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At a committee bearing on tbe Madden
bill, which proposes to Increase
the salaries paid post office clerks
and letter carriers, there was an Interesting
colloquy between Representative
Moon, of Tennessee, and Representative
Neely, of West Virginia, both
Democrats, In which the latter paid
a back-handed compliment to Post
I master General Burleson. Xeely was
advocating the bill generally, but questioned
parts of it which sought to Increase
tho arbitrary powers of the
Postmaster General. To a dlrefct question
by Moon whether he thought that
that official bad any too much power
under the law, Neely replied: "I believe.that
the Postmaster General Is
vested with considerable more authority,
and seems to be anxious to
oxerelee it, than he or any other official
In a similar position should
have." Neely's reply had more than
the fsual Interest to those present
who wero aware that he and Postmaster
General Burleson have locked
horns more than once over departmental
business In which the First
district representative had a direct
Four of the other members of the
West Virginia delegation also appeared
befone the committee to advocate
- a favorable report on the Madden
hy, bill?Representative Sutherland, Bowers,
Woodyard and Cooper.
There Is a hamlet called Game, located
in Roane county, the people of
which have to travel four miles to
the nearest post office to get their
mall, they have been trying to get
a post office established there for
nearly a year, but the postmaster St.
Uhler, who would loae a little business
should Game secure an office,
tad who Is an ex-member ofjhe state
legislature and a hefty Democratic politician
In his precinct, has. it Is claimed.
been able to forestall favorable
action as to the petition of the peo
pie or- uame. Representative Woodyard,
who has been diligently working!
to secure these people some relief,
has encountered that condition of affairs.
It is a small and unimportant
matter to everybody else except the
people who have to go four miles to
the post office, but it shows bow farreaching
politics is in the government
Service, and it cited as a typical ex
ample of how deep and far it reaches
in the postal service when the partisan
heads of that department get the
notion to play politics of the peanut
I At the Pension bureau today, Rep
resentative Sutherland filed with the
Commission applications for pensions
in behalf of Lydta 8mtth, of Wheel
ing, and Charlotte Oarrlson, of Core,
, W. Va. He also filed additional evidence
in support ot the claims ol
James A. Crlswell, of Moundsvllle, and
Mrs. Cells Oould, of drlan. Also, he
called up the papers in the case ot
Bdith May Wildman. of Cairo, W. Va?
urging immediate consideration of this
case. In the case of Mrs. Julia Spuri,
lock, of Allen, Mr. Sutherland was
notified that a pension or *20 a month
under the Ashbrook law bad been allowed
William D. Lewis has been recom
mended for appointment as postmastei
at Iranhoe. Upshur county, by Repre
aentatlve Llttlepage.
The Post Office department has sent
commissions as postmasters to Isaac
B. Early at Bobbin; Luclnda Clark
of flfcnlels, Ralolgh counly, and Wal
ter 8TH enderson, of Oedpbi. Harry jJ
Harris has been designated acting
^^^^^^Hwitotmaster at Ennls, and Dee Goode
at Nefound. W. Va. Bobbin Is the
uame^glren a newly established office
At the office of the First Assistant
feVftlttnlMter General today, Represen
tsove H. c. woodyard personally til
"Ml a petition signed by citizens ol
Clifton. Ve.. asking for the ap
potQtment of B. C. Riddle ae post
matter. At the Pension bureau Mr
Woodyard was In conference on the
case of Elisabeth Bskew. of Spencer
: Ha was notified tbat the claim o
Mrs. Samatha Gore, of Parkereburg
have been favorably passed on. Mrs
Gove la to receive $12 a month from
teat April and $20 a month under the
Aehbrook law from last September
Ha was also notified that the claim
of James L. Troy, of Parkersburg, fot
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Charles Duckey, a pensioner, durlnt
Duckey's last Illness, ana by reasoi
of burial charges, amounting to $113.2!
had been allowed and a check for tha
amount would be sent Troy at once.
Both branches of Congress will bi
In session tomorrow, but there wll
be an hour or two during which thi
memory of Washington will be pah
tribute to. In the House Represen
tatlve Neely has been selected by Ma
Jority Leader Kitchen to read Wash
Ington's farewell address.
Howard K. Hogan. of Parkersburg
was here yesterday on his way to An
napolls, Md., to enroll as a studen
In the Wllmer-Ghews prepartory schoo
where he will get himself ready to tak<
the entrance examinations for the nav
al academy. He was appointed upoi
the nomination of Representatlvi
Miss Smith, sister of Mrs. Edwari
Cooper, accompanied by Edward Coop
er, Jr., and little Miss Douglass Coop
or have arrived here from Bramwel
to visit with Representative and Mrs
Cooper until after the Inauguration.
Senator and Mrs. Works, of Cal:
fornia. gave a dinner of handsome ap
pointments In honor of Representative
olect Lee, of California, and Repre
sentative and Mrs. Harry C. Wood
yard, of West Virginia.
J. M. N. Downs, a leading lawyer o
uucKiiannon, nas oeen in me cu;
several days, stopping off on his wa
homo from New York city. He wa
met here by his son. Mark, a lad o
fifteen who enjoyed his first visit t
the Nation's Capital.
Among the West Virginia arrival
are C. M. Hanna, of Parkersburg
Miss Nettle Freldman, of Fairmont
Silas H. Steinhauser, of Wheeling
Richard Prltchard. of Parkersburg
and Cleveland, O.; Dr. J. W. Myers, o
"You're ]
and I believe Postum is
in place of coffee, relievi
short ten day trial often
Tabloid History
Nation Divided and Blood-Dr<
tury Sees New
of Prui
The question of who owns Alsace, n
France or Germany, which Is sore to fc
be one ot the great i
Issues ot the peace a
t conference at the
end ot the present d
European war. was t
first made acute be g
tween France and a
Germany by the g
settlement ot the a
Thirty Years' War li
oyer two and one
halt centuries ago. f
It took tour years ot negotiations v
before the powers were able to talk
out a peace after the Thirty Years' 1
War, and their agreement, called the t
Peace of Westpahlla, provided that n
France should possess Metz, Verdun, 1
Toul, Alsace In perpetuity. v
In addition, the rellglouB dissensions e
ot Germany were for the time settled 1
by this peace, and the princes of Ger- tl
many were made practically lndepend- k
ent of the emperor. 11
The map ot Germany now looked b
uk? a nuge, jummea jig-siiw puzzle, p
with 300 petty principalities, each
claiming Independence, each having h
Its own laws, customs, armies and 1
courts. tl
Moreover the peace of Westphalln It
gave these principalities, each claim- a
Ing independence, each having its own ti
laws, customs, armies and courts.
Moreover the peace of Westphalia ?
gave these principalities the right to e:
make Independent alliances with oth- It
er powers. a
Germany waa now a name only, or tl
' at most, a feeble confederation.
The German soil, moreover, had p
been uterly devastated by the three ti
decades of war. from 1618 to 1648, dur- c
ing which period huge armloa had
lived off tho land and fought over it. b
The miserable and starving populacefei
PhllippI; George D. Rlddell. of Tioga: b
J. W. Ware, of Shopherdstown; E. W. s
r Border, of Charles Town; J. O. Peyj
ton. E. R. Hall, R. C. McDonald, H. W.
; Ftnley and Harry Wright, all of Huntt
ington; and S. S. Deusenberry and R. b
A. Loar, both of Morgantown. o
j There arrived by mall from Manilla,
1 -P. j.. yesterday a present for Repre,
sentative H. C. Woodyard. It was a
J fine hat. weight about an ounce un- y
. blocked, and beter In every way than i c
any Panama ever made. The gift- j
Sender Is Cantaln E. I. MrfUpllnnri I ?
at present master of the United States
gunboat El Augila. Captain McClel.
land married Miss Louise Depue. sis''
ter of Hal W. Depue, of Spencer, well 2
t known oil man and Democratic politic- c
j ian. Mr. Woodyard Is very much c
, pleased and very proud of the hand- t
. some way his far-away friend, Captain
j McClelland remembered him.
B 1 '
l| NEWS !
[. Will Entertain. 1
i. Mrs. Reld and Mrs. Bailey Nnzum
9 will entertain the members of the La- t
,. dies' Aid Society of the Diamond
I. Street M. E. church Thursday after- 1
i noon from three until five o'clock at c
the parsonage.
I At Morgantown. <
y Mrs. E. C. Bishop, of Morgantown,
s entertained last night at a miscellanef
oub shower for Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Cox
o who were ..married recently. Unique
Invitations were received by a numbei
of friends and relatives here. Miss
a Katherino Cox went down for the af.
Called to Clarksburg.
;. Mr, and Mrs. Edward T. Bishop, of
if Columbia street, were called to Clarka
Looking Bettei
largely responsible for your sc
bs nerves from the harmful eff<
works a wonderful change in a
There's a Reason
v ' v;
ot Germany! \
enched in Seventeenth Cen- fl
Hope in Rise ^
ssia. j
ot only wu reduced to eating grass,
mt actually tore down the bodies ot 1
oalefactors from the scaffolds and c
te their flesh.
Moreover, all German trade and in- <
uetry bad been ruined, and this gave ''
Vance an immense advantage in
pining complete supremacy in tbe '
.rts and sciences, In commerce and
alnlng complete supremacy In tbe 1
rts and sciences, in commerce and .
But in this gloomy time, one hope "
?r Germany's future dawned. This
ras Prussia.
The first famous Hohenzollern, .
Vederick of Nuremberg; years bo- '
ore had been given charge of the
ortbeastern province of Brandenburg,
"his was in 1411, and his successors
rhose capital was Berlin, bad conquerd
Prussia, their neighbor to the east
"his whoie territory combined under
be Hohenzollerns, Anally became
nown as Prussia, and developed a 11
errce. Independent national spirit It e
ccame one of the largest and most j,
owerful of the states of Germany. ?,
Austria, with the Hapsburgs at its
ead for a whole century following p
648 devoted its attention chiefly to
te Turks and to ambitious schemes p
i Italy, leaving Germany in disorder g
nd at the mercy of foreign nggrega- p
Although the Austrian Hapsburgs }j
rere nominally rulers of the whole p
mpire, which included the multltud- p
ious German states, Austria seemed i
dually to side with France, against
lese very German Btates! r
Fearing that the growing size nnd G
owor of Prussia would imperil Aus- G
-lan leadership, the Hapsburgs frown
d on Prussia. 1
The following two centuries proved P
ow well founded were these Austrian P
irs of tho rising Prussian i>ower.
urg by the illness of Mrs. Bishop's
later, Mrs. Llllie Shuttlesworth. 1
To Wheeling.
Miss Lutte Cunningham, who han
een the guest of her sister, Mrs. Criss, i
f East Park avenue, has gone to
The ladles of the First XI. P. church
rill meet tomorrow morning at the
hurch to quilt. Several ladies were
iresent today Ilnd worked on the
Interesting Meeting.
An Interesting meeting of the Wetel
class of the Central Christian1
hurch was held last night at the home
if Miss Ruth Evans. Noedlework was
he diversion of the evening.
At Plney Run.
Joseph Carpenter, of Diamond street,
vas called to Plney run yesterday by
he sorlous Illness of his nephew.
Mrs. William Summers, of Little
'allB. spent the past two days with
ler daughter. Mrs. Charles Hall, ot
Pittsburgh avenue.
Mrs. J. B. Crowl, who has been very
II, Is recovering.
J. W. Proudfoot, of Grafton, was In
his city yesterday.
Mrs. Charles Hall, of Pittsburgh
tvenue. has been sick the past few
Blake Bailey, of Independence, who
s a patient at Fairmont Hospital No.
I, Is slightly Improved.
Jink Carpenter, son of Jonathan Oartenter,
of near Wlnfleld, met with a
terlous accident when fixing to reurn
to his home from Sheron, Sunlay
night. He was thrown from his
torse and received a broken leg. Docor
Cyrus Boyers was called and set
he bone.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Stansberry were
, John?
iimd sleep and improved
;cts of caffeine. Even a
Irr ami , Hn, Arthur Layman and
aughter, Rose, wdre at D:' C. Baker's
William A. Morley has barn alck
ir the past several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Ola Moore .moved from
Norwood to George Nuium's farm near
VinHeld one day last weekMr.
and Mrs. Cnrtls Satterfleld and
aughter, Miss Pauline, were at D. C.
laker's Sunday last.
Mrs. Pheba Nuzum and two daughers
were at her father, William Vlnent's
place a few days last week. i
Mr. and Mrs. David Satterfleld and
htldren were at James Baker's Sunlay.
Miss Mary Hall was at Mrs. Sebina
dorgan's Sunday night.
The protracted meeting Is still go-,
ng on at Sheron.
Several attended the literary at Win-;
leld Saturday night. Everybody Is in'ited
to attend.
Lola Baker was calling at her moth- j
r's. Mrs. Jees Deusenberry's, Sunday.
Mrs. Laura Ross who been ill for
he past several days, seems to be
,bout the same at thlB writing.
* *
Latere unclaimed remaining at Fair-:
:ont, W. Va? Post Office for week
ndlng February 17, 1917:
'ay, Mr. B F Blaine
licholaon, Mrs. Radcllff, Miss
Inez Gehrgie
'assal, Mr. B Itanalli, Mr.
Robert Francesco
'billlpB, Mr. Ray, Chas.
aker, Miss Sara Riley, Mr. Boyd
oggess. Mrs. Suler, Donald"
Mary F Virginia-Maryland
ioyd, Mr. James Coal Co.
icwman, Mrs. B F Walker, Mrs. Llzradley,
Mr. Joo slo
onntll, Mrs. C Washington, Mrs.
C W Jluttin Cora Belle
leLone, M E White. Mr. James
! riff is, Mrs. HO M
uaranty Special- Williams. Mr. A1 B
ty Co. Wilson, Mrs. W S
ienderson, Bill Wilson. Mrs. Elia |
Hll, Essie Mar, Master
loge, Miss >Har- Patsy
riet Maywcthcr, Miss
ohnson. Mr. Wll- Irene ?
lie Mooro, Jesse E
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\if/ 10-Inch Follow Me. "\
\-x 75c To Make Thoi
Sam Ash, teno
(There's Egypt
A 2168 I Eyes. Georgi
10-inch [Hawaii And Yo
75c I and James F. 1
And Here Is
Lazaro sings Faus
supreme artistry never
and reaches a climax s
.admiration. Kathleen
^'Valse Bluette" with a
each sweep of her bow i
kfvYO Besides, Oscar Sea
wO* Morgan Kingston renc
Ituv arias pf his brilliant op
duet from the sensati
\U orchestral gems, old-tin
M novelties complete a lis
the finish! Enjoy it a1
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nu> (giff*1 1'
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Molou, Mrs. ma ?
New Idea in This. ,
The Greek word for private, peco- I\
lltir to myself, unrelated to the thought r
of Interest of anybody else. Is our word
for idiot.?William lie Witt Hyde. pi
FraJpF i
Timely Sugg
p New Colui
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wS&Br VV ^?r t'le mont'1
%fPr the four fine Iri
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touch that brings out exquisite beauti
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Entertainment of Wide Variety
igle sings a negro "spiritual" and an o
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Second Thought.
'Evory ntnn wnnts to have iiis say.' '
narked Encle Kben, "an' when h?
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idigestion. One package ||
oves it 25c at all druggists. J
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estions in II
mbia List || *1
ipropriate selections I
of St. Patrick than ?\vsl
ish selections, includ- tVvj; I
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ee." In addition, FyMaral
>ular hits, led by A1 \xt2l
test, and ten dance- Vjs I
ice that gives them a _fl\
jf real hits. | J
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rince'a Orchestra. tvvtX
La* Waltz. Prince'* fl
ess Blue*. (Hess) Fox- .Tjl/i 3
i Blue*. (Phillips) Fox- $
ince's Band.
c Triumphs jj| I
casta e pura" with a ItV' |bB
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iA |
jg i

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