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{ Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH, Feb. 22.?There was
not much doing on the Pltteburgh
Stock Exchange, and with a tew ext.
captions prices were lower. I<n Belle
Iron continued Its upward movement,
, advancing to and closing at 86, a
net gain ot 23 a share. National Fire
'-mt-. - . . .. a a
jrrauing cummon. wnicn uas ueen neglected
for some time, closed % higher
at 7%, and Pure Oil. on one small
ale. was % higher at 21.
Oil and gas shares ware duller than
on any previous day In several weke.
Only 110 shares Ohio Fuel Supply
changed hands and the stock closed
-11 lower at 68%. Manufacturers Light
sad Heat'was % lower at 63%.
Bales High Low
110 AWOM 63% 63
1600 Cable Consol ... .06 .06
60 Fireproof 7% 7%
130 Do preferred .. 16% 16%
1800 Bold Bar 35 .35
25 fnd Brew pfd ... 16 16
645 La Belle Iron ... S5 83
125 Mfrsi L && H .. 63% 63%
8800 Mt Shasta 74 .73
110 Ohio Fuel Oil ... 20% 20%
110 Ohio Fuel Sup... 52% 62%
20 Okla Oas 95 95
30 Pittsburgh Brew. 3% 3%
200 P-J Copper 95 .93
230 Pbg O & O 12% 12%
50 Pure Oil 21 21
39. TTntfsH Pnnl 911A 911:.
60 West Airbrake '.160 150 *
286 West Electric.. 60% 50%
Bonds '
11000 lnd Brew 6s .... 48 *48
New' low record.
[*"" New York I
NEW YORK. Feb. 22.?Declines
outnumbered advances lu yesterday's
professional market, which most often
reflected the increasing perplexities
arising from International conditions
and the impending holiday. Business
(luring the forenoon was fairly largo
and broad, but the balance of the
eesalon was marked by a steady dlmlnv
ultion of operations.
v Shippings were again materially
affected by tho further delay despectIng
their status. Mercantile Marine
losing 1% to 3 points, with over 4
lor AUantle, Gulf and West Indies.
United States Steel at no time equallad
ita hARt. mi'ntntfnn aF *Via r?vovHr?iia
day and closed at 10&U. a net loss of
1% points. Related Industrials, including
Bethlehem Steel new stock
and the "rights" thereto, declined over
2 points and Gulf States Steel fell
6 points.
Grain and Produoe.
' CHICAGO, Feb. 22.?Virtual suspension
of business at all grain elevators
here resulted yesterday from
difficulty of obtaining railway cars,
and was accompanied by bearish erfects
on prices. The wheat market
closed unsettled %@1% cints net lower
with May at J1.7S%?1.78% and
July $1.B1?1.51%. Corn finished U
cents to % cents down; oats oft
U?% cents to cents, and provisions
varying from 2% cents decline
to a rise of 15 cents.
Articles Open Close
. Wheat?
May ?1.79?a ?1.78%
r..l.. 1 -A*/ t -1
?JUi JT i.JU , U i.VI
. May 1.01% 1.01%
July 1.00% 1.00%
...; 57% .57%
July 55% .55
Oil and Gas.
No other district In the Eastern
livid8 Is presenting new wells with
more frequency or a better average
In also than the Bcrea grit Held in cabIn
Creek district, Kanawha county, IV.
Va. It operators could be fortunate
> enough to discover another field ot
like dimensions and capable ot presenting
producers ot the same site,
here would be a different story to tell
In a tew months as to increasing the
output Ot the high grade crude. During
the summer months the Cabin
Creelc field promises to be very active.
The Columbus Producing has a large
amount of undeveloped territory on
the Williams Coal company's tract.
On Long Bottom Run this' comnanv
has completed and shot No. 28 and
It Is estimated to be good for 80- barrels
a day. On the east side of the
tract on Cabin Creek, the same company
has completed and shot No. 51.
It Is showing for a 65-barrel producer.
On Little Sandy river, Elk district,
Kanawha county, Davidson & Gates
have drilled a test on the J. H. Copenhaver
farm through the Berea grit,
finding nothing In that formation. This
location Is 6,000 feet northwest ot
their test on the Virginia F. Work
. farm. In Union district. Clay county,
the United Fuel Gas company has
started to drill No. 21 on the Frank
Cox farm and the Go shorn Oil company
is drilling No. 10 on the Goshorn
On Nutter'a BY**lr_ Woof ?ll?.
trict, Doddridge county, tie Cartel
Oil company drilled No. 7 on the T.
D. and E. E. Bwlger farm Into the Big
Injun sand. It Is a natural producer
good for 30'barrels a day. On Little
Creek, Spencer district, Roane county,
the South Fenn Oil company has completed
In the Big Injun sand a second
test on the R. B. Wright farm, showing
for a very light pumper. On Miller's
run in the same district, the same
company has started to drill a second
test on the J. M. Ferrlne farm. On
Spring Creek, Spencer district, Roane
county, the South Penn Oil company
drilled Its test on the J. W. Bower
farm into the salt sand. It Is showing
for a 10-bsrrel pumper in that
formation. This location Is In advance
of production and may lead up
to the development of some salt sand
- territory.
On Dutchman's- Ruh, Murphy dls;
. trlct, Ritchie county, the Southern Ollj
| company, the oil producing end of tbe
I Pittsburgh Oil and Gas Company, has
i .t.tll.J ? ?? r ? ? - -? ? '
vuiusu ->u. o on me a. wince larm tnio
the salt eand. It Is showing for a
15 or 20-barreI producer. On Sycamore
Run, Smlthfleld district, Roane
county, the South Penn Oil company
completed No. 24 on the \V. M. Loonet
farm. It Is showing 'or a fire-bar-j
rel pumper.
On Jake's Run, Clay district, Monongalia
county, the Pittsburgh and
West Virginia Gas company has drilled
its test on the Alfred Henderson
farm through the Big Injun sand. It'
Is a light gasser in that formation. On ]
the same stream and In the same dlstrict
the same company drilled a light
gas pressure In the lower formation
The Carnegie Natural Gas company's j
test on the Edgar Tennant farm Is
showing some oil In the Big Injun
sand. On Scott's Run, Battelle district,
Monongalia county, the Monongahela
Valley Traction company drilled No.
S on the W. J. Lemasters farm' Into
the Big Injun sand. It Is a fair gasser
In the Big Injun Band. The gas
companies are Increasing operations
In Monongalia county. The Hope Natural
Gas company is due In the fourth
sand at a test on the Florence L. Tennant
farm. The Victoria Oil company
urineu in mo ueorge isuzum ."no.
Ten-Mile district, Harrison county.
February 19. and It shows for 20 barrels
natural. Two other locations
were Immediately made.
Work has been started on the extension
of the high tension line from
Rlvesville to Beechwood, where the
mine of the Jamison Coal company
will be electrified. The line will extend
for a distance of six miles down
the river.
Surveys have been completed at
Twelfth street whore the location of
the Jayenne power plant will be affected
as soon as possible. The transfer
of the Jayenne plant was decided
on come months ago when it was
agreed that the bl gstatlon should be
nearer the factories Its power would
operate. A high tension line will be
vuiv/iTti uwivoa iiu? i i ii.i iu ivou mo
factories which will bo located In
Pleasant Valley.
Mayor Parrish of Worthlngton was
In the city yesterday seeing after the
concluding details of Worthlngton's
new system of street lighting made
possible some time when a change In
the high tension line from Hutchinson
to Chiefton was authorized by the
Traction company.
Court News
Suits Entered.
The following suits have been filed
In tho Circuit court: Thomas B. Edgell
vs. Ella Edgell et al; chancery and
attachment. Attorney for plaintiff, J.
A. Meredith. March rules. Tho Dickerson
Building and Supply Co. vs. Murray
0. Skinner ot al. H. S. Lively, attorney
for plaintiff. Returnable March
first. Edith R. Hawker vs. Morgan
Bllllngslea. Trespass suit; March
rules. Attorney for plaintiff, A. S.
Thp following suits were filed in Intermediate
court: Charles \Y. Wilson
vs. Anna B. Wilson, chancery suit,
returnable March first. W. M. Hess.
aiiviucj iui v>. i\auvuii
vs. Ezra W. Baker ct ul.; chancery
suit returnable April first. E. A. Bell
represents the plalntig.
Suits were iuwu... catered .>
process books of tho Intermediate
court as follows:
Willis C. Watson et al. vs. Elizabeth
L. Wllfong et al., chancery "February
rules. S. M. Musgrove. attorney for
the plaintiff.
Pearl A. Morgan et al. vs. Charles
A. Morgan, chancery; February rules,
i Barry Shaw, attorney for the plaintiff.
Charles W. Wilson vs. Anna B. Wilson,
chancery; February rules. W. M.
Hess, attorney for the plaintiff.
Birth Certificate.
Dr. C. S. Lawson yesterday filed a
birth certificate with County Clerk A.
G. Martin for recording.
Administrators Named.
Frank Arnett was named administrator
of the personal estate of the
late Lueaay Arnett; bond of $800 furnished.
J. A. McCrory was named administrator
of the personal estate of the
late Nancy Amos; bond of $2,000 furnished.
M. R. Musgrove was named administrator
of the personal estate of the
late Pearl M. Baker; bond of $25
"Ludendorff, you are a genius!" was
the compliment Oen. von Hlndenburg
paid the man who fills the position of
first quartermaster-general in the German
army. Ha is the only master mini
which the German army chiof follows
in pushing ahead the German struggle
gainst the allied armies.
Judge Mason Back on Debt
Commission, Frank Amos
On Examining Board.
CHARLESTON. Feb. 22?The Sen:
&te laae yesuruay connnned a large
number of appointmenia mbuiiued
by Governor hatiield. They are as
bieuiuer Virginia Debt Commission,
Jouu VV. Mason ot Fairmont.
State tax commlsoloner, Walter S.
Ha.ianan ot Huntington for u per.od
ot six years beginning March 1, 1917.
Public service commissioners. E. F.
Morgan ot Fairmont, for term ending
May 21, 1921; E. O. Rider ot Sutton,
for term ending May 31, 1919, and Elliott
Northcott of Huntington, for term
ending May 31, 1917.
State labor commissioner, Samuel
B. Montgomery of Kingwood for four
years, beginning March 1, 1917.
Board of Regents, Noah G. Kelm of
Elklns and George S. Laldley of
West Virginia Humane Society, Arch
J. Weldon of Petersburg and R. D.
Roller of Charleston, for terms ending
March 31, 1921 and B. F. Mnlone
ot Buckhannon for term ending March
1, 1921.
Slate Board ot' Embalmers. Orln C.
Ogueu of Sl. Mary's, beginning June
1, J91B; P. A. Simpson ot utanes.on,
beginning March 1, 191 <; A. j. usoorne
!?.' Wnv. i n inn horrin?li.? 1
.,ww. UM.VUI UVQIUMiUg mat Ctl 1|
1917, and E. M. Meadows of H.nion,
ucglimmg June 1, 1916.
oai.e ucnial examiners, K. Mason
ilKe of Mann.ngton and H. M. Sm-.llr.uge
of Chanc-aon, both terms beginning,
July 1, 1917.
State Board of Optometry, E. F. Collins
of Charleston, term ending Juno
30. 1919; Eugene Hlldreth of Wheeling,
tor term ending June 30, 1913;
John D. McCorklc of Hlnton, to June
30, 1919, and N". Cole of Logau, beginning
March 1, 1917.
State Board of Examiners of Accountants.
Frank L. Amos of Fairmont,
t0 May 15, 1919, and David A.
Juyne of Charleston, to May 1&. 1910.
Board Examination of Nurses, A. K.
Kessler of Huntington, to June 3u,
1919, and E. S. Beppug of Wheeling,
to June 30, 1919.
Mrs. Eata Wilson spent Friday and
Saturday with her parents, Mr. and
airs. John Thrash, of Rivesville.
Jlessrs. Garnett and Vcrner Summers.
of Catawba, wore calling on air.
and airs. \V. E. Smith on Friday evening.
Mr. and airs. Grover Straight, of
Fairmont, spent Sunday with the for
mors mother, Mrs. Harriet Straight.
[ Miss Mary Riley spent the week!
?rnd with her sister, Mrs. J. A. Fleming,
o( Cassvllle.
Elza Arnett and son, Brooks, of
Fairmont, and Jess Arnett, of Ohio,
were calling on their brother, Elbert
Arnett, on Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Hough Straight spent
Sunday with the latter's mother, Mrs.
Wlldman, of Arnettsvllle.
Talmago and Lorenca, the little son
and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will
Smith, has been 111 with the measles.
Douglas Smith spent Sunday with
Hcrschel Arnett.
Mrs. Ellen Fear, of Fairmont, has
been spending tho past few days with
her daughter, Mrs. T. L. Nay.
Mrs. Harriet Straight Is spending a
few days with relatives at Fairmont.
Miss Thelma Smith spent Saturday
cvonlng with Minnie Parks.
Tho work on Clay Satterlleld's new
house Is progressing very rapidly.
Mr. and Mrs. Esta Wilson spent Sunday
evening with Mr. and Mrs. Elbert
Lamar Matheny was a business visitor
In Catawba on Saturday.
Rev. Yoakes filled his regular ap
yuiuiuivui uu oumiay auu piuacueu a
tcry Interesting sermon.
Several people of this vicinity have
been attending the protracted meeting
at Rlvesvllle.
? 11
Birds Tralhed to F Mi,
As\ hawks were trained co hunt, a
peculiar species of bird was tralued to
Qsh. The bird found to be most adaptable
for the purpose was the cormorant
an oceanic bird, similar to the
pelican and feeding almost exclusively
on flsh. It Is Intermediate In size,
between a duck and a goose, and some
of the thirty species inhabiting the
world have beautiful plumage which
has a sbeen of green, blue and purple.
Don't Quarrel.
Why quarrel at all? Quarreling
brings lines Into the face and a stoop
to the back. Nothing so surely ruins
beauty as drab complaint, 111 temper
end crouches.
Miller's Antiseptic Oil Known As
Snake Oil
Will Positively Relieve Psln In Three
Try it right now for Rheumatism.
Neuralgia, Lumbago, eore, stiff and
swollen Joints, pains in the head,
back and limbs, corns, bunions, etc.
After one application pain disappears
as if my magic.
A never-falling remedy used internally
and externally for Coughs, Colds,
Croup, Sore Throat, Diphtheria and
This oil is conceded to he the" most
penetrating remedy known. Its
prompt and immediate effect in relieving
pain is due to the fact that it
penetrates to the affected parts at
once. As an Illustration pour ten
drops on the thickest piece of sole
leather and it will penetrate this substance
through and through in three
Accept no substitutes. This great
oil la golden red color only. Every
bottle guaranteed; 35c and 50c a bottle,
or money refunded.
For eale by leading druggists, Qet it
at Crane's Drug Store, Fairmont, W.
The successor of General Frederic*
Funston, commander of the division
of tho south, who Just died, is Maj.
Gen. John Joseph Pershing, who led
tho recent expedition of tho United
States soldiers into Mexico.
Pershing has been Funston's right
hand man in the command of the army
of tho south. He was chosen for the
almost impossiblo task of pursuing
Villa into the desert wastes 0t Chihua
hua on account of his renowned acchlet
mcnts in Cuba and the Phillipines.
Pershing was born in Linn county
Mo.. September 13, 1360, and wa?
graduated from West Point in 1888 at
second lieutenant of the famous Sixth
Cavalry. Since then he hag been con
stantly in the saddle.
First In tho fierce border campaigt
against the Apaches in Arlzonp, ther
in the Sioux wars of the 90's, later dur
i ing the Spanish American war in the
i campaign of Sanltag0 de Cuba, Per
shing's fame as a flghtor grew by leapij
and bounds.
| When the Phillippinus came uudet
United Slates ownership. Pershing
was sent there. His brilliant cam
paign against the turbulent Morot
won him such Same that the war de
pnrtmcnt made him brigadier, being
I at the time tho youngest West Point
I er ever named general of tho rcgulai
President Roosevelt did this in 1900
! jumping Pershing from captain to brig
! ndier general over 862 other officers
who were Pershing's seniors.
In 1906, Pershing became governoi
of the Moro province. Combining di
plomacy with fighting qualities, he
pushed his campaigns against the Mores
until he pacified them by the defeat
of Bagsag in 1913.
Pershing returned to the United
States in January, 1914, and became
i head of the Eighth brigacjo of the
army with headquarters at El Peso.
, Pershing was married in 1905 to
Mice Psoesea T*7? ? ^4
.>Aioo i iuiitcn uaugmcr ui
| Senator Francis B. Warren, o? CheyI
Casing Head (
Will Purchase
Will also Purciiaf
Communicate with A. G.
R =
From an a
issue of Februa
"Taking it all round, '
year the United States e
were 17.000 (allures. (
year before, this is encc
reasonb (or these fallt
many reasons such as Is
ent capital, Injudicious
But as the Saturdiay Ev<
'We venture to guess th
In nearly all ot them, U
They did not keep the b
ly what it cost them to
how they stood all the
again to every businee
system that will show
day Evening Post, Febr
Get your loose boo
ledgers are cheapest
mont Printing and
your accounting forn
meet the requiremen
?^ ,
:V- -ji* *
' jr " V
^ '*#*** HAJSm. }
: enne, Wyo. Hts wife anil three of his =
tour children lost their lives In the
, burning of the Fresidlo, San Francis- .
co, on August 27, 1915. ^
Never Besieged.
' Petrograd is one ol the few Euro,
pean capitals which has never been be- ?
'sieged or captured by enemy forces,
II May 27. 1703. Peter the Great founded
rj the city by building himself a small
j wooden hut. In 1710 Cpunt Golovktn
' built the first brick house, and in the
1' following year the emperor laid the
' foundation of a house of the same ma'
terlnl for his own home, and trans;
ferred the scat of government from
-' Moscow to the ucw capital.
FOR SALE?Household furniture,
i 521 Walnut Avenue. 2-15-6t No. 1918
FOR SALE ? New S-rooni house, all
' modern conveniences. Part cash,
balance $23.00 monthly. Address Box
' 1906 "ost Virginian 2-13-5t
COAL FOR SALE?800 acres of PittsI
burgh and Red Stone coal on the
B. & O. railroad. Price $200 per acre.
' Write Box 1938 West Virginian.
| 2-21-2t No 1938
. COAL IS KING?300 acres of Free|
port coal 2 mile3 from B. & O. R. P..
Can be drift mined. 0 feet thick. Must
. bo sold for cash. First come first
cowAfl ArM?aa T> n 9C? ,
, uv> i vu> 4??UI Vf X V. UUA WUU, UUWft' I t
, hannon, W. Va. 2-21-6t No. 1936 f
' 1
///Lailtei! AikyourDrnralitfor /A 1,
/4I1 KWI t'hkkea>(CPl Dlimond Brand/^A *
, gsWSiSk i" R<* "<* U.ld meSlUc\W t
"Ey ?*?. sealed with Blue Wbboo. .
1*1 ^ Xak? n? other. Bur of your * 0
I / Of !!P'W,"t* Atk for CII1.CIIkS.TER II /
I ~ tf "'ATJoNB IIRANII PILL*; for ?I <
V^* y?*'*hnownus Bett, Safest, Always Reliable I
las or Gasoline
i Gas Outright i
se Gasoline Plants
K? West Virginian Office ?
I II I???I
?- I
Evening Post,
try 17,1917.
1916 was the beet business
ver experienced. Vet there
Compared with 22,000 the
turaging, but what are the
ires? Credit men assign
ck of experience, insufflclextending
ot credit, etc.
mlng Post's expert puts It,
at one course was present
j wit?Poor Bookkeeping.'
ooks so as to know exactdo
business and precisely
> time. We recommend
is concern an accounting
costs accurately."?Saturuary
17, 1917. 'f
k ledgers as loose leaf
of all ledgers, at FairPublishing
Co. Have
is ruled and printed to
ts of your business.
one cent a Word
help wanted?fem ale
WANTED?Girl at Dairy Lunch, 223
Jefferson street. 2-19.tr No 1931
URL tor general housework. CaQ
Bell Phone 684 J. 1-27-17 No. '.S'4
V'ANTED?Girl for second cook "tor
week or ten days. See Miss Chapel
at Normal Dormitory.
1-30-tf No. 1856
WANTED ? Girl for general housework.
Apply 607 Oliver Ave.
2-15-St No. 1907 |
VANTed?Seamstress and saleslady.!
Steady position. Peoples Clothing !
:o., 325 Madison street. 2-19-31 No. 1933 j
heljT wanted?iviale
VANTED ? Experienced mule ston
ograpner; good salary. Address P.
). B. 550 Fairmont, W. Vs.
2-21-4t No. 1939
IOV to work In mechanical department
of newspaper oftlce. Apply to j
Ir. Boyer, West Virginian office.
VAN'TED ? Stenographer and bookkeeper.
Appiy by letter only. State
xperlencc II any, also salary required.
,aaress Bank, P. O. Box 423.
2-16-tf No. 1924
VAN'TED?Work to do by the day.
Call Bell phone 491-W.
2-22-31 No. 1943
'OR RENT ? Two nicely furnished
light housekeeping rooms. 711-W
Ousol. 'phono. 2-lC-5t
VAN'TED by couple with two children
3 or 4 untarnished rooms. Bell
hone 491-W. 2-19-3t No 1930
Write W. W. Luce, Columbiana, O.
1-20-Bt No. 1S211
fOltSALE?Farms In Ohio county,
,, _ tiru-..l J am. ? - -
nMttx v> ucvuug. iuiiLQii ricagos,
Vest Liberty, W. Va., Boll libone 7106,
Ing 12. 2-8-26t No. 1886
'ARMS?1 have a few farms la Forlagc
county, Ohio, both largo and
mmll. A pamphlet of description ana
irlces trill bo mailed upon application.
iVrlte Van T. Btan, Ravenna, O.
2-13-261 No. 1001
dONTANA 460-acro homesteads. Now
towns, business opportunities. Send
15c for maps and Information. Artlress
U. S. Commissioner, Outlook,
dont. 2-14-26t No 1911
over Harden, Logan, Marlon and
,'nlon. Send for big list, stating size
>f farm wanted. R. P. Wood. Ridgevay.
O. 2-19-26t No 1639
"OR SALE?10 acres of very fine land
with dandy improvements, 2Vs mhos
rom Jefferson, 16 head of livu sto x
;ocs with tho farm and lots of feed.
>1,000 down and balance easy paynents
buyB this farm. One of the nicest
places between Jefferson and Ashabula.
See mo It you want to rent a
;ood farm. S. W. Moon, office at resdence,
phone ISO Jeiferson, O. Price
or all 85,000. 2-21-3t No. 1037
16 ACRES FOR SALE?3ood stock,
grain and tobacco farm. Blue grass
and; running water; 100 acres tim>or;
3',i miles to good market. 7-rooin
[welling, 2 barns, no hog cholera. AdIress
owner, E. S. Breckenbridge, Seauan,
Ohio. 2-22-.t No. 1941
"OR RENT?Farm three miles from
Fairmont. For particulars come to
dne Grove on Mannington car or adIress
G. W. Everhart, Rt. 1, Fairmont.
2-16-6t No. 1921.
'OF KENT 9-room house, Ogden
avenue. Inquire F. M. Murpuy.
'hone 733-Y Consol. i-25-tf No 1641 j
'OR RENT ? Well furnished hoire,
reasonable to right party. Speak
luick. E. B. C " )x 1923 West Vlr inlnn
S.17.at V/, 109-J
'OR RENT?Seven room house, suitable
(or two (amines. Near Owens
ilant. Poll SOS-W. 2-21-6t No. 11335
In answering ounu aas in
The West Virginian ulassltleu
columns. please be careful to i
use the precise address given In
the adv. Write the address
plainly. Letters brought to The
West Virginian office do not re
juire stamps. Always Inclose
your answers m sealed enve
opes. Advertisers or others In
julring about a classined ad. ,
must designate the ad. numbei
at the end of the ad., as we have
qo other means of referring
to it
Bell 1105 Con. 250.
- ???? __
Tamworths. At auction I"ab. It.
1917. 35 tows and gllta bred for March
and April farrow. Send for catstog. ;
U?I cv..... a o nr?4 .
. "^M74rNo.^?:5
I tic. but tvc.ial SAVING A&i) IMAM
comiiany cf Bellaire. 0? has money
uo loan on de-urable real utiu. 8m ?j
Paul G. Armstrong, Attorney, 41-4'J
Trust Uldg.. 7tb Floor. Fairmont. W.
Va. .
ruu.Nbt?lo loan lu sums ot $10 to
150 to auyoue h-trlng stea-s work.
Can be pam in small month 1; payments.
No reference or endorsements
inquired. Stri^... conlldentlal. Address
Box to?5. Clarksburg, W. Va.
MEjTour lMuatrated
plains how we teach the barber trade
in a few weeks. Hailed tree. Holer
Barber College, Cincinnati. 0.
2-7-12t No. 1M1
SALESMAN?Wanted to' sell our Popular
Priced Tallcred Clothes to
wearer. Excellent opportunity, liberal
commltslons. Empire Tailors, Clnctnnatl.
2-21-2'. No. 1840
] Professional Cards |
r ^
Ofllee Trust Bldg. Fairmont, W. Va
(rr t
f^s^ A. B. SCOTT.
I|wn3r Optometrist and
| iSWHb Optician.
25 yearn practical
! experience Glasses lurntsbed la
, j ono nour. Wltb ; ja
I: A. 11. Scott & Company.
11 MRS. W. A. TUCKER |
8 Representing Nubone Corsets. jj
? Bell 457 J 326 Monroe St \
Glaases ot all Kinds correctly
fitted. Satisfaction guaranteed. ]
| Hall liioclt over Martin'* Drug j
| W. R. DOUGAN |
3 Bell Phone SI. j
? Nuzum Bldg. Jefteraon 8t. ?
I Fairmon<PreMiiii^^
S L. E. BROWN, Prop.
| ? Goods called tor and delivered ?
p All our work guaranteed.. "M '
I Consol. 664 W Bell 1080 R g
"Just Visiting^ j
We like to hear a visitor j:
say that, becauso It shows [J
lie 16 inicresieo id our iwu ni
and everyone hag a perfect |l
right to look things over be- f 1
fore deciding on a banking i|
Come in and visit us?you ?
1 will feel at home here wheth- |!
or you come to inspect our |
bank or to open an account.
This strong friendly bank |j|
i of service offers you every |
assurance of safety.
You^ might open an uwatl ^
National 11%
Faidmont Snffiiu
i I!
. f I

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