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pv The Difference
if not altogether a quea
*inn nf Vinilrli^fv K..t nf
I Merchandise
and Prices
The chief thing about thii
Harrison store that die
" tinguishes it from othei
stores is its
Always Better
% Values
that we always sell loi
cash. We thereby sell foi
less, and everything thai
you buy here is absolutely
I No unworthy goods car
gain entrance here to b<
palmed off upon our trust
ing customers.
No matter how low th<
price, you can be sure oJ
dependable qualities.
Other stores may equa
our prices, but not oui
There's a
Vast Difference
Between Low-Prices
and Good Values
hat riAiinr nm
1. mi mum
They Say He Can't Ke<
Sutherland Out of the
Washington View of Matt
Said to Puzzle the
WASHINGTON. D. C. January (
Coupled with the news from Charl
ton that Governor Hatfield profe
od to be worried over the alloRed la
ut lew* to enlighten him as how
certify to the clerk ot the Unit
State* Seriate the election ot Hows
Sutherland to that body, the ne
ivom Hlnton that Senator Chill
hae instituted proceedings in the <
euit court of Judge JameiTHenry IV
ler asking tor a judicial inquiry li
the amount 0t money expended by :
Sutherland in the primary last Ju:
" the politicians sat up witli a start a
' * - took notice that the long-threater
and expected contest of Chilton
Sutherland had made a start.
The opinion as to the meaning
thts proceeding held here is that
praeages an application on jhe pi
Ot Senator Chilton for an injuncti
to restrain Governor Hatfield fri
issuing a certificate of election
Mr. Sutherland. The granting ot sii
a restraining order would very pr
ably leave the matter undetermir
when Governor Hatfield stepped i
of the gubernatorial office and Jo
J. Cornwall, a Democrat stepped
The Opinion also prevails that wh
Mr. Sutherland may eventually i
the pHce in the Senate to which
was elacted hy upwards of 8000 m
ority, the action ot Senator Chill
tends to indicate that Mr. Sutherls
Is to be put to a whole lot ot trou'
and not a little expense In defend!
hte victory over Chilton.
The action tahen by Senator CI
ton Vas taken under the section
the West Virginia corrupt pr&ctli
act, which readB as follows:
"At any time within sixty days
tar any primary or other election, i
attorney general any prosecuting
inner, any candidates voted tor
b.v wh such election, or any one bundi
qualified voters, upon giving bond
indemnify the person whose elect
la contested, from all costs, attornc
fee and expenses incurred by bin
defending his title to office In the
ant that such person'* title to hie office
It upheld, may present to any cir-j
cult judge a petition setting forth on-'
der oath upon Information or'tpersonal'
knowledge, that corrupt and Illegal'
practices contmry to the provisions'
of this act, specifying the same, were {
committed In connection with Inquiry,
Into the alleged facts.
" "If such shall be of the opinion that
the Interests of public justice require'
such Judicial Inquiry, he shall authorize
such an inquiry.
"Such petition Shall be tried with-1
out a Jury; the petitioner or petitioners,
and all candidates at such eler
tlon. shall be entitled to appeer and
be heard as parties; and the courtj
shall have power to compel the at-1
1 tendance of witnesses and the product
Ion of books and papers which are relevant
and material and all the evidence
taken shall be properly certl'
fled aud made a part of the record
' of such proceedings.
"It any court shall decide that any
' successful candidate so petitioned j
against in penton or through his pol-j
ltfcal agent, had committed corruptj
or Illegal practices, sufficient to mat-i
terially Influenco the result, tlie elect!
ion of such candidate shall he void"'. |
Congressman Sutherland's offense, I
' i and only one charged by his umecj
cessful opponent, so far as known
* here. It .'hat Sutherland expended a
larger sum in the June primary than;
I the laws of the state allow, and, as
a matter of fact he did. but the am/
J ount was trivial. Mr, Sutherland's
statement filed here shows that he ?
. exceeded the maximum by $53.50 The /
i corrupt practices act allows a candidate
for United States Senator to ex- J
1 pend $75 to the county "to aid in Securing
ills nominaton. or election, or
1 both". There are 55 counties in West
One of the main questions raised
; by Senator Chilton which Judge
; James Henery Miller, of llinfon. has
to decide is whether in the expenditure
of this $52,50 surplusage Mr.Sut2
herland "had committed corrupt or
. illegal practices sufficient to mattert
ially influence the result". Sutherland
won the nomination by over 3000 majI
orlty and the election by 6000. Questlon:
Had he neglected to spend that H
i extra *52.50 wmnu ne nave lanea or
1 nomination in the first place, and con t(
, sequently election in the second?
Another main question for him to answer
is whether "the Interests of public
justice require such a judical in- b
quiry" as has been asked for by Chilton.
Judge Miller Is a democrat, but p
his judicial reputation Is of the highest.
- v
Politicians here note In connection
with this matter that Senator ChilI
ton. so far has found nothing Jn the
regular election to base his anticipated
contest on. but has been compelled
to go back to tho June primary
to find the most trivial or campaign w
trivialities to rest his case on. They v
pronounce It plckayunlsh. even raem!bers
of Senator Chilton's own party. a
and the Senator has been critlcisod it
for showing signs that he isn't a game
loser. o
Even since Senator Chilton's de- c
feat by Mr. Sutherland there have T
^ been persistent talk that he would try p
_ to find something on which to base V
? a contest. For a long time he would
not concede that Sutherland had dc- it
feated him by 6000. but claimed to his li
Democratic colleagues that the face tl
of the returns showed a much smaller w
lead for Sutherland. Then there
, wero stories from the Chilton camp v
that there was a difference of 9000 v
votes between the total vote cast In f
the state for president and senator, 1
and the question was what had beNrome
of the 9000 votes cast for presi- P
dent which were not cast for senator?
When the official returns finally became
public this story exploded. The
total vote cast for president was
shown to be 283,52", the total vote ?
for senator 2S2.828, a difference of
,rj only 609. On the governorship the
total vote was 283,884, or 1059 moro
tlsan the total vote for senator. The f,
toal vote for president In 1912 was
268,828, so in four years there was
an increase in the total vote of the
state of only B 1-2 per cent. c
The Democratic members of the Sen- tl
Rate have heard the complaint of Son- g
ator Chilton, listened to his tale of o
woe. as it were, passed on what he had j,
to offer In "the way of material for a h
contest and advised him that he hadn't a
made a case out to them. This state- n
ment fs made on the authority of a e
party colleague of Senator Chilton. e
Senator Chilton was told that his case ti
"was no case at ail: that It van trivial a
vnguc and indefinite." He was ad- f(
vised to get something more "tangible
and substantial" before he undortook s
I a contest. The result of this advice,
; as the West Virginians in the capital
view it, is Senator Chilton's striking
eB' and startling discovery that Mr. Suth- 1
sb- erland spent |52 50 too much in his
.ck race for the nomination. d
to What Senator Chilton liopeB to gain
ed from the action he has started, polled
ticians here smart as they are unable 6
ws to fathom. They are reluctant to ad- u
on mlt that it Is pique and not a practical I
;lr- purpose behind it, but for the life of
111- them they can't figure out 011 the line 0
ito of anything else except pique and, sore 1
Mr disappointment. 1 hey admit that they !
ne, must content themselves in waiting to
,nd sec. They are not able to see whereled
in Senator Chilton can possibly benevs
fit. .inless tr would give him satisfao,
tlon in seing Mr. Sutherland kept out i
of of his seat as long as court avid Senate ?
it proceedings ne prevent ar honestly ?
irt elected man from taking It. They are i j.
Ion confident, and this Is an unanimous 5
Dm opinion, that with no more of a case ,
to than his Initial act'cn in court shows; r
lCh ua has, Senator Cniltou luon't i.ne
ob- chance In a billion of winning a con- n
led tost over Sutherland before the Sen- r
Dot ate, notwithstanding the fact that it is g
,hn controlled by the Democratic partj
tn_ Or, if there should be no contest be- j
He fore he Senate, and under (he state v
jet law quoted above Sutherland's elec- f
be tlon should he "declared void." which
iaj. Is deemed about as Improbable as the e
,on arrival of the mllllntum this week the j
'nj Washington politicians admit they are c
L]e too dull to figure out how that would j.
hold Chilton In the Senat i after March s
8 4tb neat.
cea , .
? ^f> "I
_ I
Wounded soldier*, trying to foi
pltal embroidering designs In silk. 1
harles Baird Mitchell, B.D., Rector
7:30 a. m? Holy Communion.
0:30 o. m., Sunday school.
10:15 a. in.. Holy Communion and
A cordial welcome.
J. W. Brown, Pastor
Sunday school at 9:30. Prof. YV. A.
iustead, superintendent. Let us start
ic new year with the determination
> inane It a year of big things.
Morning service at 10:45. Serman,
What I Think of Christ."
Junior and Senior B. Y. P. U. at
Evening service at 7:30. Pollyanna
rogram by the Pollyanna Sunday
shool class. This promises Ho be a
ory Interesting service.
A hearty welcome for all.
H. G. Stoetzer, D.D., Minister
nu are cordially Invited to worship
1th us tomorrow in the following serlees:
Bible school 0::'.0. ('losses for all
ges. Mr. J. Walter Barnes, superitendent.
Morning services 10:45. Reception
r members, Installation of an Elder,
'ommunlon of the Lord's Supper,
here will be a brief sermon by the
astor on "The Motto of Jesus Christ
i'hilo on the Earth." ' %
The Christian Endeavor society will
leet at 6:30. Topic: "Are You Evadig
Moral Issues?" Mt. 12:22-UO. At
lis meetingUho newly elected officers
111 be installed by the pastor.
Evening service 7:30. After a serIce
of song by the choir, the pastor
till speak on this searching quoson:
"Are You Missing or Hitting the
Midweek service Wednesday 7:30
. ni.
B. M. Mitchell, Pastor
Sunday school 9:30. J. A. Swlger,
Preaching 10:45. Subject: "Sowlg
and Heaping."
Junior Endeavor at 2:30. This Is
>r all children under 16 years old.
7:30. preaching from the subject,
Weighed in the llalanco."
The revival services have been inreusing
in interest each night and
he out look for a great meeting is
ood. The music is a special feature
f these meetings. Professor Daniel
sues, with his chorus of many voices,
I using the uew "Tabernacle Hymnal"
nd many of the hymns aro entirely
ew, but are especially adapted to
vangelistic services. We hope that
very member of the church will try
3 be present at all of these services
imday that we may have a great day
)r Christ and the church.
Sunday, January 7. 1917
Morning service: Mass at 8 and
0:30 o'clock.
Evening service: Rosnry ami Hene-|
iction at 7:30 o'clock.
Weekly Services
Morning: Mshs each morning and
:30 and 7 o'clock, except Thursday
lornlng. at which hour the Children's
nstructlve Mass is held at 8 o'clock.
Evening: Girls' Sodality meeting evry
Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Rev. A. Boutlnu. Rector.
Rev. James Egan, Asst. Rector.
W. D. Reed, Paitor
0:30 a. m., Sunday school. We apireclate
the great Increase for the
ast quarter and the large attendance
Onhknll. All Mll? 1 ?-1? U
?o?, cnuvuuii an i?iij uuu utano it
00 tomorrow.
10:30 a. m.. Sermon. "Holy Comnunion."
2:30 p. m., worker's conference. A
seating in particular for the chairuan
and secretaries of the various
6:30 p. in.. Epworth League. Leader,
trs. E. M. Cox. This la the first Barice
in tlio revival. A great spiritual
Bast Is prepared. Come.
7:30 p. m., Sermon. This will be
vangelistic. Our special services are
low on and every member of the
hurch is expected to do their duty,
lave yon n loved one unsaved? Then
ring them to these services.
O welcome to all.
get the horrors of trench life, are here i
'he Queen, visiting the hospital with the
Claude E. Goodwin, Pastor
Services tomorrow as follows:
Sunday school at 9:30. Come and
enjoy an Interesting service. You will
And the class that will suit .vou. Bo
gin the new year hy Joining one of the
classes. All -those who have been
absent for some time are urged to get
back to their places. Y'ours for a good
Sunday school this Sunday morniDg.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be administered at 10:45. This
Is the service every member of the
church should make a special effort
to attend. May we have a large attendance.
Epworth League devotional meeting
at 6:30. Topic: "Lifting Our Hearts
Upward." This will be a Morning
Watch service. Let the young people
rally to this service.
Public worship and sermon ut 7:30.
Subject of sermon: "He Good to Yourself."
This service will bo evangelistic.
There will be good singing. Visitors
to our city are invited to the
services of the day.
Clarence D. Mitchell, D. D., Minister.
QimJax .a n.nn - ? ?
ouiittaj nuuuui au a.ou ?(. m., ocy*
mour Mclntlrc, superintendent. Come
and enjoy an hour of Bible study with
us. Morning worship and preaching
at 10:46 o'clock. Sermon theme. "A
Hot Time In the Church." Good music
by the choir. The Christian Endeavor
will meet at 6:30. These meetings
are proving of great profit. Evening
prearing at 7:30. sermon theme.
"The Kinds of People That Can Be
Saved Without Baptism." The evening
service will be Introduced with a
selection of good music.
Corner Fairmont Ave. and 2nd SL
Rev. fi. T. Webb, Pastor
We confidently expect Sunday to ho
a great day. Kev. Mr. Jackson will
have a live message for the Sunday
school. He will also bring to the congregation
a burning gospel message,
both morning and evening.
The Sabbath services will formally
launch the revival meetings. The
church has been looking forward to
this day with prayer and devoot longing.
Mr. Jackson will be heard by audiences
which will crowd the building
at both services. Very much Indeed
depends on the first day nnd every
member should lie present.
Sunday school at 9:30. conducted
by H. T. Jones, superintendent. Preaching
by Rev. Frank Jackson at 10:45
a. m. ana v.30 p. m.
Services each day during the week
at 3 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. Hour of day
service subject to change.
Epworth League at B::tO p. ni.. LM
by Mrs. Webb. Subject: "Fellowship
With God" (quiet hour). This service
will be of great interest to all
who come.
The general piJilic, together with all
Christian people, are earnestly Invited
to attend the special revival meeting.
Highland Avenue
T. G. Meredith, Pastor
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Q. U.
Parker, superintendent.
Public worship at 10:45 a. m. and
7:30 p. m.
Junior League at 2:30 p. m.
Epworth League at 7 p. m.
' Evangelistic services every night
next week.
Preaching at Moult at 10:30 a. m.
At Pitcher 3 p. m.
Gaston Are. and 3rd St.
Rev. H. A. Kunkle, M.A., Pastor
First Sunday After Epiphany
S. S. at 9:30 a. m.. promptly. The
new graded S. S. books are to he introduced
and classes re-arranged. A i
full attendance of teachers and pupils
is desired. Also Missionary Sunday, j
Morning worship at 10:45 a. ra. >
Theme: "Our New. New Vision." 1
Jr. C. E. meeting at 2:15 p. m.
Sr. C. E. meeting at 6:30 p. in.
Evening service 7:30 p m. Theme:
"Missions at the Home Base."
S. S. Association Tuesday at 7:30
p. m.
Bible Hour and prayer service Wednesday
7:45 p. m.
Mission Study class Thursday at
7:30 p. m.
Catecstlcal class Friday at 7 p. m.
Holy Communion Sunday, January
14, at 10:30 a. m.
. I
COME lit' L*, eUKTNl
COMfcJN. Mb jQ CUAftVl
rW pIL ^ \ BELIE'
NING, JANUARY 6. 1917.
| ' "I |
g& IH ^
shown in an English Red Cross hos- B
King admired their handiwork.
The public cordially invited to all X
the aervlcea.
Sunday school at 8:30 a. tu. Mr. 9
Ralph Snyder, superintendent. As this K
is the first Sunday in the year and as 9
there ia to be no other service In the ?
church during the day. a very large 9
attendance of all ages Is most earnest- 8
ly desired. Sg
J. C. Broomfleld, D.D.. Pastor
We welcome the first Sunday of the S
new year with its opportunities for de- I
votlon and sorvtce; and we welcome *
you to the en]oymont of all that this '
first Sunday will bring. Spend this
opening Sunday attending all the ser- _
vlcos of the House of (Jod.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. \V. W. _
C'onaway in charge. Preaching ser- ff
vice at 10:45. with sermon on "The I
Fourth Commandment."
Christian Endeavor at 6:30. led by;I
Miss Pearl Morris. I
Evening worship at 7:30 o'clock. ,
Subject of sermon: "What is Back of )
it?" or an analysis of the activities of I
The special musical prograni for
both public services is unusually
strong. * w
W. J. Eddy, Pastor si
We want to begin the new year by E
Increased attendance In all our departments
of work.
It Is better to start the year right
and fall than to not start at all In F
your attendance. Come and see what b
we are going to have tomorrow. h
9:30 Sunday BChool. ol
10:45 Morning service, subject: p
The reception of new members and n
the celebration of the Lord's Supper, h
Junior congregation sermon. "What's Ci
Inside the Coal." a:
2:00, Sunday school Virginia Ave- v
nue. e
2:00. Sunday school Illvesville. Prof, y
E. F. Van Gilder and Miss Lena Parks tl
will take hold of this proposition.
2.00. Junior B. Y. P. U.
(1:30. Senior B. Y. P. V. Haller Basscrninn.
leader. A new proposition y
is to be put up to the society. We want n'
all the young people out for the scrvlco.
7:30, Evening service, subject: ?
"What Jesus Has to Say About Obedi- y
ence." p
The choir will furnish good music g(
for all services of the day. w
A cordial welcome awaits all who y
will come.
Miss Hazel Isinham, who is a stu- p
dent of the F. S. N. S. at Fairmont, is p
spending the holidays with her par- a
ents, Mr. aud Mrs. W. M. Lanham. of b
this coiumunlty. bt
Mrs. Ben Muudell has been Quite ill
recently but is recoverlne at the nres.
cnt time.
A. L. purgrtir. spoilt last Saturday ,
and Sunday with relatives at Clarksliurg.
Misses Metta nnd Cecil Janes are "
spending a few days with their mother,
Mrs. May Janes'.
lSzra Claspoll wis a visitor in Fair- ,
uinnt Saturday.
Mr. Arnet'., who recently purchased
a piece ot laud in this community, moved
here last we>*k.
Harry Lanham, Scott Janes and
Clarence Nixon, of this community,
have gone to Lewis county where they
expect to work In the oil fields.
Blanche and Lester Wilt were in J
Fairmont shopping Saturday. ] ]
The protracted meeting at Booths-1 J
ville, started on Sunday evening. |
Mrs. Andrew Vomer delightfully entertained
the Lincoln Cheor Sewing
Circle Friday afternoon from 2 to 5
o'clock at her borne and tempting refreshments
wore server. The members
present were Mrs. Elizabeth Waters,
Mrs. Lillian McBce. Mrs. Jeanette
T^ntl.n.o., 0?11U P nnrl .
j uuuuunii, lumo oniuo u. aticu?? ouu
the hostess. The invited guests were
Misses Ooldie Sheets and Alive Martin
of the Fairview High school.
Wanted?Skilled gramraer teacher.
?Hickvllle Morning Mush.
When the publisher can't make anything
out of your poems, neither can
The Papular, Specialty Stare ft
8:00 A. M. "YamJT
\ We Believe}
| to Share in TI
! At Very Substi
All are high class m
designers. Ready-to-\
of individuality.
SThe desire to wear fi
nearly all women. This
ify the desire at less thai
j Coats and Dresses in thi
0 not one lot bought spec
; all the higher priced mo
All 326.00 Suits
& All $30.00 Suits
? All $36.00 Suits
S All $40.00 Suits
All $50.00 Suits
1-4 to 1-3 From
1-4 to 1-3 Fron
% Special Bargains T1
"east side i
An Uilcrectlnc came oI basketball
as played by the team ot the Central
hool and the Miller school laat eveniK
at the Miller school In which the
:ore stood 14 to 11 In luvor ol the
last Side.
Evangelistic Meetings.
The evangelistic services at the
irst Protestant church which have
sen in progress during the past week
nvo been well attended. The large
norus choir under the leadership ol
rol. Jones, are furnishing excellent
luslc at each sen-Ice. The pastor,
,ev. B. M. Mitchell, Is very much ensuraged
over the first week's work
nd everything looks favorable for a
ery successful mooting. Service* this
vening at 7:30 p'clock. A cordial inItation
is extended to you to attend
lese services.
Glenn Flotcher. ot Morgantown, and
liss Bertha Howell, of Uffington, were
tarried at the parsonage of the First
lethodist Protestant church by Rev.
iitcholl last Sunday evening. The
room is a son of Perry Fletcher, of
lorgantown, and a nephew of J. C.
letcher, of this city. After spending
sveral days with relatives here they
ent to Morgantown Thursday where
ley will reside.
William Wallace Hurt.
William Wallace, of Watson, was
atntully injured In the mines at that
lacc recently, lie was brought to
airmont Hospital No. 3 and Is getting
long very nicely. Mr. Wallace is a
rother of Mrs. W. E. Means, of State
Miss Amanda Conwell has returned
-om a visit to friends at Clarksburg.
J. C. Fletcher, who has been 111 for
avoral days, is better and ablo to be
at again.
John Neel. who spent, the holidays
ilh his parents at Parkersburg, re
lrned to this city yesterday. .
Mr. and Mrs. Keener, of Powell, are
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
iroves it 25c at all druggists.
Zi-mi ini iff
rm uiromc u
#1 l'i\ vV Nothing \t more dtatri
ft \^\ X&iESS&S
Id I Im Only a constitutional
'" I Local treatment! eoroetli
I cannot overcome the ay a
/SQ\ It la foe to catarrh.
tabliaheo that. Peruna
up the dictation, reetore
>r Woman's and Mlasss' Appsrsl f
fou WiU Like I
bis Downward |
ot rnces
its And dresses
uitial Reductions '
lodels, made by the best
vear that has that touch
ne clothes is inherent in
is an opportunity to grat-,
1 the usual cost. The Suits,
s sale are the Entire stock
ially for a clearance, but
dels go at reductions. j|
Reduced to $18.75 M
Reduced to $22.50
Reduced to $26.25.
Reduced to $29.75. " 'i
Reduced to $33.34.
lity reduced
t Former Prices.
SN of wool or silk
\ Former Prices,
hroughout the Store.
visiting their daughter*, Mrs. C. F
Mulouc aud Mrs. Stile*, on State street.
Mrs, J. L. Little and son, Raymond,
have cone to AdamsrlUe having been
called there by the Illness of Mrs.
Llttle'*\(nother. Mrs. WhiUmsn.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Henderson
spent Thursday at Wheeling and '
11 Bridgeport, Ohio.
Man Says He Committed Murder.
CLARKSBURG, Jan. (.?A man giving
the flame of Otio Hess, who walked
from Burnsvllle to Weston, has sur
rendered bimselt to police at Weatoa
1 with the statement that he Is the murderer
of his brotherln-law,- William
i McCaullfT, a New York poliebmun, lest
March, In New York. Cruel treatment
of Hess' sister prompted the tragedy,
the prisoner declared. New York police
are iaveslieatine the Haul
Children love tills "fruit laxative,"
and nothin gelse cleanaee the tendei
stomach, liver and bowels ho nlcoly.
A child 'imply will not, stop playing
. to empty tire bow-eta, and the result is,
i they become tightly clogged with
; waste, liver gets sluggish, Stomach
, sours, then your little one becomes
t GrAM. hn.lf.Btn.lr. f<Wr<hrl?H ?ass*_J
* V? ?U| HWH , wnf
sleep or act naturally, breath Is bad,
system lull of cold, has sore throat,
stomach-ache or diarrhoea. Listen,
Mother I See It tongue is coutod. then
give a teaspoonful of "California Syrup
of Figs," and in a few hours all the constipated
waste, sour bile and undigest
ed food passes out of the system, and
you have a well, playful child again. J
Millions of mothers gire "California
Syrup of Figs" because It is perfectly
harmless; children lore it, and it nev
er fails to act on the rtomacli. liver and
Ask your druggist tor a 50-cent bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which has full directions for babloH.
children of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly printod on tho bottle. Beware
of counterfeits sold here. Oet the genuine,
made by "California Fig Syrup
Company." Refuse any other kind witu
itarrh is Curable
las Helped Thousands I
-a,wtou.??sr&#< sssfts I
iUu.tr.ntth, and balpspat the ...tonta I
I .P?runahniBp?HnIvnliinfn catarrh. It I
f^s&ssassusstgti I
k^Jaub^r.'i^SS, ?d jt^STwS I
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