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8tock Produc^ina.
Hippodrome Traveling Salesman
Egprinceag The Common Law
Nelson Her Great Hour
Ideal.. .Diamond from the Sky Sequel
p? JSixle The Chillis of Sorrow'
tftand The Honorable Friend
??T |E'S only ilnimmer. dearie,,
|~~l but, my lands, he's awful en-!
* * gaging." Mrs. Babbitt, who!
is one of the cheery characters in!
"The Traveling Salesman," says tills |
of the hero of the play. And those |
woh were at the Hippodrome yester-j
day at either of the two performances j
would probably render a similar ver-i
diet if called upon to express an opin- [
ion or Mr. King, who plays the titular
part. But they are all mighty engaging.
It is doubtful If the piece everi
had a better presentation anywhere
than that being given it by the Hippo-J
I drome Flayers the first half of this!
tltAoV T? I- ? - f/.?l femllln .. '
"con, j i. in i.anj hi i'-i| iiiiiiiiKii ?hm
the adventures of the sentimental j
salesman who blunders into a small j
town beause the porter failed to wake
him at tho rlglit station and who falls i
In love at first sight with the pretty/
telegraph operator, saving her from |
the rhomes of two unscnidubvis find |
hypocritlrul townspeoide who are trying
to make away with h?*r prorerfy. I
It is -a real play filled with real r>co-1
Kk pie who behave exactly as the people
we know In small towns and not as a
> \ crowd of actors Irving to be "rustic."
The Christmas dinner out of a lunch
basket in the station (which is a banquet
to the infatuated salesman? the
i" , poker game in the typical "dmm-j
merr's" hotel, enlivened by "Scotch'*!
disguised at lea. are examples of the,
homely, genuine acting which estah-j
llsbes this piece as representative of'
the best type of sincere, romantic j
The Hippodrome Players are cast,|(
some of them double, hut never in any!
senso conflicting, as follows:
Beth Elliott "Miss McKinley
Mrs. Babbitt. Miss Hazel Wylde,
Mts. Wm. IT. Dawson. .Paulino Leltoyj
Bill Cnabb ('has. Montgomery!1
Percy Gill Ronald Rosebrangh
Franklyii Royce Earle SufTrain!
Martin Drury Rois KarlofT (
t Boh Blake Walter King
Ted Watts Ronald Rosebriugh
Julius, the Porter.('has. Montgomery)
jonn isimnaii tints Karlniri
Benn Cobb Dave lloiltnan |
Jack Lewis is organizing -a perma-j
rent stock company to be located at!
Kankakee, 111. From the roster wo
have seen It appears to be practically I
a new company, and none of those;
who were familiar to Ilipp patrons
are in the oast.
Manager Heilman gave a litle party'
to his Company of players last Sat arts
rluy night on the Hippodrome stage
Immediately after the concluding per
formance of "The House of Mystery'
The entire company and stage crew
and house attaches were present. Miss
b LeRoy nlaved Santa C'laus and from a
table full of deftly lied packages hand- I
ed out presents to "one and all." It 1
was a regular exchange desk. Some- i
A. one would deposit something intended I
for some one of the party and invariably
would find a package for them- 1
Belves awaiting. It was a fine affair, i
The many expressions of good will i
and tlio little tokens of esteem cannot help
lint yet more (Irmly cement Hie !
bonds of freindship tlint exist among
th' se very fine player folks.
Patti McKlntey rendered several!!
pleasing vocal selections and accompanied
licrself on the piano at the
Hipp party Saturday night. We now i
can understand why she is named ;
( ' "Patti."
The cigarette case used I ntlie card ;
game scene of "The Traveling Sales- i
mail" belongs to Dave lleilmaii. It
was a Christmas gifi from Miss I.eRoy.
Claude Davis arrived hack in Fair-' i
mont yesterday. He left the "Stop
Lively" ompany at "Washington. D. i
C., and turned over tlie position lie i
held with that company to Cliarlie
Koons, who was formerly a member
Of the Hipp crew. "Davie" says the:
job is a good one, but his home ties!
were too strong to allow him to stay
on the road. The "Step Lively" Com-j
W, pany Is playing Philadelphia this,
I week.
Molly Mclntyre. witli all the trails'
of her rugged Scotch principles of non
esty and right showing in her conn- i.
tcnance and every action, is the star of!
Her Great Hour," which is at the Nel
ion today, and those who have the j
pleasure of seeing this beautiful screet ;
play will agree that she fairly earned j
the "Great Hour" which canto to her
after the troublous times which followsd
the attempt to fasten on her the!
theft of a ring by another girl in the j;
. department Bture where tltey were I
both employed. Tito girl wins out'
against her enemies, her honesty is j
made plan, and the happiness which
comes to*her in the last, scene of the
stirring photodrama Is only her just
meed. The play is presented with a
dose attention to detail, and sotr.e wonderful
photographic results were oh- 1
tained by the use of specially constructed
lighting apparatus, the combination
of beautiful work and stirring
gripping situations, making an ex- j.
tremely powerful plcturfzation of a '
ttrong. dramatic story.
?To Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. David lingers, of the
East Side, leave tomorrow for Wash-1
> tngton, D. C., where they will spend
t. Ihe remainder of the winter. They |
will accompany the tatter's lirotoer,
J. W. May and Mrs. May to Mt. Lake!
-I--.,"' Park, Md.. who have been guests in I
the city for several weeks. Mr. and |
Mrs. May will also spend the winter i
In Washington.
CLARKSBURG, Dec. 26.?A. D. Hopkins,
a coal miner, aged 22, was ground i
to death beneath the wheels of a I
freight on tho Ealtimore and Ohio railroad
yesterday evening at Ocean i
") Minos, east of this city.
Very few people write on the inside j
of a post card, and it is considered
misdirected energy opening a post |
- " ^.gggt&fir
My experience in breaking into molion
pictures was a commonplace sort
of happening. There really isn't much
for me to write about It. I had no
heart-breaking interviews with managers
nor long waits for something to
luni up.
I attended the Hyde Park high
school In Chicago, not a great distance
front tint Essanay Studio. It was as
familiar to me as the coruer drug store
or the butcher shop.
One day I went with a party of
friends to visit the Essanay plant and
right then my opportunity canto. One
of the directors asked mo it I would
lake part in a short scene. He said
he thought 1 possessed a "camera
"if you register well." he snid. "I
may be able to use you in this picture
1 am filming."
A "Camera face" is one that photographs
well from all angles, it is hard
lo find. Camera men and directors
Good Programs.
Several excellent Christmas programs
were held in Monongah during
Lhe week-end. Thursday ow...uig, the
pupils ot' the Thoburu schoois gave a ,
program at the M. E. church. Friday
morning at the Thoburu school a. short;
exercise was held and each of the stutents
were presented with a Christ*
mas gift from a largo decorated tree.'
Sunday morning the M. P. Sunday
school gave a good program which was
well appreciated. Sunday evening at
tendon was directed to the liuptist.
idiurch where another excellent program
was carried out. After the numbers
011 the program several presents
were dist ributed from a large Christ mas
tree. Each ot the affairs were well
K. of P. Benefit.
The only Christmas charity work
done among the poor families of Monongah
was done by the K. ot P. lodge
A special fund was made up for tlit*
purpose. A committee was appointed
to take the matter in charge and see
that the needy were supplied with baskets
of food and clothing. A number
of families were visited on Christmas
day all ot whom were wen pleased with
their Christmas gifts.
Shooting Match.
A large crowd ?>i local people attended
the shooting match held on the
Taylor property near Mine No. G yesterday
afternoon. For several years
oil Christmas day there has always
been an event similar to this one at
which many chickens, ducks and turkeys
are given away to those who are
able to drive the target. The match
yesieruay aiicnitmn nua nv-iu i'.* iviiiv
Tropa ami conducted in a very pleasinn
way. Many valuable articles were
given to tile best allots.
Fifteen Days for Italian.
Frank Sylvester, a local Italian, was
arrested in Fairmont last week un.l
tried before Justice It. Leigh Fleming
charged with stealing. After a hearing
he was fined $10 with a jail sentence
ef 15 days Frank was on his
way to Pittsburgh when lie got into a
fight wilh John Wuttsho. of Thoburn,
wn... whom lie had been boarding. Sylvester
owed Wattslio a board bill
amounting lo about twenty dollars.
Christmas Services.
The only Christmas services in town
yesterday were hold at the 51. P.
church. Ilov. ('. C. Lawson, pastor of
the church, spoke yesterday morning
at ten o'clock and again yesterday
evening at 7: HO. Both services were
well attended and were well appreciated.
Christmas In Monongah.
Christmas day was colebrnted very
quietly in Monongah yesterday, very
low people being on tlio streets. Most
of tbo local people either visited out of
town or attended some affair in Fairmont.
The theatres In Fairmont were
very popular among many who spent
their Christmas in that city.
William Knight, of Clarksburg, formerly
of Monongah. was In this town
during the week visiting friondB and
Miss Dorrls Pepper and brother,
Harold, were spending the holidays
with frieuds and relatives in Monongah.
Leo Salvati, James Price and Raymond
Salvatl were among the social
are forever on the alert tor such a face.
It seined that i unconsciously pus;
scssed such an indispensable asset.
More as a lark than anything else.
1 submitted to the tryout and the next
, day learned the test was satisfactory.
1 was given a small part and continued
with the Kssanay. The work fascinated
me from the start.
One day Francis X. Bushman, who
had been watching my endeavor, asked
that I be assigned to his company to
alternate with Miss ltut.il Stonehouse
in playing leads. Thus, with little effort
and no struggle, I became a leading
lady, all because 1 had a "camera
I continued to play leads with Mr.
Bushman until he went to the Metro
company. In a short time an offer
< ante to me from Metro, due to the fact
that the public had learned to like our
work on the screen and demanded
more of it. I accepted and have played
in support of Mr. Bushman ever since.
' visitors in Fairmont yesterday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baker and dattgh
.er, Sheialt, were among the callers in
.lirmont yesterday evening.
Joseph Mike, of Murgantown, was
in Mouongali during the holidays visiting
his friends and relatives.
Miss Marguerite Dexter, of Fairmont,
was in Monongah yesterday afternoon
calling with friends.
r.M. and Mrs. Jack Guskins were in
i'aironmt yesterday afternoon visiting
Mrs. William Wallace atul daughters,
Olive and Wilma, of Kdgemont.
were in town yesterday visiting local
Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Thompson,
of Clarksburg, formerly of Monongah,
were in town yesterday visiting the
hitter's mother, Mrs. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Morris, who have
I been residing in l'ittsburgh for the past
several weeks, are spending the holiday
vacation with friends and rela
tivos in Monongah.
Harry and Frank Jordan, of Fair:
mont, wore in Monongali yesterday visiting
their grandmother, Mrs. ISuckicy.
i Miss Irene llolbcrt. Miss Kdith Hoiliort
and father, S. Ilay llolbcrt, of
Fairmont. were in town yesterday visiting
Mr. and Mrs. William Holberl, of
Mi . and Mrs. Damcti ltoniine, of Jane
Lew. were in town yesterday visiting
lrieiuls and relatives
Milton licjack. of Alliance O., lias
i(-turned from New York on a business
trip and .s visiting Mr. and Mrs. Cnas.
! liouaker. of Urookdale.
Miss A. ltoot, of liuckliannon, is in
Monongah visiting friends and her sis|
tor. Mrs. Charles White.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gaston, of Fair!
mont, were in town during the week
| calling with friends.
Martin Morris, who lias been working
in Clarksburg for the, past several
! mouths, is snendinir the Chrlstmnc t,nii.
i days w itli relatives in this town.
! Mrs. I). L L. Yost, or' Fairmont, wan
in town (luring the week attending to
I business.
On sonic automobiles a pedometer
would be more practicable than a
; epeedomcter.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears ?
Signature of
A complete story ot the "Grant, 1
thrilling to date. Grant investlgn
office by a mysterious woman in til
Anarchists' plot to blow up a string
1 True Boarduaan and Martin Sais in
Frisco" plays. It is a spellbinder fi
Nell Craig, Richard Travers and Er
drama which reveals in a novel mr
moans of a looking glass.
| Open From 1 to 11 P. M.
Christmas Guests
Mr. ani Mrs. P. J. Smith, of Benonl
avenue, had as their guests for (jhristmas.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith, of
Parkersburg; Paul Smith, of Charlestun.
and Pay Smith, a Wesleyau stu
(lent from Buckhannon. Mr. and Mrs,
Herbert Smith will go from hero to
New York to spend several days.
? *
Family Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. \\". S. Sample of the
East side, entertained at a family din
ner yesterday, their guests Including
their daughter. Mrs. B. G. Williams,
and son, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sample,
all of Pittsburgh
Christmas at Annabeile
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Moore and daughter.
Miss Katharvn, and son, Paul
spent Christmas day in Annabeile the
guests of the former's son, H. C.
Moore and familv.
At Country Club
Mr and Mrs. Z. F. Ilobertson will entertain
a large number of guests at
auction bridge at the Country club tonight.
The guest list will include many
out-of-town guests.
Guests in City
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore, of
Bardstown, Ky? and Mrs. Emily Stargi.s
and son, McKey, and daughter,
Miss Emily, of Zanesville, u? art
Christinas house guests at the home
J of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Robinson on
j Fairmont avenue Mrs. Moore and Mrs.
j Stijrgls are sisters of Mrs. Robinson.
Christmas at Smithfield, Pa,
Dr. and Mrs. [.. D. Howard and
daughter. Miss Martha Rebecca Howard.
spent Christmas In Smithfield,
I'a, the guests of the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Howard.
* * ? *
Married In Oakland, Md
i Archie Cain and Miss Susan Wroo
were united in marriage on December
! 2.'. in Oakland. Md. They are now on
I a brief wedding journey on their
I return will reside at H40 Monroe street
j.Mr. Cain Is employed with the Owens
! Ilottle Machine company and Miss
! W'roe is a well known young woman.
+ * ? *
Christmas Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas entertained
at a family dinner yesterday at
their home on Diamond street,, East
side, their guests including Mr. and
Mrs. Duke Brand, Miss Grayce Jones,
John Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mall,
anud hcildren, Frances and Julia, Mr-,
and Mrs. Earl Corahs and children,
Itichard anil Maxlne, Mr. and Mrs.
Herndon I-'awcett and son. James, of
Clarksburg; Miss Blanche Thomas
and Orlo Drummond.
* * *
Entertained Pupils.
Mrs. Marian J. Brooks, missionary
worker lor the Presbyterian denomination,
entertained at her home on Jackson
street last night, members of her
tiight school for foreign people. A
Christmas tree was a feature of the
entertainment, and games and music
v ere also indulged in. Kefreshments
were served during the evening. Mrs.
Brooks was assisted in entertaining by
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wilson. Among
the guests were several former members
of the school now residents of
; other cities, they were namely Vincent
,1 Tr, , VI,.l/nlO/<h nf AUrnn
] l.u.n, win ... ..........
O.; C'has. Pamiana, of Mt. Clare; Louis
Cnssctti. of Winona College. Winona
Lake, intl. Wirt Faust, of Indiana,
was also among the out of town guests.
About forty were entertained.
* * ? *
For Miss Ogden
Miss Frances Ogden. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. II. ('. Ogden. of Woods[
dale, whose wedding will take place
! the ninth of January, was conipliinentI
ed with the second prettily arranged
j party Friday afternoon when Mrs.
Georgo Hewitt., of Woodlawn. enter,
tallied the members of her hrldgc
I eiuh and a few additional friends from
I two until live o'clock.
| December 2S. Hiss Grace Carter, of
' Triudelphia, has arranged a luncheon
i for Miss Ogden which will he one of
I the prettiest of the week. Miss Vir!
gitiia Higgins, of Woodlawn. has planj
ned a luncheon for the twenty-ninth,
I at which she will lie the guest of lionI
or. A tea on the thirtieth, to be given
Rt-.b HCv.ster'lo cn Fcrehrrd
ar.d Temples
A headache remedy without the danrers
of "headscite medicine." Relieves
I oil .Incite and to t miserable feeling from
' Ids or conger 1.0:1. And it acts at once i
..lustcroie is a clean, white ointment,
'made with oil of mustard. lietter than a
[ mustard piaster and does not blister,
f scd only externally, and in 110 way can
a licet stomach and heart, as some internal
medicines do.
Excellent for sore throat, bronchitis,
croup, stilt neck, asthma, neuralgia, congestion.
pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago,
all pains and aches of the hack or joints,
sprains, sore trmsclcs, bruises, chilblains,
frosted feet, colds of the chest (it often
prevents pneumonia).
i i uiviumwvv
'olleo llcporter," series is the most
Los a note lott at "The Chronicle"
lack and succeeds in frustrating tho
; of ammunition cars.
another of those exciting "Girl from
*om start to finish.
nest Maupain in a two part Essanajinner
the detection of a criminal
Admission 5c. |
ING, DECEMBER 26, 1916.
' V virM"- ' ' " * . 1 * I
by Miss Gertrude Garden, of North [
Main street, will find the honors divided
between Mrs. Kdmund Jones, one \
of the recent brides and Miss Ogden.
January third, Mrs. l.ee Hill and;
Miss Ruth Mason have issued invita Ions
for a luncheon. January fourth ,
Miss Kathern Ebbert, of I'leasant j
Valley, has arranged a luncheon at '
which the members of her bridge club i
and other guests will greet Miss Og- j
ien. and on January fifth Misses Ellz-;
ibeth Mathison and Elizabeth Stamm ,
will entertain for the bride-to-be. The!
wedding invitations will be issued next j
week.?Wheoling Register.
Entertained at Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Junes entertained
with a Christmas dinner yesterday at j
chtir home 707 Coleman rswlie. Cov ;
ers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. J. It
Story. Harrison Story. Neola Rice. Mr.1
and Mrs. J. T. Lanham and llttlo
daughter, Kathleen.
g ?
The Misses Dorothy Howard and I
I.oulse Conn went to Poiut Marion
last evening to spend a week at the
latter's home.
Miss Mamie Thomas, of Indiananoils.
Ind- is thfl mmst nf hnr rmrnnty I
I Mr. and Mrs. AV. S. Thomas for the i
I holidays. Homer Thomas, of Pitts j
| burgh, and Mrs Harry Culver, of Phil |
adelphia, are also guests of their par-1
I ents.
Miss Anna N'ewberger went to Weston
this morning to spend several days t
with her father, Frank Ncwberger.
Miss Josephine McNulty. of t'larks- j
burg, has been the guest for several j
days of Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Beck- i
man on Fairmont avenue.
Mr. and Mrs Harry T! Crane and j
daughter, Christine, of Clarksburg,
spent Christmas here the guests of
the former's mother, Mrs John B. |
Crane, on Cleveland avenue.
Miss Edith lloiden went to lier home I
at Oakland, Md., Sunday to spend a.I
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bcrshire. of Mor- J
gantown. spent Christmas here guests ;
at the home of the latter's sister, Mrs. !
E. W. Howard, on Maple avenue. |
J. II Abbott is ill of tonsillitis at his I
apartments in the Manley hotel
L,. M. Davis, of Charleston, spent
Christmas here with his family 011 |
Pierpout avenue. Miss Florence Wagner
has gone to her home in Grafton
to spend the holidays. j
Miss Florence White has gone to j
her home at Grafton to spend the holi- j
Mr. and Mrs. AV. J. McKinless and
daughter. Elizabeth, of Mannington,
are spending the holidays here with
Miss Louise Ilaught. of Fairvietv.
was a visitor in the city Friday and
I Saturday,
AVilliam Morgan. Mr., of Grafton.
I was the guest of relatives in the city j
! PERSONAL ..x ..x ..x ..x . .x ,.x.
I Miss Inez Jacobs spent Christmas at j
j her home at Triune.
I John Barr, of Charleroi, Pa., spent j
Summy and Monday here the guest of
liis mother. Mrs. W. E. Hough, 011 East j
Park avenue.
Miss Harriett Peck spent Christmas j
with relatives in Clarksburg.
; Miss Blanche Price has gone to Alti
ron, O., to spend the holidays with re!
<11* > CO.
Miss Diana Lloyd has gone to Johns i
town. Pa., to spend the holidays with |
her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Pressman spent |
I Christinas in Krostburg, Mil., with rel-1
| tives.
Your cold will break and all grippe
! misery end atter taking a dose of:
"Pape's Cold Compound" every two ,
j hours until three doses are taken.
' It promptly opens clogged-up nos|
trils and air passages in the head,
| stops nasty discharge or nose running,
! rclP <es sick headache, dullness, fever- 1
j ishr.ess, sore throat, sneezing. sore!
ness and stiffness.
Dotj't. stay stuffed-up! Quit blowing
I and snuffling! Ease your throbbing
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Compound," which Casts only 25 cents
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assistance, tastes nice, and causes no
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^ the Best Coi
M The Fortui
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1 Salesm
i % Faultlessly Interpreted
Big Holiday Bill?
" M
The Call 03
is not only to be better tt
ter than ourselves, better
and better this year than
It enthuses us to have
inp. its splendid stocks of
serve but those who help \
The Patent Office at
daily with applications f
ventions. We are keen
business in every possibli
?in usefulness to the pu
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?in its managements;
?in its services;
?in its conveniences;
Lovely Dance
for the Soc
Brand new and charming Crocks o
combined with lustrous taffeta, :
handsomely trimmed with hands
rosebuds, others trimmed wit lime
gles. The colors are white, pale
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looking wraps, pretty enough for
trimmings, at $13.50 to $20.
Other dance frocks from $25 to
It H? Mot 1
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Washington is flooded
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the Christmas rush.
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