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Evening Chat
i i
A llvln' In the country
< . In the spring time. Is all right,
And the country In the summer time
' Presents a purty sight.
'But In winter, when the mud and slush
SK&U every Where's around.
3* And the sloppy snow and slippy ice
|p. Is coverln' the ground,
SjtigW*/ can't work imagination
Vj'Oo the prospect very well,
Per llvln' In the country,
pSr: I nthe winter time Is hell. .
And If 1 kin trade me buggy,
And two hosses and me cow.
And git rid o' that air bunch o' hay.
That's layln" In the mow,
And sell me lower pasture.
to me good iriond Ira smith.
Fer enough to buy a house an>l let
And automobile with,
I think I'll move to Fairmont.
I like that place purty well.
Fer llvln' In the country
In the winter time is hell.
A' Philadelphia firm of type foundore
has Issued the following circular
calling -attention to the Importance
of the development by the United
States of domestic supplies of essential
The proeent state of the commerce
of the United States, arising out of the
conduct of the belligerent powers, having
shown our wants, and pointed out
the necessity of calling to our aid
each of the natural productions of the
country as our knowledge and research
enable us to discover; with a
view to this Important object, we par7
ticularly solicit your attention to the
' artlclo ot Antimony, which in essential
In the manufacture of printing
types, and which has not hitherto
been discovered in this country. Bismuth
would also be a great acquisition,
and profitable to the owner of
the mine. As it is highly probable
that articles, whicli abound in so many
parts of Europe, are not totally wanting
in this extensive country, we earnestly
request you to make the necessary
inquiries in your neighborhood
and, should you discover anything
Which promises a favorable result, to
transmit an account of it to us.
"I We are, respectfully,
Letter Founders.
The only comment to be made on
i this statement is that the date of the
V Circular is February 17, 1S09. at which
time the sole method of calling attention
to the needs of the country in
such matters was by personal circular
and pamphlet; there was. for instance,
no government clearing house of information
with reference to minerals
such as the United States Geological
Survey of the Department of tno In5?
This circular was found by one of
the geologists of the Geological Survey
?nnn nnmn r\f thfl nortnra r>f Tltnmnd
auiuug DVU1Q VI kuv ut l liuuiiu
Jefferson. Both In tone and substance,
this "preparedness" suggestion relating
to the development of the count
try's natural resources is not esseumore
than a century later.
" IN THE ||
$ "
Musical Comedy
Hippodrome The Capture of Villa
Nelson.. .Fight For Paradise Valley
Princess The Fugitive
Dixie Heart of Texas Ryan
/ Grand Rainbow Princess
U rpllE "Violet Ray" picture at the
[w I Nelson today is one of the most
powerful of the "Grant, Police
"Reporter" series.
James Manlove, a retired naval enHjfe,
" glneer, with the aid of his daughter
?, "Majorle. perfects his discovery of the
poworful violet ray for the uso of the
. United States government.
Simultaneously with the announcement
of his success, his laboratory
Is invaded by agents of a rival government,
bent upon obtaining the secret
fof the ray at any cost.
They bind the inventor to his chair
and blind him with his own machine
when he refuses them the information
_ ^ they seek. Marjorie, escaping, faints
in the arms of Grant, police reporter
' on the Chronicle, who is homeward
I bound through the park. Calling a
taxi. Grant places the unconscious girl
k In It and has her left In care of Ills
landlady while he can summon a doctor.
Dlmltrl, sent by Orloff to recapture
Marjorle, sees Grant help the girl into
' Ills rooming house and returns to
IManlove's studio for Orloff. They
place Marjorle in a high powered car
and race back to the laboratory. MarJorle's
plight Is seen by Grant who is
Just rounding the corner with the
doctor as the conspirators drive away
from his boarding house. Following
them in a taxi. Grant reaches Manlove's
home but his entrance into
the laboratory room Is barred. Climbing
a telephone pole on the other side
I of the yard, Grant walks across the
double wires until ho can swing into
a third story window.
With a single revolver Grant
smashes the switch controlling the violet
ray machine Just as the foreign I
spys are about to uso it upon the
eyes of Marjorie. Grant's story in
the Chronicle the following day creates
a profound sensation.
! Zallie's Kentucky Belles were raising
the dust on the stage this morning
tTift lanltnr trnt urnnnJ to I
[. up the debris of last night's show.
jSj They were all on the Job bright and
. . early, as the saying goes, but they
:'T -were doing things that people havei'
j't yet started to talk about. One of
gj the impressive fqatures of the reg
learsal was ihe way they went through
jk k*Don't Bite the Hand That's Feeding
|aB*.*You." If 1 hadn't been on the Job 1
81 would naturally got a notion that it
| was the same old thing over again.
3ut it isn't. Kell, who has been mak?
ing peoplo laugh with hlB funny black
i face work is the responsible party for
I Q tonight's show. He named It "The
pHS Capture of Villa" and In It he inP
troduces lots of novelties. One particular
skit Is an Hawaiian dance and
the chorus dresses In clothes made out
'C".. ' 1 - -
i ? ?
! Claudie is railed the "little patr]
| certs playing tlio Star Spangled limine
i has been showing her ability at the ha r
j ? ?
' + ?mw?. =!
With Mrs. Prlckett.
The Aid Society of tho First M. E. |
church south will meet oil Thursday |
evening at 7:30 o'clock <at the home;
of Mrs. J. 0. Prickett ou Locust ave-;
? ?
Nows has been received hero from'
Lexington Va? unounclng the mar-!
1 riage of Mrs. t'arlotta Morrow Hill of
! that place to Dr. 1-auncelot Harris, a
professor in Columbia college, Colura-j
bia. S. C. Mrs. Hill formerly resided!
in this city and wras a daughter of the1
late James Morrow. Dr. Harris is ai
son of the luie Dr. C. W. Harris, a!
former professor at Washington and
Lee University, Lexington, Va.
* * ? *
Attended Wedding
Miss Kuth Hamilton attended tho
marriage in Morgantown yesterday ofi
Miss Mildred Posten. daughter of Mr.!
and Mrs. S. A. Posten to Dr. W. H.I
Holroyd of Charleston, W. Va. which j
event was solemnized on Tuesday evening
at 5 o'clock at the home of the I
bride's parents. Miss Elizabeth Posten;
siste of tho bride was maid of honor1
and Herbert Headlee of Morgantown.
as best man to tlio groom. Miss Matilda
Hagen rendered the wedding mu- '
slcj Dr. and Mrs. Holroyd left after!
the ceremony for Charleston where
the former Is engaged in the drug
? *
A Parkersburg Event. ,
Mrs. Albert E. Hickel will entertain I
a number of friends Friday afternoon j
at her home on Avery street, honoring j
M-c Ur, -1 r ?-ii~ *?-- ?- it-- 1
I'lio. inn ia11 j_.cn jju itiuuiuiu WUU IS UIO |
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
V. Rathbone, and Mrs. Everett Dren- j
nen. of Big Stone Gap. Va., who is vis- j
iting her parents, Judge and Mrs. W. i
N. Miller. Tlie affair promises to be
one of the prettiest of the week.?
I'arkersburg State Journal.
* * ?
Curtis W. Vincent and Miss Ethel
Pearle Cain, both of this city, were
united in marriage today at the home
of the officiating minister, Rev. W. D.
Reed, of the Diumond Street M. E.
* * * *
Colonial Tea.
The McFarland Chapter of the Westminster
Guild will hold a Colonial tea
tonight at the Y. M. C. A. auditorium
following the regular prayer service. I
A silver offering will bo taken.
* * *
L. Glenn Travis, of Mt. Ncbo, Marion
county, and Miss Zenie M. Nuce, of
Morgantown were united in marriage
today at the home of the officiating
minister. Rev. W. D. Reed, of the Diamond
Street M. E. church. Mr. and
Mrs. Travis left Immediately for Morgantown
where they will reside.
Miaatnnarv P.lrrlr* M i n rt
Tho Woman's Home and Foreign '
Missionary Circle of the First Baptist J
church will meet on Thursday after- 1
noon at 2:30 o'clock at the church.
Mrs. W. J. Eddy will lead the meeting
the subject of which will' be "Thank- 1
fulness." Mrs. Mary Randolph will 1
lead the devotional services and the 1
hostesses will be Mrs. George Johnson,
Mrs. Helen Holbert and Mrs. '
Rhoda Dougan. The Hhank offering 1
Don't stay stuffed-up!
yuu wowing ana snuirimg! A dose
of "Pape's Cold Compound" taken
every two hours until three dosee are
taken will end grip misery and
break up n severe cold either In the
head, chest, body or limbs.
It promptly opens clogged-up nostrils
and air passages; stops nasty
discharge or nose running; relieves
sick headache, dullness, feverlshness,
sort throat, sneezing, soreuess and
'Tape's Cold Compound" Is the
quickest, surest relief known and
costs only 25 cents at drug stores. It
acts without assistance, tastes nice,
and causes no Inconvenience, Don't
accent a substitute.
Jr& *~
jf- Claudia
Si Rica
lot" because she begins nil her con- i
r. She lives In Syracuse. N. Y.. and I
p in all larse cities of the country. , 1
niltc boxes will bo opened at this mooting
and yearly dues must be paid at
tills meeting.
? a
Will Give Oance
Tlie local lodge B. I'. O. E. arc arranging
for a danco to be held during
Easter week. A committee has been
appointed to arrange appointments as ,
follows: . G. Martin. Raymond Haller.
S. It. Brooks. Kridcr lloek. Dr. C. H.
Home From Buckhannon
Miss Grace G. Kelley. president of
the Young Women's Christian association.
Miss Jennesse Downs. Miss
Hazel Whltlach, Miss Merle Sharp
and Miss Harriet Hicks of the Normal
school have returned from Buckhannon
where they attended the third
annual convention of the Student Volunteers.
With Mrs. Michael
Mrs. Charles Mlchaet is entertaining
the Young Married Women's club
this afternoon at her home on East
I'ark. This is the first meeting of
the popular organization tor several
Elderly people usually need a tonic.
But they should not take a tonic that '
contains strychnine, which often over s
stimulates and makes them nervous 0
and irritable. *
The old doctor who gave Old Hick- t
ory Tonic to his patients for 5fi long s
years, found that no other tonic he c
ever used would give the same good c
results as his own. Elderly people <1
were especially benefited by it. It t
seemed to agree with them better than t
any other medicine he prescribed. Old ~
Hickory Tonic is made from this old
doctor's private formula. You can
get Old Hickory Tonic, at any good
rirug store, or at any general store in
small towns and in the country.
And 'Twas Nerv-Worth
Made This Possible for
W. M. Delaney.
This is a convincing endorsement |
pf the superlative fumlly nerve tonic |
which is being sold in phenomenally |
large quantities at Crane's.
"Had troublo with indigestion andj
with bowels for many years. Took
ill kinds of medicine which gave tern- ;
porary relief. Had urinary trouble for j
two years.
"Have taken Nerv-Worth for six
months and am feeling fine. Work
jvory day. I am (14 years old.
"W. M. DELANEY." ' |
Nerv-Worth calms the nerves, whets:
the appetite, aids digestion, adds
flesh. restores restful sleep, rouses I
the liver, regulates the bowels, banishas
sick and nervouB headaches and |
pther aches and pains and builds up
run down systems. If it does not do
this for you your dollar back at Crane's j
Drug Store. j
| 'Wear'
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Sanders ot BalJmore
are guests of the latter's moth>r
Mrs. Lydla Malone Foster on Fairnont
Mrs. Arthur Lynch was the guest
if Mrs. Clyde Jacobs In Morlantown
Miss Sarah Watts Is recovering from
i severe Illness from grip.
Miss Beatrice Courtney and Miss
ifarie Scott have returned from Buck-!
laonon where they bad heen the
[uests of Miss Margaret Workman for
leveral days.
The Misses Mllla Ice, Neva Currey
ind Mary Ford, of this city, and Miss
<atlierlno Hoggorty, of Farmlngton,
ire spending several dayB In Pitts)urgh.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Cunningham and
ion. Arthur, of the East Side, wero
ailed to Columbus. O.. yesterday by,
.be death of Mrs. Cunningham's niece,
Mrs. Gillian Hina.
Miss Myrtle Barr, of Steu benvllle,
5.. Is the guest of Mrs. W. E. Hough
in East Park avenue.
Mrs. Dennis Cobun Is tho guest of
ler parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cartnden
jnmmers, In Clarksburg.
W. J. Carson left this afternoon for
i businoss trip to Parkersburg, Cinclnmtl
and Porthmouth.
Miss Katharyn Smith, who has been
?ery 111 from typhoid fever for the last
leveral weeks at tho home of her parints.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Smith on Coumbiu
street, Is improving and her
:ondltlon Is regarded as very cncourIglne
To Entertain Friends
Arthur U. Fisher will entertain a
lumber of friends at a Wa diiugton
ilrthday party Thursday night at the
ionic 01 Mr. a'.ui >ira. Joseph uriiusoy
on Picrpont avenue.
Instead of nasty, harsh pills, salts,'
:astor oil or dangerous calomel, why
lon't you keep Cascarcts handy In!
our home? Cascarets act on the Uv-1
ir and thirty feet of bowels so gently i
ou don't realize you have tal.cn a caliartic,
hut they act thoroughly and '
an be depended upon when a good |
Ivor and bowel cleansing i- necos-i
ary?they move the bile an poison :
rom the bowels without griping ano
woeten the stomach. You eat one'
t two at night like candy and you
rake up feeling fine, the headache, i
lillousness, had breath, coated tongue, i
tour stomach, constipation, or bad I
old disappears. Mothers shruld give
ross. sick, feverish or bill us chllrcn
a whole Cascaret an; time?j
hoy are harmless and safe lor the lit-!
lo folks. |
Set of Teeth $8
crown and bridge worn, $b.uo.
Tooth fillings, GOc and ip.
Exam:nations ..nd estimates
Dental methods have totally
changed in the last few years !
and to get the beat of dentistry, !
consult a dentist who is practising
the late methods.
We guarantee our work.
Office on Main street opposite
Court House, over 5 and 10 Cent
The Union Dentists
Bell Phone 921 J.
Ever, fl
tons EM
Women's C
C^Iots <
Spring MUli
Beuutlful now creations are no
Tall close-fitting liats and the si
turbans. ?
Sailors witli straight brims ar
at various angles.
Hats made til) of narrow ribbons
Hats of silk and straw combine
Hats or Oriental inspirations, s)
embroidered designs and Chincst
The colors aro quite bewitchini
are very alluring.
A good collection at $4; others
tSecond Floor.)
Tomorrow, Geor
Washington's Birt
For tlie festivities In honor c
have rupor lunch sets, cut-outs
rracls, crepe pc.per, bon-bon boxc
First Floor.
Backache, Sideache, Nervousness,
Dizziness, Faintness,
ii rv? i t i>.
ail uisappeared Atter
the Woman's Medicine
was Taken.
Kingfisher, Okla. ? "For two years I
suffered with a severe female trouble,
was nervous, and
Hhad backache and a
pain in my si da
and was often* ao
walk across^ the
said I would have ta
have an operation.
A friend asked ma
PinkhMn'sy V egetable
After taking ten bottles I am now well
and strong, nave no more pain, backacho
AO rllTTW mails Pffamtnna falla
how well I look uid I tell them Lydia
E. Pinkh&m's Vegetable Compound did
It"?Mis? Nina soothwick, R- F. D.
No. 4, Box 83, Kingfisher, Okla.
Every woman who suffers from female
troubles, nervousness, backache or the
blues should try Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound as Mrs. Southwick
did, or if they need free advice
in regard to any annoying symptom
write to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Gq, (confidential),.Lynn, Mass.
Try a Want Ad in
The flag to wear in the la- 3
pel of your coat, right now, '
So. (First Floor.)
oats, Dresses,
and Styles of
Ready with new ?
? suits, new dresses,
Though you may ni
i aially invited to co
JtB will want.
incidentally, you
Ideas of the low
bought for.
In "dressy" mod
>Somo show raodlilc
perfectly straight
dresses which can
burl, Jersey, covert
Colore?French, i
uiuoittru, recetie pn
purple, as well as
8port Coats arc
tiers. In Jersey and
and checked mater
represented. $7.50
The tendency In :
coats with plenty t
i button trimmings u
V able are the mannl
l.\ backs and Norfolk
Ilut In all. tlio 1
ItDl'M predominate. And
V some tailored suit
, * meut to choose froi
w ready.
mall close-fitting The materials ai
ardine. Jersey, kht
id brims turned caux and comblnat
. , Colors are navy.
^in many shades hcthcr, French graj
towing Japancso
t braids and or- Sprit
; and the styles Eeeh'of the ne,
up to $10. distinctive feature.
On one you will
_______ another a design
beading or braiding
gC ery combinations, i
hday. prettier lot of
if the day. we tnots. They come
i, seals, place- or. satin, pongee,
is, etc. gettc and other sil
here. Prices run $1
ury Furniture
(With Regard
a For you or anyh
two considerations
One is the fact tl
the things you desl
are greatest.
The other is the 1
such incomparably
that can quote spe
desirable furniture
Tho only problem
is to verify these t
Tho Hni-tlow nlfti
[ -It- \l living room, bedroo
?| furnlturo (except c
J\ 10 to 50 per cent n
The sale Is on, It
<n Notice?AI1 furnii
ever, as wholesale
, Ktt ne up onormousl;
For infants and Children *
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always Dears
Signature of
' 9'
heals *
itching sldns r
When you know physicians have pre- V<
scribed Resinol for 20 yeata in the treat- _
mcnt of itching, burning, unsightly skin ?
eruptions, and have written thousands ^
of reports such as: "It is my regular '
prescription for Itching," "Resinol has
produced brilliant results," and "The |
result it gave was marvelous in one of the J
worst cases of eciema," doesn't it make
you say to yourself, "that's the right
kind of treatment for my skin-trouble?" *
Resinol is sold try all 'ruzgists,
pie West Virginian |
Suite in the ||
Spring i 9
Spring fashions; new coats, new
new skirts, new milliner?.
3t be ready to buy you ere corme
In and get Ideas as to whst^
will probably get some new
prices fine garments ma? be '
ing Coats
els the variety le very Urge,
d barrel effects, others built on
lines. Including the new coat, r:
be worn as a coat or a dress.
rs. trtcatlnes, burclla, gunnl '
. khaki-cool, gabardine serge. '
gray. Magenta, purgundy, Gold,
aen. new blue, chartreuse, rose,
the natural colors. $25 to $40.
also represented In good num*
century club cloths and velours 1
lals. and all the new colors are .r.
to $95.00
ring Suits 11
Spring suits Is toward the short |
)f pleats. Gilt embroidery and
sod a great deal. Very noticesh
effects In coats with pinch- j f
beautifully plain tailored sultg
the woman who loves a hand- r
will find here a large ossorte
serge, trleatlne, velonr, gabikl-rool,
taffeta, tussab, vigorIons
of silk and serge.
rookie, grays, t^ed mixture*,
greens and blacks. $15 to $45. I
ig Dresses | j
v Spring dresses shows soma
find a design of silk floss, on
of gilt thread, or designs of
. or couch stitching, or embrolddresses
never hung in our cabIn
tafTcta. crepe-do-chine, mete-'I
piping rock, khaki-cool, geor- | a
ns tuiu bu mo new colors are I I
2, $15, $16.50, $18 and up to $50
iccond Floor.
Facts ?
to Our Furniture Sale)
ody else who needs furniture, , 38
stand out beyond all others.
hat you are most likely to find
're where the variety of things
'i- "C'/f tH
'act that the store which shows
largo assortments is the store
dally low prices on the moK&R I
without endangering the quail1
for anybody needing furniture . j
wo statements.
e offers all Its fine furniture,
m. dining room, hall and office I
crtain patented book cases) at
iduction; average 25 per cent . I
will continue nil of February, I
lure is going to cost more than
manufacturing costs have I 3H
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known As
Snake Oil J
'III Positively Relieve Pain in Three
Minutes |
Try It right now tor Rheumatism,
euraigia. Lumbago, sore, stiff and
ivollen Joints, pains in the head,
rck and limbs, corns, bunions, etc.
Iter one application pain disappears
i if my magic.
( , '^JSH
A never-failing remedy used internly
and externally for Coughs, Colds,
roup. Sore Throat, Diphtheria''and
ynsillit .
This oil is conceded to be the most
snetratlng fcmedy known. Its ompt
and immediate effect in reaving
pain is due to the fact that it
metratos to the affected parts at i
ico. As an illustration poor ton ;;
-ops on the thickest piece of solo .
ather and-it will penetrate this subance
through and through in three
Accept no substitutes. This great
1 is golden red color only. Every
ttle guaranteed; 26c anil 50c a hots.
or money refunded.
For sale by leading druggists, Get It
Crane's Drug Store, Fairmont, tv.
Alterative - 1
- . -ail

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