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Evening Chat
The 8keptlc
Daddy says 'at Washington,
Wuz America's first son,
'At when I grow to be a man,
, To be just like him. if I can,
Is"en daddy mako a great big- sigh,
And say, He never telled a lie,
at'At he wuz big and brave and truo,
TAnd not a bit like me and you.
?' N*en I see right in daddy's eye.
VV'At George an" him hoth telled a lie.
W. M. Thomas, bridge man from Dos
Angeles, and filled with 190 pounds of
typical Los Angeles proeziness and
good sense, holds a high opinion of
Fairmont and the Monongahela Valley.
"In my opinion," says Mr. Thomas,
and his opinion by the way is worth
something and la based on years of
globe-trotting, "the Mononguhcla Valley,
with Pittsburgh at one end ami
Fairmont at the other, is the richest
place In the world In possibilities. At
this moment there Is more smoke going
up and more being done In that territory,
than in any other section of the
Mr. Thomas believes that Fairmont
is a fine placo to live, and think of an
opinion like that coming from a man
whose home is In the "Angel City."
Mr. Thomas agrees though that West
Virginians, and partirularly some Fairmont
ones, are the hardest headed,
slow wlttodcst, thick skulledcst and
most unappreciatlre humans in the
United States. In Los Angeles some
types of local business men would be
run out of town for the general good
of tho community. In the west It is
as much a crime to retard the modern
progress of a town as it is to steal a
Mr. Thomas bejlcves. however, that
some time wont yirglnians will wake
up to what 1r theirs, hut not. possibly,
until after Rome intelligent interests
from other states come in and assume
control of things.
Miss Genevieve Carpenter has rcJ
turned from Clarksburg where she
had been the guest of Mrs. Wayne Nay
for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wolfe have
been in Pittsburgh for the past scvL
cral days.
V Mrs. Blanche Shrover and son, Ed*w;urd,
left yesterday lor Akron, O.. to
visit the former's brother, Harry
Sturm and family.
Lamar Satterfleld has returned from
a business trip to Pittsburgh,
Mr. and Mrs. 13. T. Bishop have been
called to Clarksburg by the illness of
the lalter's sister. Mrs. Lillian Shuttlesworth.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Kelley have returned
from Pittsburgh and Youngstown,
Mr. and Mrs. Z. F. Aycrs, of Cass,
arrived here last night on a visit to
relatives. They are now at the home
of the former's sister. Mrs. O. S. Mc\Kinnoy,
on First street.
Mrs. Allio Haymond- has returned
/ from Baltimore where she had spent
'lthe last several weeks with her sister,
' mpa pfiwi niulmn uml fnntitv
J. II. Rownd has returned from New
York where lie hail spent the last scv,
eral weeks on business. Mrs. Hownd j
who joined him there a week ago is
now the guest of her uncle. John Cunningham
and family, in Washington, j
D. C.
A daughter was born on February
20 to Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Sturm at
their home in Akron, O. The child is
a grandson of W. A. Sturm, of Quincy i
: street.
Miss Jennie Gardner has gonp to
/"'Charles Town. W. Va. to see her
brother, Edward Gardner, who is ill.
Mrs. McKce-Bryanl says she is the!
Only woman who is at home in the nlr 1
or under wntcr. She teaches in a
Florida aviation school and also
makes a living in submarine diving.
She is a widow of Johnny Bryant, aviator,
and an honorary member of the
8 I.Iariue Engineers' association.
| Final Arrangements
Fnr Favrrirmri Moot-in <ti
Final arrangementa lor the bringing
of Frank Jowel Raymond to address
the quarterly meeting of the Business
Men's Association were completed at
a. special meeting of the directors
yesterday afternoon. A dinner will
l>e served in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium
for a very nominal sum per plate
and Mr. Raymonds address will bej
given following the after dinner speech
es. Next Thursday. March 1 is the
| (date, and it is expected that every
g^memeber of the association will bo
,. pfesent. Immediately after the talk
by Mr. Raymond there will be a meeting
of the Association for the election
of a board of directors.
g'v ^Attitude Not Uncommon.
' "Soma folks," said Uncle Ebon, "is
to anxious to give thanks dat dey don't
want to leave nobody else any bleBSJn's
to {lve tiianka fqh."
I ^
I '" "ARuth
Cruger. .
NEW YOltK. Feb. 22- Every nook
anil cranny of tiroutcr New York in
being searched for trace of Ituth Cmper.
17 your old bigli school graduuto
whowr mygterious disappearance on
one of the coldest days this winter has
aroused the city authorities.
What makes the girl's disappearance
so mysterious is the statement of her,
father. Henry Crugcr a public m ount ant.
that she was cptiet and home loving.
and had no romantic notions and'
had shown nothing to warmut Iter
sudden disappearance.
Oti the night of her depurturo shoi
Inaugural Ball Invitations.
Invitations have been issued bp the
Citizens of West Virginia to tile recep- i
tion and ball to be held- in honor of
the inauguration of His Excellency,:
John J. Cornwell. as Governor of West
Virginia. The event will be held on
Monday evening. March 5 in the Arm- j
ory. In the receiving line will be Gov-'
ernor and Mrs. Henry L>. llatlield. Gov-1
ernor and Mrs. John J. Cornwell. Sec- j,
retnry and Mrs. Houston G. Young,;
Auditor and Mrs. John Sherman Darst,;1
Superintendent of Schools M. P. Shawkey
and Mrs. Shawkey, Treasurer W.!:
S. Johnson. Attorney General and Mrs.1:
E. T. England, Commissioner uud Mrs. !
James H. Stewart.
Chairman of committees are as fol- 1
lows: Executive committee?Gov. H. !
n. Hatfield, vice chairman, John Baker
White; Invitation?G. K. Kuntp; I"i-'
nance?Dr. E. 11. Stephenson; floor !1
and Music?John E. Kennu; Refresh- j'
ments?Lloyd E. Smith; Program?:
Arthur B. Koontz; Decorations?Wal-j
fp.r S. Ilnllannn
* *
Returned from Atlantic City. j
Mrs. Francis E. Nichols and Miss
Mary Louise Nichols returned this j ,
morning from Atlantic City where;,
they had spent the last several weeks. .
Other Fairmonters at Atlantic City' ,
are Mrs. Harry B. Clark and children,
and Air. and Mrs. Walter Stockley. Mr.
and Mrs. Brooks Fleming expect to .
join the Fairmont colony there this ;
week and will occupy a cottage for several
weeks. i
* * *
Celebrated 80th Birthday.
Capt. Thos. Itccd was the guest of'
honor Monday at a birthday dinner1
at his home 011 Benoni avenue, which
event was arranged by his daughter, 1
Mrs. Pearl Wise, honoring his eightioth ' 1
birthday anniversary. Capt. Reed is
one of the best known residents of the
city and he received the hearty con- I
gratulatlons of his many friends.
* * *
Leaving for Richmond.
Airs. J. H. Sands and her sister. Airs.
Anna Scnseny, the latter of Chicago, |
leave tonight for Richmond, Va? where
.they will spend some time with the
former's son, Oliver Sands and family.
* * * *
Board to Meet. j ,
A meeting of the executive board of
the Bed Cross society will bo held Frt- t
day afternoon at three o'clock at the
headquarters in the city building. The
society will meet to sew and roll bandages
tomorrow as usual. The society
meets each afternoon in the week with ,
tho exception of Saturday and Sunday.
? ?
Named Delegates.
AHss Sue Kearsley Watson was made
a dologato to tho Continental Congress
of the Daughters of the American Revolution
yesterday to the William Raymond
Chapter of the organization
which met at the homo of Mrs. W. H.
Conaway on Virginia avenue. Mrs.
Hugh F. Smith, regent of the chapter,
is a delegate by virtue of her office.
Alternates were elected as follows:
For AHss Watson. Airs. Edwin Forrest
Hartley. Mrs. Z. F. Robertson, Mrs. Ed
win H. Taylor. Mrs. Herman G. Stoetzer
and lira. Waltman H. Conaway.
For Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Georgo DeBolt,
Mrs. Samuel D. Brady, Mrs. Georgo M. 1
Alexander, Mrs. Edwin Robinson and !
Mrs. Charles H. Smoot. The usual
Washington birthday gift of ?10 was
voted to go to the Red Cross Society
and members of the organization not
already affiliated with tho Red Cross
society were urged to do so.
In Morgantown.
Mrs. S. D. Brady, Mrs. W. H. Conaway,
Mrs. Jas. A. Meredith, Mrs. G. M.
Alexander, Mrs. George DeBolt and
Mrs. Joseph Lehman went to Morgantown
this afternoon where they are
guests at a Washington birthday celebration
held by the Elizabeth Ludlngton
Hagans chapter of the Daughter*
(.<rV>v.v^,- . ~ I h
iy.-Kjaflw- .; -"v ,
-?m " .'" ' '^W A
"""'' 111
'%k Vlk
- v-, %. \m\
te# s
% ^
was suppospci t0 have left with a '
young man to go skating. Nothing .
has been heard of her or the young
man. !
Theories of elopement, adventure,
seeking and murder are scouted t>y
the girl's father. The one left is ab-j
duction, for wlileh detectives say >
there is a possibility.
The Cruger apartment is in a quiet j
neighborhood, dotted with, many!
garages, at any one of which Cruger
believes his daughter may have been
bundled into a waiting/automobile and
spirited away. '
of the American Revolution at the t
home of Mrs. Frank Trotter. v
* * *
Colonial Social. i
A Colonial social under the direction '
of the Westminster Guild of the First \ |
Presbyterian church was an event atj11
tho V. M.' C. A. auditorium last even-1
Ing following the weekly prayer ser- J '
vice. A song by members of the chapter
all attired in Colonial costume 1
opened the program, features of which
were vocal numbers by Miss Carol 11
Powell, a reading by Miss Beatrice 0
Fltzwater and instrumental numbers
by Miss Amy Rogers Rice and Miss ?
Ethel Horseman. Refreshments were
tervod. J
To Entertain Tonight. ^
Miss Edith Ice will entertain a num- ''
ber of friends at a Washington birthday
party tonight at the home of Mrs. 1
0. F. Lough on Eighth street. *
Birthday Party
Quite a number of the friends of
Will Smith gathered at his home in
itivesvllle Saturday evening lit honor
of his twenty-seventh birthday anniversary.
Tho evening was pleasantly
spent in music and games. Delicious
ol'reshments were served. Those who
were there are: Mr. and Mrs. Will
Smith and children. Denzel. Talmag
tnd Lorena; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith,
mil son Freilillf*. Mi- 0*1.1 Moo l.-n.11
Arnett and son. James; Mrs. Mamie n
Christy and children. Mary, John and n
Robert! James Smith and children. r
Junior and Jessie; Misses Lctha Smith
Birdie and Lonie Newbraugh, Theinia 1
Smith, Madge and Gertrude Harris.
Annie Reed and Minnie Parks and
Messrs. Douglas and Herschel Ar:iett,
Douglas Smith. Harley Hayhurst,
Patsy Harris, Lamar Matheny, Jessie
Christy, James Lang. Loney Newtrough.
Arthur Hood. Clarence Thorn,
Wilbert Masoy, ltusslo and Virgil
? -
To Hear Miss Haelstrom
There will be a called meeting or
tlie Woman's Foreign and the Isabella
Thoburn Missionary societies
Friday evening at eight o'clock in
the Ladies' parlor ot the First M. 15.
church. Miss Hilda Haelstrom. a returned
missionary from Korea, will
give an address concerning her work
there. Miss Haelstrom Is a most interesting
speaker, and her being a
former Fairmont girl makes her address
all the more interesting. All
members of both societies arc urged
to bo present and any other ladles ot
the church whether members of the
societies or not, come, your are welcome.
? ?
Bible Class Resumes
Weekly Meetings;
The Eighth Ward Bible class will
meot at the school house Friday evening,
at 7:30. Owing to the ?chools be
ing ciosea me class lias not met since j
the first of the year and it is desired
that all members be present an' malto ;
a special effort to have your friends '
come that the class may bo brought;
back to its former standard.
Ability to Help Others.
It is by steadfast drilling into the j
bedrock of the world thut we are able ,]
to bring up the drafts which we cun j
pass to others.?A. F. Schauffler. t
Friendship. J
A really noble friendship, which j,
realizes the higher ideals of the rove- j
lntlon, must be open-eyed; friendship -v
ought never to lose its sight.?Hamll- I
ton ,W. liable. ... r
Many Visitors. , j
Many out of town visitors will be in
lonongah this evening to attend the i
elebration of the fifty-third unniver- j
ary of the founding of the Knights ;
f i'ythias. The Shlnnston Temple j
ra? to be the honor guests this evenng,
but having a previous invitation
? Clarksburg for the same i elebra- Ion
they will uot be able to attend,
ieveral good speakers will be on the j
irogram besides a number of musical
elections. The Fairmont and (Enterirlse
Knights and Sisters hate been
xtended special invitations and will
ttend th a body.
Cat Disappeared.
"Nigger," the little black cat that'
as tor so many years assumed so I
skilfully its duties as mascot at the.
.yric theatre, disappeared late yestcr-,
ay evening. Besides being a prize .
vluner In catching mice, "Nlggcr'y is :
mown among the show troop, as bong
an expert 011 the stage. An invos-1
igation will be made concerning the j
at's whereabouts.
Ladies Aid Met.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Bap1st
church was entertained this nft-j
moon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. j
V. Holbert, of Brookdale. An intcrstlng
program was rendered after
rlilcli refreshtneuts were served.
To Cleveland, O.
Jolm Williams lias returned to his i
mme In Cleveland, U.. after a everal j
ays' visit with relatives in Mo mgali.
Irs. Williams, who is visiting her,
nother. Mrs. John Mort. will visit
rientls here for several weeks.
N:w Department.
A now a. 10 and 2f> cent department!
s being added to the Bear's depart-1
neut store. The new part of tac store
illl he situated In the basemet 1 of the ;
lear building with entrain js both
mm the street and from tht ladies'
tepnrtment. Active work was started j
esterdav morning.
George helving was among the so:iul
visitors in Fairmont yesterday
ivening. ;
Birch Davis was among Ih" callers
o Fairmont yesterday evening .is a so:ial
Mrs. Clyde Gaston, of Fainn- .it. was ,
irnong the out of town shoppeis in Molongnli
yesterday afternoon,
ilussel Satlertleld was In X .lirniont
cstcrdny evening calling on friends.
Mrs. Maggie Golf was among the ,
iut of town business cullers iu Fair-i
nont yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. J. C'aliicra, of Fairnu nt, was
n town during the week attending to j
Mrs. Harry Snyder, of Falrn. int, has ;
teen in town for the past sevc.nl days
isiting friends and relatives.
Mrs. James A. Watkins is suffer-1
ng fro n a severe cold.
G. H. Cyress. of Buffalo, N. Y., was
a Mononguli yesterday morning as a lusiness
Mrs. E. Snyder, who has been ill for i
lin mist several davs. has recovered.
S. A. Judy waH among the out of I
own callers during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Petty, of Mill
"all, are ill, sufforing from an attack ]
f grip.
Miss Bessie Judy, of Parsons, W.
"a., has been in Monongah for sevral
days visiting her brother, AHie
udy. ,
Mrs. J. Sutton, of Fairmont, was in
lonongah yesterday ufternoo. attendug
to shopping.
? 4
rohn 0. Knight, Jr.
Pneumonia Victim!
John 0. Knight. Jr.. the four-yearild
sou of Mr. anil Mrs. johii t). |
Inight. died last evening at the home j
f his parents at Monongah ifter an j
llness from pneumonia following |
,'hooping cough. Mr. Kniglr is em-1
loyed as ticket agent at Monongah.,
'ho body was taken to Pennsboro the |
Drmer home of the parents or inter >
rent, the funeral party leaving Mo !
ongah this morning. Undertaker Cuningham
had charge of the funeral ar-1
iliilionaire Cabinet ti Mo- j
?~?ii ir m
Hero are five members of the cabllet
of millionaires which aas been
ailed to mobilize all resources of the
Jnlted States in case of war.
Samuel Gompers. top left, is prestent
of the American Federation of
-abor, and will direct labor organize- I
Ions in aid of commerce; Howard E.
'offin, top right, Detroit automobile '
ngineor. will organize muni .one fac- i
orieB; Bernard M. Baruch, lower left, i
lew York stock operator, v/ill mobl- \
Ize our national resources; Daniel
Vlllard, lower right, president of the '
laltmore and Ohio, will organize the 1
aUroads, and Julius Rosenwald, be- I
am. haul at a, Cihtogn wail Ofdnr
Women's C
Colors ?
" i>s
Spring Millii
licatitiful new creations am no
Tall close-lilting hats ami the si
Sailors with straight brims an
at various angles.
Hals made uj> of narrow ribbons
llats of silk anil straw combine
llats or Oriental inspirations, si:
embroidered designs and Chinese
The colors are quite bewitching
are very alluring.
A good collection at $4; others
(Second Floor.)
Now is the time to B
When Prices are
A special lot of ladies $1! to 1
2 1-2 to 4 1-2 are no.v offered at
will direct the committee 01.1
;enerul supplies.
Mentality of Octepl.
"There Is u greut deal of difference
n the mentnl nttltude of devil fishes 1
ir oefopl." says Churles F. Holden In 1
St. Nicholas. "In a tank In the Ava- .
Ion aquarium, which contains three or
rour oetopl, nil but one were timid.
Dne attacked m.v hand, and seemed
lo enjoy being touched. A large California
shecpshead in thiR aquarium
became, so tnme that It liked to be
scratched about the head with n wire
dr snck, ami ronnweu poopie noour tno
tnnk, especially the mnn who fed It.
It was Interesting to see It change
color as the man stroked It with
the wire."
Are You Worn Out?
Does night find you exhausted?
nerves unsettled?too tired to rest?
mm ciaii
ts the food-tonic that corrects these
troubles. Its pure cod liver oil is
a cell-building food to purify and
enrich the blood and nourish
the nerve-centers. Your Jta
strength will respond to CSh
Scott's Emulsion?but see Yf /
that you get SCOTT'S.
net j a? IK. 16-15
The flag to wear In the lapel
of your coat, right now.
5c. (First Floor.)
oats, Dresses,
uid Styles ol
Ready with m
I- suits, now drcs
Though you ma
dially invited t(
you will want.
fleus of the li
bought for.
In "drossy" i
Feme show moi
7%^* perfectly strait
j drosses which i
burl, jersey, co'
mustard, recede
purple, as well
Sport Coats i
bors. In Jersey :
a and checked mi
\ roprcaomed. $
The. tendency
. coats with plen
\ button trimmln;
A able are the mi
I \ backs and .N'orl
Hut In all. t
predominate. .
lltl V aonio tailored i
? ment to choose
w ready.
nail close-fitting The material
ardine, jersey,
d brims Inmt-il oaiix and COUlb
<"olnrs are nt
in many shades hether, French
lowing Japanese
i braids and or- Cn
; and the styles Eai.h ot the
up to 510. distinctive feat
On one you
'another a desi
beading or braic
jjy SllOeS ory combinatioi
I .ow A prettier lot
inots. They co
'G shoes, alteii nr- satin, pong
$1.90 a pair. gotte anil othei
>11.) hero. Trices ru
a.ry Fumitars
(With Regj
For you or ti
* two considerati
wl One Is the fa
I l'le "''ngs you
y 8Uch incompara
H, -* i iiiii t,mt ran nuoto
deslrablo furnit
ipm 1 The Hartley
Ir-nj^" 1 "1i living room, bci
" furniture (exce
jjtygf*1-j. | 10 to 50 per cei
y]10 sn]0 jH 0
Notice?All fi
ever, as whole
gone up enormc
To Put Out Gasoline Fire.
The best way to extinguish n small
gasoline fire Is to spread over the burning
liquid a mixture of ten pounds ol
bicarbonate of soda and twelve pounds
of common sawdust free from chips
nnd shavings.
The local order of Carpt
ica will have a smoker ar
Friday evening, Februar;
all carpenters of the city
Free admission and nc
Come and enjoy a good t
A speaker of wide repi
deliver a short address.
II ?
' ' ' l]
.. I I
? Suite m the
: Spring j j;:f|
cw Spring fashions; new coats, new j
sea, new skirts, now mllUnMT- jj jits
y not bo rcaily to buy you are cor- v H9H
i come in anil get ideas as to what . ! [
you will probably get (some new { | . iiTOjJ
jw prices lino garments may be * 1
ipring Coats ' |gl|
models the- variety is very large. 5 h Vj
lllled barrel effects, others built on J 'Hi
tin lines, iiteltidlng the new coat j j
an bo worn as a coat or a drjsa. I ^
clours, Irlcntincs, hurclla, gunnt- i I
vert, khaki-cool, gaburdinc sorgo. ; I ''
ch. gray, Magenta. Burgundy, Gold. ; | ,j
) green, netv bine, chartreuse, rose. iv ' IS
as the natural colors. $25 to $40. lit\
are. nlso represented In good nutn- - If |
mil century club cloths and velours ifij
Uerlals. anil all the now colors are jj
7.50 to $25.00. ::t lfe|B
>pring Suits /*|H
in Spring suits Is toward the short 1 ||
ty of pleats. Gilt embroidery and Si
gs used a great deal. Very nottcs- 1
annit.lt effects In coats with pinch- j M
he beautifully nlaln tailored suits I
\nd i In- woman wlio Iovob a hand- I j.'Ji
suit will ilnd licre a largo assorts
are serge, tricatine, volour, J#* II %
kliuki-rooi, tafTota. tussuli, vigor- ,1 Sj
illations of silk and sorgo.
ivy. rookie, grays, tweed mixtures, . I i
gray, greens and blacks. $15 to $45. I . ' M
ring Dresses J j 9
now Spring dresses shows some
will find a design ot silk floss, on
Ign of gilt thread, or designs ot II ?
ling, or couch Btltching, or embroldof
dresses never hung in our cab- || |||
me in taffeta, crope-de-chine, mete- ||
;eo. piping rock. khaki-cool, georr
silks and all the new colors are w |f Sj^H
n $12, $15, $16.50, $18 and up to $50. jf
ird to Our Furniture Sale) || ||?^
inybody else who ncods funilturtb
ons stand out beyond all others.
ct that you are most likely to find - ||
desire where the variety of things j|i|
.lie (act that the store which shows I ' '31
ibly large assortments is the store la
specially low prices on the most
ure without endangering the quaililem
for anybody needing furniture Ijg
store offers all Its ilne furniture, i
lrnom, dining room, Biall and office
pt certain patented book cases), at
at reduction; average 25 per cent ;Vi
11, It will continue ell of February. Ivja9|
lrulturo 1b going to cost more than | '
sale manufacturing costs have
i1 Children Cry'
I C /A S T O R I A
;nters and Joiners of Amer- I
id social in Willard Hall,
y 23, at 8 o'clock, to which
and vicinity are cordially ||
charge for refreshments.'?
atation*will be present and I

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