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PDafly Average \ A j
for Dec. 1916 -J **
A Quality Newipaper for tl;e 1
iriif iiiniiinw in
ItM lipiil IS
IE Mill
Lansing and Tumulty Are
Among Witnesses Ready
to Testify.
Reporters That Were Sum
moned Were Also on
fBy Associated I'rewO
WASHINGTON, D. C., Jun. 8.?Inlulry
Into ^lie alleged "leak" to Wall
street on Presjdent Wilson's peace
note was resumed toduy by the House
Rules committee with a number o! witnesses
on lrnnd ready to testify.
I Among those on the list were Secretary
of State LanBlng, Joseph P. Tumulty,
secretary to the ProBldent;
Thomas W. Lawsou, Boston financier;
Charles H. Sabln, president of the
Guaranty Trutft company of New York;
Bernard M. Baruch and Otto Kahn,
: New York broker. Washington representatives
of the Wall Street Journal,
j financial America and Central News
7 association and managers of local
branches of the Western Union and
Postal T&egraph companies.
All but Secretary Lansing and Secretary.
Tumulty had been subpoenaed.
Thomas W. Lawson occupied much
5f the session with a running row with
1 he 'commltte which ended in much of
hid statement he)ng expunged from the
records and concluded with the declaration
that ho could tell where the leak
? ? ?aT Secrep
tary Tumulty read a statement endorsed
by President Wilson that lie
?' uad np knowledge of the President's
icte before It was announced to the
teWspapers. Secretary Lansing gave
testimony about the handling of the
document after It got to the State dej'.
Oartmeht. Both denied they had been
tble to find any "leak."
Lawson began his statement to the
Eppjmtmtttee with general direction
which oon led into an uproar. It
S! ended by the clerk of the House tore
ing him to his chair and the commit
tes voting unanimously to expunge
the whole exchange from the record.
p "the stenographer had skipp' much
In the conclusion. Finally wlicn Chair?
man Henry got Lawson down to cross
examination the Boston financier said
( he could tell but wouldn't and at that
i point the committee recessed for
i.'- lunch.
But Report Taking a Rumanian
Town and 4,000
Psi nn nfc
- A AlOVltVXO*
(By Associated Press)
| BERLIN. Jan. 8. ? Russian troops
nude an attack yesterduy with strong
orces on the northern end ot the Rus.
jo-Galician front near the Gulf of.
Today's official statement says the
Russians succeeded in gaining morn
ground on ihe Aa river but olscwhere
were repulsed,
v The Russiaus and Rumdnians wore
1 ' dislodged yesterday from Btrongly fortified
positions over a considerable
ffront in southorn Moldavia, the war of
ce says.
The important Rumanian town ot
okshaM has been taken and nearly
nnh ~iii. i*
?T" ^ivuu pitouuprs wiui 11.
Six aeroplanes, were lost by ine KnJfetente
forces yesterday on the Franco
Belgian front, snva the statement on
Sgi-opcratlon In that wnr area.
!/., PARIS, Jan. 8.?Patrol engagement
I .locurrod last night In the regions of
HHSbofchnvcsnes, on the Sorame front
I and In Parroy forest In the Lorraine.
itlvrwlse.there was little activity.
I The Weather
Local Readings
P%W' / || Temperature at
Yesterdays weather,
clear; temperaM
ture, maximum 51;
minimum 3u; pre'
^ ' 1 lpii?.ti?a. none.
Supreme Court
Yost F
(By Associated Press."
WASHINGTON, Jail. 8.?The WebbKenynn
law designed to prevent liquor
shipments from "wot" to "dry" stutes
was today declared constitutional by
1 the Supreme Court by a vote of sew.. I
to two which also upheld West Virginias
prohibition amendment prohib<
itlng citizens from receiving liquor to I
personal use shipped by common cur:
rier in Interstate commerce.
Justice Holmes and Vurdevaeter
v/nre the two dissenting Justices. Thrall
reaching power of the government
: over liquor is settled," said tin; ( Jilef
: Justice In announcing the decision.
I "There was no Intention of Congress
i to forbid individual use of liquor.
' "The purpose of this act was to cut
out the root the practice of permitting
\l?vt vi?,.? Will k., A .. At.
i 1UVVC Tf III UU All V/U"
jection Filed on Chilton's
IHpeclnl Dispatch to West Virginian)
WASHINGTON. D. C., .fan. X.?
Congressman Howard Sutherland re- ;
celved today from Governor Hat field j
the long delayed and long expected
i certificate of election as United!
I States Senator over Senator Chilton.
I He filed It with the Clerk of the Senate.
When it comes from committee before
the Senate, objection to admitting
Sutherland to membership of
the Senate will probably be made by)
some Democratic senator represent-1
Ing Senator Chilton, who Is contesting
Sutherland's election.
Was Found hid in Woods
in the Original Package.
(By Associated Press)
PITTSBURGH. Jan. S. ? Camollo
Turco, tho Aduuis express messenger
in ennrge ot tlie payroll of the Elaccus
Glass company when It was stolen
by auti bandits at Tarentum near
here last Saturday, was released front
jail today order of R. 11. Jackson, ...?
trio t attorney, who decided Turco was I
not a party to the robbery.
The other three men under arrest, i
D. E. King, driver of the glass com- j
pany automobile from which the mou- j
ey was stolen; John Hummel und Kur'
Schwartz, business men of Breckenridge.
Pa., were slill being held by the
county authorities.
Later John II. Dun. assistant district
attorney, left the court house with '
Hummel and a party of county detec-1
tives and, guided by Hummel, went to,
iu point in tho woods near Tarentum
where they recovered the.money, it!
was still in the satchel in which it hao
been packed at the bunk.
? .
State Department Afraid of!
Its Effect in Entente j.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON. Jan. S?The report
port of the Over Sean News Agency
that Ambassador Gerard at a public
welcome back to Germany had said
that "never since the beginning of the
war had the rotations between the United
States and Germany been so cordial
as now" wero officially Inquired
Into by the Stale department today
through a cubic to the Ambassador
The action of the department was
interpreted as evidence of the impor-j
tnnco attached to the possible effect i
of such un utterance especially unon j
public opinion In tho allied country I
where published reports have shown |
an Impression that the president's!
note was in some way connected with i
the Central powers peace proposals, j
Every effort has hoen made to dispel |
that belief.
It is felt that if tho Over Seas
News report were allowed to go unchallenged
that feeling would bo verymuch
Increased. As a result the department
was prompt In making public
its inquiries to the ambassador
and probably will give out his reply
when it Is received.
^ Northern We
/ 1
FT DfilW
li rum
Upholds I
Prohibition Law
violations of stale liquor laws. We ;
can have no tlouht that Congress has I
complete authority to prevent paralyz
ins state authority. Congress exerted
a power to coordinate the nutlouul .
with the state authority."
Attorney for the national liquor organizations
who were In court said the
decision upholds and applies the WebbKcnyon
law "In its broadest sense." 1
tl'nvnn Ft U'toalnr ..........II f.. - ,. .. H
saloon league of America who with
Fred Blue, state prohibition commissioner
of West Virginia, argued the,
case before the court made this statement
on the rou.ls' decision.
"The state may now prohibit the.
possession, receipt, sale and use of ill- II
toxle.rtlng liquors anil not be hamper- |
ed by the agency of inter state com-1
Ill ILL '
Friends Persuaded Him to
Withdraw His Resignation.
Senator C. \V. Watson bus withdrawn
for the time being his resignation
of the post of West Virginia representative
on the Democratic national
committee. The first Intimation
that lie had decided to reconsider his
notion of week before last oame in the |1
following despatch from l'arkcrsburg ,
Sunday night: ,
"Three leading Democrats here tonight
received telegrams reading as ,
follows: j
" 'At the solicitation, of SenaXor ,
drawn his resignation* as national ,
oommitteomnn for the present and ,
the call for a State Committee ,
meeting for January S at Far- j
kersburg is hereby cancelled. t
'C. L. SHAVER, Chairman.' t
"The telegrams were dated after 1
midnight at Fairmont, the home, of
Senator Watson and of Chairman f
Shaver. The announcement that Sen- (
ator Watson would resign as national ,
committeeman was given otit authort- t
tatively more than a wenk ago. it '
has also been widely reported, with- 1
out denial, that Mr. Shaver would re- 8
sign as chairman of the Stnte Commit- f
tee. No announcement on whether
or not lie had reconsidered was forth- 1
coming tonight." "
Senator Watson, who returned to t
Fairmont this morning from an In- <
diana resort where he went shortly t
after the holidays, confirmed the report
that ho had withdrawn his resignation
as National Committeeman of
the Democratic party of West Virginia, as
was announced in the prosB Sunday.
He said:
"t'pon the request of a majority of
the members of the state executive
committee as well aH many of my |
friends in the state, 1 decided to with- i
draw my resignation which 1 tendered
to State Chairman Shaver some days '
ago. 1 will probably not request thut 11
it be considered until that time when '
1 will leave for Itussia on business
Pythian Sisters
at Morgantown<
Marion county Pythian Sisters ore '
in Morgantown today in attendance at
the quarterly convention of the Second 1
District Pythian Sisters, entertained J
by Atltens Temple. N'o. lid. of Morgan- 1
town. Delegates front 20 temples com ]f
posing the district are present The \ 6
second district Included Monongalia, >
Marion. Harrison, Taylor and Preston j1
counties Tho first session was called 'J
at 2:"0 o'clock this afternoon by Dcp-1'
uty Millie livans, ot Fairmont !'
.? I
British Cruiser Off Pacific Coast. I,
(By Associated Presa) \
SAX FRANCISCO. Jan. $.?Theli
presence in the Paclflc ocean of u|i
Hritlsh auxiliary cruiser presumably i su
former Peninsular and Oriental lilt-1
er are reported hero today by officers j 1
of the Norwegian steamer Cuzco which | J
urrivod front Mexican ports. The vessel
encountered by the Cuzco was a
steamship of about 11.000 tons which
demanded the disco's nationality
when off Cape Sun Lucas, Lower California.
After coming close enough to
identify the Cuzco the auxiliary cruiser
proceeded south.
CALONER CAN'T GET HIS $3,000,000 '
t Lty Associated Press) I
WASHINGTON, D. C? Jan. 8.?John j
Armstrong Ohuloner, of "Merry Mills," |
va., uy a supreme court decision to-1 (
ilny, lost his suit, to annul New York i
proceedings in which lie was declared j
msano and in which he tried to secure
possession i'ronV the trustees property (
estimated at nearly $3,000,000. The t
court declined to disturb the insanity \
proceedings, leaving bis property in c
the trustees' hand?| t
0M i v
itt Virginia's Greatest Newsp
Work of Moving Equipment
Was Completed on Saturday.
Prominent Citizens Will Deliver
Addresses at the
. Chapel Exercises.
The Kalrmont State Normal school
s now domiciled in the handsome
12011,000 edifice recently completed,
he work of moving lurnlture and
equipment from tho new to the old
mildlng and Installing same, having
if <:u [ii I \ culupiclCU UU SUlUriuy.
Tho work of moving ami Installing
Ills equipment proved to be a stupend>us
task and required practically the
attire time from December "2. when
lie schools closed for the t'hristmas
toliduys until laat Saturday. January
!. Under the efficient direction of
'rof. ! ;. L. Lively, uf the Normal
ichool faculty, whom President Joseph 1
losler appointed to oversee the work,
he moving was accomplished without
t hitch and everything will bo in read!-,
less tomorrow for the formal opening
if the school.
A number of students reported at i
he new building this morning for
luty and tho greater part of the day j
vas taken up In assignment of class
ooms to the various teachers and ar |
anging schedules preparatory to ho
egular opening tomorrow.
Practically the entire student body
vlll arrivo here during today and be I
n readiness to take up the school work
omorrowrfimritttigf-v., s-srv
While ? goofl deal of the old furniure
and equipment have been inovod
o the new building, yet quite a lot of
tew furniture has also been Installed
nciudlng practically new office furniure.
new library equipment and new
leaks, tables and stools for the laboraories.
In connection with the opening of
ichool tomorrow an informal chapel
tercise will be held at ten o'clock to
vhich tho friends, patrons, alumni and
seneral public is invited. Several prom
...til J?1t..e. ..1 ? ~ .1
iiciii uiLi?viia win m;i i? ci nuuii au'
Iresses at this meeting ami special muiic
will also feature the morning pro;ram.
The old edifice on Fairmont avenue
las lieen abandoned. The structure;
tnd site are ownei l>y .oral business j
nen but what disposition will be made
if the property is not known at this
Nothing New Has Developed
Regarding His Young
Nothing now lias developed in the j
uses against Noble Layman. Cecil
lawklns und Ralph Lcmasters, arrestid
Saturday for beating and robbing
liram Jones. For a time it was hopid
to connect the trio with some se ious
robberies that have been made
11 the city recently but no evidence
lUbstantiating this suspicion could be
Mr. Jones is resting easily although
he bruises about liis head are very
lainful. His advanced age anakes it
lard to judge the extent of his inurles
or how soon ho he may be ex
lected to recover from them. The;
catches stolen have so far not been
ecovered. but it is believed thoy will:
ie louated in a day or two. Layman. I
t is said, displayed two gold watches j
n a local restaurant about one o'clock |
Saturday morning.
Word of
Her Brother's Death
Mrs. i). c. Habit, wife of the propriaor
of a popular Main'street barber
ihop, was notified this morning by
vlre of Hie death of her brother. Pet r
Counor, at his home in Wellsville,
3hio. Mr. Conner who was about 58
oars old was ill but a few days with
i carbuncle at the base of his brain.
Ie was unmarried. Mr. and Mrs. Hahu
will leave tonight for Wellsville. The
uneral will be held Wednesday.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 8.?Brigadier
lenernl Bell at El Paso today reportid
'Intermittent lighting" between
Mlla forces and Carransa troops south
if Chihuahua City, but gave no deail*.
JG, JANUARY 8, 1917.
I IMV I iV A >
1 ' fju
Thomas W. Law Hon. Host on millh
Washington, where he was summoned t
concerning a "leak" reported to Imve
advance tip on President Wilson's peacv
street. Lawson is shown talking will:
That Will Be a Feature of ]
the^wwing' Baud
Much preparution Is being made for
the Greater Fairmont band concert to <
take place at the Grand. Thursday ev- i
oulng. Among the features of the program
will he "Home Sweet Home the i
World Over," pageant by (he folow- i
ing children: Martha Howard. Margaret
Linn Hamilton. Jean Hull. Mary
Fleming, Mary Nuzuni. Florence Jn( nhu
I.ucillo Unit Mnrthn tlitrira unil i
Buddy Rock. In connection with this
there will be the Chinese rendition ot I
"Home Sweet Home." !
The program promises to he one i
of the most attractive ever given in i
Fairmont. Tickots are on sale at Mar- I
tin's drug store. i
District Superintendent Con 11
ley Seeks Cooperation I
of Patrons.
; i
A very enthusiastic community j
meeting was held at the Thoburn SI.
I E. church of Slonongah last evening
for the purpose of developing co-opera- 1
tlon between tlic teachers and patrons :
of the public scrools. The movement i
was headed by nis'rlct Superintend-1 j
! cm P. M. Conloy, who gave a very iu : j
to citing address. Among :ne others i{
win talked 011 the subject v;ere Il'-v.11
j Mr. Kuhn. Rev. Mr. James Fink a:ui|j
Harry Martin, of Mononguh. j
Mr. Conloy Is p.nnnlng to h-.'.vo a j
meeting of this kind for each of .he!)
f'9 schools in l.incoln district. The !
first of these community meetings !
was .hold at Farniington and Downs |
some tew weeks ago. Eaelt ot the 57 j
teachers in the district are also aiding ,
In the movement which is -1peeled ,
to accommophsh some, remarkable re- j
suits. j
At the meeting last evening a well
prepared program was carried out}
among which were several musical .
numbers by the students From the |
beginning the school spirit was dnmi-j
nant and the large number of patrons
showed much interest In the move-1
men I. 1
Eight Cent Meals
Frvr Npw Ynrlr flans:
(By Associated Press)
NEW YORK. Jail. 8? A test ot
whether a person muyjtve happily and
well on three meals allay averagiiift
a cost ot eight cents a meal began hero
today with twelve husky police recruits
as the' "demonstrators."
The diet test Is to run for a period
at three weeks. The men are on their
honor to do nil their breakfasting
lunching and dlnnering at the "diet
house" and to cat nothing betweeh
*4 ?... ....
V V 1 V I I
niaire, at left. on tin? capitol steps.!
o give information ho is said to have
nude it possible for men aetiinu an I
[? note to clean up $00,000,000 in Wall1
i Representative Frank Uucluinau of
Interesting Conference Was
Held at First M. E.
Church Yesterday.
A conference of Marion county Sunfay
school officers and city and county
teachers und superintendents of Suuduy
schools wus held yesterday afternoon
at the First Methodist Episcopal
church on Fairmont avonue nud
was well attended.
Walter Snow, state superintendent
of Sunday schools, and Mrs. Snow,
Intermediate state secretary, were
preseut at the meeting and gave interesting
and inspiring addresses. Mr.
Snow succeeded Arthur T. Arnold as
stato secretary while his wife succeeded
Miss Martha V. Graham as In
:ermedlate secretary'. They are locat3<1
at Clarksburg.
President ot the Marion county Sun
jay suiiuui association, jjevt 15. ltarr,
president at the conference.
Matters of Interest pertaining to
.he work of the Sunday schools of the
county were discussed at length and
plans made for carrying this work forward.
This was the flrst time that Mr. and
Mrs. Snow have appeared in this city
and made a tnost favorable impression
on the Sunday school workers
jathered for the conference.
Sarah Alice Tennanl, aged 11 years,
laughter of Marion E. and t iara Belle
Pennant died on Saturday at the home
if the parents in New Martinsville.
She had been an invalid since babyhood.
The body *as brought to Manlington
today and interred in tho Beesuni
Condensed i
of Monong
A * Is r. j.lnnn <if l.llolnooa T1n/1A?
ni vlic nunc ui uuoiiicdo 1,
Comptroller ot the Currency.
Louns and Discounts
Foderul Reserve Bank Stock
U. S. Bonds
Otber Stocks and Bonds
Furniture and Fixtures
Duo from banks and U. S. Trensui
Capital Stock
Undivided Profits
Circulation ..
FRANK NEEDY, Vice President
TK? j
City and Chamber of ComI
merer lo be Represented
-V.v* , Vy'tWMpr I
Responses front Contractors
Are Considered Sat
Steps leading toward definite ats
tlon as regards the new bridge eonst
met Inn were taken at the meeting
in' the Board ot Affairs this morning
when it was derided to send three
members of the hoard, together with
a special committee of the Chamber
ol Commerce, to Inspect bridges built
and building by the companies bid- ?lj
ding for the local river und Coal run
structures. A meeting was arranged
With the Chamber of Commerce committee
for this alteration and at that
meeting a definite itinerary was plan- "a
ned and a selection n the members
[ to make the trip made.
Some time ago the city mailed to
! each of the competing companies a
list of iincatinns respecting their abll|
ities and facilities for building structures
such ate contemplated here,
! i ills morning the mayor read the returns
from those Inquiries and they
were in every instance very satisfactory.
The companies from whom responses
were received arc: The Concrete
Steel Engineering Company, of
New York City; The Monongahela
Valley Engineering Company, ol
[Fairmont; The Watson Company, of
| Clet (dead, -Ohio-. Hej-rmston, Howard
& Ash, of Kansas City. Missouri; *
| Sanderson ? Porter, of New York V
City; Wuddell & Son, of Kansas City,
Missouri, and Daniel B. Coulter. In
dlannpolis, Indiana.
Mayor Boven probably will mak?
a part of the trip with the committee
anil Finance Commissioner Barnes
will be with the party for another
section of the inspection. The Journey
is expected to last a week and
will permit of on exhaustive lnveeti(Continued
on page 8)
Corner lot Bellview addition.
Terms reasonable. Answer R,
The Christmas - ,. M
Savings Club
The Peoples IB
National Bank
is open for the enrollment of
Statement of
nbcr 27, 1916, as called (or by the
t a

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