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Musical Comedy
Hippodrome Lund's Triangle Girls
Nelson The Old Fogy
''Princess Love Aflame
Dixie The Wolf Woman
rOrand . The Love Thief
Mieal?Theatre closed for repairs.
J t M. VEND1G, who 1b the mans
H ger of "The Winter Garden
* * Girls," a musical comedy company
booked for the Hippodrome week
of February 12, stopped over lu this
dly yesterday on his way from Cambridge,
Ohio, to Morgantown. With
blm was Bonnie DeWert, a dec'-.tht'ul
young lady, who Is also a hca>lll'<er in
Mr. Vendlg's company. Miss Lie Wert
Is a singing and dancing soubrcllc bte
of the London Follies and in a ^li-usant
half hour spent in the Hipp green
room listening to what Mr. Vendig h.uito
say about his show and having his
remarks ok'd by Miss Ho Wort we nat
urally came to the conclusion that the
Winter Garden Girls are all right. He
told us about the scenery, the prettygirls,
the good comedians, magnlflcent
wardrobes,1 about the success scored
wherever exhibited. Mr. Vendig is
one of those fellows who knows his
business, and one can readily dlscernc
the {act that the show business Is
his stock In trade in the first few minutes
of conversation. We like his enthusiasm,
and then besides he's big
and fat and that is a sure sign he's
lolly and u regular fellow. After his
company gels llirough at Morgantown
the whole outfit is coming to the Hipp
and then everybody can get a close-up
on what I heard about it yesterday.
Danny Lund's Triangle Girls, a Musical
Comedy company, will hold the
stage at the Hippodrome this week.
The company finished a successful
week at Bluefleld Saturday in a bill
called "The Fixer." Dick Norman, an
eccentric dancer of wide reputation.
Is with this company. The girl part
of the outfit is an attractive feature.
The musical numbers are catchy and
the organization has the ear-marks of
a bang-up muBlcal comedy.
Once again it has been demontrated
that Francis X. Bushman, the famous
Metro star, is the most popular
of the men players in the world of
motion pictures. The Popularity Con
test begun by the Motion Picture Magazine
In June, 1916. has Just come to
a close, and the most popular players
in the world have been selected
by a Jury ot more than 1,000,000
screen "fans." The contest lasted a
little over six months, and this Jury
has rendered the verdict that the most
popular motion picture actor in the
world is Francis X. Bushman.
Ronald Bradbury has. to date, played
the roles of twenty-two villlans in
the Kalom serios, "The Girl Front Frisco."
And marvel of marvels, ho has
presented on entirely different appearance
in each role.
Local amusement managers' hopes
and disappointments plnyed a lively
game ot tag Saturday and yesterday.
The announcement that children would
be permitted to attend Sunday school
contained a gleam of hope that the
ban severely affecting their business
would be lifted. But hope was overtaken
by disappointment this morning
when it became known that there was
"nothing doing" in their line.
Reports received at the offices of
the treasurer of the Metro Pictures
Corporation, show that more than 3.
uuu iiiuiion picture nouses tnrouguoui
the United States are showing the stupendous
Metro serial, "The Great Secret,"
in which Krar.cis X. Buchnian
v and Beverly Bayne are co-stars,
r- This is one-Bixth ot the total number
ot motion picture houses in the
country, and ia said to establish a record
for serial business.
T \ ?
"Luke Locates tho Loot" is the
funniest Luke picture to date, and is
showing at the Nelson today. Luke
not only succeeds in locating the loot,
but he comes mighty near puncturing
the risibles of every one who witnesses
his funny antics and the ludicrous situations
in which the skit abounds.
Jack Goodman, tho one-time hero of
the prize ring, now retired and working
in motion pictures, plays the role
of a gunman in Metro's new big serial,
"Tho Great Secret."
With Louis Glaum and Charlie Ray
In "The Wolf Woman" at the Dixie
and Ruth Stoneliouse and Jack Mulhall
at tho Princess in "Love Aflame"
there will bo an unintentional popularity
contest waged today. All are
favorites with local movie fans.
Gene Ahem
When a fella falls overboard a boat
It isn't falling on the bottom of the
ocean that worries him.
' Aviation Is safe as long as you have
one foot on the ground.
A Syracuse (N. Y.) genius has in1
vented a chair that a iterson can't fall
over in the dark. It is so constructed
that when one walks into it the chair
trips over on him.
Another way to save the wear nnd
jMar on the handle of a tooth brush 1b
hold the brush perfectly still, then
move the head from one side to tho
other. With practice it will be found
the face and mouth ca be made to
mote with the heaJMn the same direction
at the same time.
fcp-'DANVILLE, 111.?George Btunkard.
an aged citizen of Sldelt, laughed hlmtelf
to death over a tunny story told
'New Patti' Never Took a
Lesson in Singing!
Galli (. urn is newest (stand opera
Idol und railed tho "new Pattl," but
never took a singing lesson. Her
study 111 music was devoted to the
piano. The new star 1b 'JO. She was
unknown ill the t'nilcd States six
months ago. She is the wife of Mar
quis Halll. portrait painter. She has
jusr. signed lor live grand opera sea
Evening Chat
Tim Gallihue saye he's not 'feard
To file, fer lio's a dimocrat.
If war's deciaired with Germany,
They'll know jlst where to find him at,
But Tim is like a lot o' folks,
'Twixt Fairmont and New York,
He's not so stuck on fitin'
As he is 011 raisin' pork.
I'll bet ten dollars o' my coin.
If things git purty scarry,
BAt Tim'll want to stay behind.
And run the commissary.
Not because lie's skeert,
Er eny thing like that.
But every ono 'at knows Tim
Knows he IS a dimocrat.
The "Drug Store Philosopher" has
a new plan for stopping the submarine
warfare. The heartless wretch wants
to electrocute the Bochs by stringing
a high tensidh cable under the "briny"
where the submarine will "bump into
It." Bob Hood is to finance the scheme,
One of the distinct surprise-, to the
newcomer at the war, says a letter direct
fro nithe front, is to find iarks
singing over the frontline trenches.
Ono would think that birds of every
son nan long since ncen tlrlvou rat
from the war-zone. but. Instead, they
lurk in and about it lu great numbers.
Very often the sudden flight of a covey
from a secluded thicket or remnant
of wood has given the first signal of a
shrapnel attack.
The drumming of big guns the "pat
pat-patter-patter-patter" of machine
guns, the whirr and "bang" of "plum
puddings" and "rum jars" sent over by
the enemy trench mcrtars, seem tc
have lost all terror to the feathered
songsters. They chirp as gaily and
loudly over the muddy "Hue" as 11
there was no such thing in all the
world as war.
Tile British Tommy is very fond ol
pets. When he can safely do so he
throws crumbs over the parapet fot
the larks and it lie had his way would
fill up every nook and corner of the
trench with name sort of animal mas
cot. As it is, there is a strange mix
turo of pets and pests in these deep
cuttings in the earth?the outposts ol
battle ? where the men themselves
live a sort of animal life, it is a life
no human being was ever intended tc
live, and yet the health of the troops
is positively amazing.
Of all the trench pests, the rat, ol
course, by reason of his size, takes
precedence, ile is everywhere. Nc
amount of cleaning up lias tended tc
wipe him out. In fact he waxes fattei
us the war goes on.
Of the pets the dog is by far the
more numerous and popular. There
are goats and cats and canaries and
various species of cascot, but the dog
becomes more a part of tch life than
any of file others.
Many a subaltern or company com
mander has gone "over the lop" into
battle with his log leaping and bark
ing happily beside him. Scores of dogs
have been killed beside their masters
and hundreds wounded. In the fight,
ing about Mametz, during the great
"push" on the Somme. a Red Cross
searching parly came upon a pathetic
little group composed of a subaltern,
hiB dog, and four private soldiers, just
as they had sprawled to their death
in a burst of machino gun fire.
The dogs in the trenches have great
fun chaBing the rats. They will even
leap over the parapet after them into
"No Man's Land." And sometimes old
"Fritz" from the enemy trenches will
snipe them. There Is one old terrier
now in the front line who has been
wounded four times. If he survives
the war, litis old veteran is going to
have a collar with four gold stripes
on It.
The Red Cross dogs of the French
hardly come under the head of pets,
i Tlicy aro a lasting tribute to the part
I dumb animals have played, and are
j playing In the great worlil conflict.
I The dogs, however, render a service
, scarcely more notable than tho little
French donkeys that carry ammunition
to the front line trenches. These
I ???????_____
i [hartley
! TheWl
We mean every
room, library, ha]
patented bookcase;
at least as much j
40 per cent.
] . There is no othe
of price is not the i
It is much more
reliable in the qua
sound at the heart;
make a home frorr
be, and no matter
Its a Si
People who pay much for
People who pay little for
buying of it. The furnit
' j both. We don't care how
know there is quality in t'
little burros aro as wise as they are
Bray. Their long, straight oars, always
poking forward, are attuned to
the sounds of battle, and when tho firing
gets too heavy they dart for the
shelter of shell holes and He there
with the drivers until danger temporarily
is past.
, Some of the strangest animals of
t the war aro the wild-cats of Yprcs.
. Tho old mother and father catB of
,: Ypres wore once domesticated. But
[ i when the frightened population fled
i | at the first bombardment, the cats,
Into tn all oaf tra/llflnna rnmoirtntl Via.
! hind. Now Ypros i3 a wilderness of
| ruins and all the cats born and living
. there have become like wild animals.
: | A Canadian sergeant-major came
.! marching out of the "line" a few days
| ago with a magpie on his shoulder. A
; private in the same company had a
kitten curled up on the top of his knap.
j sack. All the overseas troops bring
|1 mascots with them. The South Afrii
can sstarted eut with a great collec'
lion of springboks, babboons, duikers
, and a variety of queer animals, but
|; the climate of northern France In win,
i ter mood is far from friendly, and the
warm weather pets havo mostly been
r | "done in."
11 l'robably the most amazing of all
,: war pets, however, was the liou cub
,1 adopted by the Americans in the
| French aviation service. They read
j in a Paris paper that a "perfect dear
i! of a cub" was for sale and promptly
. sent emissaries in to buy it. They said
[! when it grew up thev were going to
;: drop it in tho German lines, but it was
| J spoiled into being a pampered pet in]
stead of a man-eater and finally be.
cause its palytul howls at night bei'
camo a nuisance, it was sent to a zoo.
i Holbert-Mayo.
I Word has been received here by
relatives of the marriage of Samuel B.
| Holbert, formerly of this city, and
. Miss Frances Mayo, of Pittsburgh,
I which event was solemnized recently
II In Pittsburgh. Mr. Holbert is an offi'
I cer of the Copper Prince Mining Co..
and has been located In Pittsburgh and
I Idaho for the last several years. Ho
'1 was formerly associated in the insur11
nnce business in this city with his
brother, E. F. Holbert. He Is a son of
Mrs. Helen Holbert, of Edgemont.
They will reBide In Pittsburgh.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
^lU,? U.,\V'vT
AmT ott>
tfe Shoe Sale Now TU
^ Going in
bole Stoc
whm oe
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H and office furnitur
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as 10 per cent., some
:r such opportunity.
r-v* n 1
LllCllil iaLl
; important that the i
lity of its mercl iandisi
and that it is the righl
l, no matter how mod<
how beautiful.
lie That; M
lemts of Ev<?
their furniture look for the b
their furniture can least aff(
ure sale that is based on qus
the price tags on this furniti
he goods to make the savings
irioCAL soa
Charleston Wedding.
The marriage of Miss Virginia
Mahan, of Charleston, to Arthur Brown
flodges, of Buckhannon, a 11 -phew ot
Thomas Hodges, of Morgantown, former
president of tho West Virginia
| University, was solemnized on Satur-!
day night in St. John's episcopal
church in Charleston, L)r. It. 13. Roller I
officiating. The bride bad no attend!
ants and was given in marriage by her
I father, Or. J. N. Mahan. T ho groom ;
; was attended by Charles Hodges, ot j
! itiorgantown, as best man, and lie ;
ushurs were Harold Hodges, of Mor- j
gantown; Mason Crickaid, Clark |
i 1'oole and Herbert Carney. Mr. and
Mrs. Hodges left after the < .remony I
1 for an eastern wedding journ and on i
I their return will reside in Charleston. |
1 ? * * *
Left for East.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stock'sy have i
gone to New York and Phil delpliia
for a visit with friends before return
ing to their home In Fairmont. They'
have been spending the past few
| weeks with Mr. and Sirs. D. Gallaj
her, of Kanawha street.?Charleston
i header.
With R. T. Webb Class Meeting.
The It. T. Webb class of the First
M. K. church, south, will meet tonight
| at 7:30 o'clock at the church. Tho
Misses Jessie and Ethel Ice will ho
! the hostesses.
Postponed Meeting. I
j On account of weather conditions
tho meeting of the Young Ladles' Aid ;
i society scheduled to he held tonight at
l the homo of Miss Grace Krlley, has j
! been postponed until Monday, Febru-1
ary 12.
Scaln Treatment
Scientific Fac
1 624 Falrmoi]
A CHAftL\6.' ?,
t 3ACDENOF/, ."*5 (4
' . !
SWBiMrO" ftft iirniiri rifila. ir*
:k of Hai
bed-room, dininge
(except certain
re stock?reduced
; of it as much as
But the reduction
sale is sound and ^
s; that the sale is ?j
t and safe sale to e<
5st the home may
.eets the
ar j Home
est as a matter of course. j.]
)rd to be careless in the 1
li'4-.r ,'f. 4-1. -C "
are look as long as we 15
? da
?:.. . - mJ re
Auxiliary to Meet. ^
The Women's Auxiliary of Christ (,0
Kplscopal church will meet Tuesday ^
afternoon at three o'clock at the-home 1
of Mrs. T. W. Arnctl at 225 Locust ] jr
avenue. b(]
J in
Jlr. and Mrs. R. L. Hutchinson have *P
departed for Florida to spend several I co
weeks and their daughter, Miss Kath i Hi
ryn, is the guest of Misses Sallie Fey-1 H
ton und Anna Harris, of Kighlh street, i ly
during their absence. ? Huntington 1 ?
Mrs. A. 13. Smith returned Saturday /I
from a six weeks' visit in New York I
City. \j
L. G. lioggs lias returned from Pittsburgh
where on Saturday he attended i
the installation of the Pi Sigma chapter
of the Phi Gamma Delta fraterntty
at the University of Pittsburgh. With
the organization of this chapter a local
organization known as the Phi
Zeta Phi passed out of existence.
Shirley Mayers, who is employed on
the Wheeling intelligencer, spent the
week-end with his parents on Watson
avenue. S/
Jack Abbott, a W. V. U. student,
spent the week-end here with his
mother, Mrs. J. H. Abbott, at the Manley
hotel. He loft today for Wheeling El
to sing with the W. V. U. Mandolin
and Guitar club which wives a roncert
there tonight.
Mrs. W. J. Peters has returned from '
Morgantown where she had been the j
guest of Mrs. B. 11. Illte for Beveral bo
tlayB. su
E. M. Wellener, of Balttmoro, has tic
been for several days the guest of his na
_____ b1<
Bell Phone 351 ey
1st at
Rar Yr
Manicuring j j eli
:ial Massage J|?
it Avcnut. { | us
' 101
- 10
j| TJ
^60*14, tDOKT I AJW,C'M6ti.6v/e4I '
ItNOUJ.' I ^
m's Overcoats at TLJT
inal Reductions lwli
rtley Fu
I in the
BRmRY 7th
[any of the best items in t\
f just ten per cent. These ai
e in quality than the large a
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oods in the sale have a valu
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111 all, it will be the
ver held, and the
lis organization is ba<
lat every piece of fc
> good and sound ar
Fourth and Fi
lighter. Mrs. Nelson Heale, on Ueini
Mrs. .1. J. Sulzraarin and children
snt to Morgantown yesterday to Join
r. Salzman. who has taken up his
sldcnce there.
Miss Edna Hamilton left Saturday
r Hnllmoro where she will take a
ursc in kindergarten work at the
iomy scnooi.
Mrs. Hugh Giffln nml son. Hugh,
., arc guests of relatives ill Greene
r?', Ga.
Miss Luda Frey left Ihls afternoon
r l-.er home at ('open. \V. Va., to
end a week with her parents.
Mrs. U. N. Arnett, Jr.. lias been .11
grip for the past week at her sparteine
in the Hall building.
Miss Katharine Tierncy. who had
ent the last two weeks in the city
ndtictlng a class in embroidery at
artlcy'H store, left Saturday foi
untington where she will he similaremployed.
^flopnorro" enn
moohulio iun
Oct a 10-cent box now.
Most old people must give to the
wels some regular help, else they
ffer from constipation. The condl>n
is perfectly natural. It Is Just as
turnl as It is for old people to walk
>wly. For age Is never so active as
uth. The musclea arc less elastic,
id the bowels are muscles.
So all old people need Cascarets.
le might as well refuse to aid weak
es with firlaaann no Tino-inn* *?<?
ntle aid to weak bowels. The bowels
list be kept active. This is importt
at all ages, but never so mucb as
Ago is not a timo for harsh physics,
mth may occasionally whip the bow3
into activity. But a lash can't
UBed every day. What the bowels
the old need is a gentle and natural
nlc. One that can be constantly
ed without harm. The only such
ale Is CaBcarets, and they cost only
cents per box at any drug store,
ley work while you sleep.
\T ^
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irmture !
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le sale ai^ at a reduction
re not a bit more dependassortment
of goods markAs
a matter of fact, no
e as fixed and recognized
re at big reductions.
od sto^k, we have brought' ;
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whole strength of
2k of the guarantee
irniture in the sale
id durable.
ifth Floors. ' ^ H
Mtss Com Wilson left last night fir
New York where sho will spend the
I nextlwo weeks.
Your headaches will simply fade
away in a few minutes alter you take %
"Celery-Mist." Comfort and relict
come almost at onco. It Is fine. Thousands
of people say so Costs only 5c j;
a package at any drug store,_Superior
to remedies that cost twice as much.
Sarer and better in quality. Contains
no opiates or narcotic drugs. Try 22 "Celery-Mist"
Just once?you'll thou
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Also fine for neuralgia, cold in
the head and grip aches and pains.
tdv fdda nnupu cvfimttfl
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A tried and proved formula fnr
colds, bronchitis. Irritation of the ,
1 throat, etc. It loosens the phlegm and acts
ns an expectorant In ellminaiins
it from the throat and lungs. It . -H
sets to the spot and does the wor';.
! Erbo Cough Syrup Is absolutely tree
[from Opiates. CblorofoAn and NorI
cotic drugs and Is. therefore, especial- ,c]
ly safe for children as for adults. In sj
cases of whooping cough and croup It
will nrnwo rr**r*A ..1l.wab
I ..... |>. w . W .fwuuwuuxj C)UUU> lb IIO0
a vegetable constituent which is
bound to loosen up the cold and let
rid of it, and mothers can feel suitthat
it will ward off croup and pneumonia.
It also contains a volatile oil . ;
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If he hasn't it, he can get it for you.
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