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T?a i
Simeon Silchester.
(Copyright, 1916, by the McClure
Newspaper Syndicate.)
fANB JEKKS received and answered
I many hundred letters a weok. They
J came from all sections ot the conn
^ry?from school girls, old soldiers,
young married women, western miners
and other kinds of folk. But they
were all addressed, not to Miss Jane
Jenka, but to Prof. Simeon Sllchester.
handwriting expert of the "Hearth
Companion." Jane Jenks was the
youngest member of the editorial staff
of that widely read periodical. As
part of her duties she had to write the
monthly article on "What Your Handwriting
Shows." Meantime she had to
answer letters from West, East, North
and South from subscribers to the
magazine whose egotism had been
aroused sufficiently to submit a specimen
of their own handwriting in order
that Prof. Simeon Jjllchester, "worldknown
expert on the science of handwriting."
might forward them "a complete
analysis of their character as indicated
by the sample submitted."
Jane Jenks didn't really know very
much about handwriting, but she knew
as much as any other member of the
staff on tha "Hearth Companion." and
as she had originated the Identity of
Prof. Sllchester, ehe felt a certain
amount of satisfaction in her many letters?letters
that Indicated that her
monthly articles had a "pull" with a
certain class of the maguzlno subecrib
Jane was pretty, though perhaps It
didn't often occur to the folk at the
"Hearth Companion" office to notlco
that fact. Had there been more of outdoors
In her life, more air In her lungs
and more blood in her veins, she would
have been very pretty. Sometimes she
dreamed of the day when she might
aave enough to leave the city and go
OS somewhere In the wilds and get "a
ranch or something and run It." True,
Bhe didn't know anything about ranchas,
but, reasoned she, she hadn't known
anything about handwriting and yet
she bad made a success of It?at least
a success enough to satisfy her own
limited ambitions.
. And so the letters came pouring In,
and Jane answered them all. When a
smooth, even, vertical handwriting arrived
she told the sender that he or she
was young but possessed within himself
the making of a great and brilliant
future. When a letter penned In the
faltering writing of age came she wrote
a letter of encouragement, mentioned a
Ufe well spent, with wide though unrealized
Influence. Scented letters
with the unformed writing of a woman
of little Intellectual development called
forth from her a letter of reproof for
too great frivolity, too little Independence,
too great love of self and pleas,v;
ttre. And so they went. Really, she
grew to believe that she had some way
Kot telling through the letters she received
the characters of the senders.
I unce a letter came from a correV
spondeut who signed his name "Montona,"
and the writing rather puzzled
Jane JenkB, as she sat at her desk in
her dingy little office in the "Hearth
f Companion" headquarters. But she
x confession:
t I.
J 1
"I wonder if I have mentioned to
you, Margie," Baid Paula, "that among
my greatest comforts at this time were
the letters I received from my dearest
and best friend Emma. She wrote
with great regularity. She had married
her restaurant keeper and they
were both very happy,
jjjj ."The morning after I got the note
from Charlie Montgomery 1 opened
abetter from Emma which said:
" 'I am still keeping my weather
eye on the finances these days. Paula,
because now I've got a look in myself,
and you remomber 1 told you once 1
was going to make some of those Chicago
dames sit up and take notice
before I cashed in.
" 'It may be a silly ambition, kiddo,
but ever since 1 started in at the
v... restaurant as hat girl and saw those
fussy, fat would-be T-aftv rinra Vera
de Vere's coming in with their silly
Uttle smiles and their Billy little
speeches, I made up my mind that
some day I'd be tho woman who looked
supersllious in her gorgeous evening,
coat-instead of the one who stood
by with a humble smile in a neat black
Sg' uniform and white cap.
" 'i am going to be Mrs. Julius Severin
of Lake Shore drive before I get
. , through with this old world. Don't
laugh, Paula, I can do it Why not?
Mrs. Potter Palmer, was "the wife of
the inn-keeper," according to tho
t;. Princess Eulalia of Spain, and between
you and me Mrs. Palmer always
looked more like my idea of a
story-book princess t/an did the Spanish
woman of royal blood.
" 'It's a game, Paula, this life of
ours, and we can almost make of it
wltat we want if we only have the
stamina to keep on trying. I recognised
this quality in you, my dear,
and that was what made me give you
my mitt in welcome to our JoyouB help
yourself and every body will help you
" 'I am mighty glad you are get.v
ting on so well, Paula, but somehow
I don't care much for that actor
friend of yours. Not that it makes
any difference whether I like him or
not. but it seems I Just got to register
a little protest when a man seems
2Q 1st ?lilnL W .. I. 1...S - 1(441- J
kit in 111 ii uc JH juoi tt inue K?m uu
wheels. Sometimes, my dear. it. is a
good thing to take the wheels out from
4 under him and let him skid.
" 'By the way. did you know your
H precious Aunt Rachel and her sweet
daughters are in New York for the
HiS winter? I expect they 1|itc gone
|| there to keep their eyes and hands
du that English lord they are trying
ft'to hook for Gertrude. How I wish
B rou would meet them and lead them a
y d.mro by showing them what
you could do with a proud scion of
?Hlish blue blood
fM^KMoJ. *1; ii
ifo Lx.
A throne Tor tlie new ruler ot hearts' 1
If It Is downy, soft, delicate and daln- ?
tlly stitched, it isn't important whoth- ,
er the "throne" is of chiffon, silk or i
sllkollne or sheer, soft lawn
A basket of flower-llkc delicacy is i
the bassinet pictured here and design-11
hesitated only a moment, for really It t
didn't much matter to her whether or' 1
not she made a true character study. *
The writing was legible, and, there- ;
fore, she .made the statement that the :
writer had a methodical, honest nature.
It was slightly awkward, and for that 1
reason she added that ho lacked mental
expertness, that hie greatest fault '
lay In Inaccuracy and Indecision. There 1
were certain waverings In the line and 1
this, she said, indicated timidity. '1 1
believe that you are not married," she
added, with all the authority ot Prof, t
Simeon SilcheBter to back her. "I be- \
lleve that the reason why you are not i
married is because you have never had I t
the deep, inner courage to look about! 1
and find for yourself a woman good | i
enough for you. You arc cowardly,", 1
sho went on, "and what you ought to j ;
do is to stand up for your own rights, j ;
You are small in stature."?this be-1 i
cause the writing was miuature?"but I
that does not mean 'that you should
alBo be timid. Somo of the bravest s
men in history have been undersized
You have great Ideas if you would but j
express them, and the power of making
your life far more Important than
it is." Jane dashed this off on her
typewriter, signed the letter with the j
assumed signature of Slemon Sllches-1
ter and lnld it with the hundred others j
that awaited the sealing and stamping t
treatment of the office boy.
Three weeks later the sarno boy en- I
" 'Dear Paula. Julius wanted to
| come to Now York on our wedding
trip, but 1 said, "Julie. (1 call him Julie
| when we are alone). I'm not going
i to New York and make all of Paula's!
I actor friends ashamed of us. Walt!
until j learn a few society frills and j
i then maybe wo can do her some good. 11
' Vftt) nun I'onlu tuliitu So ?
! club. Ho hasn't learned yet that a|
great big bluff goes a long way In tills
i country and be thinks because 1 can
I work out his little old finances and
! make money, which he stllln persists
! in counting in marks, that 1 am the
i smartest woman in the world. j
j " 'Besides, my dear, I'm letting my
' hair go back and it looks llko Joseph's
j coat of many colprs. I won't be a
bleached blond when you see me, and
I hope whilo 1 am gone the inn won't
go to the very dust. *
" 'You see, Julius is that silly that
he would let the waiters steal him
into abject poverty. But look a here
kid, Julie and yours truly are coming
pretty soon to little old New York and i
I'm just going to think, klddo. that
notwithstanding you aro a big actress
you will bo glad to see your old friend
"I did not wait to write to her. Margie,"
said Piaula. "I telegraphed her.
"Please come with or without JuliUB.
I want your advice and I always love
you." i
Notf Do
i don't want n>|
mix /n anw of incite ;
^ G
O R Wi
,.-?P \/' I
f ;..5-u^ :'a
g|^W !
51 111
ill by Gubruder Ma68e of Now York. It
s pink and white. The circular flounce
md the draped flounces at the head of
ho basket arc pink chiffon ruffled with
i&l laco. It Is lined with padded white
Two clusters of pals ping rosebuds
ind streamers of pink ribbon are at
lie head and foot of baby's bod.
ered the door of her office precipitate
y one day. "I a aid you weren't Prof.
Simeon Sllcheater," he Insisted with
itartled backward glances, "but he
lays he's got to ace you. He's as tall
is old Abe Lincoln and 1 think he's
nad. What'll 1 say?"
Before Jane Jenks bad time to say
hat the only thing to be said was that
Prof. Simeon Sllcheater never came to
he office the tall, Irate person had cnered
her office.
"I want to see Prof. Simeon Sllchescr"
he said deliberately. The boy
vlthdrew, tho tall one closed the door
ind looked adamantine as he stood
owerlng down at the girl at the desk,
["here were letters addressed to the
irofessor on her desk, and one, signed
>y his name, lay open, the Ink of the
dgnaturc still moist and damp. "I see
'ou aro his secretary," tho man conlnued,
"and I've no doubt you expect
tim in soon. I'll wait."
"Perhaps I could take the message,"
laid Jane feebly.
"No woman could take the message
ust as 1 want to give it, and few men
:ould. What I want to ask the profeslon
Is how In?I'll add the embellishnonts
when 1 see him personally?how
le dared to call me a coward? I wrote
0 lilni and this Is the answer he sent
ne." The man from Montana throw
lie opened letter on the desk and Jane
leaks recognised it as the one she had
ccently sent.
"I'm very sorry," Jane pleaded, feeing
Just a little amused In spite of hot
lrst terror. lie was obviously not
rorn the city, but there was nothing
twkward about the man in spite of bis
1 feet J Inches in height. Ho was !
toting. hut with the youth that showed j
ichlevement and mental concentraion.
He ilid not smile even when Jane
united apologetically up to him.
"To be suro l'rof. Silchester some-1
irnes makes mistakes," she began.
'I am very sorry." Then for some reaion.
probably because of the steadfast
tnd searching gaze of the gray eyes of
he man, she forgot her role. "You
ice 1 am really l'rof. Simeon SUchescr.
I try to make the right guesses.
How could 1 tell that you were a big
nan, and how did I know that you
vero a perfect boar of courage? You
night have been a coward?"
"And you wrote that about my not
laving had the nerve to get married?"
isked the big man. and then he laughed
'or the first time. "Well you're a funny
tlnd of girl. So you think you are
Simeon Silchester? Well, that's very
lunnv. I've come all the way from
ny place In Montana, just to have a
'ight with you. Nothing over made me
to mad In my life as that letter?but
1 won't fight a lady even when she doterves
So relieved was Jane at the way the
tngry one recovered from the first inenslty
of lile anger that she made him
arry on that first call, pledged him
tever to toll another soul that there
tvas no real Simeon Silchester and nev;r
to let any of the office start at the
nagazino know that she had admitted
lerself to bo that personage.
They spoke of Montana and ranches
ind the girl's face lighted up with exDOINGS
' "TO?T Yol> DO, IS I'M THE Ml
tOUND AMONtJ YoUfi. -mo M,
a v ?
. V ,
. .
pectatlon and Interest. She told th
stranger of ber ambition and be wa
at Interested as she. In short, he wot
Jane's confidence so that when lie aug
geated that she take luncheon with hln
she did not think to hesitate, thougt
she had made It a rule of business nev
er to lunch with the men she knew
miifh Intra with Lhn """ "u -
?uw ftuuu sue Utuu
So the acquaintance procreated with
In the ten day* that the Monlanan hat
allowed himself to remain in the bi|
city and never again did he apeak o
the letter but always of the ranch an<
the glrl'a ambitions to lead a country
outdoor life. The proposal occurred U
the girl's office, the afternon before ht
was planning to return. The girl reall:
knew It was comlngi- She would havt
been disappointed if It had not come
and yet it seemed, when It did come
one of the most trying things that hat
over happened.
"How can 1 accept?" she said. "
don't even know your name. I'm dread
fully frightened Just to think of thi
way we have grown so well acquaintet
in such a short, time."
"True." he said. "I'm a bit frighten
ed myself. But the letter you wroti
to me said that was my besetting sin
It told mc, too. that if I ever wantet
to win the girl I wanted for a wife I't
have to have courage." Here his e.\
prcaslon changed quickly. "How'd yoi
hit on that name or yours?Simeoi
Sllchester? It's a good name, und I
doesn't sound faked."
"1 think It Is good." said the girl, glai
for the moment for the change to ai
objective subject of conversation, ant
she explained. "1 wanted to get a nam*
that sounded liko what 1 think a hand
writing expert would be?a thin oh
crank, with u whlto beard and a loni
nose. I got out the 'Who's Who' ant
Innlrnrl ilirnttcrli Hll T fntintl a natno fhti
sounded just like that. When 1 writ
short stories I always do that. Some
times I take one man's tlrst name am
another man's last name. This tim
I found the name already made. Don'
you think It was a good selection?"
"Capital?a thin old crank with i
long nose. Do you happen to know tb
Jane reached for the "Who's Who
on the top of her desk and found th
place. "Ho seems to be an lnvento
and a ranch owner, In Montana. Whj
that's where you come from."
"Somewhere near," said the mat
"In fact I'm the white-bearded lonf
nosed crank. Now you. know who
really am. Will you take me?"
And the girl, weary of impersonate
the handwriting expert and already ii
j heart surrendered to the man wit
I stood before her, had no will to sa3
| Harry Wilson, of near Morgantowt
was cnling on Lonnle Smith one day r
last week.
John Street was visiting John Rlc
Mrs. Lulu Smith and Katie Rlc
were shoping In Fairmont one day c
last week.
MIsh Elsie Rice spent Xmas wit
Mrs. Ella Michaels, of Minister's Rui
Miss Blackburri\gave her pupils
Xmas tree and treat on Friday p. n
before Xmas. It was enjoyed by a
j present.
I Mr. ana Mrs. uiyue .\eeiy anu iw
children, Arvil and Revo, spent Fr
day evening with Miss Myrtle Houl
Miss Emma Rice attended the Xina
tree at Royal Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Kennedy, c
Chunk's Run, spent Xrnas with Mis
Myrtle Hoult.
Charlie Fisher attended the Chris
uias tree at Royal Monday evening.
Allle Williams, of Grafton, spen
the week end with his parents, Mr. an
Mrs. J. W. Williams.
Rev. Jarvice. of the Gauley circuii
former pastor of the M. E. churcl
South, of this place, gave an addres
to the order of Owls at the hall a
Rivesville Saturday evening.
Ralph Ice, of Barrackvllle, spent th
week-end with James and John Coogl
of this place.
Miss Ocal Williams spent Sunda
1 with the Misses Rice.
Asby Valentine, of Minister's Rut
j was a Sunday visitor at Andrew Va
1 ontine's.
Luther Howe spent Sunday wit
i Nettle Musgrave.
H. D. Smith and grandson, Hug
Dale, spent their holidays with rclf
tives in Fairmont.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Valentin
were visitors at Jack Stralght'B Sut
Ed. Musgrave spent Suuday at Mi:
or Fisher's.
Mrs.-Jim Musgrave and daughtei
Miss Goldia and Charlie Price, of Baj
ter, were at Andrew Valentine's on
evening of last week.
Walter Fleming, of Parker Run, wa
on this Run Monday.
Won't be any changes in the too
Kr.11 enloc nnvt vasr Tint nn?!?
Harvard, Yale and Princeton hav
changed their schedules so ther
won't be much chance ot them losln
I 1 1
By practicing econBmy every day a
1 housewife may be able to keep ber
1 food bills down to lasf year's level.
but in so doing, she will have to teach
her family to Ilk? a different class of
' foods.
These may be as nutritious as the
' former diet but not always as palata1
! The mock chile con carne made with
J beans Is an excellent substitute for
a meat dish, but one would pretend
that it is as acceptable as porterhouse.
1 However, with the oresent arala of
I steak price*. It I* often foolish to
' I spend father's hard earned money for
? j choice cuts or beef.
' ![~east side!
: j news i
Called To Florida
Jj Mrs. M. I). Snider, of Merchant
11 street, has gone to Stewart. Florida.
" having received a message that Iter
11 daughter. Mrs. Vottngblond, is verv
11 111.
Valuable Chickens
1 Frank Coogie has the prize pen of
j young hens on the East side. The pen
B consists of thirty-five liens of the
[. White Orphington variety from which
j be realizes from fifteen to nineteen
? eggs dally. Considering the high
j price of eggs they are a profitable
t bunch of fowls.
Mrs. Jones Improving
i Mrs. Jones, of Farmlngtou. who reb
cently passed through a very severe
t operation at Fairmont hospital No. 3.
is showing marked improvement and
a her friends hope now for a speedy ree
e Mrs. Jessie Nuzum spent Sunday
r with her Bister, Mrs. A. 13. Stealey.
r, A. S. Radford, of the Valley, has returned
home after spending a few days
l, with his son, J. D. Iladford.
.. M. B. Rlggs, of St. Mary's, spent
j yesterday with Ills sister. Mrs. William
Boyors, en route to Wheeling.
g Mrs. Truman Davis, of Ferry street,
n Is still quite sick.
o J. D. Radford and daughter Opal and
r, Misses Lulu Poplo and Catharine Miller,
were recent visitors of Rev. and
Mrs. L. E. Oldaker at Shlnnston.
Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arch
Miller, of Ferry street, who has been
quite ill for a few days, is improving.
Mrs. Mary McAllister and daughter,
> fnr rlnnn ~ 11, I ? mill.
A. C. GaskinB and family at tlieir
farm near the city.
Rev. L. E. Oldaker, of Sbinnston,
spent Tuesday hero circulating among
, his many friends.
The family of Charles Hall who were
. afflicted with measles, are all fully
" recovered and able to be out again.
* Miss Pearl Gray and nephew, Wayne
, Hess, who were guests of relatives
fj here the first of the week, have re
turned to their home at Morgantown.
William Summers, of Little Falls.
, spent the day yesterday with his
' daughter, Mrs. Charles Hall, on Pitts'
burgh avenue.
5 i
1 Remarkable Record for
t A Kidney Medicine
ti At least fifteen years ngo we began
to sell Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root and
s' during our entire experience In handt
ling it we cannot recall a single dissatisfied
customer; all of our patrons
e speak In favorable tones regarding
e Swamp ltoot. We know of several different
ailments of the kidneys, liver
v and bladder that have been satisfactorily
restored through tho use ol
Swamp-Root. We have used it our
p selves and obtained the usual beneficial
results. Our exnerience has
I, taught us to placo Dr. Kilmer's SwampRoot
among the best remedies on the
h market today tor the diseases for
which it is recommended.
Very truly yours.
- WM. H. LLOYD & CO.,
j. June 15, 1916. Pino Apple, Ala.
l- Letter to
Dr. Kilmer 4. Co.
r, Binghamton, N. Y.
e Prove What Swamp Root Will Do For
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghamton, N. Y? for a sample size
bottle. It will convince anyone. You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
? Information, telling about the kidneys
e and bladder. When writing, be sure
e and mention the West Virginian. Reg8
ular fifty-cent bottle and one-dollar
_?i. _a _ 11 j _?
| di*o uumco wr amo at an urug Biores.
i special omtor pto have
I THIS evrmlntf- whs? nootfo oOT
\ V"1? To the hoosi
y i, with os -1 kmc
i h oom. a p8w Ht\
f |,t?Pee PE^Pi^
r roOKjNr.
Mock Chile Con Carne
Wash one pint of kidney beans and
soak them over night. Next morning
cover them with fresh water, bring
to a boll, drain, throw away the wator.
cover again with fresh boiling
water and rook until the hcans are;
tender. I lair an hour before the bonus i
are done put tl tablrspocnfuls of olive [
or pcHtim oil In a suueonan. add J i
I sweet peppers. 1 small red pepper. I I
I onion, finely chopped, und 1 pint of j
thick strained tomaiu. Cook 30 mln !
utes; then stir in the beans with I
teaspoonful of salt, and simmer Rent
ly 15 minutes longer. Serve with thin
crisp bacon arranged over the top. |
_ _ _ i
Uert Summers and son. KJlis. were
visiting Mrs. Frances Summers New
Year's day.
Mr. nut! Mrs. J. C. Finch and daughter,
Miaa Violet, were visiting Air. ami j
Mrs. A. I.. Musgravc Sunday.
Miss Alta Fravis is visiting her father.
Mr. Liberty Travis at this writing. I
Mrs. Francis Smyth, who lias been I
vlsltlng^hor children at Hammond, re ,
turned home Sunday.
Henry Rudy wns calling on Mr. ami1
Mrs. Uussell Finch Suntlny.
Visitors at Mr. Andy Musgrave's i
I New Year's night were Mr. and Mrs.
Willie Robe und (laughter. Lucille. Mr. I
and Airs. Bert Hurt-and daughter Sarah ,
and Allss Violet Finch.
nussell Finch lost a valuable hoifer
I one day last week, blackleg was the I
i Those calling on Mr. and Mrs. Rub-!
i sell Finch last Tuesday night were Mr.
aud Mrs. J. S. J'rlde, Mls? Bertha
Pride. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Trlde.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Finch and Miss Violet
Mr. and Mrs. Bert llarr were visiting
at Mr. Willie Kobes' Sunday.
There was a party at R. L. Rogers'
Saturday night.
Mrs. Francis Summers who has been
sick for the past month, Is better now.
Miss Marie Finch was visiting Miss
Beulah Musgravo last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Carpenter and
family were calling on Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Moran and family last week.
Mrs. J. B. Carpenter was visiting
her daughter, Miss Satterfleld. lust
Ruby and Walter Carls from Blueville,
were visiting at their cousins,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jim Ncel, recently.
Mrs. Lonnio Vincent and three
children were visiting at J. B. Carpenter's
from Saturday until Monday.
Mrs. J. B. Carpenter and Mrs. Vincent
were calling on Mrs. Hank Satterfleld
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Moran and chll
i Tells How to Make Hair Grow Thick
' and Lustrous on Bald and Thin Spots
Thousands of men and women are
1 growing bald every day and don't
' know the reason why. This is indeed
' a pity, says a lialr specialist, who
states that baldness usually comes
from carelessness.
The treatment is very simple; remove
the dirt by shampooing every
ten days and destroy the dandruff
; germs by frequently applying a little
of the real Parisian Sage, a most ofllcient
preparation that the best druggists
are now recommending as one of
the quickest and safest treatments to
surely stop Itching scalp and falling
hair, remove all dandruff and to properly
nourish and invigorate the hair
Parisian Sage is also the discriminating
woman's favorite hair dressing
utcause it makes the hair seem twice
as abundant and gives it a softness
and luster that compels admiration.
A generous bottle costs but little from
the Mountain City drug company, who
guarantees it to you.
Purity cei
Accuracy f *er(
Safety J 1
Mountain Ci
ilren were visiting the former's per
i-nts here Sunday. iM
Mr. end Mm. Clay Rogere apenf
Sunday with the former's father near
Bruce Sattertleld wae ? bu?iue'=
caller Mondnv on this Hideo .
Atha Carpenter Is on the sick IUI
Mrs. Newton Mats was sboping in I
Kulrmonl Friday.
Glenn Mcrrlllcld. of Dakota, war
visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs
Charles Merrlfleld, of this plaos, Sun
Noason llawklnherry was at Fair
niont Friday.
Cllfrord Merrlfleld was calling on hi*
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mem 1
Held. Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Fctty and dau(h
ter. Ml?s Grace, were calling on the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jsill*
Fctty. Sunday afternoon. I
Mrs. Dock i*rovlncc and little daugh
ter. ltella. of New England, wsrt Tlsii
lug Mrs. Rlizah Sattcrfleld of this place
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. t'hnrlcs Fctty. of Paw Paw. and I
MNs Mary Ice. of Mannlngtoil. war*
united In marriage Friday, December j:
Abe Sattcrfleld, Charles Marrlflild
and Guy Fotty wore at Will Fatty's
Miss Malllssa Hawklnbcrry and Ml*
Amy Fetty were nt Fairmont one da>
Inst week.
Mrs. Will Fetty and daughter, MisGrato.
were shopping at Fairmont Tri
Charles Merrldold and daughter. N?l
lie. were at nnrnosvllle Friday, ;/S I
Jessie Fetty was at Dakota Satin
Charles Merrlfleld. Miss Gail, Caths
leno Satterftcld and (Joy Fetty weri
calling on Will Fetty.
Thcrc'e one thing about a wrestler
They never die or concunion tit (hi
lu stress mid trouble the women o
n nation nre always' to be count*'
upon. Tn this country few of on j
women escape (he weakening trouble
recnllar to their sex.
Middle aged women about to expert'
.l.MS.10,1 ft*- ' ' ?I
vi'v?. Wiui Iiiwucu \.uau(ic VI iu?| HUWI<)
profit by tho experience of thousands
of noble women who have gone throng!
the name period with little or no pals,
misery or discomfort
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription bj
and has been for nearly 60 years Jo*
the medicine. It la not a secret pre
script Ion, for Its ingredients are print
ed on the wrapper; It's a temperano
medicine, n glyceric extract from roots
Not only does It bnild np the entir<
system and make it strong and vigor
ooh enough to withstand the organic
disturbances, but it has a quieting ef
feet upon the feminine organism.
Lynchburg, Va.?"I am glad t>
spook of Dr. I'lerce's remedies In lilgt
terms. While I have not had an;
occasion to use 'Favorite Prescription
myself. I can tell of its benefit to m?
sister. She used it to build up afte
r. nervous break-down. She was wei
satisfied and it did all she could ex
poet. 1 bare been well pleased myself
with Dr. Pierce's Pellets. The?
are line. 1 am only too glad L
recommend them."?Mas. J. C. fUB
us. Cabell Street
Illnton, OV. Va.?"I am glad to it
eomfnend Dr. Piewe'a Pleasant Pellet*
For pills that cure Indigestion, eon
stlpatlon and biliousness I have neve:
found anything better. I cheerful!?
recommend them."?Mas. J. W. Moss
Clfi .lames Street
Every woman should be careful tfcar
the liver Is active and the potions art v M
not allowed to clog the system?get rk
of these poisons by taking a vegetabli
laxative occasionally?such ns Dr
rierce's Plensant Pellet*. They do not
pin* - ' - -stem.
The four elements of siicssful
medicines guaran;d
by our label on your
ity Drug Co. 1
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