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iehvilie nbrmat
i is hebe tonight
^Close and Spirited Contest
Is Supposed to be the
_ [* T'alrmont and Glenrille Normals
| kclnrh tonight oil the Normal Qym noor
'.one of the closest and most evenly
.matched games of the locals srltodttlo
I being expected. Ulenvllle rotnc noacli'i,
ed by Dick Hatnmll. old tlmo Davis
iiand Klklns star who. because lie can
I ,play basket ball himself, knows how
<f ito pnt the pep and skill into a live.
, The pickup In form the Normal has
. shown In the past few weeks has so
encouraged them that they are now
'playing with more spirit. The school
tins are noticing it. r.rd for the past
several games the attendance lu? been
splendid It Is expected that a packed
bouse will witness the game toll
Tomorrow night the yellow and
nunc (CCD VU ?D1I III llf I VI I Yt llfl ?; Ulr
Hhlnneton high school will be met.
, Shlnnston has thin year defeated the
[ Clarksburg high and Is expected to be
ta strong foe
' I'lVii ' M
Another Victory lor
Davis and Elkins
ELKINS. Feb. 20.? Davis ;mcl El'
;klns last night defeated Ohio Wesleyan
1n a rousing nip and tuck 39 to
: game. WJietsell. for the I>. K. E.
' played a star game and kept the en'
tire team keyed up. The game last
.nlght was D. & E.'s sixth consecutive
, victory and the third consecutive one
> over teams from Ohio. The lineup:
0. A Ec?39 O. Wesleyan?25
Hujtto}gfc? F Walters
Wimer F Brofcan
Hoyt O Sifrlt
Whetsell G Thomson
'Dawson G Watkins
Goals?D. & E.: Outright .1 Winter
4. Hoyt 4. Whetsell 11. Dawson 1. Goals
from fouls?Whetsell. !l oat of 11.
fy Goals?Ohio Wesleyan: Walters
Brokaw 2, Slfrit 4, Thomson 1. Watkins
1. Goals from fouls?Walters. 3
i out of 4. Referee. Nailer; scorer,
t Fleming; timer, Jackson.
Coach Moore Bent hie men through
a hard and fast practice last night
and' to fans who watched the team
from the Bide linen It looked an though
the Fairmont High five is in the lieat
condition of its season. Klklns high
will be met and squelched tomorrowevening
and from then on the effort of
the locals will be centered on winning
the state tournament.
Janitor Swiger at the V. M. C. A.
had a thousand compliments heaped
on hla head last evening for the tentPOrature
of the water in the pool was
just right. Proving that it was there
were a score or bo of boys who spent
the evening In the big tiled tank.
Indoor practlco has been started hy
the men who hope to make the Normal
track team next spring. Running,
dashing, broad (and high jump and shot
>ut are all being practised.
t Ib&M/
I v a"w>cE v
II, lCiNeiw??ATi 4 w jy | | f
jj iVo h if*
I A Winter dopester has predicted Cln*
clnnatl will have a chance this year.
: "PerhapB another chance for eighth
[ ; place.
They say Tom Jones fell off his ? hair
when he saw Fred Fnltnn fight t'>n
V! other might. He didn't if it cos*, him
"" anything.
It"may be Interesting for Its Darcy
to know that Frank Moran has agtued
. to enlist In event of war.
If the big leagues fix the player
limits at 18 men it won't he eo embnv
rassing lor Connie Mack and Miller
Hugglns. Maybe there will be as many
people in the stands aB there is on the
Anyone who thought there would lie
a baseball strike can give three clients
t n ?IZ
Chicago was called the windy ci:y
before Nate Lewis and Tcm Jones
arrived there.
Uae for Leave* ef Nettlee.
A brilliant and permanent green can
be produced from the juice of the
stalk and leaves of nettles, and is used
to dye woolen stuffs.
Apple Cleaner.
' A new electrical contrivance for
deeping apples before they are packed
dor shipment. Is said to clean thor'^bmHtePne
carload of apples In a
Followers of amateur golf are ol-j
I ready speculating on the possibilities \
of boys iu their teens winning Ameri-'
rati amateur golf titles next year and i
even the best players arc not discounting
the 1016 play of such phenomenal
youngsters as Bobby Jones and Perry '
Adair who took the measure of Chick j
Evans and New Sawyer In matrh play '
and who otherwise qualified as danger- i
oits factors.
Unless the uncxperted happens both '
Jones and Adair will play much liet-i
; ter golf in 1917 than they did In 19lti.
Jones is 15 and Adair three years older.
The remarkable success of these.
1 youngsters in golf Is ascribed by many!
critics to Ibeir non-analytical confl-!
ilcnce In themselves.
They learn to make strokes and |
Interesting Bowling
at Y, M. C, A. Alleys
The Fairmont Mining Machine men !
took two games from Hartley's at the
"Y" last night. Kendall led in the
scoring with 179 fur single and 197 for
high total, lie made the highest three
' game total that has yet been made hu |
the Church or Commercial leagues.
F. M. M. Co.
Kendall 146 147 179-- 467 I
Arnett 104 100 110- 41S i
!,;.... ..... >(-/. I
i id- -ov
I McCloBky '.id 77 "!i u"5
I Unrncs Ill 7.'i 105- Jill
1 otuls oGj lyij jti'j-?ItiuG
Wrasse Sll 92 95? 276 i
Sharpc SI Kill 70? 284
I King IIS 110 70? 2S4
I Watson nil 17. 86? .314
Mills Ill 1U5 156? 405;
Totals 5111 115 477?1565'
'1 ho Wholesalers won two panics
from the ronl men in the second match I
ai the "Y." For the second time in j
, the Commercial league the losing I
. team has had a higher total team score
' than the winners. Hawkins bad single j
of 111 and total of 310.
Corbln Wholesaler*.
i Aahhy 110 80 134? 324 1
! Hamilton 103 123 114? 340 1
Hawkins* 143 144 119? 406
87 S2 8S? 257
Totals 508 4S0 551?1542
Consol. Coal Co.
A (turns S7 127 100? 314
I McDougal 102 122 114? 338
I llustead 102 07 135? 334
I Bull 07 82 105? 284
Aslicraft 101 07 88? 285
Totals 489 525 542?1556
Famous Dive.
A Greek sponge-fisherman's dive to j
n depth of 262 feet in the sea Is be- |
llevcd to be the World's record for a j
man unprotected by any sort of diving j
Casing Head G
Will Purchase
Will also Purchase
Communicate with A. G. ]
their confidence carries tlicm through.
They do not think of the possibilities
of failure?In fact they believe the
stroke successful before bitting the
Older players study out their shots 1
and are more apt to make mistakes 1
because they ligure in the possibilities j
of failure.
For this reason it is argued that perhaps
Jones in five ycare or Adair in,
two or three will not roach the preeminent
position In golf which their
youthful records would Indicate.
These questions arc. of course, purely
psychological and may or may not
be true.
It is certain however that the American
links will be invaded by an army;
of promising youngsters tin-: spring
who will make the present generation
of great amateurs look to their laurels.
One Disadvantage of Wealth.
" 'Pears to me." said Uncle Kben,
"dat 'stld <V -wealth brlngln' happiness,
It compels folks ro go to n heap o1
parties where dnr ain't a chance of
delr injoyln' delrse'fs,"
Children Cry
We now have on dis- I
pay at our Garage
The Latest Models including
the Country
Club Model, the most
popular car of the dav
Fairmont Motor
Car Co.
Fairmont Avenue
as or Uasoline
Gas Outright
3 Gasoline Plants
K? West Virginian Office
^ BO
Jame Was Not Very Good
Exhibition of BasketBall.
Tho first game ol the three game;
attle between Wcsleyan and Cnlver-|.
Ity for state honors went to the Un-I'emity
last night by a US to 22 score.
t'eslcyan did not Ret going until the.
jcond halt when she scored 11! points ,
gainst the Morgautown boys nine,
uckhannon was disorganized tho first
alt and allowed the varsity to roll'
p a difference of 13 points against I
In the estimation ot local tans who I'
aw the game, there is an excellent 1
robability that Davis and Elkins will j
in from either of the teams. The j,
oxt game of the series will be played j
t Buckhannon and the third at Fair-'
lont. Lineup:
l/eit Virginia?38 Wesleyan?22
l". Morrison F Daniels i,
lodgers F Fisher j,
le C Ncalcji
teadtnan G Beck;,
lite G G. Morrison i.
Substitutions?\V. V. L'.: Latterner ]
)r W. Morrison: W. Morrison for Hitch
rcutel for \V. Morrison; Trotter for I,
'reutrl; Lcntz for Fisher; Ward forh
entz. i j
Field baskets?\V. V. L".. W. Morri-ji
on 1. Rodgers 5. Ire 5. Stcadman 4.1'
i'esloyati, Daniels 6, Fisher 1. Beck 3. c
Says ItIt's
i ^
He Speaks If "
It seems somehow
is inborn?in evei
sticks right close tc
just like a life-long
That's why, friends
praising me all ov
it is true?that's all
For example, I hea
the other day:?"I
No doubt of it all. G
real friends that we
1 con sua
If you
v/nn> mm
j . ? aw*
Fou! baskets?W. Morrison. 7 out of! t
10; Rodgers 1 out of 1; Fisher 4 out i c
it 12.
Referee?Lanham. ' 11
Time of periods?20 minutes. ! li
Score end of first half?W. V. U., 23; ] .1
IVesleyun 9. i a
iankeTmachines '!|
Enormous Quantities of \\
Them Now in Use in
Entente Countries. <t
' Py Associated Pre?.) a
LONDON*. Feb. 20.?The use of ma- .a
.hinery particularly American machln-,
Jry. In place of hand labor, is being j ^
widely discussed as one of the large I?
problems to bo met with after the war. i j,
Under the Blrcss of war enormous , c
quantities of American machinery a
tave been brought Into England. c
i-'ranco and other countribs at war. for
manufacturing harness, shoes, guns, "
shells, and the whole range of war re- ?
qulrements. At Harve the Belgian gov-. r
;rnment factory, employing 12.500 f
workmen, has 00 per cent. American c
machinery. Going through these works I h
tnd Associated Press representative ; n
toted ut every hand the machinery | A
pearing the marks of firms at Bridge-11
port. Providence. Boston. Philadelphia,;1
Cincinnati and many other points, j h
The harness factory, for turning out j t!
-avalry and artillery supplies, was en
that the love of truth
ry. Southerner and it
i him for all his days-rfriend.
3, when I hear people
er the South?saying
ng of Them All",-well,
rd one gentleman say
lere is the finest cigaFolks
of the South
Folks of the South ,
ood breeding does count. (
ought to be. And, here is
f) -
?7V 1/
ranteed by JfoJ ***don't
like ne Ye turn i
tey back, 1 have said it I
1 over for keeping his" wo
i '/np o
m" M
trety equipped with American niachin-1
The manager of the works said- Eng-,
Ish machinery wa? good only on the,
u*e. ponderous machines, but that
imericana macblnory was practically
lone in the field on fine automatic
,-ork replacing the dexterity of hand-,
ork. tic estimated that the heavy
Inglish and French machines, chiefly
a the foundries and murhlnc shops
tere under ten per cent, of the plant.
11 the rest being American. Some of
he American machines were pointed
ut as having an ingenuity almost hulan.
One of them, used In polishing
he discs of shells, employed a magetlc
current to hold the discs firmly
. hlle the emery wheels did the poltshjg.
To the Belgian worker this was
Ittle hhort of magic, as he had always
eld the discs in his hand, while now
he touching of a button gripped the i
Ises until the work was done. Tliore
i tho same Influx of these labo'r-sav-1
ag machines all over England- Franco ;
nd unoccupied Belgium, and In fact I
11 over allied Europe.
Besides doing the war work of all
Inds. this new use of machinery has j
pened the eyes of producers as to
- hat machinery could do for increus-i
iK British production when normal
ondltlons are restored. It has been
rgucd as one of the chief weapons to
orabnt the revival of German manu-.
ncturers and another "Made in Ger-.
tatty" cantpaiKn. One expert has
hown that most of the factories lit
Ingland were equipped in the days of
team, and have taken no account of 1
lectrlcity as a new motive power. He
gures out that this old-time eqtilplent
cannot possibly compete with
imerlcan and German production.
TjIb view is widely held, and besides
he American machinery is already
ere furnishing Its own argument in >
he war work.
At the recent Labor Congress at'
rette I ever smoked
other. The finest produ
Carolina tobacco, in all
sweetness and mellowne
Yes?It's great to be a S
fine to have real breedin
be brought up in a fin
iHJiiiVJ, anu LU UCtiU SU .
from so many friends c
among you all. And tl
this?it's because?
KNOW good blc
KNOW good tobat
Quality does tell. So, let's
> something more for yoi
me to your dealer ai
V Southern gentleman is
r4> and I have given yoi
<%N Of THE 60
fi&m/ CLC
t1 i
Manchester the delegates referred to
this new use of machinery as one et
the chief after-the-war problems, as It
would limit and compete with the head
labor of men returning ftropt the afpjy
to clvfl occupations. But while recognizing
It as a danger, they appeared to
accept the increased uso of machinery,
particularly American machinery, as
one of thu assured facta brought out
by tho war.' One of the rcsolutlo s
passed called on the Eorernmunt to
give special attention to the need* of
workmen resulting from this now and
enlarged competition from machinery.
John Martin, of Point Marion ead
Carl Martin, of Weston, were visiting
their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Martin, Sunday.
Chester Jones., youngest son of Mrs.
t.urv .lones. run and awl into his eye
while sewing 11 hook causing a serious
injury, fir. IUnehsrt accompanied
them to ConnelUvllle, Pa., for treatment.
John Lough and Miss Anna Hall
were married at the home of Rev. C.
It. Meredith in Morgantown February
IS. They left on the evening train
for Youngstown. Ohio, for a rlslt
with Mrs. Lough's brothers.
Mrs. Mary Smallwood. of Opekiska,
is here for a visit with her sister.
Mrs. a. J. Stevens, and Mrs. Miranda
Y. L. Brand had the misfortune to
be thrown from his horso on last Saturday
morning sustaining, eerioue injuries
to his hack and shoulder.
Mrs. Alice Stevens, of Fairmont, has
been here for a visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Josephus Jones.
Mrs. Nancy Brand an aged lady is
seriously 111. Hho wos 8!) years eld
tlm If.flt
Mrs. J. E. Henry left Sunday for a
visit with her parents, who reside
in Ohio.
J A )
>V Jpi
;5 IS^E
| I I ^1 ..M1
\3 Thinks I?**
,, ?...^. , i .*i i*r c!
I never buy any
ct of Virginia and
its mildness, and
g back of you, to
e, white, healthy
many nice things
lown South here
le reason is just
i to think about-'
* ... '
uy mft
id get
i mine*

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