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l_ j
jXc.\ Musical Comedy..,
Jllppodrome The Capture of Villa
Grand A Night on Broadway
Nelson The Land of Nowhere
Princess... The Narrow rath
te ....A Gamble in Souls
ZALLEE. himself, with a
nar good voice, in the role of an
1ST'-": American army officer, gives the
Ksklt "The.Capture of Villa" rather a
?v? classy aspect. Kelt and Langford,
both In black face, tnake it screaming."If
funny, and the crowds in attend.
,anco at the three presentations given
. at tho Hippodrome yesterday wero
j lavish In their manifestations of ap?'
Jfroval. The very excellent chorus of
seven good lookers, good Blngers and
W;dancers appears In five numhers. each
? y ? In a complete change of wardrobe. In
B- otae of their specialties they are at
tired in costumes made of a native
Hawaiian grass, nnd in another. iTiey
Rfcl are given a magnificent setting backX>'.
ed by a dazzling curtain said to confr
tain over sixty thousand bends.
WKT Francis X. Bushman, the popular
idol of tho screen, with whom Beverly
g' Bayne is starred in the big MetroBra
.Quality screen production of "The
? . Great Secret," was horn in Norfolk.
Va. Before he finally found himself
and decided to try hb talcirta in Hie
silent drama, Mr. Bushtnnn engaged
In >t)tlrty-elght (iiiiereiit occupations.
aHuLfBilifl. vnrfofl fnronr firrlrwl l.i... ?v.
inany cities and < euinimiiuc?, <uid the
tr wid<g ..experience has Bltice stood hira
in' good stead because of llm variety of
things .demanded of a screen artlat.
The first episode of this new series,
which is being screened at the Princess
i today, is called "Tho Secret Seven."
? The Nelson has among its pictures
today a very clever 11am nnd Hud comfc"
edy built on broad fnrco lines. It is
f called "The Safety Pin Smugglers.'
j The cast and story is as follows:
Ham. Lloyd V. Hamilton;
Bud Hud Duncan
Trixle, the smuggler Ethel Tearo
Sylvester Shush Henry Murdoch
4 Repulsed at every turn in their efi:
forts to find the sustenance of life
% Ham end Bud separate to hunt sopa?
rate Jobs. Bud flnully lands a place
In an express office and Ham finds
the task of washing windows not at I
i all to his liking. ,
Trfxio, a desperate female smuggler.
^ is trailed by Sylvester Shuslt. of the
ji'jfft; Secret Service. After a merry chase
L she calls at the express office where
Bud is employed to get the "stull"
? Which has been shipped in a box or
Stockings. Ham decides to call upon ,
ft his old pal and arrives just as Shush,
? the doughty detective, pounces upon
? jr the elusive Trixie. There is a terrific i
. mix-up. Ham and Bud are forced to,
I heir lives, while Trixie is led
trged with smuggling?safexee"
is coming back! In a!
is of virile stories written by
ornung. creator of "Raffles"
)r of the former adventures of
ie,"-produced by the Kalem
. True Boardman will very
nake his appearance in the
he completion of the first
ie" pictures Boardman was
longressman John Wallace in
"Girl from Frisco" series to,
isite Marin Sals, breezy Westne
of a thousand screen plays.
1b as happy as a child with n
-once more ho is "StlnBareo"
whimsical temperamental
e' is a role that I revel in."
irdman. "To say that 1 am J
. with the fresh, new stories
inthor, Mr. Honiung, has sent
hiB home in England, is putlildly,
indeed. Our first epihe
now series is finished and
it's a world beater?not be?m
'Stingaree' but because It
amendous plot for a two-part
m. Henceforth and forever,
Legislature Makes It Possible
for Them to be
t- CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Feb. 22 ?
One of the measures originating in
the Senate which met with the ap'
proval of both houseH was that popuE.
Jaily called the "firemen's pension
tr. This measure .which will become a
' law in April provides for a pension
f or Vellef fund and for the levy of tar
or | iw in municipalities, as well as for tlio
. creation of boards of trustees for tile
' administration of such funds.
; Any municipal corporation In West
{? */ Virginia having a fier department
s. maintained wholly or in part at public
expense, through its council or other,
legislative body,.may, by ordinance,
declare the necessity for estahlish,-.meut
and maintenance of a firemen's
H } relief fund, for which a board of trus
tees to administer it shall consist an
I': officer or officers having charge of
? - tlie fire department and five members
"" of the department elected by the memyfhers
of the department. The city treas"
t urer shait be custodian of the fund.
K The fund may bo Invested In governB
ment, state, county, district or muX
ulclpal bonds or upon approved real
H estate security of not more than fifty
per cent, assessed valuation.
^ J The municipality Is authorized by
i, the act to levy annually In the same
I manner that other municipal levies are
; made, a tax not to exceed one-tweni
tleth mill on each $100 valuation upon
all real and personal property listed
$ for taxation in the municipality.
The board of trustees shall adopt
t by-laws and regulations as to the dier
trlbntlon of the fund, but Buch regu;
lations may not be enforced until they
!. liavo the approval of the council or
? other legislative body of the munlci
r? \
"brvtahmia roue
' 1 . "
?AUWJie^& ?^ " '
WASHINGTON, I). C.. Feb. 22.?
The case of an "original Wilson man"
from West Virginia was before a certain
Cabinet member this week. Tho
papers in the case lay on his desk
when the caller came to say a good
word for and in behalf of the original |
party, who seeks something better than i
his present connection with the gov
crnment. was ushered in. The docu-:
ments in the case were strong ones.
Another member of the cabinet had j
added a written commendation which !
ninde them all the stronger. They are
honestly looking for a better place to
fit rrlend "Original Wilson man" in. |
But the incident of the interview of j
more general interest to West Vir- j
ginla politicians is that "we are cn- j
tirely familiar with the fact that the]
President's friends in West Virginia, i
| when he needed friends, have not been |
as well treated as they should "have
been, and we have decided to accord ]
them the just recognition to which j
they are entitled." Thus spake the i
cabinet member.
This tends to support the rumors in !
circulation recently that in the sec-j
ond Wilson administration there will j
be a considerable change in the personnel
of Federal officeholders in
West Virginia. The report is persistent
and it appears to have a foundation.
The interview with the cuhinct
member referred to indicates that.
And it shB'ws another thing, which is
that the politicians at the head of tlic
adusnlstration, including the President
himself, are not unfamiliar with
party conditions in West Virginia, and
are in a frame of mind to confess that
the patronage was given to representatives
of a faction which bitterly and
stubbornly fought the first nomination
of Wilson, thereby amounting to
a punishment of IIiobc relatively few
Democratic leaders who did espouse
his cause from the earliest time, it
was probably not the intention to do j
that, but it amounted to tho samo
thing. The original Wilson men in
West Virginia were, in a large measure.
shorn of their influence as party
leaders in consequence.
That a reparation long delayed is going
to be made them in the second Wilson
administration not only now seems
most probable, but there is other evidence,
beside this statement of a
member of the cabinet, that it has already
been determined on, and will
most assuredly be carried out. It is
expiated nby those observing the situation
that the President will be free
to act pretty much as he pleases with
patronage in his second and no doubt
I final term, in WCBt Virginia and all
. nih?r states. As to the plum distribu
tion In Went Virginia, lio will be relieved
of the necessity of having to consult
with a Democratic Senator from
! that state, for there will be no Demoj
cratic Senator from West Virginia to
J consult. There is not the samo bind!
ing reason for consulting the party's
' national committeeman front West Vir|
glnia as there is in the case of a mern;
iter of tho Senate. The President can
do as he pleases about that. That de!
pends, too, on the attitude of tho committeeman.
If National Committeeman
| Watson, as some of his friends pre|
diet, with Senator Chilton out of the
| way proceeds to make himself friends
i and supporter of Wilson, as Chilton
i did after ho came to the Senate, Wlli
son will forgive the past in Watson's
j case as he did In Chilton, and the FairI
mont man might be able to hold conI
ferencos with tho President over tho
' distribution of West Virginia patronage.
The commissions of tho present incumbents
begin to expire not a great
I ?
l i
"j - >
fs THfc- WAVES
}N NEWS -71
while after the President is inaugurated.
The first important expiration
will be tho commission hold by Samuel
A. Hays, collector of internal revenue.
Tho fight on Hays has already started.
Likewise on Stewart W. Walker, district
attorney. Both arc applicants I
for reappointment.
"Tho future of tho Republican party ;
is not uncertain; by no means uncertain.
It is sure," declared Charles W. j
Swisher, of Charleston. W. Va., at the
Now Willard. "It Is. indeed, certain,
very certain, if such a phrase is pcrmissable.
When the war in Kurope is!
terminated, whether we are unfortunate
enough to get into it or not. tho
minds of the people are going to turn
in a different channel from thai in
which they are now engaged. They
are going to consider what is best for
this nation, and inevitably our people
will turn to the Republican party.
Why? For the simple but very good
reason that the Democratic parly does
not know how to run the attaint ol the
national government; is not. In fact, 1
competent to run the government; no, :
more competent to conduct the na- '
tional affairs of government than the I
Republican party of New York city is |
competent to conduct the affairs of J
Greater New York.
"This has been demonstrated so 1
often that it sums futile to speak of it.;
if you know someone who Is troub,
led with head noises, or Catarrhal
Deafness, cut out thi3 formula and I
hand it to them and you may have,
been the means of saving some poor
sufferer perhaps from total deafness.
We believe that Catarrh, Catarrhal;
Deafness, head noises, etc., aro caused
by constitutional diseases, and that;
salves, sprays, inhalers, etc., merely
temporize with tho complaint and seldom,
if ever, effect a permanent cure.
This being so, much time has been
spent in perfecting a pure, gentle, yet [
dispel all traces of the catarrhal poison
from tho system. The effective
prescription which was eventually formulated
is Riven below in un understandable
form so that anyone can use!
it in their own home at little expense.
Secure from your druggist 1 ox. Parmint
(double strength), about 75c
worth. Take this home and add to It
V* pint of hot water, add four ounces of j
granulated sugar; stir until dlssolv-|
ed. Tako ono tablespoonful four
times a day.
The first dose should begin to relieve
tho distressing hend noises, headache,
dullness, cloudy thinking, etc., while'
tho hearing should rapidly return as
the system is invigorated by the tonic
action of tho treatment. Loss of
smell and mucous dropping in the back
of the throat are other symptoms
that show the presence of catarrhal
poison and which arc often ovcrcomo
by this efficacious treatment. If nearly
ninety pet1 cent of all oar troubles
are directly caused by catarrh there
must bo many people whose hearing
may u? resiorea uy mis simple Home
Every person who Is troubled with
head noises, catarrhal deafness, or catarrh
In any form, should give this
proscription a trial. Holt Drug Co.
will supply you.
a ' ** r
^ i f.
i Nb
ii West Virginia 1 have hud nume
ms Democrats, men ot large affair:
vho have come to me voluntarily an
old me thai they could no longer vot
ho Democratic ticket, because the
verc couvinccd that the Democrat!
tarty did not know how to manage til
tovernmeiit's affairs. After all, til
mo question that divides the tw
treat parties of this country is <he ta
ff. ii is Hie principal?in fact, tli
inly vital issue between the two o
ionizations?and never has the Demi
rath: party shown the ability to nrei
he tariff problem."
Doth political parties, through the
congressional leaders, claim to be ah!
o organize the next House of Hepr
icntalives. As each party has 21
numbers, just bow this is to be is hat
!or an outsider to see. The five ind
rendents believe that they will he
actor, but efforts 011 their part to c
'ect a harmonious working organiz
ion have not yet attained aureus
it is just as likely as not that i'rov
lenco will organize the next lious
There lias already been one death I
:hn Democratic ranks, but as it is
ialid South district, a special elecllc
s not expected to affect the tie. it
lust as likely to happen that the tigl
jewecu the parlies for control ma
urn on a district in West Virginia ?
mywhere else. I11 fact, most an
hing Is liable to occur butween no
ind tire time the next Congress co:
?cnes to tilt the scales toward or
jarty or the other and settle the isst
ictweeu them as to which shall dot
nate the machinery of the next Hous
To those who are closely watching a
airs in this game, the present slgr
ire that Providence, it is by no meat
niprobable, may be a very Importai
'actor in this game.
L. \V. Drngoo. of Rmlthflelfl \V. Vs
s in the city, coming here in the ii
Have your a
ruled and p
your particu
You can shorten yo
plete record's, refer to
save time which you
On account of ou
making thousands
various kinds of 1
a position to help
form, book or set
particular needs.
We will consider it ?
to you in this respect,
bring a representative
taint Printing
Bell 1105 Monroe Strt
I. rt A.VU\J
22, 1917
ran up against a snag in the House of 8el
Representatives, the snag being in the ate
person of Minority Leader Mann. He is
objected to considering the bill when ins
it came up in its torn on the calendar, exi
Several years ago when Dr&goo was i
postmaster at Bmithfield, burglars tor
rifled the safe and took money. and ole
stamps to the value of over $1,000, car
which Dragoo was' ordered to make by
good. By one means and anottor pay- nta
mont has been deferred, and the pond-I tng
wiK iiiu proposes 10 rtsiiove miu ui uio i rne
obligation. Tbo bill was piloted Bw<
through the committee by Represents- 8|0
tlve Necly, but Minority Leader Mann pr(
claims that the evidence indicates that |nj
the office safe was not locked on the the
night of the burglary. "That Is what pal
the government furnishes postmas- 0K,
ters safes for," said Mann, and the ge
bill went over. Dragoo is here is see 17,
what pressure from Republican representatives
on Minority Leader Mann w]
can accomplish in his case. la;
Bill to grant an increased pension j0
to the following named persons, were ty
introduced by Representative Neely: tn
Mary A. Hlne, Fairmont; Jerry A. 0f
Fitzgerald, Fairmont; Beckwith A. wi
McNemar, Clarksburg; Fahnie R. B
Wells, Fairmont; George Keck, Read- an
er; John W. Oldfleld, Clarksburg,xand pa
original pensions to Walt?r Griffith
and Thurman L. Anglcmyer, both of
Dr. D. H. Thomas, of Columbus, O.f CI
Is In the city a guest of Representative as
and Mrs. Edward Cooper. Dr. Thomas
Is a brother-in-law of Mr. Cooper, and
Is largely interested In the coal busl- r\
ness in the southern part of West Vlr- ?*j
glnia. He formerly resided in Huntington.
I)r. Thomas is a frequent vis- j*'
Itor in Washington and has many pr
loyal friends here.
Late arrivals in the Capital from ! 8t
West Virginia are: Postmaster J.] ?
Frank Thompson, of Martinsburg; W. ~
F. MacDonald, of Coopers; Mrs. Jes-;
sie 12. Myers, of Morgnntown; II. F.
Sands, of Lewfsburg; Mr. and Mrs. F.I.
G. Bland, of Clarksburg, and George ,
O. McCllntlc, of Charleston. j ?l{
Denna Winter bas been appointed .
postmaster at Stnto Mills, JackBon j
county, succeeding Fred A. Cnstro, re-j
" signed; William Cochrane at Derry- S'
hale, Fayette county, in the place of |
s-1 George M. Roe, resigned; and Arthur!
(1 S. Harry at Clcnalum, Mingo county,: ..
e succeeding William A. Fink, resigned.! ^
,c There was but one Democratic offi- j
?icial in prominence in Washington
13 i who hails from West Virginia present ?
0 [ at the West Virginia Society banquet
f-! last Saturday night given in honor or
lC' I Governor-elect and Mrs. John J. Corn*'
j well, and he was Senator Chilton. In
3'1 consequence, the West Virginians in
!t; the Capital are having a merry time
I discussing whether or not GovernorI
elect Cornwell was deliberately slight'r
I ed by the office-holding contingent
! from the state, and if so, why was it
e_" j done?
-u i Conspicuous by their absence, \efrc1
u i Secretary of War Baker; Solicitor I
B"| General John W. Davis; Corporation ,
a Oounsol Conrad Symes; Rcpresenta- j
'"j live Mansfield M. Ncely, of the First'
a" I district; Representative Adam B. Lit-'
a- tlepage. of the Sixth district; Auditor!
' for the Department of tho Interior Os- j
e- car A. Price, and, with only several ex- j
II coptions, all other minor members of |
a the West Virginia patronage squad
III who earned- their membership by pu'3
tative efficacious labors for the party
11 in power at their respective voting pre?;
cincts "back liomc."
ls There didn't happen to be any Rc.
publican representative from the state
vv! present, either. Since it turned out
"'that there was more politics In the
le i affair than the rules of the organizale
tion authorize, they are eongratulatj
ing themselves that they did not attend.
There is much criticism over
' that phase of the function, too, since
is "non-political" is one of the command- ^
is meats of the society. it
The credentials of Howard Suther-;
land, now congressman-at-large from;I
i., j West Virginia, as United Suites Sen-11
n-! ator from West Virginia elected last j |
iccount sheets
irinted to suit
ilar business.
ur work, have mgre comthem
easier, and thereby
can use to produce new n
ir vast experience in 1
of suitable forms for
businesses, we are in |
you select the proper
of books for vour 8
t pleasure to be of service
i iii .. ... n
a teiepnone call will |
: to your desk. |
and Publishing Co. !
set, Fairmont Consol. 250
jea TK' Doofe.? t o v ,
J2f ?.
FOtLNCU.' Jfl[ ff 4 {%/2$r
late late today or tomorrow, hv Senir
Galllnger, of New Hampshire. It M
not customary to object to the fit:
of credentials and no objection is. 01
>ected in this case. d<
t was the Intention^ to have Sena- gj
Nathan OofT present his newly- _
cted colleague's credentials, but the
rylng out of that plan is prevented j
the continued indisposition of Sen-! T
r Golf. which prevents him attend- th
; the Senate in the closing days of b;
i session. Mr. Sutherland will be ot
orn in as a Senator at the extra ses- w
n of that body which convenes, upon ' N
>clau|itlon by tho President, follow;
the inauguration March 4-5th for
> purpose ot confirming nominations,
ssing on treaties, etc. Four years
v this short, snecial session of the
nate lasted from March 5 till March
George C. McCllntic. of Charleston, ao
was counsel for .Senator Snther- .
ad before the Supreme Court of West I
rginla In the letter's motion to en- I
in the circuit court of Summers counfrom
condlcting "a Judicial inquiry"
to the senatorial election, no motion
Senator Chilton, is hero conferring
:th his client. The court has ordered
rehearing of the motion before it,
d the conference has to do with peering
for that. r
To report of tho upper room of the
ty Point school for last month Is
follows: Enrollment, 32; per cent., ?
. Those perfect In attendance: Sam j,
:meria, Mike Deuerla, John Jumi,
Everet Knight, John Scrlvo, Law- ?
nee Stewart, Mary Froze. Annie a
icy, Katherino Bucv. John W. Clark, j,
incipal. t
Dutch Tavern Coffee. Pure? E
rong?finely flavored.?Advt. e
Men between the ages of 18 and 45 f
work in the production department
large, rubber eoncorn. Experience ?
>t necessary. Unskilled labor can ;
nke S3 to S3 er dav after trade is .
arned. {2.00 per day first few weeks j
hilo learning.
rEADY EMPLOWMENT, 8 Hour day :
No labor trouble. Work not dependit
on war orders. Physical exam?it
in. at our office. Communicate
ith or apply In person at the Emoyment
Office, the Goodyear Tire
Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio.
If you call them up and they I
are not at home, call the Hippo- I
The Capture of Villa p
The greatest show that has I
been at the Hipp for months. I
Ask your friends, who saw It I
It Unnnoncit In Arbnnnnn I
II liappunou III HIMIIM5
A laugh a second. |
^ 'J
Richard Travors and Gertrude Glov
Tom Mix in a western story.
A swift comedy with Pokes and Jul
T (1NI r HT 0 " 0 v
I W H IH III p|n Smugglers; T
Do You Hold ?
Than One
If you do you should get
We have just such ledgers
IOV2 by 814 neatly bound a
Get yours right now,
we'll send it over at
Fairmont Printing
kSUSMjy fluenPNS>ND 0 ^
;qui6ES ft A/j
- <e^F^''<
1(1 S3, retire to
>ath by a huge ftill of top coal and
ate yesterday while at -work In the
len Falls mine of the Consolidation
jal company northwest of the eltf.
he victims were bdrled so deeply
at It required several hours' work
t a rbrre of men to dig thcl- -bodies
it. Both, were unmarded. Russians
ho came recently to "0Ion frills from
cw Tork city.
?? .
Children Cry
' -V "... S ffl
\jid Twas Nerv-Worth
Made This Possible for
W. M. Delaney. .
This is a convincing endorsement"
( the superlative family nerve tonic
,'hloh Is being sold In plianomeaally
irgo quantities at Crane's. ., ~
"Had trouble with indigestion and
rith bowels for many years. Took
11 kinds of medicine which gave ternorary
relief. Ilad urinary trouble for
wo years.
."Have taken Nerv-Worth for tlx
nonths and am feeling fine. Work
very day. 1 am 64 years old.
Nerv-Worth calms the nerves, whets
ho appetite, aids digestion, .adds
lesh, restores restful sleep, rouses
he liver, rogulatcs the bowels, banlsbis
sick and nervous headaches and
itlier aches and pains and builds up
un down Bystems. It it does not do
his for you your dollar back at Crane's
Jrug Store.
Set of Teeth $8
. .'II and hrld^o worn. Jh.VO.
Tooth fillings, 50c and up. -!*
Examinations :.ud estimates
Dental methods have totally
changed in the last lew years
and to get the best ot dentistry,
consult a., dentist who. is Pl$c-.
tising tho late methods.
We guarantee our work/.,'.,.,
Office on Main street opposite
Court House, over 5 and 10 Cent
The Union Dentists
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; 1 1 ?
FRIDAY / ' ?
Pr in hvn rpolo tif ilrtimu f-iwi
vl au WOW iwviia V? ut?Mlu?
/here; Buddy's Christmas; Safety vj
ourg Around the World.'
' |
Stock In More j
n 1
vuiitcrn: |
; a stock record. .ledger,
on hand, 100 pages, .size' j
nd the price is moderate, j
Call Bell 1105 and \
once. |
& Publishing Co.
Street. j
?* !
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iXi-.'.&.C- '.'J.'
(ssn'-'Hi i r iinfliM

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