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WASHINGTON, D. C., Dec. 14 ? 11
6 Congressman H. C. Woodyard was a ] !
visitor In the office of Secretary of;
War Baker today. While It was an i
official call. It at the same time par-: i
took of social qualities, both officials i
\ being native-born West Virginians. It i i
is the first time they had met, and i i
their meeting was mutually pleasant, j
Although of opposite political parties j I
It was remarked by Mr. Woodyard that <
the campaign hostilities were over and i :
It was the duty of all officials, regard-11
estly and in a broad, vigorous way for i
less of party alliances, to work earn- i
the progress and well fare of the peo-1 i
pie through their government. These i i
sentiments were most cordially en-!
dorsed by the former Martlnsburg boy
who, starting as a stenographer, hat1
arrived in the cabinet of the president |
of the United States. 1 i
The official business which look ,
CongreBBman Woodyaril to the War j,
Department wbb to bring to the atten- j
tiou of the engineering department the
letter of Mayor 1'. H. Anderson, of .
Friendly, and a petition signed by clti- ,
zens of that town, urging that the gov (
ornment remove an obstruction in the |
Ohio river at that place which is in ,
the shape of an old wing dam built of ,
loose stone which, since the coniplo- |
tion of the big modern dam at Men's !
run, serves no good purpose, it is al^
leged, but rather is an obstruction. The (
original purpose of the old dam was
to deepen mo channel between Mala
moras and Friendly, in high water i
times, it has aided destruction, una
when the river is at a low stage it prevents
boats landing at Friendly, ac
cording to the allegations uiuue by lilt
mayor and citizens of that place.
Mr. Woodyard was assure, t that the
complaint would be investigated without
delay and he would be kept inform- ,
ed ot its progress.
A petition, signed by 12. A. Ingersol
and numerous otber employees of the 11
postoffiee at 1'urkersburg, including . i
railway mall clerks, was ollerea m inn ]
House toilay by Congressman Woodyard.
The preamble of the petition
Beta forth the fact of the increased cost ]
of living and asks congress to pass
legislation in the lorm of salary in- t
creaso to meet it
An effort to remove the postmistress i
at Necdniorc, ilardy county, who is .,
Mrs. 13. F. Heed, is being resisted by j
many patrons of the olfice and by Con- i
gresstnan Geo. 11. llowers in whose |
Congressional bailiwick the office is
located. Charges have been filed ,
against the incumbent which she lias ,
answered in sueli a satisfactory man- j
ner, so Col. Bowers claimed to the of- ,
flcials at the i'ostofflce Department ;
as to justity prompt and complete vin- |
dicallon. The ottice, though a small
one, has stirred up a eontest disproporlionate
v.ith Its in which small
neighborhood gossip and quarrel lig-;'
urcs. It ha s been tlie cause of Col j .
Bowera making more than one trip to |.
the 1'ostof.ice Department lo take up '
tile case in person with the official {
having it in charge.
1'our special pension bills introduc- .
|jk oil by Congressman Adam 1J. Little-'
page, have passed the liouse, being in- j
eluded it: Iho first batch of surli bills,
to be pa :;eil by the lower branch of j.
Coukicsk ul the present session. Those ; ,
to benefit by these lulls, providing '
they pa^s l:ie Senate and are signed '
by the President, which is almost a ;'
surety, arc: j;
Andrew J. Escuo. of Charleston, who 1.
will receive 5110 a month: David W.
Anderson, of Dana. Kanawha county,
$40; Spencer Phillips. of liuckiianiion.
$50; and James Crites, of Buckhan-.
noil, $30. I
Mr. Llttlepage introduced special
pension bills today as follows:
To grant a pension of $3u a month
to Thos. Swinhurn. of Charleston; $5(1
tj Isaac Comer, ol Charleston, ami $30
a month to Emma M. Greenlee, of
The Pension Bureau has notified j
Mr. Llttlepage that the claim for a i
pension filed by him with that Bureau '|
had been allowed at the rale of $12 a
month from September 1913, together
with accrued pension due her bus
uauu ui t,ito UIUD ui ma utuiu.
To restore the mall car servtco, ordered
discontinued by the I'ostoffico
Department on the Loop Creek branch
ot the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad was
the occasion o? a visit made to that department
by Congressman Littlepage
today. The order discontinuing this
service has aroused a storm of protest
from citizens in the mining villages
scattered along that branch road. ,
Hallie H. Stolllngs has boon appointed
postmaster at Rlorrisvate. Boone
county, succeeding II. F. Morton, resigned;
Jacob W. McGinnis at Clear
Creek. Raleigh county, in the place of
Mrs. L. J. Lilly, resigned; Walter C.
Williams at Holcomb, Nicholas county.
succeeding C. I.- Swink, resigned;
Robert L. Locks at Finch, Ritchie
county, in tl.e place of It. A. Terry, re-i
Through the efforts of Congressman
j Newsboy
8 AT T
| Hippodrome Players in
g Resorvatlon? hive been donated
8 rlers and nawslos In the service of tl
8 this play froo mo requested to noli
g of the West Vbginian as early ob po
, ... . ' ' ' "
Hooper the order of the postal author-|
Ities discontinuing the postofflce at1
Wharncliffe, Mingo county, has been '
rescinded. The patrons of that small
office earnestly protested to Mr. Cooper
agalnBt the abolishment of their
office and he saved it for them by personally
looking after the matter.
The special mall service from Poca !
to Winter, Kanawha county, has been
ordered discontinued December 15.
Star service has been established between
Sunlight and Renlck, W. Va., a
listance of 13 miles and back, and the ]
eoritract for carrying the mall on this
route has been awarded to Clownie C.1
Uedrick, of Greenbrier county.
A A. Lilly, attorney general of West
Virginia, accompanied by Z. Taylor
Vinson, of Huntington, are In the capital.
Mr. Lilly is quoted in an interview
published in West Virginia as
laying that the defeat of Judge Ira K.
lloblnaon for governor marked the,
'end of machine rule" in his state; I
ilso, that he did what he could to pro- j
mate Republican success in West Vir-1'
ginia, but was in a hospital most of i,
the time during the campaign. How-1
aver, he referred to his statement J
when he withdrew his contest that he
liad advised his followers to support
Judge Robinson. The interview caused
much jocular discussion among the
West Virginia politicians hero this i
week, anu many amusing comments j
were made on it. I
Another leading politician of the I
slate who is a late arrival is Democrat-1
ic State Chairman Clem Shaver, of
Fairmont, the second in command to |
the supreme leaucr of the Democratic |
party in Wuoi Virginia, National Committeeman
Clatence is. Watson. Chairman
Shaver is a much sought out Individual
by West vug.ma Democrats in
Washington, who with one accord appear
to realize that a word trom him
will go a long way with National Committeeman
Watson. Mr. Shaver is
busy meeting those who are seeking
Ilia influeuce, a number of wnom huvt
slipped away from their homes in
West Virginia to come here to see
aim on this trip.
Late arrivals from West Virginia
ire Mrs. William Haimcs Smith, of
I'arkersburg; Misses Nellie Mauning
md Mary Gorman, of Clarksburg;
Clarence 12. Martin, of Martlnsburg;
ludgo 12. G. Smith, of Clarksburg;
Kreuerick Santloy, of Martlnsburg;
Jeo. H. Hoffmeyer, of Clarksburg; J.
i". Youse, of Charleston; Mr. and Mrs.
ft'. U. Skeiton, of Tamroy; Miss Cath
irine Sharpless, of Koyser; L. Wiest, ,
if Gerardslown; Myron H. Marsh, of
Liluelield; Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Howard, j
if Huntington; Judge Jake Fisher, of j'
Sutlon, and Col. John T. McGraw, of I
Senator William E. Chilton has succeeded
to the chairmanship of '.lie
committee on printing of the Senate,,
it has been announced. He has been
an active member of that committee.
Ho still retains his chairmanship ot
ilio committee on the census.
One clay this week Congressman H.
Woociyard will introduce a resolution
in the House setting a date for \
he holding of a memorial service in |
the House in honor ot the memory of
lie late Congressman Hunter Molnies
Moss, Jr.. who was a member of the
present Congress at the time of hij
ieath last summer. Mr. Woociyard is 1
PLATES $8.00
Crown and bridge
.work $5.00.
Extracting 25c.
Examinations and estimations
free. !
Tiie Union Dentists !!
Opposite Court House
Over 5 and 10c Store. ; l!
Bell Phone 921 J. ;i
Oj J
rs' Night 11
,hh I i
:o *
CNING, DEC. 21 ? I
<3 \
! TH13 gj \
The House of Mystery." | ]
by Manager Hellmati and nil car- J
Lie West Virginian who wish to see & .
ty Mr. Rodlc, circulation manager & <
aaible. 3 J
? \
Can. Nivelle may succeed Gen. j
Joifre as supreme commander of the i
French forces, upon reported retire-1:
tnent of the aged chief. Gen. Nivelle i <
made his mark at the Verdun front,! i
under Gen. Petain, who now favors
this officer for Joflre's place. 1
his successor from the Fourth aistrlct.
The memorial will be held probably ,
on some Sunday In January and ad- (
rresses will he delivered by colleagues
of Judge Moss, including all the mem- .
hers of Ihe House from West Virginia.
Invitations will be sent relatives of i
the dead congressman, and members!
uf the West Virginia Society in Wash- j
ington will bo in attendance. Judge |
Moss having been alftliated with that j
organization and deservedly popular I
with its members.
Two special pension bills introduced
by Congrcssmau at-large Howard Suth- i
erland have parsed the House. 'iUey
are for the beuefit of Wallace B. Phillips.
of French Creek, $30 a month,
and the itev. Nelson B. Miller, ot Par- ;
sons, $50 a month. There is no opposition
to these bills in the Senate and ;
Mr. Sutherland confidently expects
them to pass the upper branch within
the next four weeks. A bill similar
to these two was introduced in the i
House today by Mr. Suthenauu. y.uvides
tor u pension for Daniel ?. o.te |
ley. of Parkersbure.
Applicutious tor pension increases
have been transmitted to the Pension
Commissioner by Jr.. -u behalf
of James A. Vanscoy, of Elkins;
J. S. McDonald, of Cairo, and Mrs.
Mary E. Scrauase, of Grafton.
Changed His Mind.
"Henry, suppose we call on the new
tenple who have moved in next door." '
'Oli, I don't care about meeting them."
'But when their furniture was being 1
tarried in I noticed an unusually largo J
ind handsome cellaret." "Aliem! Well, '
tve might drop in for n few minutes,
nywsiy." ,
The simple mixture of bucmuorn .
bark, glycerine, etc., known as Adleri-ka,
astonishes Fairmont people. Bo[muse
Adler-i-ka acts on BOTH lower '
and upper bowel. ONE SPOONFUL relieves
almost ANY CASE constipation
sour stomach or gas. It removes such
surprising foul matter that a tew doses
often relieve or preevnt appendicitis.
A short treatment helps chronic stomach
trouble. Teh INSTANT, easy action
of Adler-i-ka is astonishing. Martin's
Drug Store.
C> '
1 n
g V^JLII Idllllcis
i Who wouldn't be glad to
5 Why not surprise dad or r
| Christmas morning? Hert
3 pers than at any other sto:
3 tities months ago when pric
| you save more here than el
1? Misses and Men's S
Children's Felt .. . ?
01. in black or
Romeo Slipper erett style,
fur trimmed and value
turned Boles, 6izes
?P t0 2. _
jj Women's Satin Men's
Evening Slipp
I... Jlfe.,.
> values. UP ,0 v..0(
| 1.95 1.5
Evening Chat
.. i
It is remarkable bow quickly mankind
adapts Itself to changed conditions
of living and right here in Falrnont
this has been particularly notlceible
since the coming of winter?the
weather changing as It did almost ovirnight
from a warm and pleasant autumn
day to a cold blustery winter
blizzard of snow and chilling wind
And with the change of weather the
sntiro appearance of the town and the
people who live in it changed also.
School children?boys and girls that
>nly a few days ago v. ere playing football
and taking long walks in the afternooD,
are now found on every side
street coastiug down the natural
slopes of the city, shouting and enjoying
the season to their utmost. A*
tor the grown up boys and girls that
ire seen on the streets downtown even
their very walk and gestures have
Those who formerly walked with
bead up and chest thrown out, swing-1
Ing along with an athletic sweeping I
stride, now hobble along with short
and timorous steps, head down and j
the collars of their coats turned up |
over the ears. Again, others, who were |
not such prodigious walkers on the'
iry pavements, have mastered the dif- j
Rcult art of creeping over the slippery j
walks and push rapidly by those who ;
have failed to acquire this accomplish- j
Even the subjects of talk and man- i
ner of speaking of the pecsie in the |
city has changed. Gloomy forebodings 1
jf the future and lamentations for tiiej
past are heard in hoarse saddened i
roices where only a few days ago the!
talk was only of present happenings
And the food that Is eaten now in the
homes of the inhabitants and In the
restaurants is different from that
which was consumed only last week.
More meats and cakes for breakfast j
are now ordered where, vegetables!
and fruits were but recently desired, i
And so the comparison might be ex- i
tended almost indefinitely or until
one tired of writing on the subject.
As an officer of the Anti-Tubercu
losis Association was going down the
street today he was met by a little
roungster. ton years old. who appealed j
to hitn for some bread and coal for!
his mother. Investigation brought to I
light the fact that a widow is living j
alone with three hcildren in one of >
' e city's poorer quarters, every mem- j
her of the family having tuberculosis, i
it appears that three years ago the |
father contracted the disease and was j
Dun i surrtR
Musterole Gives Delicious Comfort i
When those sharp pains go shooting j
through your head, when your skull
'cents as if it would split, just rub a |
little Musterole on the temples and j
neck. It draws out the inflammation, 1
oothes away the pain, usually giving;
luick relief.
Musterole is a clean, white oint- j
mcnt, made with oil of mustard, j
Better than a mustard n1ast,-r and !
iocs not blister.
Many doctors and nurses frankly:
ccommcnd Mustcrolc for sorc.throat, j
ronchitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, i
teuralgia, congestion, pleurisy, rhcu-1
-natism, lumbago, pains and aches of
he back or joints, sprains, sore mus:lcs,
bruises, chilblains, frosted feet?
-olds of the chest (it often prevents
meumoniaj. It is always dependable.
t 1 S
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receive a pair of slippers? %
nother or the children on S
2 you will find more slip- o|
re. We bought big quan- ?
es were down?that's why
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n tallies, flexible .toles, real ?
$1.25 values. O
JO 98c I
P !
219 Madison 1
KJ1 Street |
Fairmont | j
;poce*>we<weow3CCM?^^ j
G, DECEMBER 14, 1916.
not given proper care. Be soon died,
but not before he had infected his
wife and children with the dread ailment.
Now the family is in a pitiable
There is still time, perhaps, to save
them from their father's fate, and immediate
steps will be taken by the
Anti-Tuberculosis comittee, which directs
the expenditure of the lied
Cross Seals fund, to aid the/i.
Mrs. Martland, of Franklin. Pa., is
visiting her sister, Mrs. P. L. Dempsey.
Mrs. W. D. Yost, Mrs. A. M. Haines,
Sr., Mrs. Ralph Muchesney, Mrs. Edna
Yost and Mrs. Clyde Machesney were
at Fairmont shopping Wednesday.
Karl Hamilton, lrvin Toothman and
Albert Ammons, Jr.. and Harry Luton,
were business visitors in Fairmont
Mrs. J. S. Morris, of Fairmont, was
visiting her father. C. Toothman, |
Mrs. Harvey Rickets and niece. Mrs.
Gentry, will spend Christmas with I
relatives in Virginia.
Mrs. May Flowers has returned ]
from Wallace where she had been .
speuiung a few weeks.
Mrs. Harry Seymour has returned
from Clarksburg where she had been
spending a few weeks.
Mrs. J. L. Tennant. Mrs. Louise Sypole.
Misses Opal Lee Batson and
Ruby Snodgrass were at Fairmont j
shopping Wednesday.
Miss Fitzhugh, of the Fairmont Nor- j
may, will be a week-end guest of Mrs. ]
H. W. Dragco and Miss Margaret Cha.- j
I'itiKney Wilson was a business visi-,
Inr it li'nlrn.nnl H'?rli<ni?ln?
Misses Lillian Me Bee and Margaret |
Chalfant anil Mrs. Claude Parker were
at Fairmont mig today.
Priceless Sense of Humor.
The sense of humor "suffereth long
ami Is kind; Is not puffed up; is not
easily provoked." Within Its easy
reach is (he "soft answer that turneth
away wrath." It is the llrst cousin of
love. This earth would ride on springless
* without ,f.
A bad back makes you gloomy.
Can't be happy with continual backach.
The aches and pains of a bad back
Ae frequently due to weak kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills are recommended
for weak kidneys.
So Fairmont women testify.
Mrs. L. E. Radford, 314 Market St..
Fairmont, says; "My kidneys were Irregular
in action and I had pains in
my back and loins. 1 had trouble In
straightening after stooping. Doan'a
Kidney Pills quickly drove away the
pain and made my kidneys normal.
Another In my family who suffered
from kidney trouble and backache was
neneuien ny uoan s Kidney j'llls."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply
ask for a kidney remedy?get
Doan's Kidney Pills ? the same that
Mrs. Radford had. Foster-Mllburn
Co., Props., Uuffalo, X. Y.
for every member <
the family can b
found in this live, u{
to-date Hardwar
We are headquarters c
Community Silver, ha1
both Patrician and Sheartc
in grained leather?chests.
Exeter Pattern.
Knives and Forks ,.S 4.(
Set Table Spoons ...S 3.(
Set Tea Spoons S l.E
26 Piece Set in chest $l l.r
Shoppers tell us we have
in the city.
\ T Come it
\{ wagons, a
cycles, aii
trical tra
3? 5^^ houses. b(
^?3^. tables, ilo
all kinds.
PI machines.
girl bapiij
Everything marke
!! HALL'
i| SEE <
i' 1
! ' " 1 : 1
Mrs. Alice Powell, who has been In
bad health (or a long time, is very sick
at this time. She has a complication;
of diseases and is in a serious condi- j
Fay, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Doll Guthrie, has been real stcl:
the past few days with something like
Smith Wismnn is seriously ill ami
not expected to live very' long.
George Robey. who sustained serious
iujuries when he fell from a wagon-shed
loft, about four weeks ago is
beginning to sit up now.
Miss Ivy Gabbcrt has pneumonia fe-;
ver. She had an attack of pneumonia, j
following whoopingcough about three j
months ago.
Mrs. Martha Henry spent some dnys
last week visiting her daughter. Mrs. i
Fanny Stephens and shopplug in Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Coombs and
son, Ralph, were visiting relatives at
Little Falls Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Lanham were
visiting the latter's parents, Mr. Phillips
and wife at Opekiska from Thursday
until Sunday and returned by way
of Lock 13.
Jesse aud John Barnes wero calling
on friends in the "Bend" Sunday afternoon
and attended Young People's
meeting Sunday night at Grant.
Misses Madge and Mary Summers j
were visiting their aunt. Mrs. Em.
Coombs, Sunday.
Misses Goldie and Zelma Trippctt
spent some days with their parents
last week. They were accompanied
iiy .mse xviary Alien, or rairtuont.
Mies Sallle Barnes lias been staying I
at C. L. Lachpm's the past few weeks.1
Is tlie name cf the world's best |
trolas, Autos, V/ocdwcrk, Hari
surfaces. It dur'.s, it cleans, it pc
up in new patcnt-tc? bottle. A]
Absolute i
If RllBYGlfiSS is not
than anything
you may return
we will refun<
t jk<r fidk&y*
). Become
' You ought to sec the good times
hoys have with Erector, building
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machine shops, saw mills
and hundreds of other big. steel
models?many of them run by the
Erector motor (free with most
t'e sets). Cet
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loads of fun every day in the year.
Sec Erector today and get leaflet
telling all about the
Fun, Fame and Valuable Prizes
<r Fun, Fame and Valuable Prizes
for live wits boys I
i5 I
i the best selected line of toys
t and look over the line of sleds, boys'
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rifles, foot balls, mechanical and elecins,
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tds, pianos, sund toys* children's desks.
11 baby buggies, toy washers, games of
typewriters, printing presses, sewing
dolls, everything to make the boy or
:d in plain figures. You will
Frank H. Trippett is taking bit annual
vacation now. Ur. Tichnoll, of
Lltte Falls, is working in his plsce.
Roy Johnson has completed his new
dwelling house and moved into it ,
about two weeks ago. Will Devault.
of Beochwood, moved into the house
which Mr. Johnson vocnted.
Tom Johnson has moved into part I
of Orn Arnett's house.
Good news spreads rapidly and drug
gists here are kept busy dispensing. ?
troezone, the recent discovery of a Cin- ,
cinuati man. which is said to loosen
any corn so it litis out with the fingers,
A quarter of an ounce costs very little
at any pharmacy, but is ssid to bs
sufficient to rtd one's feet of every \
hard or soft com or callus.
You apply just a few drops on the v^iS
tender, aching corn and instantly the
soreness is relieved, and soon the corn
Is so shriveled that it lifts out with- ;j
out pain. It Is a sticky substance
which dries when applied and never
iuflntncs or even irritates the adjoin* 3
ins tissue.
solLh for Furniture, Pianos, Vio
dtvood Floors, and all varnished : t sH
:!ichcs at the same time. It is put I j
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Guarantee I
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a better Polish
else of >ts kind, I
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J your money.
A gift that's a God- I J
#? I '?j
I '.H
I '3j
Easiest Way Electric If
m?u: O.JH
it asiinig itiaciuili; U
We have an bid contract I
which Is Rood (or the year I
1316 that enables us to make* | ;
a special price of $45.00 attar I
V I* i . JS&i-ia^HKH I
VM ' " '']
. > ; - '. / ' ":

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