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arcvuiTioti, A r\
k Daily Average S A /
|? for Dec. 1916 J L*
B 'a Quality Newspaper for the Hi
!u GOT 1
r Noise and Many Palis
iouse Being Held at
Various Places
Ilast night, gave 1017 thc|
:eting she over tendered j
g year. Bolls, whistles.
ecrackcrs. shouts, prfjo-'
singing, whistles, pray lug j
her manner of boisterous |
tr pious observation was I
:h parties were Iteld at the i
, south, Hyland Avenue M. |
le First M. E. church and I
i Army. In addition there
It party being conducted
r every tenth home. ProIties
of cake, apples, canlee,
punch an other things
munched, cracked and
[ the long wait from bed
1. This morning special
re held at the Catholic
iss being observed at 7
ligh mass at 9. Services
will be at 7:30.
y officers elected at the
tton last November, asluties
this morning. Shervers
stepping Into tlie otcounty's
highest execute
official move proceeding
in their duties of the attorney,
now constables,
of the peace and others,
of Squire Leigh Fleming,
o long he lias presided.
n -sua una murmur w. w. i imiBfcJii
other lesBer known justices'
Otlier' rfeW faffes to
jfe'regular offenders. The outgoing
apis will tu nearly every instance
ck around" for a few days until
Knr onca got iuto the full swing
accordance with a custom estab d
at it ^ urbanization the Woman's
Bis today keeping open house at
tortments in the Watson hotel,
eceiving hours being from three
Bt;?. The Woman's club is today
grating Its tenth anniversary as
ganlzation and the event takes
Hjbuut over all previous occasions.
Htram beginning at :t: 30 will he
died and an informal reception
jIU'W when the offlcers of the
^kast! presidents and the officers I
club at its organization will re- j.
he guests. With the exception 11
Hi. H. N. Ogdcn all past presi-1
will be present including Mrs.'
as W. Fleming, Mrs. George i
as Watson, Mrs. George DcBolt.
c present president, Mrs. James j
New Year's day informal fesat
the Fairmont Country club. .
need a few days ago, have been
off on acount of conflicting
Klnformal dance at the Watson
I will be an event of the Xei\
with Vaughn Jplliffe. manager
Watson, as host. A large mini- j
'guests will bo entertained. j
n a weather standpoint the year
1 most unaspiclously. Early ris- j
Ola' morning found a light snow ]
uirfeild this continued for several
rsfwhen it turned to rain. The re
ajpder foot was anything but pleas- j
lion Watch Services;
pBy M. E. Churches;
Ulti orvir.fi was hrlrt Inst
tVKplscopal church , ]
it First church bu Fairmont ave- j 1
miuI Fourth street. From nine un- 4
o'clock toh lipworth League or- 1
nations of the two churches con-'
S&' the service following which !'
toll to eleven o'clock light rc
miests worn served. From olcVen I
tvclvc o'clock the pastors and lay-'
of the two churches made brief
ffimU as the clock was on the
ui of twelve an impressive conso- ,
or inducted. Tho ,
una wa^a success. ]
B The Weather
L Western Pcnn- 1
w** J i
WtJE- VooRsf somewhat colder i
p ^ 'rth' POrtl?n t0" 1
[vws^'i C^1T3( 1 v"8"ur?
^ .ipht^ow or ?ln :
!?y ruea- |
ime ^
/est Vir
Statistical Record
of the Year 1916
By It. U. Dl'N & CO.
Hynk clearings lftlG $209,574.000,000
1915 180,580.900,000
''Kailroail earn. 1919 2,214,90(8009
1915 1.858,700,000
Farm crops... 1910 7.042.000,090
1010 5.892,000,000
Mtlse. exp. 11
months ...1910 4,901,200,000
19.15 195.400.000
Aldse, imp. II
months ... . 1910 2,ISO,800,00ft
1915 1,000,800,000
Net giilil Imps..
11 months .. 1910 298,000.000
1915 ::S7.000.090
Cumm'I tl'T'ita 1910 194,80:1.000
1915 002.280.020
t i'JIHl H 1 C S
(pin- val.i:.. 1910 1,135,000.0110
1913 Uti2,:S2tl.09U
Stock sales
(shares) . . 191G 2-10,GOO,000
1913 173.92S.000
Fig' iron output
(tons).. 191(1 t39.250.000
1915 29.GH3.00U
Untitled stool
tonnage 191? 11.058.000
19-15 . 7.189,000
Gross; 10 monthrs. tEstimated.
Was Man Shot at By Con
stable Last Night
A "in! niggah" arrested last ovenin;
>y Otticer Tom Ford was being brougti
to jail when said bad rami decided ti
leave the cop's presence. Ho made i
juick squirm and surprising Ford wo
uiaklng his getaway. Constable Let
lie Michaels happened, along at th
time and pulling his revolver alio
twice at the man. As Michaels sho
the man stumbled but catching himsel
mawffccd to get under cover of dart
ness. Whether the escaping negro wn
shot. Is being discussed by the polic
loday. The shooting took place on Jcl
iersou street near Meredith street.
At All Events He Celebrate;
His Release From Official
County officials and friends ul Shei
iff C. D. Conawuy were entertninc
it a stag party at Ills liotne On Mail
drool last night. The new sherlf
prosecuting attorney and his assistant
lonstiables and county clerks and otl
era woro present. A tine set of cu
jlnss was presented Mr. Conawuy o
ills retiring from the office.
A Dutch lunch was served durinj
llio evening, candy, nuts, cigars an
ither good tilings being passed aroun
S'egro prisoners in the jail entertain
id the guests with some southern niel
idles and County Clerk A. (J. Marti:
tnd John 11. Rock sang several hc
lectins. The new year was iishcre
i with filling sovety and celebration
IVIth tlio ringing of the bells celobrat
dig tlio urrlval of 1017, Sheriff Coin
way stepped down Into private llf
ind Sheriff Glover assumed the dutie
)f highest executive of llie county.
Night School to
Resume Tuesday
The night school after a week's va
:ation, will resume work on Tuesda;
ivening of this week at 7::i0 o'clock
It is expected that a large number o
tow students will enroll on tomorrov
ivenmg and from now 011 the school li
apected to ran he rapid progress
classes have heen organized in short
innd, typewriting, bookkeeping, busi
less cngllsh, spelling, business aritli
netlc, sewing, advanced and beginnini
nechanical drawing, shop mathemat
cs, penmanship, etc. Classes in othei
iranches will be organized If the do
nand is made.
The faculty is composed of W. 15
Buckey, principal or the Uutchei
school; E. J. Hawkins, manual train
ng director of the high school; rrati)
3. White, principal Barnes school
Ward Brannon, secretary to George T
Watson; Marjory Criawell, of the sew
ng department of the high school
Principal of the high school George H
Solebanlc is principal of the nigh
' Northern If
'mnian \)
gJltAlMll f
May the P
y- ''.'. .'j"1 wm i ^5^^^S5g|gl|~=
Plan of Other Years Will
Not Be Followed This
' The week of prayer service will lie
i observed by practically all the churchj
es of the city beginning tonight at
17:30 o'clock. Departing somewhat
front the usual custom which for sev31
oral years has beep to hold union
pnaycr services the Ministerial Union
decided at a recent meeting, to
hold Individual services at the respective
churches during the week.
Announcements were made yesterd
day from the pulpits of the church
n of tile city to this effect and the con*
t, I gregations were urged to attend the
I sorvices during the week. Special talks
m will he given each night by the pas;
tors of the churches ami song services
i, j will also feature the meetings.
Iter. Frank Jackson of Marion. Vu..
g will arrive hero next Saturday and
d | will begin a series of evangelistic
d services at. the Southern Methudist
i- Episcopal church, which will continue
- i for several weeks. A chorus choir
u j will he organized for those services.
- On Wednesday and Thursday atteril
| noons of litis week cottage prayer
i. j meetings will he held in live different
L-1 sections of the eit> in connection with
t- i lie campaign.
The first M. 1' church will continue
s the services at this church for several
; weeks and the sermons will he preached
by the pastor Rev. Mitchell.
Otlier churches of the city liuve
made no tentative plans for ovangel-I
istic meeting at ibis time though
' I they expect to hold such meetings lat|
er in the winter.
Tit* meeting tfmight at the M. P.
, ; Temple will he in the nature of a
church reeention at which the Vnnnrr
f | Ladies Aid society will lie hostesses.
| Judge Mason to
Resume Practice
The term of Honomblo JoKti \V. Mar
j sou as Judge of the West Virginia supremo
court expired yesterday and
today his successor Judge Reitx will
r' take his place on the bench. Judge
Mason 1ms successfully tilled the unt!
expired term of Judge Ira E. Robin;
si n and has now returned to his homo
. city, Fairmont, where he will again
engage in the practice of his. profes.
slon with his son John W.: Mason, Jr.
. The legaifraternlty as well as the cjtt
irons generally of this city will welcoir
1 I'll'- Mrioii )?.. k to this city.
est Virginia's Greatest Newsp*
Wishes A
. \r n
resent i ear oe
Interesting Bunch in First
Police Court of the
' Fred Temple, colored, wan fined ?5
In police eourt this morning lor disorderly
conduct on Jackson street last
night. He went to jail.
Arthur Miller, white, wan pinched j
j uiiurguu >vnii uguiing 011 naicrsireci
I at - o'clock this morning, lie was |
l soaked with the privilege ol' getting
Hie money hurl; should he be nble
within the next two days to prove there
were any mitigating circumstances. j
Joe Moore, colored, was fined S!> for
disorderly conduct in a Washington
street restaurant lust night, lie is
said tu have entered the plai n and de-j
niundetlvsoniCthing to eat or he would'l
shoot. His bluff was Called and the
cops notified. He event to jail in default
of payment of the fine.
\V. it. Smith, charged with fighting,
was fined S10, Tor his failure to appear
to claim a forfeit...
Joint Installation of
W. 0. W. Officers
This evening tho annual joint lnstallallon
of White Oak camp and Maple
drove circle. Woodmen of the World,
will tuko. place in the Masonic Temple.
L. D. Snider and Mrs. Henrietta Snider
will act as the installing officers.
The officers to be installed are as follows:
Woodmen Circle ? l'ust guardian.
Myrtle Hall: guardian. Minnie Boor:
adviser. HarrieUu Cluttuin; clerk, Ruth
Clayton; banker, Maude Phillips;
chaplain. Lulu Carponter; attendant,
Otlie Kelly; assistant, Virginia Hartley;
inner sentinel, Grace Jones; outer
sentinel. Delia Ituwkins; man, Lewis
Smith: Phy.. C. L. Holland.
Woodmen of the World ? Consul
com., w. C. Daughcrty: adviser licut.,
David C. Baker; lmnkcr, H. T. Jones;
escort. Russell Clayton; watchman.
| J. J. Gat tain; sentry. W. M. Smouso;
Man.. J. II. Radford; I'hys., C. L. Holland.
I-'. \V. 11111, I., n. Howard, Hus1
end Brownlield. J. U. Tuckwlller, L. B.
Burke. L,. B. Boycrs, A. L. I'etors.
Burl Coontlis Is suffering with a
broken arm sustained while at work
a few days ago.,
R.' M. Abbutt who had spent the
New Year with his wife at the homo
of her sister Mrs. Edgur Davis has returned
to Klngwood.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh V. Smith are
spending toduy with friends in Morgantown.
Mtes Clara Hutt; librarian at the
public library wl}l return today from
a visit at Washington, D. C. "vj
TG, JANUARY 1, 1917.
J1 a Ha;
Happier? |
- f
Two Theories Support This
View on Western
(By Associated I'l rs-0
With British Armies in France via
London, Jan. 1.?The arrival of 1917
I was welcomed on the western front by
the British and French soldiers as a
beginning of tho end of the great war.
There may be varying views and theories
as to how the end is to he brought
about but there is no tiuestion that
throughout the British army there Is
conviction that tho next twelve months
will bring victorious peace to the allies.
Opinion among British and French
lighters as to how the Jwar will end
| is divided into two schools. The one
believes that Germany will be willing
I to grant extreme concessions and the
other that only military pressure will
bring them the fruits of victory.
Both schools are. however, agreed
| that this Is the decisive year,,
I On most sectors ot" the British front
1 tlie new year made Its bow with little
ceremony so many rockets are
sent up from trenches on these long
! dark winter nights that it is impossihie
to shv how mnnv of thnwo tonfffht
I were in honor of 11(17.
! There is one sector however, where
{ British artillerists followed a practice
adopted on last year of welcoming
January 1 with salvos against their
enemy fyom guns of all calibres. Along
this front every thing from machine
I guns' to the biggest and the heaviest
joined in firing first one round then
nlnei then one and finally six.
"Wo do not know whether the Germans
recognized it or not but we wl?
try them again tonight." said an artih
lory captain as he started for a distant
part of the line to give the, necessary
In sending this firery greeting to
Germans there was a further complication
of difference of time the
Germans observing continental^ time
wntcn is one nour uneuu or tin- British
and French clock. To avoid all
doubt the British artillery fired signal
salvos at both eleven and midnight.
Low black clouds studded over the
battle acrea this last night'of the old
year and its successes was born on
a howling wind which caught up and
carried away the thunder of guns. The
grim booming was swept far beyond
battle. lines until It mingled with
church bells summoning people to
prayer in the war-bound villages of
Fascination of flame.
Saving, that Is systematic rapidly
becomes the most fascinating game In
the world. v ,4;
jjH&jL'iftsI" ;y';
3 ' ------ ,.
v- ,a \. .. fFTg
Itt [
>py New
iu numii nuLHLL
Third Fire in Five Months
j Almost Claims Victim in
Manager's Nephew.
- - - When
tin- Fairmont Central lire d"
1 partmclii answered a dill to Skinner's
, Tavern at o'clock this morning, ii
, discovered tor the tldrd time within
i the past five months that the building
i was In danger from flumes which were
I til most, beyond the rcacli of water or
' axe.
Frank Hockntuth nephew of .Mauu-'
Kor lieu, of the Tavern, wns brought
1 irom Ids room unconscious from the of'
fuels of I lie smoke uiid hunt. The fire '
hud started from detective wiring In
the same place which has caused so
much trouble in the past, llocktimth's
| room was nearest to the origin of tlio
blaze and doctors-called In to look
after him state ihai had he gone much
longer iu the smoke filled room his
condition would have lie.cn very serious.
August S. 1916. at 9:.tr> p. in. ihe fire '
| department had a very bud fire to i
fight at tills same hotel and one of les j
ser fireeness November 1">. 1916, Just
past, midnight. The city will take some !
: iit-tIon Immediately to prevent a re-1
( rurrencc of the blazes by thoroughly 1
: Inspecting the building.
1.1une Clark and Frank Mur-j
= phy Will Develop Tract
on Western Maryland.
V tew mine oil the Western Muryloji'l
is to be oponeil soon by June .
and business man respectively. The
Western Maryland Is now running a
spur track to the opening and will be
roady to haul coal as soon us the first
ton Is mined.
Weather conditions are holding back
work 011 the development but ns soon
as possible a large force of men will
, he employed in getting the mine reutly
, to ho worked. A considerable tract
I of coal is held by Messrs. Clark and
j Murphy and the mine will lie a fair
| sized one. i
* ?
* i
Mrs. Olive DuskyDies
at Mill Fall
Mrs. Olive Dusky, aged 44 years, wife
of Sylvester Dusky, died at her home
on Mill Fall run Sunday afternoon after 1
an illness of a complication of diseases, i
: Mr. and Mrs. Dusky cumc to Mill Fall
j run about a year ago from Calhoun
S county mid had since resided on the
j O. ! '. Martin farm. Besides her litis
band Mrs. Dusky is survived by nine
children. Slie is also survived by her
motlior, five brothers and two sisters.
The body was prepared for burial by
Undertaker R. L. Cunningham. No fitneral
arrangements have been made.
? ??? i
Prefcbytery to Meet
at Mannington'
' - /(
. , . V.,A
meeting of the Presbytery at
fJrafton will be held at Mannington on 1
January 16 at 7:30 o'clock for the. 1
purpose of installing. Rev. Jacob V. 1
Koontz as pastor of the Mannington 1
church. The sermon on this occasion i
will be preached by Rev. T. G. Koontz 1
of Wheeling, a brother of Rev. J. B. j
Koontz. Rev. Earl A. Brooks of Wes.- 1
tor will give the charge to the con-. :
gregatlon, while Rev. Charles E. Bish-i 1
op of Morgantown will give the charge 1
to the pastor Rov. Bishop Is mcder- 1
ator of tiie Presbytery.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Jan. J.? 1
When the Circuit court of Wyoming
presiding Judge Miller will be served .
with a rule from the Supreme court "
of Appeals, preventing him frohi prohibiting
W. B. Belcher from qualifying
as Sheriff of that coupty.-Belcher/Republican
candidate for Sheriff,
claims he was elected by seven votes
over Herbert W. Sanders, Democrat.
Later Sanders obtained a rule of prohibition
against Belcher and the County
court to prevent Belcher from qualifying
for the office by glvftig bond J
and taking the required oaths, w "
FARMFR& Rri TO MORftiurnuiu 1
CHARLESTON. ~\V. ~W"'jin.' V-?
About one hundred and fifty of th*
leading fanners of counties In the
southern part of West Virginia-assembled
in Charlestbn last night and will
constitute a-ppfty occupying a special
train leaving here over the Coal &
Coke'railroad (Or Morgantown, where
thoy will spend five days known as
fanners* week at oWst Virginia university.
Kanawha county will he repi
resented by about forty of Its leading
farraeral '.Putnam, Summers, Monroe,
Mercer, Cabell, Clay, Fayette, Boone,
Raleigh, and other counties aro sendi
lnirone or more delegates each.
"Any male resident of West Viral JEe il
who has reached the age of 21 years,
und who Is o bona fide registered voufl
lu the county In which he makes jHH
plication, may apply to- the
lde|fc SMp?to.tUa>Wty sui^Usbfl^HM
of prohibition, for permlssibn to i
shipped to his uddre-s. or to brlngl^HM
the state in person, distilled alcohjBH&S
liquors. in '
two quarts; wines in quantities noHH
reeding four quarts; ami mult IlnufltMl
(beer, ale, I'orter, etc.). in quuntj^^H
not exceeding two dozen pints ot^^H
dozen quarts, and if the uppllcanfi^H
addition to qilaliQcalioiis above,
forth, is ot good moral character,
reputation for peace anil HobrletyW^^H
lias neyor been convicted of a idHHH
or ou an indictment, lor vIolntloijBK^BI
the prohibition law ot the state ImHH
rourts ot West Virginia, tin: raid cterKH
shall issue to the applicant. upoO^^^H
nient of the sum of one dollar,
nit in duplicate. bearing dupllgfiBH
lumbers, authorizing the hilpmoQ^H|
ibove set forth. ' .? $!
"Not more than one permit aha^^HH
issuod to tho Same applicant wltKlB
me calendar month, und no,.
-hall be Issued,for a greater quai^HH
than set forth above, Tip periUkrS
shall hear tho name of the appllcflH
the date ot Issue and the signuturflH
"1'ermJt* shall be used in tlic I'oll&j^H^
lug manner:
' Applicant must enclose a p
In an order to a dealer outside ot ttnkfl
state with Instructions 10 pastt^Hfetjjjl
lUtsidc 01 the package; when shipment 'if
s received at the point of dcstlni^^^K,..
t ,shall be delivered by the coinmoiMI
carrier to the party to whom It Is ad-1'*
Iressed In person upon surrender qj?l
.he duplicate permit; the ugent oftflB
common carrier shall first cancel
lermit attached to the package In suchj^H
i manner as to pcrveiit it being used*!
again and shall also cancel the dupldHl
:ate permit, but not destroy it; tlicSttu
duplicate phajf be placed on file atiflH
shall at nil times In- furnished for MM
-peetlon by nny offlenr of the munictiH
lallty. county or state whose duty It s
to look to the enforcement of i'
irohihltiun law; the agent ot thocoq^HH
lion carrier shall . i ter the lumdHfi
>r the consignee, the date of shlpttwOH
md the number of the permit; aw^|
tierson -ally secured a nafffH^I
"' EHM
| ct|
r' 777 -'-- --- ======= '"~it"||Bm^M
?? ?
Sainnrrc rinK ." 1^9
is opi'ii for enrollment of | jfa
0 I
iE WEST \ IRGlNlAfclfj
: WsS^M
1 1 ' '
*w tt
?r 0^^ <M^/V
." ""^SBSP II I
me punM
County Clerks May Be |uH|
Deputy Commis>m
signers* m
Would Facilitate ImpoM^H
tion into State of'MaJM
to \\'r.?t H
Making county clerks cx-officio dqM^^H
cominIsnlonera of prulilbttlon of
respective counties unci rcqulrlnln^HpH
to make monthly reports of the ti^^RJjB
ad Ions of tliolr office
filo work dune In connection with thlmpLM
cx offlclo functions to the commlssj^^Hfl
prohibition, is one of the dlj^H^H
tures from the present prohlbiHKfl
laws of West Virginia proposed
ator (V C. Coultur, of the Seventh dis* ;
trlct. who will introduce in.tbpLegisia- w
tar,, of 1917 n bill wltb that as one of 1
its provisiors.
Another Innovation this measureas
will propose is tbnt tho commissioner .^
of prohibition shall cause to be printed',??'
in book form, per/1 .its, made in irlplicute,
authorizing ' ie shipment into t6?B
state or nleoltolta liquors, and shall,???
supply tho deputy commissions w|thSW?
permit blanks in such number as taWKfl
be required.

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