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I I ?(BJjejttlcst Uivgtinian-i
I p.j, ilTHB paper THAT OOBfl HOME."
{, by the Fairmont Printing and Publishing Company.
W. J. WIEGEL. General Manager.
| james C. HERBERT, Acting Editor.
k ray mapel, Advertising Manages.
c. v. repic, Circulation Mapager.
Publication Offloe, Monroe Street
, bell 1105?1106 i consolidated
% All departments reached Circulation Dept 250
through private branch Advertising Dept 250
exchange. I Editorial Rooma 97
Foreign Advertising Representative, ROBERT E.
WARD, Brunswick Bldg., New York. 123 W. Madison
fttrPAt. Phlmirn
/_. ** o? __
(Payable In advance only) One Year $7.00
One Year $5.00 Six Months $3.00
H . ' SLx Months $3.00 One .Month 00c
Three Months $1.50 . One Week loc
One Month COc. Per Copy 3c
All subscription)* parable I" advance.
When^ asking for cqonge In address give old as well as
irJ^V Entered nt the Pos toff Ice at ftilrrmuit, West Virginia, as
second alass matter.
Subscribers on our carrier routes failing to get The
West Virginian anv evening should call "WRSTRltV
UNION." state the tact and give name anil residence,
and a messenger will deliver a paper to your door at
once. There Is no charge to the subscriber for this
service. The West Virginian plans to render to its
subscribers tho best newspaper delivery service possible
and this is part ot the plan.
A NNOUNCEMENT that the Chamber of ComJ-\
merce is to hold a special meeting for consideration
of municipal improvements carries with it a message
of genuine encouragement for the friends of the chamber.
This body has been of vast benefit to the community, but
there is small popular appreciation of its past services and
' its present worth simply because it has made little or no
1' effort to come into touch with the people.
By deciding to take an active interest in the things the
tverage man is interested in?we assume there is some such
purpose behind the plans for the special meeting to be held
next Tuesday night?the chamber will go a long way toward
remedying this condition.
Y*r/HEN the statisticians of the Federal Reserve board
y VV diat the increase in the debts of the nations at
war amounts to $49,455,000,000 they may know
iwhat the figures mean in terms of money, but the rest of
us do not. The chances arc that the Reserve board's experts
know less about it than some others. The statistical
mind is, as a rule, essentially dry and matter of fact?and
. it takes imagination of a high order to appreciate such an
array of cyphers and numerals.
The gentlemen who weigh worlds and calculate the distances
that separate planets juggle with figures quite as for-,
midable in annearance with everv show of understanHino
them, but at best they are an impractical lot. Newton, the
Did boy who discovered, or rediscovered, gravity, and who
was for a long time superintendent of the English mint,
might have approached this problem of actual and not figurative
high finance with some show of appreciating its fine
points, but we confess his is the only name that occurs to
us right now which would inspire us with confidence in such
a connection.
i But although there is small prospect that many will ever
. B i B ii i 11 and game warden, ,
II r\v TrT" C*T"T irr I Ee"n8ton, to the g
II KUFF jl Urr During the yeai
II * TV I 1913. tnly 80,000 ac
Y RED. I wero burned over t
I* .. W crmparison with 26
I ed in the nrecedit
The Old Town was all lit up la3t d,irjIig lhe year i
by So2/,000 than' tl
Looked mighty good. too. against forest ?flre
* * * year was 4,$400 wl
As the next municipal Improvement previous year was
we suggest that there be a general From 1909 to 191
brightening up of the store fronts report, there have
tong the street. fires In the state
* acres have been bu
' Terrible Joe Strickler has been est products destro
Bra eiuth t at last. more than $600,00'
I* * that $25,000 was ax
But, listen! It was an Ohio cop during thoBe year
Hrho did the Job. such fires.
* * * In his report t
Rollo Conley has moved up another suggests that the
fceg in the state guard. coming session an
Some one must be steering the guard so as to provide th
better during the past few weeks than of one dollar (or
while back. Ing licenses. The
? * * mates, w-ill be ap:
I When the local Pythians do things a year. He sugge
they do them right. this Increased revi
? torlng fire protect
We lamp that the suffragists are not now sufficten
not going to ask the next legislature that the remainder
for resubmission of tlio amendment. ing ji better deputy
Probably on the ground that It will forcement of gam<
'do no good to. ask that body for any- establishment of g
thing right. each county of th<
* * ing of a fish hati
Colonel Price has again been elect- streams of the sta
hd mayor of Monongah. suggested.
K-: The only way to pry the Colonel Statistics given
loose from that Job is to move the that in 1915-1916 t
lown and leave him where ho is. fish planted in We
* * * was 1,4S6,000, moi
And then the citizens would regret more than were
It so much that they would go back previous year. Pil
and more him too. number nlanteil
* * * small-mouth bhiek
If you take it from the newspapers trout following In
Tom Lawson does not know from one Some catfish, large
minute to the other where ho Is at, sun fish and capt
but it is wise to remember that this trlbutod.
Is not the first time Tom has success- During the two j
fully kidded the whole nation. by the report, the i
||v . cti 372 persons for
i laws of the statf
? sons arrested on
| DITC nc acquitted, while 32
Ol 1 O U" and 26 have been
T 1 . clarcs that the m
State Senator-elect E'mer Hough, glnia is too high,
former president of the West Vlr- smaller fee would
ginla Automobile Association, has enues. He also
Jrafted a bill which he will present present system of
pt the session of the legislature to cm- ties by paying the
vene next week, amending the automo- Imposed on violate
bile licence tax law. The proposed sentiment against
measure would fix the license tni: ne not satisfactory.
cording to the size and power of the
automobile, with the roiuimum in\ at Fate often mate
IS and $2S as the maximum. lows and 0ne of
Kiys'f*"';' tho Grafton Senti
That forest lire protection service our city Iti the
In West Virginia Is rapidly becoming Squire E. DeMo
more efficient (s shown in the fourth ed justice of the
biennial report of the state forest, fish Ills offices in the
tjp'- ' >. '
A nt
understand what these figure* mean, regarded as money.
D.urope knows now and unle?i miracle happens for generations
to come will continue to know what they mean in
blood and sweat and agony and grinding poverty and limitm!
nnnnrhmitip*. Cnnhnental P.iirnrM wm arnaninor under
the cost of the preparation for this great war. The national
debts at the beginning of 1914 were roughly $25,000.000,000
and economists gravely talked of national bankruptcy.
Now this awful burden of almost $50,000,000,000
is piled on top of that. Well, the best one can do
is to wonder what they are going to do about it.
The one ray of hope is that the important outcome of the
war will be such an increase in democracy as will compel
a more equal distribution of burdens. It is among the possibilities
that the carrying cost can be so distributed that the
average citizen of Vienna or London or the French and
Russian peasant will not feel the new burden any more
than he felt the old. And if that is the result, who shall
be so bold as to say it is not worth the price?
t-i vrni !RAr.rn t,., ?u. ?f u.u
I UJ UiV IlibVUUg ?-/1 bllipiUJWJ llbiu
r. Wednesday, the officers of the Monongahela Valley
Traction company plan to have such gatherings at
least quarterly hereafter. Doubtless the public which uses
the various services maintained by this corporation read the
announcement with interest and a lively sense of pleasure.
The primary purpose of these meetings, doubtless, is an
increase in the dividend earning power of the corporation,
but it is an uncscapable fact that the some increase of efficiency
which increases earnings inevitably means better service
for the travelers on the cars and the consumers of gas
and electricity.
Unquestionably the first Impression of the new lighting
system on Main street, as far the average citizen Is
concerned, was one of disappointment. JuBt what was
expected it was not easy to gather from the comment,
and the truth probably is that the public mind was too
hazy on the subject to form a settled opinion. In a day
or two the people will be in better position to appreciate
what a decided improvement It is. Manifestly it
is a step in the right direction and a thing of beauty in
the bargain.
Active and aggressive mediation by President Wilson,
it Is announced, will be the administration policy with
regard to the conditions in Europe. But with regard to
Mexico, which is our own peculiar affair, watchful waiting
is still the policy.
According to the annual report of the Chicago Union
stockyards, more cattle were marketed in that center
last year than ever before. Old 1916 seems to have
been a record breaking year all around. It would be
real news to discover something which fell back during
the period.
Switzerland advices are to the effect that there are
persistent rumors in Berlin that the German govern
inent is to reply to the Entente refusal of the peace
proffer, and that this time there will be a list of demands
and concessions. Throughout the diplomatic maze which
has grown up around the peace negotiations one thing
stands out clear and unmistakable, and that is that on
both sides thero is genuine desire for peace. And notwithstanding
the military situations make peace seem
Improbable this year, that desire may bring about the
seeming impossible.
The protective tariff is adopting the Democratic party.
?Wheeling News.
One notable thing that the West Virginia legislature
of 1917 will not do will be to elect a United States senator.?Parkersburg
Only 17 years old, and look what this century has
done already.?Clarksburg Exponent.
j. a. Vlsquesney of i the old brewery. Thus time work!
;overnor. It that the brewery, which prohibit
ending June 30 'on'sts labeled as the seat of corrupt
mes of forest lands ")<>, lawlessness has become tli<
n West Virginia in established seat of Justice.
ig?year.r,*tn^!oss Wo.rd fhas beea rec.e.i.v?d ia Clarks
1915*1910 was less burg by former Slierriff Ross F. Stoui
re loss in the year ot the dath of his brother. Alfred H
:ost of protection Stout, of near Denver, Colorado, bu
s during the past formerly of Buckhannon. Funera
lile the cost in the services over the body were held Torn
more than {10,000. the late borne ot the deceased. Tin
s according to the body will be held in Colorado unti
heon l.lfiR forest spring when it will be removed t(
and"almost" 706.000 West Virginia for five years prior t?
rned over -with for- movlnK to Colorado, in 1909, Mr Stou
yed to the value of waB assistant postraastor of the Buch
9 It is estimated hannon postolTice. Before that tlmi
p'ended by the state lle wa8 engaged in farming near Pee
s in extinguishing Tree and had a largo circle of friend
in Both Harrison and Upshur countie:
Upon moving to Colorado Mr Stoui
fd ft, S S in partnership with his brothers, put
i ? w chased a ranch of 1.000 acres. Sine
tllat time he has been very successfu
TrS:' hunt ln the c?Dduct 01 ?"> busl
proceeds, he estl- neas'
nnr5.'?of Mayor Fred C. Gramham of Graftoi
ine bo used in bet- haa PWpared his resignation for sut
ion in these areas "'"J0?,*e C!g CommiMlloner, a
tlv nroterted and r?t?nlar meeting next Monday
UL ^I^ in nrnvlli January 8th to take effect the 15tb
system for ?h e e m Mr- Graham haa acccPted a flne P?s
s laws and for the itlon wlth the Baltimore and Ohio ral
ame sanctuaries in road wstatant to the chief account
1 state The build- antl H' u- Summers in the superiri
-horv to stork the tendent's offico at the station and ex
te with fish ls also P0(da to !ako "P "is new duUes wl;
next week.
In the report show I
Crowd Expected at
distributed In the Parkersburg Gam*
te perch lod In the
with hrnnk trout- ....... ?n? *
xitoi; inn in taii\ciDUUi{i YVUl U<
baas, and rainbow packed Into the Parkersburg Y. M. C
the order named. A. tomorrow night when Falrmon
Miiouth black baas, High plays the Parkersburg basket
ileB were also dls- ball five. The Parkersburg paper
are making more of a fuss over th'
rear period covered gamo with Fairmont than they havi
department convict- for any game so far this season, am
violating the game more than they usually make over an;
I. Eighty-five per- game of tho season,
such charges were The'high school is also advortlslni
! cases are pending the game In a way that is aBsurini
appealed.l The to- a crowd. In the Parkersburg Sent!
acceded $6,000 and nel they have been carrying a seven
as collected. colume advertisement telling about thi
ley In his report do- game, beside the usual placard die
on-resident hunting play.
3 fee In West Vir- Coach Moore has his men In perfec
He asserts that a condition for tliq trip and they are con
bring greater rev- fident they will come home with th
declares that tho scalp of the first real adversary the:
renumerattng depu- have met this sedfcon.
m half of tho fines ?-*
>rs lenus 10 arouse PAPERS CONSOLIDATED
the deputies and Is SALEM, W. Va.. Jan. 5.?Announce
ment was made today that Wade Pep
per. n Wheeling newspaper man, hai
is strange bed fel- acquired a controlling interest in thi
the strangest, says Salem Herald shuttle Salem Exprest
:nel perhaps is in and (lint the two newspapers wouli
First ward whore he consolidated under the name of thi
ss. the newly elect- Herald-Express. Mr. Pepper will edl
peace, has opened and mtinage the now publication!
i office building o.t which will be issued weekly.
MR. F^rUMD. U?C 4 Re
A rut*pjss> SIVB THE ORPHi
a/-c?ano OLn Btot*-otrr **
Officers Installed
At the regular meeting of the
Knights of Pythias held In their caBtle
hall Tuesday evening the following officers
were InBtaled: Chancellor commander,
Grover Spragg; vice chancellor,
Jess Knight; prelate, William
Fleming; master at arms, Charles
Shepp; keeper of records and seals,
T. G, Price; master of finance, Leo N.I
Satterfield; inner guard, Glen Fleming;
outer guard, Emery Morris; trustee,
John Crayton.
Greenstlck Fracture
Louise Snyder, the three-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Snyder of Main street, fell and broke
her left arm. The child was sitting
on the top of her mother's sowing machine
when she fell. The injured arm
was attended by a physician and the
child is now improving.
Elected Officers
The local Rebecca lodge met Tuesday
and elected the" following officers
who will be installed at the next meeting
of the lodge: Noble grand. Miss
Pearl Morris; vice noble grand, Mrs.
Maggie Kerns; secretary, Mrs. Delia
' Snyder; treasurer, Mrs. L. D. Spragg.
Good Program
An interesting urogram has been
' planned for the Thoburn school literary
society which will meet at the
school building this evening. It is as
- follows: Song, school; select reading,
t Myra Martin; violin solo, Charles Mc.
Kain; story. Mrs. Claud McBee; recit
tation, Grace Yoak; vocal solo, In/.a
1 Meredith; story, Harry Pickus; school
t paper. Kenneth Currey. Following the
J program officers will be elected.
3 Inasmuch
J The Inasmuch Circle of King's
t Daughters mot Tuesday at the homo of
Miss Minnie Cchvell, of Edgmont. A
b number of local memhers attended,
1 returning on the last car. Refresh
s ments were served after which a gens
oral social hour was enjoyed. The
:, noNt n.toting will be held at (he horn ;
- of Miss Johnson of Westchester,
e Municipal Election
1 The largest vote that was over rcg[
istcred in any Municipal election hold
in Monongah was recorded yesterday
when Col. T. G. Price was re-elected
j mayor for the seventh consecutive
i- year. There was but ono ticket with
t the following candidates: Mayor, T.
, G. Price; recorder, Lee N. Sattcrfield;
i. councilman, P. H. McDonnel, J. H
i- Leonard, H. B. Crisplip, C. V. Arp and
1 Clarence Currey. The first meeting
of the officers was held in the town
i- building last evening.
Mrs. John Costello has been HI for
the past several days.
Miss Catherine Moore, of Fairmont,
was among the out-of-town shoppers In
Monongah yesterday evening,
i John Cornell and William Lawson
J were in aFlrmont yesterday afternoon
attending to business,
e Mrs. John Mort was in Fairmont yes!.
terday afternoon attending to shopt
Frank Graves was among the local
s out-of-town callers in Fairmont yese
e Miss Maggie Kiles, of near Eldora,
i was in Monongah yesterday en route
t to Fairmont.
Mrs. Jennie Evans was in Fairmont
! yesterday afternoon attending to bustS
I- Miss Millie Evans and Mrs. Miller.
i- of Fairmont, attended the meeting of
o the Pythian ISsters here last evens
Mrs. R. E. Tripp and Miss Elizat
beth Stotler, of Fairmont, were in Moi
nongah yestorday as business callers.
0 Mrs. Tony Cirrao was in Fairmont
f yesterday as a Bocial caller.
Mrs. Fred Bllllngslea, of Worthington,
was in town yesterday attending
to shopping,
i- Mrs. G. 11. Nicholson has returned
i- after her Christmas vacation with
1 friends and relatives in Akron, Cleveu
land and other points.
i, Mrs. Ruth Dawson who has been
1 very 111 for the past several days Is
a now-Improving.
t Mrs. S. Martin, of Worthington, was
i, among the out-of-town shopporu In Monongah
yesterday afternoon.
-N'-. ' ' V
'o5wt / noS?"L_
* J
H 1 or ? rw vsax
W?^ SWT'
10 mm limits
Will Ask Legislature Help
It Become a 30,000
CLARKSBURG. W. Va? Jan. 5? At
the session or the State Legislature,
which will convene Junuary 10, it is
probable that a bill will be introduced
by either Senator Roy E. Parrish of
this district, or one of the four members
of the House of Delegates from
Harrison county, extending the municipal
limits of Clarksburg to make the
city one of the 30,000 to 33,000 inhabitants.
Two plans are considered, the adoption
of the one of which would include
Adamston, Stealcy, Point Comfort, a
portion of Glen Elk, not now included
within the city limits. Industrial aud
Broad Oaks, with territory adjacent
| to these lines, passed by the Legislature
and approved by the boroughs
Included. Clarksburg would have a
population of about 30,000. The second
plan would include the boroughs named,
and In addition include more of Industrial,
Norwood, the factory town
to the far cast of Clarksburg, the Fair
Grounds addition and Kelloy I?ll. All
of these boroughs are thickly populated
now. and the population in all
or them is rapidly growing. Stealey
has some fine paved streets, so has
liroad Oakos, industrial and others.
Mrs. Henry Lambert who has been
visiting her mother Mrs. Ellen Fowell
has returned lo Monongah.
Mr. and Mrs. Coif man of Sutton
who spent the holidays with the former's
parents have returned home.
Miss Lillian McBee is visiting her
j brother Lewis McBee at Wellsburg.
Mrs. J. L. Tennanl, Miss Minnie
Powell and Mrs. Carl Hamilton and
Mrs. Ira Yost were at Fairmont shopping
Lou Underwood, Gay Amtnons, Char
He Sine, Reason Fox were business
visitors at Fairmont Wcdneday.
Harley Lough and Lester Tennani
returned t0 Wesleyan college Wed
nesday afternoon.
Mrs. Ralph Machesney was visiting
friends at Mannington Wednesday.
Cody Pltzer was a Fairview visitor
mho ki i mm nnurn
who hll nun uunn
But a Single Bottle of NervWorth
Banished Mrs.
Newkirk's Nervous
Mrs. NewkirR, who lives at No. 210
Sprupe street, Fairmont is one of Fair
mont's grateful Nerv-Worth usars
Weigh her words carefully:
"I have been sick for one year.
Dizzy and fainting spells and breaking
out on the skin, -which caused considerable
Itching and would keep m?
awake at night.
"Bowels constipated. In a run-down
condition. Could hardly do my work
and lots of times I was not able to do
the housework.
"I have taken one bottle of NervWorth
and I certainly feel much better.
Itching all gone, my complexion
is clearing up, sleep is real good, ap
petite good, bowels regular. Take II
all around I am much Improved in
Norv-Worth tones up the nerves,
regulates the bowels, banishes headaches.
rouses the liver, builds up the
system, aids digestion. If it falls to do
this for you get your dollar back at
Crane's Drug Store.
on C
The costs offered in 1
the season's best mode
wear. Hie reductions i
small regard for forme
are remarkable, even at
lection is urged.
Broadcloth Coats
Wool Velours S
Bolivias $13.75
Plushes $16,
Mixtures $7.
!l In S
The Opportunities for ?
the Best ol
A very good detection of Bros
Poplins and Serges, some fur
way under their usual values.
Serge. Poplin end other Woo
Fine Fur Trimmed Broadclott
and $29.75.
This sale cf line slices has e
great deal to us to reduce the
opportunities to supply their too
Fine Smoked h
Miss Nolo Rice was the guest of
Miss Snow Allia at Fairmont a few
days this week.
Miss Flroonee Hogul returned to
Wesleyan University. Buckhannon.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seymour who
have been spending a fow weeks here
have returned to Wilkes Barrc. Pa.
. Mr. and Mrs. Lot Austin and Miss
Beatrice Tootliman were at Fairmont
?uuyi)iii? vveunusuay aiieriiuuu.
Misses Margaret and Agnes Greaser
haxe returned to Wheeling Business
College after spending the holidays
with their parents Mr. and Mrs.
Jake Greaser.
Robert Wlnningham. of New York,
was visiting Miss Minnie Powell a
few days this week.
Mrs. R. W. Fritlz who has been sick,
is getting better.
Mrs. Charlie Sine Is visiting relatives
at Miracle Run.
Misses Sallie Sampseon and Ma.ry
Shackelford, who have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Sampson during
the holidays have returned to their
home in Virginia.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears ^*0
nature of
Immediate??Yes! Certain??that's
the joy ot it. Your hair becomes light,
wavy, fluffy, abundant and appears as
soft, lustrous and beautiful as a young
girl's after an application of Danderlne.
Also try this?moisten a clotii
| with a little Danderine and carefully
draw it Um>u?h your hair, taking one
small strand at a time. This will
i cleanse the hair of dust, dirt or exces
. slve oil. and In lust a tew moments you
. have doubled the beauty of your hair.
A delightful surprise awaits those
. whose hair has been neglected or is
scraggy, faded, dry. brittle or thin. Besides
beautifying tbo hair. Danderine
i dissolves every particle of dandruff;
cleanses, purities and invigorates the
, scalp, forever stopping itching and
: falling hair, but what will please you
> most will be after a few weeks' use,
when you see new hair ? fine and
. downy at first?yes?but really new
. hair growing all over the scalp,
i Danderine is to the hair what fresh
. showers of rain and sunshine are to
: vegetation. It goes right to the roots,
i invigorates and strengthens them. Its
exhilarating, stimulating and life-producing
properties cause the hair to
, grow long, strong and beautiful.
Ton can surely have pretty, charai
lag lustrous hair, and lots of it. If you
i will lust get a 25-cent botUe of Kaowli
ton's Danderine from, any drug stored
toJlit ooud&t it a| 4tae||?|
!r' .y.'''
1 < vv'l'VwH&SSl '"4din25i!l4r'
Reductions?\ I
Jiis clearance represent I
Is for street and drees I
lave been made with I
r prices and the values I
sale prices. Prompt se- 1
, $19.75 to $29.75
il7.50 to $2750
to $2450 I | I
,50 to $24.50
50 to $15.00.
'uits 1 |I J
Economical Selection are I
f the Year. I | I
idcloths, Velours, Bolivia Cloths, ]
trimmed, all carry price tickets I g fl
1 Suits, 88.75, 111.76, 816.00.
i and Velour Suits 122.60, 824.00
ir Shoe Sale-\ I
l two fold merit. It i* worth a }
stocks, and It gives women fine
twear needs for months to corns
Jams 22c pound
tent Grocery.
Mrs. William Knode, Sr.. and son. IH
Willie Knode, Jr., were visiting friend- IH
nt Littleton this week.
Rev. Follows, of Moundsvllle, a*~j'|
sisted by Rev. R. D. Hall la conduct in :
| n scries of meetings at the Mot.ho IH
I (list Episcopal church every afternoon !H
2:30 p. m. and 7 p. m. Everybody Is H
Misses Nellie Amnions. Ethel Am- 1
mons and Mrs. Frnncoi Tonlhman' 1
Schrooder were at Fairmont rhopp'na ]l
Thursday afternoon.
nnwtr CTAU 1
-w.. , -ji-ht uunoiirHicu wur II
Tonight suro! Remove the liver an1 II
howol poison which Is keeping your I
head dizzy, your stomach coated, !|
breath offensive and stomach sour. jH
Don't stay bilious, sick, headachy, con- fl
Htlpated and full of cold. Why don't I
you get a box of CaBcareta from the II
drug Btore now? Eat one or two to- j|
night and enjoy the nicest, gontlcst j
liver and bowel cleansing you ever ex- !
perlenced. You will wake up feeling ;
fit and fine. Cascareta never gripe or I
bother you all the next day like calomel,
salts and pills. They act gently I
but thoroughly. Mothers should give |
cross, sick, bilious or feverlBh children
a whole Cascaret any time. They are
harmless and children love them.
"Wear Ever" I
Hot Water Bottles I
Hot water bottles of the
highest type, quali'j$~
and construction. Real 11
good material, real fine
PRICE $1.00 UP.
fountain Syringes 1
Fountain syringes of
the same high grade as
all our rubber goods. H
Absolutely guaranteed
or back comes your
money if you are no!
88 PRICE $1.00 UP.

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