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y,; PITTSBURGH, Jan. JO. ? On Ih
, Pittsburgh Stock Exchange the cours
; g,|J^C?Hnn^"|n'|",';|^ll|'^ 01ll? f,"u'
rent and was the most active of the dlv
dend-ppyers, 6,599 shares chungln
hands. The stock opened sllghtl
higher and advanced to 04. Knoug
profit-taking occurred to cause a r<
action to 52, at which' the mark*
closed, a loss of $1 for the day. Obi
Fuel Oil wub Inactive and decline
from 21% to 21. Pure Oil An sales c
089 shares declined from 22'/s to 21^
Other members of this group were du
but strong. Osage & Oklahoma sol
at 125, an advance of $4, Union Nature
igr uas was 82 higher at 183, ami Cane
River Gas % higher at 47',i. Westlni
house Air Brake was weak, dcclinln
[ froiu 154% to 153 and closing r.t 1Gwhile
Klectrlc declined from 53% t
? ' 53 on light dealings. American Wii
; low Glass Machine common rnlUc
2% points to 59% and closed at G'
f;' LaBellc Iron common was more ai
4 live than for some time past, advam
log to 81 and closing unchanged at 8<
Sales. lllgli.- I.o v
160 A \V G Macll... 59% 59
215 Caney lliver G 171 < ,47
Ki: 1,800 (.'able Gonsoi... .ilti ."
100 fireproof, pfd.. 17'. 7'
K 10 Ind Brew pfd... 17', 17>
m 1,300 La Belle Iron.. .81 SO
40 Lone Star Gns. 95 93
125 Mfrs L & II ... 67% 071
21,700 Mt Shasta 1.0U J
430 Ohio fuel Oil.. 21% 21
5,599 Ohio Fuel Sup.. 54 52
jL 25 Osage & Okla.. 125 125
W: ' 1,100 P-J Copper ... 1.05 1.0
25 Pgh Oil & Ous. 12% 12',
089 Pure Oil com.. 22% 21'!
10,600 Ross Mining .. .25 .2
Bp.. 65 Union Nat Gas 183 1S3
100 U S Steel com.. 113 113
115 West Airbrake.. 154% 153
105 West Elec com 53% 53
fL 14.303
ff2,000 Col Gas (sTeI^S ?30% 90?
20 Ohio Fuel"iup8.' 17 17
469 West Elcc .... % i
"New high record.
Grain and Produce,
P? CHICAGO, Jan. 30.?Violent lluctu:
Uohs that included an extreme brea
> at 9V4 cents kept the wheat markc
continuously disturbed. Pronounce
pip weakness in the closing hour was ai
soclated with reports ot British goi
crnment selling at Winnipeg and wit
Washington advices that were take
to'indicate possible renewal ot frictio
it" between the United States and Gei
a many. The finish in the pit was will
l%c to 4c net lower at $1.71%?1.71?
tor May and $1.45%@1.45% for Juli
Goru last llic to l%?14ic. and oat
.? /[email protected] to 1 Y*v. In provisions the rt
suit varied from 10c decline to a ris
Hf/ "/=v* (i
I $1"% $1.711
July 1X0 1.451
May 1.01^ .901
Oil and fJas.
HHF Development work in the Easter
Hr 'p fields Is almost featureless. Operatoi
are not making much progress wit
ffllp;, the wells drilling' and there is ti
Bp: great effort making to start new worl
New producing territory is the or
thing most desired at this time. Eve
tfi then there would not be any rusli I
develop it before the return of sprin
I "S , unless it could furnish u better avc
ilfev ft8e than the prevailing size of th
late completions.
On Middle Island Creek, Ellswor!
district, Tyler county, IV. Via., Jann
IPS'' E. Kelly and Co., have drilled a test o
| 4 ) tlte O B Conaway farm in to tli
Mason sand. It is showing for a 1
~, barrel pumper in that formatioi
Itt Near Friendly, Union District, Tylt
county, the Melrose Oil and Gas Cor
BP/}:: ?
Notice is hereby given tlmt at tli
!p ; annual Meeting of the stockholders c
jfej. Fairmont Building and Loan Assocli
| Hon to be held on the 6th day of Fcl
Bp':;. . ruary. 1917, at the office of the Assi
3fv:. elation in the Jacobs Buildng, Monro
lpjr: street, n the city of Fairmont, Ma
ion county, West Virginia, the follov
iug resolutions will be offered:
"RESOLVED, tliat the capital stoe
I * - "f lt,'s Association be increased froi
$1,040,000.00 to $1,300,000.00. divide
K' into shares of $130.00 each, and
H&P RESOLVED, further that Section
U&l' Article Hi ?t the Constitution of Fal
IpT ' ' mout Building and Loan Assoclatio
I#;.. be and the satue is hereby amende
to read as follows:
'Section 1. The capital stock of thi
Association shall bo 11.300,000.00 divli
Bfv ed into shares of $130.00 each.' "
J. M. HARTLEY, Stockholdc
Notice is hereby given tliat the at
SP&Ilual meeting of the stockholders r
iA "Virmont Building and Loan ^esocii
' Ka.jn will be lield at the. office Oi ....
1 isso-latiou, Jacobs building, in tli
glclty of Fairmont, Marion count;
West Virginia, on tho litn day ot rei
ruary. 1917, %.? vmi the hours of
p. m. and 9 p. m? for the purpose c
85: electing a Board of Directors and fo
tbe transaction of all other businee
which may legally
1-9-1G-23-30 President.
' ' v. " - j
C. Thorn farm! It Is ia duster in the j
: Big Injun sand.
On Lick Run. Ten Mile district. Har-1
rlson county. Carter, Sheets and Jar0!
vis' test on the J. H. Furner farm,
0i Is a (our barrel pumper In the fifth i
,j sand. On the right fork ot Steer
J..' (,'reek. Birch district. Braxton county,
j. II. A. Herman drilled a wildcat into
g the salt sand. It Is a biir gasser hi
y that formation.
b On Jakes Run, Clay district, Jlonou-1
,. galla county, the Hope Natural Gas
it Company has a show of oil In the Big!
I. f ?.-i . - ?
0 i lujuu msuhi at a iest on 1110 fctva t ore
(1 ] furm. Thev are giving It atcsi from
it ] that level before drilling to the lower
' sands. On Paw Paw run, Paw Paw
II j district, Marin county, the same comil
I paiiy'a test on tbo L. B. Underwood
il I farm has a show of it in the fifth sued,
y On Cool Run, McCIelian district.
! Doddridge county, tho Philadelphia
S Company's second lest on tho A. O.
1. Bullous farm is a three-barrel pumper'
u in the Big Injun sand. On Nutter's'
' Fork. West Union district, the Carter |
11 Oil company has a five barrel pumper;
' In-the Big Injun sand at a test on;
:'l the Amanda Freeman farm. On West;
' ! Fork nun, Washington district, Cal-'
' j houn county, the Hope Natural Gas
Company has drilled a test on the H.
: j G. Isenhart farm through all sands to
u depth of 2,935 feet and found notlii
6On Buckeye Fork. Greenbricd dls1
trlct. Doddridge county, the Eastern
i Oil Company is due in the sand at a '
test on the L. C. Hickman farm. On!
Miracle Hun, Battelle district, Monon-i
: galia county, the Monon Oil and Gasj
7 Company has the rig romplctcd tor a j
1 test on the Sliriver heirs' farm. On
I Straight Creek, Burning Springs dis-,
. , trlct. Why county, the Ritchie Oil com
1 pany has made a location on the Albert
* Bruner farm.
? On Goose Creek. McKim district,
>? Pleasants county, David Ruby &. Co.
; Itafe a rig completed on tho David
I Eddy farm. On Ilagans Run. the
1 Keystone Oil Company is starting a
| test ou the John R. Roborts Carnt. On
Indian Creek, McBlroy district. Tyler
county, the Colonial Oil Company's
, well on the Osborne Alien farm is
* I showing a little oil in the Maxon sand.
; On Green Creek, Harper district,
, I Roane county, the Sidney Oil and
* Gas company is drilling a test on the
P. M. Hively farm. In Big Run of Candy
Creek. Geary district, Roane county.
tile Carbon Blurk Cnmnniiv tinn
rig completed on tho C. W. Goad farm.
Iln the Dent's Run pool, Mannington
district, Marion county, F. W. Dartlett's
No. 3 on the Z. E. Batson farm
Ib holding up a 670 barrels Blncc It
was shot. Tho Delmar Oil Company's
No. 26 on the John L. Hays farm is still
? producing 280 barrels a day.
11 f??i i ,.
;; | New York
u NEW YORK. Jan. 30?Beginning
with a general demonstration of
1> strength, today's listless and highly
4 professional market soon reacted, vlr'
tually .all gains giving way to losses
siof 1 to 3 points among leaders and
greater recessions in the speculative
Tho superficial character was indi"
rated by tile limited volume of trad,
ing. Only 460.000 shares were dealt
r in. United States steel and other con
spicuous industries as woll us coppers,
, shipping and petroleums contributing
? a preponderant percentage.
bast Saturday night at the home ot
}his parents on Birchfield run, Willie
S. Hawley entertained quite a number
of his young friends in honor of his
sixteenth birthday.
n G. W. Ilobey who has been confined
8 to his bed the most of the winter, is
[j now convalescing.
0 After a week's Illness P. T. l.ang_re
^ Buwi'u wor? last mommy at tnc Toitg
bat mine.
u Mr. anil Mrs. Jesse Arnett anil \Vi?0
Hello, Fellers
here I is. ThefellerscallmeChunky,
k Dad calls me his Pest,Ma says I'm
11 her Pride, and Sis?well, she's ncud
trail Anyhow, I'll bestickin' around
I for quite a while and I'm Rlad to
r" meet you all, so let's be friends,
n What say?"
cmouky c?e^te"
Chief tain Black Shoe Paste cleans and
polishes alt kinds of black leathers. _ It is
easy to use?gives a quick, clean shine?
Pl one quick rub with a soft cloth will completely
renew the appearance of yourshocs
_ i ?try a box.
* -
v. atgnanay box lUe.
4000 TO PERF
MEMPHIS. Tenn., Jan. 30. ? Memphis
Is preparing the first and biggest
pageant over staged in the south!
It will be a double celebration, beginning
May 22 and lasting three days,
featuring the opening of the Harahau
bridge across the Mississippi aud I he
history of Memphis.
A mammoth amphitheatre, like tho
Coliseum in Rome, Is being built to
seat 40,000 spectators. Four thousand .
Performers will dress in snontrt
and gorgeous costumes, lu accordance
with the times they will portray. The
stage will be 200 feet deep and 300
feet wide. I
lis Thorn arrived here a few days oso '
from Louisville. Ky? on a visit to relatives
in this and immediate communities.
We learn that S. A. Dias will move'
from lien: to Rlvesvilie in a few days, j
Recently Mr. Dias sold his property
to the Monongalia foal company opor- i
ating near this place.
The death of S. T. Martin, of near'
Granville has cast a gloom over our
community. N'o resident of the conn-!
ty perhaps was hotter known having
taught music in this section for sev-1
eral years. His kindly smile and cor-1
dial greetings will bo missed by the
tots and the tottering.
Everything from feathers to post- j
age stamps are now on sale in the
leading store of our little burg, eveu
soup beans at almost a penny apiece!
are in better demand tliau the Ten,
We used to blame the weather for!
everything that happened from poor
crops to late trains but now days wo
just blame-the war aud let it go at
Waste by Coke Oven*.
Government oillcials linvt estimated
that 1.8ri0,000 horse power in the form
of gas alone is wasted every day by
the old fashioned coke ovens of the
United States.
. ?- in
The Chesapeake
West Virginia has
needs of the enti
Company, operatin
all of the nrnnerK
? x A J
following telephone
Consolidated Tel
The Centre
The Chesapeah
In Fairmont and
two systems will b<
consolidation undei
time ago. The bi
continued at their j
Substantial progr
atory to combining
The new fire pi
completed. This
Company and the
the installation of
The combined sy
011 a two and fou
bell of anv other i
There still rema
plant construction
head plant in conj;
useless duplicate i
All of this work
ent with good eng:
When this work
date can be fixed,
of the time when
be made.
Well in advance
representatives wi
information as to
the service desirec
Every effort wi!
factory telephone
vice to the fullest
with our patrons.
The Chesape
I' l j
JH p
The pageant history will begin wKh ! 1
the early days of Fernando Dc Soto, i
In. time <
Every woman si...aid know
ence ti.e lelief o. a'reliable
1-er.ded upoi to right cond
ache, diiziness. languor, nau:
suel t'p-'-v, t.oihing is so sal
During tiie past sixty years, milllor
most helpful in toning and strengti
latinf! the stomach, liverand bowels,
vegetable and contain no harmful 01
with entire confidence for they causi
will not
Directions of Special Value to 1
Sold by druggists throughout the
ne mm
& Potomac Telepho
been organizecLto sei
re State of West Vi
g under a domestic chi
r in the btate or Wej
; companies:
lephone Company of
il District Telephone
;e & Potomac Teleph
other neighboring citic
5 operated as at pres
r the plan presented tc
usiness offices of botf
>resent locations until f
ess has been made in
the two svstems:
roof building on Monroe stre
building will house the varioi
i Central Office switch board
which is well under way.
'stems will be equipped so tha
r party line will be rung witl
subscribers on the same line.
ins to be done considerable ar
and re-arrangement. Much
jested sections will be placed u
)lant will be removed.
is being pushed as rapidly as
ineering and a high standard i
has progressed to such a point
rliio annniniwmunt will bo in!
the actual combination of the
i of the actual consolidation,
11 call upon all subscribers, pre
service arrangements, rates, (
I under the combined system.
II be exerted to furnish an efl
service, to develop the usefu
possibility and to deal fairly
ake & Potomac
_ i* r - ? *
any or west vii
a' | | JJj
eal with the French and English ev
lorers up lo revolutionary days and ' St
111 portray the development of Mem-i ?
Ills to the present time. There will t<
e niuslr. dunclng. poetry and oraary.
Don Juun f'Utioy Gayangos. Spanish ft
mhassador. will attend. President
S'ilsou is expected to attend the dedl-. 11
atlon of the bridge, which will be the
inly double-track railroad and frco raffle
bridge over the lower MissisIppi.
A finance committee, headed bv
lenry I.oeb Is raising ?100,0(M to . ...
iroduee the big celebration. v,
of need s
i to
the comfort, and experi- p
: remedy that can be dt ?
itions which cause headsea
and constipatif ii. At
e, so sure and speedy as ra
is of women have found them
tening ttie system, and for regu.
These famous pills arc entirely
r habit-forming drugs. Use them
e no unpleasant after-effects, and ul
fail you s
py d<
Women are with Every Box. If
i world. In boxes, 10c., 25e. C(
i 1
ne Company of
rve the telephone
rginia. The new
arter, has acquired
t 7 r . i
>t Virginia or the
West Virginia.
one Company
ss and towns the [
ent pending their
i the public some
1 systems will be j
urther notice. [L
the work prepariet
is practically
us offices of the
and apparatus,
t each telephone I
nout ringing the
nount of outside I
i OYicfintr mrov i 1
V V/JklUV/UIJ, V ? VI |
nder ground and
possible consistpf
where a definite
ide to the public
two systems will
the Company^ ~
pared to give full j
ite., and to learn
'ieient and satislness
of the serand
: Telephone
^ ? .
RL for general housework, (.'all
Bell Phone 584 J. 127-17 No. 1 Sji!
ANTED?Girl for second cook for
weoK or ten days, bee Miss Cliup
1 at Normal Dormitory.
l*30*t? No. ISoG
)K RENT?Twelve-room house on
Watson Ave. Address 1201' Gladden
. Reasonable. 1-24-tit No. 1SJ
>K RENT 9 room house, Ogdcn
avenue. Inquire 1". M. Murphy.
lone 7:i3-Y Consol l-2;1-1f No 1S41
OR RENT?SlX-room house w:tn
bath, Jackson Addition, near Round
uuse. Jas. L. Gettltlgs, Hell 99 M
l-2"-3t No. 1S47
I'a.. income property for -mall
mi near Fairmont. Address l>i3
alnut avenue, city. KtO-tf No 1 s">7
CO., srunt lands. Title to
me revested In United States by act
1 Congress dated Juno 9. 1910. Two
llllon three bundled thousand acres
i be opened for settlement and sale.
t/vtcr ano. muuvi auu <igi i> iniuuu
lids containing s-nnic of best land
ft in United States. Now is the opirtune
time. Large Sectional Maps
id description of soil, climate, rain
li. elevations, etc. Postpaid one dolr.
Grant Lands Locating Co.. Box
0. Portland. Oregon. 1-18-tf No IMS
_____ FAR^FOK oALE ______
Write W W. Luce. Columbiana. O.
1-20-Ct No. 1S2H
Notice is hereby given that on or
tout the loth day of February, 11)17,
1 application will be filed with E. G.
lerson. Pardon Attorney, Charlesm,
W. Vu., for the pnrdon of Paul
ifone, convicted of the crime of nittrir,
2d degree, at the March term.
H5, of the Circuit Court of Marion
mnty. and sentenced to imprisonent
in the West Virginia Penitentiary
ir the period of nine years.
23-00 (Signed! PAUL FAFONB.
Set of Teeth $8
crown and bridge work, $u.uo.
Tooth fillings, 50c and up.
Examinations :,ud cbtiruates
Dental methods have totally
changed in the last few years
and to get the best ot dentistry,
consult a dentist who 1r practising
the late methods.
We guarantee our work.
Office on Main street opposite
Court House, over 5 and 10 Cent
The Union Dentists
Bell Phone 921 J.
Now is the
Time to Think
of your winter clothing needs,
and have their, cleaned' and
freshened by our superior methods.
Footer's Service is always
safest and best for Ladies' and
geutlcmou'ti garments.
Felt or other huts, slippers,
shoes, sweaters, light wraps.
Just now we are preparing to
render better and more efficient
service tban ever before.
Dye Works
Cumberland, Maryland.
Fairmont and Vicinity.
"s ' :
PAGE 7 |
LOST?Small gold and cross 1
bone pin. Finder please return-to j |
Box 183S West Virginian office for re-,
ward. 124-tt No 1S88 .
LOST?51S Saturday, possibly in
Clarksburg ear. Liberal rcwnri. I'.
W. Sanderson. 511! Gaston Avenue,
luirmont. 1-29-tt No. 1So4
LOST ? Between 5th street and i?.
l'ark Ave.. Hospital Class pin. Own
era uauic on back. Finder call Bed
64-.M. 1-30-St No. lS5s
company or Uellairo. 0? has w. 1
to loan on desirable real estate. Sat
Paul 0. Armstrong, Attorney. 41-42
Trust Bids.. Hb Floor. Fairmont, \V.
MONEY?To loan In suma of |1U tc
Sou to anyone li:.vlng steady work
Can bS' paid in suiull inonlbly. pay^.
meuts. No refcrenec or endorsement* 'j
required. Strle.,, confidential. Ad'
dress Box 595, Clarksburg, W. Va
FOR BALE?Camp buildings, locate
on Helen's Hun. Apply or write M
A. L. Anderson & Bros., Inc., At , I
ingtoii. \V. A'a. l-27-4t No. 1st:
FOR SALE?12 acres ot Freeporl veil
of coal near Cataivba. Box lS'xi
West Virginian.
l-27-3t Xo. ISoQ.
, FOlt SALE?Good furniture., carpen
and other articles. 118 Watson arc
nuo. l-2i)-2t NS?M1
????? SSSSiiisisiECS^ |
I FOlt KENT?Fnrnlshod room. iM
preferred. Apply 605 Benonl J
l-27-3t No. 18 F
; Foil KENT? Furnislied roonft or-no
furnished rooms. Also bourder>
wanted. Apply'71.3 Olen SL, Locusi
! Ave. l-29-6t No. 18J:
mny and tvoontvonKtxo isi.dOHisrrii
?.Vow and second hand. Machino
' drills, bhapcrs, planers, presses. tUragc inscliin ' |
i cry. Ua.-oline engines. Pumps, elcttm Motor
Ktiginei*. Rollers. Planers, baml-wiirs. Sswmlll onl
fits. J Ml ting. pulleys, shafting. Contractors'equip- ' < tffiH
menu 11AIKD MA&1ILNKRY CO. l'lluliuick, ft.
Professional Cards 1
I * ?wvwvvvve?%vvvwvvvwv?wwww^yi)>|lw?
Office Trust Bldg. Fairmont, W. Va.
OptAnetrltt ana
^^08^ 25 'practical I
experience. Glasses lurnlsbeU la i
! A. B. Scott^Corapany, j jj
Glasses of all Kinds correctly
litted. Satisfaction guaranteed.'
Hall lllock over Martin's Drug
Docs Your Income or
Your Judgment Control [,
j Your Expenditure?
j ^ jlHH
Those who are letting
; 1 their better Judgment dh>\
tate their money expendl- i
ture are saving money at |
this strong bank* ji|If>?S^H
?l Others who let their Incom- (
<; es dictate their 'Apendltures k-ISM
' live only for pay day. Their 1]
j future plans are but one pay |
; day uheaa
1 :~>?3S9^H
| Let your better Judgment |
' dictate to you on money: mat- i I
i ters; then save Here at good (
j : interest.
WEST va. vs!!5^p:
|| ;"3
s s?r '."':r'

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