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I ?? Membei
by the Fairmont Printing and Publla
W. J. WIEGEL. General Mana
_ A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
C. V. REDIC, Circulation Man
I Publication Office, Monroe
BELL 1105?1100 , CON
All departments reached Circulatl
Kthrough private branch Advertls
I oichange. | Editorial
M Foreign Advertising Representati
WARD, Brunswick Bldg., New York.
Street, Chicago.
BY MAIL?(Payable In adva
One Year 35.00; Three Mt
Sis Months g3.UO{ On(\ Mou
One Year {7.00 j One Mon
Sis Months I3.G0 | Or.e Wee
BY CARRIER?(Ouiaide of F
One Month 78c One Wet
8 j All subscription a payable In advance.
?U When aaklng for cliatig,. in uddress g
new address.
S Entered at the Postofflce ait Fairmont.
} second utosK matter.
cfibers on our carrier route
est Virginian any cvenU'g sh
UNION," state the fact and
ice And a messenger will del
oor at once. There Is no ch
for this service. The West
ler to its subscribers tlio bcs
service possible and tills Is |
rtm tup ru
FAIRMONT'S charter amendmei
as rapidly through the legislature
session congestion of business pet
look for the success of this new mover
lof a greater and better Fairmont grows
Some opposition has developed which
I its Influence felt in the Senate," but as tl
purely partisan?the kind of partisans!
and unreasoning that it is willing to sac
terests of the community for the mere i
advantage?it is not believed at Cha:
tarry much weight.
The business people of this communit
Iwho have their money invested in Fairir
, grow and prosper, are all in favor of
tnents and these are the people to who
the legislature should look for advice re:
Hatfield, whose appointment a:
of West Virginia was announc
Jiot at all prominently, mentioned in cc
important position, but the selection is
pught to give general satisfaction to th
pf the state and the good people gener,
As a newspaper man in Huntingt
proved that he is possessed of initiative
the secretary to a militant governor he
and learned much more about the sta
than most men know when they take inif
As the successor to Fred O. Blue IV
|o, and doubtless will, prove a competi
katufartnrv nnMir
' -y- t T i* evident from the way in which
J, put forth from the White house lira!
is planning to go it alone with the inti
Jf he can get a broad enough power oi
present Congress before it goer out of <
Most of the presidents have felt at tir
handle some of the big questions better
{lave a Congress on their hands, to born
one of them who never did get along
branch of the government. It is easy
that Mr. Wilson will heave a great sigh
hour strikes which will mark the end
with its pacifists and German sympathi
and another this Congress has done m
position of the United States in a conic
foreign offices of the belligerent powers
Con and the country will be well rid of
But we doubt very much that it will
the Congress that was elected last N
cession. That body is fresh from the
fcvents at fresh as it is possible to hav<
II Editorial Comment
HonCurrent Subjects
rron Hampshire Review.
resolutions offored In the State
be^tolStura to sell certain counties to
Mf the Virginia Debt or to form a
hew state out of the counties compos-1
lng the Northern Panhandle, ^furnish
some amusement to members and
noma prominence, of a kind, to their
ituthors, but they likewise give the
.state publicity and advertising of a
;very undesirable kind, with which
\he stafe has been surfeited already.
Every reference to the debt question
la seised upon, sent to the metropolitan
newspapers and exploited and
affects the credit and standing of the
state adversely more than the averjsgo
person understands, Millions of
our system. Moro
ittll ?HI? house is so narrow
Y "m" unless it is also sur.
HOME." jority opinion of th
Associated Prw. great aid to the F
bunday instead of asking tl
bin. Company. ordinary powt
he should make pli
Manager. e??n at " e,rly
tendent. LES
Street. *-> EORGE W
I 1 grateful nati<
SOLI DATED the nation pi
on Dept..... 2S0 he believed in sittii
mg DepL.... 25C for action arrived.
-gggf"-* 9' He proved that
ve, ROBERT E. I while an impatient
123 W. Madison I in fa air. He pr,
the British aroused
ES thizers with the F
nee only) ; hand.
mths ...ii. J1.50 i Whai war broki
llj COc ' ing his administrate
nont) ; neutrality proclame
th 60c i country was kept c
15c i sailed by those wh<
These are thint
alrmont) i Father of our cou
k 18c | goodness would di
I present. Partisan
live old as well as 1 are ^'nEs "P?" wh
and they arc cntitl
Wi st Virginia. ?ut "P011 suc^ occasion
___J s'oocl 'he antics of
? ? v and he would not
\PER CALL " PCOpIe W,h? ,hink
it espouse the cause
, ... , Europe. Like Lin
s fulling to got . , ,i
uuld call "WES- weather anotlie
give name and only duty was to p
lver a paper to pie and preserve th
argo to the Bub
Virginian plans r~nr
t newspaper de- vj^v>
part of the plan. T 1ST advancing Jui
1 of the Public
====_ has recognized
tRY 22, 1917. interest of the Stat
n?. sponsibilities Judge
which he acquired
conspicuous zeal fo
congratulates Judg
the appointment.
Another appoint
M the Senate and wl
hJ f lection of the state
j has become a men
| Judge Mason will
j at a critcal time in
MM I able familiarity wi
'CSKiQi I while he was chain
What with plan
ARTER, chase of steel car
its are progressing the producer pa3 j
as the end of the company board o
mils, and the out- Important and bi
nent in the interest things acted upon
brighter each hour.
is expected to make There is one till
ic animus of this i$ sion of the legist:]
lip that is so blind ter?every inembc
rifice the better in- up and be countci
irospect of a party a bitter piil for so
rleston that it will stalling along for
y, the solid citizens I. W. W. agitat
iont and want it to urnl and honest li
the charter amend- York over the ga
i**? fko mnrnkavt fflftH nmrltipfa fn *
HI Ulb iUV.lliUWIO *"*"* r* V--V1.
garding the matter. u is a flty- T*et
even the New Yor
cirt\rirn> the demonstration
MONER. bcgani are honeat
:tary to Governor thj. ^at thc mov<
> tax commissioner fc0 alienated.
cd last night, was
innection with that Cenerat John-J.
a happy one and erai Funston in
c business interests south, was Jumpei
ally. talncy to n brigat
011 Mr. Hallanan a brilliant record
and brains and as even more Bpectac
has displayed tact wmj the public, I
te and its interests states Senator, an
>ortant stale offices. cause for his preit
Ir. Hallanan ought i0Ved to do such I
ait and thoroughly cvcr, -will not res
in-law. Senator Vt
and naturally not
)SION. the adminlstratioi
feelers have been
t President Wilson Matters must bi
srnational problems the authorities ar
: attorney from the dren from Berlin
existence. problem is not so i
nes that they could to Port mothers a
when they did not
dw the language of Clin
with the legislative otlU
also to understand there is any
, of relief when the
r the present body j0b, is about the i
zers. In one way twelve.?Parkersb
uch to weaken the
at of wits with the nJZ?
i i i a w/'i illegal German bi
and both Mr. Wil- American ship de
it. Unlontown Evenli
be wise not to call
ovember in special
. people, or al all because those ho
? a coneress under their necks to lnnl
dollars of bonds have been voted by
municipalities, counties and magisterial
districts for roads, high school
buildings and municipal improvements
and millions more will be issued and
sold in the future. Investors who ac
quiro these securities study the conditions
lu the state carefully and guage
public opinion with much care. An
unfavorable opinion of the state and
its people means a higher rate of in|
torest must be paid on such bonds to
sell them and that means the taxpayers
muat foot the bill for unfavorable
[ state advertising.
Then, Investors do not want to undertake
industrial developments In a
[state whero the officials are given
to pulling off sensational stunts or
where freak legislation is enacted or
agitated. Industrial companies or rail-.
| roads operating in states of lhat reputation
are likewise haudlcappe* when
they come to procure capital for development
We must have sanity, moderation
and reason for our guide in legislation,
as well as all other matters, not only
ver the balance of power in the lower
that no party can be rare of its position
! it is acting in full accordwith the ma-'
e country. Such a body ought to be a
'resident and this newspaper feels that j
be present Congress to clothe him with :
rs to be used during the summer recess
ans to call the new Congres* in special
a date as practicable. '
o :
'ASHINGTON. whose birthday a
>n celebrates today, believed m keeping
epared to meet perils from without and
tg tight until the time and the occasion
when he stuck it out at Valley Forge
Congress complained and treason lurked
Dved it again when the Jay treaty with
the ire of the public and when symparcnch
Revolutionists tried to force his
s out between England and France dur-'
on Washington issued the country's firstj
ition. And he look good care that the '
iut of war. although he was bitterly as-'
3 were anxious that it should go in. I
;s people who say they venerate the
ntry for his wisdom as well as for his j
o well to remember at a time like the
politics is all right in its place, but there '
ich all Presidents act substantially alike :
ed to the uniform support of the public i
s. Washington would not have underihe
so called pacifists of the present day ;
have had the slightest patience with the |
it is the duty of the United States to
of cither side of the great struggle in;
icoln. who came later to help the nation .
r great storm, lie understood that his
rotect the interests of the American peoe
Ige E. F. Morgan to the chairmanship
Service commission Governor Hatfield
and rewarded faithful service in the;
e of West Virginia. To the new re-j
Morgan will bring the ripe experience;
as a member of the commission and a
r the public weal. The West Virginian
;e Morgan and Governor Hatfield on
ment which was confirmed yesterday by
nich will give much satisfaction in this
is that of Hon. John W. Mason, who
abcr of the Virginia Debt commission,
bring to the service of this commission
its history great legal ability and valuth
the debt situation which he acquired
nan of the commission in 1913 and 14.
s for the East side extension, the pur's
and the change in the scheme for
Jlant, the last meeting of the Traction
f directors must have been a rather
isy session. And every one of the
will help the Fifty-In-Five movement.
ng to be said in favor of a special sesiturc
to settle ihe-Virglnia debt mat:r
ol both houses would have to stand
1 one way or the other. It would be
>me of the oid codgers who have been i
juuuy years.
ors have taken advantage of the natidignatlon
of the poor people of New
lling advance In the prices of staple
vork up demonstrations of their own.
le worthless loafers are so artful that
k police will not be able to tell when
s, which the women of the tenements
, and as a consequence much syinpaunent
naturally would have won will
Pershing, who succeeds the late Gencommand
of the Department of the
1 more than 800 numbers from a capliership
by Roosevelt. He had made
for work in the Philippines, but the
ular promotion hurt him a great deal
for he is the son-in-law of a United
d that was said to have been the real
u-ment at the hands of Roosevelt, who
.htngs. His present assignment, bowt
under such a cloud, for his fatherTarren,
of Wyoming, is a Republican
In position to ask such favors from
s coming to a bad pass in Germany if
e -actually planning to take the chllto
country districts where the food
acute. A government that undertakes
nd children is taking long chances.
"bouncing" to be done during Gov.
. will have to be somebody beside the
Mr. Weir, who will hold down that
lize physically of a chunk uC a boy of
>urg State Journal.
ships have sailed in defiance of the
ockade. Is there any record of an
fying the illegal Iiritlsb blockadoT?
ig Genius.
iuys all these extra brilliant colored
perhaps be the same one who knocks
rrld men on the street corner twist
t at lier.?Clarksburg Exponent.
in tlio laws that are enacted but in
the measures proposed, if we are not
to get into the class of freaks, u class
that is exceedingly expensive to the
WASHINGTON. Pa., Feb. 23.?Tbe
record price lu many years for wool
In Washington county was brought
today when J- B. Mebatfy and the
Smith Brothers of Independence township
sold 8.000 pounds to C. M. Marquis
of Hea. a wool buyer, for 51 cents a
pound. Other wool in this county
brought 50 cents a pound this year.
RONCEVERTE, W. Va? Feb. 22.?
Mrs. C. F. Whangor 1b In a serious condition
today as the result of a battle
with a black hawk. It attacked her,
flying into her face and clawing and
biting her hands, arms and face when
she tried to rescue one of her own
hens. Mrs. Whanger's husband,
aroused by her screams, killed the
; ' %
OR h
J ? SHO?
r l*wy throuch /wo ^=r=
I^Bs soc^Bee. ^ ^ ??
I Ruff stuff 1;
?Y RED. w
____________?Jj ti
Sad news for the bootleggers. (11
Newspaper man has been made Fred J'(
0. Blue's successor. w
? r,
They'll have to Invent some now cc
trlcKs or go out of business. hi
Food riots are becoming popular. F
Going to start one ourselves the K
very next time we have to wait more ze
than 10 minutes for a beau shooter
to notice that we are "among those
present." b<
Next time we feel under the weatb- ti
or we are going to call on the Fair- ai
mont Electric Service company and ct
get our carbureter fixed. fi
* * ol
A little more hot air In the mixture ei
would help on the dull mornings when ti'
there is not much to write about. b<
The banks are celebrating George's ni
birthday today. pi
All the national heroes stand in d<
strong with the bank clerks. cc
But judging by the few flags on display
George Is not even ace high with tv
the rest of the citizens of this burg, hi
* si
Perhaps the dear peepul think the
city should buy the flags and then lt]
send men around to stick them up.
just as they do for a football game. 1:1
* * . 8''
But they are patriotic enough around jtl'
election time. ..,
? ?
Someone ought to bring a Billy Sun- rl
day of the Auto World to town to teach ?(
the chuckle headed local drivers how U]
to respect the traffic laws.
Used to think their actions were
due to lack of respect for the regulatinne
f n
Lately have been feeling that It In
Is just plain stupidity. in
II se
J. Jerome Haddox. of the Barbours- s'
vllle News, was in Huntington ycster- 0
day. sayB the Huntington Advertiser. w
and had with him a good story relating
to tho surreptitious burial of two
bodies in the Barboursville graveyard J'
on the day preceding. The was dis- 61
covered by some of the young ladies .
of Rose Harvey Hall, the Morris Har- lt
vey college dormitory, who witnessed
it afar through field glasses. They snw |?
two men drag tw obodles Into the 10
grave yard and calmly proceod to bury 8,i
them. i
Thev tave the alarm to thn celiacs cc
authorities and two men attendants
there, rushed to the cemetery. The Bt
police were called, too, and they rushed
to the scene.
The new made graves were roadlly ?
discovered and they wore discovered
not to bo graves after all, but lnipro- M
vlBCd beds In which two men. Inert 11
from drink, had been placed by friends
who had covered them with dry M
branches and then with snow to keep
them from freezing while they slept
off the Jag. Both of the men were
able to walk when awakened Hnd were Pt
allowed to proceed to their homes. to
1UC UCYt lilt'lli UC1 C 01 IUB lowu CUUU*
cU ot Barboursvllle have something ci
to look forward to. Sometime early ds
in next year, about February 10. they tr
will receive their annual stipend, PI
which la five dollars. The members m
who retired last week were each paid
off the day they left the service of at
the municipality, each receiving a five- ol
dollar gold piece. bj
When a colored man. Fits Allen, ap- m
peared the other morning at the of- I
flea ot U. S. Court Clark John Con- at
rad in Parkeraburg, and made a de- bl
deration to become an American citizen,
asking for the first papers, Mr. D
Conrad was surprised, as it was the M
first Instance of the kind since ha has P;
1 I
r H6 DoeSN'T C4R? How
low MUCH He CCa<JNS H*3
^ VI
I e o
:en In the office. and the records
) not show of an application for cltlnshlp.papers
by any colored person,
itz Allen told tile clerk that that
as the only name he bad. His nave
plnco was Bridgetown in the Bar)does
group. In tlio British West Ines.
lie emigrated to America some
tars ago and is now living with his
ife. Anna Allen, at G58 Fifth street,
arkcrsburg, and Is employed as a
iok. He Is a very intelligent person,
is penmanship when he signed the
tpcrs being a surprise to the clerk,
itz Allen renounces allegiaugc to
ing George and will become a cltim
of the I'nited Stntes.
Circuses and wild animals are tatoed
and no war munitions may be
anulactured on the lots of the Mulal
Land company. Twelfth street
Jd Twelfth avenue. Huntington, actrdlng
to the covenants of a deed
led Friday transferring a portiou
' the Mutual holdings to B. J. Hinr.
Among other unusual prohiblons
In the use of the land, are those
irring breweries and cemeteries
om being located there. The covoints
apply to all the Mutualw comtny's
tract In the vicinity, In comhich
It was purchased. The two lots
teded to B. J. Miner were sold for a
mslderation of $o,040.
Coal has taken the place of gas In
ro of the furnaces at the Shlnnston
igh school and In six of the public
:hools. according to the Shlnnston
ews. Gas will be burned In four of
ic Burn sides at the public schools I
itil tho pressure (alls again, when
>al grates will be put in them. The
is shortage has been causing no llte
trouble at butli of the schools durg
I he past few weeks and the board
education decided that they could
it permit the schools to be interiptcd
any more by closing them on
:count of a shortage of fuel. With
le coal furnaces it Is thought that
le buildings can be kept comfortae.
The number of measures which afct
the oil and natural gas producg
industry, is so large and varied
i several phases bofore the leglslure
that a lobby such as has selnn
before been seen at tbe capitol
is gathered to protect the "gas inrests,"
says the Charleston Mall.
The mere mention of the fact that
ime one has a bill relative to a tax
1 gas has been enough during the
isslon to cause a flurry. On Saturty
tho lobby forces were at their
roncest. for it was then that the pen.
deration of the gas tax measures
ere hanging in the balance.
The lino up of tho third house, as
le lobby has been called since the
iglnning of time, is a strong one in
'alns as well as numbers.
In connection with the presence of
te lobby an amusing Incident ocirred
Saturday. A state official had
i call a gas office over the phone
r some purpose. After several untccessful
attempts, ho gave up In
Bgust, remarking, I might know I
mldn't get any one, they're all here
the cnpltol lobbying against that
ts tax bill.
West Virginia Is destined to be the
ake Life Hard to ear for Many Fairmont
Too many women mistake their '
litis and aches for troubles peculiar
their sex. More often disordered ,j
dneys are causing the aching back. :
izy spells, headaches and Irregular i
tnatlon. Kidney weakness becomes ;
ingerous it neglected. Use a time- <
led kidney remedy?Doan's Kidney :
ills. Hosts of people testify to their
erlt Read a Fairmont case.
Mrs. W. C. Knapp, 418 Morgan town
renue, Fairmont, says: "The notion
: my kidneys was Irregular and I
id pains through my back. When I
ly Doan's Kidney PI Us highly recomended
by people here In Fairmont
used them. The pains soon stopped
id my kidney* gaveme no more trou.
Price 60c a tall dealers. Don't simoan'g
Kidney Pffla?the same that
rs. Knapp had. Foster-Mllhnrn Co,
rope* gnflaJO; N. Y,
was to Wheeling attending"tea TriState
Wool Growers' Association meeting
at the Market auditorium. Prof.
Bheata ta an authority on sheep and
wool growing, and he fairly radiated
enthusiasm over tho coming wool producing
prospects of West Virginia, actordlng
to the Wheeling Telegraph.
"West Virginia," he said, produces
the fines wool In the world. Three
limes It has taken first award at world
exhibitions, and national exhibitions
have also given many prizes to West
Virginia wool growers. Especially
tine la the Panhandle wool, A. R. Jamb,
of Bethany pike, receiving awards
(rom the last three international and
several national exhibitions.
"The Pan Handle counties and Monongalia,
parts of Marlon, Wetzel and
TVlar <w>nntt?? In ,
ington and Greeno counties In Pennsylvania
and uhlo, Jefferson and adjacent
counties of Ohio will be the
wool-producing sections of tbe future.
"The superiority of West Virginia
wool Is due to Its strength nnd quality,
produced by the peculiarly favorable
conditions of the soli lfk this
section.. The climate, elevation, grass,
soil and unlimited supply of tbo finest
water In the world gives us the shepherd's
"West Virginia has sixteen million ,
acres of land of which one-third only ,
Is classed as farm land. That leaves ;
at least ten million acres of grazing
land for sheep. Its topography being
especially good for sheep raising." According
to Prof. Sheets, sheep
raising is coming east again after
having been pushed bv the mlddel
western fanners Into the Rocky mountain
region. Tho Appalachian region
area of the country nnd West Virginian,
especially the Pan Handle section.
will take precedent over every
other section of tho United States.
Kitchen Along: Side Will
Speed Up the Ser
Bovtl Anderson this work sighed a j
long lease upon the property now or- i
cuplcd by the Hub clothing store and
as soon as he can get possession,
which means some time this week,
ha will begin the equipment of a first
class restaurant.
The floor of th eroom will he brought
down to the level of the sidewalk and
along one side of the room which i
77 feet long a kitchen :f5 feet long
and 16 feet wide will be constructed.
That will obviate the long walk to the
department where the food is pre- j
pared, which is ono of the drawbacks;
of tho present lidersoti plant and
speed up the service.
The walls of the new place will he'
painted and papered In an attractive
manner and seating for 125 people,
about one-third more than can he
served at one time now, will he provided.
Mr. nderson expects to be able to
move into tho new place aboat the
mlddcl of March.
f t "
WHEELING, W. Vn.. Feb. 22.?
John Dixon, aged 102, suffered from a
partial stroke of paralysis. He is the,
oldest resident or the city and has always
hcen the healthiest member o."
his family of many children, grind-'
children, great-grandchildren and
groat-grent-grandchildron. Physicians
say he will recover.
MUD oltuKINli IN
Wonder what upset your stomach?
which portion of tho food did the dam-.
age, do you? Well, don't bother. Ifi
your stomach Is In revolt, If sick, gassy
and upset and what you Just ate
has fermented and turned sour; head
dizzy and aches; belch gas and acids
ana eruci.ua unaigasicu iuuu, urenin
foul, tongue coated?Just take a little
Pape's Dlapepsin to help neutralize
acidity and In five minutes you wonder
what became of the Indigestion
and distress.
Millions of men and women today
know that It Is needless to have dyspepsia.
A little Dlapepsin occasionally
kepes the stomach sweetened and
they eat their favorite foods without
If yonr stomach doesn't take care of
your liberal limit without rebellion;
If your food Is a damage Instead of a
help, remember the quickest, surest,
most harmless relief Is Pape's lDapepsln,
which costs only fifty cents for a
large case at drug stores. It's truly
wonderful?It stops fermentation and
acidity and sets things straight, so
gently and easily thist It Is realy astonishing.
j Our Exp
covering a period ol as ytare ot b
\ found advantageous to thoie havli
Our advice or sendee Is at your
{ port unity to talk over financial pre
[ As an Investment tor your Idle ]
deposit bearing a reasonable rate
! On the Corner Nej
The corneals * piece of wtad
pert up In brass. The fellow that tnrouted
the cornet must hare-been (ON
at himself. The cornet may sound
pleasing to some people, but then a
toothache is pleasing a week after ffa
pulled out
The cornet Is a nice looking article
and so Is a peacock, but as yet there
are no peacock solo records on the
phonograph market We used to respect
tho'cornet as being a musical
machine, but that was before the rummy
next door to us got one. He takes
lessons via mall ordor. .
It must take a lot of wind to play
tho cornet not overlooking nerre. Before
this goof next door has the evening
mcol toothpick half chowed he's
tip in his boudoir pushing wind In the
cornet, and when it spills out the other
und it sounds like a couple of roosters
gargling, with an unvii resposlng on a
half portion of their wlndplpei.
When a fella's got n grouch on
there's two ways of getting oven with
himself- one is by introducing gas In-,
to liis system and the other Is to huy
a cornet. Of the two, the latter Is sure
goodbye. Somebody might open tba
door when you've got the gas turned
on or else the meter may hold out tor
anottier- two-hli. Dieco. Plav safe?
take the cqrnct.
I.ct folks step on your fct hereafter;
wear shoes a size smaller If you like,
for corns will never again send elec
trie spurks of pain through you, ac
cording to this authority.
lie says that a few drops of a drug
calli"! frcezone. applied directly upon
a tender, aching com, Instantly relieves
soreness, and soon the entire /
corn, root and nil, lifts out without"
pain. J ~S
This drug is sticky but dries at once
and is aid to simply shrivel up thi
corn without inflaming or even Irri
tating the urrounding tissue.
It is claimed that a quarter of si
ounce obtained at any drug store will
cost very little liyt is sufficient to re
move every hard or soft corn or caliui f
front one's fcjt. Cut this out, eBpeo,!
iallv if 'on arc t woman reader whe.
wears high heels.
Found at Last. Paric'an 2330 Shovn
Results in Three Days. "ejyf
If you are rapidly losing vpur, haft
arid fear luldui-ss, Mountain Clity Drug \
Company wants you to try Parisian
Sago at their risk. It will surely stop
the excessive Ions of hair and make
your hair and scalp look and-foel IOC
- ' 'Xf.J
per cent ueuer. or your money recunay
Hundreds of mee and women have
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Others who hnve had dandruc' fot
years and the head itched like mad
say they hail n elean, healthy scalp
after-just a few applications of thie '
splendid treatment.
No mutter whether you arc boUrBF"
cil with falling ltalr, gray hair, stringy,
dull, brittle, oily hair, dandrnfT or itching
st alp. try Parisian Sage today on
this money back guarantee. A large
bottle is inexpensive at drug stores
everywhere, and if your hair is worth
saving Parisian Sage is surely worth
Baltimore & Ohio
ri nnini
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Good to Return Until
*May 31, 1917.
Secure full Information from
tlcKet agent.
usineis In the community will he
xe financial bualnesa to traaeMt.
command and we welcome en opblema
with you/
funds we ottej; our certificate* ot (
otInternet,' . " /J*?
ir the Poetoffloe,
$200,000.00 4a.il/
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