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I Wednesday (
I The Old Reliable
You can always turn to the <
lip;. , down living costs; they're a
able, never failing to save y<
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WASHINGTON*. D. Jan. JO.? !<
There is a vacancy In the membership 11
af the Federal Trade Commission dun j i
io the resignation quito recently oil
Edward N. Hurley, or Boston. Among ,'
rjythose fteing urged on President Wilson I
for appointment to the position is ex-;
: Governor William A. MacCorkle, o( i
West Virginia, who is a law partner of 11
Sttmjtop 'William 12. Chiltou. The position
pays ?10,000 a year. >
'Mr. Hurley was regarded by bualI
- uess men ot the country as the ablest 1
member ot the commission, tho other i
hree commissioners being William J.
Harris, Jos. E. Davles pnd Will H. |
Parry. Mr. Hurley assigned to the
> sablic that his reasons for resigning
.vers present private business alTnlrs
?|<: which had unexpectedly arisen. The
Pt-esldent accepted his resignation
with regret expressed in a letter which
, was given to the press from the White
The inside story about it is that Mr. I
nhrley's resignation was due to trie- j
tlon; also to disgust bis friends say. j
The Inability of the commission to i
measure up to tho opportunities and;
; requirements ot the new department
was. It Is said, one of tho chief rca |
I sons why the Boston man washed his ;
hands ot the whole thing and got out.
Another phase of the story is that 1
the new commission has been loaded .
up with employees largdly from Georgia,
which Is the state from whence
Mr. Harris comes, and the process of
Children Cry
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it.w.va. ^"4
v\ t \rrxvro
;IN rNnwo
organization boro much of the semblance
of a political machine in the
When the law creating the Federal
Trade Commission was in progress of
enactment, this commission, it was
said," would soon assume the importance,
and wield the authority, toward
I he business of the country which the
Intor-Stnte Commerce Commission
does toward the railroads, it is uu
opinion frequently expressed hero that
die commission is making a bad start;
In fact, has virtually made no start at
Congressman Howard Sutherland
has left for Charleston, where he will
remain until the State Court of Appeals
takes some action on the writ
of injunction which it granted him re
- t.. 1 -- ? t.. J f
attaining ix-mpvi at n?> \_,uvuii uuugu ?j.
H. Miller, of Hinton, from proceeding
further with tho "judicial inquiry,"
which Senator Chilton had asked him
io make in the recent senatorial election.
The persistence of Senator Chilton
In making the contest against .his successful
opponent is one of the matters
In which the politicians of both parties
liorn uro at present deeply interested.
What Mr. Sutherland's friends cannot
understand the meaning of it tho
A n
.musuiuitjiy nemoves
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
ffl i|
K 'i
\ \ \ \V- W
; < \ V
i; \, \ r.
-A A4
MaSSSSSatKmi^ - 4
>' MMBw
Miss Ryan, of Ottawa. Ont.. Is to
marry the man she says Is the father!
of her baby, the little girl awarded to!
her In a suit in which it was charged
Mrs. Doille Lcdgcrwood Matters j
claimed the child as her own In order
to get a greater share of her husband's i
apparent "personal feeling" which tho
defeated candidate has been showing
In the matter of lato. In their campaign
beforo the electorate that was
'entirely missing from their contest.
Inquiry among Senator Chilton's
friends hero as to the motives underlying
his action, they profess to be as
much at sea as those who are not so
close to him. All say, however, that
he is fairly obsessed with tbe idea that
he can keep the man who beat him out
of the Senate, and some there are who
say that, in that event, Chilton expects
to have another try at it, hopeful of
better resultB for himself. lhiB theory
is opposed by others of his friends
who decluro that if Senator Chilton
persists and should succeed, which nobody
except himself horo has ever ex
pressed the opinion as being probable,
in preventing Mr. Sutherland taking j
the seat in the Senate to which he i
was elected by a majority approximat
ins 6,000, he would iy>t be aB ptrong
before the people, nor in his party, as |
he would be if ho were to "take his
medicine and lose like a sport." As
they phrase it "none but the game lame
ducks ever come back."
The Republican senators who composed
tile campaign committee in that
bady last full, called Mr. Sutherland
before them a day or two ago. They
wanted to know the status of bis case
with Senator Chilton, and among other^
things tlicy were anxious to learn
was whether the Republican party orgalnzation
in AVeat A'irglnia realized
the gravity implied in what the defeated
senator from AVest Virginia
was undertaking to do, which was not
only to deprive the Senate of a Republican
vote from AA'est Virginia, but was
to seek by every manner of moans to
place the party orgainzation in a bad
light before the people of the Btate. U
<<t nniipratnnil that- \Tr finthnrl'irfl tnlrl
i them thut, up till now, there hail been
little public attention paid to th. eon|
teat, us It was hard to convince the
| public that there was anything much
, serious in it; that tho people ot the
i state knew that ho had won fairly und
, squarely over Senator Chilton, and
that this sentiment was widespread
and divided by no party lines. The
committee advised Mr. Sutherlqml. it
is said, to take some steps to have his
friends, and Republican editors especially,
pay some attention to tho mutter.
it was too serious an affair for
the party in the Senate, whatever may
i be thought of it in West Virginia, to
! neglect looking after carefully.
A list of the witnesses thq| Senator
i CTilton has had summoned to tho "judicial
inquiry" in tho Miller court at
Hlnton, has been received hero. It in:
eludes the circuit and county clerks
! of nine couuties, most of which sliow
I ed large Democratic gains, men who
I vnn tin* Damihlinfin panmnlf*n ft
Clarksburg from National Committeeman
Highland and Chairman Gaines
on down the line of subordinates; and
a considerable array of Republican
leaders from all parts of the state. In
summoning the court clerks it is presumed
that Senator Chilton wants to
get hold of the affidavits on which
votes were cast, as well us the registration
lists and similar evidence of
Ever count the dead hairs in your
! ?I>.1 l.s.,nl.'l n?. nnt..i.A>n
IIUUIU uuu Uiusu. i llvj aiu uiuuiun
warning of future baldness and proof
that, the dangerous dandruff germ is
j busy on your scalp.
I Dr. Sangerbund. the fumous Paris
; specialist, lirst discovered that dandruff
and falling hair are caused by a
microbe. Then came the discovery of
the value of tho real Parisian Sage
(liquid form) in destroying tho dandruff
germ and promptly preventing the
further loss of hair. Tho effoct of
only throe days' use of Purisian Sage
Is simply marvelous, and the American
people have now awakened to the
fact that they can be quickly rid of
dandruff and save their hair by using
Parisian Sago.
Parisian Sage is sold by the Moun
mm (juy Drug company ana gooa
druggists everywhere. It's inexpensive.
daintily perfumed, tree from
stickiness, and will surely dause hair
to grow soft, luBtrous and really seem
Kvlro ns abundant.
l" ' I
vP 9
ft %V - y|
f- v jt?^B
Zfk 'V-'* ' * <
/ '' !
' / e--;
' /"' '"-;:T
>r^x. " ; i
:i:;y; '." :.;, 'S* ''. " . :
- M j
W' ' ' \ ': ' |
M - '
A':- !
' !
Miss Ryan, who thought the baby
<lled after Its birth in an Ottawa hrspital,
first learned of the child when
the Mutters suit came up.
William Pinzler, Miss llyan says,
is the father who will marry her ou
his return from trenches in France, j
tli'j election. It is figured that having,
as his petition filed in the Miller court
indicates, assumed that the votes cast
on affidavit were all cast against him,
despite the fact that in all but two or j
three of the nine counties specified 1
his party scored substantial gains, he ]
expects somehow to show that if he '
can get hold of the election lists, etc. '
The case is one, it can truthfully be '
said, which has the politicians in both 1
parties guessing.
The State Court of Appeals has set
next Thursday as the date of the hear
ing on the injunction proceedings
started before it by counsel for Mr.
Sutherland. Should the court's dect- ;
sion bo adverse to him, which isn t
expected by any means, the observers 1
figure that it would come then direct
to the United States Supreme Court.
In that event, the "Judicial inquiry"
prayed for by Senator Chilton In the |
circuit court of Judge James H. Miller.
of Hlnton, would be a prospect exceedingly
remote, to statfc it mildly.
Within the past two weeks, the pres- <
sure from Democrats on Senator Chilton
to drop his contest, abide the re- 1
suit of a fair race and an honest
award, and "be good," according to the
talk umong the politicians here. It is
a significant phase of the affair that 1
Senator Chilton lias received no more
encouragement to institute and carry I
on a contest against Congressman 1
Sutherland from Democrats of any ,
consnnuance In nartv lG&clpr?hIn thai. 1
lie has from members of the opposite
party, which means practically 110 encouraging
pats 011 the back wliatso- .
ever. ?
The last omnibus pension bill which
passed the House 011 Saturday carried
several items of interest to the WesL
Virginias named. The special bills
and the congressmen who got them,
through arc: 1
By Bowers: George W. Sherrard, of j
Oakland, $30 a month; Charles Price,,
of Martinsburg, $40; George VI'. Millor,
of Valley Point, $30.
By Sutherland: Nathan G. Martin,
of Terra Alta, $24, and Oakalcy A.
Randall, of Fairmont, $30.
By Cooper: William C. Bowen, of
Princeton, $30.
By Neely: Aretas J. Porter, of Littleton,
$30; Benjamin Aplin. of Roney's
Point, $30; Erasmus Bury, of
"KondonV* Lightens
Women who do housework mi
if) Many a woman has happily dis<
, 'i Kondon's Catarrhal Jelly will cles
"*v since 1889, 20 million intelltgen
used Kondon's for cold-in-he
druggists offer you compliment!
|j . offer 25 cent tubes with the undei
& does not do you a dollar's wortl
quarter back from Kondon's Cata
Yellsburg, $30; U. A. Clayton, of Fairnont,
$40}. Samuel A. Robertson, of
"ollansbee. $30; and Silas M. Starkey, ,
>f Smith Held, *40. j
Craig Miller, prominent business {J
nan of Huntington, has been in the C
:ity to confer with Congressman Ed g
van! Cooper on' private business mat S
Frank H. Babb, E. A. Russell and g
IVllllam Wolfe, all leading, citizens of I
\eyser. were callers at the oiflces ot (
Congressmen Sutherland and Bowers S
>n Saturday.
Secretary Fisher, of tho Bluefleld Y. \
11. C. A., accompanied by Mrs. Fisher, g
vbo is an active W. C. T. U. worker In g
llercer and adjoining counties, were 8
isitors at Congressman Cooper's ot- 9
Other West Virginians recently ar- j
ived arc H. O. Trout, George P. Wal- ?
ers, Martlnsburg; C. T. Nallc, Charles g
rown; J. W. Robinson, Grafton; g
VIr. and Mrs. J. J. Johnson. Charles- g
on; Mrs. F. I,. Grove, Clarksburg; W. 5
l'. Frazler, Wheeling; Mr. and Mrs. f.
I'crnon E. Johnson, Berkeley Springs; U
'. L. Heuson, Delmar; Miss Virginia
lolinson, Berkeley Springs. c
? g
The Postofflce department has or- J
lcred a special mail messenger ser- J
ice from Glady, W. Va., discontinued; $
ilso a special service at Loda, Ran- S
lolph comity, from Cassity. 1i
Commissions us postmasters of tho {
ourth class have been issued to Leon- i
das A. Spurlock at Midkiff; Gilbert U. g
iovermale at Omps, and George H. l
lenthorn, I'aden City. 1
There will be a number of \\ est Vlrtinians
in tho city within the next: _
low days to attend the fifth annual ] nectlng
of the Chamber of Commerce I (
>f tho United States. All the trade:
lodies in West Virginia are afftllat-:
id with this powerful business men's j D
irgnnizutlon, and Robert T. Cunning-1
lam. of Fairmont, is a member of the q
ixecutive committee and active in run- c
ling the affairs of the organization at
icadquarters. He is expected to ar ivc
Tuesday. E
More than 1,000 delegates, 830 atfil- e
ated organizations, are expected at
his meeting. The questions to be con- .
<idered range all the way from nationil
defense, railroad legislation, tnxa- "
:ion, etc., to the "daylight saving" subject.
I r-. . . |K
livening Chat
? j
[ love this (turned old town so won,
If I hnd eny ground to sell,
I'd give tt to the toiler
That would start a factory here,
Most eny'kind, I wouldn't keer, C
So long as he would hire a few
0' honest men like mo and you,
And start the airly whistles blowtn'
And start the people here a goin'
And start the durned old town a grow- ,
in' J
Until she'd bust her belly band. r
And not a single foot o' land.
That didn't have a mill or works, t
Chuck full o' managers and clerks, c
And workln' men and wlmmen too, J
folks Jlst the same as me and you? t
I love this durned old village so, j
I'd givo mo pants to see her grow. ^
A Fairmont Lexicon j
Main Street?An undulating strip
at territory, bounded on the north by n
Uproco, on the south by what is left t
of the South Side bridge, on the east t
by smoke from the B. & O. and the t
west by darky songs frlm Jackson j
street. Sometimes called Adams to c
assist in the confusion. }
Watson Building?A place provided t
for Kip Fleming to lean against. Some- ,
times used to strike matches on. a
Kip Fleming?Circumference and
buttons. c
wasnington street?see Billy May. ^
Blily May?See Washington street. c
In the good old pioneer days of this
country, when drug stores were few,
trandmother's root and herb remedies
where what wero always depended
upon to bring relief for family ailnents,
and some of grandmother's root
jnrt herb remedies are now found
upon the shelves of the niodorn drug
store, and are among the best and
most widely used prepared medicines
Such is Lydia E. Finkham's Vegetable
Compound, a botanic remedy,
originally prepared by Lydia E. Pinktiain.
of Lynn, Mass., over forty years
ago, and which has brought health
md happiness to more women in Am;rica
than any other medicine.
Her Housekeeping.
not avnfri %? til . I
.? MfW>W VHV IU -vuvwa U1 UUIl
:ovcred that a tube of genuine I I
I her head in a jiffy. In fact, Ol
t American housewives have
ad or nasal catarrh. Sotpe |. I
iry trial cans. All druggists I |
rstanding that if the first tube [1
' halfu '?Sin MpoSEt\lhm[ I '
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odicd young men.
Fifty In Five?The usual number of j
uarts in tbe usual number of suitases.
Monongahela Valley Traction Comlony?Supposed
to sell gas and oprate
a stret tar up Holen's Run.
Mayor Bowen?A gentleman who
ives somewhere back towards 'Wineld
Monongahela River?The excuse for
ohn McKlnney's boat house.
Court House?Home for indigent
Hope Almost j
After a loug period of suffering with
Iver and bowel trouble that brought
iu piles, during which she had tried
nany remedies, without obtaining relet,
Mrs. Mary J. Jewell, of Berrien
Springs, Mich., heard of Dr. Calwell's
Syrup Pepsin and obtained a bottle
rora her druggist This simple, intensive
laxative compound brought
ilmost" instant teltet and Mrs. Jewell
vrotd to Dr. Caldwell about her case.
In her letter, Mrs. Jewell says, "1
tad tried so many things for pMes,
rttliout being helped at all. I had
.bout given up houe of ever being any
letter. I knew Ii was the condition of
ny bowels that caused them, and after
laving taken a bottle of your Syrup
'epsin, I knew It was Just the mediIne
1 needed, j am very grateful to
ou for sending me the little book?
he advice and instructions it gives
vould teach any one how to get well
ind how to keep well. "
Dr. Calwell's Syrup Pepsin Is a
ombinatlon of siinplo laxative herbs
vith pepsin, free from oplnto or narotic
drug and Is mil<l and gentle in
ts action, bringing relief in an easy,
Try Erbo
for general system build
of vitality, sluggish fee]
liar mlmrmfa
Manufactured by the Marietti
It Would "(
Keep Your
Just 3 Da1
But It Would Ni
A merchant who th
of advertising often p
by advertising only 1:
he is saving one-half
The same logic wou
store open but half t
running expenses in h
i i
tnat money.
The plan of adequa
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success as the plan of
every shopping day.
The Advertising Dt
Virginian is at your
| ^ ^, '.J *V:vT
r Women'* and MltaeC Apcarel^mk
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and untrtmmed X
marked at won- 5
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of January a 1
jarance Prices 8
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n for Street anil Afternoon Wear p|
a tie of the newest spring fabric*, j
is. checks, stripes and plain la Jc 1 U
or wool. Priced at $7.o0, $8.50, S
10, $12.50 up to $18.60.
mmmssssm^ I
HUNTINGTON, XV. Va? Jan. 30.Llndsey
Plymale. of Kokomo, lud., Bat B
wrestled with a refractory conscience - *?
for 26 years. In 1S91 he cashed a chock
In a bank hero and received more mou
oy than the check culled for. Ileceu:
ly the officials of the bank received ,
the following letter:
"Dear Sirs?Some 26 years ngo I pro
sontod a small check cither at yuu> ? |
bank or the First National llank. 0
don't know which. I recetvod to;' , H
much money. Now, if you are th< / fl
right people and can find any trace o;
il. pleaso let mo know, for I want tc.att
give it back. Very truly yours, Liuil ,
soy Plymale, 1022 I'urium street, Ko
round Remedy M |
natural way, without griping or otno
Druggists everywhere sell Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin for fifty cents i j
I hnttlo Tf! nvnlfl imllai innu > nrl <nni
fective substitutes be sure you ge
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup PepBln. See thu /
a facsimile of Dr. Caldwell's signatu.-' I I
and his portrait appear on the yellow
carton In which the bottle 1b packed Afl
A trial bottle, free of charge, can b<
obtained by writing to Dr. \V. B. Cald
well, 455 Washington St., Montlcello. |
Iron Tonic 1
ler, nervous trouble, lack |H
ling, bad blood and sim- * :JH
t Chemical Co., Marietta, 0. , I
lost Less" to 1
Store Open |
ys a Week : M
ot Pay So Well I I
inks only of "the cost"
ersuades himself that,
talf as much as usual,
of the expense-of ad
Id lead him to keep his
he time?thus cutting
alf and "saving" all of III "-US
ite advertising service 1 1
ler a most valuable ser- J -1
is as essential to store ' m ~|fl
keeping the store ODen
1 ? l?Jldl
spartment of the West

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