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Flllllij isI
Henderson Thinks No Lasting
Guaranec of Peace
Possible Now.
Negotiations at Present
Would Put France and
England in Pondage.
lit} An
PAKIS, Dec. 111 addresses ar
the national congress <.r the French
socialist party Arthur Henderson, tin- .
British cabinet minister, and K. H
. Roberts, member of tin* British parliament,
both afilrnietl simidst etitbuKiat-1
tic cheering that the war must. lie
fought out. until full guarantees have
been obtained for lasting peace.
"In my opinion," kuIiI Mr. Header
ion, "If Fram e and ourselves were to
enter jutn negotiations under exist-1
ing conditions wo would lie nations in !
bondage. Nothing less than that is!
the prtce our enemies would exact for i
( poace today."
M. Emtio Vandervelde. the Belgian '
socialist leader, said: "Our comrades
who have remained In invaded Bel
gian support German dotninsoti with
admirable firmness. Nothing hut en
:ouragement reaches us from them. So i
that it would seem that the person ;
most hostile to war aro those fartheri
ast from it"
M. Vandervelde also declared that i
i the struggle must he carried on until ,
Belgium and Serbia are delivered
"and Caeserism is laid low." i
t. Depositors Select Committee
to Help With Liquidation
of Assets.
A committee to advifle with the re-;
ceiver of the Citizens Dollar Savings!
bank was appointed at a meeting of the ,
J depositors held in the court house,
* Saturday afternoon. This committee
will do us much as possible to expedite
the liquidation of the assets of the
The meeting of the depositors was 1
attended by receiver Harvey Shain
who stated that he was of the opinion
that the depositors would he paid in
full. The affairs of the bunk were di.s
\ cussed thoroughly at the meeting and j
It was recommended hv the depositors
that the hank building be sold in '
order to help liquidate the accounts.
The committee appointed to confer
with the receiver and assist in the 1
work of liquidation is as follows: John
Price, Richard Flotrher. M. A. Sturm, i
Seth Martin, F. K. Holt. L. (J. Gior
dano and R. J. Abbatichio. McLough
acted as chairman of the meeting and
R. J. Abbatichio secretary. ?
Fire Works Injure
W 75 in Atlanta, Ga.
(By Assoclnt"<( Press.I
ATLANTA. Ga.. Doc. 2G. ? Celebration
of Christmas tvlth fire works was
responsible for most of the 75 injuries
treated at the municipal hospital her?
yesterday. Similar reports were received
today from other southern cities
where shootiiiK of firecrackers as
Christmas Is common.
Mr. anil Mrs. M. J. Barracknmn, of
Barrackville, gave a Christmas dinner
> to their relatives and friends Monday.
The menn was as follows: Roast duck,
wltli oyster dressing, cranberry sauce,
mashed potatoos and celery, fruit salar,
peaches with whipped creara and
cake. All kinds of fruit and nuts.
Among tho relatives and guosts were
D. Bunns, of Fairvlew; Mr. and Mrs.:
Harvey Poist, Mr. and Mrs. Frank i
Freeland and son. Mearl: \V. T Barrackman.
Joe Carroll. John Emery, of j
Falrview, and Kennoth Ilarraekman. j
? . ? ==|
I 87 acres, house and bam. live
miles from Grafton. Buyer names
the price. Sec J. Guy Allender,
Grafton, W. Va.
-_r .iLar.-u-.^.-Trunn,-'- . ' JWUIc====
The Christmas
I Savings Club
L The Peoples
National Bank
I la open for tho enrollment of
Allie's Fleet is in
American Waters
t Ity A -srifjj) f n| 1 '|cs >
BOSTON, Dec. i!C.?The presence
on tins side ot' the Atlantic of a lor
midablc fleet of allied warships
was indicated definitely today. Tito
vessels are known officially as cumincrce
protectors. They are heavily
armed and disguised.
For obvious reasons their exact
disposition is not roevaled, but th?arrival
recently in American waters
of this newest unit of the British
and French admiralty was made
known from a source that hardl;
an h" mistaken.
Negotiations Will Come to
End Unless Reply is
ll!j As?uci;itec! i'res-.
WASHINGTON. Dec. M. ? Unless
General Carranza returns a favorable
answer today to tbe last communication
made to Ills commissioners by the
American representative a week ago
at Philadelphia the negotiations will
come to an end.
The Mexican commissioners will
at New York tod;i> ml if t arranza has
sent to them his answer It is expected
Louis I.uis Cabrera. chairman of
the Mexican delegation, will forward
it immediately to Secretary Lane,
chairman of the American section.
Good Dinner and Presents
Given to Marion County
Honsl chicken, cranberry sauce and
cream gravy, mashed potatoes, etc..
etc.. was the menu served the prisoners
In the county jail here yesterday.
Thus did George Smith and Tom
Buckely act as the ministering angel
io tiie patrons of the prison.
Sheriff Conaway took the more
practical view and passed around silver
pieces to the prisoners, knowing
that this is sometimes of greater bene
fit to the down and out than all the
pretty things in the world. The prisoners
were permitted to enjoy themselves
to the utmost, giving them all
the freedom of the interior of the jait
and allowing them relaxation from
the regular discipline.
At the city jail there were hut one
or two drunks whose names could not
be ascertained. Though these were
had souses they were allowed to go
home for Christmas, being released
early yesterday morning.
Hungarian Riding Master is
Banished from Belgium
During War.
(Correspondence Associated Press)
BUDAPEST, Hungary, Dec. 26 ?TI10
love affair of Princess Louise of llel
glum, and hor former riding master.
Count Ton Matasslch. a Hungarian subject
and first lieutenant in the AustroHungarian
cavalry, hnd an interesting
aftermath recently when the count
was ordered to leave Budapest for ' political
reasons.'' He was ordered to
remove to his native town in Croatia,
cut eleventh-hour Interce/ ion by l)r
Visontai, the legal adviser of Princess
Louise, influenced the police to
permit Matasslch to remain in the capital
under survellancc.
Hack of the action lies the continued
endeavor of tho family of the princess
to separate hor from Matasslch,
who eloped with her when she was the
wife of Prince Philip of ttaxe-Coburg
in 1SA6. Some tltuo ago the family
suggested that the princess place herself
voluntarily under guardianship
lmt the princess has not yet consented
to this. Slio was not permitted to live
in either Vienna or Budapest, but finally
obtained permission to roslde in
Munich, where she now Is. It is considered
unlikely that Count Mai assick
will be given permission to go 10
Munich, so that for the duration of
the war, at least, the coiiplo will be
(luce upon a tymo a druggist didn't
have a certain article a customer want
ed and ye druggist didn't rocommeno
something else "just as good" to ye
| ^ HUMP
Old Lights Taken Down
Today?New Ones Are
Not Here.
Persons who practice Safety First
will bring: their Hash lights ami lanterns
with them if they come down
town this evening, for unless arrangements
are made between press time
and dark. Main Street will be bathed
in nothing hut mellow moonlight. The
i old are lights came down this morning
I when the old poles were torn away.
. and since the globes for the new atfrs
have noi?arriv-wL-there is nothing to
produce light. There is a hare possibility
that the globes will arrive this
evening and by placing a large force
of men at work the Traction company
can get them in place before t\rk. It
may be also, that the old arcs wil he
strung from the new poles.
The old wooden lighting and tele
phone poles on Main street were comI
ins down today, a force of HO men hav
nig almost completed the work this
evening. Practically all the cables
of the Hell Telephone qpmpnity are
now underground and as soon as they
arc subtcranneously interred the Bell
poles will be removed. This, it is believed.
will be possible before the last
of the this week.
Workmen were slititig along cables
high above tlie street and clambering
from pole to pole, while in other places
their comrades wcro chopping. The
poles before being chopped off at the
base were steadied with largo ropes.
When the base was cut through these
ropes were used to let the poles gent
ly to the street and thus avert the
possibility of someone being injured
1 by a falling timber.
A considerable difference is noticein
the appearance of the street with
1 the poles removed. The street looks
; cleaner and lighter and sonsiderable
; more roomy.
iJewels Worth $5,000 Given
i Bark to Owners on
Christmas Day.
I*. By Associated Press)
ALTOONA, Pa., Doc. 26.?Conscious
| stricken on Christmas the thief who
1 stole the $5,000 worth of diamonds
1 from the residence of Patrick Flynn
i November lo has returned them it .beI
come known here today.
The family had gone to Christmas
j services in a nearby church and when
they returned they found the diamonds
tlod in a pretty holiday package hanging
to the front door. Four carpet
cleaners who wore arrested after the
robbery will probably be released today.
Recruits Quarantined
For Measles
i i'.y Associated Pr?ss?
lib PASO. Dec. 26.*?'Three hundred
recruits for the regular army oa the
border ant. in Mexico were quarantined
in tents on parade ground at Fort lJIIss
today because five of tire recruits wero
found to have measles.
The rrcruits arrived here from For'
Slocum, N. Y., for assignments to the
various army commands here and in
Gen. Pershing's command.
V Jfcm
a il mb
ii ships race ii
reporieb sill
germany snubs
i holuhdih hlllt
Reply to Dutch Parliament's
} Protest Reported to be
Curt Insult.
(IIy Associated Press)
AMSTERDAM. Dec. 2(i.?The Telegraaf
says It has reason to believe that
Germany's reply to Holland's npte regarding
deportation of Belgian workmen
is framed in such terms tliut it
was inadvisable to communi/ate it to
Dutch parliament and the government
has requested Berlin to alter the reply
in such a manner that (t may be presented
to the parliament.
The Dutch government last month
instructed its Berlin representative
to notify Germany that the H..1.-(.... .in.
! portation had caused a painful impression.
A Rottendam dispatch to tlio
London Times on December 5. said
Germany had responded in words
which were tantamount to saying.
"Mind your own business."
Three Drunks in
Police Court Today
Nip Vance, drunk and disorderly, j
, was lined $."? by Ma>?.. ...um.v Bowen
in police court this morning. Vance
pleaded not guilty. Me paid and went;
j liis way rejoicing, elated over the fact
I that $5 was easy out of a roll of $ 1211.70 j
I which lie had when arrested,
j Steve Bcchto, drunk, was fined $f?. j
He went to jail to stay a few days In
default of payment.
W. Dougherty was fined $f> and
: costs, amounting in till to $0 for drunk
j and taxi rides. He paid.
Increased Activity
In Markets Today,
(By 'Associated Press!
I NEW YORK, Dec. 20.?Tho pnblica-'
|tion of latest German proposals was |
; followed by a moderate increase In ao-[
j tivity in the stock market today with
: a gradual rise in prices
i The market previously had been ox-1
I iri'iuuiy (i 11 ii una immediately preced-1
j ing tfie publication of tho Goramn comj
implication prices of important, stocks!
j were midway between the high and low '
of the forenoon.
The rise that, followed appeared to I
i be due to short coverings more than |
i anything else. United States Steel ad-1
vanced 2% points from low quotations !
, of the morning. j
{Teutons Captun
Men and a To
il:> Associated Press* ?
BERLIN. Dec. 20.?In Rumania 5.500
; more prisoners liavo been taken by tbe
j Teutonic allies the war office an!
winces. 'Die town of Filiperntl on
j ihe railroad between ltuzeu ar-1 Ura'lla
j was captured at the point of tile bnyoI
net Strongly entrenched Russian
.positions on both aides of tho tillage
I were stormed the statement says.
I Two allies patrol boats were sunk
?<1 four other wilier warships dam1
* . . ' ' ii
. i :svAo'-'. . v.:- -4 . -... , Ij,>
VARE! ' !
Jf% I
,a v 'wi
i?v |
Pica for Aid Comes From
Crippled Steamer After
Rescue Cutter Acushnet Ex,
.pected to-Reaeh-Her I
Soon After Noon.
t By Assoc in tori Prcssl
NEW YORK, Dec. 2G.?The coastwise
steamship, City ot Savanna, and
the coast guard cutter Asushnet today
hurried to assistance of the steamship
Maryland which shortly after midnight
sv . . out messages stating she was
sinking and asking aid.
The Maryland gave her position as
fihr.n. *-!Sn mil/id C...wl.. ll~?l.
The City of Savanna was 1G0 miles
south of the position given by the
Maryland when the c all for aid was received.
The Acuslinet was at Woodshole.
L. I., when ordered to proceed to
assistance of the Maryland.
The Maryland wireless was out o!
commission this forenoon because of
flooding of her engine room according
to word received by wireless on the
coast. It was not expected the cutter
Acuslmet could reach the Maryland
before late this afternoon but the City i
of Savanna was thought to be able to i
get there soon aft^r noon.
itamTans i
are not affected
J'eace Talk Fails to Check
Military Activity at
(By Associated Prassi
ROME, Dec. 2fi. ? The feeling or
pence in the air has not affected iu the !
shgulcat measure. Italy's military a>.
livlty. The new class, those born in !
ISH.s has been called to report to the!
?I.MUI.luiiuiii j im. which win consul t
crahly increase the contingent availa-1
hie tor the front while 2.50O factories j
. re running day amd aiglit tuniing out!
urms and munitions.
From the peaks of Trent ino to the i
shores of the Adriatic Christmas pass- j
id in vigilc.it watching varied in some
spots by sudden attacks nothwithstnnd 1
ing fearful weather conditions. Snowin
the mountains is 15 feet deep.
> 5,500 More 1
wn in Rumania
aged in the recent naval engagement '
in the Strait of Otrento. the Austrian
admiralty announces. Two Austrian
destroyers were lilt.
I,ONDON*. Dec. 26.?Detailing the
capture of the strong Turkish posi-l
tiou at Maglulabah, 20 m^es southeast
of F.l Arisli and SO miles east of
the Suez Canal, a Britsh war office
announcement <?siied today says that,
virtually the entire Turkish force of j i
about 2,000 wg3 destroyed. 11
f?N KELIfl 1
HE N0.3
Succumbs to Injuries Received
at Cook Hospital
Last Week
Interment Will be in Halleck
Cemetery by Undertaker
Freeman Kclley. well known con-1
tractor and carpenter, who was Injured I
l/? juuj VI mot n vciv ill lulling ill
Uook hospital, died this morning at halt >
after tour o'clock at Fairmont Hospital
No. 3 whero he was taken after the
accident. The accident occurred while
Mr. Kelley was engaged In repair work
on Cook hospital. Ho stepped on a
charred board falling a distance of 18
feel to the floor beneath. He struck
on his head, concussion of the brain i
following which caused Ills death.
Mr. Kelley was born on August ?iu,
1S48, and was aged therefore US years, i
1 months and 17 days. In the year 1869 i
he was united In marriage with Miss
Nancy C. Snider, at Hallcek. where l
they resided until 1901. when they \ <
came to this city where they had sinco I
resided. Mrs. Kelley survives with '
Eight children, four dnughlers, namely.
Mrs. <j. II I less ol' this city. Mrs. Frank I
opp ot Washington county. Pa., Mrs.
0. C. Holmes of Altoona. Pa., Mrs.
Floyd Bounell of Charleroi, I'a., and i
four sons. II. W., H. V. and J. E. Kci- j
ley of this city, and J. Benjamin Kel-1
ley of St. Louis. A brother, W'm. Kel-1
ley. and a Fister, Minera Kelley, both! i
of llallcek, also survive besides sev-1
end grandchildren. 1
Mr. Kelley was a member of the ] <
Hiadesville lodge No. 46, Junior Order] i
of United oinerican Mechanics, being 11
a carpenter by trade. He was a mem- ]
her of the Methodist Protestant church 1
1.t Halleck. I
The deceased was a mar, of splendid |
character and wa3 regarded with esteem
by a wide circle of friends, llis ! I
ileath has caused deep regret in liia
home as well as in the community j i
where he resided. j I
Funeral services will be held at Hal 11
leek Thursday nt 1 o'clock and inter-1 I
rnrnt will be made in the Halleck com- i <
itory by Undertaker Musgrave and i
KUtM Hill
Five Negro Suspects Arrest- '
ed in Louisiana Murder
<By Associated Press)
MIMDEN. Ln.. Dec. 20.?Five negro
suspects were under arrest here today .
In connection with the killing -of four
members of the family of John Nel- 1
son Reeves at their home about nine
milos from Mimden. Sunday night, al- !
though the authorities appeared to 1
have nothing diflnite on which to base
i charge against any of them.
Mimden is quiet and there is no
fear of mob violence. There is no j
loubt police say that robbery inspired :'
the crime and the men responsible
for this got away with considerable:,
booty. Mrs. Reeves is said to have;
received legacy of $3,500 and to have j1
kept it in a chest with about $500 i'
Reeves had saved. The chest was brok- | '
ill open and the contents remover. \
~ j;
Arrested After
21 Years in fail ;
(I-ly Associated Press)
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Dec. 26. ? | j
When John M. Leonard, an attorney,
completed his 21 years in prison
sincn isn't nn.l ,ra. ? .1 > I '
from Federal prison at Leaven- .
worth, Kansas, he had visions of a j
Christmas in the open. There remained
one more charge, however,
still unsatisfied and Leonard in !
custody of federal officers, is to- j
day en route to New York to stand
trial on the charge of robbing tlio
postoffice at Fishkill of $3'J0.
, (
The Weather ]j
: J
- West \irginia? 1
0-& * Snow in east, snow t
, "o " ",r rain ln north to- t
a o o> light and Wednes-;
0 * ia>' Warmer to- t
o tight, and colder; c
^Wednesday. J t
^EraP?'\ <2/ Local Readings >1
?????> ' P. P. Hall, Ob. 1
Temperature at I <
S a, m, today 27. 1
o Y'esterday's wea- 1
_ thor clear; temper- t
tture, max.mum 42; minimum 26; pre- 1
doitatlon none. t
Central Powers All
Want Conference
of Belligerents
Says the President Show! %
Friendly Spirit and Also
Leaves Door Open.
' Jfy Associated Press) 'laM
BERLIN'. Doc. 26.?Germany and he? 9
[tlllOB, Austro-llungary, Bulgaria and
Turkey, today ropliod to the not* o!
President Wilson In which he asked
that the belligerent nations state the v
lims for which they are lighting.
The proposal is mado by Centra)
sowers that a conference of defecates &?
of all belligerents be held Immediate* ' I
ly In a neutral city. The task of preventing
future wars the official statement
says can be begun only after j
tlio end of the present struggle.
The text of Germany's answer to
President Wilson's note was trgns- ' j
mitted today to James W. Gerard, the j
American ambassador. The answer
which also conlains the reply of Aua*
trialluugary, Bulgaria and Turkey
"The high minded suggestion made j
ay tlio 1'residont of the United States |
of America in order to create a basis '
lor establishment of lasting peace has
been received and considered by ths
imperial government In the friendly '
spirit wlii.li was expressed In ths
President's cominunicatlon.
"The President pointB out that J
which lie lias at imart and leaves open
lie choice of roads. ?"To
the Imperial government an tomediate
exchange of views seems ts
ae the most appropriate road ln-ordek^v:o
reach desired results. It begs theytk^vi^HBjH
fore in tin- facts of declaration ntSMj'.pSHH
in liei ember 12 which offors a hand I 9
Tor peace negollations. to propose an ,. J .
immediate meeting of delegates ol
the iiclligercnt states at a neutral
"The Imperial government Is also
if the opinion that the great work of
preventing future wars can be begun :.
mly after (lie end of the prevent Strug- I
;lc of the nations.
"It will he when this moment shah
lave come be ready with pleasure to
collaborate entirely with the United j
States in I his exalted task."
The answer the Central powers conlulled
witli the usual diplomatic tennf
Officials here are surprised that thg
Germans answered to President v?a d
soil's tioncfi not); wna civnn nnf It* no* ??
lin before it reached this country ll
jfficial form. They pointed out thai
In sending Ills note to President W?
son allowed two days botween thf
hue of Its dispatch and making It pajfc
lie that it might first reach the German "5S
tovernmcnt, In the absence of official. -438
reply formal comment was withheld j
it White House and the State depart- j
The direct proposal for a conference
of delegates at a neutral place wat i
regarded as a further step In Ger J
many's proposals although officials ,,
:onsidered it as having been definitely ?. 1
forecast in the first proffer.
Such a formal offer has repeatedly .
lieen mentioned in authorized statenent
at German embassy here, where
ipinion freely has been expressed that R
If delegates once could be gathered
1 round a table for purpose of discusstig
peace the result surely would
in arrangement of forms.
The Berlin dispatches containing
he German reply wore read by PreeC: ;i 1
lent Wilson and Secretary Lansing
with greatest interest. Some officials |
ivho compared the reply with Presllent
Wilson's note professed to sea
ionic conflict between the German ,
statement that the work of securing '
lie future peace of the world should I
10 delayed until the end of the present
struggle while others were of the
ipinion that it was not entirely out of 1
Women's Club to , -1
Have Open House 1
In accordance with an establiskeu ,
ustoni. the Woman's Club will keen rP
>pen house on New Year's day, the
svent to be held in the club apanueuts
at the Watson hotel from three
jntil five o'clock. Owing to the fact
hat tlie club celebrates Its tenth an- 1
-.iversary as an organization this year,
.'no roeepticn will take on an added InOn
this occasion the officers of the
lull at its organization will be hon- 1
reil guests as will all past presidents.
It- latter Including Mrs. Thomas W.
"IcmhiE l!H>f>-1910. Mrs. George Thornis
Watson. 1910-12; Mrs. HowaiScJC^'
D14-16. Mrs. Jan.es A. M-relit preset
preside:.t and present officers will
ilso assist in receiving the gnesta. irogram
will be rendered as a tenure
of the entertainmentM

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