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Dailv Average
for Jan. 1917 t /
A Quality Newtpaper for tl.q H
m\' .
VERY sun
^P<MMWAHo4m?A l?n11 WT <> ?t Ua i
xviupti Qtuiv i ui tt a v uc" ;
lo wthe Zero Mark Lastt
One Year Ago Thermometer;
Registered 41 Degrees
A (strong gale, driving a fine dry
now, hit Fairmont at live-thirty last
evening and tor halt and hour the
city experienced a genuine blizzard.
The few persons on the street when
- the gale unexpectedly struck had
great difficulty in getting to a place
of refuge.
A man in front of the Deveny property
on Main street was lifted bodily
and thrown against the metal bill
hoards that face the street; a light
auto delivery truck turning off Monroe
street onto Main, was biown side
way 2 inio me euro in irom 01 martin
s drug store; a delivery wagon
b'ilng driven down Main street was
blown around in front of the horse
and swept up on the curb In front of
the Peoples National Bank property;
a man rushed Into Comuntzis for protection
and It took two strong men
to does the door after him; transmission
wires of the Traction Com-.pany's
lines were blown down and
' tor a time the Clarksburg division
was entirely at a standstill.
. The thermometer took a sudden
drop from about ten above to Just
about the. zero mark, and while the
blizzard died away in about hair an
hour; a high wind blew all night and
piled the snow Into drifts in every
'.cornerand unprotected spuce. Church
f attendance was reduced to practical'
ly nil, as was attendance at all other
Repair men from the Traction
. company staff were forced to work in j
the blizzard most.of the night, fixing,
up iub wires that were blown down.,
.'mis morning everything was 0. K. j
and working as usual.
The official government thermom-|
oter at eight this morning said that;
JVlt was six dgrees below zero, with a
rprobable lower, temperature earlier;
In the morning. Unofficial thermometers
In the city and nearby country'
were nearly unanimous in declaring)
that the temperature at day break)
.was ten below. This afternoon a year;
ago the balmy breezefe registered 411
degrees above.
Storm Was Severe
In Mountain Eegion
(By AJsocln tcit Press'
J ELK1NS, Feb. S?The mountainous
regions of central West Virginia
were hit last night by tbo moBt severe
blizzard in the history of this)
. section. With temperature of 10 below j
v zero and a wind velocity of SO miles;
much suffering and considerable property
damage resulted.
An unknown foreigner who sought I
' Bhelter In blacksmith shop at Slvad,1
here was found this morning fro-1
zen to death. The storm broke suddenly
at C last night following whlcli!
the mercury dropped 30 degrees In six
Citv Hall Notes
= =
'i, : Today is February pay day at the 1
' ' city hull and ail sorts of foreigners are
visiting the city hall and each and >
every one of tbem are more than in'*
terested In the prospects of war in
Europe. Strange to say, most of them
leel that "Now Germany will get whipped
If America goes to war. United
States can whip them easy." This Is i
a spirit which many Americans themselves
tail to show.
K . Albert Lehman, street commission- j
; cr. who has been 111 at bis home tor
the past ten days, is reported as greatly-Improved
today. Mr. Lehman has
. been laid up withtfce grip which he
caught when on the bridge Inspecting
trip which took him to Cleveland
vjyhere the weather was bo cold that
ajbost of the party came hack here
t- .Telephone messages from all over
the city have been received today at
the municipal building which state that
the water, was, etc.. Is either off or.
frozen. Although the city has noth-!
lag tc do with gas or water in the prl-;
vate house the city officials have lent |
a helplr -he?-or pc.-'b'o. ?ho
morning a-a most of the occupant* 1
worked In overcoat*.
West Virginia Given Until
Mnrch fi t<i Onnneo
? vrrrvkv.
No Action Taken On the
Adamson Law This
(By Assucluted Press >
WASHINGTON. D. C.. I'eb. 5.?
The state ol Virginia was today given ,
permission by the Supreme Court to
Institute mandamus proceedings 1
againBt the State of West Virginia to
enrorce an early payment of the '
$14,000,000 decreed to bo West Vlr- glnia's
share of Virginia's 1861 debt. r
The Court ordered the West Vlr- [
ginia authorities to show cause by V
March 6th why a mandamus writ 11
should not be Issued. 1
The Supreme court recessed today _
until March 5 without deciding the I
Adamson law test case or the habeas! I
corpus proceeding of United States I
District Attorney H. Snowden Mar-1
shall, of New York. ! _
run troops 'l
ii of uisr
? . ' I
Punitive Column Crossed
International Border N
This Morning. ?
(By Associated Press) .
COLUMBUS, Feb. 5?Major Gener- v
ial Pershing roilo out of Mexico today
at 10 o'clock at the head of more ),i
than 10,000 of tho American punitive
expedition. tl
.. ft
Even Henry Ford's I
Dander is Eising 5
(By Associated Press
WASHINGTON. 1). ('., Feb. 5.? ?
Jlenry ford, manufacturer and pacifist,
announced here 'oday that Ic event of "
war he woud i / e Ills facte I -s at the J
disposal of the government and opor- j,'.
ate them without profit.
Bomb at Home of Collector Matone.
I 1'A ASSI H'iil * I ' 'I .
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Pel). 5.?
Custom Collector Malone at New York
i eputweu iu 1 reasury aeparimcnt 10day
that ho had found a bond) undot , r
tho steps of his homo.'
WASHINGTON. Ph.. Feb. 5.?This I v
city was at the mercy of lires today jj
as a result of the pipes being frozen j n
In the puiup station. One small fire j lm
broke out this morniug but was put j
out with chemicals before much dam-! v
age was done. : w
imr., I n
IRK^ 61
k fljg;
Ml ?
i s
Count Tarnowekt is the new Aus* w
'-'-.ti r.mVr-->dor to the United States p(
.'. -trl ej Itoro to take tbf J
Pisco of the recalled savoy, Or, Dura- 31
be. If the m
^ Northern Wes
* . -. _'.
Tbc probability that the Germ a
disabled ho they cannot be seized by
llcemen at tho docks where the liner a
y*ew York police guarding a German lit
ted Cross Secures Work'
room in the Municipal j
Building. i
In response to a call Issued by the '
aiionai rtod Cross organization for
roparednesc received by tho local!'
ed Cross unit In this city yesterday, j
meeting of the executive committee :}
[ tuc organization was neid this mora- r
ig at tile home of tho presieiint, Miss
iT f 111 1 n Plftmlmr wl?on 1
9 <. <w.ulu(,t niicn (Jiaiin n cic |
iaue aim comma tees were named to >
ave charge of Hie worn. I '
Through the courtesy of Mayor An-' i
louy nowen anu the cny Board ot At-;
tirs the use of a room in the city i
aiming on Monroe street was extendI
to tae organisation aud tue room ,
ill aL once be tliiuit up by ihe ooe. j- -1
andlwiil bo in undy use. ] beginning
with Wednesday of this
ecu irom two o'ckic.i until five ?
clock a- each day will be devoted to 1
aw worn, and members of the or- j
i/.ation will meet and roll batul- j
t,es, make garments and do uny work ;
at is outliiieu by. the .National oigani- j
ltion to be done by the local unit, j i
An active membership campaign i.
ill at once be Instituioii in oruer to
;curc moro members and thus groat- 1
facilitate the work or the society, i .
Chairman of the various depart- I
lents were named this morning as ]
illows: 'Workroom committee, Mrs.'
. A. Sipe, chairman; Miss Blake Wat- j1
in, assistant chairman; Finance coailittee,
Mrs. Iloger Klngsland, chair-;
tan; Cooperation Committee. Mrs. I
!. T. Hartman; Hospital committee.;'
irs. a. u. .Martin: Membcrsnlp com- j
ilttee, Mrs. SI. E. Asheratt; Press 1
immlttee, Mrs. E. C. Jones. i'
Instructions will be received from i (
'ushiugtou National -licadtiuarters;
lthln a short time as to just what 1
ork tbo national organization desires j
ut the local organization will pur-j
Tho Board of Managemeut of the i
alrmont Woman's club lias unani*' *
lously decided to co-opcrato with tlie 11
od Cross organization in the move- 4
lent for preparedness In any event I
lat may confront tho United States In I
te present crisis between tbe Unitea
tates and Germany and to that end
islre to call tbe attention of all the
ub members interested or In sympa- ,
ly with tho movement to this action .
id to ask that all the members in 1
rmpathy with the movement will co- s
jerate In every way possible with the '
ed Cross society and to take heed to (
ly call of any naturo Issued by the i
od Cross for help in the work which J
te organization may be called upon 4
i do.
Otrer organizations will be asked to
Sillate with the Red Cross organizeon
in tihs work and a ready response +
expecteu irom inuiviauais as wen j
i organisations. I (
I :
BERLIN, Fob. 6.?Up to a lato hour \
its evening the United States em- c
is?y had roeolved no official lnetruc- K
one In regard to tho breach of tllplo- .
iatla relations between tho United
tales and Germany.
PITTSBURGH, Feb, B.~Hogs reach- t
1 the hlihoit prise here ilnoo 1600 ,
hen they void for $18.00 n hundred I
>und? at Harr Island steak yards to- t
;> thle price showed a ndtnaoe ?
) cent* per hundred over the close t
' Saturday. t
t Virginia's Greatest Newspaj
t > 1
VV i i ^
.n liners Interned at Hoboken, N. J., I
the United States, has caused author
i have been laid up since the beglnnl
10 pier.
Latest Wai
BERLIN, Feb. 5?Accordin
ifficial quarters there is no p
)f orders to submarines.
MANILLA, Feb. 5?Custor
oerts have discovered that e
nan ships anchored here hav<
rhe vessels have been seized
r~j? -T-??? .7. ? r'---? - ' *
:or all German consuls and cq?
stated to accompany- Count v
nan embassy staff out of the
)f more than 300 in all probabl
BERLIN, Feb. 5?United
las decided to go to the United
rhe plan to hr.ve American
Brazilian minister has been at
vho will represent America i
NEW YORK, Feb. 5?Thi
3hiladelphia arrived at Liver]
iccording to cablegrams recei
iteamship Finland also of th
Jverpool at S this morning.
NEW YORK, Feb. 5?The ,
)legram today saying that th
ying passengers left Liverpo<
s the first American pasengei
momulgated her new submi
Slew York carried 231 passem
ans. She is expected to arriv
'nee today with Secretary Ba
>nd Secretary Daniels of the
egislation to empower the go
if ship yards, munition plants
ying the work of preparedne
jower the President to take o
;he administration railroad la
,he House today without the
vegian steamship Agereon wl
ng from Gibralter reports lu
i the captain and crew of 40 n
Shinto Maru, 22 miles from tl
Vlaru had been sunk by subn
(, according to members of tl
he West Virginia Legislature
>f the President of the United
c relations with the Imperial
vas not a dissenting vote in th
Senator Duty in the Senate.
THE HACtTE, Fch, 5.?The United
Itntes Wer-tlou hero very buey
odny preparing to cope with the ex- S
lectqd rush o? American* from the t
errl orUt oJ the Central powor--. It t
a CB:auAtM that- there are probably \
OS American* scattered through Oer- c
nany sod AmtFta'Hungary. i
v '
mini a
per _
NG, I'ttbKUAKY 5, 1917.
k^H! ?/ I .
3 ^ ^
**? 1LU WM, ? ^
aay ue scunieo or uieir macnmery
ltles lo place an extra guar* ot po- , g
ng of the war. Tho picture shows
r Bulletins
g to information obtained in Sl
rospect of any modification j ta
a officers aided by navy ex- J,1,
very one of the 17 Ger2
been extensively damaged. ti
and the crews removed.
tTangements are being made; ?
nsular officials in the United ti
'on Bernstorff and the Gercountry.
The whole party tc
ly will go via Cuba and Spain Cl
States Ambassador Gerard
1 States from a Spanish port,
interests taken over by the *
tandoned and it is not known ui
n Berlin after Gerard's de- ^
2 American line steamship;
pool at eleven p. m. Sunday, j01
ived here this morning. The j ~
e American line arrived at,fl
American line received a cae
steamship New York car)1
at five p. m. Saturday. She
r ship to sail since Germany'
irine warfare policy. The:
gers including many Amerie
here next Monday.
'resident Wilson at confer-1
ker of the War Department L
Navy discussed expediting !u
vernm'ent to take possession jb;
and other facilities for hur-1 jj
!ss if it became necessary, 'i ifi
Carrying a provision to em- d
ver railroads in time of war
:bor bill was reintroduced in si
compulsory arbitration fea- a,
jtain Anderson of the Nor- 01
lich arrived here this morniving
picked up on January
len of the Japanese steamer *
le nearest land. The Chinto ?
larine shell fire on'January tl
le crew.
? ill
resolution was adopted by I
today endorsing the course!
States in severing diplomatGerman
Government. There j ?i
e House and but one, that of! ^
. . . . ol
HUNTINGTON*. Fob. 5?Southern
Vest Virginia was today in the grasp tt
>f the most severe blizzard of years, ol
The temperature this morning was vi
en below zero the coldest In more ol
ban ten years. While the snow fall w
ivas only four Inches the high wind ai
itv*o mo buuw uiiu nuge onus. All IIC
allrood trains are far behind schedule, si
' ... ... ., '
k m* ooid.
unuc orcnp
Jerman Crews on I
Vessels Have Bee
Nominal An
York E
wm iff
ituation at Washington On<
Throughout the Countr
Agency is But
(By AatocUted Pren) <
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Feb. 6.? i
till fervently hoping for peace but 1
LtiuiK every poasiDie Biep lo prepare (
io country for war, it it mutt come,
reildent Wilton today appealed to
ongress to quickly dispose of all rouue
business, appropriation bills and
mdlng legislation and clear Its deck
ir action to meet any eventuality.
All officials realize tbat the situaon
had resolved itself into one of
inse waiting and careful preparation,
hey realize that the hoped against
rert act may come soon or be long
?layed. Meanwhile they are putting
very agency of thfe^government in moon
to moot it
Apparently the next question of
reat moment to bo decldod, relates
i Austrian participation in Germany's
impaign of ruthlessness.
President Wilson Is ready to sever
Motions also with the dual monarchy
i soon as It officially subscribes to
ie German declaration. I
While officials refuse to admit that!
ustrla's formal announcement of her '
iheslon to Germany's declaration of I
irestrlcted submarine warfare has j
sen received officially, there is rea>n
for believing it is now before the
jvernment, and that appropriate aeon
is being considered.
NEW YORK, Feb. 5.?Nearly 2,000
'fleers and men, remnants of the
iMTiirn mmmir Fi
muinm inrftniiLt 11
ieorge Hayden Frye Came '1
in Contact With Jolliffe j
Boy. j,
The first case-of intantlle paralysis .
> develop lu the city which is attrib- j
led to direct contagion was reported j
y the Board of Health yesterday as :1
mi 01 two-year-oia ueorgc Hoyden
ryo, of Walnut avenue. The sufferer!1
i paralyzed In both logs, one of them
eing partially so.
Vaughn Jolllffe, Jr., to whom the
Isease resulted fatally, was a cousin i
t the Frye boy and both had played
igether prior to the Jolllffe child's |
ckness. ]
The quarantine covering Walnut i
renuo will be doubled inasmuch as
to disease seems to spring up In that l
action. Children will dot be allowed
> visit the picture shows or any oth- ]
r promiscuous gathering particularly
: this time, as the disease now has i
ken on the contagious aspect. i
Other children suffering with the
Isease seem to be getting along very i
ell. Tho Frye case makes the
velfth in tho city since January 9 and i
10 first to be reported within the pastj ]
ve days. | i
?( j
fla.t.t.firs "Rfifnrp. t.Tip n
-??vhw*w w w**v i
Intermediate Court5
The motion to quash the indictment
;alnst J. C. Ruley. charged with
ilropractic practice in tho city withit
c state license, Is still under conderation
by Judge George Vincent,
i the Intermediate court, a decision
i the mattor not being expected fori
day or two. !
Tho attention of the court today was
ikon up with a hearing lot the case
[ John Mulr vs. Elmer J. Walker, inliving
a legal tangle based, on a load
[ hay. A motion to dismiss appeal
as sustained in the caBe of Moore
gainst BllUngslea, and a Judgment
ir |T1S was awarded Bill Payne In a
lit against N. C. Steele and other*. 1
My cloudy and not quite to m I
Tuesday fair and warmer,
nterned Merchant
in Placed Under
est in New <
larbor 9
; of Tense Waiting But
y Every Government
sily at Work
:rews ot the 2S German merchant
ihips which were laid up here at the
mglnnlng of the war, are prisoners tolay
on board their vessels.
The federal authorities explained
hat the German seamen were "not
'orclbly detained but simply requested"
to remain on their ships. .
Members of the crews however who
-cturned from shore leave last night
ind today were notified by the police
ind federal detectives on guard at the
German line piers that If they went
iboard they would have to stay.
WASHINGTON, -Feb. 5.?A reso- '
ution - endorsing President Wilson's
ictton In severing dljlomatfc relaJona
with Germany was Introduced
d the Seante today-by Senator atone.
;halrman of the foreign relations 7
committee, emphasising particularly "
he President's expressed desire to
naintnln peace.
The resolution recited the sever:nco
of diplomatic relations with
lormuny and concluded by declaring
'tnat the Senate approvt the action
if the President as set forth hi his
iddress to Congress."
Republican Senate leaders* among
nem i^onge, uamnger ana, Smoot,
free consulted and the Republicans
till support the endorsement
Senator Stone requested taht the 'a
evolution go over for a day nndcr
;he rules Tor action tomorrow and II
vas agreed without debate; ^
movie nap
sets womb
Democrats See Opportunity
to Create Jobs for the >
( Deserving.
(Special Dispatch to West Virginian)
WHEELING, Feb. 5.?Robert T.
Deans, Charleston representative ot
ihc Wheellug Telegraph haa sent this
paper the following which will be of
considerable interest to Fairmont pechPwffal
"An apparently Innocent'little.bill..
Jlupunillg iu pt'lUUL CUU BUU-U Ul Ueiimr
moving pictures, promise* to develop
the biggest right of the leglsautre?one
that will even eclipse the
irohlbltion battle. In the prohibition
csun there was no question of politics
?in the moving picture censorship It
s all a question of pontics. s'r%'
"The matter of morals and reform
iromptcd the introduction of the proposed
legislation for censorship of
novlng pictures, but the moralists and
eformerB have been swept aside and
tow the two dominant political ftc
Ions are lined up for the fray.
"Tho proposed censorship bill, In
roduced by Delegate Fleming, and a
atur one introduced by Delegate Ha?
nond, will neither emerge from the
touse committee on judiciary. Instead
tere will be reported , for passage a 1
>111 dratted by the Democratic mem- j!
>ers of the committee. It la declared, ' ;
loslgncd with the object of providing
lomo additional Democratic patronage o
satisfy the hungry horde clamoring
it tne pio-countcr. The hill It Is de:larcd,
will provide for {he appolntaent
of s board of censors by tho next '
;overuor, with salaries of a tor from
iespicablo figure.
"The ides of the Fleming bill was to
real the censorship of movies from &
in educational standpoint, and give
he appointment of the board into the
hands of the stato board of regents. *
This board would have been self-ensalntng
from fees collected. However,
lie Fleming bill was doomed when
be Democratic politicians saw the pos- *5
jlbllltles, and determined to drni'
heir own bill and force It throvgh the
egislature "

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