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MU.lW.od 1?M. Momboi
by th? Fairmont Printing and PublU
W. J. WIEGEL, General Maria
A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
C. V. REDIC, Circulation Man
Publication Office, Monroe
BELL 1105?1106 , CON
All departments reached Clreulatl
through private branch Advertli
exchange. | Editorial
I/-; Foreign* Advertising ltepreeentatl
WARD, Brunswick Bldg., New York.
; Street, Chicago.
SfiKS. e? iPOAPiriYiftn
wwwwwnir i ivii n? i
BY MAIL?(Payable In advai
Ono Year $5.001 Three Mo
. Six Months 13.00 Ono Mon
One Year $7.00 I Ono Mont
Six Months $3.60 | Ore Wee
\ ^ BY CARRIER?(Outside of F
I ; One Month 75e Ono Wee
<Wt subscriptions payable In advance.
When asking for change In uddruss g
jggj | aftbW address.
f Entered at tliu Hostofllec at Fairmont.
front! nines matter.
S1"*' Subscribers on our t-arrler route
II The West Virginian any evening shi
|| TERN UNION." state the fact und
II residence and a messenger will del
| your door at onre. There is no eh
in tcribcr for this service. The West
|| to render to Its subscribers the bei
|| livery service possible and this Is ]
^H|' :. W? WANT DREAi
T would be impossible to conceive of
I rible than the cry, "We want bi
* sounds that rise from a modem bat
(hocking. If the war in Europe is an ii
tianity, as some have asserted, the fac
(ft cry of the famishing has been raised in
palace which serves as the seat of the
tnent of New York, by long odds the
the most extravagant city in the world,
civilization in this rich country.
In one part of New York city pe
_ L -.1 *_ j?
I c?ui uiucr in aevising new ways to in
a few blocks removed from this whitt
palace district women find it impossib
their slender resources keep pace with t
of the barest necessities and they turn
ment for relief. What success they w
be seen. The outlook is not very encou
In Tammany's heydey the problem
solved pretty much" as Dick Turpin wo
That cannot be done now, but a great
by various city officials and finally th<
be told to go home and be good as th
over. By that time the flash of indigm
Df <he women will be over and they \\
, sume the battle with the problem that
their lives, and which .vill dog them t
The basis of the trouble is the fac
States in every way has grown too fai
machinery, especially that part of it th
distribution. Something might be done
men who will enforce the laws are put
but it is altogether likely that we will
new laws. It has been blandly assumcc
cannot regulate prices and do some of tl
are done by governments in which pow
SKst-ij iTr.ii .l- _ t i '
Imku. wen, una parucuiar aemocracy
Ruff Stuff i
Anyhow tho Legislature 1. runningj
true to form in one thing.
It la going to hire more lawyers in
the debt case.
What a Godsend to the legal profes-1
tion that piece of litigation has been.!
TallC about your Garrison finishes.!
The way ytho charter amendments.
ire going is a caution.
* *
Again all the Americans In the crew
Of the ship sunk by U-boats have beou
Such luck is astounding. If it keeps
up much longer we will begin to take
stock in that partnership with God
ioDcwslon of the Germans.
- Lent began today. What did you
rwear off onf
It would help a lot if 6ome followa
would refrain from knocking tho town
for the neat forty days.
Time would hang heavy on their:
bands, as that seems to be the principal
occupation of most of them.
The, pacifists might stop fighting
lor peace.
The country Is getting sick of their j
flabby twaddle.
Peace Is all right, but the tiling they
nro hanking after Is something else
again, as our old friends Potash would
' put it.
It Is .intimated that. Wilson will not
IT' call the Senate in snecial session to
^ i
how to do these thi
litiiiw ^ (^at ' ^a* '?st
^a^dPjsa. 0M? of the ^
Una Company. Q hunfton note t
ger of Roosevelt a
efficient general ?to<
Manager. he was pasted ovei
?scr. in the list of major g
iendent. favoritism in promo
Btreet And it is concefva
"jumping" of such i
SOLI DATED Wood and Dr. Car
on Dept..... 250 In the end merit 1
nfl DeP' 250 natures that stick it
Room*... .^.?37 g0 pajt becausi
vo, ROBERT E. ter, have drawn m<
123 W. Madison was work to do Fu
while not one man
ES men who passed hii
ice only) name a household v
nth& ? ? |1.50
th 60c
nt> |-ELiGIiATIO
<h r ?ived the idei
k^.....v... 15c the Billy Sunt
alrmont) for quarlerIy m
N-T's'_ c A good shaking i
need. If this is adi
:lve old u well as get the treatment ar
_ to help it may have
West Virginia, as Every member ol
1 | gin making plans to
- ITiursday, March I
VPER CALL I' may mean n ii
" lars and cents way.
a failing to get ! ne,v Pace in this to'
uuld call "WES- are not prepared to
give name anil out. That is the la
iver ? paper to
argn to the sub- Wonder if the 1
Virginian planB . ,,, ... ,,
t newspaper lie- I could r?o1 ,tle AIn
- art of the plan. clses *'hlch were 1
" ' Navigation lias
ARY 21, ini7. bUrSl1- ?De >el
amounted to much
things are differen
of our own in the
Ninety Amertcar
which is bound fo
H less as it pretends
w of a few daj-s onlj
The antl-submar
of the lumbering (
it fast for a night
fear of a German
Q The British are i
. VIII which has Co
anvtninar mnr* f?r.
ead!" Even the boara"
tie ground are less ??? .. . .
idictment of Chris- 2
t that this age-old l? 8t8y EWay from
front of the marble There ,g ? ?
municipal govern- between ,lere and
is an inT ? f GoodB ^trusted tc
is an indictment of onA . ? ..
vara ana btay ther
oplc compete with Present high pr
row money away; trlets of the big <
: light and lobster different sentiment
le longer to make where the credttori
he mounting prices great demand for c
to the city govern- the Thompson rec
ill have remains to godsend If there ev
would have been Tlle Quibble bet
uld have solved it. the purchase price
adoo will be made t0 come out of th
: poor people will fund is the leglslat
eir troubles are all not to say assininil
ition upon the part movement to provl
ill go home to re- through because i
has pursued them euunot agree upon
0 their graves. price. It all come
t that the United the cnd;
it for its economic
lat has to do with SHOI
by seeing to it that .. ... . _
into public office. next House of Rep
nave to nave some ers, respectively, i
1 that a democracy grand opportunity.
ie other things that
~ Js r\ar? an ffen rrni ?
er is more central- 1 clearly demonstrat
wilT have to learn j are not fitted for t
confirm the cabinet nominations.
That ought to show even the Sennte
where It stands with the Executive.
^cnc Ahem
The pomeranlan In a bleary-eyed
hunch of hair. It's Just a little bit bigger
than a second-rate fighter's end
of the purse after his mauager gets
through with it. The pomeranlan looks
like it's beaded ID one direction and
going in the other.
The pomeranlan takes the place of
children with high-brow society women.
A lot of little cherubims sitting
on the clouds don't know how
lucky they are and ought to be very
grateful to the little luckless pomeranlan.
It's a toss op whether we should
bawl out the pomerahtan or the society
women who own them, but we'll
go both or them. One's worser than
tho other. A fella doesn't know how
healthy he Is until he sees a little
oil mop leading one of these goofy
dames down the rlalto. How Wd like
to sneak up and give said whisk broom
a kick that would endanger the lives
of neutral Holland.
And wouldn't It set your celhilold
collar on fire when you see. a gas chariot
rolling down, the avenue with a
big seal skin coat encasing nothing
nnd his majesty setting along side
of her ou his special outlug cush
its job. J
situaries of the late General Frederick I
he fact that during the administrations
nd Taft while this intrepid fighter and
>d at the head of the list of brigadiers
r six times when there were vacancies
enerals. That is another/Way in which '
tions in the army and navy can work. 1
ble that it is a worse way than the 1
men as Doctor, now General, Leonard
ey Grayson.
won for Funston. His was one of the
out The officers who were able to
e they pleased Roosevelt and Taft betire
pay than Funston, but when there
nston was called upon to do it And
in a million can remember who the six
n are, he was a national hero and his
vord when he died.
NS are due whoever it was that eona
of bringing Frank Jewel Raymond,
fay of the business world, to this city
eeting of the Fairmont Business Men's
jp is just what the retailers of this town
ministered by some one who those who
e certain has no motive beyond a desire
: some salutary effect,
f the association ought right now to beattend
the meeting which will be held
, and hear the talk.
it to every one of them in a plain dolSome
day some one is going to set a
ivn. And when that occurs those who
i enter the race are going to be forced ,j
w of the business world. c
o " c
L'nited States Senators thought they [
iigmy Mini nit* tiuuuie upemng exerield
been resumed on the rivers at Pittair
ago that news would not have
for the people of Fairmont, but now
t. Pretty soon we will have a boat
Pittsburgh trade. t
is sailed on the French liner Chicago
r Bordeaux. If Germany is as ruthto
be the overt act will be a matter
o i_
Ine net at Newport News caught one
)ld Dominion line steamers and held
and a day. That ought to quiet all
underseas attack in Washington and
averdoing the search of the Frederick
unt von Bernstorff and his party on
lans wh# need it'won't take a notion
that lecture by Dr. Bhll.
ag about the proposed freight service
Pittsburgh by the way of the river.
> it will not get lost in some freight
e for several weeks.
ices cause riots in the tenement dlsitles,
but they give rise to entirely
s in Uniontown and the other places
3 of Uncle JoBiali Thompson live. The J
:oal at fancy prices is going to enable t
elvers to pav out. It is a financial
er was such a thing.
ween the two houses as to whether
i of the proposed mine rescue car is
e general fund or the compensation
ure's worst exhibition of Inefficiency,
ty. This car Is badly needed and the
de it should not be permitted to fall
i. few politicians in the legislature
the method of raising the purchase
s out of the pockets of the people in
mblicans and the Democrats of the
resentatlves do not select better leadr
:hey will most surely have missed a
?Charleston Mail.
es who are heckling the President are
ing that there are some of them who
he franchise.?Charleston Mail.
ion in bis outing woolen jacket?
Wouldn't it make you grind your molars
finer than alkali dust?
And, Alec, the fuss these bridg6
whist damsels make over them! You
wouldn't believe it. No wonder the
Pomeranian is sickly looking. It gets
so much attention, it gets weaker (if
such a thing Is possible).
Now we'll talk about dogs. We like
dogs. We're through talking about
Pomeranians, chows, Pekingese, grlfl
tons, measles, etc.
Give us a dogaircdale, ('instance.
One that comes tearing from the kitchen
to the parlor, skids on the car
pet and knocks the piano over. One
that would take a soup bone' the way
you'd inhale an olive. There y' are.
That's a dog.
The death of James Saunders, father
of Mrs. Bruce Bailey of this city.
occurreu yesiorcay ai an cany nour
al bis home in Maidsville, Monongalia 1
county, after a several weeks' illness J
from diseases incident to advanced
age. His wife died in November of Z
last year and since that time Mt. Saunders'
health had failed rapidly. Funeral
services wero held this afternoon.
The body of Mrs. Lucy Sellars, wid-' ;
ow of W. R. Sellars, whose death oc- E
curred yesterday morning at the home 1
of her daughter, Mrs, A. B. Moore, at t
Barnestown, was taken this afternoon t
to her late borne at Glovers Gap where c
interment will be made tomorrow. Ser- t
vices were held this afternoon at 2:30 y
o'clodk from the residence in Barnes- t
town. Undertaker Eli- Musgrnve was i
in charge of the funeral. e
? 1
Widespread Use of English. '
Of all the letters ihnt paps through r
the post .offices of the world two-tlilrds ?
are wrlttch by ond seut'to peqple. who t
sneak English.
>l... '* ,
letters toti!
the enrrnr ]\
' " ;
FAKMINGTON, W. Va.. Feb. 1?.? 1
Editor The West Virginian.]?I want !
o aay a tew words to the voters of
-lncoln district through your paper i
o set myself right before my neighors
and fellow cltlsens. There was '
. petition presented to me by Dr. Mil- ,
sr. asking that the good roads be ex- I
ended to Jim town, to give the people
, chance to vote for bonds, or no ,
londs, at an election that was to be i
leld In the future, and said election is 1
o be held fair and square, a thing that i
las not been done for perhaps fifty
ears; and said petition had no refer- <
ince to voting for or against bonds as ,
>r. Miller will bear me witness, and :
signed it because 1 thought it was i
lght and I still think so. Now be- ;
anse I signed the petition that Dr.
dlller presented, my best friends come i
it me like thiB: "Uncle John, what *
las changed you to be for bonds when <
ou once opposed them?" Now you
an see at a glance 1 have not express
id myself for nor against bonds beause
of signing a petition. As to bond- i
ng our district 1 am of the same opin- |
on that 1 was before when I tried to i
vrltc against It Six hundred and fity
thousands dollars is an enormous |
urn of money and any one should conlder
what we aro doing beforo wo
ote. But for one, 1 always have been ; i
n favor of good roads and to make
hem by taxation. My motto is to pay '
is we go and not get ourselves in i
lebt so we will have to sell a pari
it our district to pay our debts, like
lur state is talking about having to
ay a debt that is hanging over us !:
iow. That debt, I think, is very un- j,
ust, and all the harder to pay.
It seems to me the way to do would i
ie to levy a tax each year all we can ,
itand, and make our roads good as
ast as we can. Much ot it can be j
lone with our own rock laying along i
tur road side. Many ot them need not!
ie hauled. And there are lots ot mcu
ind boys that would like to gather
hem into the road to pay their taxes, i
Jut the work in the bands ot compe- j i
ent men that will see that every man
loes a fair day's work. In the new ;
ira there would not be any that would
tot want to do a talr day's work. -You
lee now we are going to do as we'
vish to be done by. i
There have been hundreds and thou-1 i
lands of dollars wasted on our roads!
or the last 30 years and our roads
iro worse than they were 30 years ago. j ,
jo the peoplo say. Now as large as
hat sum ot money is?3650,000?i ]
vould not care if bonds would carry,:
t those who have this matter in their
:are, would handle this money fair i
ind square. As they have pledged ,
hemselves to give us one election fair
ind square?something to talk and ;
vrite about Now I will tell you how i
would like for every man in the diu- j j
rlct to vote?just as honest as we ;
vant the election to be held, and be- i
;ln a new era, for as sure as there is
l God it must come in cuhrch and state i
ir else the religion of Jesus, the pat- ,
era, is a failure and 1 know it is not. |
l uhqk i am pairiouc auu ama^a i
iave been to the best of my knowl- j
dge. 1 believe In equal rights to the
lch and poor, black and white, and
n a majority ot the people to rulo. |
low let ue all be willing to vote fair I
is we are going to have a fair eleclou.
Both sides can go to work. But not
o know no clique, no farmer, no mer:hant,
no lawyer, no Democrat, no Re- '
lubllcan and no autos. But to think ;
if the interest of all. 1 think und have I
old many of my friends that If overy '
ino would do right this world would 1
le heaven enough?good enough for
ne. The golden rule being the slandird;
every one seeking his neighbor's
;ood. Wouldn't that be a very diffor- ,
int kind of Christianity from any- i
hlng wo ever saw? X.et us try It for I
ince, but remember in this new em
iverything must be done decently and
lonorable. We must not expect anyhirtc
nf mir nfflr?rs that we are not
veiling to do ourselves. Now IX you
vtll bear with an old clodhopper over
10 years old I will call your attention
o the condition of this country, east
ind west, north and south. The pcoil
o saying It themselves. ,
I was out in Indiana to visit my i
riends, and the Veach's out there are I
ill Democrats, and in their town they i
:alled it the "Republican Court Houbb i
ling" and they were bringing in a 1
wonderful complaint of their "ring ]
ule" and asked me if it was that way i
n our county. I told them that was i
vhat they were charged of doing, i
What perfy did they belong to?" i
'Unfortunately for you they were 1
Democrats," and they had no more to i
lay. Now In this new era it wo live i
ly the rule laid down in these scatterng
remarks wo will never hayo bucIi '
llsgrace heaped on us again, as theso
wo old parties are charging each othir
with. Now certain roads are to be
milt if bonds should carry, and of
:ourse wo vote with tho full underitandlng
that there will uot be any
ihortage in funds to finish said roads,
ind we hope enough to build many I
noro than has been named. The Goldin
Rule the Standard.
Lucky Is the man who marries s
[ood cook, for he may find that his
srtfe Is able to hake the kind of pies
lis mother tried to make.
s as safa and reliable as your Moth |
ir's ears. "It Is free from Opiates and ,
."axcotlc drugs and ca nbo taken with |1
safety. It Is a compound of which:.
ts constituents are used by some o(: J
he leading Doctors and Specialists of '
he country. It sells for twenty-five'
:ents a bottle at your dealer. If he j
lasn't It in stock, he can get It for i J
ou. Every Mother should have a hot- i 1
le of It In her home, and. feel safe I
n warding off the attacks of croup
ind pneumonia. We guarantee that
t will do as It is recommonded. It
loes not dry up the cold. ,but gets
Id of It In a way that the child Is
lot likely to take cold again soon. AH |
ve uslt is a trlhl. Manufactured by >
he Marietta.Chemical Co., Marietta.,
WOj, - ;
. ' ... n .1
Monongalia Musings
Boatdn, the city ot bogus bobolinks
and brazen bulldoaera. ihoold
place the following notice over every
sntrance to the city: "Abandon hope,
all who enter here."
In the midst of all this turmoil.
"The fall of empires and tbe fate of
Itings," we would be pleased to have
a fuw illuminating chunks of worldly
wisdom from Joe Cannon.
The Clarksburg Excornponent recently
stated that Voltaire was born
in month of February. This is about
is near the truth as many of the state
nents we bare heard concerning the
great Frenchman. As a matter of
fact, Voltaire was born November 21.
L684. Perhaps the Clarksburg cauliflower's
years at college resemble
those of Voltaire's, who, referred to
the results by saying be learned "A
little Latin and a Tast amount of nonsense."
When the war is orer, when the
3olden Rule becomes effective, when
cruel codes are repealed and the sermon
on the Mount begins to sway
mankind; when officials use their consciences
during business hours and
hypocrisy is not regarded as one of
the necessaries of life, then, and not
Jutil then can civllliation be regarded
;s something that really exists.
Something like a century a So It
was a common saying In Paris that
"Nations will never be happy until
tings become philosophers or philosophers
kings." How many of the reigning
kings of Europe are philosophers?
Were It not for the accident of birth
how many of them could command attention
by their Intellectual force?
How many of thoic. could be elected
to the West Virginia Legislature?
'The statement that this Is a dry
slato. In enough to bring a grin to
tho cast-iron visage of a John Calvin?if
he was alone.
While at Fulrmont a few days
Binco wo received the important Information
that the weather would beconio
rather docile following the new
moon of Ibis wenk. The chances are
that the new moon In June will be succeeded
by long days, abort night, and
high temperature.
From the autobiography of Thomas
Henry Huxley we Belect this gentlo
gleam ot sentiment and sense:
"I lmve been obliged to content myself
through life with saying what I
aiean in the plainest of plain language,
than which,.I 'suppose, there is no habit
more ruinous to a man's prospects of
advancement. Why I was christened
Thomas Hcnr* 1 do not know; but it
Is a curious chance that my parents
Bhould have fixed for my usual denomination
upon the name of that particular
Apostle with whom I have al
ways felt most sympathy."
Elbert Hubbard once gave his
definition of what constitutes greatness.
Here it Is. and if you can improve
it, you should Immediately add
to the Joys of nations by performing
tho task: "He Is great who feeds
ither minds. He is great who inspires
others to think for themselves. He
Is great who tells you the things you
already know, but which you did not
know you know until he told you. Ho
is great who shocks you. Irritates you,
affronts you, so that you are jostled
out of your wonted ways pulled out of
your mental ruts, lifted out of the
nlno ot the commonplace. That writer
is great whom you cannot forget."
Three hundred and seventeen
years since Bruno was burned for
heresy in Rome. Well, we have advanced
some since then, instead of
showing our love for those whose
ogic wc are unable to refute by burning
them for heresy, we employ Billy
Sunday to sit in Judgment and consign
them to eternal woe. Think of
Lhe sublimity of employing a Billy
Sunday to enlighten mankind as to
tho eternal dwelling place of the wisDSt,
bravest and best- As for Bruno,
his perpetual warfare was with darkless
and voluntary blindness and soldiers
to engage in that warfare are
yet urgently needed.
Editorial Comment
on Current Subjects
From tho Chicago Tribune.
The condition of American transportation
In the present circumstances
DUght to be a sharp lesson to the country.
If Congress were inclined to act
in advance of the public recognition
jt an evu instead 01 waiting tor opinion
to become vociferous and Irresistible.
It would now be tackling the whole
problem of railway regulation and formulating
a well rounded system which
should allow of the full development
it our transportation facilities parallel
to our economic growth. Congress,
liowover, has shirked this task and
either Ignored or tampered with the
erudo machinery we eet up nearly a
Dcii^t Rub It Qn^
Bruises or Sore Muscles
I '1 lUflll 3 tiiUIUlV.Ul JWUU"
S trates and soothes without
*** rubbing. Cleaner than musty
Masters or ointments, does not
itain the skin.
Have a bottle handy (or emergency,
fceumntic achea andpaina, neura1(ia, turnia?o,
gout, atraina, apraina and lame beck,
yield to Sloan'a Liniment.
At mil druggiata, 25c. 50c. end >1.00.
generation ago. The mm who taltiat rwgnUtion
were thinking only cf
preventing the imposition cf extortionate
rates. It ww like potting a brake ?
on one wheel of a wagon and screw- B1
tag it down. The result in the ease of
oar railroads has been certain specific
benefits in moderate rates, but also
the general evil from which we are R
The Trthoae la set disposed to go c
over the mttakes of the past. They =
were eoespieeoas, costly, and dlstrib- m
nted among all parties concerned. Ex- I
tortioaate rates, rebates, piratic fl
Banning, diversion of earnings, official
graft, lopsided regulation by public
agencies, unfair taxation and complicated
exacttrsu. went of foresight and
public spirit In management, a ems- ft
logic in regulation and leglilation; In
abort, a legion of ills imposed upon an
economic, financial, and engineering
achievement which was an cxomplo m
of American enterprise to the world c:
and the greatest single factor In the ?
amazing material progress of the United
States. ta
Bat what we hare to think of today is bi
our present conditions. The railroad oi
systems of the country are not suftl- d:
cleat to handle a situation which has
been developing nnder our noses for ft
two years. Their equipment Is lnade- cr
quats, and the whole country 1b suf- ac
fering directly and indirectly, from its lu
inadequacy. It Is as If some necessary jc
function of the body was suddenly nr- cl
rested. When this happens health is ci
arrested and lite Is endangered.
in spue or me trememious business I
done by the railroads since the revival!
after the ante-war and war depression,
fewor mllee of track were built
last year than In any year of depression
since 1893. Arizona, Colorado,
Iowa, Missouri. Nebraska, New Mexico,
South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and ?
Wyoming had no additions made to
their trackage, and the increase for i I
i the year In the entire country was less I
than ofie-balf of 1 per cent, of the to-,
tal In operation. Rolling stock ana
equipment were not increased or even
Railway securities fell off In prleo
as If business had collapsed and largo
net earnings have not brought them up.
New capital was not flowing Into tills
Industry because there was a general
feeling that Investment In /ailway securities
had a dubious future. Regulation
by forty-eight states and by the
nation, heavy taxation and multiplying
exactions, fear of labor pressure,
and uncertainty as to public policy
checked Investment. The railways In
this vital respect were starving.
If our railways are to bo privately
owned this is an impossible situation.
Capital for expansion must be assured
or the result is deterioration of transport
facilities which will mean deterioration
of all American business.
The railway problem Is the most Important
economic problem before us.
Wo are having a sharp proof of Its
pravlty. Whon Is Congress going to
take up and establish a broad, constructive,
well-rounded syBtem of regulatlon
which shall protect publlo
rights while encouraging such development
of the railways as Is necessary
to our continued prosperity;
CHARLESTON. W. Va? Feb. 21.?
A report was received from'Dr. C. R.
Welrlch, at tl.o head of the State Dopartment
for the Prevention of Oonv /
municable Diseases, by the State De- f*
partment of Health today. In which he says
that 11 deaths from Infantile paralysis
were caused by the recent epl- 'v
demlc In Elklns. There were 75 cases, j ~
In 39 of which paralysis occurred. His : rj
report from Grafton covers 28 cases I..
A" 1U
Heals Skin Diseases "
It is unnecessary for you to suffer
with eczema, blotches, ringworm, rashes
and similar skin troubles. A little zemo,
obtained at any drug store for 25c, or
$1.00 for extra large bottle, and promptly
applied will usually give instant relief
from itching torture. It cleanses and
soothes the skin and heals quickly and
effeetivelv most skin diseases. -
Zemo 11 a wonderful, penetrating, dis- at
appearing liquid and is soothing to the so
most delicate skin. It is not greasy, is si
easily applied and costs little. Get it vt
.iday and rive nil further dirtrcss. m
- : 25
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at
the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the subititute
for calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do the work.
People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through Dr. Edwards'
Olive Tablets. The pleasant, sugarcoated
tablets are taken for bad breath
by all ivho know them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gently
but firmly on the bowels and liver,
stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire system. They do that whicn
dangerous calomel does without any of
the bad after effects. .
4-&11 mc UUIC1113 UI UrfMy, MV.KCH1IIK,
griping cathartics are derived from Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets without griping.
pain or any disagreeable effects.
Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of practice
among patients afflicted with bowel
and liver complaint with the attendant
bad breath.
Dr. Edward^ Olive Tablets are purely
a vegetable compound mixed with,
olive oil; you will know them by their
olive color. Take one on two every
night for a week and note the effect.
10c and 25c per box. All druggist* U
Our Exp
covering a period at 3t years ot hue
found advantageous to those having
Our advice or service is at your cc
8 portunlty to talk over financial probl
| As an investment for your Idle fu
deposit bearing a reasonable rate of
On the Corner Near
tfle. W
~oo eiow. A '%
Boat pot too flat petoa to ywv
It for fear It elieaM pt UoatoC? )
lusterole Works Easier, Quieter
and Without the Blloter
There's no sense in mixing a raesi of
ilAiii, fin/1 ntelaa ti a.. ,.a,, a,
waiiMUt uwui titivi ivfttct nusu vuu van
isily relieve pain, soreness or stiifoesr
ith a little clean, white Musterole.
Musterole is made of pure oil of musrd
and other helpful ingredients, comned
in the form of a pleasant white
ntnient It takes tile place of out-of- S
itc mustard plasters, and will not blister.
Musterole usually gives prompt reflet; J
om sore throat bronchitis, tonejUtis.
nup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, need- '
;he. congestion, pleurisy, vhcuraatiim, |
nibago, pains and aches of the back or
lints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,
lilblains, frosted feet, colds of tile J
lest (.it often prevents pr.r.umonia),
\ i . r B
' I
a ' v-' ffijflaWlL. 'JH
ick or measles, together wi'
!ver6 cold. Just at that t;
1st S. .1. Wllhelm presented 31:,
ishcr with a jar of the Southern j
jutsld:" treatment?V'ck's VapoRnL
alve, vlilch was Just then belntf In
omiteil in Hatrisburg, and reqneatod -J
i..t ne Rive this preparation a thon
"i must say that our baby had 1
such a cold on her chpst anil In Poi *
throat that she could hardly talk. ' M
and we could not get her to take
anything Internally.
Vlck's VapoRub Salve on hey hrea.it
and throat at night before going <
to bed she was entirely relieved." I
No family should be without this
eparatlon. It is externally applied,
id so can be used freely?It la ab- I
irbed through and penetrates the
tin, and, in addition. Is Inhaled ae a |fl
ipor. It has a hundred uses for the I
any minor aliments for which every .1
other is the doctor. Three sizes,
o, uOc or $1.00.
Roots and flowers and barks
of every description. Ordinary HM
imnga lor aaiiy use as well as VI
the less known Items for prescription
compounds. Buy all
, drugs hero?wo have what you
want, of the purest quality.
Chamomile Soda Blearb
Tansy Rochelle Salts
Peppermint Epsom Salts
Sage Aloes
Sulphur Gum Arablo H
Catnip ... /1
Anise 8eed Chemicals . II
Borax Essential Oils
Drug Store I
?"| |]
lness la the community will ha
financial bnalaeas to txaaaaot.
mmand and we welcome as opems
with yon.
nda we oiler our certificatea at ]' hd
the Poatofflee,

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