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I getablldied IMA ' M.miw
bp tt>? Fairmont Printing and Publli
W. J. WIEGEU~GencnBl Manu
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
C, V. REOIC, Circulation Man
S- Publication Office, Monroe
1106?1106 | CON
AU deportments reached Clreulatl
through private branch Advertla
exchange. | Edltoria
Foreign Advertising Represented
WARD, Brunswick Bldg., New York.
Street, Chicago.
(Payable in advance only) One Yea:
One Year 15.001 Six Won
Bix luontns V3.0U une Mon
Three Month* 61.50 One Wc<
One Month 60c Per Cop;
' All subscriptions paynblo in advance.
* When asking for change In ail drees i
ftp* address.
Entered at the Poatofllco at Fairmont
second a lose matter.
Subscribers on our carrier routes
West Virginian any evening should
UNION," state the fact and give naj
and a messenger will deliver a pap<
once. There Is no clwrge to the s
service. The West Virginian plans
subscribers the best newspaper del
slble and this . Is part of the plan.
f~? OR the Virginia application for <
?* West Virginia Legislature to tak<
ing to the satisfaction of the judgr
ent state obtained against this common!
*1 A,J lalth
fHVUMWU W? UUU Hum Hpwn WUI |"lll ?
doubtless have to thank the people whe
ing repudiation at Charleston, and the
lature in taking some action on this pre
In West Virginia we understand full
the legislature, especially the leaders, I
matter- It'has been misrepresented anc
sistently by politicians in their talks w
naturally they are all looking about for
to let the whole matter down easily now
something positively must be done seems
of these things people outside the state
edge and if the truth were known it pn
that they care less.
In spite of the talk of admitted repi
sophistries of lawyers who point out thai
is powerless to enforce its judgment ag
vast majority of West Virginians ar
prompt payment of every dollar's worth
ginia owes to the old Dominion. The
find out just what the just debt consists
in dispatches from Washington that ye
the State of Virginia, which of course
on behalf of the holders of the debt ce
to reopen the whole case. If that is tn
come movement to us. Tor it will enabl
dence regarding the much talked abou
equities. And when this is done aud the
ginias' indebtedness determined again st
ly be taken to wipe out the obligation,
debt question does in a political way is :
' den than the interest on a bond issue t<
possibly be.
A SUBSTITUTE bill intended t<
States on a protective basis shoul
the Republican members of Com
cratic proposal to levy new internal tax
The time is ripe for a return to the ]
order that we may be commercially
European war.
European preparation in the shape
dustrial reorganization, and govemome:
low the war, are convincing the peopl
the establishment of peace will find ther
commercial problems such as they hav
countered. The war has made Japar
and given her preeminence in the Ori
which have flowed into her coffers hav
velop her industries to the highest pitc
rapidly becoming our formidable trade
by the fact that our imports from her hi
the past year. Imports from China, (
Zealand, British East Indies, Argent
show increases varying from a low rec<
! to a hisrh record of 400 Der cent. Th<
imports of "manufactures for further use
and "manufactures ready for consumt
which is expended cheap foreign labo
months of 1916 was $691,256,001
$694,760,000 for the period Novemh
tember, 1913, the last 11 months unci
law, notwithstanding the fact that three
competitors, Austria, Belgium and Geri
mally come over 30 per cent of our
were practically eliminated, while Grei
Russia and Italy were carrying on the (
tory. Imports of crude and prepared f<
months of 1916 totaled $555,000.01
000,000 during the last 11 months o
I II Ruff Stuff!
T WB. J|
!In the words ot VUla: "We'll all
feel say when Johnny goes marching
Does Manning ton believe that it is
allowed to snarantine against another
Today's Health Hint:
Dont try to bathe red-beaded girls
in gasolina and vinegar.
BftajSj:/ ?
What good is a head it it can't remember
11800 dates.
According to Charles Holt tallordom
cne<no nnano 17.. A._
wymin ULUUUU UUft UllV WUttlU'
?r be Bees his shadow or not.
SpMktnc of tailordom spring?
They're gunna. be tighter this year.
Wish some bunch of ducks would
' Wr: ;i-' VWiSy ?.
VJ ' 3QQ
i ' ii ??? i .
and yet the various
jmtan-i ,0,o?
HOME." A* a revenue pn
a?oftad pr??. failure from it* ine
Sunday effect down to No
bio* compear. mon,Wy
ger. eluding from the re
Editor. woolt and sugar. s
iger"1 months after the bil
collected on those tv
8 - ent law had prodt
up to November :
8QUDATED $18.200.000. and"
innflK:::Sc p^of n.i7p<
Room* 97 as low as 8 per ce
_ of its operation?36
ve, ROBERT E. j <040 04f. nnn .
123 W. Madison
of $26,300,000, t
$ 138,700,000, an.
00.^0 tire period being 19
$7.00 majority mei
tha $3.60 Finance committee!
th 60c wholly unacquaintec
1?c the minority merabe
' and intimately com
;ive Old as wcU as country. The Pre!
gests that future tai
, West virslnlaT^ reP?rt of an inexpe
commission, the coi
? free-trade character.
*PER CALL mission to frame ar
cratic quandary is 1
^ WESTERN duCti0D ?f a Pr?tect
na and residence,
sr to your door at FAlRMOfl
ibscriber for thia * NFANTIl F na
to render to Its I 1 u j j
Ivery service poo* ^ decreased
dise in towns wh
peared to be cpid.
. into uncomfortable
tY 30, 1317, terprises, upset plar
cerns and disrupted
But it may be d
i writ requiring the the parents of afflic
: some action look- convenience than tf
icnt which the par- Moreover the attend
vealth, and the im- reopened after tw<
vhich it entails, we cause of the scare
have been preach- continue to a greate
delay of the legis- of the term. It is <
.sing matter. a uniform footing w
y the reluctance of Fortunately for F
0 take up the debt and in the supervise
1 lied about so per- energetic an eduacti
ith the people that in the country. NX
some way in which much to overcome tl
that the time when attended the present
i near at hand. But
: have little knowl- Tho fine Italian
jbably would show terday did to deal
Ull? IT? JIJ ? -i. ?
uw?o. ac mu uuL c
idiationists and the ev?r, by Iita refcre
: the Supreme court ron- I? the Duty
ainst this state, the when Senator Loi
e in favor of the measures now.
of debt West Vir
trouble has been to Torn Dawson has
of. It is intimated spots in his career,
sterday's action of 'a apt to impress u
is merely an action the wisdom of that
rtificates, will serve "Never start anytb
te it will be a wel
e us to present evi- For the third til
t newly discovered toed because it con
: sum of West Vir- the supporters of t
eps should prompt- votes to pass it 01
the damage the attempt. Of cours
i much greater bur- islation and even
> wipe it out could n?t want to go on i
be avoided.
UNITY. Dispatches from
J place the United elght hourB the Gel
d be the answer of a message to the v
gress to the Demo- Berlln- too, appare
es and issue bonds.
srotective policy in 14 ls reported thi
prepared after the 'owing the United
goes a long way I
of trade pacts, in- Problem ls discuss
it subsidies, to fol- C0UI1try.
e of America that
n face to face with We hear a great
e never before en- the administration
i a creditor nation measures, but prec
ent. The millions conduct of the grei
e been used to de- vaet amount more
h, and that she is our greatest need
rival is evidenced tiorts we wasted ei
ive doubled during a fleld marshal's c<
Australia and New _______
ina, and Canada, cxrm
>rd of 80 per cent
: total value of our Th<V"l6ak" Drob
i in manufacturing" * gm
>hon, on both of
r, for the first 11 It must have bee
). compared with lntereEt ln The Lei
er, 1912, to Sep- An ,
L_ ,l d Li- A" the wild tur
ler the Kepublican wo have some wile
of our great trade iontown.?Unlonto
many, whence nor- Thc pcace outlo(
European imports, Wednesday. The
it Britain, France, Clarksburg Exponc
jreatest war of his- ,
x>d for the first ! I th^er?" ?Is go
JU against $ jo I,- sldered as the logl
f Republican law, ton Central.
forcibly feed us occasionally. That is
If it's free. i
* * f
And speaking of birth control what
has that to do with the fellow trying
to hold the sheets on in the upp'er
berth and at the same time grab for
too bock mac reu mio uie aisie;
"Austrlans halted by mow. Men die
ot cold."
And yet when you ask a foreign
er if he likes America he says: "Sail
right but. too mucba no good; no gooda
country like Austria." ,
* * 1
Walter Johnson may be a Swede
but it took a pole to get him out of |
the river into which he broke through ,
the ice.
"Mush* makes kisses sour, says'ex- '
pert. j
And the "expert" la a Y. M. C. A. ;
secretary In Brooklyn. t
Not being a Y. M. C. A. secretary 1
we cannot comment on this. _ 1
New York tell for a Kansas girl
food producing countries were called,
0,000 non-producers on the battlefields |
ducer the present law has been a flat
eption. From the time the law took
vember 30, 1916?38 months?our
s have averaged $163,000,000, exckoning
about $28,000,000 worth of
rhich carried Republican rates a few
l_l 1 E 1 " * -* i
i occame a law. excluding Ulc duties
to product*?$14,741,200?the presced
about $692,000,000 of revenue
10th, an average monthly revenue of
an average rate of duty for die entire
ir cent. In some months it has gone
nt. During the last three fiscal years
i months?the Republican law produc>f
revenue, an average monthly revenue
he average monthly importation being
i the average rate of duty over the en1
per cent.
nbers of the Ways and Means and the
> are almost without exception men
1 with American industrial needs, while
rs are for the most part men of affairs
lected with the industrial life of this
iident wavers and temporizes and sugiff
revision await the investigation and
trienced and as yet unorganized tariff
tiposition of which is of a decidedly
. It would take six years for this comty
sort of report. Meanwhile. DemoRepublican
opportunity, and the introive
tariff bill is in order.
ralysis has imposed burdens upon all.
travel, cut down the sales of merchanere
it made its appearance in what ap:mic
form, turned comfortable profits
losses for proprietors of amusement enis
made by families and business conaffairs
Dubted whether any, barring of course
led children, have suffered greater inic
school teachers and their superiors,
lance figures yesterday when the schools
j weeks suspension of activities behere
indicate that these troubles will
:r or less degree right down to the end
rbviousiy impossible to keep classes on
hen the attendance is irregular,
"airmont we have in the teaching body
try staff as loyal, as intelligent and as
ional force as can be found anywhere
'e can rest assured that they will do
re effects of the drawbacks which have
; school year.
band of Senator Scott C. Lowe yeslb
tbe Mike Duty life Imprisonment
nbance his reputation for logic, hownce
to the attack upon Judgo Damhilln
Weri> crnnrl moneui-ae 'mo*
----- ..v.w "ttMUl VO 1UOU ?V tUiX |
?re voted lor them they are good
i been able to pull out of Bume tight
but the outcome of ibo leak charges
pon his mind for the rest of his life
; homely old injunction which reads,
Ing you can't finish."
lie an immigration bill has been vetained
a literacy tesU But although
:he measure claim they have enough
rer the veto they will not make the
e not. That is highly explosive lega
congress full of dead ducks does
record regarding it if that course can
Amsterdam say that within forty man
government is expected to issue
rorld on peace. They hare leaks at
it seven thousand Americans are folStates
troops out of Mexico. Which
toward explaining why the Mexican
cd with so much heat all over this
. deal about the ssoo.ooo.nnn wMeh
is prepared to spend upon defense
ious little about schemes to make the
it departments which will spend this
efficient. And it is right there that
lies. Even under the old appropriaaough
money each year to maintain
immand in Germany.
e has ceased to interest anyone save
it expense to conduct it.?Wcllshurg
m the flood that lessened Ohio valley
lk.?Parkersburg News.
keys may be in the mountains, but
1 chickens right in the heart of Unwn
Evening Genius.
>k is more inspiring than it was last
end of the war is a week nearer.?
alk of moving the Btate capital and
ling on. why shouldn't Sutton be concal
point?centrally located.?Braxwho
said she was a gold miner's
daughter from Alaska.
Newark, N. J., is chasing ghosts !
? *
Clay county. West Virginia, is tak- !
tng the law in it's hands to keep it's ,
citizens from getting killed.
What's the fare Chill?
WHEELING, Jan. 30.?Deeds conreying
all property of the Consolidated '
and Central District Telephone com- .
panies in West Virginia to the Chesa- 1
peake & Potomac Telephone company
wore filed with the county clerk here :
yesterday. The deod of tho Consoll- 1
Jated company convoys property in I
the counties of Braxton, Brorfke, Dodd- '
ridgo, Gilmer. Hancock, PrestoD. Ritch- 1
[*?. Rnnnp Tnvlfw TvUi. ITiwh... '
le) and Wood. The deed of tbo Cea.
tral District company conveys proper- 1
gr in Marshall, Harrison, Wood and '
Dhlo counties. I
, I
" , ' - . ' 1
Little want ads are Big Ads. I
(BY Cl
e^suu I suppose THSR
FAIRMONT, Jan. 29?[Editor
The West Virginian]?Having been
a subscriber to your paper for the
past two years, I take the liberty of
requesting you to make a correction
in regard to an article that appeared
in your columns Saturday evening.
Tho articlle referred to Insinuates
that Clem Roach not Rouch (wanted
in Indiana for violating a parole
from the Jeffersonvllle, Ind., reformatory)
was considered so untrustworthy
by his friends, who had secured
bond for him, that they darst not tell
him the officer was here to return
him to that institution, fearing that
he would dishonestly leave his bondsman
to make good.
It furthermore stated that by false
pretence, he was Induced to go to police
headquarters, not knowing what
was wanted of him. That is an absolute
falsehood, and the party offering
this article for publication must have
known it to be false, as there .wero
no grounds whatever for such a statement.
The facts aro he was asked to ap- j
pear Friday evening at his attorney's!
ohice (not police quarters) being I
told exactly the nature of the business
and expectins to accompany the
officer back to Indiana that night.
He bade his friends goodbye,
thanked his bondsman and went with
bis sister, her husband and a near
friend to Attorney Bell's office, realking
as be left his sister's home that
many years might elapse before he
entered it again, if ever.
Upon their arrival at the office,
there was no such dramatic scene as
described in your item. There were
no handcuffs snapped on the wrists
cf the unsuspecting one, no Indiana
officer there. And Officer Buckley,
a friend of the prisoner, as he Is to
all unfortunates, went to the Hippodrome,
and finding said Indiana officer
there, informed him that his prisoner,
or victim, whichever you choose
to call him, was at Attorney Bell's
i.fflce waiting to accompany him back
to Indiana.
The only misstatement made to
the boy wa3 that he would be taken
away that night. But Instead ho was
taken to the county Jail here (with
uui napucunsi. wnero lie spent the
night. He might have refused to submit
to this and have returned to-his
sister's home to spend the night, as
he was under bond until tho following
day. Not wishing to cause the
officers further trouble, he passed
the night in Jail, leaving tho next
morning for Indiana.
Now. Mr. Editor, as a favor to myself,
and in justice to an orphan boy,
I would ask you to please rectify this
misrepresentation of facts, as the
writer of tihs article not only owes
an apology to the boy and his sister,
but to the publ'c as well.' And. In
connection, I request you to please
puonsh the following:
This boy, Clem Roach (bora In
1897 and now but 19 years of age.
not 21 as published), was left an orphan
at the ago of ten years, with an
only 3ister of very few years his senior.
Then began his struggle for his
daily bread. Cast on the world wltr
out a friend to extend to him a helping
hand, Is it any wonder that, without
proper guidance, he chose the
wrong patn?
If any of our own little ones were
thrown on the world, under the same
circumstances, could w? expect much
more of them?
At the age of sixteen ho was convicted
of petit larceny in Indiana, being
sentenced to the reformatory of
that state for u period of from one
to eight yearjs.
After serving two and one-hair
years, ho was paroled. He secured
employment and worked faithfully
JHic TUT boverai unjhuis. Tlien me
ooglng to sec his sister overcame
lim, and ho came to this city, there>y
violating his parole.
He (ought extradition paper#-, with
'.he aid ot bis sister in the hope of
-emalning here with her, where, with
:he influence of home ties and under
v sister's tender and loving guidance
md by separatloiP~from all things
:onncctcd with his past lite, he might
tow. just
that3^^P^T~ _
I NO lu, YOU ]
n fjii
elevate himself to a higher plane of
Thanking you in advance. I am. .
b21 Virginia Avenue, City.
Monongalia Musings
Boston, the city of beans, buncombe
and blllysundaylsts, recently
decided to remain boozy. Had it
abandoned booze, the other three
Viohffa nrnnld Viava
i> U1UU UH>f? * CUlltlUfaU iUV?VI>f
and (our unpleasant symptoms are
not much more terrible than three.
\vhen all (our are discarded It -will
tnen be a city ot culture, a fit place
for manhood to dwell. When shall
it be?
?*?Mark Twain was not only a humorist
but an original thinker of
great force as well. He once said,
".mere are all kinds of consciences,
because there are all kinds of men.
You satisfy an assassin's conscience
in one way, a philanthropist's in another,
a miser's in another, a burglar's
in still another." If you are
able to refute that, sail in. we confess
our inabllit/ to perform the task.
' Henry Fielding once said something
to the effect that the slander
of some people is as great a recommendation
as the praise of others.
Sure it is ,but why should we purchase
praise by pretense?
If our legislature will pass an act
that will reform gossips and prevent
bald headed druggists from selling
hair restorers, all will be cheerfully
Emerson once sweetly sang:
"Let me go where'er I will,
I hear a sky-born music still."
Evidently he was never present at
a district singing school.
l lie cynic may scatter the seeds
of discontent, the pessimist may ponr
the poison of pimply portent, but
every refleoti\fc mind must admit
that the maple syrup season is drawing
nigh. Bring the cast Iron kettle,
Our loquacious and luminous
legislature evidently does not consider
prohibition Buch a blessing after
all. In the kindness of Its heart It
generously grants uu the privilege of
procuring a quart a month. Thanks,
awfully. That amount will enable us
to get drunk once every two weeks
r.nd most drunkards and their families
think that often enough. Let
us have no more twaddle to the effect
that this is a dry state. Such seraphic
slobbering is decidedly too thin.
i awson's leany logic, is a sample of
thinness that should satisfy all abnormal
Gene Ahem
Care should be taken when reading
this column. Avoid reading the white
snares. Mai?V nart
The type won't fade If read over a few
hundred times.
We feed 'em at 6.
The natives of Raaffrpw, Africa,
have a peculiar way of making chairs.
The back of the chair is put on at the
opposite end to where our backs of
chairs are put.
All -the world's a stage and right
now Europe in the scene shifter,
v ''
The month of August used to be
called Sextltlis.
Two thousand years ago when Lycurgus
was king of Sparta he didn't
have a wall arounu the city.
Aperlo is a Latin Word meaning "I
0D6Q." and the nld\TA*Ji HMbH 11*0
as a poker term.
Well, we see the pew style coats tor
men call tor kimona sleeves. Goodness
mo! Is there too much powder
on my nose and are my Hps on straight
Where d ye get that noise?
An A do am
f of Spring
Every woman who loves
! tire will want to see this &
| styles.
We cannot attempt to d
5 hats in detail, but, instead,
1 selves with giving you a "t
g son's style tendencies.
Only by a personal ins]
the new garments and h?
|;j fullest extent.
Suits are shown in the r
IS viduality?gabardines, pop
taffetas. The fashion tren
emplified in suits and coats
gold, rose, greens, tan, brt
Nothing is too striking foi
A good example of this teni
skirt of a soft woolen mz
white in large checks and
trasting colors is one of th
suit of navy blue poplin is i
wide and fine machine plea
of the suits.
; Soft woolen fabrics will
; rate coats. Modified kimo
pockets and fitted backs a:
and close-fitting lines will t
Suits are $15 to
Coats $8.00 to
1 ??
|| warming m
I \ Some of the best designe
* to supply us with new moi
I different in colorings and d
[ inspect our new millinery
1 tion. Prices $4.50 to $8.50.
Editorial Comment
. i
on Current Subjects j
iflsrwuG oaasiON. i
From the Pittsburgh Gazette-Times.
Congressman William R. Wood's :
speech at the Tariff Club dinner last '
night wa sa timely recital of events I
of which Americans ought to keep i
themselves informed. The annlver- i
sary of the birth of William McKln
ley was the appropriate time to re- I
mind the epople of the course of af- 1
fairs in our country and of the cer- i
tainty that disaster will follow plac- 1
ing control of our government in the I
hands of the inept Democratic party, i
McKinley became President in 1897 <
in succession to a Democrat whose I
administration had brought the coun- >
try to a low state. As Mr. Wood said: <
"The finances of this country had 1
reached such a plight- that national
bankruptcy and dishonor were star- <
ing us in the face; the political party
then in power .true to its past traditlons
and present practices, had depleted
the public treasury and was
piling up millions of deficit by reason
of Its ever destructive policy of a tariff
for revenue only." Then the country
turned to McKinley, and "taht he
performed well his part the geratest
era of real prosperity this country
has ever known may be called upon
It matters not whether you have had
agonising pains from rheumatism for
30 years or distressing twltchlngs for
20 weeks, Rheuma Is strong enough
and mighty and powerful enough to
drive rheumatic poisons from your
body and abolish all misery or money
All druggists sell Rheuma on a nocure-no-pay
basis for not moro than 1
50 cents a bottle, and after you take '
a half teaspoonful once a day for two
days you should know that at last you 1
have obtained a remedy that will con- 1
quer rheumatism. <
For over five years throughout y
America Rheuma has been prescribed '
by broad-minded physicians and has c
released thousands from agony, pain i
and despair. 5
I Test Our
An ability and a desire to rendei
premo tests of the kind of bank a
3 mand.
Our healthy growth and thousand
I itlve proof o? the kind of service th
Give us an opportunity to demon
to your needs.
On the Corner Neai
. 1 J _i 1" v >1
t ueaumui ana siyusn air s
ihowing of new spring |
escribe the garments andVa
will have to content our- g ?.
rirds-eye view" of the sea- a
section can the charm of | '
its be appreciated to the |
lew fancy weaves of indiilins,
velours, jerseys and
d for delicate colors is ex- |
; in such colors as Spanish,
>wns, blues and greys. ! |I
r sports wear this season. !
iency is a new separate ! |
iterial in black, grey and ! *
stripes. Stitching in con- ,
ie effective trimmings. A j 'v|
stitched with white. Both
ts are introduced in many |
be largely used for sepano
sleeves, pointed barrel
re new notes. Both loose
)egood. " 9
$45. '
$29.75. '1
rtv Millinery
rs have made extra effort | |
dels that are original and !
esigns. We urge that you 1 S
and make an early selec- |4 *
to attest." " We tftl 'teaftSfcbat the "
state of the' 'natlbhai'nuancte is now,
we all know to what the industrial
activity 1b due; we all know that but
tor the war Democratic mismanageinent
would have plunged us earlier
into disaster, and the levying of war
taxes in time of peace and the piling
up on indebtedness thai is going on
will be a burden to the people for '
rears to come. Yet the party In power
stubbornly refuses to turn to that
source of national revenue that la not
only rational and sure but can be
made the means of protection to
(American industry. We are throwing
away on our present imports al- ?
most $300,000,000 of revenue annu- S
illy. "The Republican party waa
jorn to save," said the Indiana con-fl
;ressman, "and It certainly will barefl
1 job on its hands when the Deq^M
:rats are turned out of office, fafl
h their wastefulness and mismanaTH
nent that are piling up the debt tiH
:ountry will finally call upon the Re^^|
publicans to devise means to pay off. *1
I'he way of McKinley will be the way a " I
jf the redemption of the nation.
Few drops and corns or calluses , J
loosen and lift off with JS
fingers. No paint yf 1
The world owes thanks to the gen- I
us in Cincinnati who discovered free- 1
tone, the new ether drug.
Tiny bottles of the magic
Hold oan now be had at
UIUI llUltt lor a lew
cencs. Yon simply apply a
few drops of this freezone
XWPk upon a tender, aching com
or a hardened callus InHnP
I stantly the soreness disap?!.
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