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Before Stock-Taking
Bp Clearance of
I Coats' Suits
and Dresses
Before Stock Taking is a
happy time indeed to save !
on Winter Apparel |
Golden, opportunities to 1
secure the indispensible
long winter garments at
? liberal discounts.
Women's $23.50 and $25
B Women's $32.50 and $35
K Plush Coats
I Women's $15 and $16.50
Women's $12.50 and $13.50
Fancy Mixture Coats
Women's $15 and $16.50
Astrachan Coats
Women's $29.50 and $32.50
Winter Suits
Women's $22 and $23.50
Winter Suits
Women's $16.50 to $19.75
Winter Suits
Women's $6.50 and $7.50
Silk Dresses
Women's $12.50 and $13.50
Serge Dresses
tr\r\ ? /\
Women's $15.00 and $16.50
Silk and Serge Dresses
Third Floor.
j-:- NEWS-:-|
Went to Homestead
B. C. Rowand, of East Park avenue,
went to Homestead, Pa., to spend
Christmas with Mrs. Rowand and son,
lack, who are guests of her mother.
Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Anderson, who
has been very ill for some time remains
In a serious condition.
Spent Christmas Here
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, of Shinnston,
and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elliott and
son, of Clarksburg, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Lute Drown, of Diamond
itreat, yesterday.
Y. M. W. Club
Mrs. Earl Dancer and Mrs. Arthur j
Brown will entertain the V. M. W.
club tomorrow afternoon at Mrs. Dan
car's home on Maryland avenue. The
club's Christmas box will he an interesting
feature at this meeting.
Returned to Pittsburgh
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Springer and
son, who spent tho past few days
here, left today for their home in Pittsaurgh.
They were accompanied home
by Mrs. Springer's sister, Miss Viola |
. HcEIfresh.
At Morgantown
K. Miss Ethel nml Rehcca Summers
(pent Christman Morgantown. The j
former has returned home but Miss ]
Rebecca will remain there tor several I
Home For the Holidays
Miss Alta Reeves, of the W. V. L'..
IT is spending the holidays at her home
E on Morgantown avenue.
Will Return Here
Hr:. . Levi Jobes, who has been employed
at Akron, tor some time will return
| . home the last ot the week.
Guest of Parents
Cecil G. Rice, of Pittsburgh, arrivsd
here Sunday evening to spend a few
days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. 0. Rice, of Guffey street.
Mr. and Mrs. Crlsor arrived here
I Sunday evening to visit their daugh"
ter, Mrs. Jesse Rex.
By - Odward Henderson has returned to
his home at Grafton after a few days"
K The MisseB Bishop, of Ruckhanuon,
5 axe visiting relatives here.
k Mr. and Mrs. Perry Pople of Tri
connell, spent Sunday here.
B Mr. and Mrs. Luther Carpenter were
F guests of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Irons
I at Colfax yesterday.
Miss Gertrude Criss is able to be out
alter a few days' illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Watkins. of State
street, are visiting in Grafton.
Mrs. Beryl Criss spent Sunday at
K Gypsy.
K Mrs. T. D. Harden is able to ho out
after an attack of grippe.
I John Pople and George Donliam have
returned from a short stay in WheelMiss
Minnie Cumpstou was in GrafI
ton yesterday.
is in
These With Drought Threat
en to Cut Production in
Government is Waging Vig-j
nvnnc FirrVit TTcmcr \To_ i
V? UMU A UkJJI 14^ 4'iv,
tallic Barriers.
BUENOS AtEtKS, Bee. 2:!. ? Tlie
plague of locusts that has assailed the
crops of the northern provinces of the J
republic Is slowly working its way j
southward. These insects, together j
with an unprecedented droll gin, threat |
en to reduce the crops by half, and in j
some sections hy an even greater per- j
The locust comes from some part ol
the unexplored region ol southern lira j
zil and pours over Lliu country in great
streams so thick and long as to often
darken the sun. Frotn Bona today
there comes a dispatch saying that a
stream extending over do kilometers
lias settled upon the fields and left no
green thing In that part. The young,
hatched from the millions of eggs lie
posited, have in places covered the
railway so thickly as to Impede traffic
and trains have boeu stalled until the
insects have been shovelled from the
tracks and burned in ditches.
The government is waging a vigorous
fight but seems to be making little
headway. The Department of Agriculture
defense has 20.000,000 meters
of metallic harriers for the purpose of
penning swarms which are then bunted,
trampled by farm animals or burled.
This is accomplished because the
young locust Is without wings. It much
resembles a young grasshopper except
its coloring is much brighter, red and
yellow, black and green, predominating.
From the eggs of the flying locusts,
which are always deposited on the
hard roads, millions of these bright
hued. hopping insects come to assault
tlin Holds nn either side. Besides the
wire barriers the government is also
using an apparatus which resemble a
gasoline blow pipe. Tho farmers are
being instructed to dig trenches about
their lields, drive tho hupping locusts
into them and with the aid of the gasoline
blowpipe burn tho mass. Millions
have already been thus destroyed
but tolegrupble reports front all over
the northern halt of the republic report
other millions arriving.
So serious has become the situation
that the government has threatened to
fine all farmers who fail to maintain
corps of men for the purpose of fighting
tho pest, and tho railways have
been asked to transport free of charge
all locust fighting apparatus.
Devastated fields threaten to occasion
the starvation of many head of
cattle and tho railways, at the request
of the government, have made a 25 per
cent, reduction in the rates for tho
transportation of live stock, to remain
effective until February 2S of next
year.. By this means stock can bo
hauled from the devastated regions
to proinces of the south. Tiio lives oi
thousands of thousands of animals will
thus be saved.
The progress of the swarms of flying
locusts is daily being telegraphed
ahead, direction and speed of flight be
lng given so that the farms about to
be attacked can prepare. These telegraphic
notices are publishes in the
press and have grown to occupy columns.
The linseed crop has already gone.
At times a million tons of this lias been
exported annually to the United States.
The promised shortage of tho wheat
crop has caused a considerable advance
In the price of bread mid the
Agarian League has petitioned the govern!
cut for the imposition of an embargo
on the shipment of wheat in order
"to ohiate further exploitation of
tho public." This is the first time such
a request has been made in Argentine,
ono of the wheat and meat storehouses
of the world.
Investigate Cost of
t r>ti i ,
Living m unarieston
CHARLESTON, W. Va.. Hop. 20.?
A Joint committee comprising representatives
of nearly all the civil, industrial
ami commercial organizations
of Charleston, will this week meet
with Mayor George E. Breeco for the
purpose of planning n means of reducing
the high cost of living.
Some of the members of this committee
claims to have evidence to show
that many wholesalers have needlessly
added lo the price of commodities
and have urged retailers to follow out
a scheme of systematic advancement
of prices "because others are doing
All female employees in the McCrory
5 & 10 cent sore who have given
continuous service for one year or
longer, were presented by the manager
at the closo of business Saturday
night, December 21!, l itli Christmas
checks from the New York office
in amounts proportionate to length
of service. The custom of rewarding
faithful employees at Christmas time
is usual in all of the 150 McCrory
stores and this year was only a continuance
of a policy begun many years
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Thb picture, exclusive to Tlie Wcs
factories, making shells anil other in u
I Evening Chat
?' i
Times like Christinas cause thO|
spirit of even the youngest children |
and the oldest riien to stir with a de- !
sire to express their longings and of
ten times this desire hears fruit iuj
a verse. Knowing this feeling that is j
now in the heart of every person in
the community we were expecting to
receive some sort of Christmas ballad ,
from one of our readers. And such
proved to ho true.
The following effort came in a lettor
postmarked Monongalt and no
name was signed !o it. This was
likely an oversight on the part of the
little girl that wrote it. It must have
been a little girl that wrote iltej
verso and a very small little girl ]
at that, lint with all its faults and j
early English spelling the thing has'
an undoubted human appeal and is'
Oh Santy Clans I Inter fear,
To think that you are gilting noar
Cut all I want is jusL a drum
My Daddy bin drunk and 1 am afraid
you won' come.
Rut onley when I do groe older,
I do my best to keep dad sober,
liut whiskey doscn leave no joy,
1 hope Dad loaves whiskey alone and
hie me toys.
Now as all fathers do, they like their
But with famlcys at home, they auton
to do,
They aut to rest with Christmas joys,
And stay at home and play with their
Oh Chrismas dear, your almost heare,
Our happiness will all be tears.
The other day 1 was so shocked
A sad report my father shot.
A happy Christmas was we to have,
Our Christmas now will be so sad.
But days will come and days will go,
But I never forget that terrible blow.
Oh people sals don't inter fear.
Oh stay back and don't go so near,
But lighting was his onley fun.
Was to inter fear before a gun.
The fourth biennial report of J. A.
Viquesney, State forest game and fish
warden, Just published and furnished
to the press, contains ICO pages of interesting
The report deals first with tabulated
data showing number of prosecutions
nmde during the biennial period
from June 2(1. 1314. to June 20, 1910.
to he 489; fines assessed $0,320,000;
coraniittecd to Jail 24; number of forest
tires occurring during the two
years 024; total acreage burned 339,
S54; estimated damage to forest products
$429,935.55; cost to counties for
fighting those tires $14,745.17; total
tish planted in streams during biennial
period 1,806,830; number of free |
licenses issued to hunters 102,575;
state-wide licenses 3,131; non-resident
The Greatest Blessing Mankind |
Can Have.
Many West Virginia people need this <
powerful vegetable remedy that puts j
the stomach, liver and bowels in fine
condition; that clears the*skin of pint- (
pies, rash, blemishes, and eczema; that j
dissolves l>oils .and carbuncle?; that j
makes nerves stronger and steadier and .
gives to pale, weak, run-down people j
the fullest measure of health and
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov- ,
ery, free from alcohol or narcotics, does
Just what is stated above, simply be- .
cause it banishes from the blood all
poison and impure matter. It dissolves ]
the impure deposits and carries them
out, as it does all impurities, through
che Liver, Bowels, Kidneys and Skin.
If you have a bad cough, bronchial,
nasal or other catarrh, unsteady nerves
or unsightly skin, get Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery to-day and
start at once to replace your impure |
blood with the kind that puts energy i
and ambition into you and brings back
youth and vigorous action. 9
All medicine dealers can supply you
in cither liquid or tablet form or send
50 cents for trial box of tablets to Dr.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.
Write for free booklet 011 blood.
Clarksburg, \V. Va.?n I found the use
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis- "
covery and Favorite Prescription together
were excellent medicines to |
cleanse and purify the system. I took
them because they were recommended
in the store in Jarvisville, W. Va. I
found them all right?very good tnedi- |
cines. I cheerfully recommend them, 1
and would not hesitate to use them |
again." ? Mrs. I. Goldsmith^
School St., Clarksbut? Wr.nt Va.
^ | I j I ^ ?
*> - ?*! C'. -w >." -"" < ?r% iY
Virginian, shows a few of th" bun
nitlons for their lathers and brother
13; non-resident fishing licenses 364;
otal revenue collected to June 30 lilli
'or licenses sold SI 1.741.
The second part of the report con
laius discussions of the various sub
Iccts embraced in te report and points
rut that West Virginia presents idea
attractions not only from the stand
point of hunting and fishing, but pre
stents beautiful forests and sccnit
drives unexcelled by any state in tilt
Union. With good roads crossing tin
state it is suggested that hundreds o
lourists will be attracted and take ad
vantage of the great opportunities fur
nished for recreation and health.
A resident hunter's license of $1.0'
is recommended in order to suppi;
funds for better protection to game
fish and forests and especially to stocl
up some sanctuaries in each count;
and thus Insure an adequate propoga
lion and distribution of game through
out the whole state. It is stated tha
thousands of acres of laud not suitable
for any other purpose should he stock
ed with deer and that an acre or twt
of swamp or waste laud on each fartt
can be turned into ponds for r;u-ini
fish and be made more profitable thai
tny part of the farm.
The protection of forests from fin
by a systematic co-operation of state
federal government and private own
ership has saved millions of dollar
each year. Before any organized el
fort was made to discover and conlro
forest fires, four or live millions o
dollars wero lost annually in foros
products, which has been reduced t<
an annual loss of less than two lnin
dred thousand dollars. It has bcei
found that by a system of lookou
stations, patrol routes supplied will
telephone communication that fire
can be discovered and extlnguishoi
In their early stapes before they havi
done preat damage.
By protecting the forest land fron
lire, the haunts of the game and bird:
aro also protected and thousands o
eggs which were formerly dstroyci
are now hatched which accounts fo
the rapid increase of the ruffed grous,
and many other birds.
Tlio concluding part of the repor
is by Marie A. Brooks, Consulting Orni
Biologist, and gives a detailed aecoim
of tin game birds of the stale, illus
iraterl by many beautiful pictures tab
en from real bird life in West Yit
ginia and fully describes the habit
Family avoids
serious sickness
By Being Constantly Supplied Witl
Thedford's Black-Draught.
McDuff, Va.?"I suffered for severs
rears," says Mrs. J. 13. Whittaker, c
[his place, "with sick headache, am
stomach trouble.
Ten years ago a friend told me to tr
Thcdtord's Black-Draught, which I did
lud 1 found it lo be the best family medi
tine for young and old.
I keep Black-Draught on hand all (hi
;ime now, and when my children feel;
ittle bad, they ask me for a dose, and i
does them more good than any medicim
they ever tried.
\Ve never have a long spell of sick
tess in our family, since we commence!
rsing Black-Draught."
Thprifnrri'l R1nrk_rWnnnrht Je ntirnti
vegetable, and has been found to regu
ate weak stomachs, aid digestion, re'
ieve indigestion, colic, wind, nausea
teadachc, sick stomach, and simiiai
It has been in constant use for more
han 70 years, and has benefited more
han a million people.
Your druggist sells and recommend!
31ack-Draugiit. Price only 25c. Get a
Jackage to-day. N. c. 123
Battery Storage
Proper care of storage batteries
prevents freezing, hardening
of the plates, and insures greatest
service and efficiency for
next season. Expert services
for all.
Ill Fairmont Ave.
Willard Agent.
KcE.EE. 26, 1916
rireds of French boys working in war
s io use at tne rroiit.
ami value of our many beautiful and at!
tractive game birds.
1'arties interested may obtain a copy
of the report by addressing J. A. VI
] quesney, Forest. Game and Fish War11
den. Belington, West Virginia.
Court News
f Marriage Licenses
Denzel I.. Huey. 22, and Ora B. llen
ry, 22. Mannington.
Henry Itlcfer, 2(1, and Kuby Taik>
l ington, 21, Fairmont.
1 j E. Marion Rudy, 23. and M. Goldio
; Henderson, 21. Hammond.
' Vance H. Keener. 21. and Ada
. Sliackleford, 111, Fairmont.
Clarence B. Carpenter. 21. and Mary
t Elizabeth Linn, 22. Fairmont.
' Kmora It. Toothman, 23, Manning
ton. and Blanche Teuuant, 19, Fair'
t Denzil Carpenter, IS. and Thelma T.
t Rogers, 17, Fairmont,
i Clyde Jarrot, 23, Mcadowbrook, and
Maude Hisson, 26. Everson.
? Ivan Cartright. 20 and Bessie Slireve
!. 19. Mannington.
Levi I'ipner, 30, and Louise Strauss,
9 Mannington.
? ?
r GRAFTON'. Dec. 26? Grafton Lodge
1 \'o. 31, Independent Order of Odd Fel")
i J..~* .
lun.-i hi, viiiiiiuii, i ids JUbL CeieDHllBU
the fiftieth anniversary of its institu11
tion. Harry W. Turner, of Grafton,
1 and Samuel C. Graham, of Columbus,
1 0., wore presented with lodge jewels
3 as surviving charter members of the
1 lodge
r j
1 Mon
1 AT t
t! The more you hav
^ i If you had all the
happy, you would be
, Now wouldn't you?
Plenty of money
more buoyant, boun
J | with you all throug
To Have
r ;
Walk right into tl
Christmas Savings (
or whatever amounl
| mas Club is a club tl
It's SO EAS^
and T
Actually, you hari
er and fairly shouts
a big fat check jus
your Christmas all
Pick your class n<
Choose Yc
To make it easy fi
ery requirement.
Come in and see a
L : ii
87 The Popular Specialty Store for
( r?:
| so'c'"'
| After Chiistn
% This Week (
| We Wish to B<
| of Wiii Be Bofc
I and There All
1 Store. Many
% gains.
I Mrs. Ice is Buried
Sunday Afternoon
Funeral services over the body ol
Mrs. Melissa Ice. widow of Andrew
F. Ice, whose death occurred on Saturday
morning nt her home at Watson,
were conducted Sunday after,
noon from the First Baptist Church,
of which the deceased was a member.
A large concourse of friends attended
the services, which were conducted
by Rev. W. J. Eddy, pastor of the
church. Following the gttneral services
the body was conveyed to Woodlawn
cemetery, where It was laid to
Six nephews of the deceased ncted
as pallbearers. Thoy were Messrs.
Henry Hamilton, Arch Hamilton, Carl
Hamilton, Frank Hamilton, William
Hamilton and Leslie Hamilton.
We desire to express our heart felt
thanks to our many friends, especially
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson, for their
sympathy anil kindness during the
sickness and death our dear mother,
Mrs. Mallssa Ice, of Watson,?The
CLARKSBURG, Dec. 26. ? Reuben
White, an Alabama negro. Is a prisoner
it, -o?nlv inII ? I..........I ...111,
ii i.uc vuuiiwj jun v,ui4iftvu ??vu iciuiii*
ously shooting Warren Richardson, a
white man, last night at Ocean Mines,
near here, where both are employed as
coal minors. Richardson Is a pr
1111 St. Mary's hospital here with a bullet
wound in a thigh. He will recover
iey is I
e with which to buy, the happi
money you wanted to spend?
i one of the most joyous creatu
at Christmas gives you loads
ding feeling and belief in you
h the New Year.
Money in Abun
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! Bank of Fai
lO 11V1M.O L
lis bank and say: "I want to 11
31ub. I want to join the class
t you think you need; and ren
hat appreciates the value of s
f to Drop in a Little
hen as the Year Pro*
dly miss it, and every penny s
for more interest until your p
t before Christmas and you
you've wanted it to be.
>ur Club From Thirte
ir you we have arranged thes<
vhich one suits you best.
Women"! and Mlasee" Apparel Be
- *" 8TOR5
* J 5:30
ias Bargains |
Ddd Lots That |
s Quickly Rid |
ibing Up Here I
Through the |
Special Bar-1
msam/m.sssifl^ 4
cause headache, biliousness, 4
constipation, impure blood
and other unpleasant symptoms.
If these troubles are
neglected they weaken the
body and open the way for
serious illness. Many chronic
diseases may be traced back
to indigestion that could
have been immediately 1
relieved by
Beecham's Pills. This well- <
known home remedy has
proven itself dependable, safe
and speedy during sixty years'
use. The fame of having a
larger sale than any other medicine
in the world proves the
dependable, remedial value of
li Pius
.ujc' Safa of Any Medicine in the WorkL
2?lw Jv.rryvfcore. In boxen, lQc.v 25c.
er it makes you,
just to make others
res in all the world.
irself that will stay ^
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that gets $63.75"?
lember, this Christmall
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tands upon the othile
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en Classes
i classes to meet ev

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