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amcvtATioK, ? ,
r* Daily Average S A >
|1 for Dec. 1916 J L
A Quality Newspaper for the
- II I |fi III l#'l *ll ?* I II I . I.
| A1S0 Si
1 'Sensational Statements Ma
t. Rules Committe?
mBmmfflk i
Among Them is Otto H. Ki
Firm of Kuhn, Loeb ;
(Bjr Associated Frets)
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6.?Smouldei
ing rumors that some one mode mot
> In. .the stock market with "leak" in
ormatlon about tho sending of Pret
dent Wilson's peace note blazed U|
.it ? sensational session ot the Hous
rtules committee today at Its first heui
. log on Representative Wood's resolt
i.,lion (or an Investigation.
Specifically declaring he mad
charges against no one and waB pre
Hunting only information that lia
>oms to him, Wood brought in th
names of Secretary Tumulty, a "Mi
llolllng," a brother of President Wi!
sou's wife, whom ho dht not furtlie
indeutlfy, Bernard Bruch, a New Yorl
stock operator, Otto H. Kahn. of Kaln
l.oeb and Company, Thompson am
McKinnon, and LamRoa Brothers am
company. Chicago brokers, E. F. IIul
ton and company, New York broken
and F. A. Connolly and company,
local brokeage house In which Woo
run w
Hutchinson Company Get
ting 2,500 Tons at Laura
iiue jiaynionu mine, a snort an
a west ot Clarksburg. Is bein
ed by the Hutcbiuson Coal con
v Five hundred tons of coal wll
roducod each day with a coniph
t or 100 meii. The two mines rt
Ijr opened by the company at Cat
e, above Clarksburg, are now pri
tig 2,600 Ibns of coal dally, wit
imployment of 500 men.
te Robey Mine, purchased by tli
Shinson company from the Lun
brt Steam and Coal company, I
f operated for a dally tonagc c
500 to 700 tons of Pittsburgh con
operation of this mine was liegu
tree "towns in Marlon county eleci
heir municipal officers yestorda
ompliancc with the law whlc
fl January 4 as the date for sue
elections. There are five towns in th
county whose elections arc schedule
for the 1th, but Falrview and Wort!
tngton were so well pleased with th
present municipal offioers that no ne'
ticket was nominated and conse<tuen
ly no election was necessary.
The results of the elections are a
[RStvosville:?Two tickets, one tli
Citizens, one the Town ticket were i
the field. Town ticket?For mayor: .
Iw. Yoak; for recorder, Cbas. Knight
for'council, J. S. Freeman. Josep
Hood. J.,S. Coogle, George Yost an
I Monongah:?There was but one ticl
et nominated in Monongah. This wa
the Citizens" ..ended by Col. Tom Pric
to succeed himself. Mayor, Col. T. t
Price; recorder, Lee N. Satterfluld
cDUncllmen. P. H. McDonnell, H. I
tfrisllp, C. V. Arp, Clarence Curry an
litems; torrecorder. G. H. Musgrave
for councllmen. John E. Wells, H. 1
Kuhn. T. E. Morgan, A. C. Collins an
Making Capital
Second Athen
& i By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. Jan. 5.?Establlsl
tnent in Washington' of a unlverslt
centre for higher study and the ma]
jng of the National cspltol the ce
tre of higher education In the Unite
Slates has been brought well tower
completion by a nub-committee su
jiortod by some'of the great univere
tie; of the country.
;; Subdued When He Was j
" Brought Back.
Joe Strickler. one ot Marion coun- i
ty's bad men and gnu artists, was capi
tured iu Bellalro, Ohio, yesterday after
county olVicors had been 011 Ills track
^ weeks. Constable Harry Connor and
k Deputy Sheriff Currey arrived early j
1 this morning with the prisoner, whose
temperament has softened wonderfully
since a tew weeks ago.
Strickler was trapped in Uellalro by
1- a decoy registered letter he was signs'
lng in the postofflce for the letter, an
h officer placed his hand 011 his shoulder |
It and told him lie was wanted. He then
8 tried to deny that his name was Sttlckd
ler but he was held until the local offleers
could get there and identify hint.
8 He offered no resistcuce to being
* brought back to West Virginia and
agreed to conio without extradition
B The first warrant against Strickler
was for a robbery- When county offic
cers went to his home to arrest him ho '
n I repulsed them with his revolver and 1
I- j escaped. Armed with a rifle he then
: prowled around the country ncarj
i wiiiie iiuun lur several nays, rerron?.<5
| ing the people of the neighborhood anil,
[ successfully evading the sheriff s
' posses.
a He had several brushes with the of-!
fleers but each time got away afte: ,
' several shots had been fired. Ho saw i
: that things were getting too hot for
' and sneaked to llollalre. He was j
11 traced that far and then the truil was
lost, so It was presumed he was still \
' In that city. The registered letter
! trick was used and he Is now in Jail
waiting trial as a result,
d 6 ...
The Weather !
r i mi West Virginia?
q I ~ fZT\j Fair tonight and
I --Mi*' Saturday m u c h
I ' T* "frTl colder with cold
On wave.
? KSlf2h Local Readings
y F. P. Hall, Ob.
i- Temperature at.
a- S a. m. today 57.
^ rYu^!L Yesterday's wead
'-WwiK fOpi -licr partly cloudy;
p- .emperature. 'maxl1
"""" 57: minimum
preclpation .30
ide at the Session of the House |
; Which is Making
uhn of the Famous Banking
and Company? Broker
Haiti the "Mr. Boiling" he referred to'
was a partner.
i. Much of lilt* Information Wood said
came in a letter from A. Curtis, an Independent
New York stock operator.
' Wood disclaimed in intending to give
p the impression that he believed that
c Mr. Tumulty or any one else Tor that
- matter profited by the so-called "leak."
I- that ho was merely stating what had
come to him; that he realized the dane
ger of making such statements in pubs'
lie and for that reason he had prc1
ferred to make his statement in sca
cret session which the committee do.
I- At the conclusion of today's session '
r Chairman Henry announced that Seet
retary Tumulty would appear withi
out a subpoena and that Hubpoenaes
il had been ordered for Curtis and Bruch.
i Representative Gardner of Massach.
uetts. who has joined in Woods- agii,
tatlon for an Investigation, will be
a heard tomorrow and Thomas W. Lawd
son will bo heard Mondy.
One New Case Is
Reported at Elkins
(By Associated Pussi
I ELKIXS. Jan. u.?Dr. J. I'. Leake, i
I of the United States Public Health'
Service Is in the city to co-operate with j
the local board of health and Dr. C-|
E. Weirlch of the State Iturcau of!
Preventable Diseases In lighting tno!
threatened epidemic of infantile para
One new case has developed with
the last 2-1 hours and no additional
j. deaths have been reported.
e ;
s One Time Bad Man Much
.f ! _ - -
^ Northern W
IDE 111
mil jra
Price Was Advanced to $2.95
by the Purchasing
Producers, However ,Are
Not Hopeful that Much
Will Come Out.
(By Associated Press)
PITTSBURGH. Jan. 5.?Pennsylvania
crude oil came wltliiu five cents a
barrol of the goal for which producers
have been contending for many years
when the principal purchasing agencies
announces an advance of ten
cents to $2.95 at the opening of the
market. Other grades advanced as
Mercer black, five cents to $2.;!5;
Corning, five cents to $2.30; Cabell,
five cents to $2.27: Somerset, rive cents
to $2.10; Rngland, two cents to 97
Refiners say that the rapid increase
in the price has not brought them a
great deal of oil although there arc
large quantities abovo ground.
Prolucors, they say, are marketing
as little as possible and they do not expect
a rush of oil until the $6.00 mark
has been reached.
HI ME 11
Globes Arrived Yesterday
and Were Put in Place
at Once.
C.lowing opalescent globes lined
Main street last night, the Great Whlto
Way for the first time having been
lighted. Hundreds of persons, on heap
ing that the long talked of lights were
shining, made special trips down down
to see what un- street looked like.
Tho majority of Pairniontouiaus
were expecting to see a pathway of
glittering Incandescence and eye dazzling
brilllancj. Tliey were very agreeably
surprised however, when they
noted the' complete, yet soft and mellow.
Illumination provided by the
opalescent- globes.
The globes arrived late yesterday
afternoon and were Immediately placed
in position by a force of M. V. '1'. workmen
under Superintendent Dallas
Leonard. Their placing marked the
completion of a task that has been
months in the doing and Incurred every
difficulty rrom right of way to delayed
freight shipments.
To stand at the head of Main street
at Quincy, and look down the length
of the Great White Way, is to look the
length of the finest looking street In
Weat Virginia.
Action Tomorrow on
Paw Paw Petition
The county court will take action tomorrow
afternoon on the petition 01
Paw Paw voters for a spec-id! road
bond election. Some alterations in the
petition have been suggostcd by persons
not wholly In accord with the progressive
movement of the majority ot
Paw Paw district voters, hut it is said
that the petition as drawn up and signed
will be presented intact to the
court's attention. It is common knowledge
that the petition will be granted
although no member of the court has
expressed a public opinion.
Will Handle funds
of State Suffragists
Miss Margaret McKinnoy returned
Inat evening from Wheeling, where alu
had attendod a meeting of the execu
live hoard of the We^t Virginia Wo
men's Equal Suffrage Assoclatior
which was held there on Wedncsdai
and Thursday. Miss McKiuney wur aj>
pointed to the position of treasurer ol
the board the place having been madt
vacant by the resignation ot Miss Car
ric Zano. of Wheeling, whp resigned ot
account of ill health. Dr. Harriet 13
Jones, of Wheeling, was made firs:
vice president and Mrs. Mary Burlc. u
Huntington, sesond vice president.
The association will hold its annual
convention in May the place to be utt
nounced lata*.
' - *' . , :,7> ; , a"; a'ix
-j :tt~l- "t . c. i
m t)i
'est Virginia's Greatest Kewspa
"iinif tin
Mazio Colbert, the beautiful mo
In a small city. She went to Philad
* of the Manicures." She seldom wal
photographers model, then was murd
jFour Cars Each Way to
I Mine on Ordinary Week
' Passenger service ou the Helens I
; Run division of the Mouongahela Val- {
I ley Traction Company will be started ]
' January 10. the operating schedule for j
that division having been finally ap-'
proved by S. Ennis. general manager i
of the Western Maryland Railroad, ,
i who was In Fairmont yesterday In con- j
! | ference with E. B. Moore, general man-!
| ager ot the traction company, with reI
speet to the schedule. The first regu
lar cur will be operated over the line |
next Wednesday morning.
Tho Western Maryland is the firs: |
steam road in northern West Virginia
' to be electrified, the freight shipments
j being handled by the Western Mary
land at night and the passenger ser- j
' vice taken care of by the trnctio.. com-:
puny In the day time.
The Helena ltun cars will meet the 1
Clarksburg Interurban cars leaving;
': Fairmont at ti and 8 a. m. and -1 and ,
| G p. tn. On Saturdays extra cars will i
| he run to meet the S and 10 p. m. cars j
i fro mFalrmont and on Sundays the 8!
and 0 p. in. cars.
' | The cars louvo Helen's Hen Junction
at o:35. s:o5. 4:35 and 6:35 and
arrive at Carolina 40 minutes later In
: i each case. The cars lay ut Curollna
I 35 minutes and return to HelenB lluu
i Junction, arriving there at 8:20, 10:20, ;
6:20 - 8:20.
Ball Players Frat
Gets a Throw Down
i (By Associated Prew)
1 CINCINNATI, Jan. 5.?The National
Rfmahall (Vmimtasinn tnilnv tltunifasA-! I
11 the petition of ilio basobull players' |
;! fraternity. Of the four concessions :
| asked for by the fraternity the com
mission belli that three of them did not
l refer In any way to major leagues and
' therefore hold that they were Internal
- affairs of the National association and
' could come before the commission
i only on appeal.
The other concession, the one nskl
lng thta "a clause In the players' con
. tract empowering clubs to suspend
L W11UUUI 11U.Y 1 centUIl periods t)L
( disability players who arc Injured in
service be eliminated and that such
players be entitled to full pay as long
as' they are held under contract" was
also dismissed.
ING, JANUARY 5, 1917.
mZM? t l, -1-'
: ??,'?
>, ' ,v s 1
& ' '.<v .' ' . yfts-. * \
del who was murdered, and a pen nm
elpttfn, beeume a manicurist and on acci
ked'home-wealthy men called for he
Toy Balloon Makes \
Record Aviators
Might Well Envy
WASHINGTON, Pa., Jan. 5.?A '
toy balloon wus seen to drop at |
(lavsvllle; 10 miles from here 011
Christmas (lav and today it was '
learned that it had been sent up by I
a Cincinnati, Ohio, man two days be- ;
fore C'hristmaR faking the almost l
unbelievable flight of 000 miles in
t wo days.
Decide Not to Ask Legislature
For Another Amendment
WHEELING, W. Va.. Jan. a.?The
Legislature at its coming session will
not be asked to again submit the
equal suffrage amendment at the next
election, it was decided at the final
session of a two-day conference of tho
executive board or Hie West Virginia
Equal Suffrage Association. The boaru
was of the opinion that It would bo Inadvisable
to ask lor a resubmission of
the issue at this time, but a permanent!
organization will be maintained.
> ucuiicius in iiiu uuaru were mica
with the election of L)r. Harriet B.1
Jones, of Glendntc. as first vice presi :
dent; Jlrs. Mary Bnrk, of Huntington, i
as second vice president, and Miss;
Margaret McKinney. of Fairmont, as j
treasurer, succeeding Miss Carrie I
Zane, of Wheeling, who resigned be-,
cause of ill health.
It was announced that the assocla- i
tlon will hold Its annual convention In
May but the time and place are yet
to be decided upon by the executive
Telegrams will be sent to West Vir
?iiuu t> roiiivBciiitiiivcH iu v uxifcrchb requesting
them to vote for the submls- j
sion or u re'derai amendment granting
cquul suffrage.
Republican Cauc on the Peace Note
{By Associated Freest
WASHINGTON. Jan. 5.?Senate Republicans
caucused today on whether
to take party action in relation to
an endorsement of the sending or President
Wilson's peace note or whether
they shall-further oppose adoption ot
the Hitchcock resolution and present.
a substitute representing Republican |
'? V', -."-1 ?.? -V ? ?' '. jv-'SR'v v*
11 cnir
I LLfllt I
: na
1 IK)
| cl
1 in
! Si
gMBDB^^^^^BQ <ir
I ink story of lier life. She wa? born tl
junt of her beuutv was called "Queen I g,
r In automobiles. She became a ,u
! st
I b,
I tl
Gives Talk at Meeting of the
Public Health Nursing
Service. $
Mrs. Wilson, supervisor of Town and
Country Nursing Service of the Na- k>
tlonal Red Cross Society of Washing- c,
ton, D. C., was In tho city yesterday in j tl
conference with the local Public I w
Health Nursing Service and the Red
Cross chapter. tl
A meeting was held at four o'clock ci
at tho V. M. C. A. building which was h
attended by a number of the members n
of each organization. Mrs. Wilson
gave a talk along the line of practical 61
things which the societies arc accom- h
pushing In various places. She visited '
a number of plages In the city where '<
there is slcknoss in company with w
Miss Elizabeth Voak, the Red Cross U
nurse located here. li
Mrs. Wilson came hern from Clarks- al
hurg where Btac lmd paid a similar vis- 2!
it and wont from here last evening to is
Morgantown. From Morgantown she P1
will make a tour of the Middle West in
the interest of the cause she rcpreseats.
Francis M. Valentine
Dies at Edgemont a]
-7 m
Francis M. Valentine aged 58 years, rj
died laBt night at 6 o'clock at his 1
home at Edgemout after a long ill- =
ness from a complication of diseases.
He Is survived by his wife and several
children, namely, Mrs. Harvey Clark,
of Pennsboro, ltoscoe of Pittsburgh.
Mrs. Albert Angle, Of Brownsville,
Pa.. M. F. and J. C. Valentine of Edgmont
and Mrs. Fay Hupp of Grafton.
The deceased has been a resident of
Edgmont for fifteen years. He was a
member of the First M. E. Church.
Funeral services will be held on
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock front
the residence and Interment will be
made in Woodlawn Cemetery by Undertaker
R. C Jones.
Gibbons Funeral to
Be Held Tomorrow:
The funeral of Ur. George A. Gibbons.
whose death occurred yesterday
morning at his home at Romney, is
announced to take place on Saturday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Several local
friends'of the deceased will leave
here. on the seven o'clock train on
Saturday morning to attend the funeral.
??- BH I
ext Task For the Police is
to Establish the MoElllS
-1- |
is Father is a Wealthy Re- I
tired Coal Opera- .
(By Associated Press) j i,-'Sa
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 5. ? DaUo.'cs
at police headquarters here antunced
today that the suicide of Bar
;. v. iviii, n?j. ??? ?
Tho police believe ho contemplated
ticide by gas asphyxiation. A towel
?d been placed over the transom of
h room and the keyhole of the door
i his apartments was found stuffed
Ith paper. The police say they beeve
LcwU was preparing to end hi t
fe and was taking bis own time
>0111 it and that he had purchased the
1 calibre rifle to make a quick fin
h in the- event he was suddenly aur"ised.
. :'- {~'?a
According to word received liero
ewis' father is on his way her* from
So far the county physician has or:red
no Inquest.
?- -issgB
Mrs. n. S. Monroe and sons, Robert
id John, havo roturued from Haitiore
whors they had spent two weeks
> the guests of Mrs. Monroe's broth
r, Dr. V. W. Wyatt.
- ul
The Christmas
Savings Club. j
The Peoples
National Bank
Is open'(or the enrollment of
Corner lot Bellvlew addltlom.
Terms reasonubfe. Answer R,
ril vv. Lewis, or Pittsburgh, In Atntlc
City, last night, when he was
apped by authorities ot that city,
Ived the mystery surrounding th?
urder of Malzlc Colbert whose body,
ad in violet silk pajamas, was found
her npartment here late last
iturday night.
The only thing that remains to be
me. they said, was to find the motive
r the crime.
Circumstantial evidence," the police
y. convince them Lewis, who is the
hi of a wealthy retired Pittsburgh
ml operator, was the slayer of tee
Lewis was positively identified by
Iwood l'oweli, the iliauffeur, who
ove him and the Misses Kthel end
abet Kyle to their home in Germanwti
last Thursday night as the men
later took to Miss Colbert's tpartl'hilmielphia
detectives who went to
tlantic City last night say thatLewia'
lir matches that found clutched in tee
jud girl's hand and that Lewis was
und to lie wearing a woman's underilrt
which corresponds exactly to garcnts
worn by Miss Colbert. A blood
ained handkerchief was found in his
i.nwia ran no wruiun?nsnonph,
>wever, as far as could be learned,
- v-4
ATLANTIC CITY, Jan 5.?Beyon.i fl
s ilramatic suicide which In itself.
e police say, was a confession of
lit. nothing bos keen found here to
Sectly connect Bernard W. Lewis.
in of the wealthy retired cool operar
of Pittsburgh, with the murder of
aizic Colbert, the Philadelphia artist 11
The police said they had hoped to
ud a written statement from Lewis
i to his connection with the PhlUdelila
A careful seurch of apartments he
id occupied here revealed nothing to
rectiy connect him with the crime,
it Philadelphia detectives here said
ey had found strong circumstantial
idence and are convinced that he
us the man wanted for the murder.
The shirt and collar he wore were
iw'and were the same sire as the
oody shirt and collar found in thn
jlberl apartment after the girl was
uud beaten and strangled to death.
The finding of a blood stained handirehief
in his pockot and the fact that
te of his hands was scratched Is furicr
evidence, they said, that Lewis
as the man wanted for the murder.
Some of the detectives working oo
te case believe that If they had not
une upon Lewis so suddenly he may
ivc left a letter telling of his con......
.... ? ill, ih,. murder.

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