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Daily Average K A J
for Dec. 1916 J
A Quality Newspaper tor the
Purchasing Agencies Post
Price of $3.05 Per
1!** Vv' * >V
Much Oil Has Been Held in
This State for the $3
(By Associated Pres."'
PITTSBURGH, Jan. 9?Tho long expected
goal of the oil producer was
reached and passed here today when
at the opening o( the market It was
announced that the principal purchasing
agencies bad llttcd the price of
Pennsylvania crude oil 10c a barrel
to $3.05, the highest price In history.
Other grades were advanced as follows:
Mercer black, 8 cents to $2.40;
Corning, 8 cents to $2.88; Cabell, 8
cents to $2.35; Somerset. 8 cents to
$2.18, and Ragland,'3 cents to $1.00.
.I JTheso are tho highest prices ever
^commanded by this grade of oil since
-peculation In oil was stomped out by
tho Standard Oil company and Its
subsidiaries many years ago.
They are due. refiners say, to the
enormous demand for home consumption
and the steadily Increasing demand
from foreign countries.
Producers have long been holding
Ml iui 90.VU BC11111K umy us mucu US
was absolutely necessary and It la
now expected that they will market
their holdings freely.
Hundreds of thousands of barrels
are saw to^bo above ground In West
L,.It was1 also predicted that drilling
would again bo actively resumed not
only In new toh-itory but In old fields
where veteran oil mob say that they
have hopes of bringing In more paying
Movement to Increase the
Capital Stock Now Being
- Twelvo thousand dollars iD dividends
has been sent stockholders of
the Fairmont Building and Loan as
their annual dividend .>n stock In that
concern. The dividend declared was
3J4 per cent, on the paid up stock
atid 4 per cent, on the installment.
There were 87 paid up stockholders
and 1150 Instalment sharers.
A meeting of tho stockholders will
be called soon to consider having the
capital stock of the company Incrcas,
ed. The company Is capitalized for
8,000 shares and that number Is now
practically exhaused and demands for
stock continue to come in.
: There will be a regular stockholders'
meeting for tho olectton of a directing
hoard on February G.
Morglian Oil Co, to
\ Develop its Leases
N At the annual stockholders' meeling
if the Morghan Oil and Oas company
leld last night, steps were taken which
wllh result In the Immediate development
of the large leases held by the
lompany lu the lower end of the state.
The Company has two wells already
completed near tVaverly and these
will be put to pumping within the next
ten days while other locations are being
Smith Hood, Jr., manager and Dr. C.
H. Nelll, president of the company,
will be In Parkersburg and Marietta
next wek in tbo interest of the company.
'There is. one case of infantile parlysis
In the city- It is located on
Carleton street. Eighth ward. The
child's condition offers no hope for
his recovery. Several children were
oxposcd to the case and for this reason
tho school ho attended has been
closed. All children who attended the
school must stay off .the street until
'She soiree of the contagion has not
bo?i discovered The subsequent action
of the Board of Health will bo
determined entirolv bv dnvelomnrmts.
-The bent things' to do to proven;
your child from suffering if there Is
? spread of this disease Is, to keep the
gjftwel* loose, keep the child on a care
lul diet. Rpray the throat with llater l
Jne. or Dobell's Solution and keep the
ohtld drlnklng lots of water.
mi che ws
: Now Promises to Tell If the
House Makes An Investigation.
i Prepared Traders for the
Inevitable Crash He
t By AflBOcln t c(l Prens?
Washington, jan. 9.?continued
I refusul of Thomas W. Lawson to an|
swor categorical questions by the
' Houac rulea conunlttce. In the leak
1 inquiry today <aused the committee
I to mitertalu a motion by Representative
Bennett that he bo cited before
I the bar of tho House for contempt. The
I motion was held on the table for ac'
I Mr. Lawson later promised the
Houso Rules committee he would disclose
the names of the cabinet offl!
clals. tho Senator and the New York
I banker whom he said a member of
1 Congress told him were engaged In a
stock gambling partnership it tho
House ordered an Investigation as a
result of the Rules committee preliminary
The line of examination then fumed
to the stock exchange and Lawson's
own operations particularly during
thn mnnth of nopumltnr I OUT ?!<?? !(* >
: which the "leak" occurred. Lawson
, said that hud as the break on the ruar|
knt was when the "leuk" came It. prob:
ably would have been worse if there
had been no "leak."
"My opinion is that tho break was
weeks in coming and that the "leak"
gavo certain operators an opportunity
j to prepare for, the crash." said Lawson.
"They wore left in a position to know
just what to do. It the market had
broken without that preparaiton made
possible by the "leak" the break would
have been much rnoro disastrous to
tho country. Wo don't have any bank
or stock exchange failures accompanying
this crash, so T think the "leak"
wus really a good tiling in one way."
Virgil I. Allen
Dies in Clarksburg
Virgil i. Allen, a resident of Center
Point, Doddridge county, died today
in St. Marys hospital in Clarksburg
whore ho had been a patient for sev'
eral days. He was formerly a student
at the Normal school in this city
and was well known. Mis wife who survives
htm with two children, was formerly
Miss Bird Meredith, a daughter
of M. L. Meredith, of Meadowdale.
; near the city. The body will bo taken
I to Center Point tomorrow where interj
ment will he made. Funeral arrangej
ments, however, have not been com|
ORLANDO, Flu., Jail. !>.-William
Chase Temple, credited with originating
world's series liasehnll games, died
today at his home at Winter Park.
Flu., aged 55. .Mr. Temple owned the
Pittsburgh National league in ! ! and
I City Hall Notes
: Tho Street department will coniplete
the connection between East
Park avenue and the Speedway tomorrow.
This will penult Fnlrinonters to
ride in circles [or miles in the city
withopt Butting off the paved road.
All the city commissioners ieuve tonight
tor various points in the United
| States to inspect and learn all they can
about bridges, bridge approaches and
to enjoy a little outing besides. Tllcy
! will be accompanied by T. L. Burchinal.
C. S. ltlggs. Shrewsbury Miller
i and passlbty n lew others.
David Deane has been appointed
chief of police to sit at the desk while
tho regular city police keep a lookout
I for infantile paralysis and while Sod
I'ltzcr chases drunks on Water street.
Ilo will bo relieved from the position
as soon aB Theodore Rolls finishes the
Job of shipping oil to the pump station.
The Weather
; West Vlrgliilu?
f( <$ . Probably fair lo*
night and Wodnos'^5,
day not m u c h
change In temner
Local Readings
F. P. Hall, Ob,
Temperature at
8 a. m. today 47.
oS$i ^3 " Yeaterday'g woa*-ther
clear; tempI
L erature, maximum
;i.; io?i:tn>im 27; precipitation none.
White School is Closed by j
Order ol' Health Authorities.
There is But One Case a?d:
No Others Are Under ,
A case of infantile paralysis devel-!
' oped in Fairmont this morning, George |
t.arr. aged six years. o? 1021 Carcltou
street, being the victim. Dr. C. L. 1
IJollnnd was the attending physician, 1
j pronounced It such and culled Dr.
j Chesncy M. llumuge, oily physician, I
' who agreed with Dr. Holland's dlag- I
; nosis. As soon as it was ascertained I
! tor certain that the case was infan,
tile paralysis, the White school was
dismissed. Dora Carr, aged 11. a sisj.ler
ol' the patient being at. the time
in one of the classes. The school
i will he closed until further notice.
Several physicians in the city have
requested Dr. ltnmago to close all the ]
schools in the city but this, lie llguros.
: Is not necessary at this time,
j Carleton street and the section sur.
rounding Hie home of the Carrs was
| placed in quarantine this noon and
will be I bus kept for sometime. The
child will not recover the attending
physicians think. Hut should he by (
the greatest fortune recover, the quarantine
will last about eight weeks.
Aftor the death of an infantile paraly- 1
sis victim the home iB quarantined f
for three or four weeks. (
Little George Carr has been 111 since I
lust .Saturday. He , did not attgjul .
school yesterday or today. The 'entire '
upper part of the trunk of the body iB 1
paralyzed, tho child being able only 1
to breathe with the diaphragm, the ?
muscles in the chest being useless.
The hoy Is the son of Frank Carr. '
carpenter foreman for llolbert and 1
A regular system has been outllaod
ny which tne meinberB or the policy 1
department must patrol the section <
in which the Carr's live to keep all
; children from ontorlng the limits. Any
person over 10 years of age must lirst '
get permission from the policeman on '
duty under pain of arrest.
There have been several rumors in 1
the city concerning the sproud of the
disense. At noon today there were I
supposed to be seven cases in the city.!
This was not only not proven true
but Iras been emphatically denied by j f
all the physicians here. There is hut! i
the one ease and no other even under i l
suspicion. All efforts to prevent tlio 11
spread of the disease have been thus l
far successful, the city authorities i
working with the doctors in time to i
'keep all children awuy from the prcut- <
I ises. I ' (
The Baltimore and Ohio railroad, the |
I Monongahela railroad and the Moj
nongnhelu Valley Traction company
I stations will be closed to children under
1? years of age. All children that j
attended the White school will have to
I be kept In the house until the parents
i are certain that there Is no chance
for them to spread the disease.
There, are cases of infantile paralysis
at Grafton and at Klkins, the state
authorities being In. charge of keep-''
i ing children front leaving both cities, i 1
i Coal Operators So Agree at
Annual Meeting Today.
Sixty coul operators, representing 1!
tlio ontlre coal business In the Fairmont.
district, arc in session in the ,
I Chamber of C'otnmorco rooms tills aft- ,
ornoon at the annual meeting of the
i Central West Virginia Coal Operators'
i Association . The meeting Is for the'
I election of now officers autl directors 1
and various committees and boards ! (
who carry on the work of the usso-11
elation. ; t
The question of car supply was (lis- ?
cussed and it was agreed that (ho por-, >
I contage of supply now being furnished ,
by the Baltimore and Ohio is equlta-1 t
hie with that furnished the other divl-11
toons oi me system. The supply has, <
1 been averaging so per cent, since the
' first of the year and has one week run
as high as S5.
~ ' * ! t
OSSIPEE, X. H., Jan. 9.?Frederick ,
Small today was sentenced to be hang- >
ed on January 16. 1918. for the murder 1
of his wife. Mrs. Florence A. Small, i
at Mt. Vlow, on September 2R last ' i
. ' - ,>J '
ist Virginia's Greatest Newsp
7 An no
j.vv un
sponsor for 1919
fligh School Sophomore;
Class Made Selection
This Morning.
C. E. Hutchinson was chosen spon-j
or for the sophomore class ot the j
'alrmout High school, which will be!
he senior eluaa ot 1919, at u meeting '
it that class held this morning.
This i? following out a custom which ,
raa been observed at the High school j
or a number ot years, of having the 1
bird year class name a sponsor, this
iponsor to serve as a guardian and ud Iser
to the class through the remainler
of the time up to Its graduation.
The class chose Mr. Hutchinson ns ,
ts sponsor believing he represented i
he klml of citizenship which would i
lately guard the interests ot the class i
hrough the years it remains as a body
n the High school. Mr. Hutchinson
s one of the prominent citizens ot the 1
lommimtty and Is active in the rcllgl-.
lus. mural, civle and business life of
he community.
The class ot 1917 has as its sponsor
V. Brooks.Fleming, Jr.. while the class
if 191S chose E. B. Moore.
rriifr imfs on
IWkitatrll WVbV WIS'
Desperate Fighting Reported
in Valleys Leading to
Interior Rumania
BERLIN". Jan. 9.?Russians renewid
tlioir attack yesterday on the northirn
end of the Russo-Gallcian front
tear the Gulf of Riga, today's report
lays. Russian attacks on both sides
>f the river A a were repulsed comiletely.
Desperate fighting in the valleys
ending into interior of oortherp Runania
is reported iu today's war op
'ice communication. Notwithstanding
letermined Russian resistance the
["outonic troops stortried defenses ou
30th sides of tno Kasino and Suchitzu ;
Field Marsha! von Mackenscn's
;roops have captured Rumanian town
>f Galreaska uud taken more thuu 5,)0(
PARIS, Jan. it.?North ef the Oise
iftor a lively bombardment last night
he Germans attempted unsuccessfuly
to raid u French trench north of
libecourt. the war office announced
oday. On the rest of the front calm
irevalled during the night. <
PETROGRAG Ja-. 9.?'The l!us-1
dans along .me sector of the front1
n Rumania have fallen hack without
tindranco by the T-ih tonic forces to i
tew positions along the line ot the !
hitna and Sereth rivev.s, the war of-1
'Ice announced today. On the hloldn-j
.dan west frontier, attacks In the'
3ituz and Snehlt/a valleys st'o beattn
off but the Rumanians were forced
tack slightly in the Kasino valley.
Farmer Ties Up
a Dozen Towns
11 !> Associated I'] >
armor cutting down, n tree nt Iron
3ridge. four tniies from here, short]
ircuited the high tension lines of the!
iVest 1'cnn power plant and as a ro-i
mlt a dozen or more towns in western
'cnnsvlvanla were without power for!
tall' ait hour. Fred Mundor. 10, was
jHdly injured in an explosion which
nsaltod at the power Plant.
Col, Cody's Life is
Fast Ebbing Away
(By Associated Press)
DENVER, Jan. P. ? Col. William
2ody "Buffalo Bill" gradually waB
trowing weaker today. Ills physician
:liis morning predicted the. end within
!4 hours.
Col. Cody's system lias broken down,
ho doctors said, and tood he partakes
>r no lougcr prouucos lire lorcos.
CLAY. W. Va.. Jan. 0.?Mystery sur
ounds the finding of the body of Pres.on
Tanner, a well-known farmer In
he ashes of his home near Dink, Clay
:ounty. lie Is known to have had
tunic money in his home at the time
ind the authorities arc working on the
heory that he was murdered and his
tome set on fire In an effort to cov:r
tip the crime.
LONDON. Jan. It?1The sinking of 3
itcamers of ISnlontri nationality, two
if them vessels of more than 2,600
ons Is announced by Lloyd's shipping
igency. They are the French steamsr
Alpbonsc Consell. of 1691 tons, the
British steamer, Lesbian of 2,666 tons
ind the Japanese steamer Chinto Ma'U
of 2,636 tons.
"JANUARY 9, 19177 ~
nnF Ri
First Robin of
1917 Was Seen
This Morning
The first robin ot 1917 was seen ;
this morning on tho Normal school i
campus on Katrmont avenue by
iMIss Elsie Wilson ot Locust avenue.
The robin which "Doc" Shurtlcft
bad trained to appear to him each
New Years wook, and which always
got Doc's name in the paper
evidently died last summer. At all i.
events ho has not turned up yet. j
Local B. & 0. Brakeman <
Was Caught Under
Wheels of Train.
Paul Slieltmau, brakeman ut Ihe
Baltimore and Ubio railroad, was run
over and killed by a freight train at (
Barnesvllle,;ohio. at three o'clock this .
morning. Both legs wero cut off. The ,
remains are being brought to the city
this evening on Train No. 4 from
Wheeling arriving here at 9: no p. m. |
Sheltman was married, no children!
and lived in the Monongahela Bank
building flats on the East side. Mrs.I.
Sheltman at the time of the accident
was visiting in Bridgeport. O.. and (
was called to her husband who lived
but a short time after being found ,
under the wheels of the car.
Sheltman was found pinned under
car iy members of the crew of .the
train on which ho was braking, lie
was sturted to the Bcllaire hospital ,
immediately hut was in such condi- I
tlor. that he could not live. The man- .
ncr in which Sheltman mot his death '
is unknown, at least no one at the
local railroad ofilces could accouut.
Blacksmiths Too Will Find
Good Berths in Two ,
New Companies. 1
The Machine Gun company of the
First Regiment will hold Its regular i
drill at the armory this evening at t
ieven o'clock. All the officers and men
of the National Guard at Fairmont 1
are putting forth every effort to fill up
this and the Headquarters company '
in order that the regiment may be rccoonUo.1
nt .. I
u^uibvu **? ?* linn. focuu i i
have been recognized by the War department
but it la necessary to have
nil the auxiliary troops as well us' the
letter companies before tlio regiment
us such can be accepted as a part of
the federalized guard and the regimental
officers recognized md paid
under the new defense act.
Men who are familiar with the handling
of horses nnd mules are especially
wanted for these new organizations
as the Machine Gun company will
have, when called into service, six/
:r.cn mules and four horses and the
Headquarters company will have six-v
teen horses. .Men who are good mechanics
are also wanted and there is
a place for n blacksmith In each company.
The best time for a man wnc is
contemplating joining a company to
get in is when the company is being
formed as everybody comes in on an
even footing and has the same cnance
to be appointed to one of the noncommissioned
Under the National Delensc act,
these companies will bo required to
meet for drill once n week and tlio
men will be paid one dollar for each
drill they attend. Vlfty dollars a year
added to a man's regular income for
an hour and a half's work one evening
out cf the week comes in as a good
bit ui help to most any 0110.
All men who arc interested in Joining
either of the nef companies should
go to the armory on Jackson street
tonight. The attention of the members
of the Guard is alno called to the fact
that they will he paid for any netv men
they bring in.
A. W. Snider's Funeral'
to be Held Sunday?
The funeral of A. W. Snider whose ,
death occurred on Sunday will take
placo in the morning at eleven o'clock
from St. John's church at Dasnetts- i
vllle. Rev. C. E. Goodwin, pastor of
the First Methodist Episcopal church
of this city of which church the deceased
was a member will conduct the
funeral services. Undertaker Eli Mus
grave and Sons have charge 0f the
PIRAEUS. Jan. 9?The minister of ]
Entente Lowers today banded to the I
Greek government an ultimatum glv- I
ing Greece 48 hours to comply with j
the demands contained in note drawn .
up by France, Great Britain and Rus- i
sIb on December 3L i
munn rvrnnmro
iinnrtL tAtnuiau
Prominent Citizens Made
Brief Congratulatory Addresses
representative men of the city ad-!
Iressed the first chapel exercise held
u the nce~ Normal school building this
uurulng which enterlalnment w as at-1
ended by tho student body of the
tchool and a large number of tho
riends and patrons of the school. 1
I'rcsldcnt Joseph Hosier presided at ,
lie exercises this morning and Intro- i '
luced the speakers following the road-11
ng of the Hlblo and prayer by Mrs. N.
It. C. Morrow, a member of the school,
The following men spolic briefly and I
ntercstingly during tho morning;
Mayor Anthony lJowou, Commission?rs
Ira L Smith, A. L. Lehman und J.
tValter Ilarnes, tho latter having at
jne time been president of tho Fairnont
Normal and is also an alumnus
if the institution. Those gentlemen
iffered congratulations to tho faculty,
student body, and the state as well for
he handsome structure the school is
low occupying.
Superintendent Otis 0. Wilson of ,
he city schools, and M. C. Lougli, who
ilso at ono time presided at the head
if this institution, also wade hrief congratulatory
addresses. Charles W.
ftobinsou also an alumuus. made a
jriof and pleasing talk during the
progress of the exercises.
Following the chapel exercises the
routine work of the school was taken
up and will be continued until tlic
close of school In June. The faculty
ind student body as well are delighted
with the now building and Its surroundings
and will start off the work
with renewed vigor.
Police, However, Cling to
Theory That Lewis Was i
lufistioninc a score of witnesses In an
Dffort definitely to establish tile Identity
of the murderer of Mazle Colbert
In her apartments here on December
30 nnd the motive therefor. District
Attorney Samuel P. Kotan tonight announced
that nothing had been developed
to cause him to change his opinion
that Bernard \V. Lewis of Pittsburgh,
was the girl's slayer.
The police had considered the case
virtually closed since Lewis commit-i
led suicide last Thursday at a hotel
in Atlantic City, contending that with
other circumstantial evidence this act
convinced them of his guilt. Relatives
and friends of both Lewie and Miss
Polbert, however, claimed that some of
this evidence had been discounted by
new Tacts and expressed the belief
lhat the Pittsburghor hud no connection
with the murder.
Memeliers of the slain girl's family
made a special appeal for a more thorough
investigation and Mr. Rotan yesterday
questioned Captain of Detectives
Tate and virtually ell other detectives
who havo been working on the
mystery. Others examined Included
olatlveB of Hiss Colbort, a police magistrate
and several wealthy young
nen known to have been friendly with
Iter. The examination continued fot
more than seven hours.
Mr. Rotan said that in co-operation
with the detective bureau he is working
out several lines that have been
Minimi ii)i huu mat inuy inruw sume
ight on the mystery. He said there Is
tome clothing stil to be Identified and
ihat the police are trying to establish
the. ownership of a nocktie found In
the dead girl's apartments. ,
Relatives of Miss Colbert declared
iast night* that the window shade cord
found among Lewis' effects had been
taken from the hotel room occupied
by him in Philadelphia and had not
been taken from the Colbert apartnents.
They also claim that th<? marks
m his hands were not made by teeth
ib had been alleged by the police.
Mayor Thomas B. Smith took a hand '
in the investigation yesterday. He invited
newspaper representatives to a
inference in his office and announc3d
that ho would see that "Justice is
ione in this case."
jonu uoioeri, a nroiner 01 tnp neaa
5irl. declared that he la confident that
Uswls did not kill his slater. His theory
la that she was killed In a fight with
i drunken lover.
Germans Report
Sinking of Transport
(By Associated Press)
BERLIN, Jan. 9?An official stateliest
Issued today by the Ocrman admiralty
announcing the sinking of a
French armored cruiser Gaulols and
Lhe British transport Ivernla. previous
ly reported officially from Paris and
Pondon says a German submarine on
lanuary 8 tank/in vthie Mediterranean
in armed and heavily laden transport
steamer 0( about 6000 tona.
SoB ]
Clarksburg Representative
Refuses to Talk About :|9
???? ' v^asMi
Figured That Useless Pipe
Lines Could be' Used as
Announcement that the Hope Natural
Uas Company has entered the
producora gau business on an enoromous
scale, with millions of dollars
of development in Marlon county, is
expected by gas men following the
purchase of 28,000 acres of gas coal
In Barbour county in the name of H.
C. Cooper, one of tbo Hopo officials
located in Clarksburg, and several
mysterious purchases in Marion coun
iy recently, rno uuuuing or producer
gas plants Ik expected to keep In opcr
ntion the millions of dollars of equipment
owned locally by the Hopo company.
und which with the deplextlon
of the natural supply rendered ntcIcbs
for any Othor purpose.
Mr Cooper, when talked to in Clark*
burg this morning, refused' absolutely
to talk for publication.
"1 cannot say anything concerning
the proposed producer gas development
hy ray company, cither at largo
or in Marlon county. Statements concerning
that must come from J. B.
Corrtns, head of tho company and
located In Pittsburgh." said Mr. Cooper,
It w/. Impossible to reach Mr.
Corrlns today.
, He did not deny, -however that his
company was tlfe purchaser In his
name of tho 2u,000 acres of Barbour ;
county coal. \ j,
The supply of natural gas for Industrial
purposes lias beon so depleted
that the gas operators are fearing
legislative or othei public action pro
liibltlng Its use for other than domes- '
tic purposes. They are also partlcu
iurly afraid that action will be takoi;
by the state prohibiting Its being pip
cd beyond the state boundaries foi
use in manufacturing plants of other
utntoa It In nut lolna t lnn> nmr V.
!*?mull ipUUilg IU1J Butu ?
ictlon that the Hope Company will en:er
the producer gas branch, it is be
With the Hope concern as uroduccr
gas makers local gas men figure thr
jjlpa lines of the company coutd be us
ed as reservoirs, oblivlatlng the necessity
of building expensive storage (aL'llltlcs.
It is estimated roughly that
100 miles of mains will hold 250 million
cubic feet of gas when under pressure.
The Hope mon are not the only ones
of the big gas developers who are
considering the building of producer
plantB In the coal Holds of West Virginia
and piping out the producer
to to tho Pittsburgh and other industrial
renters. According to reports In
Charleston last week a representative
or tho GulTey Interests In Pennsylvania
is now at work on plans tbj. a big
plant to be located In Pittsburgh.
The Gulfey men own great tracts of
West Virginia coal and will use it in
the Pittsburgh plant, as Well as In
plants which will bo built later inside
the state llneB.
-t , : /wj
Keystone Troops
Home From Bordei
(By Aasocluted Press) S3
PITTSBU11GH, Jan. 9. ? The Sixteenth
Pennsylvania Infantry made up
of companies from the western Pennsylvania
oil country, reached here today
from El Paso, Texas. where it has
been on duty since last July. The
trains were stopped at a suburb lone
enough to water horsea and the various
companies were thon forwarded to
their home stations. Officers said tlio
men were in fine form but anxious to .
Corner lot Bellvlew addition.
Terms reasonable. Answer R,
West Virginian. '^8
? ? . ?
The Christmas 1. -tlH
q?- ra-L _i
? savings V>IUD
National Bank
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