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If Why Such Cro
|s WEDNESDAY la a wonderfully i
on. Paople know that coupon .ten
Not mete fictitious saving*?but th
Cleanser, 3 for A "C
The cleanser that cleans, scours,
scrubs and polishes, with coupon
(V) 3 tor 10c. j
$2.50 Aluminum\ QC
Tea Kettles .OO
7 quart pure aluminum 22 guagc
seamless tea kettles, stay up cool
handle, with coupon (V) $1.85.
10c Toasted Corn -| g
Flakes. 2 for * ?JC
"Kellogg's" the well known brand i
toasted corn flakes which sells everywhere
at 10c, with coupon, 2
for 15c.
10c Black e i
Shoe Polish j
W "Baby Elite" combination bottle
of fluid and box paste, with coupon
(V) all for 5c.
12'/zc Cotton on !
Batts, 3 for ?ijC
i 12 oz. pure bhow white cotton
oatt rolls, with coupon (V) 2 for
$2.00 Wizard Oil i r\f\
Mop Outfit l.UU
A special large combination $1
?? triangle mop, 50c largo duster and
J&K . 50c large bottle of oil, with coupon
'< . (V) all for $1.00.
75c Boys' Flannel A
Pajamas T"5/C
Made of good quality light colori
pink and Mm striped outing flannel
regular siM to 1G wfch coupon (V)
ffil^TTTlTT UC^J H w
15c Black og
Hose, 3-pair for .. .?5DC
x Women's heavy fleeced black
hose, sizes 0 to 10. regular price
16c straight, with coupon (V) 3!
pairs for 35c.
$1.00 Flannel /jrv
Night Gowns t)5/C
Women's heavy light color pink !
i jji or blue striped outing flannel night!
gowns, sizes 16 to 21, with coupon \
*' ' : (V) 69c. N
i ??
I V rwnmv.
. / I?????????
| y
Evening Chat
If I could live a thousand years',
And choose my place o' llvln",
If I could give a thousand lives.
And choose my place o' givln,?
I wouldn't stir a single Inch
From oft this very groun'?
I'd live my life and die my deaths
Right here In this old town.
There's more good people live right;
Than eny place on earth?
Of good old hospitality j
There never was a dorth?
ftpeakln' o' pretty wlmmen?
We lay them In the shade
Where the very sweetest,
Puniest, grandest,
'Wlmmen folks Is made.
Onr men folks Is the finest
" You would ever want to meet.
And they're Jist as big and manly
As they're wlmmen folks Is sweet.
And when It comeB to pavln',
A hundred miles Is done.
You think that Is hyperbolle?
n'gosh, we've Jlst begun.
Chare ain't a drop o' ltcker
lan be got nowheres around?
You know 'at llcker ain't no good
i! or eny Doay s town.
Che trees and burde and blossoms
ts the very finest here,
And eonslderln' the fineness,
Prhe Uvln' ain't so dear?
if you're not happy where you aro,
Don't peeve and fret and froun,
Jlst pack your grip and take a trip
And come to this her town.
It would have recalled days of old
-.0 many Marlon county oltlsens had
:hey been present last evening in a
local sohool of music when the Mt.
fiton-Palatlne Quartette met and
long favorite songs of two decades
>r more ago, Including those old
Methodist hymns, whloh, while not
used muoh any more, are not forgotten,
says a letter to The West Virginian
from Charleston,
s In the quartet were two former
;*alraonters?Charles W, Bwlshor
and William A. Ohloy, both former
secretaries of state, who used to lend
i heir voice* to the Mt, Zlon and Palatine
eholrs out Fairmont way. Mr,
pwisher was a member of the Mt
Coupon Sale
wds? Listen!
lopular day here?Just tor one renal
are unaurpasaed money savers,
e regular every day Belling prices
are especially cut on these items
for one day only?and only on
condition that you bring tho
coupon. '
12 Ijc & 15c Curtail I /\
Scrim, yard . * "C
36 Inches wide close woven either
plain or lacy border effects, curtain
scrim, white, cream or arab
with coupon (V) yd. 10c.
89c Flannel ACk~
Petticoats *Ta/C i
Made of extra quality Ught or
dark color outing flannel, hemstitch J
ed or embroidered flounces, regular
anil extra large slxos, with coupon
(V) 49c. (
15c to 20c Cambric I rb
Embroidery, yd. j
6 to 10 Inches wide, good quality S
cambric embroidery good patterns, j"
with coupon (V) yd. 10c.
)0c Nainsook OQ I
Brassieres V?7C a
Women's fine quality nainsook I -
or cambric birassieres, either lnce e
or embroidery trimmed, open Iront c
styles, with coupon (V) 39c.
10c "Air Float" ? '
Talcum Powder OC i;
"Airfloat" powders aro well I !
known to every woman, sells everywhere
nt 10c, with coupon (V) 6c.
isaggiaag i
$1 & $1.25 Long ofi *
Kimonos OOC c
Women's asst'd flowered duck- e
ling fleece long kimonos, silk rib- - c
bon or satin trimmed, asst. styles, 1
with coupon (V) 85c.
15c Dress i 01/ '
Ginbhams, yd. /2^ 1
"Amoskeag" guaranteed fast col- ?
or. new patterns. 1917 spring dreBs 1
ginghams, with coupon (V) yd.,
iasMaso i
10c Unbleached *7\/ _
Cotton, yard ... /2 ^ |*
Yard wide, fair quality brown J
rotton present market value, 10c j 1
Mard, with coupon (V) yd., 7 l-2c.
35c Zinc 1
Wash Boards ^OC 8 f
"Silver King" heavy lurge rub- I v
bing surface with soap protector I j v
wash board, with coupon (V) 23c. I 1
' II;
Zlon choir and Mr. Ohloy was with 1
that of Palatine. c
Frequently these choirs met. at pic- 1
ales and when tl.ey Joined their r
voices one of me most remarkable [
aggregations of singers ever assent- a
hied in that part of the state sang
and helped to make the occasion enjoyable.
Both organizations were t
considered exceptionally capable, (
every voice being unusually good and t
every member showing a talent, n
which if cultivated, would have t
brought about the development of f,
not a few stars capable of doing f
themselves proud in opera, according t
to the verdict of those who heard n
thera. g
The Swisher-Ohley remnants of I
the old organizations were augment- r
ed by the voices of D. W. Patterson, c;
Charleston Insurance man. and Mat- i.
:olra Jackson, a lawyer W promt- 1;
nonce. Eacn sings well, notwlth- h
standing the fact that It has been a u
good many years since any of them c
did so in public. e
Marlon County Medical 8oclety Gives 0
Out Facta Relative to Infantile ?
Paralysis. q
At the laet monthly meeting of the fl
Marlon County Medical Society held b
January 80th, 1917, the following res- v
olutlons was adopted: 0
Resolved: "That there Is nothing
known to the Medical Profession In
tho way of internal medication, oxter- J.
na\ applications, Inhalation or local '
application by moans of sprays, or Z
otherwise which will prevent or tend ?
to prevent, Poliomyelitis.
That these are not only useless but ?
positively harmful, Inasmuch as the
healthy body noeda no medication and ,
any drugs taken during health serves only
to tax the organi of elimination ?
a- ? a ? - u
ium iu wooKwn wo natural resistance I
to Infection, 0
That sprays and lotions Irritate t
Uio muoous membrane, thus render! ni j
thotti wort easily Invaded by pntho- ?
Itenlo (tarmi," o
Marlon County Modloal Booloty by 0
Wm, H, Hands, Proa,, K. IV, Johnson, n
Heo'y,?Ady, a
e+ VI
Miss Mary Louise flonn went to her
home at Ft, Marlon, l'u? yeetorday to
spend n weak with her parents, Mr, p
V Pi A':Hostile
war vessels are prevented
tbe fortified Island of Helgoland, In
julred from Great Britain In 1890 and
stand fortress.
This Island now guards both Ge
:anal. The Island covers only one-flft:
its civilian Inhabitants have all boen
tary and naval post, holding defenstv
Tho fortifications extended for a mile
idlffs. The small map shows' Helgol
lense of Bremen and Hamburg.
rwnro ft
Twenty-eight convicts are schedu'.
il for discharge from the poneteutiar;.
IiIb month by expiration of sentence.
Three convicts were discharged from
he penitentiary last week having servid
out their sentences. One was aman
iver eighty yes.rs old.
In its Issue of February 2 tlio
doundsvlllo Echo printed the followng:
"Fifty years ago today was a
llfferent kind of weather from this,
.ml Is most likely remembered by the
ivermen of that date. The Ohio river
ad been frozen over for some time
ind about three weeks provlous to the
late above mentioned, there was a
haw and considerable rain and the
Ivor rose till It was bank full and a
ircaklng of the ice anticipated, whon
i cold wave stopped the llow of water
ind the river was then frozen bank
ull. There v.us no llttltTTnterost takn
In the many steam boats and other
irafts along the Ohio river and great
ireparatlons had been made witbln
bo few days previous to "Groundhog
Jay" (1S67) and all day men awaited
he rising of the river So the point
it which the heavy ice would move,
-ate In the evening it started and
noved only a few rodB and tlien stopicd
for a while when it started again,
ind It is safe to say that there was
lever a moro destructive breaking
tp of lco in the Ohio river. Hany
unk or damaged by the Icc so that
t required almost the price of a new
mat to repair tliem."
A peculiar accident, in which Joleph
Fellure, 119, of Ninth avenue,
ind Seventeenth street, Huntington,
ui employe In an east end mill, neary
lost his entire lower lip Thursday
fternoon, came to the attention of the
:ompany officials, and doctors, who
ucceeded In saving the mouth piece
>y sewing it back In place, says the
luntington Advertiser. Fellure, an exicrt
worker, was jacking up a car
vlien the accident occurred. Fellow
rorkruen declaro that Failure had a
ial.lt of biting his lower lip while
vorking. This was the case Thurslay
wliilo the man was working with
he jack handle missed, and came
lying back with terrific force, strlkug
Fellure on tho point of the chin,
lis lower lip, being between his teeth,
vas entirely bitten off with the ex:eption
of a thin layer of skin. The
njured man was picked up in a dazed
londitlon by other workers and waB
ushed to a doctor office, where, the
Ip was sewed back in place, it requlrid
ten stitches to close tho incision,
fellure, while suffering much pain
vill recover and in the opinion of
inysicians, win roiain me mucn aam
ged lower lip.
Workmen who are petting poles for
he Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone
,'o. In Sutton last week unearthed a
luman skeleton In a street In Skldlora
addition. The skeleton sayr.
ho Braxton Central, was, about two
Bet under the surface and there were
ound hurled with it a number of elk
oeth, beads, and the bones of an anlrial,
probably those of a dog. Tli
keleton Is undoubtedly that of an
ndlan, and although It ho3 been bit
led for not less than a century and a
barter and perhaps twice that long,
i In a fair Btate of preservation. The
md on which the skeleton was found
as been cleared for more than a
undred yeare and was farmed until
ut up Into town lots about twentyIght
years ago. About twenty years
go three skeletons were unearthed
n Skldmore run about a quarter of a
lile from where this one was found
nd eight or ten years later a large
uantlty of Indian arrow-heads were
ound burled In the same locality. The
ottoms on which the town now stands >
ere once no doubt a favorite haunt:
f the Indians.
unoer me revision or tne new mm
nry regulatlone, the departments ol;
ho West Virginia national guard:
rhlch formerly constituted "State
.eadquarters" has boeit redesignated
a offices In charge of the "State Administrative
staff," says the Charleson
Mall, Coincident with this anouncement
Adutant General Bond
aid that Captain Ben 0. Cole has been
romoted to the rank of major. Capgin
Colo was formerly small arms Inpeotor
for the First Infantry, and reently
has bad obarge of the quartsrBaiter's
department here. Captain
tollo J. Conlay, lawyer, of Fairmont,
nd assigned to the quartermaster's
orps, has been advanced to the radH,
f major, John H. Rose has been oomilsslonod
a second lieutenant. Ho Is
silgned to Co. B, of the First lnfanry
at Fairmont, Saturday
momlns'e Clarksburg Exonont^conWncd
^the Followlns^
^ * p *~*
^ 9
from approaching Germany's, coast by | v
i the North sea. which Germany ac- |
1 turned Into the world's strongest ;
rmany's North sea port and the Kiel
h of a square mile, and since the war
i removed, so it is exclusively a mill- i
e engines that can only he guessed at. '
i and a half along the summit of the ' ft
and's strategic position for the de- j H{
. .!
farm, near MnrgafBt, on Wednesday i Sl
afternoon. Now what is a poor mortal | ,
going to do with tills West Virginia I
weather when even the busy little j *
bee Is foiled? The thermometer reg-;
Istered 74 above zero on Thursday. !ri
b.nst night It was hovering closely' l3
around the zero mark. And accord
ing to weather reports received bv tho I H
gas companies, the mercury Is going it
;o be so low today that you can't see
It. IV
"But more about those bees. They t<
left their winter abode, attracted by j s<
the regular Juno weather, and swarm- h
od to a tree nearby. After consldera- bi
ble gentle coaxing, they were again
returned to the hive. You can't bur- It
ry a bee. you know, because they natu- it
rally retaliate?usually to your dls- v
comflture. Old residents say they
never heard of bees swarmlns so early tl
In the year before." h
1'ndcr the head "A Place to Loot" j K
the Spencer Timcs-Kerord last week 1 tl
printed tho following: "Messrs. T. It. j J
Simmons, J. L. Loomey and W. 11. tt
T. Smith, of this city, and J. H. Depue, s
of Kyger, have rented the front room
on tho ground floor of (.'. C. Hiddel's n
new building for a period of five years
with the privilege of renewing for an-1 f<
other period or live years. The chief, v
purpose of these gentlemen is to pro- vide
for themselves a place of meet-:
ing where they can rest and where1 p
their friends can And them. Luxur- j tl
ious chairs have been provided and a 1 b
desk, a few matches, a pen. or two and
a little ink. some blank notes and a
checks on each of the three city y
banks, and a bale of blanks to be used a
in selling oil. There is no partner- |<
ship among the men In a business
way: they have simply formed a trust ~
for the purpose of controlling the avail- g
able surplus of comtort and good y
cheer." ; g
According to the Fayette Journal g
Treasurer-elect W. S. Johnson who has 8
been seriously 111 at the McKendree | ?
hospital for several months, was taken g
to Charleston last Wednesday, ana I g
is at a hospital there taking treatment; _
which It Is believed will restore him i to
good health. Senator Johnson Is' p
improving slowly, and those In charge'II
at the hospital who conducted a thor-jl
ough examination, assistod by Cover-1
nor Hntileld, arc confident that his re- j
covery is but a matter ot n few weeks
under proper treatment.
Floyd Anderson is
Held for Grand Jury
Floyd Anderson, colored pickpocket
who calls himself "Gyp the blood"
was held for the grand Jury yesterday
after preliminary hearing , before
Squire M. R. Musgrove
Anderson was arrested by Baltimore
and Ohio officer Bolyard when un
Italian Alike Yaquinto found Anderson's
hand in Ills money pocket. When
Anderson was searched $23 which tho
Italian said was stolen was not found I
on him.
combined with good j
judgment counts in
business nowadays.
Grape-Nuts L
supplies balanced b
nourishment for "
sturdy muscles and
active brains. t
"There's a Reason" i
No ohangt In prist, quality or I
lit of paokagt.
iING, FEBRUARY 6,1917.
... r.t . > . > .V
- : 'Vv'T.^:
Miss Mary Fleming loaves Friday
>r Dennlson, Ohio, where she will
?ond two weeks with relatives.
Miss Helen Judge, of Grafton, spent
>day In this city as the guest of her
jusin. Miss Winifred Murphy. Miss
udge returned this afternoon to Morantowu
where she is a student at
le Universitji|having spent the spring
?cess with her paronts. Mr. and Mrs.
atrick Judge, in Grafton.
Miss Callle Fcjoy, who had spent
10 last several months with relatives
1 Fittsburgh has returned home.
Miss Ethel Hupp, of Cameron, and
lies Mary Powell, of this city, both
lackers In the Mannlngtou public
chools, spent tho week-end at the
ome of Miss Powell on Jclferson
S. E. Miller, of the Fairmont AuditiK
company, loft yesterday for Wheelik
and Parkcrsburg on a business
Miss Laura Neale. of Parkersburg, is
ie guest of Mrs. Edwin Watson ^t
er home in Monongalt.
h. C. Jones, accompanied by Mist,
latharyn Ki'ncald, the latter head of
tie ready to wear department of the
olios stors, left Sunday for New York
:> spend a week buying for the Jones
Cecil Hess has recovered from an 111obs
of a week from cold.
W. Brent Maxwell left Sunday night
it San Antonio, Tex., whero he will
Isil his daughter, Mrs. Charles Abel.
-Clarksburg Telegram.
Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Bartlett went
uiulay night to Orlando. Kla? where
hey will remain until April 1.?Clarksurg
J. M. Altniau. of the J. M. Hartley
nd Son Company's store, is in New
'oork this week buying for the rug
nd drapery department of which he
i head.
Approved forms of oil and gas 0
: leases, coal options, and royalty g
: rental forms. ?
I Fairmont Printing & Publishing ?
i -Company. g
Hell 1. Von Preissig
Late Dancing Master and Exhibition
at New York, Washington, Denver
and San Francisco, announces
tho opening of the Friday afternoon
dancing classes 3:30 to
5:30 p. m. Friday, Feb. 9.
Tuition 50c per person.
'Benny Jenkins (that's the fel
. 1 1 . . V It a
cr on tnc Dottom) called me a
issy just'causel said his shoet
leeded cleaning, but I'll show
lim. I am no dude, but I like
o see folk's shoes look good,
specially when it's no trouble.
little Chieftain and he'd be
ill fixed up for Sunday. (Say
nuff' ana I'll let you up.
Iverywhere that nea mess in appeal*
nee is essential?the majority of
ten and women rely on Chieftain
hoe Dressing*?Black paste for
lor*If eKrv?B?Tin niala f/*e eon altsa**
-White liquid for all white shoes?
anvas and suede. Try a box from
ay dealer today.
Big Handy Box tOu,
Store opens at ^0 ?\
g 8:00 a. m. ^?UjJ
Closes at 5:30
Attractive Cle
All our $25.00 Winter Suits an
yy Reduced to
All our $30.00 Winter Suite an<
Iteducod to
All our $35.00 Winter Suits an
Roduced to
All our $40.00 Winter Suite an
Reduced to
All our $45.00 Winter Suits
Reduced to
? Our $50.00 Velvet and Broni
^ Suits at
For this week we announce a s]
Hats in Early Spring Styles.
& Smart Tailored
%. New Spring Skirts &k<
DEATH nc MPC c c ncu/iTT ,
Mrs. Sarah. Ellen Dewltt, of Terra
Alta, who died at the home of her
daughter. Mrs. C. G. Brad *. w, In this,
city, Thursday of Inst week, was a
kind- hearted mother and leaves to!
mourn her departure four girls nndj
three hoys, namely, Daniel W. Dewltt,
of Eldorado, III.; Mrs. Gilbert Firaley,
Terra Alta, W. Va.; Mrs. R. E. L.
Hollen, of Keyser, W. Va.; William H.
Dewltt, of Terra Alta. W. Va.; Hoy.
ThomaB A. Dewltt, of Terra Alta, W.
Va.; Mrs. C. G. Bradshaw, of Fair!
niont, and Mrs. S. J. Smith, of Independence,
W. Va.
While she hns gone to meet our
Father who departed this life February
2, 1S93. and ono sitter, who died
,011 September 27, 1881, 1 firmly believe
| tliey have Joined to be purted no more
! and while father, mother and slater
t have died in tho faith of God and hope
I of Henven. may each of us so live In
the same faith. That we. as we ma.
Complexion fresh
a Dai
By Mile. Mareix, Fran<
Aba nuilUCMUl IU 1UUK DUaUUIUl 311(1
| youthful. The Countess dc Chevanne,
| who at seventy years of ago possesses
I n marvclously soft, smootli, volvet!
like skin and an almost glrl-llke com'
plexlon, without a wrinkle in sight
i told the writer personally In Paris
| that she owed It all to the discovery of
' skin osmosis. With this marvolous
| discovery every complexion blemish
, can bo banished in threo nights in
many instances, und you can awake
In the morning with a beautiful natural
rose colored complexion as fresh as a
I havo known dozens of hollowcheeked
wrinkled, aged-looking women,
who had given up all hope of ever
looking benutlful and youthful again,
to "Come back" and again become
mcst beautiful, youthful and fascinating
In from two to three weeks' time
by this wonderful simple method.
No matter what your age or what
' you have tried unsuccessfully, skin osmesis
will positively brlug you new
heauty and youth. Merely wash your
ace in warm water at night and rub
In. a teaspoonful or two of any good
ll ^ -
Cash Wall
I Begins Wedm
We want to clean up
spring stock arrives.
I Plenty room lots one
Be sure you measuri
kitchens, then we can g
$10. Worth of Pa
. All oar Winter gg I
, ,f Hats trimmed I
UmiOllV and untrtmmedS^B
marked at won- 8B\1
rnmmmmmmEm# dertul bargain SS I
aasEaiii5^ pncea.
tarance Prices
1? $16.67 I
cr $19.73 |
lcr $26.67
"u. .^"$29.75 ?
fecial showing ot new Trimmed
ado of the newest spring fabrics. K g
4 a oh Aoba sfrJoon ntiti ealeklte
or wool. Priced at 17.50, *8.50, dE
K?, ?12.60 op to 518.50. &f
[ bs called away one by one, be pre
pared to Join with them where *ep||
aratlou will nerer come and we will t
be a family with our father In Heaven
never more to part and tor the good ,
people of Fairmont who showed a
goodly heart in tlmo of trouble, we |
wish to extend our heart-felt thanks
for your helovhig kindness which is ^
highly appreciated and shall never be
forgotten. May God bless and save
you one and all are our prayers. ' ^
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. BRADSHAW.
Absolutely Removes ?
Indigestion. One package proves
it 25c at all druggists. ,...
As J|
sy?Not a Wrinkle
:e's Great Prize Beauty.
pure reseated cream, which you aan
obtain from your druggist. In tliu
morning wash the face with cold'wetoi
and rub In more cream. -:!
In three weeks or less watch the
magic transformation. See how the
old, hardened, coarse, rough skin
turns Into new, fresh, soft youthful
looking sltln almost before your very
eyes, all due to slmplo skin osmosis
produced solely by warm water and
roseated cream. But be sure to use
only Dure roseated rronm us tt
entirely different thins from ordinary
face creams and must not be confounded
with them. I personally prefer
Creme Tokalon (Roseated), but any .s
goon brand will do. It you have wrinkles
gel a box of Japanese Ico Pencils
and use them in connection with th?*l
cream and you get quick action on thtV\
deepest wrinkles, no .matter of how
long standing. In one night s time and
awaken on tho morrow to witness most
astonishing results.
I personally guarantee success in
ex ery case, In any of my newspaper ar
tides which I write on subjects relating
to beauty, or I will refund the
amount paid for any products which I
recommend, provided you talfe your
dealer's receipt at the time you make ;
your purchase. My American address
Is Simoue Maries, 20 'West 22d street,
New York.
NOTE: ? The manufacturers of . l
Cremo Tokalon Roseatcd have suchunbounded
confidence In their particu- 1
lar brand, that they offer to forfeit
$200.00 to any charitable Institution, y '
If it can be shown that It will not banish
every complexion blemish and give $
most astonishing new beauty to
wrinkled, care-worn, aged women luv
three days' time In many instances.
It can be obtained absolutely fresh and
guaranteed pure from South Side
Pharmacy or most any good druggist
In this city.
Paper Sale
esday, Feb. 7
all room lots, before our
half price and less,
s your rooms, halls and 11
iv? vnn omrraM- ?11^?I
? y ? -w. * wv? WltyUilU
per for About S4.

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