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"West Virginia will be represented : I
by a nnmbor of prominent educators
In Kansas City, Mo., nozt week when
tbo Department of Superintendent of
'' -the National Education Association;
will be In aeselon. L. L. Friend, sustain,
and L. J. Hanlfan. supervisor ofi
rural schools of this state, are on the
program for addresses on Important i
educational subjects. TUey, togelb-1
- er with M. P. Shawkey, state super- .
Intendent of schools, will leave here'
for the meeting next Sunday. Mr.
*- -* ' - ?
p Education1 Association.
i Well,organized gangs of thieves are
nald to have succeeded in stealing
Ks thousands of dollars worth o( copper i
wire from mines along Cabin creek.
About ono year ago there wore whole- i
sale arrests for such offenses and scvoral
men were sent to the penitentiary j
K Knife;since that tlmo now gangs have]
' banded and a dozen or more arrests
are expected within the ner. few days. I
as a considerable quantity of the steel !
wlro has been recovored in Charles- ]
top, Huntington and Portsmouth, Ohio.
i V Col. John G. Malcolm, who wns re-!
> contly appointed a member of the staff I
* of Governor Hatfield, has a remark
| KHH^'tnllltary Uuslne..., ami p- I"
record. He fought during the 1 nil,
war with Iloatcrai' . and was taken!
prisoner at Carnlfax Kerry, lie was I
E appointed sheriff of Nicholas county ]
immediately after tho war and was1
twice elected to the office. Ho lias;
been engaged in the mercantile busl- ;
ness'for a number of years, and is 74 ]
*' Bootblacks of Wheeling have organ- j
' ized a shoe shiners' union which lias
flmdppted uniform pricos. On Saiur-,
days, Sundays and holidays the price j
of a shoe shine Is ten cents. At other
times, black shoes will be shlncd for a
I nickel. The price for cleaning straw
bats has also been Increased to 35
cents, and the cleaning of Panama bats
will cost from 50 to 75 cents.
J. H. Trcgoe, of New York, secre
tary and treasurer of the National AsPf
, apciation of Credit Men, will be the j
. sprincipal speaker at the second an-!
imai conference of the Credit Men's
. Association of West Virginia, which j
will be held at Parkersburg March 13.
i ' _ The Moundsvllle nepuhlican com.rulttee.
has named Judge Tngg as the
' ..party's candidate for chief of police
to fill the vacancy in the ticket caused
by the declination of Hugh Nuzum to
accept the nomination. The city election
will be held March 8.
Under an act of the 1917 legislature.
1-. 7 effective in April, it will be required
' - that all counties, districts or other political
divisions creating a bonded in?$
debtedness payment of which is to be
ihado by taxation, shall submit the
bonds to the attorney general for his
approval or disapproval beforo they
are sold or offered for sale. Within
two weeks after the bond election, the
authorities must submit to the attor'
' ney general a certified copy of the
orders, nrnclamatinns. notices, etc.. in
I" cldent to the issue. It the issue meets
wit hthe approval of the state official
he will stamp bis approval upon the
-certificate. If the taxpayers feel ag:
grieved over the finding of the attor,
ney general, they may appeal to the
g J Supreme Court of Appenls.
"With a ratification tltat was prac;;
. tlcally unanimous the town of Ceredo
has voted to issue bonds to the amount
of $83,000 for road paving. Ratifications
the bond issue means the building
of the last link in tho Piedmont
road from Huntington to the Big Sandy
river and with arrangements now
being made by tho county court of
; Cabell county a practically conttnu
ous highway from Ashland. Ky?
; through Boyd county, Kentucky, and
Wayne and Cabell counties, West Virginia.
to the Putnam county line. A
"petition for a road paving bond issue
was tiled this week in the county court
of Putnam county. It this bond issue
: should be approved it would mean that
a continuous road would stretch from
' Ashland, Ky., to Payette county. West
: .Virginia, passing throngh Charleston.
i first mm
(Continued from page 1.1
tUl your friends save them for your. It
'UfAiilsl t*m. naI.. m ? _
EBimiviJ PUBOIUIC Tor one TO
the thousand dollars, the first
v*rd on these coupons alone,
e systematically saved. Howmust
not buy extra papers
o procure these series. That
. the rules of the Golden Fesentirely
out of the spirit of
ou sent In your nomination
not, why haven't you? Just
as the Manager can get the
ins and votes properly class[
filed, he will publish the
rsons who have either entersn
nominated by friends. It
esent Intention to have this
appear on Saturday of this
our name should appear on
list without fall. You will
decided advantage by so donot
forget that. Never mind
you need the money or not.
you are, you will have plenty entatlve
company. Don't forYou
are not too good to!
: in the Golden Festival Of
rou probably don't need the
really NEED it* But bow
So havo entered the Golden
do REALLY NEED the monou
suppose? Not one! Yot
- iu?y uu kuuw an opportunity wncn
| Uiey see one. That Is the reason why
' roil should enter. The only sane per!.
ion in the world.
The awards are valuable. They are
ij most desirable. Better than anything
'-. ElBe that might have been, ottered. No
,f matter who you are or where you
; came from, or where you are going,
. :hls Golden Festival has a message
, lor you. There are many awards o?
j itated value, headed by $1,000 In Gold,
you cannot lose. You will earn the
.en per cent, commission, if you do
not get one of the big awards, The
.en per cent itself will beat a good
>ig salary all hollow. You try it and
' see. Alt you need right now Is your
r"^ws, a pencil and trig paper. Cut
... >?,*. JgS
else does, and then bring or Mod
them In to the Golden Festival Manager,
Boom 209 Jacobs Building. Fairmont%
W. Va.
The Award*.
The rewards In this Great Golden
Festival are all In gold. There are
ten awards of definite value as follows:
One award of $1,004 In gold,
which Is to be given to the person
procuring the most voteB In the whole
campaign. One award of $500 to be
given to the person obtaining the second
highest number of votes. Then i
there are two awards of $200 in gold;
two awards of $100 in gold; two
awards of $50 in gold and two awards
of $25 each in gold. In addition to this
fortune, every one else who takes an
active part in this Golden Festival
and remains until the final day ?
April 14th?will receive a commission
of 10 per cent., providing he docs not
earn one of the above awards. So }ou
see that evjryone earns 'something. ,
There is no possible chance for any
one to lose. Mauy persons who have
been out of employment will enter
this campaign. Many murrle'l people
will enter In order to eot a little extra
Income during their spare hours,
to offsel the present high prices, assured
that their ambttion will he definitely
rewarded. Many joung men will
enter and make un effort to earn the
thousand to take a college course,
some to start a business of their own,
and othern for special training. Thero,
will be those who have thoughts of j
wedding bells. The thousand will feather
their nest. To have a definite
desire in life, is to enter this Great'
Golden Festival of The West Virgin-\
How to Enter.
There is nothing hnrd to understand j
about entering, or. in fact, winning.
There is a nomination blank on the
other page, which counts for 5,000
votes when properly filled out and
sent or brought to the Golden Festival
.Manager. Koom '.'09 Jacobs Building.1
Fill this blank out and send it in, and
the Campaign Manager will be glad
to explain all tlie little dctuils of this
golden gift of fortune. As soon as
you have nominated yourself, or been
nominated by a friend, you will need
to start saving the vote coupons which
will appear In Tlie West Virginian
starting Wednesday. You should ask
\-niir fHnnrin ami nrminintanres to save .
? ? - ,
these coupons for you. In addition |
to those coupons, all paid subscriptions
to The West Virginian will count
for votes for you. according to the
schedule printed below.
Ask all the people you know to sub-i
scribe for The West Virginian with
you, then collect their money right
on the spot, and bring it to tho Campaign
Manager and he will give you ;
votes for it. which will be good any
timo during the campaign. The Campaign
Manager also has at his office
some special receipt books and vote
blanks for your convenience. These
are all free. Call or write and ho will
see that you are supplied with all
that you can use to advantage. In
fact, there is not a single cent of expense
to you. You can enter and win
the $1,000 in gold without tho outlay
of a single penny if you so will It.
The rules of the Golden Festival
follow. These rules will bo strictly
Rules and Conditions
Any white man. woman, boy or girl
of good reputation residing in the city
of Fairmont or any outside territory
in which Tho West Virginian circulates
or may circulate, may become a
No employe of The West Virginian
or member of his immediate family
is eligible.
Candidates may nominate themselves
or be nominated by friends
without any cost.
The namo of a person who places a
candidate in nomination will not be
divulged under any circumstances.
The Campaign Manager reserves the
rtuht to rniect anv nomination with
out giving any reason for doing so.
Votes are obtained either by being
clipped from The West Virginian or
by procuring paid subscriptions.
Votes cannot bo transferred or purchased.
They must either be clipped
from The West Virginian or secured
by special ballots Issued on paid subscriptions.
In the event of a typographical error
it is understood that neither The
West Virginian or the Campaign Manager
shall bo held responsible except
to make the necessary correction on
discovery of the same.
Subscriptions may be procured any
where. All subscriptions must be
paid in order to vote.
Every candidate in the Campaign
has an equal chance of winning either
the $1000 in gold or the $000 in gold
or any other award on the list. Candidates
compete only against the candidates
In their own district for the
district awards.
In the event of a tie, awards tied
for will be divided equally.
The Campaign Manager resorvcs the
right to make any ruling which may
be, in his opinion, necessary, without
giving any reason for doing so.
The Campaign Manager reserves tho
right to eject any candidate from tho
campaign at any timo if after be
lug given rlue warning such candidates
continues to violate any rules of the
campaign, or to circulate any unfounded
rumors which may tend to mislead
the public or tho other contestants.
In such case votes will be cancelled.
The Campaign Manager will decide
all questions which may arise during
the course of tho campaign and tils decision
must be final. Candidates in
entering this contest thereby agree
XW py y>uf\ UMCt
" eg HPd Miy! jX cg.'sO
_ ,,
"~~miss Helen Dutriou is sho\
trix in the United States army. S
front. She is considered one of t
to abide by the rules of tile campaign
and all rulings which the Manager
may make.
Any candidate onco nominated, and
not wishing to-continue in the Golden
Festival must notify the Campaign
Manager in writing within five days
after the first appearance of such
Good for i
I nominate
Nominated by
In the West Virginian Golden F
blank sent In for each candidate
neatly and sent or brought to tlie
Room 209. Jacobs Building, Falm
Great Golden Festival
These coupons are numbered In
number appearing every day. If ;
are presented to the Campaign N
Fairmont, W. Va? each serlc3 wil
Keep The
Yov are more in!
anybody else. If
I is nv ZZTZZn ~ Togetabl?
^ ' THl SWFT SFEOHC CO. W? recom
2El ?tu*u t*. teed purel
!| ^ Hi purified th
jean axis
MkiiiihMk' B. aur.
mnwumwo ===
tnunTmwi Write
. -1 . and wit
kfraiLlI sw"
* / f>%
' ' ' - t '
^'^wflKr iMuf
jjjftk^^ '* aBB53
iL * -^^jBRffl^gijfc^ tp ^Sfl
vn here in her aeroplane with which
lie lius just returned from France whoi
he world's best women aviators.
i ^
| name on the vote list.
No money will be accepted for votes
; under any circumstances unless ac- "
j companlcd bv a bona fido subscrip (
j tion to The West Virginian. i
The Campaign is now open. It will
close Saturday. April 14th, at 6 o'clock
in the evening. ^
ion Blank j
>,000 Votes [
... City
'ostival. Only the first nomination
will be counted. Must be clipped out
i Manager The Golden festival,
lont, W. Va.
i 100 VOTES
I of the West Virginiaa
Dlst. No j
1 =
i scries from one to ten?a different
i series of five consecutive numbers
lanagcr. Room 1109 Jacobs Building.
1 count for five thousand additional
Blood Stream Pure
erested In your own health than I
you keep your blood pure and 1
ou are much lets ?pt to contract 1
ut the blood must do kept strong I
;o do its work*
ism, Catarrh, Eczema. Scrofula I
ns of disordered blood, and you I
id tho?first warnings they giro.
ng for a blood medicine, get a
preparation of undoubted merit. I
mend S. S. S., which is guaran- I
y vegetable, and we know It has I
e blood of thousands in its fifty 1
tence. Get S. S. S. at any drug
and get tho genuine S. S. S.
: I
? m
ear Medical Department freely
hout charge.
O* I 100|
V ????..:. ;
I I Is
she has offered her servlcea as avlare
she volunteered her services at the
The price of The West Virginian and
The Farmers Free Press follows, tojether
with the number of votes Issueo
an each subscription payment.
(In Fairmont)
> years $35.00 125,000 votes
I years 21.00 70,000 votes
! years 14 00 40.000 votes
1 year 7.00 15,000 votes
> months.... 3.60 6.000 votes
! months 1.80 2.200 votes
2 months.... 1.20 1,500 votes
1 years $25.00 75,000 votes
2 years 15.00 40,000 votes
2 years 10,00 25,000 votes
In connection with the ]
outbreak of infantile pa
Fairmont Board of Hi
has issued the following
"Realizing the need of a t
and efficient disinfectant,
ed that chlorinated lime
to our general needs.
"The Acme Chlorinated
investigated and found t<
any on the market. The 1
heartily endorses this bra
ed lime."
During the epidemic of
last summer the New Yo
endorsed chlorinated limi
It will drive flies away, t
of disease germs and bact*
chemically destroys bact<
kills musty odors.'
You should use an effec
disinfectant in your horn
I year out. It is just as ne
a cleanser. It is a Health
t Your druggist and gi
Vioc A/>mn T iw
iiao ajlviiic viuvxiiiaicu JUiil
they can get it immedi
from their wholesaler.
Manufactured by
A. Mendleion'a 8on?, New York.
Eatabllahed 1870.
Chas. J. Corbin & Sons
I Airtt Feeum6.extiRA\ K
\ weuu-'l'u. KMOCKOCF ^
-we mmb s
, PAf
S months.... 3.00 5.000 toUsP
3 months.... 1.50 2.000 votes ,
2 months 1.20 1.500 votes
5 years 3 5.00 10.000 votes e
2 years 2.00 3.000 votes 1
1 year 1.00 1.100 votes I'c
A Wonderful Presc
T anro t~? VA<r?*n? .,F "OO 11... I *.
WIB' v?. OVIUIUI , VI I .Hill- II
ket St.. Wheeling, \V. Va.. Buys: "All it
through my married life Dr. Pierce's: u
Favorite Prescription has been a; f
great help to me?has saved me t
many doctor bills and lots of suffer-'t
lng. I have taken It during expectan- f
cy and found It a wonderful help In I p
keeping mo well and strong, and my f
children are all healthy. I also took '
It when 1 was suffering from a ner-ll
vous break-down and It restored me I \
to health. I really do not sco how 1 j 1
could have gotten along without1 tl
? lis
LeS" 11
'Favorite Prescription.' It certainly; i
has been a great help to mo and will; I
also help other women who are all-; 1
lng If they will give It a fair trial, j i
No matter how much I would say In j I
praise of this medicine I could not do c
Justice to It. I am always advising 11
my friends to take It." j f
Dr. Plerco's favorite Prescription 11
has been a favorite with women for 11
l e pi
9 m chlor
as |U
present \\ . ?R ??*
ralysis, l?i*wectont
^ AjiO
Ba,th v| recom
thoroughly good w?rooaes A
we have decid- 1||
is best adapted 1||
I Lime has been
) be as good as l3S
Board of Health gm
nd of chlorinat'
Infantile Paralysis Two foi
rk Board of Health hmh|
e as a disinfectant. . II
hose dread carriers
eria. It absorbs and
jria and (rer/ns and II
tive and economical
e daily, year in and II
cessary as a soap or
o qoietUY ON ffifi
tf srftee * ~~* IfteAm
New Castle. Pa.?'The 1. tt-r "l" and
latllneofa submarine
17 detail stood out ptomlfiintly 011 an . |HL
gg laid by prlge hen of IV.-A. McKeo.
*hls shows, lie believes, that peace :1s ij
oming and the U-boat will do it,.T - !
ription for You!
iparly firty years because "it royitafos . I
,0 alcohol or any narcotic. It Is'.pnt . ]
ip in liquid and tnhlcta and !b toi bo |
ound in any drug store, if not opr.-H
iiinnhlo nf Vnilr iltinlnrSi conrl tl'fift"-- iH
o Dr. 1'Terce. Invalids' Hotel, Bur- jSftHfl
alo, N. Y.. and he will mall
larkage of (ablets. Or fend fifty'c^nt?
or Bmalter size. . .' ./Sa
Mrs. A. R. llicks. who resided at
719 Virginia Ave.. Huntington, W. j
a., says: "Dr. Pierce's KavorlfO^SH
'rescriptlon was a' groat help to'ma a
luring expectancy. My health soeili-'' 4
d to fall?I became all. run-daylhpJiM 9
renk and nervous, co'uld: not eat n< i I
leep and was nauseated all the tlnie. ^3
was in very bad condition and even' *3
he doctor did not think 1 would get
ilong all right, but 1 began taking"! I
Favorite Prescription' and ItbrdugM
lie through In splendid health ami V
ny baby was strong and healthy. I
lo recommend 'Favorite Prescription'.,!*
ts being a splendid medicine."
Mrs. Mae Castle, who lives at 1719
Ith Ave.. Huntington. W. Ya., saysi'^Sj
'After my oldest child came 1 was -ri d
eft with weakness, never seemed ;
;et strong afterwards. This woman- *1
y weakness caused mc to become ail I J
un-down. weak and nervous. 1 doc- jj
ored and took different medicines,
tut did not get any bettor. I kept jl
his up for about ten years and was^S^^H
letting very much discouraged when
learned of Dr Pierce'H Favorite -"js
Prescription, and this medicine aiong ?
vith tho 'Pleasant Pellets.' 'Healing '-".V
suppositories' and 'Lotion Tablets' >$jl
lompletely cured me?built mo up in II
tealth and strength. Women who.
ire suffering with a weakness of anViiSjaH^B
lort will find relief in Dr. Plerca'rf :j
Tavorlte Prescription." .. ......
_ v_
bM0RR0\N I oer
tomorrow-^ ffigM
: ' ~zf~ !^t

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