fruit 1
sh Linen) 84.50 Flower Buske
Compotes 6 li
i.76 to $7.50. Water Sets, i
Exceptional Valm
iere are unusual offeriiiRs whirl
wise to act quickly. Every desired
for every purpose. Many with fur
newly priced at $15 to $35.
Beginning Next Monday a
This Store Will I
V>V. "
Delegates Were Welcomed
to Huntington by Mayor
(By Associated I'rossl
HUNTINGTON. W. Vtt., Dec. 14.?
Reports from committees on promoion
of the state's agrii-iiltiiral ami
nineral resources ami on state ami
:ivio betterment were heard by delerates
attending the twelfth annual
neeting of the West Virginia Hoard
if Trade which was held hero today.
The delegates were welcomed by
llayor Sehon and representatives of
he Huntington Chamber of Com
Christmas S
Hundreds of checks i
bank this week to the i
year. To the hundred
Christmas will be one <
Costs nothing to bec<
repm]ar navments?nn
We can arrange the ]
son desiring to take a r
cents per week to sevei
Get everyone in the f
to your friends and get
Everybody welcome.
Call and let us tell yc
plans and enter you as ?
The Peoples
-? ... a.. I
15 viffl'ffiM li?*^ ^
cut Glass |
food tig to for sifts buy these useful 5
pretty as well ag serviceable. Ideas ?
ss in diameter, pretty designs, 85c. 3
Bon Dishes with handles. $1.76. | 1
3owls on legs, $1.50. ff i 1
ts, 12 inches high, 98a, I I
iches high. $1.00. | J
?xquf?lte designs, $2.75 to $6.00. '
?s in Fashionable
r Coats
i will certainly enthuse the fashionmodel.
every desired fashion, a coat '
trimmings. Luxurious Winter Coats, \
ind Continuing AH Week a
le Open Evenings. ?
A Open
223^^ Next
,ooowooo'oooo:owoooc.c'o?:o3?5039: I
nicrce. t'liarles t'Htnrron Lewis, ir.; '
: nt i 'harlcstou. responded, President |
C. I'. Snow, ijt l.iiniingtnn. had planned
to lie present hut wnr. c.tiled out oi tlu <
city. A report was made by Secretarj *
' llenry II Archer, of l'arkersburg on
the r.cthiti, s or the state board during
the year v
Coiuniilice.s Hint reported and theit
chairmen were: Agricultural, clean
John Lee Coulter, ni' .ne stntn a?w'
i' inllurnl Colli de. Murganlbwn; Level
opment and protection oi .he state's ^
resources. I-'oruier lh. oritur Willi .nt
A. Mact'orkle: tloud roads. Obarlea
W. (Lemon. Kayotieville: labor and
immigration, John \\. Ua'.vaon, oi
Charleston; Public health and 3anitation,
Ur. C. A. Wingertor. Wheeling;
Minerals and mining. Taylor Vinson.
Huntington; Legislative, 0. E.
Wallace. Huntington; .Manufacturer!,
| l'rice M. Whitaker. Wheeling, and ,
Taxation and insurance, \V. C. MoConaughcy,
Did You Know?
You can't catch a catfish any faster
with a pole made of dogwood? J
1 '
iavings Club
will be mailed out by this
members of the club this
s receiving these checks
jf gladness. '
)me a member only your
C~ "
i.cca, no lines, notning to
payments to suit the per- J
nembership?from a few '
ral dollars. . J
amily to join. Showthia
them to join.
iu about our different
i member of one or more.
National Bank

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